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Books on Business

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Standard Practice in Personnel Work

Eugene J. Benge. $3 Postpaid

Employees' Magazines for Factories,
Offices and Business Organizations

Peter F. O'Shea. $1.80 Postpaid

2400 Business Books and
Guide to Business Literature

Linda H. Morleu and Adelaide C. Kight. $5 Postpaid

Industrial Relations. 3 vols.

Daniel Bloomfield

Employment Management. $2.40

Modern Industrial Movements. $2.40
Problems of Labor. . . $2.40












Published October, 1920


What this Book Contains

The title of this book, "2400 Business Books," instead of the
"1600 Business Books," of the two previous editions, shows how
many books this edition names and to a large degree describes.

The sub-title, "Guide to Business Literature," is added to make
it plain that the book is far more than a list of 2400 volumes. It is
an index to the contents of those volumes ; that is, it lists, in alpha-
betic order, under 2000 different headings, the subjects which are
treated in these 2400 books. These headings are in addition to
those entries which give the names of the writers of the 2400 books
and in addition to the entries which give their titles.

Many of these books treat of more than one subject. Many
important subjects or topics in the field of "business" have as yet
been treated only in chapters or sections of books. It is to the frag-
mentary and widely scattered discussion of these "bookless" sub-
jects that many of the 2000 headings in this volume form the only
clue. „

The book, then, is a guide to the literature of business in that
it is an index to that literature in whatever place it may be found.

All the books in our own Business Library of 3500 volumes, on
accounting, cost accounts, auditing, advertising, commercial cor-
respondence, salesmanship, have been indexed by those chapters
which are devoted to a specific business. For examples : All the
chapters on advertising automobiles have been listed under "Ad-
vertising — Automobile Trade" ; the chapters on cost accounts for
cotton mills have been listed under "Cost Accounts — Cotton Trade."

In "The Literature of Business" we have included the adminis-
trative, managemental, financial, marketing and other phases of
business, and the work of the several departments, of the officials
and of the employes of business houses.

We have omitted books, pamphlets and periodicals on economics,
and on other topics which are not strictly within the business field,
as we have defined it for the purposes of this volume, with this ex-
ception : About 16 subjects not concerned with methods, but on
which information is occasionally needed in the transaction of busi-
ness, are each represented by three or four books for reference use.

d'j'yy.t ■■

Who Compiled this Book

Sarah B. Ball, then in charge of our Business Library, made the
first edition, issued in 1916 under the title "1600 Business Books."

This was revised and extended by Linda H. Morley and Sophy
H. Powell, and issued in a second edition in 1917. The Associated
Ad. Clubs of the World helped to make possible this second edition.

Linda H. Morley, in charge of our Business Library, and Ade-
laide C. Kight, have made this revision and extension, now issued
under the title "2400 Business Books." They have given to this
work such time as could be spared from the pressing duties of the
Business Branch, and have not hesitated also to give liberally to it
of their own free hours.

They tell me that they wish special mention here made of the
aid they have had from one of our most competent workers, Marie
L. Prevost, head of our Catalog Department; and wish attention
called to the fact that Ruth Savord of our Catalog Department was
detailed for six months to work on this book at the Business Branch,
and was most efficient in that work.

Many libraries and individuals have helped the compilers by
answering their questionnaires and by giving specific advice and
suggestion. To Alice L. Rose, Librarian of the National City Bank,
New York, and to M. L. Frey, of the American Bankers Associa-
tion Library, special acknowledgements are due for suggestions of
books to be added.

Several certified accountants and experts, notably Julius E. Flink
of Newark, gave time to study and criticize the books and head-
ings entered under the subject of accounting; and Harold M. Gart-
ley, of the firm of Post & Flagg, did the same for the entries under

investment and speculation.

J. C. D.
Public Library, Newark, N. J.
September, 1920

Directions for Using this Book

If you wish to learn about the book or
books written by a certain author, look
for his name, just as you would in a tele-
phone book.

If you wish to learn about a book with
a certain title, look for that title; but do
not look for it under the "A", or "An" or
"The" that may precede the title proper.

If you wish to learn of the things that
have been written on a certain subject, look
for that subject.

Note that a subject is often subdivided,
and that to find what you seek you must
in some cases look through the alphabeted
subdivision of a subject.

Remember always that the book is cast
in the form of a dictionary; but that to the
alphabetic order of authors, titles and sub-
jects in one regular series, there are added
subdivisions of subjects which are them-
selves in alphabetic order under the sub-

Abbreviations Used

Acad. Academy

Adv. Advertising

Alex. Alexander

Amer. America, American

Assoc. Association, Associated

Bur. Bureau

Bus. Business

Ch. Chapter

Com. Commission

Comp. Compiler

Cong. Congress

Cor. Correspondence

Cyc. Cyclopedia

d. Pence

Dept. Department

Doc. Document

Ea. Each

Ed. Editor, Edited, Edition

Ham. Hamilton

Illus. Illustrated, Illustrating

Imp. Imported (Used with price of

foreign publications for which
list price could not be found.
Indicates price paid by New-
ark Library when imported
duty free.)

