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M. Merktel. daughter of James K. Merkel, of Berne
Station, Tilden township. To this union have been
born three children: Naomi Evangeline, Ruth Emily
and William Joseph, Jr. The two daughters became
members of the National Society of the Children of the
American Revolution in 1909. Mr. Dietrich is much
devoted to his family, all of whom are members of the
United Evangelical Church, in which Mr. Dietrich
has served as an official, and for some years has been
teacher of the Men's Bible Class.

(II) Johann Heinrich Dietrich, son of Adam the
emigrant, was born in 1777, and was brought up as a
farmer. After his marriage he lived a half mile north-
east of Klinesville. He owned the farm now the prop-
erty of Albert D. Kunkel, and the adjoining farm now
owned by Peter Stump. In addition to farming "Hein-
rich" Dietrich, as he was known, conducted a sawmill.
He was a fairly prosperous man, but was drawn into
an unfortunate piece of litigation. One Jacob Stein
stole some clover seed from him. but through^ some
technicality of the law Dietrich could not obtain his con-
viction. He spent his small fortune, and died in Aug-
ust, 1857 or 1858, a poor man, in Albany township, where
he was nevertheless respected by all knew him. In
subsequent years Stein confessed, but the evil was done.
Heinrich Dietrich in the later years of his life lived
along the Ontelaunee, below the Albany Statioti, near
the railroad. He was a man of dark complexion, of
medium height and weight. He is buried at Dunkel's
Church. He married Hannah Kraemer. who is buried
at Grimville, and had the following children: (1)
John m, Christiana Bautsch. (2) Adam, who left
Berks county when he was about twenty years of age
and still unmarried, located in Mercer countv. Pa,,
where he married and reared a family, (3) Hannah.
(4) Sallie m, Joseph Greenawald and they moved to
Emporia, Lyon Co., Kans. (5) Henry K., born March
16, 1817, died of smallpox Feb, 20, 1S62. aged forty-
four years, eleven months, four days. He lived in
Greenwich on the farm now owned by Peter Stump.
He was known as "Der Wake Mashter Henny'' ("The
supervisor Henry Dietrich"), holding this oflfice many
years. His wife was Sarah (Sally) Opp. They had the
following children: Willoughby, Samuel, Peter, Mary
and Wallace A, (6) Polly m, Samuel Ernest, They
are buried at Paradise Church, in Northumberland
county, Pennsylvania.

(IV) Willoughby Dietrich (son of Henry K.. son of
Johann Heinrich. son of Adami the emigrant) married
Ellen Gorman. They had four sons and one daugh-
ter. Two of the sons and the daughter reside at New
Orleans, La. They are highly educated and are prom-
inent in the social and business world. After the
Civil war Willoughby Dietrich located at New Orleans,
where he is buried. He was a soldier in the Union
army from Oct. ."i. 1861, to the end of the war, being the
first volunteer soldier on record from Greenwich town-
ship. He was a graduate of the Government Military
School, and was an officer in the army. His brother.
Samuel O. Dietrich, was also a soldier in the Union ar-
my, and died on the field of battle at Vicksburg, Miss..
^vhere he is buried, Peter Dietrich, brother of Samuel
O, and Willoughby, was a soldier in the Union army,
enlisting when only seventeen years old, and served
with honor from the beginning to the end of the war.
He returned to Berks county and married Sarah Hun-
sicker. They have a son Charles, and two daughters
living at Seigersville. Pennsylvania.

(II) Johann Dietrich, son of Adam the emigrant,
was born on his father's farm in Greenwich township.
Jan. 7, 1779. He engaged in farming in that same
district, not far from Dietrich's mill, on a farm con-
sisting of upward of 100 acres. He died upon his


place July Z8, 1830, aged fifty-one years, six months, 26, 1890, and (11) Edward Christian, born April 8,

twenty-one days, and is buried at the Grimville Church. 1892, are all at home.

