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" The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be ; and that which is done
is that which shall be done : and there is no new thing under the sun."



OF ^'••-

^ihdS^^^' CHICAGO:


Cor. West 40th St. and Chicago Terrace,


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the vear 1869, by


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetta.


This book was hurriedly written twenty-three
years ago, when I was but a boy, comparatively
speaking. Many passages in it are much harsher
than I would write now. For this there are two
reasons; the first is I was younger, and, according
to Solomon's wise saying, more full of war than I
am now. While ''young men" are ''for war,"
''old men" are "for counsel." The second reason
is the church has largely changed its front in the
last quarter of a century. Its opposition to Spirit-
ualism is not so vehement and malignant as it was
at that time; hence, if this book had been written
in 1 89 1, instead of 1868, many things in it would be
somewhat modified and more adaptedjo the ad-
vanced ground taken by progressive Spiritualists

I have tried to find the time to re-write these
pages, but, as yet, have not been able to do so.

In my several trips across the continent I have
met hundreds of intelligent Spiritualists who have
assured me that "Question Settled" has done more


than anything else in the world to take their feet
out of the mire and place them on the spiritual rock;
also I have had hundreds of importunities to publish
"just one more edition." So I have finally decided
to let this edition go to press without any revision.

Its companion volume, ''The Contrast between
Evangelical Christianity and Spiritualism," is re-
issued from the same press and at the same time as
this volume.

That this book may lead many to the light in
the future, as it has in the past, is the humble
prayer of its author.

Moses Hull.

Chicago, 111., June i, 1891.


A WISE man has said, " To the making of many
-^-^ books there is no end." This is literally time.
Especially has spiritual literature increased so rapidly
during the past few years, that it requires close atten-
tion to keep track of the matter almost daily issuing
from its press. Yet, in our six years' effort in behalf
of the doctrines advocated in these pages, we have again
and again observed a niche that we had hoped ere this
to have seen filled. Speaking of this a few weeks since,
a friend suggested that it was our duty to stand in this
gap. As we could see no signs of others who wield
more instructive pens occupying this field, we have un-
dertaken so to do. How well we have succeeded is to
be decided by our readers.

When we contracted with our pubhshers, two months
since, not a word of this volume was written : we, how-
ever, at that time supposed we had the plan of the work
arranged ; but our inspiration has stubbornly and per-
sistently refused to follow our plan. The book has
shaped itself, seemingly, almost without our aid.


When we took our pen, we seemed to see a huge
chaotic mass of material to work into this book ; and,
until it was half done, we hoped to weave it all in : but,
like the widow's oil, it has greatly multiplied; and,
now that our book is done, we see so much more that
has been left out of its pages than has been admitted,
that we more strongly than ever see the necessity of
another voliune.

Should this volume meet the approbation of those for
whom it was written, another may follow soon. This
has been prepared amid the clash of spiritual arms. It
has all been written and rewritten inside of eight weeks,
while lecturing, preaching, debating, editing a journal,
answering correspondents, &c. It has been written in
the cars, in hotels, boarding-houses, dep6ts, and sitting-
rooms ; in fact under the varying circumstances attend-
ant upon the life of an itinerant.

Traveling as we have, we have had but Httle chance
to examine libraries or consult books. Indeed, it was
unnecessary, as our only aim has been to faitlifully com-
pare the Bible with modem phenomena and philosophy.
If we have succeeded in this we are content.

HOBABT, Ind.. May, 1869.





No Argument so good as that of Adaptation — Religions must adapt them-
selves to Men — Religions and Sciences have failed to demonstrate an
After-Life — Two contradictory Chains of Thought in the Bible — Law
forbidding Consultation with the Dead — Its Effect — Bible Writers in
Doubt as to a Future — A Dialogue — Spiritualism convinces a Minister
of his Immortality — Dying Minister in Despair — Why this Appetite
for a Knowledge of a Future — Counterfeit Spiritualism an Evidence of
a Grenuine — Spiritualism not a Phantasm — Men love Spirit-Commu-
nion — Illustration — Spirits retain their Regard for Mortals — Is it Im-
agination — Where and What is the Land of the Dead — All interested
in the Question — Sick Healed — Endless Progress — Theodore Parker

— Abraham Lincoln — A Pi"oof of the Truth of Spiritualism in its
Beauty — Conclusion U



