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county, and Nicholas in Albany township, Berks (then
Philadelphia) county, and on Nov. 28. 1750, the latter
received a warrant for fifty acres in Philadelphia county.
He was a farmer, but little is known of him. He died
in 1760 leaving a widow, Maria Ann Ursula, and child-
ren Elias (died in Greenwich township, Berks county,
in 1773) and Anna Margarete.

In 1750 Elias Rattge (or Redche) secured a warrant
from the proprietaries of Pennsylvania for sixty-five
acres of land in Robeson township, Lancaster county;
in 1752 this township was transferred to Berks county.
On Oct 28. 1765, he purchased of Henry Winterberger
140 acres at Gibraltar, Robeson township, adjoining the
sixty-five acres previously mentioned, and there he
farmed contfnuously until 1773. St. John's Church and
graveyard are situated on this property. On June 12,
1773, he sold his property at Gibraltar to his only son
Elias, Jr., and moved to Cumru (now Brecknock) town-
ship, in what was called "the Forest." There he pur-
chased one hundred and thirty-four acres, through
which ran the Allegheny creek, and on the banks of that
stream he erected a sawmill, which he conducted suc-

cessfully until the time of his death. He alsQ followed
farming on this land. He died in 1786, aged about
seventy years, and is buried in the St. John's grave-
yard at Gibraltar!

Elias Redche was twice married. By his first wife,
Elizabeth, he had the following children. (1) Elias
Redcay, born in 1745. m. Elizabeth Hunter (born in
1752, died Jan. 11, 1816). of Oley, April 6, 1773, and
died Jan. 3, 1829. (2) Barbara m. John Kendall. (3)
Mary, born Aug. 5, 1747, m. Gottlieb Christian, May
28, 1770, and died in 1832. (4) Catharine, born April
22, 1756. m. Christian Krauss, Sept. 5, 1773-. and died
Feb. 14,' 1809. (5) Elizabeth m. Fredrich Rapp, Sept.
30, 1770, and died before 1786. Elias Redche m. (sec-
ond) March 21, 1773, Rosina Zigler, widow of Adam
Zigler. They had no children, and at his death in
1788 she married Christian Eschelman, a neighbor.

(II) Elias Redcay, Jr., only son of iElias and Eliza-
beth, lived in Robeson township, where he carried on
farming and conducted a sawmill. He carried on
operations on the two tracts which he had purchased
from his father in 1773, up to 1804, when he decided
to sell out. He was an extensive dealer in land and a
large property owner, owning several good farms and
a few timber tracts on which he operated sawmills.
On April 29, 1791, he and his wife deeded to Valentine
Geiger and Herman Umstead in trust for the inhabi-
tants of this section a tract of land containing one
acre, ten perches, it being part of the land he had
purchased from his father. This land contained the
private burying ground of the Redcays, who in later
years allowed the people of their section to bury their
dead there. It was the intention to have a church
there, but this was not built until 1809, and it is known
as St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church. It is
said that a log, church was on the property before
the present church was built. All Christian congre-
gations which contributed to its support were allowed
to worship in the building, and they were also to
maintain and keep the graveyard. Late in life Elias
Redcay lost most of his competency through disastrous
financial investments. He was a member of the Gen-
eral Assembly from Exeter in 1805-1806, and during
the Revolutionary war he served as a lieutenant of
militia from Pennsylvania in Capt. Adam Beard's Com-
pany, 3d Battalion, Lieut. Col. Jonathan Jones. He
was a great reader and delighted to tell stories of the
war. He passed away Jan. 3, 1829, and is buried in the
old Redcay burial ground.

On April 6, 1773, Elias Redcay married Elizabeth
Hunter, who was born in 1752, and died Jan. 11, 1816,
and to them were born the following children: (1)
Henry, born Aug. 13, 1775, m. Mary Catharine Ney-
kirk, of Exeter, who was born Jan. 25, 1779. He died
May 22, 1848, and she Sept. 3, 1843, and both are buried
in -the Muddy Creek cemetery in Lancaster county. (2)
John is mentioned below. (») Elias, born Dec. 28,
1782, m. (first) Jan. 29, 1809, Sarah Harner. of Exeter.
She died and was buried in Muddy Creek cemetery,
and he m. (second) July 16, 1826, Elizabeth Strauss,
of Bern, who was born Feb. 12, 1790. He passed away
Jan. 28, 1867, and, she died Aug. 19, 1875, and both are
buried at Adamstown, Lancaster county. (4) Eliza-
beth m. Samuel Ludwig, of Cumru. They' moved to
Missouri in 1832. (5) Maria m. June 9, 1805. Jacob

