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third )-ear thereafter, and since 1850, this officer
has been elected by the people.

Name Term

Joseph Hoch 1800-13

John M. Hyneman 1814-22

Matthias S. Richards 1823-34

Daniel A. Bertolette 1835-37

Thomas H. Jones 1837-38

Aaron Albright 1838

Michael K. Boyer 1839-44

Benjamin Delong 1839-40

Daniel J. Wanner 1841-47

Daniel Potteiger 1845-50 '

Samuel Hoffman 1848-50

Augustus F. Bertolet 1S50-56

Andrew Kurr 1856-63

Daniel S. Zacharias 1863-77 ; 1881

Henry C. Zacharias 1877-80

Solomon K. Dreibelbis . . .' 1882-1901

Nevin M. Davis 1903-04

Orlando F. Berger 1905-10

Poor Directors. — Previous to 1809, "overseers"
of the poor were appointed bv the justices of the
county. On March 11, 1809, an Act was passed
authorizing the election of the overseers annually.
The poor of the county were provided for by over-
seers till the passage of an Act of Assembly on
March 29, 1824, especially for Berks county, where-
by the county commissioners were authorized to
levy a tax for the purpose of purchasing land and
erecting thereon and furnishing necessary buildings
for the employment and support of the poor of the
county ; and seven directors were appointed to pro-
ceed in the establishment of the institution. At
the following election, in October of that year,
three directors were elected in pursuance of the
Act — one for one year, one for two years, and one

* John Denhard was appointed for a second term, 1S81-SS: but
he was elected to the office of Alderman of the Eighth Ward, Read-
nig, in May, 1SS3, when he resigned, and Lawrence P. Ressler was
appointed for the unexpired term.

** From Aug. 25, 1S95, to fill vacancy caused by death of Frank
H. Denhard.



for three years ; and annually after said election one
director was elected for three years. This law has
not been altered. The directors appointed a stew-
ard and other officers annually, to 'superintend and
carry on the management oi the institution success-
fully. The board organizes annually on third Mon-
day of November.

The first seven directors appointed by the Act to
serve till the election*of three directors as required