A Natural Query — Jesus regarded as a Blasphemer and a Devil — Every
new System passes an Era of Calumny — Persecution purifies — What
Good has Spiritualism done — Opponents unfair — Imraorahty in the
Churches — Religious Systems not responsible for Errors of their Ad-
herents — None perfect — All are God-makers — Men worship their*
own Opinions — Short-comings of Bible Saints — Jewish Church — Tes-
timony of Jeremiah — Of Jesus — Of Paul — Drunkenness and "Free-
lovism" in the Earl j^ Church — Errors of Noah — Abraham — Isaac —
Jacob — The twelve Patriarchs — Moses — Joshua — Samuel — David —
Solomon — Jesus — Peter — Paul — Spiritualism a Reform School —
Welcomes Sinners — Churches disfellowship Sinners— • Illustrative Case

— "Come and go with us" — Phenomenal Spiritualism — It appeals to
our deepest social Feelings — The Theory of Spiritualism the best
moral Governor — Its Philosophy — A Contrast — Orthodoxy and
Heathenism — Eternal Punishment for Sin — Familiar Story — Is it



Just — Living and Dying in Heaven — No Barriers to Sin — No morai
Change at Death — Illustration — We are Authors of our Destinies —
Conclusion 81



A. Common Doctrine — Angels are Spirits — Terms " Man " and " Angel "

— Angel Men visit Abraham, Lot, Joshua — The Host of the Lord — An
Angel appears to Gideon ; to Manoah's wife ; is introduced to Manoah

— Writing on the Wall — Daniel a Superior Medium — Gabriel both a
Man and Angel — The Stone rolled from the Sepulchre by a Man — Cor-
nelius's Visitant — Peter a Trance-Medium — A Spirit talks to him —
Peter's Explanation — The Book of Revelation a Series of Spirit-Com-
munications — John sees his Brother — An Angel — God's Family —
Bible replete with History of Angelic Ministration — No Bible-Writer
has tried to prove it — All the Angels are Ministering Spirits — Number
of Angels — Bible Saints trusted too much to the Angels — Abraham's
Confidence — Angels select Isaac's Wife — "Murder will out" — Moses
and the Angel — Angels deliver Israel — A Whole Nation of Mediums

— Conditions must be obeyed — Joshua developed as a Medium —
Joshua and the Angel — A Circle — Jericho taken — The Modus Ope'
rancli — Camels swallowed and Gnats rejected — Angel Ministry vs.
Miracle — The Hebrews and the Fire — Nebuchadnezzar sees an Angel

— Jugglers play with Fire — Chemicals prevent the Penetration of Heat

— Letter fi-oni Rev. J. M. Peebles — The Explanation — The Result, an
Increase of Faith — Master Frank Goodman — Mr. D. D. Home and the
Fire Tests — Daniel and the Lions — Prayers answered by Angels —
Jesus' Prayers —Daniel's Prayer — Angel's Effort to answer — Another
finally assists and succeeds — The Emancipation Proclamation — An
Ancient Prayer-Meeting — Peter let out of Prison — Peter at the Door

— Only Spirit-Raps — Modern Mediums released from Prison — Author
does not believe — Admonition , 48



Spiritual Platform — Three Propositions — Man has a Spiritual Nature —
Spirit not immaterial — Spiritual Man — Source of Evidence— Biblical
Testimony — Elihu — Zeplianiah — Papal Deci-ee — Hard Questions —
Can not answer all — Spiritual Senses — Blind and Deaf Man — inns'
tration — Man Double — Two Fathers — Two Sources of Knowledge —
Peter awakened — Two Contradictory Histories of Jesus — Both true

— Jesus did not always believe his own Prophecies — Somnambulism
an Important Witness — Author's Case — A Lady and the Fine Arts —
Dr. Slade and Spirit Pictures — The Modus Operandi — Psychometry

— Discourses read from the Hand, the Walls of the House, &c. —
Paul's Case — (Jutward and Inward Man — One iierishes, the other
endures — Modern Facts — Apparitions of the Living — Mrs. Hauffe


— Lady in Albany — Apparition at St. Louis — Iliram Dayton badly
mixed — Ills Father appears — Case in New Orleans — Drowning Per-
sons — Spirit continues after the Death of the Body — Spirit a Con-
scious Entity — Spirits in Prison — Gospel preached to the Dead —
Spirits return — Modern Spiritualism a Repetition of that of the Bible

