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cum ejusdem commentariis. fol. Basil. 1537.
Prolegomena et prognostica cum versione et comm. J.

Heurnii. 4. Lugd. Bat. 1597.
Hippocrates Cous prosperi Martian! notationibus expli-

catus. fol. Rom. 1626.

Commentaria XXII. tabulis illustrati Gr. cum Lat. ver-
sione Cornarii per Zwingerum. fol. Bas. 1579.
HIPPOLYTUS, episc. Portuensis, et martyr.

Refutationis omnium Haeresium librorum decem quae

supersunt : recens. Latine vert. L. Duncker et F. G.

Schneidewin. 8. Gotting. 1859.
HIKE (Philippus de la).

Lectiones conicae in novem libros distributae, cum

expositione septem librorum conicorum Apollonii

Pergaei. fol. Par. 1685.
HIKSCH (Ferdinand).

Byzantinische Studien. 8. Leipz. 1876.
HIRTIUS (Aulus).

De bello civili liber octavus ; in var. editt. J. C. Caesaris

comm., q. v.

De bello Caesaris Alexandrine liber unus. Ibid.
De bello Africano liber. Ibid.
De bello Hispaniensi liber. Ibid.

Hispania, sive de regis Hispaniae regnis et opibus

commentarius per Joh. de Laet, q. v.
The estate of English fugitives under the king of

Spaine. 4. Lond. for John Dra water 1595.
Vox populi, or newes from Spayne, translated from the

Spanish. 4. n. p. 1620.
Vox caeli, or news from Heaven, wherein Spain's




ambition and treacheries are unmasked in a consulta-
tion of king Henry VIII, Edw. VI, &c., written by
S. R. N. J., printed in Elisium. 4. 1624.

Letters from an English traveller in Spain in 1778, on

the poetry of that kingdom. 8. Lond. 1781.

An universal history from the earliest account of
time to the present, compiled from the original
authors ; with a general index. 65 vols. 8. Land.

Sceleton historiae universae, in usum gymnasiiComitatus

Leszirensis. 8. Lugd. Bat. 1633.
HOADLEY (Benjamin), Bp. of Bangor, &c.

The reasonableness of conformity to the Church of
England with the defense of it, and the persuasive
to lay conformity ; to which is added the brief defense
of episcopal ordination, together with a reply to the
introduction of the second part, and a postscript
relating to the third part of Mr. Calamy's ' Defense of
moderate non-conformity.' 8. Land. 1712.

A collection of tracts relating to the Bangorian con-
troversy. 19 vols. 8. Ex dono Tho. Herne hujusce
Coll. Socii.

A letter to a friend in Lancashire occasioned by a
report cone, injunctions and prohibitions. (Anon.]
8. Lond. 1714.

A preservative against the principles and practices of
the non -jurors, 2nd ed. 8. Lond. 1711.

The nature of the kingdom of Christ, in a sermon on
John xviii. 36. 8. Lond. 1717.

An answer to Dr. Snape's letter to the bp. of Bangor.
8. Lond. 1717.

An answer to a calumny cast upon the bishop of Bangor
by Dr. Sherlock. 80. Lond. 1718.

An answer to a late book written by Dr. Sherlock,
intituled ' The condition and example of our blessed
Saviour vindicated.' 8. Lond. 1718.

A report of the committee of the lower house of con-
vocation appointed to draw up a representation to be
laid before the bishops of the province of Canterbury
concerniug several dangerous positions contained in
the bp. of Bangor's ' Preservative ' and ' Sermon/ 5th
ed. 8. Lond. 1717.

Advertisements and letter by Bp. of B. and others.
8. Lond. 1717.

A letter of thanks to Dr. Hoadley, by a British Com-
moner. 80. Lond. 1718.

A new defence of Bp. of B.'s sermon on John xviii. 36,
by an impartial hand. 8. Lond. 1720.

Sermon on Phil. ii. 4, before the Ancient Britons, on
St. David's Day. 8. Lond. 1717.




A Rehearsal, or a brief recapitulation of the argument
for and agn. the Bp. of B.'s ' Sermon.' 8. Land.

