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Mar. 1, 1885.
11, 1880; m. Feb. 24, 1904, Joel Allen Kunkle,
reside near Pontiac, 111.
iii. ISAAC ANDREW QUIGLEY. b. Jan. 2, 1886.
ii. MARY MARTHA QUIGLEY, b. Jan. 23, 1847.
iii. JANE AGNES QUIGLEY, b. Sept 12, 1850. d. Aug. 22,

iv. MARGARET ELEANOR QUIGLEY, b. Fell. 16, 1852. d.
Jan. 18, 1899. at Edinburg, Penna.; m. Feb. 28. 1877,
John Holmes McClelland, son of .Joseph McClelland
and Mary Maclay McClelland, of Roxbury. Penna.
He removed with his parents in early life to Juniata
Co., Penna., near Academia, and later to EJdinburg,
where he has since resided, with the exception of a
lew years he spent in California. He is engaged in
the milling and forwarding business.
To John Holmes McClelland and Margaret Eleanor
Quigley McClelland was bom one child:

1879, resides in Cloverdale, Cal.
V. LIBERTY McCREA QUIGLEY, b. May 1, 1857; m. Dec.
22, 1887, William CTiarles McClelland, oldest son of
John McClelland and Martha Cummins McClelland,
bom in Strasburg, Franklin Co., Penna., received hie
early education in the schools in and around Stras-


burg, and later he went to Academia, Juniata Co.,
P«nna., in which institution he taught, under the man-
agement of Dr. Slioemaker. His life work has been
teaching, the greater part of the time in Pennsylvania,
a few years in Nebraska, in which profession he has
been eminently successful. After his marriage h«
took his wife to Wayne, Neb., where their two oldest
children were born. After their removal to Penn-
sylvania, they spent one year in Greencastle, where
their third child was born. After two years in Clham-
bersburg, Penna., they removed to Shippensburg,
Penna., in 1893 where their youngest child was bom,
and where they have since resided.
To William Charles McClelland and Liberty McCrea
Quigley McClelland were born four children:




iv. LIBERTY McCLELLAND, b. May 21, 1895.
Ti. IDA BELL QUIGLEY, b. Oct. 13, 1858.
vii. ALIOE RODGERS QUIGLEY, b. Dec. 2, 1861; m. Oct.
21, 1885, James McNeal Herring, of Baltimore, Md.,
b. May 14, 1857. His anceS'tors were of Dutch des<}ent
and came from Holland to America. David Herring
married Julia Kalbfus, of Baltimore. Their son,
David Herring, was bom in Baltimore, served in the
War of the Rebellion, on the Union S'ide as corpora"
Company A, Pumel Legion, Maryland Volunteers;
married Mary Jane McNeal, born in Baltimore, daugh-
ter of James McNeal and Sarah Quin-n McNeal, who
were /married in 1811, and came from City Oolerain,
County of Antrim, Ireland, he being one of the defend-
ers of Baltimore in the War of 1812, Battle of North

To David Herring and Mary Jane McNeal Herring
were born two sons, David Herring, Jr., and James
McNeal Herring who became the husband of Alice
Rodgers Quigley, at Shippensburg, Penna. They were
married by Rev. W. A. McCarrell, pastor of the Pres-
byterian church at Shippensburg. Their ancestors
on each side of their family were Presbyterians,
to which faith they adhere. They reside at Baltimore,
where Mr. Herring is engaged in railroad business.
To James McNeal Herring and Alice Rodgers Quigley
Herring was bom one son: -^

a. ROBERT QUIGLEY HERRING, b. Aug. 1, 1886.

XXII. Johni Quigley* (Joseph Quigley^, Robert Quig-
ley^, James Quigley^) was born October lo, 1813 near
Quigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cumberland Co.,
'Penna., died September 15, 189 1 at Newburg, Penna.; mar-








ried first March 30, 1848 Eleanor McCune, born 1826, died
February 23, 1854, near Newburg^.