(III) John Redcay. son of Elias, was born in Robe-
son township, Berks county, about 1779. On April 10,
1810, he, with his father, purchased a farm of Johii
Barr, in Exeter township, which they farmed until
1833, when they sold out. He then moved to a farm'
near Schwartzwald in Exeter, which had a clover mill
on it. There he remained until his death, in 1836 and
he is buried in St. John's graveyard at Gibraltar. About
1807 he married Esther Rhoads, of Amity township and'
they had children as follows: (1) Mary, born 'Oct
14, 1807, m. Thomas Lewis. (3) Betzy, born April lo',
1809, m. Pete Romig, and died Oct. 16, 1851. (3)



John, born April 25, 1810, m. Phoebe Schrack, who was
born Oct. 31. 1817, and died Feb. 13, 1854. He passed
away in July, 1848. (4) Daniel, born Feb. 1, 1812, m.
Abby Kint, (born April 18, 1818. died April 13, 1904),
and died June 1, 1890. (5) Jacob, born June 13, 1816,
died unmarried Dec. 18, 1898. (6) Catharine m. John Lewis.

(IV) Daniel Redcay, son of John and Esther
(Rhoads) Redcay, was born Feb. 1, 1812, and died
June 1, 1890. He married Abby Kint, daughter of
Abraham Kint. and they moved to McEwensville, Pa.
They were the parents of: Angeline, born Dec. 24,
1842. who is living on the old homestead; Henry, born
Feb. 4, 1845, who is at Watsonstown; Abraham, born
Jan. 23, 1847, living at Milton; and Ed., born in 1861,
residing in Scranton.

(IV) John Redcay, son of John and Esther (Rhoads)
Redcay. lived at the old clover mill with his parents
until 1835. when on Sept. 11th of which year he mar-
ried Phoebe Schrack. He was a farmer in Amity
township until 1840, wh'en he sold out and moved to
Pottsville, Schuylkill county. He died in July, 1848,
and. his wife passed away Feb. 13, 1854, and both are
buried at Pbttsville. They had children: Caroline R.,
born April 6, 1837, m. Adam Kerper; John R., born
Jan. 24. 1831, died in the army during the Civil war;
Isaac, born Feb. 21, 1841, died Aug. 17, 1886 (his wife's
name was Rebecca); Emma Maria was born May 16,

(Ill) Henry Redcay, son of Elias, was born in Robe-
son township. Aug. 13, 1775, and died in Lancaster
county, May 22, 1848. He is buried in the Muddy Creek
cemetery. On Sept. 10, 1804, he bought from his fath-
er ninety-one acres of the old homestead in Robeson
township, and on this he lived and worked until March
30, 1811. The place is now owned by the Elisha Brown
estate. He then purchased 137 acres on Lancaster
pike, between the "Five Mile House" and Gouglers-
ville, in Cumru township,_ but this being poor and
swampy land he sold it a year after, April 1, 1812,
and moved to Stone Hill, Brecknock township, Lan-
caster county. There he purchased a farm and there
he lived until his death in 1848. He married Mary
Catharine Neykirk, and they had children as' follows:
Esther, born Dec. 18. 1797, was baptized Sept. 3, 1798.
Mary, born Nov. 3, 1801, died July 8, 1810; she was
drowned in the mill dam and is buried in the cemetery
at Gibraltar. Nelly, born April 2, 1803, died Aug. 20.
1853; she m. Abraham Trostle, born in 1809, who died
Nov. 23, 1886. Jacob, born Sept. 11, 1804, died Dec.

22, 1812. Heinrich. born Feb. 12, 1809, died unmarried
April 14, 1834. Mary Catharine, born Sept. 19, 1810.
died aged thirteen days. John, born May 14, 1813, died
Oct. 8, 1863; his wife, Mary Ann, was born Feb. 16, 1816.
Mary, born May 7, 1817, m. Simon Kindt, who was born
May 3, 1822, and died Aug. 15, 1870. Sarah, born May

23, 1819, m. Joseph Stemmen. Susannah, born Dec.
8. 1820, m. William Redcay, a cousin, and is still living.
Catharine m. Henry Lingling. Elizabeth m. Mr.
Sweigert, and they moved to Cumberland county.
Joseph and Rachel are given no record.

