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Historical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania, embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families, comp. by Morton L. Montgomery .. online

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Online LibraryMorton L. (Morton Luther) MontgomeryHistorical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania, embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families, comp. by Morton L. Montgomery .. → online text (page 27 of 227)
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Name Adn:

Jeremiah Hagenman April 7,

J. Dundas Biddle May 17,

Charles Wierman May 17,

George W. Arms March 8

John K. Longnecker Nov. 6

Henry Van Reed April 5

William M. Baird April 12

Henry A. Muhlenberg July 5

Isaac High Keim July 5

Franklin B. Miller Dec. 14

Jacob S. Livingood Jan. 7

J. Glancy Jones Jan. 7

Silas E. Buzard April 8

Edward W. Scudder Aug. 4

Edward M. Clymer Aug. 4,

J. Bowman Bell Jan. 5

J. Lawrence Getz Aug. 6

William B. Schoener Aug. 15

J. De Puy Davis Jan. 5

James May Jones Jan. 5,

John Banks April 7

Samuel L. Young Aug. 10,

A. Lucius Hennershotz Nov. 11,

J. Biddle Gordon Jan. 6

James A. Banks Feb. 31,

J. Bright Smith April

William F. Filbert Aug, 9,

A. Jordan S wartz Sept. 28,

Joel B. Wanner Jan. 13

Jacob M. Sallade April 6^

John A. Banks April 6,

Hiester Clymer April

Charles B. Weaver Nov.

Jacob K. McKenty April

Henry C. Kutz April 34,

Wm. Edmund Banks April 2,5

Wm-. S. Marx Aug. 4

Albert G. Green Nov. 11

Edmund L. Smith Nov. 11

George DeB. Keim , ."^pril 8

Charles K. Robeson April 8

E. R. Zimmerman April 8

Carl O. Wagner Nov. .5

Michael P. Boyer \ug. 8

Wharton Morris Nov. 15

George J. Eckert April 28,

Frederick L. Smith Nov. 10

Amos B, Wanner Jan. 12

B. Frank Boyer March 15

Daniel R. Clymer Aug, 30

James B, Bcchtel April 14

William K. Loose April 14,

Chas. Ph. Muhlenberg Nov, 8^

Daniel Ermentrout Aug. 3

Wm. H. Livingood Jan. 19

Hiram FL Schwartz July ] 4,

Jesse G. Hawley Sept. 30,

Thomas S. Brenholtz Sept. 20,

J. George Seltzer Feb. 5

Abner K. Stauffer April 15

Edward H. Shearer .- April 15,

John Ralston Aug. 14

Frank B. Schmucker Aug. 2

William P. Bard Feb. 9

Charles Henry Jones April 14

Richmond L. Jones April 14,

Daniel E. Schroeder April 23,

Charles A. Leopold April 33,

J. Warren Tryon Nov. 14,

J. Howard Jacobs Nov. 14,

Augustus S. Sassaman Jan. 9,

Israel C. Becker Jan. 33,

Francis M. Banks May 31,

Horace A. Yundt Aug.