They Hved a few miles from Newburg until i865, when
they removed into the town. , , , .a

Like his brothers, John Quigley was a whole hearted,
honorable citizen. He lived a quiet life in the midst of his
friends, who regarded him with undisputed favor, and trust-
ed him thoroughly. He was a Republican, and although
not a politician, was of assistance to his party, and took an
interest in all public affairs in his village. He and his
family were leaders in all charitable movements, as well as
all that pertained to educational advancement and instructive
enterprises, great readers and students, and were members
of the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church. He and his
wives are buried in the graveyard at that place.


ii JOHN QUIGLEY, d. in infancy- ^^

' Jahn Quigley married secondly Martha Jan.© Bar*

B?ecken?idge. b. Aug. 16. 1821. d. Mar. 25. 1884.



i. MARGARET BELLE QUIGLEY, m. Nor *' l^J^ ^^«^-
Robert Leighton Gerhart. D. D.. b m Gettysburg.
Penna., pastor of St. John's Reformed church at I^w-
rsburg. Penna., son of Dr. B. V. Gerhart. who waa
President of the Theological Seminary. Lancaster,
Penna.. for thirty-six years.

ii. JAMES SHARP QUIGLEY, d. in infancy.

XXni Margaret Jane Quigley^ (Joseph Quigley*,
Robert Quigley^ James Quigley^) was born February 6,
181 q near Ouigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cum-
berland C0.7 Penna.. died September i, 1854 m Cass Co.,
Ind.; married September 27, 1837 James Sterrett Sharp,
born March 27. 1817 in Hopewell township, died June 14,
1887 in Cass Co.. Ind., son of James Sharp and Martha

Hanna Sharp. . .. . _ .

Soon after their marriage, husband and wife journeyed
bv wagon to Indiana, cleared a tract of land m Cass Co., and
built a log cabin, in which they lived until after the birth of
their first child. A large dwelling house was then erected
on the spot of the original cabin, in which he and his family
lived until after the death of his wife. Later in life he
removed within four miles of Logansport, Ind. Like all


who bear the name of Sharp, he loved his friends and
kindred, and those from the east who visited in his home
were made heartily welcome, and evening after evening dur-
ing their sojourn, they gathered around his fireside, and re-
counted days and events in the Cumberland Valley.

His wife was an efficient housekeeper, no amount of care
disturbed the tranquility of her disposition, and her guests
and family received her undivided attention. She was a
devoted Bible student, and brought up her daughters in the
Presbyterian faith, of which church she and her husband
were members. They are buried in the old Indian Creek
graveyard, Cass Co., Ind.


i. JOSEPH QUIGLEY SHARP, b. Aug. 29, 1838, d. Stept.

15, 1841.
ii. MARTHA AG-NES SHARP, b. Oct. 7, 1840, educated at
Logansport, Ind.; m. Jan. 27, 1859, William Craig
Sharp, b. Nov. 6, 1833, one mile south of Quigley's
Bridge, d. Jan. 7, 1883, at the Franklin House, Carlisle,
Penna., son of James STiarp and Mary Ann M<;Cune
Sharp. Three years after their marriage they left
the old Sharp home and removed to Newburg, Cum-
berland Co., Penna., where they remained until Oct.
26, 1876. Since that time the family, has lived in Car-
lisle, where they are members of the Second Pres'by-
terian church. After the death of her husband, Mrs.
Sharp left the Franklin House and removed to an-
other part of the city.
To William Craig Sharp and Martha Agnes Sharp were
^orn four children:

i. MARGARET JANE SHARP, b. Jan. 12, 1861; m.
Dec. 13, 1883, Robert McC'une Searight, of Car-
lisle, Penna., b. Feb. 24, 1851, son of Francis
William Searight and Keziah McCune Searight,
reside at Carlisle, Penna.
To Robert McCune S'earight and Margaret Jane
Sharp Searight was born one daughter:


iii. JAMES AGNEW SHARP, b. Dec. 28, 1867; m.
Feb. 22, 1905, Mary A. Rice, b. Feb. 7, 1879,
daughter of John S. Rice and Armina A. Rice,
reside at Siippensburg, Penna.
'' ' iv. MARY ELLEN SHARP, b. Nov. 24, 1869; m.