John Ritter John Beitenman

Jacob Mast Samuel Adams

David Bright John Wanner
Abraham Knabb


Name Term

John Beitenman 1824-35

Daniel K. Hottenstein 1824-26

David Bright 1824-27

George Gernant 1825-28

John Levan 1826-29

George Boyer 1827-30

David Ludwig 1828-31

David Deysher 1829-32

Henry Reeser 1830-33 ; 1835-36

Daniel Oyster 1831-34

Joseph Schmucker ; 1832-35

John Bickel 1833-35

Jacob Gilbert 1834-37

John Filbert 1835-38

Henry Schoener 1836-39

Daniel Kauffman 1837-38

William Fisher '. 1838-40

Peter Fister 1838-41

Abrahani Kerper .' 1839-42

John Shollenberger 1840-43

Jacob W. Seitzinger 1841-44

Abraham Kerper 1842-45

Daniel Baum 1843-45

William Bertolet 1844-47

John Dotterer 1845-46

Michael Nunnemacher .' 1845-48

John Gernant 1846-49

Daniel Sohl 1847-48

Conrad Reber 1848-49

Jacob S. Ebling 1848-51

Peter Kershner 1849-53

William Knabb 1849-52

William Arnold 1850-57

William Lorah 1852-55

John Richards 1858-56

John R. Edelman 1855-58

George K. Haag 1856-59

Jacob Malsberger 1857-60

Samuel Shaner 1858-61

Samuel Filbert 1859-62

Aaron Getz 1860-66

R. F. Drumheller 1861-64

Peter Marshall 1862-65

Ezra Z. Griesemer 1863-67

George Lash 1865-68

Joseph Muthart 1866-69

Silas W. Fisher 1867-70

Daniel B. Lorah 1868-71

Jacob B. Mast 1869-72

, Daniel Y. Peter 1870-73

Henry Animon 1871-74

Michael Goodman 1872-75

Samuel Strunk : 1873-76

Isaac Y. Beidler 1874-77

George Heckman 1875-78

John Herbein 1876-79

Mahlon Vogelman 1877-80

Francis Roland 1878-81

Name Term

John H. Bauer 1879-83

Elias Obold 1880-83

Elias Bickel 1881-84

Henry Shearer .1882-85

John P. F. Marshall 1883-86

Michael E. Geiger 1884-87

George Herbein 1885-88

Jacob Miller 1886-89

Isaac D. Whitman 1887-90

Abraham. Schlegel .■ 1888-91

Samuel Z. Deck 1889-92

Frederick Roland 1890-93

Milton H. De Long 1891-93

William H. S«itzinger 1892-95

Tilghman De Long 1893-94

John A. Hiester 1893-1902

Jonathan Schwartz 1894-97

Harrison S. Matz 1895-98

Daniel M. Herbein 1897-1900

Cornelius Blatt 1898-1901

William M. Kase 1900-03

John W. Fisher 1901-04

Wellington G. Woods 1902-05

Jacob Hollenbach 1903-06

Jacob Kessler 1904-07

George G. Ritter 1905-08

Peter H. Knabb 1906-09

William W. Field 1907-10

Joel Krick 1908-11


Name Term

Abraham Knabb ; 1825-32

Henry Boyer 1833-37

Marshall B. Campbell 1838

Daniel Kaufifman 1839-45

Daniel Baum 1846-48

Daniel Sohl 1849-52

Jacob Conrad ■ 1853-68

Philip Eagle 1869-70

Silas W. Fisher 1870-77

Benjamin Anderson -.1878-82

Reuben Hetrich 1883-85

Joseph Hornberger 1885-92 '

John W. Gilbert 1892-96

Oliver C. Sitler* 1896-1905

William J. Hollenbach 1905-09

Prison Inspectors.^ — The first county prison was
erected in 1770. It stood at the northeast corner
of Fifth and Washington streets, Reading, until
1848, and upon the completion of the new prison at
the head of Penn street the prisoners were removed
thither, and the old prison was sold and converted
into a store building. The walls are still standing,
though changed. Under the law then prevailing,
the sheriflf had control of the prison during his offi-
cial term ; and he was authorized to appoint keepers.
This practice continued till the passage of the Act of
April 8, 1848, expressly for Berks county, whereby
seven prison inspectors were to be appointed, four
by the judges of the court of Quarter Sessions, and
three by the county commissioners, who were to com-
prise the "board of inspectors," the terms of office
to be as follows : for three, three years ; two, two
years; and two, one year; and afterward, all terms
three years. The inspectors were authorized to
appoint, with sanction of the court, a keeper,
matron, etc.

* Sitler resigned on April 7, 1905, and Hollenbach was appointed^
on April 15th to fill unexpired term.



This Act of Assembly continued in force till the
passage of the Act of April 10, 1873, whereby nine
inspectors were to be elected at the next regular
election, when each elector was to vote for six can-
didates, and the nine highest to be the inspectors.
The elected candidates were to draw lots for one,
two, and three years. And annually thereafter,
three inspectors were to be elected for three years,
the electors to vote for two, and the three having
the highest vote to be the inspectors.

The following persons were the first inspectors
under the Act of 1848 :

Appointed by the Court Aug. 7, 184S
Name Term

Jacob Lightf oot 3 yrs.

J. Glaiicy Jones 3 yrs.

William Heidenreich 2 yrs.

Thomas Slianer 1 yr.

.\ppointed by County Commissioners Aug. 10, 1848
Name Term

John Banks 3 yrs.

Henry Nagle 3 yrs.

Charles Kessler 1 yr.