(Ill) Elias Redcay, son of Elias, was born Dec. 28,
1782, in Robeson township, Berks county, and died at
Adamstowil, Jan. 28, 1867. He assisted his father with
the farm work until his marriage. On Jan. 29, 1809, he
married Sarah Harner, a daughter of Heinrich and
Catharine Harner of Exeter. The year after his mar-
riage he farmed for himself, and in 1810 he moved to
Exeter, where he carried on farming operations until
1821. On March 31st of the last named year he bought
the hotel stand of Jacob Swartz in Adamstown, Lan-
caster county, on the Lancaster pike, between Reading
and Lancaster. The Lancaster pike was a much used
highway and of all the old hostelries in the town "Red-
cay's" was the most patronized by the travelers be-
tween the two points. This hotel was operated by Mr.
Redcay until 1846, in which year he sold out and pur-
chased a tract of land in the lower end of the town.

where he erected a hotel which he owned until the time
of his death; Mr. Redcay was twice married. Heni.
(first) Sarah Harner, by whom he had the following
children: (1) Henry, born Aug. 9, 1809, died June
9, 1890. He m. Lidia Bicher. who was born Feb. 22,
1811, and died Aug. 6. 1898. (2) Charles, born Jan. 1,
1811, died Nov. 29, 1887. He m. Mary Pennebecker,
who died Feb. 8. 1888. (3) Lidia, born Dec. 13, 1812,
m. John Young. ' (4) Harriet, born Dec. 21, 1814, died
March 19, 1875. She m. Isaac Fichthorn. (5) A daugh-
ter, born Oct. 21, 1816, died young. (6) Nicholas, born
Aug. 21, 1818. died May 26, 1895. He m. Ann Kegerise,
born Dec. 19.' 1834, and died March 21, 1891. (7) Benne-

ville. born 29, 1820, died Feb. 3, 1873. He m. Polly

Bulman. born April 5. 1829, died . (8)

William, born Oct. 15, 1822, is still living; he m. his
cousin, Susan Redcay, who is also living. On July
16, 1826, Mr. Redcay m. (second) Elizabeth Strauss,
and by her he became the father of Elias Redcay, who
is mentioned in full below.

(IV) Elias Redcay. son of Elias and Elizabeth
(Strauss) Redcay, was born at the "Upper Hotel"
which was kept by his father, at Adamstown, Lan-
caster county, Nov. 18, 1827. He attended the district
schools, after leaving which he entered the butcher
business with his brothers. Henry, Nicholas and Wil-
liam. He attended the Penn Square Market House in
Reading, and his stand was located in front of what
is now the "United States Hotel." He was a pro-
perty owner, owning lots two, three and four in Adams-
town. and a large tract of land in Iowa, also fifty acres
near Bowmansville. A lover of good horses, he was
the owner of several speedy ones, which he delighted
to drive. While attending market, in the winter of
1859-60 he contracted a cold, which settled in his throat
and eventually caused his death April 28, 1860, when
in his thirty-third year. ,

In 1858, Mr. Redcay married Susan Mohn, daughter
of William and sister of Jeremiah G. Mohn, the hat
manufacturer. She passed away July 27, 1886, the moth-
er of one child, James Elias Redcay.

(V) James Elias Redcay, son of Elias and Susan
(Mohn) Redcay, was born Nov. 2, 1859, in Adamstown,
Lancaster county. His father dying before he was a
year old, he was brought up by his mother, who sent
him to the district schools until he was sixteen years
old, and then he was sent to the West Chester Normal.
Returning to Adamstown he learned the hat trade with
his uncles Jeremiah G. Mohn & Bro., who were then
doing business under the name of Mohn & Prutzman.
On Oct. 28, 1877, he left Adamstown for Reading, and
in that city he entered the employ of his uncles. In
1880 he was made foreman of their shop, and this po-
sition he is still holding.

