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Trolley Line. — The Oley Valley railway was Churches. — The first church was erected here-
constructed from Reading to Boyertown, by way in 1790 by the Mennonites on land donated by
of Friedensburg, Pleasantville and Shanesville, Henry Stauffer. In 1819 a brick building was
and opened for travel by means of electric pro- erected in its stead. In 1847 a dissension ■ arose
pulsion in 1902. The subject of this railway line in the congregation on account of dress and some
had been agitated unsuccessfully for many years, of the fundamental doctrines of this denomina-
The eastern terminus was fixed at a point in the tion, which resulted in the formation of two con-
southerly end of the borough on account of cer- gregations, called the old church and the new.
tain conditions exacted by the council for reach- The two congregations, however, occupied the
ing the center of the borough which the company same church on alternate Sundays unltil 1'87'?',
could not accept, but in 1906 an agreement was when the old body determined to tear down the


church and erect a larger building in its stead, the leader for several years, until 1906, when he

The new body tried to restrain them by proceed- was succeeded by John Heydt.
ing at law, but failed, and then they also erected Physicians. — iThe active and prominent phy-

a building which was dedicated in 1884. The sicians at Boyertown since 1840 have been Dr.

two bodies still maintain separate organizations Henry W. Johnston, Dr. William Keely, Dr. Eras-

with a small membership. tus R. Scholl, Dr. Thomas J. B. Rhoads, Dr.

Members of the Lutheran and Reformed denom- John Todd, and Dr. John S. Bornemann.
inations united in erecting a "Union Church" in Local Author. — Dr. Thomas J. B. Rhoads,
1811 on land donated by Henry StaufEer, adjoin- notwithstanding a very active medical practice cov^
ing the Mennonites. It was occupied by them ering the surrounding country for many miles,
jointly until 1873, when the Reformed became and an enterprising disposition in forwarding the
the sole owner and they proceeded to erect a new industrial and financial affairs of Boyertown, _ for
building in 1874, which was dedicated in 1876, forty years, devoted some of his time to reminis-
the total cost reaching $35,000. The Lutherans cence and authorship, which resulted in the pub-
had determined in 1870 to erect a new building, lication of two very interesting octavo volumes.
They started in 1871 and the church was formal- entitled "Onkel Jeff's Reminiscences of Youth and
ly dedicated in 1873, the cost being also $35,- Other Poems," the first having been issued in
000. 1904, and the second in 1906. They display keen

Adherents of the Methodist Episcopal denom- observation, much humor and pleasing original-

ination organized a congregation at Boyertown ity.
and erected a church in 1876. Opera House Fire.— An exhibition v(^as being

The United Evangelical Association erected a held in the Rhoads Opera House of Boyertown

small one-story brick church in 1895 in the east- for the benefit of the Sunday-school attached to

em section of the town, and the congregation St. John's Lutheran Church, on Monday evening,

has maintained its organization until now. Jan. 13, 1908, and the performance, relating to

Schools. — Education was encouraged by the "The Scottish Reformation," was being produced

people from the beginning of the town. The under the direction of Mrs. H. E. Monroe, of

township accepted the free school system in 1838. Washington, D. C. The auditorium on the second

A township school was in the borough when es- story was crowded with an interested audience,

tablished in 1866, which was enlarged in 1876, A large calcium light was being used for the pur-

and in 1887 a second building was erected, on the pose of showing the tableaux effectively and sud-

rear of the lot, which ■w^as used for high school denly a cap on one of the tanks exploded which

purposes. These two buildings were used until startled the audience. Immediately there were

the new and commodious two-story brick build- shooting flames and instantaneous shrieks and

ing was erected by the borough in 1898, whqn cries, when a sudden movement of the audience

all the schools excepting the high school, were was made for the front door. The calamity that

transferred to this building. The property is still followed is indescribable, for 171 persons lost their

owned by the borough, the front building being lives by the fire, 123 from Boyertown, 48 from

rented. The schools were graded in 1878. In other places.