Appointed from 1848 to 1873
Name Term

Jacob Lightfoot 1848-57

J. Glancy Jones 1848-51

William Heidenreich 1848-50

Thomas Shaner 1848-55

John Banks 1848-49

Henry Nagle 1848-59

Charles Kessler 1848-51

William Peacock 1849-51

David Fister 1850-53

J. Bowman Bell 1851-57

Lewis Briner 1851-64

Samuel Frees 1851-54

David Kntz 1853-68

William Henry 1854-60

Jacob Dick 1855-57

Daniel Young 1857-66

Abr. D. Hill 1857-66

Levi B. Smith 1858

James Lee 1858-64

Jacob Young 1859-71

Samuel Summons 1860-72

Charles H, Fritz 1864-70

Henry Z. Van Reed 1864-70

J. Glancy Jones 1864-68

David McKnight 1864-70

David L. Wenrich 1868-71

Amos Weiler 1868-69

Calvin Goodman 1869-72

Peter A. Kline 1869-72

George Lerch 18T0-7S

Joseph Ganser 1871-73

W. B. Griesemer 1873-73

William Grim 1872-73

Isaac R. Fisher 1873-73

Benjamin Levan 1873

Jacob Miller 1873

Elected under .\ct 1873 *
Name Term

John Gtrnant (1 yr.) 1873-74; 1874-77

Wm. Stump (1 yr.) 1873-74 ; 1874-77

S. Schmehl (1 vr.) 1873-74 ; 1878-81

Samuel Buch (2 yrs.) 1873-75

Amendon Bright ' '(2 yrs.) 1873-75

William Herbst (2 yrs.) 1873-75

W. Y. Lvon (3 yrs.) 1873-76; 1876-79

Tobias Barto (3 yrs.) 1873-76

* The first nine named comprised the first board elected in 1873.
After organization, on the 1st dav of December, lots were cast for
the terms of these inspectors. The board organizes annually on
the 1st day of December.

Name Term

Jacob Miller (3 yrs.) 1873-76

Calvin Goodman 1875-77

Peter Rapp 1874-77

Jacob Shafifner 1875-78

Peter A. Kline '' 1875-78

Peter L. Hain 1873-78

James T. Reber •" 1876-79

Wm. S. Ritter 1877-82

Adam Minnich '...1877-80

Daniel L. Rhoads 1877-80

David Brown 1877-80

Tosiah Boltz 1878-81

Isaac H. Rahn 1878-81

Lewis L. Moyer 1879-83

John Stieff ..'. 1879-82

Adam H. Potteiger 1880-83

Charles S. Wentzel : 1880-83

Milton T. Donmoyer '■ 1880-83

Wm. D. Klopp 1881-84

Wm. A. Schall 1881-84

•Wm. W. Lewis 1881-82

Wm. Schweitzer 1882-84

John Obold 1882-85

Henry Rieger 1883-85

Jacob S. Wisler 1883-85

John S. Wenrich 1883-86

Samuel H. Mensch 1883-86

Dallas Leinbach 1883-86

John B. Clemmer 1884-87

William H. Seitzinger 1884-87

Daniel D. Hinterleiter 1884-87

lohn H, Obold 1885-94

Henry Rieger 1885-88

Wm. H. Wetherhold 1885-88

Franklin H. Brintzeghoff 1886-92

Levi M. Neischwender 1886-89

Wilson Sweitzer 1886-89

Charles S. Dengler 1887-93

Reuben Updegrove 1887-90

loseph B. Clemmer 1887-90

lohn Maver : 1888-91

William High 1888-91

Albert Stamm 1889-95

Jbhn M. Gift 1889-93

William A. Lindemuth 1890-93

Darius E. Sheidy 1890-91

Augustus B. Forrey 1891-93

John M. Smith 1891-94

David E. Snvder 1891-94

Charles H. Knabb 1892-94

Abraham Grimes 1893-98

Henry Z. Kramer 1893-96

Amos Glass 1893-99

Levi S. Reber 1893-96

George H. Nagle 1894-1900

John H. Kintzer 1894-97

Alexander Schlottman 1894-97

John Endy 1894-95

Urias Rothenberger 1895-98

Lenious Wessner 1895-97

Isaac L. De Turck ] 897-98

George Clous 1896-99

George B. Wagner 1896-99

Joel H. Krick 1897-1906

John L. Seiders 1897-1903

Daniel Gross 1898-1907

John Warren 1898-1907

A. M. Lesher 1898-1901

Daniel F. Kramer 1899-1908

T. Heber Witman 1899-1911

Edmund A. Schenck 1899-1902

Martin Hauck* 1900-05

.Mien W. Fritch 1901-04

Albert Seiwert 1902-05

•Died April 12, 1905, and Charles P. Saylor appointed to fill
unexpired term.