On July 3, 1884, Mr. Redcay married Anna B. Alt-
house, daughter of Franklin and Amelia (Hinnershitz)
Althouse, and they were the parents of the following
children: Harry B., William F., John R. and Susan A.
The family reside at No. 1250 Perkiomen avenue,

ZIMMERMAN. The Zimmerman family in Albany
township, Berks county, is descended from Heinrich
Zimmerman, who came to this township from Maxa-
tawny township, about the time of the organization of
the county. In 1756 he was a taxable in Albany. He
lived at Stony Run Hill, apd his homestead is now
owned by a descendant, Noah Zimmerman. Heinrich
Zimmerman's son Johannes, born April 19, 1761, diqd
on the home farm April 25, 1824, aged sixty-three years
and six days. His wife Maria Barbara Dietrich (1769-
1833) was a daughter of Adam Dietrich.

Johannes Zimmerman, son of Heinrich, succeeded
his father to the homestead and was a farmer. His
- farm consisted of 177 acres. In 1822 he built the
present large stone house. He and his wife were
Lutherans, and are buried at Wessnersville. They had
the following children: Maria Magdalena m. Daniel



Kunkel; Mrs. Samuel Brobst; Mrs. Jacob Georg;
Moses; John; Daniel and Michael.

Moses Zimmerman, son of Johannes, was born April
23, 1799, and died Dec. 17, 1840. He obtained the
homestead, and there died. In 1841, his brother
Michael bought it for $2,400. Among other childres
Moses Zimmerman had Polly and Jonas.

John Zimmerman, son of Johannes, lived in Albany
township, in the Stony Run, owning the farm now the
property of Matthias Wessner, which farm was given
to him by his father. His children were: Anna, Lydia,
Eli, Aaron, Daniel, Gideon and Samuel.

Daniel Zimmerman, son of Johannes, was a farmer
in Bern (now Tilden) township, where he had a large
tract near St. Michael's church, and there he is buried.
His wife was a Miss Keller, and among their children
was a son, Samuel.

Michael Zimmerman, son of Johannes, was born Feb.
10, 1802, and died Feb. 1, 1878. He was a lifelong
farmer owning the homestead on the Stony Run Hill.
He built the present barn in 1848. He also operated
a distillery on his farm. His wife, Sarah Stump (1813-
1885), bore him five children, namely: William; Noah,
Catharine m. Jacob Snyder, of Weisenburg township,
Lehigh county; Mary Ann m. Nathan Weisner; and
Sarah died young. Michael Zimmerman was a Demo-
crat, and served as school director. He held church
of5'~es in Friedens Church at Wessnersville, where
the Zimmermans are buried.

William Zimmerman, son of Michael, was born Nov.
13, 1833, and died May 12, 1906. He lived across the
line from Albany, in Lynn township, Lehigh county.
He was a farmer, and carefully husbanded his re-
sources, becoming very well-to-do. He married Mary
Ann Weisner, and their children were: Sarah Ann (1858-
1861); Nathan m. Mary Dietrich; Amanda m. Reuben
Shugor; Caroline m. Phaon Kerchner; Mary Ann m.
Reuben Shugor, after the death of her sister Amanda;
Daniel m. Kate Adam; Jonathan lives on the home-
stead; and Sinora Rothermel.

Noah Zimmerman, son of Michael, born in Albany
Oct. 17, 1836, has been living retired at Wessnersville
since 1895. He owns the homestead which he farmed
until he retired in comfortable circumstances. He and
family are esteemed members of the Lutheran congrega-
tion at Wessnersville. In 1869 he married Mary Ann
Fenstermacher, daughter of Daniel and Polly (Diet-
rich) Fenstermacher, and they have had four daught-
ers, viz.: Emma m. Jeremiah Wessner; Amanda m.
Tilghman Groff; Alice m. Richard Groff; and Annie
V. died in infancy.

ROTHENBERGER. The Rothenberger family has
lived in Berks county for 150 and more years, and is
worthily represented in the present generation by
George W. Rothenberger, born in Reading, April 13,
1871, son of the late Cornelius K. Rothenberger.

