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Johnson. Democrat, ,^^(>. Frank A. Fenn, Republican,
346; sheriff, A. W. Talkington, Democrat. 411, J. T.
Aram, Republican. 274: probate judge, C. W. Case,
Democrat. 362, W. C. Pearson, Republican, 325 ; dis-
trict attornev. J. H. Forney, Democrat. 385, J. E.
Beede, Republican, 264; auditor and recorder, T. J.
Rhoads, Democrat. 491. F. B. King, Republican, 188;
treasurer, John Bower, Democrat, 425 : assessor, Al. V.
Jarrett. Democrat. 321, J. N. Rice, Republican, 362;
coroner, O. W. Builard. Democrat. 281, S. E. Bibby,
Republican, 392 ; surveyor, F. P. Turner. Democrat,

401, J. Ft. Robinson, Republican, 277; commissioners,

1st district. James Witt. Democrat. 112, C. Al. Day,
Republican, 79, 2d district, H. S. Jones, Democrat. 172,
William Von Berge, Republican, 161. 3d district. Phil
ip Cleary. Democrat, 07, J. 1!. Chamberlain. Repub-
lican, 65.

The annexation question came strongly to the front
in 1888 for the last time, for before another election
could take place Idaho had donned the garb of state-
hood and taken her place by the side of her sister
states of the LJnion. The movement for annexati< in did
not have as many friends in Idaho county as fi irmerly,
however, for Norman Buck, the annexationist candi-
date for congress, received a comparatively light vote.
Several causes conspired to weaken the annexation
spirit in this county, chief among which was the pro-
posed division of the county should the northern por-
tion of the state be segregated from the southern.
Then, too, the people were weary of fighting for what
seemed to be a lost cause and were apathetic in the
matter. The apparent strength of the movement in
Idaho county at this time will be seen from the vote
for Buck which is given in the official count below :

For delegate, J. H. Hawley, Democrat, 365. F. T.
Dubois. Republican, 252. Norman Buck, Annexation-
ist. 57 ; councilman, T. F. Nelson, Democrat, 376,
N. B. Willey, Republican, 307 ; representative. S. W.
Smith, Democrat, 315. C. Al. Day. Republican. 303;
sheriff, Keith W. White. Democrat, 349, D. H. Tel-
cher, Republican, 334; probate judge, C. W. Case,
Democrat, 363, W. C. Pearson, Republican. 317; dis-
trict attorney. J. H. Forney. Democrat, 400. W. A.
Hali, Republican, 282 ; auditor and recorder, T. J.
Rhoads, Democrat, 481, Robert Larimer. Republican.
208 : treasurer, J. Bower, Democrat, 401 ; assessor, J. F.
McLean, Democrat, 295. J. N. Rice. Republican. 387;
commissioners, 1st district. Thelbert Wall, Democrat.
117, J. S. Kinkaid, Republican, 73, 2d district, J. I',.
Forsman. Democrat. 190, Charles Bentz, Republican,
165, 3d district, S. A.' Willey, Democrat. 53, E. W.
Robie. Republican, jS ; coroner, T. W. Nickel. Demo-
crat, ^,^2. S. E. Bibby, Republican. 345 ; surveyor. F. I'.
Turner. Democrat, 283, E. C. Spedden. Republican,
395 : superintendent of schools. H. Robbins. Democrat.
^Sy. At this election only seven votes were cast in
Florence precinct, at one time the most populous dis-
trict in Idaho.

The first state election passed off very quieth in
Idaho county. The issues were national in character
and too generally known to require discussion here.
The vote cast in Idaho county follows :

Congressman, Alexander F. Mayhew, Democrat.
369, Willis Sweet, Republican, ^j ; governor, Benja-
mm Wilson, Democrat, j,<>^. George F. Shoup, Repub-
lican, 384: lieutenant governor, Samuel Taylor. Demo-
crat. 345, X. B. Willey, Republican, 404: secretary of
state." E. A. Sherwin, Democrat, iJ}. A. J. Pinkham,
Republican. 377: treasurer, Timothy Regan. Demo-
crat. 372, I- rank R. Coffin, Republican. 378; state audi-
tor, j. A. Wickersham, Democrat, 388, Silas W.
Moody, Republican, 348; attorney general. R. Z. John-
son, Democrat, i,-.\. George H. Roberts, Republican.