The Report reported, or the weakness and injustice of
the proceedings of convocation (Anon.), 2nd edition.
80. Lond 1717.

An answer to the representation drawn up by the
committee of the lower house of convocation cone,
several dangerous positions contained in the Bp. of B.'s
'Preservative' and 'Sermon.' 8. Lond. 1718.

A letter to Dr. Snape prefixed to Pilloniere's reply. 8.
Lond. 1718.

The common rights of subjects defended, and the nature
of the sacramental text considered in answer to the
dean of Chichester's (Dr. Sherlock) vindication of the
corporation and test acts. 4. Lond. 1719.

An answer to Dr. Hare's sermon intituled 'Church
authority vindicated, &c./ with a postscript occasioned
by the bp. of Oxford's charge to his clergy. 8. Lond.

Exposn. of the XXXIV Article, &c., referred to in a
report of Committee of the Lower House of Convoca-
tion by a Clergyman. 8. Lond. 1718.
HOADLEY (Benjamin), M.D.

Three lectures on the organs of respiration. 4. Lond.

HOADLEY (John), D.D., Chaplain to the king.

Sermon on 1 Cor. x. 11 (on Jan. 30th). 8. Lond.

HOBBES (Thomas).

Collected works, edited by Sir "W. Molesworth. 16
vols. 8. Lond. 1839-45.

Historia ecclesiastica carmine elegiaco concinnata. 8.
Augustae Trinob. 1688.

Leviathan, or the matter, form, and power of a common-
wealth ecclesiastical and civil, fol. Lond. 1651.

A survey of Hobbes's Leviathan, by Edw. Hyde earl of

Clarendon, q. v., 1676.
HOBHOtTSE (Rev. E.), Bp. of Nelson.

Life of Walter of Merton. 80. Oxf. 1859.
HOCHMANNUS (Henr. Christoph.)

De benedictione nuptiarum commentatio. 4. Altdorf.

HODGSON (Christopher).

Instructions for the Clergy. 18. Lond. 1838.
HODY (Humphrey).

De bibliorum textibus originalibus, versionibus Graecis,

et Latina vulgata, libri quatuor. fol. Oxon. 1 705.
HOEFLER (K.), professor zu Prag.

Die Husitische Bewegung in Bbhmen, v. Austria. Font.
Rer. Austr. Script. Tom. VII.




Lokaluntersuchungen die Kriege der Roemer und
Franken sowie die Befestigungs-manieren der Ger-
manen Sachsen und des spateren Mittelalters betreffend.
4. Miinster 1878.

Eclogae legationum per varies auctores Graece. 4.

Aug. Vinci. 1603.

Commentarii in Galenum de usu partium corporis

humani. fol. Franc, ad Maen. 1625.
De thorace ejusque partibus commantarius tripartitus.

fol. Franc. 1627.

Institutionum medicarum libri sex. 4. Lugd. 1645.
HOFMANNTTS (Fridericus).

Opera omnia physico-medica. 6 voll. fol. Genevae 1740.
HOGHELANDE (Theob. de).

De alchemiae difficultatibus liber : in vol. I. theatri

Chemici,p. 122 (1602).

Urkundenbuch des Cistercienserstiftes B. M. V. zu
Hohenfurt in Bb'hmen : herausgegeben von M. Pangerl,
v. Austria. Font. Rer. Austr. Abth. II. Bd. 23.
HOLBACH (Paul Henri Dietrich, baron d').

La moral universelle, ou les devoirs de 1'homme fondes

sur la nature. 3 tomes. 8. Paris 1820.
Systeme de la nature, ou les lois du monde physique

et du monde moral. 2 tomes. 8. Paris 1821.
HOLCOT (Robert).

Super quattuor libros sententiarum quaestiones : item
quedam conferentie de imputabilitate peccati et deter-
minationes quarundam aliarum quaestionum. fol.
Lugd. per. Joh. Trechsel. 1497.
HOLDEN (George), M.A.

An attempt to illustrate the book of Ecclesiastes. 4.

Lond. 1822.