Charles H. Schaeffer Aug. 9

Franklin B. Laucks Aug, 13

itted Name Adm

1843 William M, Goodman Aug. 13

1842 Edwin Shaher Aug. 13,

1843 Louis Richards Jan. IG,

1843 Irenaeus Shalter Jan. 16,

1843 J. Ross Miller Aug. 7

1844 J. Dallas Schoener Aug. 7

1844 Henry May Keim Aug.

1844 Harrison Maltzberger Aug.

1844 Peter D. Wanner Nov.

1844 Llewellyn Wanner Aug. — ,

1845 William M. Rightmyer Jan. 21,

1845 George M. Ermentrout Nov. 37,

1845 James N. Ermentrout Nov. 37,

1845 Geo. F. Baer Jan. 23,

1845 Chas, F. Evans April 38,

1846 T. H. Garrigues. Aug. 10,

1848 Ben. B. Laucks Jan. 11,

1846 H. WilHs Bland April 13

1847 Henry C. G. Reber April 12,

1847 Cyrus G. Derr Aug. 13

1847 Wm. L. Guinther Nov. 14,

1847 Morton L, Montgomery Aug. 28

1847 Garrett B. Stevens Aug. 13,

1848 Horace Roland Aug. 12,

1848 Edgar M. Levan Aug. 17,

1848 Frank R. Schell Sept. 16,

1848 Edwin White Moore Sept. 30,

1848 James A. O'Reilly Jan. 13

1849 Stephen M, ^^leredith Aug. 11

1849 Dan'l H. Wingerd Sept. 39

1849 Hiram Y. Kaufman Nov. 9,

1849 John C. K. Heine April 12

1850 B. Frank Dettra April 12,

1851 B. F. Y. Shearer April 13

1851 C. H. Ruhl April 15

1851 B. F. AIcAtee April 15

1851 Jno. F. Smith Aug. 9,

1851 Jefferson Snyder Aug.

1851 John B. Dampman Nov.

1852 Flenry A. Muhlenberg Nov.

1852 Daniel B. Young Jan. 10,

1852 Adam H. Schmehl Jan. 10

1852 Edwin B. Wiegand Jan. 18

1853 Wesley D. Horning April 17

1854 Gustav A. Endlich Nov. 12,

1855 Simon P, O'Reilly Jan. 14^

1855 Wayne Hayman Jan, 14^

1857 Henry .\. Zieber April 10

1857 Isaac Hiester \^v 13

1857 J. H. Marx Aug. 13

1858 Jeremiah K. Grant Nov.

1858 Walter B. Craig ' Nov. 12

1859 D, Nicholas Schaeffer Nov. 12

1859 M. Brayton McKnight Nov'. 12

1860 Israel C. Becker Dec. 12,

1860 Daniel G. Guldin j^„ og

1860 Warren Woodward Jan' 20,

1860 Chas. P. Sherman ,Au"-. 11

1861 Frank S. Livingood Au^ 11

1861 John W. Apple .".".' .'Xug. 11

1861 Henry D. Green t^Tqv 10

1863 William C. Heacock ' " \pril 19'

1863 William O. :Miller '. . . .".'.\pril 12

1863 Chas. M. Plank .Nov 22

1863 William J. Rourke isTov ^^

1863 Albert R. Heilig .....'. Nov! 23

1863 Alonzo E. Ream .Nov! 33

1863 Geo. F. Hagenman Jan. 24

1863 Israel H, Rothermel ' ' Auo-' ^0

1863 John H. Rothermel ' " " /Vu?' ^o

1864 Daniel F. Westley "■.■,; '. ^Tqv 14

1864 Charles C. Kehr Nov" 14

1864 Henry Maltzberger !!!!'.!'.'. Nov 14

1864 George J. Gross, Jr Nov! 14

1804 Henry. 0. Schrader Nov 13

1864 I. Comley Fetter ' "nov 13



Name Admitted

James B. Baker Nov. 13, 1882

Adam B. Rieser Nov. 13, 1882

EUwood H. Deysher Nov. 13, 1882

Richard H. Koch Nov. 12, 1883

Henry P. Keiser Nov. 12, 1883

J. Edward Miller Nov. 12, 1883

Felix P. Kremp Nov. 12, 1883

Charles H. Tyson Nov. 10, 1884

William B. Bechtel Nov. 10, 1884

Frank K. Flood Nov. 10, 1884

Philip S. Zieber Nov. 10, 1884

William Kerper Stevens Nov. 10, 1884

Howard P. Wanner Nov. 9, 1885

William P. Schell March 13, 1886

Daniel F. Ancona Nov. 8, 18§6

Caleb J. Bieber Nov. 8, 1886

Edwin Sassaman March 28, 1887

David Levan Nov. 14, 1887

Morris H. Schaffer Nov. 14, 1887

Ammon S. Strunk Nov. 14, 1887

Samuel N. Potteiger Nov. 24, 1888

Abraham H. Rothermel Nov. 24, 1888

Herbert R. Green „ .Jan. 21, 188A

Ira P. Rothermel Jan. 21, 1888