Name . Term

Israel H. Wentzel 1903-09

David K. Manmiller 1904-10

John Warren 1904-10

David B. Gross 1904-07

Charles P. Saylor 1905-09

Jacob S. Kelchner 1905-08

Nathan K. Dundore 1906-09

John H. Rhoads . , 1907-10

Henry G. Hoyer 1908-11

Edmund A. Shenk 1908-11

Name Term

Mahlon Bertolet 1849-53

Dr. Henry Tyson 1853-65

Joseph Ganser 1865-70

Daniel S. Francis 1870-73

Thomas Will 1873-76

Isaac K. Knoll 1876-79

Adam B. Brossman 1879-83

Dr. R. B. Rhoads 1882-85

Aaron M. Wenrich 1885-88 ; 1898-99

Isaac D. Lutz 1888-91

Samuel H. Mensch 1891-92

John M. Smith 1892-95

Isaac Y. Kintzer 1895-98

William W. Newrcomet* 1899-1904

Jeremiah M. DeTurk 1904-09

Jury Commissioners. — Before 1867 the jurors
for the trial of cases in the several courts of the
•county were selected from the quaHfied electors
by the county commissioners and the sheriff. On
April 10, 1867, a general Act was passed- for the
State requiring the election of two jury commis-
sioners in October following, for the term of three
years, and every third year thereafter, for the pur-,
■pose of selecting jurors from the qualified electors.
The Act provides that each elector shall vote for
■one person for this office, and the two persons hav-
ing the highest vote shall be the commissioners.
They are to select a number designated by the
court, and place the names in a jury wheel in the
presence of a Judge of the court; and they and
the sheriff are to draw panels of jurors as grand,
petit, and traverse jurors of the county as there-
tofore. The number generally designated for the
jury wheel previous to 1875 was a thousand names;
then, upon the introduction of an additional law
judge, the number was increased to twelve hun-
dred. Since 1867 the jurors for the quarterly
terms of the several courts of the county were
■selected and drawn as mentioned, by the following
commissioners, who were elected for that purpose:

Name Term

■8KsT.-liw"'"! ^««"°

Zacharias H. Maurer ) ..„„„ „„

Joseph Brelsford J lS7U-7d

Israel R. Laucks 1 1873-76

Samuel U. Hollenbach )

Michael K. Boyer ) 1877-79

Reuben Rhoads j

Henry Graul ]

Edward H. Harnerf [ 1880-82

Jacob K. Sterrett J

* Died in office June 27, 1904, and Jeremiah H. DeTurIc, the
deputy-warden, was appointed July 5th to fill the vacancy.

t Edward H. Harner removed from the county, and J. K. Sterrett
"was appointed Feb. 26, 1881, for unexpired term.

Name Term

Cosmos Swoyer ) -loaa q-

John B. Snyder | 1883-8d

William G. Welder) ^g^^^g^

Daniel Sheirer j

Frank R. Wanner ) . .

Ephraim R. Wagner J 1889-9]

Jacob A. Spangler / ..„„„ „.

David Brown \ 1892-94

Constantine Jones ) , „q_ q-

John S. Wenrich I 1895-97

Krffmai"&.^°u"t:l IB^^-l^""

Constantine Jones I .,„„., „,

Adam S. Klee j 1901-03

J. Henry Burkhard ? ' innA na

Elias W Seidel j ^^°*-°^

Isaac Barr 1907-10

William F. Renno 1907-10-

Mercantile Appraisers. — Previous to 1846,
only dealers in foreign merchandise were required
to take out a county license to enable them to make
sale thereof. But on April 23, 1846, an Act was
passed requiring all dealers in goods, wares, and
merchandise to take out a county license, and there-
by the county commissioners of each county were
empowered to appoint annually a mercantile ap-
praiser, who was directed to assess and classify
all dealers, and furnish a list of them to the county
treasurer. From 1830 till this Act was passed,
the constables of the townships, etc., of the county
furnished under oath a list of the foreign dealers
to the clerk of the Quarter Sessions, and the as-
sociate judges and county commissioners classitied
them and delivered a list to the county treasurer.
Before 1830, the foreign dealers were returned by
the constables to the clerk of the court of Quarter
Sessions; the clerk certified the returns to the
State treasurer, who forwarded a list to the county
treasurer for the collection of the license fees.

In Berks county, the constables still made their
returns for the years 1846 and 1847. The county
commissioners made the first appointment for 1848.

