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The Boat of St. Peter, (Bembrandt f, and date.)

H. T. Hope, Esq. (?).
Philosopher in Contemplation. (B. van Bijn, and

dated.) Louvre.
Same subject, with variations. Louvre.
Pliilosopher in his Study. Brunswick Gallery.
The Ship-builder and his Wife. (Bembrandt /.,

and dated.) Buckingham Palace. '
Portrait of a Lady. (Bembrandt f, and dated.)

Brunswick Gallery.
A Double portrait, Man and Woman. H. T. Hope,

Esq. (?).
Portrait of Saskia. Cassel Gallery.
Portrait of Saskia. (Bembrandt /., and date.)

Dresden Gallery.
Portrait of the Poet Jan Harmensz Krul. (iJem-

brandt, and date.) Cassel Gallery.
A Male Portrait, bust, perhaps N. Tulp. (Date

only.) Seillieres Collection, Paris.
A Female portrait, pendant to the last. Same

Portrait of Bembrandt, known as ' The Officer.'

(Bemhrandt, f.) Hague Museum.
Portrait of a Man, called Bembrandt himself.

(Bembrandt f, and date.) Louvre.
Portrait of himself. (Bemlrandt /., and date.)

Berlin Museum.
Portrait of himself. (Date only.) Pitti Gallery,

Male Portrait. (Bembrandt /., and date.) Cassel

Portrait of an Old Woman. (On the left ae suae

83; on the right Bembrandt ft., ai^A the date.)

National Gallery.
Young Woman with Flowers. (Bembrandt /.)

Portrait of Admiral Phillippus van Dorp. (Bem-
Portrait of Bembrandt. (Bembrandtf., and date.)


Portrait of Willem Eurggraef. (Bembrandt ft.,

and date.) Dresden Gallery.
Portrait of a Young Woman. {Bemlrandt f.,a,-adi

date.) Stadel Museum, Frankfort.
Portrait of a Young Man. (Bembrandtf, and date.)

Late Pourtales Collection, Paris. t

Portrait of a Young Boy. (Bemlrandt f., and date.)

Late James de Bothschild's Collection, Paris.
Portrait of a Man. Goiha Museum.

1634. Queen Artemisia. (Bembrandt /., and date.)

Madrid Museum.
The Incredulity of St. Thomas. (Bembrandt f, and

date.) Hermitage.
The Great Descent from the Cross. (Bembrandtf.,

and date.) Hermitage.
Portrait of Martin Day. (Bemlrandt ft., and date.)

Late Van Loon Collection.
Portrait of Mr. Ellison and his Wife. (Bembrandt

ft., and date.) Late Schneider Collection.
(Many more portraits were painted in this year,

1634, which cannot now be identified or dis-

1635. Sacrifice of Abraham. (Bembrandt f., and date.)

Samson threatening his Father-in-Law. (Bemlrandt
f, and a date which has been variously read
1635-7 and 9 ; Vosmaer prefers th'e first, which
is supported by the style of the work.) Berlin


The Bape of Ganymede. (Bemlrandt fc, and date.)
Dresden Gallery.

Calisto. Prinze Salm, Anhalt.

Babbi. (Bemlrandt f., and date.) Hampton Court.

An Officer. (Signed and dated.) Fitzwilliam
Museum, Cambridge.

Old Man with Moustache. (Bemlrandt pinx., and
date.) Cassel Gallery.

Portrait of a Young Woman. Stadel Museum.

Portrait of a Woman (Vosmaer says Saskia). Dal-
keith Palace.

Portrait of Bembrandt. Liechtenstein Collection,

Portrait of a Young Man. Sir B. Wallace, Bt.

Capture of Samson. Cassel Gallery.

A ' Biposo.' Berlin Gallery.

The Ascension. Munich Galwry.

The Eeturn of the Prodigal. [BH. Bijn.) Hermitage

Danae. (Bembrandt f, and date.) Hermitage.

A Lady and Gentleman in a Landscape. (Bem-
brandt p., and date.) Comte de Vence,' Paris.