Praelectiones theologicae habitae in Collegio Gresha-
mensi ; opera R. Pearson, duabus partibus. fol. Lond.
HOLE (Matthew), D.D.

Practical Discourses on the Liturgy of the Church of

England. 4 vols. 8. Lond. 1837.

Description and chronicle of England, Ireland, and

Scotland first collected by R. H., W. Harrison and

others, continued from the year 1577 to 1586 by

Joh. Hooker alias Vowell. 3 vols. fol. Lond. 1587.

HOLLAND (Henry).

Herwologia Anglica : hoc est, clarissimorum et doctis-
simorum aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno 1500




ad 1620 vivae effigies vitae et elogia. 2 voll. foL

Lond. 1620.
HOLLAND (Henry), M.D.

Travels in the Ionian Isles, Albania, Thessaly, Macedo-
nia, &c., during the years 1812 and 1813. 2 vols. 8.

Lond. 1819.

The tryal of him and Wm. Davis for imprisoning Wm.

Chancey to extort money from him, with the tryal of

them and Agnes Wearing for Burglary, &c. fol.

Lond. 1685.

Illustrissimorum Hollandiae Zelandiae comitum ac

dominorum Frisiae icones et historiae a P. Scriverio

collectae, q. v.
Proposition del Ambassadeur de la Grande Bretagne sur

le Traicte d'Espagne livrez aux deputies des Estats

Generaux 13th aout 1630. 4.
Causes et raisous qui ont contrainct les estats geueraulx

des Pais Bas de pourveoir a leur deflence centre Don

Jehan d'Austrice. 4. Anvers. 1577.
Arrest donn6 prononce" et execute centre Jehan d'Olden-

barnevelt (13 May, 1619). La Haye 1619.
Extraict de la lettre envoy^e aux Provinces conferees

par les hauts et puissants Seigneurs mess, les Estats

generaulx. 4. la Haye 1619.
Digitus Dei, or Good News from Holland sent to Jo.

Treffry and Jo. Trefusis, Esquires. 4<>. Rotter. 1631.
HOLLERITJS (Jacobus) Stempanus.

Institutiones de materia chirurgica. fol. Paris 1552.
Id. unacum libris II. de morbis internis cum scholiis

ejus et Dureti ; et Tract, de febribus ; de peste, de

remediis KOTO. TOTTOVS in Galeni libros. 8. Paris 1572.
Liber de materia chirurgica. 8. Luyd. 1567.
Ad libros Galeni de comp. medic. 8. Paris 1571.

Confession and narrative with proceedings agt. him for

High Treason, fol. Lond. 1684.
HOLLOWAY (William).

Relation of the late Seidge and taking of the City of

Babylon by the Turke, &c., (translated into English

by G. W. H.). 4o. Lond. 1639.

Medicamentorum oeconomia nova.
HOLM (Ad.)

Geschichte Siciliens im Alterthum.

HOLMAN (James).

Travels in Madeira, Sierra Leone, Teneriffe, St. Jago,

Cape Coast, Fernando B., Princes' Island. 3 vols.

80. Lond. 1840.

8. Ingolst. 1615.
2 Bde. 8<>. Leipzig





Notae et castigationes in Stephanum Byzantium de

urbibus. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1684.
Commentariolus in veterein picturam Nymphaeum

referentem. Ibid.

Id. v. Graevii Antiq. Roman. Thes. Tom. IV.
HOLYDAY (Barten).

Three sermons upon the passion, resurrection, and

ascension of our Saviour on 1 Cor. ii. 8, 1 Cor. xv. 30,

and 1 Pet. iii. 22. 4. Lond. 1626.
HOME (Sir Everard).

Lectures on comparative anatomy with a supplement.

5 vols. 4o. Lond. 1814-28.

Opera Grace cum notis per Jac. Micyllum et Joach.

a u si* i rium. fol. Basil. 1541.

Opera cum comment. Eustathii et indice Devarii. 4

voll. fol. Romae apud Ant. Bladum 154250.
Id. inter. Poett. Gr. principes per H. Stephanum, q. v.
Id. et cum veterum scholiis ut et prolegomenis var.

lectt. notis indicibusque cura Josuae Barnesii. 2 voll.