Name Term

Mahlon Bertolet 1848

William Karns 1849-51

Adam Leiss 1352

Solomon Klohs I853

J. H. Kelly ".1854

Isaac S. Hottenstein 1855

Ephraim Fritz 1856

Daniel S. Kutz 1857

George K. Lorah 1858

Albert C. Henry .' 1859

Henry Reider i860

Franklin S. Ludwig I86I

Henry R. Hawman 1863

Elias Filbert ■ 1863

David Lord 1864

Caspar Reif snyder 1865

William H. Kelly 1866

Andrew S. Strassburger 1867

Joseph Harvey I868

John C. Reed i869

Alfred Dreibelbis „„ 1870

Charles Hill 1371

Aaron Snyder 1372

Charles Hottenstein 1873



Kame Term

Abraham Schaeffer 1874

Henry F. Bush 1875

Jonathan L. Rhoads 1876

Michael Seltzer 1877

Benjamin Klahr 1878

Morris Guldin 1879

Edward Schmeltzer 1880

William A. Young 1881

Levi J. Fisher 1882

George M. Fryermuth 1883

Peter Spang, ']r 1884

John Slangier 1885

J. M. S. Stertzler 1886

Edwin Umbenhauer 1887

James P. Kershner 1888

Daniel P. Rothermel 1889

Cyrus E. Bollinger 1890

John S. Dunkle 1891

Elias R. Kemmerer 1892

I Harry D. Wagner 1893

William D. Reeser 1894

Frederick Roland 1895

Peter H. Knabb 1896

J. Howard Eshelman 1897

John E. Stangier 1898

Jacob H. Sassaman 1899

Frederick Stephan, Jr 1900

Nathan Rothermel 1901

James Schlaesman 1902

John Z. Rieser 1903

Jacob Bordner , 1904

Abraham B. Johnson 1905

William Sanders 1906

George Reider 1907

Charles Brintzeghoff 1908

John G. Herbein 1909

License Coimmissioners. — In 1676, the Duke of
Yorke's laws required a license for the sale of
liquors in the province of Pennsylvania. This was
granted by two justices of the peace in the Quarter
Sessions, for the term of one year, upon the ap-
plicant furnishing "a certificate of his good be-
havior from the constable and two overseers of tlie
parish" wherein he dwelt. In 1710, the law re-
quired the application to be recommended by the
justices of the county courts to the Governor,
who issued the license. The number was unlimited.
But in 1794, the law required the judges of the
Quarter Sessions at the first session of every year
thereafter to limit and declare the number of tav-
erns and public houses to be licensed for the year
following; and the judges were to have "regard
to the particular neighborhoods and situations
the most suitable for the accommodation of
the inhabitants and travelers." The Governor
still granted the licenses upon the proper recommen-
dation ; and he continued to grant them .till the
passage of the Act of March 8, 1815, when the
judges of the Quarter Sessions issued them upon
the recommendation of the applicant by twelve rep-
utable citizens of the district in which the tavern
was to be kept.

On April 23, 1869, an Act was specially passed
for- Berks county, whereby a board of license com-
missioners was created to issue licenses. The
first board was composed of three members : the dis-
trict attorney in office c.r officio; one member ap-
pointed by the judges of the Quarter Sessions for

a.< term ending February, 1871 ; and the third by
the county commissioners for a term ending Feb-
ruary, 1873. And every two years after 1869, the
court or commissioners were authorized to appoint
a person for a term of four years. Licenses in the
county were accordingly issued annually by this
board till the law was repealed May 5, 1876.

In the year previous, on April 12, 1875, a gen-
eral law to restrain and regulate the sale of liquors
was passed by the Legislature for the State, ex-
cepting in those counties for which special provis-
ion was made. After the repeal of the Act of 1869,
the court of Quarter Sessions issued licenses pur-
suant to the Act of 1875. And this is the law
under which the licenses are still issued.

In respect to licenses a general Act was passed
March 27, 1872, "to permit the voters of this State
to vote every three years on the question of grant-
ing licenses to sell intoxicating liquors." The time
for the first general election on the question in every
city and county was fixed for the third Friday in
March, 1873, and every third year thereafter on
the day for the annual municipal elections. It wilt
be observed that the time was set in the spring of
the year, in order to obtain the expression of poli-
tical sentiment uninfluenced by the general tide of
opinion of the fall elections. One election was held,
but before the first three years had expired the
Act was repealed, on April 12, 1875.