Nov. 24, 1889, John Purviance Culbertson, of
■ ; Chambersburg, Penna., b. Nov. 4, 1870, son of

John Purvianee Culbertson and Julia Wonder^
'' lich Culbertson, reside at Carlisle, Penna.


iii. MARY ELLEN SHARP, b. June 24, 1843; m. Dec. 25,
1861, Alexander L. Randolph, b. May 12, 1838. They
removed from western Pennsylvania to Logansport,
Ind., where they lived five years, and in 1886, changed
their place of residence to LaPayette, Ind. At Lo-
gansport, Alexander Randolph farmed, and at LaPay-
ette he holds the position of bailiff in the court of
that city. He and his family are members of th«
Presbyterian church, reside at LaPayette.
To Alexander L. Randolph and Mary Ellen STiarp Ran-
dolph were born four sons:

i. WILLIAM ELMER RANDOLPH, b. Jan. 16, 1863,
d. Dec. 4, 1896; m. June 11, 1891, Lillian D. Pow-
ell, b. May 11, 1863, d. July 12, 1903.
To William Elmer Randolph and Lillian D. Powell
' Randolph were born two sons.


11, 1894.
1865; m. Nov. 24, 1896, Elizabeth R. Binford,
b. Apr. 22, 1871, reside at LaPayette, Ind., where
he is engaged in the practice of law.
To Eldgar Davidson Randolph and Elizabeth R.
Binford Randolph were bom two children:

25 1902.
iii. JAMES SHARP RANDOLPH, b. Dec. 31, 1867;
m. Jan. 5, 1894, Martha A. Reser, b. Nov. 2,
1867, reside at LaPayette, Ind., where he is ex-
tensively engaged in the nursery business,
iv. ALFRED PAUL RANDOLPH, b. Nov. 18, 1869;
m. Sept 26, 1895, Ida E. Briney, b. Sept. 26,
1873, reside at LaPayette, Ind., and he is inter-
ested, with his brother, in the nursery business.
iv. ELIZABETH JANE SHARP, b. July 20, 1847, d. May

24, 1862, unmarried.
v. HARRIETT ANN SHARP, b. Oct. 16, 1850; m. Feb. 14,
1871, John Miller Brown, b. Jan. 5, 1846, in Indiana.
They are members of the Presbyterian church and re-
side at Lucerne, Ind.
To John Miller Brown and Harriett Ann Sharp Brown
were born two children:

i. CHARLES SHARP BROWN, b. May 6, 1872; m.
Dec. 2, 1896, Mae Thornton, b. June 2, 1876,
reside in Illinois,
ii. ELLIS MILLER BROWN, b. Dec. 6, 1873, resides
at Lucerne, Ind.
vi. MARGARET QUIGLEY SHARP, b. May 5, 1854; m.
Dec. 18, 1872. Matthew A. Thompson, b. Mar. 28, 1850,
d. Jan. 7, 1895. The family attend the Presbyterian
church and reside at Henry, 111.


To Matthew A. Thompson and Margaret Quigley Sharp
Thompson were bom thirteen children:
. i. LYDIA BELLS THOMPSON, h. Oct. 1, 1874; m.
Casper Halblieb, a merchant,
ii. MARY GRACfB THOMPSON, b. S^pt. 4. 1875;
m. E. B. Smith,

iv. JESSE SHARP THOMPSON, b. Nov. 13, 1877,

d. Sept. 7, 1880.
V. JAMES F. THOMPSON, b. July 31, 1879.
vi. RAY THOMPSON, b. Dec. 24, 1880.
vii. ROBERT THOMPSON, b. Mar. 2, 1883.
ix. MARGARET P .THOMPSON, b. Nor. 6, 1886.
X. ROSS BERT THOMPSON, b. Mar. 26, 1888.
xi. LINN THOMPSON, b. Aug. 31, 1890, d. Sept. 18,

xii. BILOXI THOMPSON, b. Oct. 18, 1891, d. Feb. J,

xiii. LEON A. THOMPSON, b. July 22, 1895.