4 i4


376; superintendent of public instruction, M. A. Kelly.
Democrat. .372, J. E. Harroun, Republican, 378; jus-
tices of thesupreme court, Hugh W. Weir, F. E. En-
sign. I. X. .Maxwell, Democrats. 372, 373 and 381
votes, respectively, J. W. Huston, I. X. Sullivan, J. T.
Morgan, Republicans, 379, 372 and 373 votes, re-
spectively; judge second district court, James \\ . Poe,
Democrat, 385, W. G. Piper, Republican, 361; dis-
trict attorney, J. H. Forney, Democrat,' 462, E. O'Xeil,
Republican. '280: joint senator, C. W. Case, Democrat,
546, I. S. Weiler, Republican, 396; joint representa-
tive, Ezra Baird. Democrat, 365, J. L. Goodnight, Re-
publican. 277 ; representative, S. W. Smith, Democrat,
353, F. A. Fenn, Republican, 391 ; sheriff, C. B. Wood,
Democrat, 384, J. M. Auchinvole, 345; clerk, T. J.
Riioads, Democrat, 432. J. B. Chamberlain, Repub-
lican. 305; assessor, J. D. Hendren, Democrat, 385,
Evan Evans. Republican, 352, treasurer, John Bower,
Democrat, 412, J. C. 'Gelbach, Republican, 324; pro-
bate judge, Hiram Robbins, Democrat, 358, William
A. Hall, Republican. 381 ; coroner, J. W. Turner,
Democrat. 358, S. E. Bibby, Republican, 384; surveyor,
J. C. Stephens, Democrat. 350, George Woodward,
Republican, 374: commissioners, 1st district, A. Car-
penter. Democrat, 100, J. M. Dorman. Republican, no.
2d district. J. B. Forsman, Democrat, 179, G. H. Heb-
eriing, Republican, 170. 3d district, J. S. Fockler, Dem-
ocrat. 62, W. J. Kelly, Republican, 101.

The campaign of 1892 was enlivened by a county
seat contest. The little town of Grangeville had grown
int" :i -mall city and its inhabitants believed that their
town was the proper place for the county seat. The
friends of the town therefore petitioned the district
judge to order a county seat election, that the voters
might express themselves in the matter of removing
the county seat from Mount Idaho. This order the
judge granted. Had it not been for the fact that Den-
ver and Cottonwood were as ambitious for county seat
honors as was Crangeville, and were as yet afraid to
measure their strength with the metropolis of the
prairie in case the voters should express themselves
as favi >rable to removal, it it quite probable that those
favorable to removing the county seat from Mount
Idaho would have won their point. As it was, how-
ever. 470 votes were cast in the affirmative and 375
in the negative, and a two-thirds affirmative vote be-
ing necessary to remove the county seat, the project
failed. It may be interesting to note the vote recorded
in the different precincts on this question, so we here-
with present the official vote :

Grangeville, yes 163, no 11; White Bird, yes 13.
no iS: Slate Creek, yes 24. "" 1 I Clearwater, yes 16,
no 36; Eake, yes 26, no n : Fairview, >es 35, no 15;
Mount Idaho.' yes 15. no 46; Rapid River, yes 15, no
o: Tohn Dav. ves 8, no 1 ; Cottonwood, yes 16, no 81 ;
Westlake, ves' 14. no 3; Warren, yes 50, no 10: Elk
Citv, ves 2-. no 18 : Denver, yes 21. no 57 ; Keuterville,
yes 5. no 42; Forks, yes 13. no 14; Florence, yes 9,
no o: total, ves 470, no 375.