1906, there were ten schools, with 428 scholars. Victims of Fire. — The following Hsts show the

By a special election in February, 1909, it was names and residences of the victims,
decided to erect a new school building in Ithe Boyertown^i^s . Edwin C. Emrick

western section of the borough to accommodate Emma Engle

the children in that vicinity. James Anderson Esther Erb*

Several select schools were carried on here in ^"■. J^^^^ Anderson Lulu Fegley

tJ'T/t '"""f p/"^ manner for about forty years. Morr!s° M. AnderTon* MrTHfr°ry Foreman

The Mount Pleasant Seminary was founded by Mrs. Morris M. Anderson Sophia Foreman

John Stauffer in 1842. Jacob Whitman vvas the Norman Anderson Nellie Foreman

first principal. The Hankeys were prominent ed- Annie Bauman Irene Foreman

ucators here for thirty years. The building af- Walter Bauman Mrs. L. K. Francis

forded accommodations for fifty resident schol- ^^nrBaumTn" ShTs' frftz*"

ars. Day scholars were also in attendance. It Mrs. John Becker Ida Fritz*

was a popular institution for both sexes, and had Alma Becker Abraham Gabel

a wide and excellent Teputation. Mary Becker Daniel Gabel

When Prof. Isaac B. Hankey severed his con- Mrs\r'annl Bort m"' r^"'^' ^^^^^

nection, in 1866 he opened ariother and similar ^d'na B^oye""^ °' ' Herbert" Gottshall

academy which he named "Kallynean, and car- j. Keely Boyer'^ Mrs. Herbert Gottshall

ried it on for nearly twenty years. Clara Brendlinger Ellen Gottshall

Keystone Cornet Band was organized in 1875 ?^''?- ^f '^ Christman Mabel Graeff

J , , , ^ i-1 ^1. i i- ^1. Irvin Clemmer John Gravert

and has been kept up until the present time, the Mrs. Esther CuUen* Lottie Graver!

performers numbering twenty and upward. Rosie Diamond Lillie Grim

Charles O. Megerly was a recent instructor and Florence Eddinger Ruth Guard




Mrs. Amos Hartman

Carrie Hartman

Vernia Hartman

Charles Hartman

Charles Hess

Mrs. Wallace Hoffman

Lottie Hoffman*

John Hoffman

Russell Houck

Ephraim Johnson*

Mrs. Ephraim Johnson

Jacob Johnson J

Mrs. Charles Kline, Jr.t

Mabel Kochel

Blanche Kochel

Stella Kolb

Mrs. William Krause

Stella Krause

Daniel Krause

Robert LaPish*

Marie LaPish*

Maggie Lefever

Hiram Leidy*

Laura Leidy

Horace Leidy

Mrs. Horace Leidy

Franklin Leidy

Howard Leidy

Mrs. Harry Leinbach

Mrs. Isaac Lichtel-*

Newton Lichtel*

Mary Ludwig

Charles W. H. Maurer

Charles E. Mayer

Guendolyn Mayer

Mrs. George Moore

Mrs. Harry Moyer

George Moyer

Charles Nuss

Mrs. Charles Nuss

Harold Nuss

Aaron Ochsenford

Mrs. Aaron Ochsenford

George Parsons

Mrs. George Parsons

Stella Peters

Laura Rhoads

Edith Rhoads

Annie Ritter

Mrs. George Romig

Mrs. Addison Schmoyer

William S. SchoUenberger

Mrs. W. Shollenberger

Mrs. F. Shollenberger

Mrs. George Schoenly*

Mrs. Henry Shaner

Charles Shaner

Paul Shaner

Ira Shober

Mrs. Ira Shober

Mrs. George J. Smith

Edwin B. Stauffer

Emma Stauffer

Lulu Stauffer

Mrs. Isabella Tabor

Mrs. Amos Thompson

Mrs. R. Turner, Jr.

J. Warren Van Reed

Venia Weand '

Martha Weber

Mrs. Henry Wien*

Carrie Wien

Florence Wien
Elizabeth Yoder
Carrie Verger

Mrs. Rebecca Francis

Dr. Frank F. Brunner
Carrie Leaver*

Mrs. Henry Johnson

Mrs. Reuben Hoffman*
Alice Hoffman*
Austin Mensch
Sallie Romig
Robert Taggert*
Mrs. Robert Taggert*
Rose Taggert*
Lizzie Ziegler

Hill Church
Jacob Weller
Mrs. Jacob Weller
Ida Weller

Landis Store
Nora Herbst

Edwin Fry

M orysvillc
Mary Fisher
Matilda Grabert
Sallie Hartman
Bertha Reinhart
Mamie Toms
Mrs. William TomsJ
Nezv Berlinville
Mrs. Martin Bauman
Mrs. Oswin Bauman*
Carrie Bauman*
Mrs. Hiram Clouser*
Annie Derr