— Samuel and Saul — No Devil or Witch in the Case — Joscphus's Tes-
timony — Character of the Woman — Moses and Elias — " Only a Vis-
ion" — Various Phases of Manifestation — Child Medium — Written
Communication from Elijah the l^rophct — Belshazzar's Palace Wall —
Elias must come— John the Baptist a Medium — This was Elias —
"He hath a Devil" — Ezekiel's Mediumship — Saul a Medium — An
Evil Spirit ^^sits him — Modern Evidences — Dr. Johnson's Testimony

— Vision of a Fi-ench Marquis — Prediction fulfilled — Testimony Con-
clusive 77



All Subjects Important — " Ye must be born again" — Xicodemus' Quan-
dary — A Minister's Opinion — Author's Objection — Jesus' Tests —
Must be born out of Flesh — Birth of the Siiirit a Resurrection — Not
of Flesh and Blood — Bible against it (1 Cor. xv.) — Natural and Spirit-
ual Body — Opinion of the Woman of Tekoah — Of Job — Of Jesus —
Objections answered — Mortal Bodies quickened — Must eat Christ's
Flesh — Job and the Worms — Job refers to his Recovery — He did see
God — Scientific Arguments — Change of Matter — Interesting Dialogue

— Is the Mind an Entity —Abraham in the Resurrection — Dust return-
ing to Dust — Resurrection a Birth — Jesus born of the Spirit — Seen by
Clairvoyants — He goes and comes like the Wind — His Flesh and Bones

— Owasso. the Boots and the Hand — His Explanation — Jesus appears
to Paul — Others do not see him — Test from Ananias — Jesus, in show-
ing himself, demonstrated Immortality — Practical Conclusions — Born
into the Other World of this — Future Happiness and Misery made by
Life here — Alexander Campbell — The Good shall shine — Spirits and
Tobacco — Appetites may be our HeU hereafter — Admonition . . 113



Rapid Growth of Spiritualism — The " Mad-Dog" Cry — Charge ignored —
Proceeds from Infidel Hearts — Truths and Errors in the Bible — Dia-
logue; Minister wants a Bible — All believe Parts, and no one believes
All, of the Bible — Illustrative Cases — How shall we decide who the
Believers are — The true Test — Works — The Commission — End of
the World not yet — Jewish and Christian Age — Preaching, Baptism,
and Signs go together — Is Christ in the Church — Signs follow; did
Jesus tell the Truth — The Day of Pentecost — Holy Ghost, Definition
of — Opinion of Opposers — Peter's Explanation — " Wliat shall we
do" — This Power for all — Abrahamic Promise — Holy Ghost for all —
Gifts not to cease — Churches acknowledge sc ne of the Gifts — Covet


the Best Gifts — When will the Gifts cease — Advice cf James — Eli-
jah's Prayer and the Rain; two Positions — Mind will control Matter

— All Things under Man — A Lightning-Tamer — Philosophy of Rain

— Rain ou B:ittle-Fields,&c.— Yankee Climate-Regulators — Sick Lady

— A Dialogue — God not changed by Prayer — Effect of Prayer — Sick-
ness the Result of Sin — Prayer and its Equivalent— Philosophy of
Disease and Cure — Impressions Mental and Physical — Philosophy of
vomiting — Disease created and removed by Impressions on the Mind

— Death from Excitement — Whence the Power of Volition — Spirit-
Writing — Cause of Paralysis — Positive and Negative Disease — Phi-
losopliy of Controlling a Patient — Electric Currents pass from the
Nerves of one to another — The Spirit-World supplies the Operator

— Author's Experience in healing — Cause of Failures — Jesus some-
times failed — His Disciples do — Author has been healed — Blind see,
Deaf hoar, &c. — Statement of Abraham Clarke — Letter to " The New-
York Dispatch" — Peter Manning's Case — Another Dialogue — The
Devil did it — Devil not so good, after all —Another Evidence — Jesus'
Logic — Was his Mission divine — Coming of Christ — SjTubolic Clouds
and Horses — Death has lost its Sting — Challenge — World's Conven-
tion 144