In 1807 he married Elizabetii Ohl, who survived him Mrs. Susanna (Spohn) Dietrich, widow of Samuel

many years, and they became the parents of thirteen A. Dietrich, resides on a fine farm of 140 acres, m

children, as follows: John, Reuben, Samuel, Anna Greenwich township. Her .&reat-great-grandfa her

Maria (born 1809), Jonas. Hanna (born 1812), Ben- ^^s George Spohn who '^^"'^d Margaret Schulter

Joseph, Esther and Ca tharine . ^7^g3_ j;^'^ ^^^^ j^^^ had these children: Johannes,
CTT^ T^i,,„^ rv,,;ofV t,- * ■ u c \a .u Johann Peter. Susanna. Maria. Abraham and Eliza-
.Ji"lJ Christian Dietrich son of Adam the ^teth. Of this family/ Johannes Spohn, the grand-
emigrant, was born on the Dietrich homestead in father of Mrs. Dietrich, was born in 1785 and died
Greenwich township, Jan. 13, 1783. This farm he pur- ;„ i857. He married Maria Sitler, and they had the
chased from his father in 1813, and on it all his life following children: Polly, Hannah, Sarah, Samuel,
was spent. He was a farmer, and by industry and Jonathan, Rebecca, Catherine, Daniel, John and Eliza,
frugality accumulated a small fortune. He was a short- Daniel Spohn, Mrs. Dietrich's father, was born in 1818
set, strong and robust man, very fond of horseback and died July 29, 1903, and he married Anna Dietrich,
riding. Like most of the family, he was full faced who was born in 1830 and died in 1881.
and had very black hair. He was kind-hearted and (V) Robert D. Dietrich, a rising and respected young
affable, but firm in his convictions. He was very prom- farmer in eastern Richmond township, where he
inent in his community, and was an official member owns a fertile farm of fifty-seven acres, was born
of the Lutheran congregation at Dunkel's Church, Oct. 14, 1874, near Dunkel's Church, in Greenwich
where he and the members of his family are buried, township, son of Samuel A. He was reared on a
He died Nov. 31, 1873, aged ninety years, ten months, farm, and received his early education in the common
eight days. He married Elizabeth Georg, born Jan. schools, later attending the State Normal School at
27, 1786. who died Jan. 17, 1846, aged nearly sixty Kutztown, Pa. He is very industrious, and by his own
years. They were the parents of twelve children, energy has acquired his present property. He is a
namely: Cl) Benjamin (born 1806, died 1894) m.' Anna Lutheran member of Dunkel's Union Church in Green-
Wiltrout. (2) Solomon (born 1807, died 1874) m. wich township, as is also his wife: In politics he is
Beckie Will. (3) Jonathan (Jonas) (born 1808, died a Democrat, and has taken an active interest in the
1862) m. Betsy Shearer. (4) George B. (born 1811, welfare of his party, and in the progress of his com-
died 1887) m. Polly Heinly. (5) Beckie m. Jacob munity.

Heinly. (6) Samuel (born 1817, died 1893) m. Juli- Mr. Dietrich married Laura S. Fraunfelder, daugh-

annus SchoUenberger. (7) Anna m. Daniel Spohn. ter of W. Adam and Catharine (Lenhart) Fraun-

(8) Hettie (born 1823, died 1904) m. John Moyer. felder, prominent farming people of Windsor town-

(9) Daniel (born 1824, died 1898) m. Sally Ann Christ, ship. Five children have blessed this union, namely:

(10) Jeremiah (born 1826, died 1901). (11) Nathan Susanna May, born in 1896; Harry Adam, born in
(born 1827, died 1880) m. Elizabeth Stump. (12) Hen- 1898; Raymond Daniel, born in 1899; Paul Leroy, born
ry (born 1832, died 1905) m. Lydia Merkel. in 1900; and Helen Fannie, born in 1902.