Mrs. Willoughby Engel
Hannah Haring
Mrs. C. Ephraim Johnson
Mrs. Herbert Johnson
Alice Moyer
Edna Moyer
Florence Moyer
Frances Moyer
Stella Moyer

New Hanover
Catharine Knipe
Lizzie Knipe
Emily Knipe
Jeremiah Rhoads

Mrs. John Glase
Clarence Miller

Stella Heinbach
Mamie Jones

Willoughby Bucher

Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Delia E. Mayers

W orman
Wayne Romig

* Unidentified.

t Run over by a fire engine tl"ie evening of the fire and died from
injuries received.

t Died after tiie fire.

Coroner's Inquest. — 'The coroner of the county,
Dr. Robert E. Strasser, impaneled the following-
jury of inquest: William H. Fox, Levi S. Delleck-
er, Edwin K. Shultz, Irvin T. Ehst, Daniel K.
Hoch, and William Y. Levan (the first four from
Boyertown, and the last two from Reading), to
inquire into the cause of the deaths of the victims
of the fire. The jury held six sittings, viewed the
remains of 170 victims (which were not named),
examined 48 witnesses, and on Jan. 30, 1908,
agreed to the following report, which was filed
in the office of the clerk of the court of Quarter
Sessions on March 10th :

"That they (the 170 persons) came to their death on
Jan. 13, 1908, at about 9 :30 p. m., during a rendition
[performance] under the auspices of St. John's Lutheran
Church, Boyertown, in which a stereopticon picture-ma-
chine was used in Rhoads's Opera House, by stupefaction,
suffocation, and fire.

"We find the primary cause thereof to have been the
employment, by Mrs. Harriet E. Monroe, of an inex-
perienced and incompetent operator of the calcium light
in the person of Henry Fisher, and the laxity of the
Department Factory Inspector of this District, and the
Department of Factory Inspector of the State of Pennsyl-
vania, in the failure to enforce proper and adequate fire
escapes and fire appliances, as well as its failure to en-
force existing laws insuring public safety.

"We request the prosecuting attorney of Berks county
to arrest, and, if possible, convict Mrs. Harriet E. Mon-
roe, and Harry McBechtel, the Deputy Factory Inspector
of this District, on the charge of criminal negligence.

"We recommend the enactment of laws as follows :

"1 — Creating Departments of Public Safety and Build-
ings whose province shall be to provide for means and
appliances to insure public safety in the Boroughs of this

"S — Requiring that all operators of lights used in stere-
opticon and moving picture machines be obliged to under-
go an examination, and if found competent certificates
be issued to them by the Department of Factory Inspector."

Relief Committee. — The next day after the fire,
the citizens held a meeting at Boyertown, and the
following Relief Committee was appointed to look
after the suffering families and- provide the neces-
sary relief:

Irwin T. Ehst, Chairman Samuel I. Henry

O. A. H. Jacobs, Secretary James S. Fryer

Wm. D. Schealer, Treas. Ephraim S. Gehris

Milton R. Strunk Daniel Fritz

Daniel B. Bower Benjamin F. Nice

The total relief forwarded to the Relief Commit-
tee was as follows :

From Reading $6,375 From Philadelphia .. 2.708

From Kutztown 333 From Allentown ... 370

From Fleetwood 230 From Ashland 100

From Hamburg 200

From Pottstown ... 2,868 Total $13,184

From Eisenlohr Brothers $1,000

From Burial Casket Company 'eoo

From sundry persons, including Boyertown 7,391 $8,891

Total relief forwarded $22,075

Part of this money was expended for the burial
of the victims and the payment of various expenses ;
and certificates were issued by the National Bank
of Boyertown (which was the depositary) in trust
for the following orphans :