The Populists entered the political field in Idaho
county in 1892 and made a few nominations for some
^f the more important county offices. Both the Re-

publican and Democratic conventions passed strong
resolutions pledging their support toward the early
construction of wagon roads to Elk City and other in-
terior mining camps. Of course the political parties
all suffered from small factional fights engendered by
the county seat contest. The official vote was as
follows :

For president, Cleveland, 434, Harrison, 391, show-
ing that the county was not far from being equally
divided politically; congressman, E. B. True, Demo-
crat, 430^ Willis Sweet, Republican, 420, James Gunn,
Populist. 27: governor, J. M. Burke, Democrat, 444,
W. J. McConnell, Republican, 414, A. J. Crook, Pop-
ulist" 34; lieutenant governor, G. V. Bryan, Democrat,
438, F. B. Willis, Republican, 415; justice of the su-
preme court, F. E. Ensign, Democrat, 426, I. X. Sulli-
van, Republican, 414: secretary of state, J. H. Wick-
ersham, Democrat, 444, J. F. Curtis, Republican,
411; attorney general, W. T. Reeves, Democrat,
442, G. M. Parsons, Republican, 412; treasurer,
Philip A. Regan, Democrat, 439, W. C. Hill, Re-
publican. 413; auditor, W. J. McClure, Democrat,
433, F. C. Ramsey, Republican, 411; superintend-
ent of public instruction, W. J. Faris, Democrat.
440, B. B. Lower, Republican, 410; joint senator
of Idaho and Nez Perces counties, B. F. Morris,
Democrat, 492, J. F. Ailshie, Republican, 366, J. H.
Robinson, Populist, 24; joint senator of Idaho and
Custer counties, A. F. Parker, Democrat, 74. J. G.
Rowton, Republican, 99 ; joint representative of Idaho
and Xez Perces counties, D. C. Stephens, Democrat,
-1 26, \\. I... Thompson, Republican, 405; representa-
tive. T. W. Cirton, Democrat. 448, R. C. Divine, Re-
publican. 403; sheriff, C. S. Gregory, Republican. 429.
A. W. Talkington, Democrat, 409, William Coram,
Populist. 52 ; assessor, J. H. Wann, Democrat. 440,
C. F, Brown, Republican. 428; probate judge. J. C.
Garber, Republican. 485. Levi Magee, Democrat, 382;
treasurer, John Bower, Democrat, 481, John Gilmore.
Republican. ^~2\ commissioners, Jacob Reibold. Re-
publican, 429. C. W. Case, Democrat, 420, Henry
Meyer. Republican, 430, Delos Carr, Democrat, 419.
J. S. Fockler, Democrat, 479, J. B. Chamberlain, Re-
publican. 375 ; coroner, J. W. Turner, Democrat, 504,
F. B. King, Republican. 349; surveyor. G. M. Rob-
ertson, Democrat. 477, George Woodward. Republi-
can, 380. For the first time since the organization of
the county a Republican was elected sheriff.

By 1894 the Populists had gained considerable
strength in this county and polled a much larger vote
than in 1802. All three of the parties adopted free
silver platforms. Much personality and local strife
marked the election in Idaho county. As will lie seen
from the following vote neither of the leading parties
could claim a complete victory, the count}' offices be-
ing quite evenly divided :

Congressman, J. M. Ballentine, Democrat. 430. Ed-
gar Wilson, Republican, 501, James Gunn, Populist,
170; justice supreme court, J. C. Elder, Democrat. 442.
J. W. Huston. Republican, 506, Texas Angel, Popu-
list, 146 ; governor. E. A. Stevenson, Democrat, 497.
W. J. McConnell. Republican, 479, J. W. Ballentine,