Portrait of an Old Jew. (eh./.) Hermitage. •

A Winter Landscape. (Signature doubtful.) Cassel



View of Amersfoort. Berlin Museum.

The Master of the Vineyard. Hermitage.

The Angel leaving Tobit's Family. (Bembrandtf,
and date.) Louvre.

Same subject with Variations. Sir George Womb-
well, Bt.

Susanna at the Bath. (Bembrandt f, and date.)
Hague Museum.

Portrait of himself. Louvre.

Portrait of a Man. Bridgewater Gallery.

Portrait of himself. Buckingham Palace.

Portrait of a Man. Hermitage.

Portrait of Eleazar Swalmius. Lord Dudley.

The Marriage of Samson. (Bemlrandt /., 1638.)
Dresden Gallery.

Noli me Tangere. (Bembrandt f.,&rxiA&te.) Buck-
ingham Palace.

Joseph telling his Dream. (Bemh'andt f, and
illegible date.) Six Collection, Amsterdam.

Portrait of an Old Man. Louvre.

Bembrandt with Saskia on his lap. (Bemlrandt f.)
Dresden Gallery.

Warrior with Helmet. Brunswick Gallery.

Joseph's Brothers announcing his Death to Jacob.
Earl of Derly.

Same subject. Hermitage.

The Eesurrection. (Bemlrandt.) Munich Gallery.

The Entombment. (Bemlrandt.) Munich Gallery.

The Entombment. (Bemlrandt f., and date.)
Dresden Gallery.

Huntsman with Bittern. Dresden Gallery.





Eembrandt's Mother. {Rembrandt /., and date.)

Vienna Gallery.
Eembrandt's Mother. Hermitage.
Portrait of a Man. {Remhrandt ft., and date.)

Cassel Gallery.

1640. Dismissal of Hagar.

Holy Family. Uffid, Florence.

The Salutation. {Rembrandt /., and date.) Gros-
venor House.

The Carpenter's Household, or Family of Joseph.
{Remhraifuitf., and date.) Louvre.

Descent from the Cross. Duke of Abercorn.

Portrait of himself. [Remlrandt f. 1640, conter-
fen/ct.) National Gallery.

Portrait of himself. Jhike of Bedford.

Portrait of himself. Sir R. Wallace, Bart.

Portrait of a Young Man. 'Sir R. Wallace, Bart.

Male Portrait. Duke of Portland.

Portrait of the painter Doomer (?), commonly
known as ' Le Doreur.' {Rembrandt /., 1640.)
Late Be Morny Collection, now in America.

Portrait of an Old "Woman. {Rembrandt f., 1640
or 1646.) Late at San Donate; Narishkine Col-

Portrait of a Young "Woman. Count von Luckner.

Small Landscape. Munich.

1641. The Angel leaving Samson's Parents. {Rembrandt

/., 1641.) Dresden Gallery.
Landscape with Boaz and Euth. Berlin Museum.
Susanna and the Elders. Louvre.
The Jewish Bride. {Rembrandt /., 1641.) Count

Casimir Lanchoronski, Vienna.
Portrait of Anna "Wijmer, wife of Jan Six. Six

Portrait of Anslo and his "Wife. Lord Ashhurnam.
Portrait of Saskia. Dresden Gallery.
The Lady with a Fan. Buckingham Palace.
Male Portrait. Brussels Museum.
Portrait of a Young Man. Lord Ashhurton.

1642. The Night-"Watch. {Rembrandt f, 1642.) Amster-

dam Museum.
The Eeeonciliation of Jacob and Esau. Feterhoff,
Portrait of Saskia. Antwerp Museum.
Portrait of a Young "Woman, {Remlrandt 1642 or

1643.) Berlin Museum.
Portrait of a Young "Woman. Lord Lansdowne.
Portrait of a Young "Woman. Cassel Gallery.
Portrait of a Girl with a Crook. Harrach Collection,

Portrait of Eembrandt. Buckingham Falace.
1643. Bathsheba at the Bath. {Rembrandt /., 1643.)
Steengracht Collection, Hague.
Diana and Endymiou. Liechtenstein Gallery,

Old "Woman weighing Money. Dresden Gallery.
"Wife of Martin Day. Late van Loon Collection.
Old "Woman, called ' Eembrandt's Mother.' Her-

Portrait of himself. Zate Prince Henry of the

The ' Man with the Falcon.' Grosvenor House.
Portrait of a "Woman. Grosvenor House.
Portrait of a Young Man. Dresden Gallery.
Landscape. Oldenburg Gallery.
Hilly Landscape. Sir R. Wallace, Bart.