The ancestor of this family was Peter Rothenberger,
who was a Swiss. He came to America on the ship
"Brotherhood," which landed at Philadelphia, Nov. 3,
1750. Soon after coming to this country he settled
in Alsace township, this county, where he died late in
1772. His executors were Jacob Kiihn and Henry
Baum. He had a son Peter (See below) and a daughter
Mary. In 1783, petitions were presented to the Or-
phans Court praying that guardians be appointed for
them — stating that they were under fourteen years of

(I) Peter Rothenberger. great-great-grandfather of
George W, of Reading, was a resident of Alsace town-
ship at an early date. He was born March 24, 1769,
and died in Alsace Jan. 4, 1825, aged iifty-five years,
nine months, ten days. He married Rebecca Shalter,
born Sept. 1. 1773, and died Nov. 28, 1847. The federal
census report of 1790 records Peter Rodenberger, a
resident of Alsace township, Berks county, as having
I six sons, and two daughters, the children all under
sixteen years of age. Both Peter Rothenberger and"

wife are buried at Alsace Church. One of their sons
was Peter. . t. i_

(II) Peter Rothenberger, son of Peter and Rebecca,
was born in Alsace township. Berks county, Feb. 22,
1795, and died Nov. 14, 1871. His wife, Maria Schneid-
er, was born Oct. 11, 1798, and died Dec. 17, 1870. Mr.
Rothenberger was a farmer, and in early life lived in
Alsace and later in Centre township. He and wife were
members of the Reformed Congregation of the Alsace
Church, where they are buried. Their children were:
Peter; Hannah married John Klohs; Polly married
Elias Bickel; Molly married Benjamin Herb; and
John S.

(III) John S. Rothenberger, son of Peter, was a
native of Centre township, born March 5, 1821, died
Dec. 29. 1872. He carried on the old homestead farm
until 1853, when he removed to Leisz's Bridge, and
in company with his father purchased a farm for $14,-
000, on which he spent the remainder of his life. Mr.
Rothenberger was married (first) in 1840, to Mary Ann
Kauffman (born Sept. 10, 1818, died March 23,1864), by
whom he had eleven children: Cyrus W.; William K.;
John K.; Peter K.; Levi K.; Cornelius K.; Milton K.
and Albert K., both deceased; Mary K., m. to Welling-
ton Moser; Deborah K., m. to Edward Shearer; and
Thomas K., of San Francisco. The second marriage of
Mr. Rothenberger was in 1864, to Matilda (Kauffman)
Daubert, a widow, and sister to his first wife. To their
union there were born seven children: James, of Tem-
ple; Harry, who went West; Morris, deceased; Kate
(Catherine), m. to Elmer Angstadt; Rosa, m. to Edward
Moore, of California; George, of Reading; and Sallie,
deceased. In religious belief Mr. Rothenberger was
Reformed, while both of his wives were connected
with the Lutheran Church. In political matters he was
a Democrat.

(IV) Cornelius K. Rothenberger, son of John S.,
was Isorn in Penn township, Berks county, June
25, 1847, and was reared upon his father's farm,
working there until he attained his majority. He then
engaged in the brick manufacturing business at Birds-
boro, and in 1878 became the proprietor of the "River-
side Hotel" which he conducted eight years. In 1880
he again engaged in the brick manufacturing business,
in North Reading, and he also followed contracting and
house building very profitably until 1895. In 1894 Mr.
Rothenberger engaged in the grocery business, at
Riverside, following this ten years, at the end of that
time his son-in-law, Wilson E. Moser, becoming his
partner under the firm name of Moser & Rothenberger.
This firm lasted two years, when the partnership was
dissolved. Mr. Rothenberger then lived retired until
Feb. 1, 1908, when he again engaged in the grocery
business. He was a fine business man. He was acci-
dentally killed Jan. 18, 1909, by a train at the crossing
of Seventh and Penn streets, Reading, and is buried at
Charles Evans Cemetery; the three preceding genera-
tions are buried at Alsace Cemetery. Mr. Rothenberg-
er was a member of the Heptasophs; Washington
Camp, No. 691, P. O. S. of A. With his family he be-
longed to Olivet Reformed Church, Reading, of which
for some years he was a trustee. In politics he was a
Democrat. In June, 1870, he married Rosa Drexel,
daughter of John Drexel, of West Reading. She was
born in April, 1844, and died Dec. 27, 1902. the mother
of five children: George W., born April 13, 1871; Bertha,
m. to Wilson E. Moser, of Riverside; John, who died
aged two years; Mary, m. to, Stephen Sehl, of Reading;
and William, a dyer at Reading. Mr. Rothenberger
owned a farm of fifty-six acres in Exeter township, and
the buildings at Nos. 35 and 37 Exeter street, and three
lots at Exeter and Front streets.