(III) Benjamin Dietrich, son of Johann Christian. (Ill) Jonathan (or Jonas) Dietrich, son of Johann
was born in 1806, and died Aug. 26, 1894, at the age Christian, born Dec. 3, 1808, died Jan. 29, 1862. When
of eighty-eight years. He was a prominent citizen a young man he followed blacksmithing and later in
and large taxpayer of Greenwich township, owning life became a farmer, in Greenwich township, where
375 acres lying between Dunkel's Church and the he lived all his life. He is buried at Moselem Church.
Three Mile House. He married Anna Wiltrout, and In 1831 he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Schearer, born
they enjoyed a happy wedded life of more .than fifty Sept. 25, 1810, who died June 7, 1897. The following
years. They were the parents of children as follows: children were born to this union: Ephraim died at
Magdalena, Levi, Daniel W. (m. Sallie Ann Merkel), Silver Lake, Kans., in 1905, aged seventy years, leaving
Benjamin. Lewis, James W. (m. Elizabeth Fetherolf), a large family, and is buried in Kansas; Jonathan died
Henry W. (m. Amelia Heinly), Samuel A., Adam, in 1870; Joel, born in 1837; William, born in 1838,
Susanna and Eliza (m. Rolandus Dreibelbis). died in 1906; Daniel S., born Sept. 20, 1840. died in

(IV) Samuel A. Dietrich, son of Benjamin, was born Baltimore, Md., May 11, 1907; Henry; Samuel; Ed-
in 1848, and his death occurred in 1894. He was win; Sarah Ann m. Cyrus Lesher, of Reading.

a farmer by occupation, and his land was located (IV) Daniel S. Dietrich, son of Jonathan (or Jonas),
in Greenwich township, about one and one-half miles was born in Berks county Sept. 20, 1840. While a
southwest of the Three Mile House. In the year 1870 young rnan he moved to Montour county, Pa., where
he married Susanna Spohn, only child of Daniel and ho married Catherine B., daughter of Jacob and Jus-
Anna (Dietrich) Spohn. the former a farmer in Green- tina (Boyer) Moser. Her father was born in Mont-
wich township. Eleven children blessed this union, viz.: gomery county. Pa., oldest son of Peter and Anna
(1) Clara A., born March 3, 1871, m. Samuel S. Men- (Steinbruch) Moser. Peter Moser was the son of S.
gel, and lives in Maiden-creek township. They have P- Moser, who lived in Pottstown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs.
had children: Katie M.. born in 1891; Flossie A., Dietrich were the parents of four sons: S. P., Jacob
born in 1897; Elsie L., born in 1899, and Lizzie I., M., Edwin M. and J. Calvin. Jacob M. and J. Calvin
born in 1903. (3) Wilson L., born July 29, 1873, lives died young. Edwin M. married Susan C, daughter of
with his family at the old Dietrich homestead. He Samuel and Margaret Mauger. They have two sons,
m. (first) Kate Adam, by whom he had one son, Clar- Mark S". and Kenneth, and live in Harrisburg, Pa. Mrs.
ence S., born in 1893, and m. (second) Cora Dietrich. Catherine B. (Moser) Dietrich died at Milton, Pa..
(3) Robert Daniel, born Oct. 14, 1874, is mentioned March 14, 1897. The father then moved to Baltimore,
below. (4) Henry B., born Sept. 17, 1876, died Dec. where he followed building and contracting until the
8, 1876. (5) Louisa Kate, born Jan. 31, 1878, married time of his death, which occurred May 8, 1907. Both
Charles H. Fegley, of Maiden-creek township, and has Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich are buried at Oak Grove ceme-
had three children: Edna, born in 1896; John S., born tery, in Montour county, Pennsylvania,
in 1899, and Jennie S., born in 1903 (died in 1905). (V) Prof. S. P. Dietrich, of Reading, was born in Mon-
(6) Elmer Samuel, born June 14, 1880, died July 7, tour county, Pa., Aug. 3, 1866. He was reared on a farm,
1880. (7) Charles L., born Aug. 36. 1883, married upon which he worked during the summer, attending
Sallie Leob and has two children: Elda, born Jan. the rural schools during the winter- until he was
31, 1907, and Florence S., born Sept. 31, 1908. fourteen years old. He then attended the Potts Grove
(8) George Herbert, born Nov. 7, 1885, (.9) Jennie Su- Academy and Prof. Schneider's select school, at Mil-
san, born Dec. 21, 1887, (lO) Calvin Andrew, born Aug. ton, Pa. At the age of eighteen years he began teach-