1644. The "Woman taken in Adultery. {Rembrandt /.,

1644.) National Gallery.
Portrait of a Young Man. Panshanger.

1645. Tobit and his "Wife. {Rembrandt f, 1645.) Berlin


The Angel in Tobit's House. Oldenburg Gallery.

Mary and Joseph warned by the AngeL Berlin

Holy Family. Hermitage.

The Tribute Money.

The Burgomaster Pancras and his Wife. Buck-
ingham Palace.

Portrait of a Man. Hermitage.

A Girl at a "Window. {Rembrandt ft., 1645.) Dul-
wich Gallery.

A Jew Eabbi. Berlin Museum.

1646. Abraham receiving the Angels. Hermitage.
Another example of this subject, highly praised

by Smith, cannot at present be traced,

Adoration of the Shepherds. National Gallery.
Adoration of the Shepherds. Munich Gallery.
Holy Family. Cassel Gallery.

1647. The Eesurrection. Augsburg.
Portrait of Ephraim Bonus. J. P. Six.
Portrait of Olaes Berchem. Grosvenor House.
Portrait of the Wife of the last-named. Grosvenor

Portrait of Eembrandt. Dresden Gallery.

1648. The Good Samaritan. Louvre.
The Pilgrims to Emmaus. Louvre.
Christ at Emmaus. Copenhagen Gallery.

1645- Descent from the Cross. Grisaille. National Gallery.
50. The "Unmerciful Servant.

Portrait of an Old Lady. Massaloff Collection,

Eembrandt at the age of about forty-three. Leuch-
temberg Collection, Petersburg.

1649. Portrait of Turenne. Panshanger.
Vertumnus and Pomona. itradscMn Collection,


1650. Anna the Prophetess, {^gned and dated.) Bridge-

water Gallery.

Samuel taught by his mother Hannah. {Rem-
brandt f.) Hermitage.

The Denial of St. Peter. Hermitage.

Portrait of Coppenol. Bath House, Piccadilly.

Young Woman in Bed aottd looking through the
curtains. Lady Mildmay.
1650 ? Bust of a Young Man. Sir R. Wallace, Bart.

Landscape with Mountains. Cassel Gallery.
• ' Landscape with Mountains. Dresden Gallery.

1651. Noli me Tangere. Brunswick Gallery.
Portrait of Admiral van Tromp.
Portrait of a Eabbi. National Gallery.
Portrait of a Young Man. Sir R. Wallace, Bart.
Portrait of a Man. Louvre {La Caze).

1653. Portrait of one ' Hooft.' Lord Brownlow.

1654. Bathsheba. {Rembrandt ft., 1654.) Louvre.
Joseph accused by Potiphar's Wife. Hermitage.
Woman Bathing. {Rembrandt f, 1654.) National

Portrait of an Old Eabbi. Dresden Gallery.
Portrait of an Old Man with a White Beard.

Dresden Gallery.
Portrait of a Woman. Louvre.
Portrait of an Old Woman. Hermitage.

1655. Jesus presented in the Temple. GrisaUle. Formerly

in the Collection of Jeremiah HarTnan.
Interior of a Stable with the Carcase of a Bullock

hung to the Beams, Louvre.
Portrait of himself. Sir R. Wallace, Bart.
Portrait of a Kan with a Cuirass. Cassel Gallery. -
Standard-Bearer of the Civic Guard. Cassel Gallery. .
Standard- Bearer. Late James de Rothschild, Paris.

1656. Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph. Cassel Gallery.
John the Baptist Preaching. Lord Dudley.

The Master of the Vineyard. Stddel Museum.