George R. VanR^ed Jan. 21, 1888

Edward S. Kremp Nov. 23, 1889

David F. Mauger Nov. 23, 1889

John H. Zweizig Nov. 23, 1889

John J. Kutz Nov. 10, 1890

George W. Wagner Nov. 10, 1890

William J. Young , Nov. 10, 1890

Fitz-Daniel Ermentrout Nov. 7, 1892

Lee Friday Nov. 7, 1892

J. Fred Hartgen Nov. 6, 1893

Ralph H. Mengel Nov. 6, 1893

Silas R. Rothermel Nov. 6, 1893

Howard L. Greenawald Nov. 12, 1894

Harvey F. Heinly Nov. 12, 1894

Louis A. Sassaman Nov. 13, 1894

Walter S. Young Nov. 12, 1894

Sherman H. Hoverter Nov. 11, 1895

John H. Millholland Nov. 11, 1895

Frederick W. Nicolls Nov. 11, 1895

Robert P. Shick Nov. 11, 1895

Hiester A. Bowers Nov. 11, 1895

S. Leo Donovan Nov. 9, 1896

Wilson Ferguson Nov. 9, 1896

J. Wilmer Fisher , Nov. 9, 1896

Tames P. Long Nov. 9, 1896

William Rick Nov. 9, 1896

Ira G. Kutz , Nov. 8, 1897

Thomas K. Leidy Nov. 8, 1897

Name Admitted

William A. Hope May 21, 1898

George D. Humbert Nov. 14, 1898

George M. Jones Nov. 14, 1898

Harvey F. Kantner Nov. 14, 1898

J. Milton Miller Nov. 14, 1898

Paul H. Price ■ Nov. 14, 1898

Harry D. Schaeffer • Nov. 14, 1898

Henry Seidel Throm '. Nov. 14, 1898

Allen S. Hottenstein Dec. 13, 1898

Harry J. Dumn Jan. 3, 1899

Samuel E. Bertolet Nov. 13, 1899

Joseph R. Dickinson Nov. 13, 1899

Edwin W. Kalbach Nov. 13, 1899

Edwin S. Livingood Nov. 13, 1899

William H. Sadler Nov. 13, 1899

Edward D. Trexler Nov. 13, 1899

Charles S. Shalters Dec. 23, 1899

Garrett Stevens Dec. 23, 1899

Foster S. Biehl - Nov. 12, 1900

Charles K. Derr Nov. 12, 1900

John M. Frame Nov. 12, 1900

William E. Fisher Nov. 12, 1900

Walter B. Freed Nov. 12, 1900

Earl I. Koch Nov. 12, 1900

Oliver G. Lentz Nov. 12, 1900

Frederick A. Marx Nov. 12, 1900

Charles G. Moyer Nov. 12, 1900

Wilson S. Rothermel Nov. 12, 1900

Charles R. Wanner Jan. 7, 1901

J. Bennett Nolan Nov. 18, 1901

Oliver M. Wolff Sepft. 8, 1902

John H. Bridenbaugh Nov. 10, 1902

E. Carroll Schaeffer Nov. 10, 1902

John B. Stevens Nov. 10, 1902

Thomas laeger Snyder Nov. 10, 1902

H. Robert Mays Feb. 20, 1904

H. Franklin Brossman March 7, 1904

William A. Shomo Oct. 3, 1904

Spencer B. Roland Nov. 7, 1904

Walter G. Steininger Feb. 13, 1905

William Abbott Witman, Jr Feb. 13, 1905

J. Howard Jacobs Aug. 14, 1905

James B. Mercer Aug. 14, 1905

Randolph Stauffer Feb. 13, 1906

H. Otto Lowe May 14, 1906

Robert Gray Bushong Sept. 22, 1906

Leonard G. Yoder Sept. 22, 1906

Frank D. Arnold Oct. 9, 1906

John S. Rader Nov. 5, 1906

John K. Hahn March 11, 1907

John Arthur Keppelman Sept. 19, 1907

Wayne W. Light Feb. 10, 1908


Practitioners of medicine were located in all the
sections of the county from the earliest settlements,
but their names have not been preserved because
there was no place to register them. But they
were scattered many miles apart. On this account,
cases of ordinary sickness were generally attended
to by the parents of the family, and the adminis-
tration of home remedies was practised. The phys-
icians in active practice were of the allopathic school
altogether, those of the homoeopathic school not
having started in the county until about 1838. Mid-
wifery was in general use. Pow-wowing was prao
tised to a considerable extent until in recent years,