ing in the rural schools of Montour county, Pa. In
this manner he earned sufficient money to pay his own
way through the Williamsport Commercial College
and Ursinus College. He graduated from the former
in 1888 and from the latter in 1894. In 1897 he took
the examination with the junior and senior classes
in the Bloomsburg State Normal School under the
State board of examiners and passed the same, re-
ceiving his credentials with the senior class. After
graduation he in 1894 accepted the principalship of the
McEwensville Academy, where he reipained two years.
In 1896 he resigned to accept a position in the Dan-
ville (Pa.) high school. In 1899 he resigned his posi-
tion in Danville to accept the vice-principalship of the
Sunbury (Pa.) high school. He remained in Sunbury,
Pa., eight years, and in 1907 resigned to accept a
position in the Boys' High School, Reading, Pa. Pro-
fessor and Mrs. Dietrich are members of the New
Lutheran Church. He is a man of marked intellect-
ual attainments, and is a fluent and able speaker,
frequently called upon to make addresses at public

On Dec. 23, 1896, he married Sara H., daughter ot
Alem and Hannah (Hood) Mauser. They have no

(IV) Edwin Dietrich, son of Jonathan (or
Jonas), born in Greenwich township, is a small farmer
in Richmond township, where for many years he was
engaged in milling. He has served in the office of su-
pervisor of this township, and is now acting in the ca-
pacity of road-master. He married Rufena Adam,
daughter of George Adam, of Greenwich township,
and to this union have been born the following chil-
dren: Wilson G. is mentioned in full farther on; Charles
E. is a miller in Greenwich township; Pierce A. is a
well-known druggist in Philadelphia; Mahlon J. is a
miller by trade; Jane m. Henry Adam; Francis A. is
a student in Muhlenberg College; Alice resides at home.

(V) Wilson G. Dietrich, son of Edwin, was
born in Greenwich township, Berks county, March 4,
1869. He obtained an ordinary common school educa-
tion in his native township and in Albany township,
and his early boyhood was spent on the home farm,
where he early learned that industry was requisite to
success in life. In 1899 he began farming in Maxa-
tawny township, where he lived seven years, removing
to Richmond township in the spring of 1906. He now
lives on one of the farms of Lawson G. and Calvin J.
Dietrich. He is a man of good traits of character, and
is industrious and persevering. By thrift and econ-
omy he has earned sufficient capital to buy a good
farnf stock. He is deeply interested in the welfare
of his family and children.

On May 20, 1893. Mr. Dietrich married Katie M.
Adam, daughter of Benjamin and Catharine (Mengel)
Adam, farming people of Perry township. Mr. and
Mrs. Dietrich are both members of Dunkel's Church. In
political matters he is a Democrat, and he is well in-
fornied on all topics of the day. He and his wife have
had children as follows: Llewellyn, Edna (died in
childhood), Minnie (died in childhood). Pius. Mamie,
Effie, and Lizzie (died in childhood).

(III) George B. Dietrich, son of Johann Chris-
tian, was born Jan. 20, 1811, and died May 2, 1887. He
owned land in Richmond township, along the Easton
road, two miles west of Kutztown, and while he al-
ways followed his trade of carpenter, he also worked
at farming. He married Polly Heinly, and they became
the parents of three children: James H., born Nov. 22,
1840, died Aug. 26. 1893; Maria, who is unnTarried,
lives on the old homestead, which she now owns; Katie
m. Enoch J. Heinly (mientioned elsewhere in this work).

(IV) James H. Dietrich, son of George B., was born
in Greenwich township Nov. 22, 1840, and was there
reared and educated, making his home throughout life
in the same township. He learned the carpenter's trade
with his father, and this he followed in connection with
farming all of his active years. He died Aug. 26, 1893.

He married Mary Behler, who survives him and lives
with her sons on their farm in Richmond township.
Three sons blessed the marriage of James H. and
Mary (Behler) Dietrich, as follows: Lawson G., Llew-
ellyn J. (died in 1890, aged twenty-two years) and Cal-
vin J.