The Lesson in Anatomy by Dr. J. Dayman. Frag-
ment in the Amsterdam Museum.

Portrait of Dr. Amoldus Tholinx. M. Andre,

Three Male Portraits. Cassel Gallery.

Portrait of Jan Six. {Unfinished.) iSix Collection,

Young Woman. Hermitage.

Bust of a Man. {Rembrandt van Bijn, pinxii,

Portrait of himself. Zeipsic Museum.

HiUy Landscape. Brunswick Gallery.

1657. Adoration of the Magi. Buckingham Falace.
Portrait of himself. Dresden Gallery.
Portrait of himself. Cassel Gallery.

Portrait of Catherine Hoogsaet, or Hoogh. Salt-
marsh Castle. 1842.

Portrait of a Man with a Grey Beard. National

Portrait of a Young Girl. Hermitage.

1658. Lucretia.

Male Portrait. Louvre.
,^ Portrait of Bruyningh. Cassel Gallery.

Male Portrait (Thomas Jacobsz Haring). Late

John Wilson Collection.
Four Male Portraits. Vienna Gallery.




Portrait of himself. Liechtenstein Collection.

1659. Moses breaking the Tables of the Law. Berlin

Jacob wrestling with the Angel. Berlin Museum.
Portrait of himself. Bridyewater Gallery.
Portrait of himself. Lord Carrington.

1660. Bcce Homo. Aschaffenhurg.
St. Francis. Lard Wemyss.

Portrait of a very Old Woman. Late Lord Over-
Portrait of Bembrandt, Louvre.
Portrait of Bembrandt. Lord Lansdowne.
1631. The Syndics of the Cloth Hall. Amsterdam

The Circumcision. Lord Spencer.

Jesus. Sir Bethel Codrington, Bart.

St. Matthew. Louvre.

Jansenins. Lord Ashiurton.

Old Man with a White Beard. Fitti Gallery.

Old Man with a White Beard. Hermitage.
1662- The Oath of John Ziska. Stockholm Museum.
3. The Jewish Bride. Amsterdam Museum ( Van der
Hoop Collection).

Family Portraits. Brunswick Gallery.

Male Portrait. National Gallery.
1664. Death of Luoretia. Late Munro Collection (?).

The Man with the Pistol.

1666. Lucretia. Sir George fVombwell, Bart.
Portrait of himself. National Gallery.
Portrait of a Woman. (More likely the work of

Maes.) NaiionaZ Gallery.
Portrait of Jeremiah Decker. Hermitage.

1667. Joseph going to meet Jacob.
Three Portraits.

1668. The Flagellation. Darmstadt Museum.

Three Portraits of himself. {Lord Kinnaird, Fitti
Gallery, and M. Double, Faris.)

The following list of Rembrandt's etchings is
arranged in the order given by Vosmaer ; over the
authorship of many there have been and still are
disputes, into the rights of which we cannot here
enter; many are certainly not by Rembrandt.

1628. An Old Woman's Head, seen only to the chin.
Head of an Old Woman, lightly etched. {Rem-

brandt's mother.)
Head of a Woman, on the right side of the plate.
(Possibly a sketch for the preceding.)

1629. Bembrandt. A bust. (Supposed to have ieen en-

graved on einc.)
St. Jerome. An outline.
St. Jerome seated, with a large book.

1630. The Presentation, with the Angel. (Simeon in the

The Circumcision. A small upright plate.
Christ disputing with the Doctors.
Two Beggars, a man and a woman, coming from

behind a bank.
Two Beggars, a man and a woman, conversing.
A Beggar standing to the left. A small upright

A Beggar sitting on a hillock, with his mouth open.
A Man standing, towards the right.
Portrait of a Man with a broad-brimmed hat.
Head and bust, full-face, looking from behind a wall.
An Old Man sitting on a chair, and wearing a high

cap. (The Jew, Fhilo.)
Profile of a bald Man, with a jewelled chain.
Head resembling former. (Smaller and more

Profile of a Man, bald-beaded, and coarsely etched.
An Old Man, with a large beard.
An Old Man, with a large beard, the shoulders

lower than the ears.
An Old Man, a bust shaded only on the right.
Bembrandt, in a fur cap and light dress.
Bembrandt, with an air of grimace.
Bembrandt, with bushy hair, and a small white

Bembrandt, with haggard eyes.
„^- Bembrandt, a full face laughing.
Bembrandt, with an open mouth.
Bembrandt, with a broad nose.