when it was gradually abandoned as education be-
came more thorough and regular physicians more

Resolved, That one hundred copies of the constitution
and by-laws of the Medical Faculty of Berks county be
printed in pamphlet form, under the superintendence of a
committee consisting of Drs. Otto, Baum and Bishop, and
that the proceedings of this evening, together with the
inaugural address of the president, be pubHshed in the
several papers of this borough, signed loy the president
and attested by the secretary.

On motion, 'Resolved, That the president deliver an ora-,
tion in public as soon as may be convenient, in the name
and on behalf of this faculty.

The faculty adjourned to the next stated meeting on the
first Saturday in October next, at 7 o'clock, p.m.

Charles Baum, Recording Secretary.

The members who subscribed the charter of in-
corporation were as follows :



Faculty of Berks County. — The
physicians of this county, having
and become a body politic in
law (incorporated July 14, 1824), under the
above style and title, met agreeably to public
notice, on Saturday evening, Aug. 7, 1824, at the
public building of this borough, and duly orga-
nized their institution. Dr. Isaac Hiester was
called to the chair, and Dr. Charles Baum ap-
pointed secretary. The charter and bv-laws hav-
ing been read, the following gentlemen were
elected officers for the ensuing 3'ear : Isaac Hies-
ter, president; C. L. Schlemm and John B. Otto,
vice-presidents; Charles Baum, recording sec-
retary; William J. C. Baum and Edward Hay-
dock, corresponding secretaries; George Eckert,
treasurer; Bernard M' Nicil and Gerhard G.
Bishop, curators.

The president delivered a short address to the
association, and then proceeded agreeably to the
by-l/aws to appoint a standing committee of
three members for the examination of candi-
dates for the grade of junior membiership. The
following gentlemen composed the committee :
C. L. Schlemm, John B. Otto and Charles Baum.

The following resolutions were then ofifered,
discussed and adopted :

Resolved, That the members of the Medical Faculty be
requested to furnish monthly to the corresponding secre-
taries, a list of the diseases and deaths that may occur in
their respective neighborhoods, and an account of the
general health of the county, together with such remarks
as they may deem proper for publication.

Resolved, That it is expedient to apprize the public of
the existence of small pox in this borough, and that inafl-
much as this body retains undiminished confidence in vac-
cination, this mild and safe preventative be strongly recom-
mended in all cases deemed liable to the infection of that
loathsome and too often fatal disease.

Resolved, That the students in medicine of Berks county
have permission to attend the meetings and deliberations
of this body.

William Wood
Isaac Hiester
John B. Otto
John F. Baum
Charles Baum
William Cries
Geo. N. Eckert
Jacob Rodrock

Bernard M'Neil (N. Y.)
Jonathan F. Evans
Enos Chichester
Gerk G. Bischotz
Edward Haydock
August Klein
C. L. Schlemim
William J. C. Baum

The charter was approved by Frederick Smith
(of Reading), then attorney-general of Pennsyl-
vania, on June 3, 1824 ; and by William Tilghman,
John B. Gibson and Thomas Duncan, judges of
the Supreme court, on June 4, 1824.