(V) Lawson G. DiiiTrich. son of James H.. and
.one of Berks county's representative men, was born
in Greenwich township, May 2. 1864. His early years
were passed upon his father's farm and in attending the
public schools of his district. Later he attended the
Keystone State Normal School, and in 1881, when sev-
enteen years of age, he began teaching, a profession
he followed with marked success for nine years. After
spending two years as a student and bookkeeper in
the city of Reading, he moved to a farm in Richmond
township, two miles east of Kutztown, where he has
since made his home. Since 1890 he has been exten-
sively engaged in agricultural pursuits, and with his
brother Calvin J., with whom he formed a partnership,
he cultivates 376 acres of excellent land. The brothers
employ only modern machinery, and are always the
first to give practical tests to the new methods. Mr.
Dietrich has made earnest efforts to improve condi-
tions in his section, and on his own farm lays great
stress upon hay raising, shipping annually car-loads of
baled hay to the city market. He is a man of large
business capacity, and is a financier as well as a thor-
ough farmer. In 1892 and 1893 he studied civil engin-
eering and surveying, and he is an able mathematician.
Frequently he is appointed by the court of Berks coun-
ty to survey new roads or lands in dispute, having the
largest practice in his profession in the upper part of
Berks county. He is often called upon by the courts
ot both Berks and Lehigh counties to give expert tes-
timony, and has rendered valuable service. He was
elected a justice of the peace in Richmond in 1895,
re-elected by an overwhelming majority in 1900. and re-
elected without any opposition whatever in 1905. His
decisions have never been reversed by any higher court.
Mr. Dietrich is an uncompromising Democrat, and a
man of great influence in the party. He has served as
delegate to many State and county conventions, and for
ten years he represented his township as committee-
man on the county committee, being one of the oldest
members of that body in point of service. In the
spring of 1906 he was a candidate for the office of
clerk of the Quarter Sessions of Berks count}-, re-
ceiving nearly 3,000 votes. i\Ir. Dietrich is a man of
varied interests, and is prominently identified with the
Kutztown Fair Association, of which he was an organ-
izer and is a director. He is a stockholder in several
banks and trust companies in Berks county. He is a
close student of men and events, and is possessed of
calm, prudent and sound judgment. His life has been
above reproach.

On May 20. 1893, Mr. Dietrich married Miss Mary
.Mice Shollcnberger. daughter of the late Capt. Jonas
and Mary (Dry) Shollenberger, the former a success-
ful farmer in Richmond township and protbonotary of
Berks county. To this marriage has been born one
sou, Trwin, a public school teacher. Mr., and Mrs, Diet-
rich have also an adopted daughter, Ida Shollenber-
ger. who is a niece of Rfrs. Dietrich.

(V) Calvin J. Dietrich, youngest son of James H.,
was born in Greenwich township June 30. 1869, and
is now one of the prosperous citizens of uoper Berks
county. He obtained a .eood education at Shofer's
school in his native township, and at the Keystone State
Normal School at Kutztown, which he attended in
1884 and 1885. He then taught his home school for
several terms, and in 1900 entered into partnership with
bts brother Lawson G., in the agricultural business.
They have a modern threshing apparatus, and in ad-
dition to threshing do shingle and wood sawing for the
farmers of their vicinity, also engaging extensively in
hay raising, selling baled hay by the car-load lots' an-
nually. Mr. Dietrich is an intelligent and respected citi-



zen, a Democrat in political principle, and actively inter-
ested in the success of his party. He is prominently
connected with the Dietrich Family Association, which
has members all over the country.

On April 25, 1891, Mr. Dietrich married Evada E.
Trexler, born Dec. 28, 1868, daughter of Benneville and
Maria (Hoch) Trexler. the former born Dec. 14, 1839,
died Feb. 25, 1881. Mr. and Mrs. Trexler were the
parents of: Evada E. (now Mrs. Dietrich); Francis, who
married Clara Stein; Beulah, who died in childhood; and
Miss Mamie. Mrs. Dietrich was confirmed in the
Lutheran faith by the Rev. Dr. W. S. Mueller, at Mos-
elem Church, and there she and her husband both
attend. They have no children.