The toard, during the seven years in which the
Act prevailed, comprised the following members:

E.V officio, being the District Attorneys
Name Term

Edward H. Shearer 1869-71

Peter D. Wanner 1871-74

Henry C. G. Reber 1874-76

Name Term

Richard Ludwig 1869-75

John H. Snyder 1869-73

William Hines 1873-76

Elias Obold ' ... .1875-76

Oil Inspectors. — The office of oil inspector was
created by the Act of May 15, 1874, "to provide
for the better security of life and property from
the dangers of coal and petroleum oils." By this
Act the standard or fire test of all burning fluids
was fixed at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The'inspec-
tor is appointed by the court of Cominon Pleas of
the county for the term of three vears ; and he is
required to furnish security in $10,000 for the
faithful discharge of his duties. The first appoint-
ment was made in August, 1877.

Charles A. Z. Griesemer was the first inspector.
He was re-appointed in 1880, and again in 1883.

Sealers of Weights and Measures. — In 1834,
a law was enacted which required the Governor
to furnish the county commissioners of each county
with standards of weights and measures, which
were to be used for the purpose of adjusting
weights and measures; and these standards were
to be examined, and, if necessary, corrected at least
once in every ten years. The standards as required



be levied, directors to be elected, etc., and to see
that the branches of a common education were
properly taught, teaching directed, established grad-
ed schools maintained, and uniformity in course of
studies preserved; a county superintendent was to
be elected for a term of three years by all the direc-
tors of the county. Since 1854 the system of edu-
cation provided by the State has been carried on
successfully in the ' county by school directors and
a county superintendent, and the superintendents
have been :

Name Term

William Good 1854-60

John S. Ermentrout 1860-69

David B. Brunner 1869-75

Samuel A. Baer 1875-81

David S. Keck 1881-90

William M. Zechman 1891-96

Eli M. Rapp 1896-1911


The county buildings comprise the Court-House,
Prison, and Poorhouse.

were furnished to the county commissioners, and
deposited in the Court-House for the purpose in-
tended! But there was no provision for an officer
whose duty it was to test all weights and measures.
In 1845, this discrepancy was supplied by an Act
passed on April 15th. It authorized the Governor
to appoint a sealer of weights and measures for
such respective counties as should apply for and
obtain copies of the standards, as provided in this
Act, for the term of three years. And it was made
the duty of the sealer "at least once in every year
to go to stores, houses, stalls, and offices of the
makers, venders, or proprietors of beams, scales,
weights, and measures within the county, and try
and adjust all beams, scales, weights, and measures,
and seal the same with the initials of his last or
surname, and the current year." Under this
law the first appointment was made on June 16,
1853. This office, hovvever, became burdensome
and offensive to the people of the county,
and accordingly they, with the people of seven
other counties of the State — Bucks, Dauphin,
Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Franklin, and
Westmoreland — who felt similarly burdened and,
offended, effected the passage of a Special Act on
March 22, 1859, whereby the office within the coun-
ties named was abolished. After the lapse of
eighteen years thereafter, it would seem that the
weights and measures of this county, as well as
other counties of the State, needed the test of the
standards. So they were brought to the notice of
the people again by the passage of a general law
on April 4, 1877. By it the Governor was author-
ized to appoint one person as sealer, in the several
counties where no such office existed, for the term
of three years. The first appointment under this
law was made April 30, 1877.

And strangely enough, as previously, the office
only survived six years, and was again abolished,
by an Act passed on March 8, 1883. The standards
are, therefore, not carried around throughout the
whole county to remind the dealers and storekeepers
that they must at least give true measure, if not
good, pressed down, and running over. The mar
ket commissioner of Reading, who visits the mar-
kets under the city ordinance, is the only tester
now with the standards. The sealers were :

Name Term

Michael S. Thirwechter 1853-54

Solomon Spohn 1855-57

George K. Boyer 1858 —

William Geiger 1877-78

Matthew Rhoda 1879-81

James D. Long 1882-83

Superintendents of Common Schools. — Num- £

erous legislative attempts were made to popularize

and thoroughly introduce public education. Fifty ^^_ ^^^^

years were spent in endeavors to educate the poor- ' ^^^LS^^^r^^

er classes of children by proposed taxation, with

comparatively little progress. Finally an Act was °^° court house

passed May 8, 1854, which rnade proceedings in this Court-Houses. — The first Court-House of the
behalf compulsory, and authorized a school tax to county was erected in 1762, at the intersection of


Penn Square and Callowhill street, now Fifth. It
was built of stone, plastered, and marked off in
imitation of cut stone, and it was surrounded by a
brick pavement about thirteen feet wide. The first

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