Wayne Bauer '. $300

Leonard Bowman 300

Paul Bowman 200

Emma Bucher 275

Irene Bucher 175

Edna Bucher 150

George Bucher 100

Mary Bucher 100

Helen May Bucher 300

Esther Cullen 3O0

George Cullen 175

John Cullen 100

Francis Cullen 100

Florence Cullen 100

Annie Foreman 100

Frederick Foreman ... 125

Florence Foreman 100

John Graver 275

William Graver 250

Rebecca Hoflfman 175

Ernest Johnson 150

Mary Johnson 100

Ella Krause 100

William Leidy 100

Paul Leinbach 200

Florence Leinbach .... 175

Royden Mayer 250

Leon Mayer 100

Henrietta Moore 125

Ruth Moyer 250

Paul Moyer 200

Leonard Moyer 150

Grace Moyer 125

Gladys Moyer 100

Edna Moyer 100

Mabel Nester 125

Ethel Peters 300

Norman Schoenly 125

Lawrence Schoenly . . . 100

Russell Tabor 250

Lloyd Tabor 250

Beulah Tabor 200

Mabel Tabor 200

Anna Thompson 250

Alfred Thompson .... 125

Helen Wien 100

Stuart Wien 100

Total $7,950

Public Sympathy.-^Fuhlic sympathy was express-
ed by people everywhere in a truly Christian man-
ner, and thousands of persons from the surround-
ihg districts and places for many miles went to Boy-
ertown in appreciation of the awful visitation. The
display of mourning on all the streets, the funerals
day after day for a week, and the solemnity of the
whole town, were most affecting ; but the order, dig-
nity and composure of the people under these extra-
ordinary circumstances displayed in a remarkable
degree the Christian character of the community.

Indian Conflict. — In 1728, the' early settlers of
this section of the county had a conflict with the
Indians and therefore a petition was subscribed by
a number of the inhabitants who presented it to the
Governor, having referred particularly to their suf-
ferings and prayed for relief. The Governor visited
the place and reported to the Executive Council that
the Indians had been there for a number of days,
and were well armed under the command of a cap-
tain. Some shots were fired, several were wounded
and then the Indians left.


The borough of Fleetwood is situated along the
East Penn railroad, in Richmond township, twelve
miles northeast from Reading. The settlement was
first known as Coxtown, having been so called from
a time anterior to, 1800 until the establishment of
the railroad in 1859, when the increasing settle-
ment took the name of Fleetwood, after a promi-
nent English capitalist who encouraged the con-
struction of the railroad. The first considerable
town plan was laid out and acknowledged by
Thomas Mellon on May 11, 1868, the lots lying
wholly to the east of the railroad.

The growth of the town was very slow, the total
number of buildings erected there until the con-
struction of the railroad not having been thirty;
then there was a perceptible increase on account of
the concentration of trade at that point, farmers

coming for many miles from the southeast and the
northwest for the shipment of their freight and the
purchase of their coal and lumber, and this increase
has been kept up by the enterprising spirit of the
place until the present time. During tha past ten
years there was a marked improvement in the erec-
tion Of dwelling-houses, which included a number of
costly and attractive houses.

Incorporation and First Taxables. — The town
was incorporated into a borough on Oct. 4, 1873.
The names of the first taxables were as follows :

William Adam
John Angstadt
Gideon Bridegam
Franklin Barto
William Bernhart
Leinbach Bernhart
Augustus Bierman
Levi Boyer
Bushong & Co. Manf .
Becker & Keller
George Cox & Co.
Adam Delp
Jairus Deisher
George Dewees
Samuel Dumn
Jacob Dengler
Moses Folk
Daniel Focht
Peter Gehris
Solomon Hoch
Conrad Hill
Benjamin Hilbert
George Heydt
William Kline
Isaac Koch
Jacob Kelchner
Samuel Kelchner
EliaS Kline
George Knoll
George Kline
Jonathan Kutz
Joel Kelchner
Kline, Wanner & Co.
Amandus Kerns
Thomas Kreidler
Daniel Koch
Koch Mill
Samuel Kieffer
George Keller
Israel Kline Est.
Charles Leise
Christian Laudenslager
Dr. L. R. Lentz
Lentz & Maurer
John W. Leise
Abby Leaman
Thomas Leinbach
Mary Messersmith
Messersmith & Shafer
Charles A. Messersmith
John Maurer
John Madeira
Amos Melot
Daniel Melot
Levi Madeira
Madeira Shop
William Madeira
Melot & Hilbert
Melot, Kline & Co.