A. Common Cry — Contradictory Positions — Order of Batteries — They fire
into each other — ' ' Kettle Story " — Result of the Warfare — Dialogue —
God and Mediums deceiving the World — Are God and the Devil Part-
ners—Is it just to damn the World for Unbelief — Author loves God
more than Bibles — Lying Spii-its sent out — Did God do it — Case of
Jeremiah and Ezekiel — Ezekiel's Explanation — Spiritualism a Delu-
sion — The Lord coming — Reasoning in a circle — Wonderful Success
of the Opposition ( ?) — Spiritualism will not "down" — "Old SpUt-
foot" — Toe-joint Theory — Hidden Meaning in api^ointing these Com-
mittees — The Machinery Argument — Arguments of Opposers suicidal
to themselves — Human Testimony rejected — Conditions required —
Conditions of Sleep — Conversation with a Photographist — Conditions
of Photography — Telegraphy — Arguments against Spiritualism would
overthrow the Bible — An Infidel Deacon denies his Bible — A Giant
Delusion — Spiritualism Twenty-two Years ago and now — A Prospec-
tive View — Spiritualism Positive and Aggressive — Reasons for going
to Church — Churches not Proselyting — Why do Persons become Spir-
itualists—Rev. A. J. Frishback'rt Reply — Suffering for Spiritualism —
Ministers' Wives in the Lunatic Asylum for Spiritualism — Author's
Experience — The Quality of Converts to Spiritualism — Our Evidence
not in the Number or Intelligence of Converts — Giant Minds yield —
Atheism and Materialism give place — Hon. N. P. Talmadge and J. W.
Edmonds — "The Kings of the Earth" — Opposers fall before the
Power — Gamaliel's Opinion — A charaiing Delusion — Efibrts to con-
vert a Spiritualist — Death-bed Scene — " Oh, happy Delusion I " — It i»
not a Delusion — Child Medium. 186




Objections usually the Result of Ignorance — A British Lord and the Steam-
boat — Objections to the Telegraph ^-Objections to AboUtionism — God
legislated against Spiritualism — Necromancy ; Definition of— The Ob-
jection proves Spiritualism — Hebrews inclined to apply to the Dead
for Knowledge — Law indorsed Spiritualism — This Law abolished —
Other Precepts of this Law not binding — Jesus violated this Law —
Paul and John violated, and hence deserve Death — The Law good in
its Place, and fo»- its Time — Men inclined to worship Spirits which
communicated —The Jewish Jehovah not an Infinite God — He incited
the Jews to Crime — Jehovah jealous of other Spirits — God goes to
Babel to find out concerning a Report — Moses a better Man than his
God— Heathen Gods once Men upon Earth — Spirits should be Helps,
not Masters— Jews worshiped Spirits; Abraham, Lot, Joshua, Peter,
John — Law against Spiritualism had evil Results — Materialism the
Results of that Law — Elihu a Claii-\'oyant Medium — Men not Clay —
"Old Paths" — Contradictory Objections — Consistency a rare Jewel

— All Things were once new — Protestantism once new — Catholic Ar-
gument agahist Protestantism — All Religions have run the same Gant-
let —" Fanatical Methodists"- Novelty not against Truth — Men in
this Worid are Icaruiug; may not others progress — Spiritualism not
new — Martin Luther and the Spirits— Wesley and the Spirits — They
are Devils — An old Charge — John the Baptist and Jesus had a Devil

— Every Reform was instigated by the Devil — Devil left the Church —
Devil is Synonymous with Hatred of Progress — The Telescope, Fan-
ning-Mill, Printing-Press, and Vaccination, aU of the Devil — Devil dis-
covered the Circulation of the Blood — Devil and Michael Servetus —
Martyrdom of Servetus — The Devil and Vaccmation — The Devil figur-
ing as an Abolitionist, Geologist, &c. — Has God sent a Scorpion for a
Fish — A^Hiat a God — The Existence of a Devil can not be reconciled
with that of a good God — The Devil always proves himself right-
Author of Progress— Devil a Myth— Conclusion . . , . . 214





No Argument so good as that of Adaptation — Religions must adapt them-
selves to Men — Religions and Sciences have failed to demonstrate an After-
Life — Two contradictory Chains of Thought in the Bible — Law forbidding
Consultation with the Dead — Its Effect — Bible Writers in Doubt as to a Fu-
ture—A Dialogue — Spiritualism convinces a Minister of his Immortality —
Dying Minister in Despair — Why this Appetite for a Knowledge of a Future
— Counterfeit Spiritualism an Evidence of a Genuine — Spiritualism not a
Phantasm — Men love Spirit-Communion — Illustration — Spirits retain their
Regard for Mortals — Is it Imagination — Where and A\Tiat is the Land of
the Dead — All interested in the Question — Sick Healed— Endless Prog
ress — Theodore Parker — Abraham Lincoln — A Proof of the Truth of
Spiritualism in its Beauty — Conclusion.