(III) Daniel Dietrich, son of Johann Christian Diet-
rich, was born in Greenwich township, Berks county,
April 34, 1834, and died at Dietrich's mill in the same
township April 20, 1898. He was one of the best
known men in all that locality, and for many years con-
ducted what is known as Dietrich's mill, located on the
Sacony on the road from Kutztown to Hamburg, two
miles north of the former place. With the mill property
were fifty acres of land, which Mr. Dietrich cultivated
and improved. He built the large brick residence there
in 1857, and the barn some years later. He was public-
spirited and progressive, and was one of the prime movers
in the establishment of the Keystone State Normal
School at Kutztown, and one of its first trustees, serv-
ing as such from the time of its organization until his
death. He is buried in Hope cemetery at Kutztown. On
May 28. 1842, he married Sally Ann Christ, born Nov.
12, 1824, died July 5, 1898. To this union were born
ten children: (1) Willoughby, born Jan. 10, 1850, died
aged twenty-three days. (2) William C, born 1851, died
1876. (3) Jonathan C, born Nov. 26, 1852, in Greenwich,
owns and lives on the old homestead, where he oper-
ates a creamery, and is also engaged in the ice busi-
ness. For a number of years he was chief bookkeeper
for the Keystone Shoe Manufacturing Company, and
he was deputy county controller under H. F. Livingood
and A. L. Rhoads. (4) Mahlon C. (5) Mary Elizabeth,
born Jan. 25, 1857, is the widow of Levi D. Dietrich.
(6) Franklin, born Aug. 15, 1858, died aged forty-four
days. (7) Diana, born Sept. 5, 1859, died March 22. 1862.
(8) Aaron, born Oct. 11, 1860, died March 23, 1862. (9)
Emma Amanda, born Oct. 25, 1861, died May 31, 1870.
(10) Amelia, born April 14, 1863, is the widow of Charles
A. Ketner, and has two children, Anna Bell and Wil-
liam R.

(IV) Mahlon C. Dietrich, grain, potato, lumber, coal
and general merchandise dealer at Kempton, Pa., was
born January 3, 1855. He early became familiar with
the milling and lumber business, and on August 3,
1874, located in Kempton, which then consisted of one
private dwelling and the hotel, but which has since
grown to contain twenty-five houses. He conducted the
grain warehouse for Dietrich & De Turk, the senior
partner of the firm being his father. In 1877 he pur-
chased his father's interest in this business and the
firm continued under the same name until 1881, when
he also purchased the interest of his partner, Isaac L.
De Turk. Since that date he has been alone, building
up one of the largest businesses of its kind in the
State. He has a large stock of general merchandise,
carrying everything that might be included among the
needs of a farmer. He is an extensive potato shipper —
in fact the most extensive on the Schuylkill & Lehigh
railroad, a branch of the P. & R. road, and he has many
customers in the large cities of the East.

Mr. Dietrich is interested in all that tends to the
development of his county. He was active in the Diet-
rich Family Reunion Association, and gave great as-
sistance in the preparation of the family record. He
is a member of the New Jerusalem Church, belonging
to the Lutheran congregation.

On Sept. 2, 1876, Mr. Dietrich married Miss Sarah E.
Bachman, daughter of Nathan and Eliza (Donat) Bach-
man, of Lynn township, the former born 1817; died 1908

Mr. and Mrs. Bachman had children as follows: Rev.
Adam J., of Schaeflferstown, Lebanon county; Rev.
James N. (1854-1907), of Lynnport, Pa.; and Sarah E. To
Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich have been born two daughters
and one son, namely: Roie Annie Eva, born Sept. 12,
1877, died Jan. 21, 1883; Edgar Adolphus, born Nov. 20,
1886, died Jan. 33, 1889; Blanche R., graduated from the
public schools of Albany township in 1906, and is a.
member of the class of 1910 at the Keystone State Nor-
mal School.

Mr. Dietrich is so well known in his district as a
shipper of potatoes that a few words from him about
the potato growing industry which plays so prominent
a part in the agricultural prosperity of the section will
be of interest here:

Potatoes are raised on every farm in Albany town-
ship and in part of Greenwich township, Berks county,
and in the lower section of Lynn township, Lehigh
county, which adjoins the two townships named, are
raised more than in any other township. From all

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