Dr. Hiester, upon assuming the duties of the
office to which he was unanimously chosen, deliv-
ered an admirable address to the faculty. Among
other things, he said that this organization was
the first of the kind in Pennsylvania, excepting the
College of Physicians and Medical Society of Phil-

This society continued to exist, hold regular meet-
ings and annually send representatives to the State
Medical Society for a period of twenty years. On
Feb. 23, 1850, the society was reorganized and the
name changed to the "Medical Society of the City
of Reading and the County of Berks," with the
object of cultivating the science of medicine in all
its collateral branches, to elevate and sustain medi-
cal character, to encourage a system of profes-
sional etiquette and to promote mutual improve-
ment, social intercourse and good feeling among
the members of the medical profession. No person
could become a member of this society unless he
were a graduate of some recognized medical col-
lege. In 1866, the name was changed to Berks
County Medical Society. In 1867 it "took the first
steps toward establishing a public hospital at Read-
ing, which eventually culminated in the Reading

The society was disbanded in 1870, with a mem-
ber.ship of thirty-seven. This dissolution grew out



of a factional fight over an attempt to expel one
of its prominent members. The one faction, num-
bering twenty-two physicians, immediately after
the dissolution, on the same day (Nov. 22, 1870),
assembled at the office of Dr. John B. Brooke,
No. 44 North Fourth street, Reading, and organ-
ized another society entitled "Berks County Med-
ical Association." The names of the organizers
were as follows :

J. S. Ammon
J. Brobst
Edward Brobst
J. B. Brooke
Geo. W. Byerle
Joseph Coblentz
A. B. Dundor
J. S. Hunsberger
S. L. Kurtz
De B. Kuhn
C. Kreye

J. M. Matthews
William Moore
J. M. Newpher
J. Y. Shearer
J. K. Seaman
J. B. Sterley

C. Turner

D. A. Ulrich
Edward Wallace
Charles Weber

W. Murray Weidman

After a temporary organization, a resolution was
passed to the. effect that the new society be formed
for mutual improvement in connection with the
Pennsylvania State Medical Society and the Amer-
ican Medical Association. . The constitution and by-
laws were adopted at a meeting held Jan. 3, 1871 ;
and a permanent organization was effected by elect-
ing William Moore, president; J. S. Ammon and
James M. Matthews, vice-presidents;' W. Murray
Weidman, recording secretary; J. B. Brooke, cor-
responding secretary; D. A. Ulrich, treasurer; Ed-
ward Wallace, J. A. Brobst, De B. Kuhn, censors ;
and Joseph Coblentz, curator.

The name was then changed from the Berks
County Medical Association to the Medical Society
of the County of Berks ; and it was decided that the
meetings be held bi-monthly and a business meeting
should alternate with a meeting for the discussion
of topics relating to the profession.

At the meeting of the society held in Stauffer's
Hall (the meeting place at that time and for several
years afterward) March 7, 1871, Drs. S. L. Kurtz,
D. A. Ulrich and Edward Wallace, a committee
appointed to represent this society at the annual
meeting of the State Medical Society at Philadel-
phia, reported that they had gained recognition
from that body, were admitted as members and the
board of censors had approved of the society's con-
stitution and by-laws.

The first delegate election of this society for
sending representatives to the American Medical
Association was held on March 7, 1871, and Drs.
Kuhn, Wily and Moore were selected for that pur-

The Rocietv made its first annual visit to the
Poor-House in March, 1871.

In 1872, the subject of vaccination received the
official indorsement of the society.

In 1875, the place of meeting of the society was
changed to the office of Dr. J. B. Brooke.

In 1878, it favored the passage of a law by the
State Legislature concerning "privileged communi-
cations," so as to place physicians on an equality

with other professions as witnesses in a court ot
justice; and in that same year, the delegates to the
State Society were instructed to favor a resolution,
in connection with other county societies, that no
member should admit into his office a student of
medicine until he presented a certificate showing
his educational qualifications; which the State So-
ciety adopted. Shortly afterward, they encouraged
the movement relating to the registration of all
practising physicians, which culminated in the pas-
sage of the Act of June 8, 1881, which required
every practitioner to register his name and qualifi-
cations in the prothonotary's office.