Bembrandt, a small head, stooping.

Bembrandt, with curly hair, risiug into a tuft over

his left eye.
Bust, the features resembling Bembrandt, with a

jewel in the cap.

1631. Diana bathing.
Jupiter and Danae.

Small full-length figure of a Beggar in a large

The Bathers.
The Blmd Fiddler.
The little Polander.
Lazarus Klap ; or, the Dumb Beggar.
A Woman beneath a tree.
A Bagged Peasant, with his hands behind him.
A Beggar, with a crippled hand.
A Beggar Woman, with a leather bottle.
Two Venetian Figures.
A Peasant, with his hands behind him.
Bust of a bald Man, with his mouth open.
Bust of a bald-headed Man, with a large nose.
An Old Woman, wearing a dark head-dress with

Bust of an Old Man, with a long beard.
Head and Bust, the head nearly filling the upper

right of the plate.
Bust of an Old Man, with a large beard. A square

A Man, with a short beard and embroidered cloak.
Bust of an Elderly Man, with a cap and robe of fur.
A Beggar, sitting in an elbow chair.
An Old Beggar seated, with a dog by his side.
Bust of an Old Man, in a very high fur cap.
Bembrandt's Mother, in a black dress. A small

Bembrandt's Mother, seated, looking to the right.
Bembrandt's Mother, in a widow's dress. (Omitted

by Vosmaer.)
Bembrandt's Mother, her hand resting upon her

Portrait of Bembrandt, with broad hat and em-
broidered mantle.
Bembrandt, with a round fur cap, full face.
Bembrandt, with bushy hair.
Bembrandt, with a fur mantle or cape.
Bembrandt with a cap and robe of fur.
Sketches, with so-called " Head of Bembrandt."
Bembrandt, with very small black eyes.
Bembrandt, in a conical cap. In an oval.
Bembrandt. The plate an irregular octagon.
Bembrandt,. with a soft round cap. (' L'homme ci

trois crocs.')

1632. The Besurrection of Lazarus. The large print.

(Certainly not by Rembrandt.)
Christ's Body carried to the Tomb.
St. Jerome Imeeling. An arched plate.
The Bat-killer.

The Eat-kiUer. An injured plate.
The Persian.
A Man on Horseback.
A Woman's Head.

Portrait of Coppenol. The smaller plate.
llhe Cottage with the White Pales.
Head of an Old Man, with dark eyes.

1633. The Flight into Egypt.
The Good Samaritan.

The Descent from the Cross. (There are two etch-
ings of this subject; the first, of which only three
impressions are knmon, failed in the biting, and
was probably all by Rembrandt. The second plate
is nearly of the same size, and but slightly altered
in design.)

Adverse Fortune.

Portrait of Jan Cornells Sylvius.

An Old Woman, etched no lower than the chin.
(Rembrandt's mother.)

Bembrandt, with a scarf round his neck.

Bembrandt, in a fur cap and dark dress.

Bembrandt with the Bird of Prey.

Bembrandt, with bushy hair and strongly shaded.

1634. Joseph and the Wife of Potiphar.

The Angel appearing to the Shepherds. A night

The Samaritan Woman ' at the Buins.'





Our Lord and the Disciples at Bmmaus. A small

Two sketches of Beggars, with an inscription

beneath each.
' The Great Jewish Bride ' (Sasltia).
Study for the Great Jewish Bride.
A Young 'Woman reading.
Rembrandt's Wife, with pearls in her hair.
Kembrandt, with moustaches and small beard.
Eembraudt, with bushy hair. The head nearly fills

the plate.
The Head of Eembrandt, and other studies.
Kembrandt, with a drawn sabre.
Portrait of a Man with a sabre.
Landscape, with a Cow, and Buins by the Sea.