Daniel Barnet

Nicodemus Noll
Maria Peter
Reuben Rauenzahn
Betty Rothermel
Elizabeth Reifsnyder
Peter Rothermel
Samuel Rothermel
Cyrus Reifsnyder
Joshua Reber
William Reifsnyder
Reifsnyder & Snyder
Widow Resler
Isaac Reiser
Amos Rider
Jacob Rothermel
Edwin Shollenberger
William Scholl
Leonard Sweitzer
George Scholl
Solomon Schlegel
Henry Schaefler
H. W. Schaeflfer
William S. Schaefler
James Schaeflfer
John Swartz
Daniel Schaeflfer, Sr.
Widow Schlegel
George B. Schaefler
Samuel Schaeflfer
Joseph Slegel
Lewis Schaeflfer
George D. Schaeflfer
Moses Sayer
George Sanders
Henry Sanders
Shaeflfer, Merkel & Co.
Cyrus Staudt
Widow Schugar

D. K. Snyder
Samuel - Schlegel
Widow Strohm
Henry Schlegel
William Schlegpl
John SchoUenberger
William Schaeflfer
Levi Templin
Templin Shop
Melot Templin
Jolin Weiandt
Lucy Weston '
Jonas Weaver
Weaver Shop
Peter Wentzel
Kelchner Wanner
Widow Wanner

E. C. Weston
Lewis Wanner
Joel Wartzenluft
John Yoder


P. T. Brumbach



George Krick
Peter Koch
Kline & Bros.
Jacob Lutz
Peter Leise
John Merkel
E. M. Mill
Jonathan Mertz
Lucian Miller
'Jacob Noll
Ephraim Peter
John Rothermel
James Readinger
Amos Rothermel
William Reiff
Jacob Reaser
Jacob Rightenour
Henrv Reifsnyder
John Shadier
P. P. Schaeffer
Joshua Schlegel
James Templin
Monroe Weaver
Davis Weidner
Peter Yoder
E. D. G. Yorgey
Jacob Zern

Single Men

Wilson Leiby
Amos Madeira
Peter Mertz
William Melot
Samuel Madeira
Daniel K. Rothermel
Peter Rothermel
Jacob Schlegel
Henry Schlegel
Daniel Schaefifer
Edwin Strohm
Zacharias Schugar
Levi Wartzenluft
Henry Wartzenluft
Peter Wanner

John Boyer
Benneville Buskirk
Martin Boyer
William D. Becker
Jacob Becker
Benneville' Brown
Solomon Billman
Levi Dumn
Benneville Dewees
Davis Dieffenderfer
William Ehring
Clinton Ely
Samuel Fisher
William Folk
Henry Gehris
Jacob Gift
Samuel Gruber
Hiram Gamier
Daniel Heydt
Abraham Heck
Nathaniel Heck
Isaac Heydt
Mandon Hawk
John Kline
Adam Kline
Alfred Kamp
Jacob Koch
Jacob Kline

Aber Adam
John Boyle
Joel Bushey
William Becker
William R. Becker
Daniel Coller
Levan Chauncey
James Dumn
Gideon Deisher
Daniel Krainer
Obediah Keller
Jacob Keim
Isaac Kline
John B. Keller
Daniel Kelchner
Cosmus Leise

In 1906 the taxables numbered 251 ; the taxable
property was assessed at $452,980 ; money at in-
terest was $198,734; and the boroug-h then included
the f ollowinsf :

Physicians 2

Churches 4

School Buildings 2

Restaurants 3

Industries 12

General Stores 4

Hardware Store 1

Drug Store 1

Coal and Lumber Yards. 2

List OiF Officials. — The names of the chief
burgesses, town clerks and justices of the peace
from the beginning of the borough to the present
time, and the time when the incumbents filled their
respective positions, are as follows :

Levi Templin 1874

John E. Maurer 1875-76

Lewis Schaeffer 1877

William H. Madeira 1878

William S. JNIerkel 1879-80

Cosmus Schwoyer 1881

A. C. Kemp 1882

E. :M. Shollenberger 1883

John Herbein 1884

J. P. Hoch 1 88:)-86

Isaac R. Merkel 1887-88

George D. Schaeffer 1889 ; 1903-06

John E. Maurer 1890

Isaac Mertz 1891-93

John B. Bertolette 1894-1900

Nathan Henry Gehris 1900-08

Cyranus F. Boyer 1906-09

Charles F. Hill 1909-12


Samuel Dumn 1873-76

George D. Schaeffer 1873-79 ; 1904-05

James F. Dumn 1876-99

William Bernhart 1879-87

Dr. A. N. Fretz 1887-1912

John H. Reifsnyder 1899-1900

Harry D. Schaeffer 1900-04

David K. Kline 1905-10


Chief Burgess, Charles F. Hill
Town Council, Ambrose Hoffman, President
M. H. Brensinger, Treasurer
Titus H. Schaeffer
Uriah Eisenhart
John W. Lease
William R. Down
Calvin H. Adams, Secretary
School Board, D. M. Herbine, President
O. M. Roller, Secretary
E. D. Dengler, Treasurer
Simon B. Stoudt
John Brown
N. S. Schaeffer
Justices of the Peace, Dr. A. N. Fretz
F. W. Balthaser
Constable, George Herring
Auditors, George Schlegel
Howard Herbine
Assessor, Elias Dries
Collector, Elias Dries