Populist, 141: lieutenant governor. J. B. Thatcher,
Democrat, 463, F. J. Mills. Republican, 497, J. J.
Chambers, Populist, 139: secretary of state, J. R. Hall,
Democrat. 440, J. W. Garrett. Republican, 505, F. M.
Tibbels. Populist, 146; attorney general, W. T. Reeves,
Democrat, 445, George M. Parsons, Republican, 497,
R. L. Spence, Populist, 150; auditor, James Stoddart,
Democrat, 444. F. C. Ramsey. Republican, 503, Frank
Walton, Populist, 145 ; treasurer, J. H. Bush, Demo-
crat. 455, Charles Bunting, Republican, 499, C. \Y.
( ooper, Populist, 145; superintendent public instruc-
tion, J. W. Faris, Democrat, 448, C. A. Foresman,
Republican, 503, M. J. Steele, Populist, 145 ; circuit
judge, second district, S. S. Denning, Democrat- Pop-
ulist, 473. W. G. Piper, Republican, 563 ; district at-
torney. Clay McNamee, Democrat-Populist, 548, James
E. Babb, Republican, 540 ; joint senator with Nez
Perces county, A. F. Parker, Democrat, 538, C. M.
Day, Republican. j~< >. G. W. Hinkle, Populist, 120;
joint representative with Nez 'Perces count}-, K. W.
While, Democrat. 515, W. L. Thompson, Republican.
481, S. D. Strong, Populist, 123; representative, Philip
Geary, Democrat, 439, J. G. Rowton, Republican. 531,
J. A. Goodwin. Populist, 138; clerk. A. W. Talkington,
Democrat, 547, C. S. Gregory, Republican, 428, Henry
Kolb, Populist. 147 : sheriff, Cyrus Overman, Demo-
crat, 554. R. M. Henley, Republican, 365, E. L. Parker,
Populist, 213: assessor |. D. Hendren, Democrat, 427,
M. S. Martin. Republican, 583, C. W. Stewart, Popu-
list, 113; treasurer, W. H. Sebastian. Democrat, 4651,
D. A. Wilson, Republican, 487. W. E. Graham, Pop-
ulist, 142: probate judge. John Bower, Democrat, 485,
J. k. Vincent, Republican. 598, Jacob Vercler, Popu-
list, 233; commissioners, Thomas Surridge, Demo-
crat. 400. W. S. Clark, Republican, 522. Hardin Chen-
oweth, Populist, 154. J. B. Forsman, Democrat, 408,
W. W. Blackburn, Republican, 517. Alfred White,
Populist, 132. J. A. Czizek. Democrat, ^)2, H. W.
Cone. Republican, 571 ; coroner. J. W. Turner, Demo-
crat, 480, F. H. Pearson, Republican, 421, W. F. Shaw-
lev, Populist, 187; surveyor, J. W. Evans, Democrat,
470, J. W. Shannon. Republican, 505, J. W. Hender-
son, Populist, 124.

The campaign of 1896 was as strenuous in Idaho
D unty as elsewhere throughout the Union. The Re-
publicans, Silver Republicans, Democrats and Popu-
lists held their conventions at Grangeville on the same
day. Saturday. September 19th. As was expected the
Republicans had divided on the all-absorbing question
of the free coinage of silver, the regular Republicans
adi pting a gold platform. The three remaining par-
ties attempted to effect a junction. After much con-
ference the Silver Republicans agreed to fuse with the
Democrats, the former being allowed the nomination
of the two representatives, but the Populists and Dem-
ocrats were unable to agree upon a division of the
nominations and nominated a separate ticket. The
fusion party was called the Democrat-Silver party.
At the -tale conventions the Democrats. Populists and
Silver Republicans, under the name of the People's
Democratic party, fused in nominating several officers.
[daho county Democrats presented a strong candidate

for the nomination for governor this year in the person
of Aaron F. Parker, editor of the Idaho County Free
Press. Pie was not the choice of the convention, how-
ever. On election day the silver party carried the
county by a tremendous majority, Bryan receiving
three times as many votes as were given McKinley.
The Prohibition candidate for congressman, James t.
Smith, received lo votes and their candidate for gov-
ernor, Mos.es F. Fowler, 8 votes.