James Sterrett Sharp married secondly Sept. 20,
1855, Ann Eliza Morrison, b. May 8, 1831.

Tgan A *

i. NANCY MATILDA SHARP, b. May 30, 1857; m. Jxmm

!i. IDA BELL SHARP, b. Nov. 13, 1859, d. Jan. 1. 1862.
Iii. THEODORE ELDER SHARP, b. Dec. 17, 1861.
iv. Son, twin, b. July 26, 1865, d. Aug. 16, I860.
V. MINNIE DELLA SHARP, twin, b. July 26, 1865; d. Oct.

25, 1900; m. Emanuel Ream.
vi. JESSIE DUDLEY SHARP, b. Oct. 10, 1867, d. Feb. 26,

vii. WILEY MORRISON SHARP, b. Aug. 22, 1870; m. Biia-

abeth Jane McDowell.

XXIV. Eleanor Quigley* (Joseph Quigley*, Robert
Quigley^, James Quigley^) was born February 5, 18 18 near
Quigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cumberland Co.,
Penna., died May 27, 1858; married November 13. 1844
John C. Brown, born November 14, 18 14, died May 20,
1863, son of James Brown and Martha Breckenridge Brown,
a descendant of the fifth generation of John Brown the
"piOtUS carrier" of Murkirk Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland, who
*'was a Covenanter during the persecutions of that church in
1685, was captured by Graham of Claverhouse and ordered
to take the oath of conformity, which he refused to do.
Claverhouse bade him say his prayers for he had only a
few minutes to live. He prayed with such fervor, that when
Claverhouse ordered his men to fire upon him, they would.


not do so. Claverhouse with a pistol and aa oath, blew his
brains out, in the presence of his wife.

The widow laid down her child, tied up her husband's
head with her apron, stretched out his limbs, covered him
with her plaid, and sat down and wept bitterly. Without
means, without a friend to help, and liable to be persecuted,
she was at her wits end, but God cared for her and removed
her to Ireland, where she found friends and married again."
Their son John emigrated to America in 1720, settled in
Dauphin Co., Penna. and his son James removed to Cum-
ber Ian Co., Penna. John, son of James, was with the
patriot army at Valley Forge, and his son James was the
father of John C. Brown, who married Eleanor Quigley.

They lived on the home farm of the Brown family in
Frankfort township, Cumberland Co., Penna., where their
children were born.

They were conscientious christians, able and willing to
help their neighbors and friends in adversity, and inherited
the brave determination of their forefathers. After the
death of his wife, John C. Brown removed with his family to
Newville, Penna., where he lived until his death. They
were members of the United Presbyterian church. He is
buried beside his wife in the Big Spring Presbyterian grave-
yard at Newville.


MARTHA MARY BROWN, b. Sept. 29, 1845, d. Oct. 8.
1869; m. I>ec. 30, 1864, DaviJ Wilson Sterrett, son of
David Sterrett and Rebecca Miller Sterrett.

To David Wilson Sterrett and Martha Mary Brown S-ter-
rett were born three children: '

i. DAVID KER STERRETT, b .Apr. 28, 1866.
ii. REBECCA ELLEN STERRETT, b. Feb. 27, 1868,

d. May 8, 1869.
iii. MARTHA STERRETT, d. Oct. 21, 1869, in infancy.