4o. Cantabr. 1711.

Ilias cum annotat. S. Clarke. 2 voll. 8. Edinb. 1845.
Odyssea cum annotat. S. Clarke. 2 voll. 8. Lond.

Ilias, ad fidem librorum optimorum : ed. La Roche.

Pars prior. 8. Lips. 1873.
Odyssea, ed. La Roche. 8. Lips. 1867-8.
Odyssey I XII, ed. with notes by W. W. Merry and

J. Riddell. 80. Oxf. 1876.

His Iliads translated, adorned with sculptures, and illus-
trated with annotations by John Ogilby. fol. Lond.

The Iliad of Homer translated by Mr. Pope. 5 vols.

4o. Lond. 1715-20.
Id. 6 vols. 8. Lond. 1732.
The Odyssey translated by A. Pope. 5 vols. 4. Lond.

Id. with the battle of the frogs and mice. 5 vols.

8. Lond. 1725-6.
Gnomologia. 8. Cantabr. 1860.
Hymni Homerici : recens. adnotationem subjunxit Aug.

Baumeister. 8. Lips. 1860.
HOMES, or Holmes (Nathaniel), D.D.

The resurrection revealed in seven books, fol. Lond.


Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in

churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous

memory, and now thought fit to be reprinted by

authority, fol. Lond. 1673.




HOMODEIS (Ant. Phil. de).

Aetnae mentis topographia, p. 1465 Italiae illustrat.


Obscrvationes in tres priores libros Jo. Mesuae. fol.

Yen. 1558 et Yen. 1568.

Thesauri praxis prudentiae politicae pars prima. 4.

Franc. 1610.

Epistolae, v. France (Historiens des Gaules). Tome

HONTHEIM (J. N. de).

De statu ecclesiae et legitima potestate Romani ponti-

ficis. 4. Bullioni 1765.
HOOGEVEEN (Henricus).

Doctrina particularum linguae Graecae. 2 voll. 4.

Typ. Damm. 1769.
HOOK (Walter Farquhar).

Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. 1 1 vols. 8.

Lond. 1867-75.
HOOKE (Nath.)

The Roman history from the building of Rome to the ruin
of the Commonwealth, with maps and plates. 2 vols.
4o. Lond. 1751.
HOOKE (Robert).

His posthumous works and life, by Richard "Waller,
viz. his Cutlerian Lectt. and other discourses before
the Royal Society, fol. Lond. 1705.
HOOKER, alias Vowell (John).

A continuation of Holingslie&s chronicle, q. v.
HOOKER (Richard).

His works, with life by Isaac Walton, fol. Lond. 1723.
HOOPER (George).

The Church of England free from the imputation of

Popery. (Anon.) 4. Lond. 1685.
A fair and methodical discussion of the first and great
controversy between the Church of England and
Church of Rome concerning the infallible guide : in
three discourses, MS.
HOOPER (John), Bishop of Gloucester.

His Early Writings (Parker Society). 8. Camb. 1843.
HOORNBEECK (Johannes).

Socinianismus confutatus. 3 voll. 4. Ultraj. 1650-64.
Pro convincendis et convertendis Judaeis libri octo.

4o. Lugd. 1655.

Theologia practica. 2 voll. 4. Ultraj. 1689.
HOPP (Charles).

De historiae ducatus Atheniensis fontibus. 8. Bonn.

Chroniques Greco-Romanes inedites ou peu connues,




publics avec notes et tables ge"ne"alogiques. 8. Berlin


Descriptio Paradisi, p. 845, cum comm. et dispp. in

epist. ad Hebraeos per Lud. Tenam (ed. 1661), q. v.
HOBATIUS (Q.) Flaccus.

Opera cum comment. Acronis, Porphirionis, Aerailii,

Modesti, &c. fol. Bas. 1555.
Id. cum comm. Dion. Lambini. fol. Franc, ad Maen.