1635. Jesus Christ driving out the Money-changers.
The Tribute Money.

The Martyrdom of St. Stephen.

St. Jerome, kneeling.

The Mountebank.

The "Woman making Pancakes.

A "Woman sitting upon a hillock.

Portrait of Johannes Uijtenbogaerd.

Three Heads of Orientals.

The Crucifixion. A small square plate.

The Travelling Musicians.

St. Peter healing the Paralytic.

A Polander, walking towards the right.

A Polander, turned to the left. Full-length.

An Old Man, with a bushy beard. Full-length.

The "White Mooress.

A Young Man, in a mezetin cap,

A Man with a rufE and feathers.

An Old Man, with a short straight beard.

Two small Figures, unfinished.
, ., ' ' A Beggar warming his hands over a chafing dish.
L Grotesque Head, in a high fur cap.

An Old Man, with a large white beard and fur cap.

Old Man, with a grey beard.

An Old "Woman, sleeping.

Grotesque Head of a Man, crying out.

A Sheet of Sketches, afterwards divided into five.

A Landscape, with a hay waggon.

Sketch of a Dog.

1636. Jesus Christ disputing with the Doctors.
The Prodigal Son.

F)oce Homo.

An arched Landscape, with a flock of sheep.

Peasant carrying Milk-paila.

A House by the side of a Canal.

Portrait of Menasseh Ben Israel.

Eembrandt and his "Wife.

Eembrandt's "Wife, and five other heads.

Three Heads of "Women, Saskia at the top.

1637. Abraham sending away Hagar and Ishmael.
A Young Man, seated.

An Old Man, wearing a rich velvet cap.
Three Heads of "Women, one asleep.

1638. Adam and Eve.
Abraham caressing Isaac.
Joseph telling his Dreams.

The St. Catharine, or ' The Little Jewish Bride '

Eembrandt, in a mezetin cap and feather.
Eembrandt, in a flat cap, and slashed vest.
The Little Dog, sleeping. The first state of this

plate is unique: it is in the British Museum.

1639. The Presentation in the "V"aulted Temple.
The Death of the Virgin.

Youth surprised by Death.

"Wittenboogaert ("Uijtenbogaerd), called 'the Gold-
Eembrandt leaning upon a stone sill.

1640. A Jew with a high cap. A full-length.

A Physician feeling the Pulse of a Patient.
The Decapitation of St. John the Baptist.
The Triumph of Mordecai.
The "V"irgin mourning the Death of Christ.
A Holy Family, ' The Virgin with the Linen.'
The Crucifixion. Oval plate.
The dying Saskia.
The Skater.

A Young "Woman with a basket.
An Old Man, with a divided fur cap.

The Ball.

The Canal. A landscape of irregular form.
Btwn The Adoration of the Shepherds. A night piece.
1632 The Flight into Egypt,
and A Eepose in Egypt. A night effect.

1640. St. Jerome in Meditation.

A Peasant, with his hands behind him.

Two Women in separate Beds, &c.

Beggars standing.

Three Beggars ; a man, a woman, and a child.

A ragged Peasant, with his hands behind him.

A Beggar with a wooden leg.

An Old Man lifting his hand to his cap.

An Orchard, with a bam.

A Landscape, with a cow drinking.

The Coach Landscape.

Bust of an Old Man asleep.

An arched Landscape, with an obelisk.

1641. Jacob and Laban ; or. Three Figures of Orientals.
The Angel leaving Tobit and his Family.

The Virgin and Child, in glory.

Philip baptizing the Eunuch.

The Schoolmaster.

The Star of the Kings.

The Large Lion Hunt.

A Small Lion Hunt, with a lioness.

A Lion Hunt.

A Battle Scene.

A Beggar standing and leaning upon a stick.

Portrait of Cornells Claesz. Anslo.

Portrait of a Boy, half-length.

Portrait of a Man, vrith a crucifix and chain.

A Man playing Cards.

A View of Amsterdam.

Landscape with a Cottage and Dutch Hay-bam,

Landscape, with a Mill-sail.

' Eembrandt's Mill.'