(V) George W. Rothenberger received his education
in the city schools, and in Prof. D. B. Brunner's
Academy and Business College at Reading. At
the age of eighteen he learned the tailor's trade in that
city, and this has ever since been his occupation. When
but twenty-two he engaged in business for himself, and



soon built up a lucrative business. He is practical, and
he understands his business thoroughly. He ernploys
from six to twelve men. Mr. Rothenberger is the
owner of the three-story brick residence, No. 906 Penn
street, with a frontage of 19i feet and in depth 120
feet, having purchased this April 2, 1900. In March,
1909, Mr. Rothenberger purchased a private residence
at No. 1534 Perkiomen avenue, where he has resided
since April 1st.

Mr. Rothenberger was married Sept. 14, 1899, to Anna
M. Brown, daughter of' the late Albert and Emily
(Ludwig) Brown, of Reading, and they have had three
children, one of whom, the first, died in infancy. The
others are Thomas B. and John F. Mr. Rothenberg:er
belongs to the Second Reformed Church and his wife
belongs to Trinity Lutheran Church. He is fra-
ternally connected with the Mystic Star Commandery,
No. 47, Knights of Malta; Progressive Lodge, L O. O.
F., and Penn Wheelmen.

HENRY E. RHOADS, one of the most useful citi-
zens of Douglass township, was born in Pottsgrove
township, Montgomery Co., Pa., July 6. 1833, son of
Charles and Margaret (Egolf) Roth. The early spell-
ing of the name was Roth, but was changed to Rhoads
by the teachers of the Charles Roth children.

Henry Rath, grandfather of Henry E., lived at Deep
Creek, in New Hanover township, in Montgomery
county, where he had a small farm. He died before
1830. His wife, a Hoffman, lived to the age of ninety-
seven years. They had four children: Hannah, m. to
Peter Yerger; Betzy, m. to Daniel Houck; Kate, m. to
John Kohl; and Charles.

Charles Roth, son of Henry, was born in New Han-
over township, Montgomery county, and died in West
Pottsgrove township, that county, Dec. 1, 1887. By
trade he was a blacksmith, and this he followed in early
life, becoming in 1837, however, a farmer in West
Pottsgrove township, where he bought a farm which
he operated a number of years. He was a man of
enterprise and thrift, and left a large estate that he had
accumulated himself. Among the different properties
he owned was an eighty-acre tract in West Pottsgrove
township, which he cut up into building lots in the
early eighties. He sold a large number of them, receiv-
ing $22,000 for those he sold, and at his death he still
had about 465 lots, which were divided among his
children, his son Henry E. acquiring about fifty-two.
All are valuable, as this tract adjoins the borough of
Pottstown, in fact the farm buildings were located
within the limits of the borough. Charles Roth is
buried at M'ount Zion cemetery. South Pottstown. His
first wife was Margaret Egolf, daughter of Adam and
Anna (Moser) Egolf, the latter a daughter of Peter
Moser (brother of the bachelor Burkhart Moser). Both
Mr. and Mrs. Egolf attained eighty-six years. To Mr.
and Mrs. Roth were born seven children: Henry E. ;
William, of Stowe, Pa.; Rachel, widow of Jere Reif-
snyder, of Bramcote; Daniel, of Stowe, now deceased;
John, who died of hydrophobia; Mary. m. to William
Rutter, of Stowe, both deceased; and Adam, of Stowe.
Charles Roth m. (second) Mrs. Charlotte (Wamback)
Root, widow of Jacob Root.

Henry E. Rhoads was 'reared upon his father's farm,
and has been a farmer all his life. He worked for his
parents until he was of age. In 1857 he began farming
for himself in Douglass township, Berks county, on the
Jacob Yorgey farm, which he tenanted for twenty-
seven years. From 1884 to 1887 he farmed the William
Wise farm, also in Douglass township. In the fall of
1887 he bought his present farm consisting of 100 acres
of the best land in the township, located about one
mile north of Maxatawny Station on the Colebrookdale
branch of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. Mr.
Rhoads has greatly improved this tract. He also has

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