Id. cum commentariis et annotationibus grammaticorum

XL. fol. Bas. 1580.

Id. cum comm. P. Gualt. Chabotii. fol. Bas. 1594.
Id. ex edit. Chr. Plantini. 24<>. Raphd. 1604.
Id. e typographia regia. fol. Par. 1642.
Id. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensita per Jac.

Talbot. 4. Cantab. 1699.
Id. cum notis R. Bentleii. 4. Amst. 1713.
Id. recensuit J. C. Orellius. 3 voll. 8. Turici 1843.
Id. Carmina quae extant omnia juxta editiones Doering

Orelli et Lipsianam accurate recensita. 18. Oxon. 1845.
A poetical translation of his works, with the original

text and notes collected from the best Latin commen-
tators by Ph. Francis. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1747.
Ses ceuvres : une nouvelle traduction avec des re-
marques critiques par Andre Dacier. 10 voll. 8.

Par. 1681-9.
Epistolae ad Pisones et Augustum, translated with an

English comm. and notes, &c. (by Bp. Hurd). 2 vols.

8<>. Lond. 1753.
Index rerum et verborum in Horatio a Th. Tretero.

8. Ant. 1575.
Paraphrases in librum de Arte Poetica a Pr. Robortello,

Odes, epodes, and carmen seculare in English prose with

the Latin text. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1741.
Satires, epistles, and art of poetry in Eng. prose, with

the Latin text. 8. Lond. 1743.
HOBBEBY (Matthew).

Eighteen sermons on important subjects. 8. Oxf.

HOZEN (Nicolas).

Tractatus proportionum et de latitudinibus formae. fol.

Yen. 1505.
HOBNE (George), bp. of Norwich.

His works. 4 vols. 8. Lond. 1831.
HOBNECK (Anthony).

An account of Edw. Sclater's return to the Church of

England and his public I'ecantation. 4. Lond. 1689.
The crucified Jesus : an account of the Lord's Supper.

8. Lond. 1689.




Sermons on Matthew v. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1700-

HORNIUS (Georgius).

Orbis Politicus, imperiorum regnorum principatuum

renim publicarum cum memorabilium historicis et

geographia veteri ac recenti. 8. Vesaliae 1669.
HORSEY (Sir Jerome).

Observations in Russia and other countries adjoining,

p. 973 of PurcJuis's pilgrimage (ed. 1626), q. v.
HORSLEY (Samuel).

Tracts in controversy with Dr. Priestly upon the his-
torical question of the belief in the first ages of our

Lord's divinity, revised and augmented ; 3rd eel. with

an appendix by the Rev. Heneage Horsley. 8. Dundee

Biblical criticism on the first fourteen historical books

of the Old Testament, also of the first nine prophetical

books. 4 vols. 8. Lond. 1820.
Theological works. 8 vols. 8. Lond. 1820-33.

Opera medica. 3 voll. 4. Goudae 1661.
HORTENSIUS (Lambertus) Montfortius.

Secessionum civilium Ultrajectiuarum et bellorum, ab

anno 1524 usque ad translationem episcopatus ad Bur-

gundos libri septem. fol. Ultraj. 1642.
De bello Germanico a Carolo V. gesto libri septem. 8.

Argent. 1620.

Hortus sanitatis de herbis animalibus lapidibus. fol.

HOSIUS (Stanislaus).

Verae Christianae et Catholicae doctrinae propug-

natio et confutatio prolegomenorum Jo. Brentii, &c.

fol. Col 1558.

De origine progressu usu et abusu templorum ac rerum

omnium ad templa pertinentium libri quinque. fol.

Tiguri 1587.
De origine progressu Monachatus ac ordinum monasti-

corum equitumque militarium omnium, libri sex. fol.

Tiguri 1588.
De origine progressu ceremoniia et ritibus festorum di-

erum Judaeorum, Graecorum, Romanorum et Tur-

corum, libri tres. fol. Tiguri 1593.
De origine festorum dierum Christianorum liber unus.

fol. Tiguri 1593.
Historiae sacramentariae partes duae. fol. Tiguri 1598-

Concordia discors : seu de origine et progressu formulae

concordiae Bergensis. fol. Tiguri 1678.
Historia Jesuitica. fol. Tiguri 1570.