The official vote was as follows: For president,
Bryan, 1120, McKinley, 373; congressman, fames
( iunn, Fusionist. 655, William E. Borah, Silver Re-
publican. 421, John T. Morrison, Republican, 374;
governor, Frank Steuenberg. Fusionist, 1057, David
H. Budlong, Republican, 385 ; lieutenant governor,
George F. Moore, Fusionist, 614, Edward B. True, Sil-
ver Republican, 427, Vincent Bierbower, Republican,
380; secretary of state, George J. Lewis, Fusionist, 620,
Charles Durrand. Silver Republican, 407, Isaac W.
Garrett, Republican, 391 ; auditor, James A. Anderson,
Fusionist, 623, Bartlett Sinclair,' Silver Republican,
416, Elmore A. McKenna, Republican, 386; treasurer,
George H. Storer. Fusionist, 618, Timothy Regan,
Silver Republican, 414. Frank C. Ramsey, Republican,
387; attorney general. Robert E. McFarland, Fusion-
ist, 611, George M. Parsons, Silver Republican, 418,
John A. Bagley, Republican, t,jj ; superintendent of
public instruction, Louis N. B. Anderson, Fusionist,
607, Mathias F. Cowley, Silver Republican, 388,
Charles A. Foresman. Republican, 367; inspector of
mines, Benjamin F. Hastings, Fusionist, 1010, Theo-
dore Brown, Republican. 389; justice supreme court,
Ralph P. Ouarles. Fusionist, 580, Edgar Wilson. Sil-
ver Republican, 429, Drew W. Standrod. Republican,
2,72; state senator. John W. Turner. Fusionist. 701.
James Edwards. Republican, 370, ( )scar C. Sheldon,
Populist, 271 ; representatives. Robert F. Fulton,
Charles E. Holt, Fusionists, 678 and 694 votes, re-
spectively, J. G. Rowton. (diaries Morehouse, Repub-
licans, 401 and 365 votes, respectively, John Cheno-
weth, Alford White, Populists, 345 and 291 votes, re-
spectively; sheriff. W. S. M. Williams. Fusionist, 683,
Charles F. Brown, Republican, 430, Jerry R. Baker,
Populist, 378; assessor, Thomas J. Yandell, Fusion-
ist, 594, John R. McLean. Populist. 673, John B.
Crooks, Republican. 242; treasurer, ( ieorge M. Rob-
ertson, Fusionist, 620, David A. Wilson, Republican,
444, Deles Carr, Populist. ^2j ; probate judge, Wal-
lace N. Scales. Fusionist. 692, Jacob C. Garber, Re-
publican. 504, Jacob Vercler, Populist. 207; surveyor,
John A. Seeley, Fusionist, 515. James W. Shannon,
Republican, 538, Frank Turner. Populist. 342; coroner.
Thomas W. Nickel, Fusionist. 731. Edward W. Ste-
vens, Republican, 440: commissioners, Daniel J. Bing-
ham. Fusionist, 633, Jerry Dorman, Republican. 400,
Andrew J. Williams. Populist, 344. Anton Hendricks.
Fusionist, 507. Henry .Meyer, Republican. 31)3. Chris-
topher B. Knorr, Populist. 461; John E. Briscoe,
Fusionist. 814, John X. Rice. Republican. 4O4. The
amendment to the state constitution, granting the wo-
men full political suffrage, received 427 affirmative
and 320 negative votes in the county.


The vear 1898 brought forth the bitterest campaign
that Idaho county had witnessed in years. Dissensions
had arisen in all three parties and, strangely enough,
out of it all came fusion between the Republicans and
the Populists. The platform adopted by this unusual
alliance did not mention silver, pledged the party to a
just and honest administration of the county's affairs,
pledged the party to reduce the fees and salaries of the
county officers, to improve the county's roads to the
end that the interior mining region might be more
fully developed, and denounced the present law in re-
gard to distributing liquor license monies. A rupture
between the Democrats and the Silver Republicans
was narrowly averted, the Democrats agreeing to fuse
with the latter by the close vote of 32 to 22. A- in
i8q6, fusion was the watchword of the state conven-
tions, Democrats, Silver Republicans and Populists
combining on several offices, while a portion of the
Populist party maintained the Populist party organiza-
tion and nominated a separate ticket.