THERE is no argument so strong in favor of any
hypothesis as that which shows unmistakabl}^ tht
adaptation of the theory to the work intended. A re-
ho-ious theory proving itself adapted to meet all the wants
of the human soul comes with God's warrant in its hands.
Havinor such credentials from the Almio-hty, but little
else is needed to prove it true. As man is the highest
type of the creation, yea, " the offspring of God " (see
Acts xvii. 28), religions and theories must bend to
man : he can not bend to them. They must come to
him as he is, in a state of nature, and adapt thera-



selves to his wants. The first inquiry which suggests
itself is, Wliat are tlie wants of the human soul ? All
answer, The first great want of the soul is an evidence
of its own continued existence.

With all deference to other systems of religion and
philosophy'. Spiritualism is the only system which can
make man know of his own immortality. Is man im-
mortal? is a question which is now being propounded
with more earnestness than ever before. How can the
question be answered ? If Science be consulted, she
stands with drooping wings, looking dov>m into the dax'k
grave, and answers, " The knowledge is not with me.
I am educated only in the past ; I trace man from the
primordial fires, through the granite rock, on through
the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, to the
grave : but I can see no farther." Science can not tell
the strength of the disease now preying upon my body,
nor yet the power of endurance my physical system
may have ; much less can it dive into the dark future,
and grapple from its unwritten pages evidences of man's
future condition. Poor blind Science ! don't ask it to
solve questions so entirely out of its reach. True, we
may reason from the great law of design manifest every-
where, and from our reasonings draw the liope that this
mundane existence will not wind up the course of man ;
but at best it is only Jiope. The soul demands evidence
of its immortality. Where shall it be found ?

If we recur to the Bible, we find two distinct and
contradictory classes of ideas upon this subject running
through that book. One chain of ideas comes from cer-
tain phenomena which were witnessed among the peo-
ple ; such as Samuel returning and holding a tete-d-tete


with King Saul, Moses and Elias talking with Jesus on
the mount, John's brother talking with him on the
Island of Patmos, &c. See 1 Sam. xxviii. 14-20;
Matt. xvii. 1-8; Rev. xxii. 8.

Thouo-h these foots are said to have occurred, they
were in the most open violation of one of the strictest
laws of the Jews, which reads as follows : —

" There shall not be found among you any one that
maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire,
or that useth divination, or a witch, or a charmer, or
a consulter of familiar sjyirits, or a wizard, or a necro-
mancer.'" — Dent, xviii. 10, 11.

Here is a law forbidding spirit-communion. It takes
more courage than most people possess to enable them
to violate such plain laws, with death as their penalty.
The result, as might have been expected, was, that
cases of spirit-communion were rare. Death they had
before them constantly ; graves they saw every day :
but those who had passed on they did not see, did not
dare to see them. The result was, many of them con-
cluded they had no existence. Jacob, when he sup-
posed his son Joseph to be dead, said, " Joseph is not "
(Gen. xlii. 36). Rachel, being forbidden to consult her
children, naturally enough concluded they were not
(Jer. xxxi. 15). Isaiah says of the dead, " They are
extinct; they are quenched as tow" (Is. xliii. 17).
The writers of the Bible not only supposed, as a result
of their being shut away from communication with the
dead, that they had no existence, but they believed
death to be a state of eternal nonentity. It was not
Porphyry, Celsus, or '' Julian the apostate," but Job,
^ho said, " So he that goeth down to the grave shall


come up no more" (Job vii. 9). David, the "man
after God's own heart," did not leave it for Lord Bo.ling-
broke or Pope to compose the poem Avliich says, " Put
not your trust in ])rinces, nor in tlie son of man, in
whom there is no help ; for his breath goeth forth, he
returneth to his earth : in that very day his thoughts
perish" (Ps. cxlvi. 1-3). It was thirty centuries be-
fore the birth of the author of " The Age of Reason,"
that Solomon, the wise Jewish king, gave utterance to
the followincr sentiment : —

" The living know that they shall die ; but the dead
know not any thing." — Eccl. ix. 5.

Not satisfied with uttering the atheistic sentiment of
the unconsciousness of the dead, he proceeds to lock
the doors of a future against them. Hear him : —

" Neither have they any more a reward ; for the memory
of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred
is now perished ; 7ieither have they any more a portion
forever in any thing that is done under the sun.''' —
Eccl. ix. 5, 6.

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