HOTMANUS (Antonius).

De veteri ritu nuptiarum, de sponsalibus et jure matri-

moniorum, v. Graevii Antiq. Rom. Thes. Tom. YIII.

Opera, 3 voll. foL per haeredd. E. Vignon et Jac.

Staer 1599-1600.
Advertissement sur le fait de 1'usure, extrait de deux

livres Latins composes par Fr. Hoteman. 8. Lyon.

Commentarius verborum juris antiquitatum Romanarum

elementis amplificatus. fol. Basil. 1558.
Commentarius in quatuor libros Institutionum juris

civilis. fol. Basil. 1560.
Francogallia. 8. Franc. 1586.
De re numaria populi Romani liber, et disputatio de

aureo Justinianico. 8. ap. Guill. Leimarium 1585.
De magistratibus Romanorum eorumque institutione :

de Senatu : de formalis antiquis, v. Graevii Antiq.

Roman. Thes. Tom. II.
Opuscules Francoises des Hotmans (Franc., Jean, An-

thoine.) 8. Paris 1616.

Smegma orientale : eordibus, barbarismi, contemptui

praesertim linguarum orientalium oppositum : Lib. I.

de usu linguarum orientt. in rebus sacris. 4. Ifeidelb.

Promptuarium sive bibliotheca orientalis : viz. Smeg-

matis orientalis libri tertii pars secunda. 4. Heidelb.

Kriais fgarjpepos : id est historiae creationis examen. 4.

Heidelb. 1659.

Bibliothecarius quadripartitus. 4. Tiguri 1664.
HOVEDEN (Rogerus de).

Annalium pars prior et posterior, fol. Land. 1596.

La religion Chretienne prouvee par les faits. 3 voll.

4o. Par. 1740.
HOWARD (Hen.) earl of Surrey.

Songs and sonnets, edited by Geo. F. Nott. 2 vols.

4o. Lond. 1815-16.
HOWARD (Hen.) 7th duke of Norfolk.

Proceedings on the bill of Divorce between him and

lady Mary Mordant, fol. Lond. 1700.

A patterne of Christian loyaltie, whereby any man may

perceive in what manner the new oath of allegiance

may be taken by Roman Catholikes. 4. Lond. 1634.
HOWARD (Wm.), viscount Stafford.

His trial for high treason, fol. Lond. 1680-1.
HOWELL (James).

Dodona's Grove, or the vocall forrest ; with England's

II 2




Tears for the present warres, and the Preeminence and
pedigree of Purlements. 8. Cambr. 1645.
Epistolae Ho-Elianae; Familiar letters. 8. Land.

Instructions for forreiue travell (Arber's reprint). 4.

L<md. 1869.
HOWELL (Laurentius), A.M.

Desiilcrius, or the original pilgrim : a divine dialogue,

8. Land. 1717.
HOWELL (William).

An institution of general history, or general history of

the world. 3 vols. fol. Lond. 1680-85.

Carmen, v. German. Mon. Hist. Tom. VI.
HUARTE (Juan).

Examen de ingenios para las sciencias. 8. En la ojl-

cina Plantina 1593.
HUBERTUS (S.) Andaginensis.

Chronicon, v. German. Mon. Hist. Tom. X.
HUBNER (Emil.)

Inscriptiones Hispaniae, Latinae : vol. ii. Corpus In-

script. Lat. 4. Berol. 1869.

Inscriptiones Britanniae Christianae : adjectae sunt
tabulae geographicae duae : ace. supplementum in-
script. Christianarum Hispaniae. 4. Berol. 1876.
HUDDENIUS (Joannes).

Epistolae duae, quarum altera de aequationum reduc-
tione, altera de maximis et minimis agit. 4. Franc*
a. M. 1695.
HUDDY (Matthew).

Sermon preached at Exon, Sept. 9th, 1718, at a meeting

of the united ministers. 8. Lond. 1718.

Vulgus Britannicus, or the British Hudibras, by Edw.

Ward, q. v.
HUDLESTON (Richard).