1642. The Eesurrection of Lazarus. A small plate.
The Descent from the Cross. A sketch.

St. Jerome writing, seated near a large tree.

St. Jerome in Meditation.

The Spanish Gipsy.

The Flute-player.

The Friar in the Corn-field.

The Shepherds in the Wood.

A Man in an Arbour.

1643. Sketch of a Tree, &c.
The Hog.

The Three Trees.

1644. The Shepherd and his Family.

1645. Abraham conversing with Isaac,
A Eiposo. In outline.

An Old Man with his hands upon a book.
Portrait of Jan Cornelis Sylvius. Oval.
< J 'Eembrandt. On a high and narrow plate.
Six's Bridge.

The Omval, near Amsterdam.
Landscape, with a man sketching.
A Village, with a river and sailing vessel.
The Boat-house, called ' The Grotto.'

1646. A Figure, formerly called ' The Prodigal Son.'
A Man seated upon the ground.

' Academies ' of Two Men.
An aged Beggar.
' Ladekant.'

1647. Portrait of Jan Six.
Ephraim Bonus.
Jan Asselyn.

Doctor J A. Van der linden.

1648. A Jew's Synagogue.

Medea ; or, the Marriage of Jason and Creusa.
An Allegorical Piece : ' the Phoenix.'
Beggars at the Door of a House.
Doctor Faustus.

Eembrandt drawing from a Model.
Eembrandt drawing.

Two Beggars, a man and a woman, side by side.
Two Beggars ; a half-length and a head.
The Sick Beggar and his Wife.
A Dealer in Old Clothes.

A Beggar by the Eoadside, a woman in the distance.
1650. St. Jerome ; an unfinished piece.

Jesus Christ appearing to His Disciples.
The Shell, or ' the Damier.'




A Young Man with a Game Bag.

The Three Cottages.

A Village, vf ith a square tower ; arched.

Landscape, with a canal and swans.

The Sportsman.

Landscape, with a canal and large boat.

Landscape, with a ruined town and clear foreground.

Jesus Christ healing the Sick. 'The Hundred

Guilder Print.'
St. Peter and St. John at the Gate of the Temple.
An Old Man sitting at a table.
The Two Houses with Pointed Gables.
The House with Three Chimneys.

1651. Tobit blind, with the Dog.
Tobit blind, seen from behind.

The Flight into Egypt. A night effect.
Clement de Jonghe.
The Goldweigher's Field.

1652. King David on his knees.

Jesus disputing with the Doctors. The larger plate
Jesus Christ preaching. The smaller ' La Tombe.'
Three Peasants travelling.
Landscape, with a Vista.

1653. Landscape, with an old square tower.

1654. The Circumcision with the cask and net
The Nativity.

The Flight into Egypt : crossing a brook.

The Flight into Egypt.

The Holy Family ; with the Serpent.

Christ with the Doctors. A smaller print.

Christ and His Parents returning from Jerusalem.

The Descent from the Cross. A night piece.

The Entombment.

The Supper at Emmaus.

St. Jerome reading, at the foot of a tree

The Little Goldsmith.

The Game of Kolf .

Portrait of Titus, Rembrandt's son.

1655. Four prints for ' Piedra Gloriosa.'
Jesus Christ in the Garden of Olives.
Abraham's Sacrifice.

Our Lord before Pilate.

The Three Crosses.

St. Peter.

Thomas J. Haring, known as ' Young Haring.'

Jacob Hariug, known as ' Old Haring.'

Abraham Francen.

1656. Abraham entertaining the Angels.
Johannes Liitma.

Dr. Arnoldus Tholinz.

1657. St. Francis, praying.

The Presentation in the Temple.

Jesvis and the Samaritan Woman ; arched.

A Semi-Nude Woman before a stove.

1658. A Woman preparing to dress after bathing.
A Woman, with her feet in the water.

A Naked Woman lying down.

1659. Jupiter and Antiope.

Peter and John at the Gate of the Temple.
Landscape, with Palisades.
1661. Naked Woman with an Arrow.

Online LibraryMichael BryanDictionary of painters and engravers, biographical and critical → online text (page 100 of 201)