Post-Office. — The post-office was established in
] 852, and was named after the place, Coxtown ;
which name was continued until Fleetwood was in-

Industries. — The first important industry at
Fleetwood was the large foundry erected by the
Schaefifer BTOthers (Lewis, George D., Daniel, and
Jonathan) in 18G4 for the manufacture of farm-
ing implements and mining machinery, and they
carried on the plant successfully until ISTS. The
firm name was then changed to Schaeffer, ]\Ierkel
& Co., and they carried on the business for thirty
years, employing from 125 to 150 hands. In 1903
the buildings were destroyed by fire.

The industrial establishments now at Fleetwood
are the following, the number of hands employed in-
dicating the large extent of the business :

Rcadins; Metal Body JJ'orks, 175 hands.

York Silk Mill, lOO'to 150 hands.

Hosiery Alills : D. F. Kelchner, 75 hands ; Wan-
ner & Madeira, GO hands; Kutz Hosiery ]\Iill, 35

Charles F. Hill Granite JVorks, 50 hands.

Seaman & Merkel Implements Works, 12 hands.

Eagle Roller Mills (carried on by Webster D. and
Llewellyn D. Schaefler, trading as Schaeffer, Wan-
ner & Co., whose business includes a large coal
and lumber yard) ; 8 hands.

Jacob C. Goitshall Bakery. 3 hands.



D. F. Kelchner Creamery.

William Down Tool Works, 3 hands.

Wesley Kern Pick Works, 2 hands.

Schlegel, Adam & Co., coal and lumber, 4 hands.

Fleetwood Metal Body Company.

National Bank. — The First National Bank of
Fleetwood was chairtered on June 30, 1907, with a
capital of $25,000 and the business was started Dec.
7, 1907. In November, 1908, the resources of the
bank were $143,675; and the loans and discounts,
$67,924; individual deposits, $56,429; and the sav-
ings deposits, $34,050. The president from the be-
ginning has been Daniel F. Kelchner (a prominent
manufacturer at Fleetwood) ; and the cashier, War-
ren G. Hartman.

Public Improvements

Water Works. — In 1889 water works were estab-
lished, for supplying the inhabitants of the borough
with water, by George B. Schaeffer, Dr. Levi R.
Lentz and Peter D. Wanner, who organized and in-
corporated a company for that purpose with a capital
of $25,000. The reservoir was located a mile east
of the town in an elevated position, with a capacity
of 300,000 gallons, and since then the town has been
supplied with an abundance of pure spring water.
Steps have been instituted by the borough authorities
for the purchase of the works.

Trolley Line. — The trolley line was extended
from Temple to Kutztown, passing through Fleet-
wood, in 1904.

Churches. — There are four churches at Fleet-
wood :

St. Paul's Union Church (Lutheran and Reform-
ed) is situated 'a short distance west of the borough
on the road to Blandon. It is a two-story stone
building, plastered, which was erected in 1841. Ser-
vices have been held regularly in it until the present
time. It has a large membership.

The Evangelical Association erected a two-story
brick church on Franklin street in 1866 and worship-
ed there until 1890, when they sold it and erected
another on Washington street. In this the members
continued until the separation occurred in 1894,
when the United Evangelical Association became the
owner, and the latter organization has since main-
tained a congregation in it.

The United Mennonite Church was erected in
1868 by a small number of zealous Christians of
that faith and they have shown much devotion un-
til the present time.

A fourth church was erected in the borough by
a number of members of the St. Paul's, Union
Church, for the purpose of carrying on worship as
an organized Christian body not connected with
any synod. The movement was started in 1883 and
culminated in the erection of a fine brick building
on Franklin street, which was formally dedicated
in 1884. The premises cost upward of $7,000. It

Online LibraryMorton L. (Morton Luther) MontgomeryHistorical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania, embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families, comp. by Morton L. Montgomery .. → online text (page 62 of 227)