A short and plain way to the faith and church ; with
the papers found in King Charles the Second's closet,
and the account of what occurred on his death-bed
with regard to religion. 4. Lond. 1688.
HUDSON (William).

Flora Anglica cum appendice. 2 voll. 8. Lond.

HUES (Robertus).

Tractatus de globis et eorum usu, &c., cum figuris et

annotationibus J. J. Pontani. 4. Amst. 1624.
HUET (Pierre Dan.)

Demonstratio evangelica. fol. Par. 1679.
L'Origine des Romains, v. Ana. Tome VIII.

De eemeiotica medicinae parte tractatus. fol. Bas. 1560.




HUGHES (John).

Poems on several occasions, with select essays in prose.

2 vols. 8. Lond. 1735.
HUGO Floriacensis.

Opera Historica, v. German. Hist. Mon. Tom. XI.
HUGO, abbas Farfensis.

Opuscula, v. German. Mon. Hist. Tom. XIII.
HUGO Card.

Postilla in Biblia. 5 voll. (deest 6*). fol. 1503.
HUGO Pictaviensis.

Historia Viseliacensis Monasterii, v. France (Historiens

des Gaules). Tome XII.
HUGO de Campo Florido, Suess. episc.

Epistolae, v. France (Hist.) Tome XVI.
HUGO (Hermannus) e soc. Jesu.

De prima scribendi origine et universa rei literariae

antiquitate. 8. Antv. 1617.
Obsidio Bredana armis Philippi. fol. Antv. 1629.
HUGO Rotomagensis episc.

Epistolae, v. France (Historiens des Gaules). Tom. XV.
HUGO, Virdunensis.

Chronicon Virdunense, v. German. Mon. Hist. Tom. X.
HUGO (Victor).

(Euvres. Vol. I. to XV. (oeuvres Poetiques). 8. Par.


HUGO (Celsus) Dissutus, v. Dynus de Mugellanis.
HULLAH (John).

The history of Modern Music. 8. Lond. 1875.

The third or transition period of musical history. 8.

Lond. 1876.
HUMBOLDT (Wilhelm von).

Ueber die Verschiedenheit des Menschlichen Sprachbaues
und ihrem Einfluss auf die geistige Entwickelung des
Menschen-Geschlechts. Mit Einleitung von A. F. Pott.
2 Bde. 8. Berlin 1876.
HUME (David).

The History of Great Britain, containing the reigns of
James I. and Charles I, and the reigns of Charles II.
and James II. 2 vols. 4. Lond. 1754-7.
The History of England under the house of Tudor. 2

vols. 4. Lond. 1759.

The History of England from the invasion of Julius Caesar
to the accession of Henry VII. 2 vols. 4. Lond.

Essays on several subjects. 4 vols. 12. Lond. 1760.
Treatise on Human Nature and Dialogues concerning
religion ; edited with preliminary dissertation and
notes by T. H. Green and T. H. Grose. 2 vols. 8.
Lond. 1874.

Essays, Moral, Political and Literary, ed. by T. H.
Green and T. H. Grose. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1875.




IIUMELBERGIUS (Gabr.), Isnensis, v. Apitius et

HUMFREDUS (Laurentius).

Job. Juelli episc. Sarisb. vita ejusque verae doctrinae

dcfensio. 4. Lond. 1573.

History of the Art of Printing from its invention to its
wide-spread development in tbe middle of tbe IGtb
century. 4. Lond. 1868.
HUNG A III A seu Ungaria, q. v.
HUNT (John).

Religious Thought in England from the Reformation to
the end of tbe last century. 3 vols. 8. Lond. 1870-3.
HUNTER (John).

A treatise on the veneral disease. 4. Lond. 1786.

Orissa or the vicissitudes of an Indian province under

native and British rule. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1872.
HURD (Richard).

An introduction to the study of the prophecies, in

twelve sermous. 2 vols. 8. Lond. 1773.
HURMUZAKI (Eudoxius, freiherr von).

Fragmeute zur Geschichte der Rumanen. Band I.

8. Bucuresci 1878.

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