In 1880, the society first started lectures on special
topics, and on Sept. 7th, Dr. E. H. Coover, of Har-
risburg, delivered a lecture on "spinal curvature."

In 1881, the meeting place of the society was
changed to the Reading Library, where it remained
for several years, and then it was removed to the
council chanibers temporarily. The stibject of per-
manent quarters was then discussed and a commit-
tee (consisting of Drs. Cleaver, Bachman and
Keiser) was appointed to make the necessary in-
quiries, not only for a meeting place but also for a
"Medical Library," which had been earnestly advo-
cated. In the course of their inquiries. Dr. John
B. Raser, druggist, voluntarily offered a room in
his store building at Sixth and Walnut streets, sec-
ond story front, free of rent for an indefinite time,
and this offer the society gratefully accepted. The
quarters were then established in the Raser building
and the meetings have been held there regularly
ever since. Xhe membership in 1909 was 100.

Immediately after its removal to this convenient
place, Dr. W. Murray Weidman took a special in-
terest in the establishment of a Medical Library
and collected a large number of medical works as
the foundation for its development, and this inter-
est he continued with great earnestness until his
decease in 1903, all the members of the society
recognizing his services in that behalf. The library
embraced a fine collection oi the best medical works
and in 1909 numbered altogether about 1,375

In 1883, the by-laws were amended, relating to
the requirements of students and condemning the
practice of copyrighting common pharmaceutical
preparations under trade-marks; and in 1883, the
society passed a resolution encouraging the estab-
lishment of a suitable building at Washington for
a National Medical Library and Surgical Museum.

In 1884, the State delegates of the society were
instructed to favor the creation of a State Board
of Health ; which came to be established in 1885.

In June, 1891, the Medical Society of the State
held its forty-second annual convention at Reading.
The proceedings were interesting and among the
papers read there was one by Dr. Israel Cleaver,
entitled the "History of the Medical Profession in
Berks County." In that paper Dr. Cleaver stated
that the State Society had been organized at Lan-
caster in 1848, and its first annual convention had



been held at Reading in 1849. Then the local so-
ciety had a membership of twenty-six.

Two of the presidents of the State Society had
been selected from the Berks County Society: Dr.
John P. Hiester, in 1853 ; and Dr. Edward Wallace,
in 1862.

Since the organization of the Society in 1870, the
members have held annual banquets in January and
outings in August, which have been distinguished
for their literary excellence and true sociability.

The membership in 1909 numbered 87.

Reading Medpcal Association was organized
May 27, 1850, with the following physicians as its
first officers :

President, William M. Gries ; vice-president, John
P. Hiester; recording secretary, Edward Wallace;
corresponding secretary, L. L. Stewart ; treasurer,
Charles H. Hunter.

The meetings were not held regularly until 1867 ;
then, on July 30th, a third re-organization having
been effected, a new constitution and by-laws were
adopted. Its meetings have been held ever since
at the same places as the county society. The mem-
bers are practising allopathic physicians of Reading
and the surrounding towns. Membership in 1909
was 65.

The Pathological Society was organized May
10, 1871, with the following physicians as its first
officers :

President, D. L. Beaver; vice-presidents, Martin
Luther, B. F Bunn ; secretary and treasurer, M.
Albert Rhoads.

The members constituted the other faction of
physicians upon the disbanding of the "Berks
County Medical Society," and they kept up its meet-
ings for nearly twent)^ years. During this time,
the bitter feeling, shown in such a marked manner
in 1870, had entirely subsided and the surviving
members had gradually identified themselves with
the "Medical Society of Berks County."

Allop.vthic Practitioners. — The names of the
allopathic physicians of the county, with college
and year of graduation, are presented herewith in
alphabetical order; and they have been classified as
at Reading, in the boroughs, and in the several
sections of the county. [D indicates decease ; R,
removed out of county.]