The vote cast in this count) was as follows :
For congressman, Edgar Wilson, Fusionist ( Dem-
ocrat-Silver Republican). 969, Weldon B. Heyburn,
Republican. 581. James Gunn, Populist. 257. William
J. Boone. Prohibitionist, 55 ; governor, Frank Steunen-
berg. Fusionist, 1025, Albert B. Moss, Republican,
615, James H. Anderson, Populist, 175. Mrs. Mary C.
Johnson, Prohibitionist, 85 ; lieutenant governor, James
li. Hutchinson, Fusionist, 998, James F. Hunt. Re-
publican, 547. Tannas E. Miller, Populist. 165, Janus
Ballentine, Prohibitionist, 57; secretary of state. Mart
I'atne. Fusionist, 984. Robert S. Bragaw, Republican,
594, Joseph S. Bonham. Populist, 148, John W. Knott,
Prohibitionist. 63 ; auditor, Bartlett Sinclair. Fusion-
ist. 984, James H. VanCamp, Republican. 584. Arthur
G. Whittier, Populist. 160, Mrs. Naomi McD. Phelps,
Prohibitionist, "~ ; treasurer, Lucius C. Rice, Fusion-
ist. 1 151, George W. Fletcher, Republican, 586, John
J. Anthony. Prohibitionist, 59: attorney general. Sam-
uel H. Hays, Fusionist. 1004. Thomas L. Glenn, Pop-
ulist, 166, Frank T. Wyman, Republican, 596, Will-
iam A. Hail, Prohibitionist. 65 ; superintendent of pub-
lic instruction, Perineal French, Fusionist, 1136, Lucy
F. Dean, Republican. 628. Joshua X. Reynolds. Pro-
hibitionist, 62 ; inspector of mines. Jay A. Czizek, Fu-
sionist, 022, John \Y. Stoddard. Republican. 595, Da-
vid Farmer, Populist. 276; justice supreme court,
Isaac N. Sullivan, Fusionist, 1063. Drew W. Standrod.
Republican, 631 ; cirucuit judge, Frank L. Moore. Fu-
sionist. 773, Willis Sweet, Populist. 399, Edgar C.
Steei, Remiblican, 581 ; state senator. Frank E. Fogg,
Fusi >nist. 968, James Woodward, Republican-Popu-
list, 807. Airs. Luella Smith. Prohibitionist, 113; rep-
resentatives. Joseph C. Stephens, Frank E. Johness,
Democrat-Silver Republicans. 1,076 and 1.007 votes.
respectively, Mrs. Mary Bennett, Joseph M. Wolbert,
Republican-Populists. 819 and 614 votes, respectively,
John S. Smith. Prohibitjonist, 96: county clerk. Al-
bert W. Talkington, Democrat-Silver Republican.
1.027. Mortimer S. Martin. Republican-Populist, 993:
sheriff. John P. Harriman, Democrat-Silver Republi-
can. 1)22. John F. McLean. Republican-Populist,

1,080; assessor, Harry W. Cone, Democrat-Silver Re-
publican, 815, Fred White, Republican-Populist. 1,121 ;
treasurer. George M. Robertson, Democrat-Silver Re-
publican, T.107. David A. Wilson, Republican-Populist,
796; probate judge. Lewis C. Arnold, Democrat-Sil-
ver Republican. 756, Joseph K. Vincent, Republican-
Populist, 802, Silas Perkins, Independent. 243 {.super-
intendent county schools, Lewis Elsensohn, Democrat-
Silver Republican. 1,104, George A. Cowgill, Repub-
Iican-Populist, t^JS- James \Y. Phillips, Independent,
54; count}' attorney, Wallace X. Scales, Democrat-
Silver Republican, 1,212. James DeHaven, Republican-
Populist. jj2; surveyor, Rufus Hawley, Democrat-Sil-
ver Republican, 995, Stephen Steininger, Republican-
Populist, 785; coroner, George Stockton. Democrat-
Silver Republican. 947, Henry B. lilake. Republican-
Populist, 835 ; commissioners, Joseph B. Cook, George
W. Petty, John E. Briscoe, Democrat-Silver Repub-
licans. 913, 982 and 1,013 votes, respectively. Andrew
J. Williams, August von Bargen, Joel B. Morris. Re-
publican-Populists, 838, 823 and 769 votes, respective-
ly, Jacob B. York, William R. Pitt. Lorenzo E. Smith,
Prohibitionists, 39, 45 and 42 votes, respectively.