AGNES ELEANOR BROWN, b. Jan. 6, 1847; m. Nov.
20, 1865, John Brown Scouller, b. May 7, 1842, d. Feb.
9, 1878, son of William M. Scouller and Eleanor Jacob
Scouller. The family of Scouller moved into Scotland
in Reformation days. John Scouller m. Margaret For-
rest and in 1753 he came to America and settled on
Muddy Run, Lancaster Co., Penna. Their son, John
Scouller m. Margaret Currie and removed to Cumber-
land Co., Penna., in April, 1762. He bought of Wil-
liam Penn a tract of land along the Conodoguinet
creek and built a log cabin and a mill. Their son,
John Scouller, m. Jane Brown, whose son John Browm


Scouller, lived on the home farm. The family are
members of the United Presbyterian church, and re-
side at Newville, Penna.
To John Brown Scouller and Agnes Eleanor Brown
Scouller were born six children:

i. WILLIAM BROWN SCOULLER, b. Nov. 28, 1867.
ii. JOSEPH JACOB SCOULLER, b. May 2, 1869.
iii. ELEANOR SCOULLER, b. Sept. 19, 1870; m.
Jan. 29, 1891, Oliver Calvin Tritt, b. June 23,
1866, son of Christian Tritt and Sara Ellen
Tritt, reside near Newville, Penna.
To Oliver Calvin Tritt and Eleanor Scouller Tritt
were born five children:

i. ELEANOR TRITT, b. June 25, 1892.
ii. LOUETTA BELL TRITT, b. Feb. 5, 1895.

iv. JOHN SCOULLER TRITT, b. Aug. 21, 1901.
V. SARA JANE TRITT, b. May 26, 1904.
1871; m. Sept. 22, 1898 Hettie Hemminger
daughter of Joseph Hemminger, reside at Kirk-
wood, 111.
vi. JAMBS FORREST SCOULLER, b. Nov. 7, 1876:
d. in infancy.
iii. MARGARET JANE BROWN, b. Feb. 13, 1848; m. Feb.
13, 1868, Robert Clark Hemphill, b. Apr. 24, 1841, son
of Moses Hemphill and Margery Clark Hemphill. Fif-
teen years after their marriage they left Cumberland
Co., Penna., where each was born, and removed to
Beatrice, Neb., where Mr. Hemphill has served as
elder in the Presbyterian church for fourteen years,
and was a trustee of the Middle Spring Presbyterian
church previous to their removal to the west.
To Robert Clark Hemphill and Margaret Jane Brown
Hemphill were born nine children:

i. ROBERT BRUCE HEMPHILL, b. Feb. 9, 1869;

m. Feb. 26, 1897, Fannie Ralston,
ii. ELLEN QUIGLEY HEMPHILL, b. Feb. 11, 1870;

m. Mar. 12, 1890, William P. Carrithers.
iii. WILLIAM JACK HEMPHILL, b. May 28, 1872;

xn. Dec. 29, 1897, Lida May Sears,

1873, d. Nov. 30, 1899.
V. WALTER CLARK HEMPHILL, b. Feb. 20, 1875.
vi. MARGERY HELEN PIBMPHILL, b. July 3, 1878;

m. Feb. 18, 1904, Clarence Lunbeck.
vii. CARRIE BELLE HEMPHILL, b. Oct. 17, 1879.
ix. AGNES ORR HEMPHILL, b. Aug.' 10, 1884.
iv, ELIZABETH BELL BR.OWN, b. Nov. 29, 1850; m. Dec.
19, 1878, David Smith Elliott, b. Feb. 18, 1854, son of
Robert Elliott and Mary Elliott, who lived near New-
'burg, Peiina. After their marriage they removed to


Illinois and later to Creston, Iowa, where they stUl
reside, and are members of the Presbyterian church.
To David Smith Elliott and Elizabeth Bell Brown Elliott
were born three children:

i. ROY- GUERNEY ELLIOTT, b. Jan. 29, 1880.
ii. CARRIE ETTA ELLIOTT, b. Nov 2, 1884
iii LULU ELLIOTT, b. July 29, 1886, d. Sept. 23,
r. SARAH HELEN BROWN, b. July 7, 1853; m. Dec. 24,

1879, Robert Franklin Clark, b. Jan. 24, 1856, in Wyan-
dotte Co., Ohio. For sometime they lived in Illinois,
now reside at Beatrice, Neb., and are members of the
Presbyterian church.