Jacob S. Ammon, D U. of Pa., 1868

George W. Ammon, D Jefferson, 1888

Jacob D. Albright Phila. Med.-Chi., 1893

Solomon G. Birch, D Jefferson, lS2o

Joseph Brackbill U. of Pa., 1869

George B. M. Bower Maryland Univ.. 1887

Henry G. Baer Jefferson, 1888

John L. Bower Jefferson, 1888

Samuel R. Bricker Jefferson, 1889

Francis H. Brobst Jefferson, 1888

Daniel R, Brobst Jefferson, 189,5

John M. Bertolet Jefferson, 1896

Hiester Bucher XJ. of Pa., 1897

Josiah T. Bunting, R U. of Pa., 1894

Thomas C. Buchanan U. of Pa.. 1900

Samuel G. Burkholder N. W. Univ., 1900

John B. Brooke, D Jefferson, 1858

D. Llewellvn Beaver, D Pa. College, 1841

Daniel B. D. Beaver U, of Pa., 1871

Charles W. Bachman Jefiferson, 1881

Darius Z. Bowman, D Baltimore, 1880

Jeremiah K. Bowers Phila. Amer. Univ., 1373

John N. Becker Jefferson, 1882

Frank W. Bucks Jefferson, 1886

William S. Bertolet U. of Pa., 1900

Henrv P. Brunner U. of Pa., 1908

Joseph Coblentz, D U. of Pa., 1849

Israel Cleaver U. of Pa., 1863

Alfred J. Cressman, D U, of Pa., 1879

Emma O. Cleaver Pa. Woman's, 1895

Ferdinando Colletti Italy, 1896

R. M. Culler Jefferson, 1901

George Ray Curry Bait. Med. College, 1906

Charles A. Deininger, D U. of P., 1855

William N. Davis, D Jefferson, 1860

Adam B. Dundor Jefferson, 1862

W. N. Davis, D Jefferson, 1860

Aaron C. Detweiler, D Jefferson, 1864

Washington C. Detweiler, D Jefferson, 1877

Thomas A. Dunkel, D Jefferson, 1865

William B. Dewees, D U. of P., 1877

Joseph C. Davis Jefferson. 1875

C. A. F. Detweiler Phila. Med.-Chi., 1888

Charles J. Dietrich U. of Pa., 1903

George E. Dietrich Med.-Chi., 1906

Samuel C. Ermentrout U. of Pa., 1866

Jacob R. Esterly, R Jefferson, 1891

Albert F. East Jefferson, 1893

John V. Epler, D Pa. College

Oliver H. Fisher U. of Pa., 1873

James A. Fisher, D Pa. College, 1853

Elias H. Frantz, D Jefferson, 1873

F. W. Frankhauser Jefferson, 1880

Oscar Edwin Fox U. of Pa.. 1906

John F. Feick Jefferson, 1872

John R. Faust Baltimore, 1886

E. H. Fenstermaker Baltimore. 1898

William E. Fisher U. of Pa., 1899

Lloyd H. Feick Baltimore, 1903

George S. Goodhart, D Pa. College. 1849

Frank H. Good, D U. of Pa., 1878

John B. Griesemer, D Jefferson, 1856

Charles H. Gerhard U. of Pa., 190S

W. H. Goodenough. D 1866

Frederick Grander, R Jefferson, 1885

David S. Grim Michigan Univ.. 1900

James R. Gerhard U. of Pa., 1901

Malcolm Z. Gearhart Jefferson. 1906

Franklin J. Gable Jefferson, 1907

Wellington D. Griesemer Jefferson, 1908

Charles H. Hunter. D U. of Pa.. 1841

Frank M. Hiester. D U. of Pa., 1852

Samuel B. Heckman. D Jefferson! 1868

J. S. Hinnershotz, D jj. of Pa., 1881

Robert P. Huyett Tefferson! 1879

Online LibraryMorton L. (Morton Luther) MontgomeryHistorical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania, embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families, comp. by Morton L. Montgomery .. → online text (page 27 of 227)