With perfect weather and a vote nearly twice as
large as that polled in 1898, the election of 1900 passed
off in this count}- with the best of feeling and without
the slightest disturbance. The issues were national in
character, generally speaking, and the result showed
that Idaho county upheld the principles advocated by
the Democratic party. In Grangeville, the registration
reached 859 and 767 votes were cast, showing a mar-
velous growth in this precinct. The Democratic ma-
jorities averaged between 300 and 500. A small Pro-
hibition vote, not exceeding 25, was cast.

Official vote : For president, William Jennings
Bryan. 1,884. William McKinley, 1.527: congressman.
Thomas L. Glenn, Fusionist (Silver parties). 1.7S3,
John T. Morrison, Republican, 1,447. John F. Stark.
Populist, 18; justice of the supreme court, Charles O.
Scocksiag?r, Fusionist, 1,745, Edgar C. Steele. Repub-
lican, 1.480, William Perkins, Populist. 20: governor,
Frank W. Hunt, Fusionist, 1,785, Drew W. Standrod,
Republican, 1,447. J onn S. Randolph, Populist. 24;
lieutenant governor, Thomas F. Terrill. Fusionist,
1.733. Addison A. Crane. Republican. 1.440, Johannes
Flansen, Populist, 19; secretary of state, Charles J.
Bassett. Fusionist, 1.734, Martin Patrie, Republican,
1,432. Melancthon F. Eby, Populist, 46; attorney gen-
eral, Frank Martin, Fusionist, 1,742, George E. Gray,
Republican, 1,726, Clay McXamee. Populist, 23- audi-
tor, Egbert W. Jones, Fusionist, 1.763, Henry J. Syms,
Republican, 1,429, William W. Thorp, Populist. 20;
treasurer, John J. Plummer, Fusionist, 1,732, George
H. Kester. Republican, 1,430, Augustus M. Slatter,
Populist. 44 : inspector of mines. Martin H. Jacobs.
Fusionist, 1.745, Robert D. Bell, Republican, 1,448. Ed-
ward Kimbcrlv, Populist, 17: superintendent of public
instruction, Permeal French, Fusionist, r.808. Jessie
Riley, Republican, 1,402; state senator, Joseph C. Ste-
phens, Democrat, 1,713, Henry B. Blake, Republican,
1,471, Tames A. Goodwin. Populist, 63; representa-
tives, Andrew W. Moore, Louis Smith, Democrats.



1.751 and t,668 votes, respectively, James S. Parker,
Dio C. Call, Republicans, [..374 and' 1.317 votes, re-
spectively, Benjamin D. Knorr, William 11. Clarke,
Populists, 105 and y^ votes, respectively; sheriff,
Jesse M. Dixon, Democrat, 1,830, M. L. Murray, Re-
publican, r.390, William Pauls, Populist, 105 ; assessor,
John 1. < (verman, Democrat, 1,905, O. C. Lapp, Repub-
lican. 1,402, John F. Stark, Populist, 50; treasurer,
George M. Robertson, Democrat, 1,883, George H.
Michael. Republican, 1,311, William V. Manring, Pop-
ulist. 50 ; county attorney, Wallace N. Scales, Demo-
crat, 1,917, Douglas W.' Bailey, Republican-Populist,
1,370; probate judge, Hampton Taylor, Democrat,
1,860, Joseph K. Vincent, Republican, 1,366; super-
tendent of county schools, Lewis Elsensohn, Democrat,
1,855, Edith B. Craig, Republican, 1,431; surveyor,
Henry H. Pogue. Democrat, 1,633, James Stuart, Re-
publican, 1,514, Edgar E. Douglas, Populist, 54; cor-
oner, Thomas W. Nickel, Democrat, 1.578, Russell
Truitt, Republican, 1,401, A. A. Kincaid. Populist,
112; commissioners, Henderson T. Dizney, Frank G.
Mixoll, Alfred H. Bishop, Democrats, 1,568, 1,714 and
1,773 votes, respectively, Frank Brown, Edward S.
Sweet, Milton S. Mason, Republicans. 1,637, F4&9 an d

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