To Robert Franklin Clark and Sarah Helen Brown Clark
were born two children:

i. RALPH CLARK, b. May 8, 1881.
ii. SHARP BROWN CLARK, b. Aug. 23, 1884.
vi. JOHN QUIGLEY BROWN, b. Mar. 23, 1855; m. Mar. 11,

1880, Olive S. Barnes, b. July 23, 1854, near Washburn,
111., d. Feb. 16, 1896. He left Pennsylvania in March,
1872, went to Knoxville, 111.; in 1876 to Livingston
Co., Iowa; on Oct. 19, 1882, to Madison Co., Iowa, and
on Apr. 7, 1892, to Spaulding, 111., where he has since

To John Quigley Brown and Olive S. Barnes Brown
were born five children:

i. JANE MicFARLAND BROWN, b. Apr. 3, 1881, d.

Jan. 22, 1895.
ii. AGNES MAY BROWN, b. May 18, 1883.
iii. MAURICE HENRY BROWN, b. July 17, 1885.
iv. JAMES IRL BROWN, b. Aug. 9, 1888.
V. JOHN VERNOR BROWN, b. July 22, 1892, d. Jan.

20, 1895.
John Quigley Brown married secondly Mar. 31, 1898,
Golden J. Woods, b. Sept. 23, 1879, near Knoxville,
111. To John Quigley Brown and (Jolden J. Woods
Brown was born one child:

i. SARAH HELEN BROWN, b. May 26, 1899.
vli. JAMBS' SHARP BROWN, b. May 20, 1858; resides in
the west.

XXV. James Sharp Quigley* (Joseph Quigley^, Robert
Qtiig'ley-, James Quigley^) was born January 20, 1820,
near Quigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cumberland
Co., Penna., died August 9, 1892; married January 29, 1852
Elizabeth Clark Hemphill born February 23, 183 1, daugh-
ter of Moses Hemphill and Margery Clark Hemphill. Her
paf.ents and grandparents were members of the Middle
Spring Presbyterian church. The same minister Rev. John
Mpody, united her parents in matrimony, baptized her and
married her. On all sides of her family, Scotch Irish blood
and purity predominated. The Hemphills cam^ at an early


date to the Valley, and by their thrift and enterprising zeal,
assisted in founding- the schools, churches, and in laying the
foundation for a sturdy, energetic race of descendants.

James Sharp Quigley took his wife to the Quigley home
until the summer following their marriage, when they re-
moved to their brick dwelling house within a short distance
of the place where he was born.

The farm was not divided until after the death of his
father, and James and his brother David worked together to
make it produce bountifully.

He and his wife were hospitable, and their fireside was a
meeting place for hosts of friends who sought their genial

He was respected and influential, and used his influence
for the good of those in his community, who comsidered his
opinion of inestimable value. Kind and charitable, he was
a willing contributor to all worthy objects, and to the poor
he gave abundantly, and helped them over many difficulties
where judgment was needed. He never failed to do a favor,
and well deserved the esteem accorded him. In politics he
was a Republican. He was a faithful friend and helper.
He and his family v/ere members of the Middle Spring
Presbyterian Church, and he is buried in the graveyard at
that place.

His widow left the farm a year after his death and re-
sides at Newville, Penna.


i. JOSiEPH SHARP QUiaLEY, b. Apr. 17, 1854; m. Oct- 5,
1893, Ella Gross, b. Aug. 15, 1867, daughter of Andrew
Gross and Amanda Blythe Gross, members of tie
Presbyterian church, reside near Newburg, Peona.
To Joseph Sharp Quigley and Ella Gross Quigley was
born one child:

i. HELEN BLYTHE QUIGLEY, b. Jan. 15, 1895.

'ii. ANNA MARGERY QUIGLEY, b. May 11, 1856.

lii. MARY BELL QUIGLEY, b. Feb. 26, 1858.

Iv. CARRIE HEMPHILL QUIGLEY, b. Mar. 20, 1860.

T. MARGARET ELLEN QUIGLEY, twin, b. Dec. 15, 1888;
m. Dec. 19, 1889, William E. McCune, b. Aug. 20, 1885,
son of John Sterrett McCune and Winifred Ruth Nich-
ols McCune, descended from the Scotch-Irish families
who were among .the earliest settlers in the Cum-
berland Valley, and assisted in the organization of the
Middle Spring Presbyterian church, of which thiM


branch of the family are members, reside near Mid-
dle Spring, Penna..
To William E. McGune and Margaret Ellen Quigley
McC'une were born three children:


ii. WINIFRED RUTH McCUNE, b. Oct. 28, 1897.
iii. ANNA MARGERY McCUNE, b. S'ept. 12, 1899.
Ti. BIRDELLA JANE QUIGLEY, twin, b. Dec. 15, 1862,

d. young,
vii. JANE McFARLAND QUIGLEY, b. Sept. 16, 1864;
m. Oct. 19, 1893, William S. Means, b. Oct. 3, 1872,
son of William Davidson Means and Lillie Maranda
Smith Means. His father has been an elder in the
Middle S'pring Presbyterian church since 1874, of
"Which he and his family are members, reside near
Miadle Spring, Penna.
To William S. Means and Jane McFarland Quigley
Means were 'born three children:

i. WILLIAM DAVIDSON MEANS, b. Aug. 15, 1894,

d. Oct. 10, 1894.
ii. JAMES QUIGLEY MEANS, b. Aug. 14, 1895.
iii. LILLIAN MARIE MEANS b. Mar. 26, 1898.

XXVI. Agnes Quigley*, (Joseph Quigley^, Robert Quig-
ley^, James Quigley^) was born August 14, 1825 near
Quigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cumberland Co.,
Penna., died April 19, 1898 at Orrstown, Penna.; married
February 2^, 1851 William Orr, bom May 17, 1826, died
September 3, 1884, son of John Orr and Mary Orr. He
spent his life in and around Orrstown. He clerked in a store
in his boyhood days, and after his marriage bought a farm
near the town, to which he took his wife.

She was endowed with a spirit of fortitude and courage,
which made her life an example to others. For fifteen
years previous to her death, she bore a great physical
affliction, which prevented her from leaving her home.
With marvelous resignation and calmness she maintained a
cheerful countenance and a bright, gracious manner which
welcomed many friends to her home. She was fond of her
relatives and well versed in the genealogical data of her
family. Her memory was wonderful. She was benevolent
and full of sympathetic impulses. Her brightness was a
constant incentive to noble living. Her years of affliction
were a series of tactful kindnesses, and each heart was better
and richer frrr having known her.

She was n member of the Middle Spring Presbyterian
church and is buried in the graveyard at Orrstown, Penna.


Tag II ft •

i. JOHN RANKIN ORR, b. Apr. 27, 1853, d. Nor. 18, 1857.
ii. JOSEPH QUIGLEY ORR, twin, b. Sept. 15, 1854, d.

Mar. 2, 1855.
iii. ISAAC HAYS ORR, twin, b. Sept. 15, 1854.
iv. THOMAS ORR, b. Dec. 9, 1855, d. Aug. 17, 1856.
V. MARY BELL ORR, b. Aug. 18, 1857, d. Mar. 8, 1900.
vi, WILLIAM EDG-AR ORR, b. June 8, 1859, d. Mar. 26,

vii. ELLEN VIRGINIA ORR, b. Dec. 11, 1862.

XXVII. David Grier Quigley ^ (Joseph Quigiey^, Robert
Quigley-, James Quigley^), was bom November 13, 1830
near Ouigley's Bridge, in Hopewell township, Cumberland
Co., Penna., died July 14, 1882; married January, 1856,
Cynthia Jane Hemphill, born October 24, 1832, daughter of
Moses Hemphill and Margery Clark Hemphill.

In 1853 David Grier Quigley's mother died, and two

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