Incl. Included, Including

Ind. arts. Industrial Arts Index

Inst. Institute

Int. International










Page, Pages

P. A. I. S.

Public Affairs Information Ser-





Part -*


Publisher, Publishing, Published




















Special price (Used where list

price could not be found. In-

dicates price paid by Newark















Publishers' names are abbreviated. Full names
"List of Publishers" at end of book.

Abbreviations: — Look under this heading
for references to all lists of business and
trade abbreviations, English and foreign,
found in compiling this volume.

Associations: — Look under this heading
for all sources of lists of associations
found in all trade directories and ref-
erence books included in this volume
classified by trade and subject.

v. Volume, Volumes

and addresses for these abbreviations will be found in

Bibliographies: — Look under "Business —
Bibliographies" for a list of all the sub-
jects for which bibliographies have been

Directories — Foreign: — The only entry for
foreign directories is under the heading
"Directories — Foreign." The arrange-
ment is by continent. For a directory
of France look under "Directories — For-
eign — Europe."

Directories — Trade, etc.: — Look under
name of trade or business, with subhead
"Directories." The numbers there listed
refer to the numbers attached to each en-
try under "Directories — Trade, etc."
These numbered entries form a com-
plete alphabetic list of all trade and pro-
fessional directories included in this
book with publishers and prices.


Clothing trade

In list under "Directories, Trade, etc."
see No. 94, 159, 163

Look under this heading and find 94


Trade, etc.

94. Fairchild's National Directory and
Digest. (Includes Woolen and worst-
ed piece goods houses; Silks; Woolens;
Jobbers; Dyers, bleachers and finishers;
Dictionary of textiles; Trade associa-
tions). Fairchild Publishing Co., 8
East 13th St., N.Y. $2.

The items listed in parentheses following
the word "(Includes . . .)" are titles of
sections of the directory not indicated
by the title. The complete title thus
amended indicates quite fully the con-
tents of each directory.

State and local publications or directories
of government departments and bureaus
are not included. Only directories pub-
lished currently are listed. Directories
not published since 1917 have been omit-
ted except where the publishers have
stated, in response to our circular let-
ter, that they are to be republished
shortly. Standard foreign directories
probably suspended during the war are

Directories other than those for individual
trades are listed under the following sub-
jects with subhead "Directories": —

Corporations (unclassified lists)
Jobbing, commission business, etc.
Trade marks and trade names

Editions and Dates: — Information as to
editions and dates of books in former
editions of "1600" has not been revised.
The date used is that of imprint.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries: — Under
this heading will be found a classified
list of books and parts of books contain-
ing definitions of business, trade and
financial terms.

"English Practice": — Where English prac-
tice obviously differs from American be-
cause of difference in laws, currency, etc.,
on such subjects as: — Accounting, Ad-
ministration of Estates, Tables, Formu-
lae, etc., and Bankruptcy, entries for
English books have been followed by the
note "(English)" or "(English prac-

Index Numbers: — Under this heading will
be found this information about the
principal Index numbers: Name; for what
periods compiled; in what periodicals,
etc., the current index number appears,
and at what intervals.

Maps: — Under this heading are given sug-
gestions about maps for business use,
particularly for the sales and advertis-
ing departments.

Pamphlets and Government Publications:
These are entered in this book under
subject only. Every entry gives all in-
formation needed for purchase. In en-
tries for government publications the de-
partment listed last is the department
from which the document may be
obtained. The name of the issuing bureau
appears in parenthesis when the pamph-
let is distributed from another office.

Look under "Government Publications —
Bibliography" for a complete list of
price lists issued by the government.

Periodicals: — Frequency of publication: —
Look under subjects having subhead
"Periodicals." Day on which periodical
appears is here indicated whenever this
information appears on the title page of
the periodical. In other cases the terms
— weekly, monthly, etc. are used.

Retail periodicals: — Look at list of refer-
ences under "Retail stores — Periodicals,"
for a list of retail trades under which
periodicals are listed. Throughout the
book the note (Retail) and (also Retail)
will be found at the end of each entry
for such periodicals.

Subject headings: — Special sections which
appear regularly in periodicals are listed
throughout the book under the subject
to which they apply.


Automobile trade


Automobile trade journal, (also Retail)

Automotive industries. Weekly.
Commercial car journal. 15th of each



Publisher and price: Look under list
headed "Periodicals."

Indexes: Look under list headed "Peri-
odicals." At the end of each entry will
appear (when known) the phrase "Sepa-
rate index," or "Index appears in (date
of issue)"; also when the periodical is
indexed by any of the general periodical
indexes the names of such indexes are
given, viz: P. A. I. S.; Ind. arts; Bus. di-
gest; Bus. data bur.; Prentice-Hall;
Readers' Guide.



Economic world. 126 Water St., N. Y. $4

Saturdays Indexed by Bus. digest,

P. A. I. S., Bus. data bur. Separate index

(Jan.-Je., Jly.-Dec.)
Monthly labor review. Supt. of doc. $1.50.

Indexed by P. A. I. S., Bus. digest, Bus.

data bur. Index appears in Dec. issue.

Prices (Market): — Sources of current prices
of commodities divided into 200 groups
are listed under this heading.

Publisher and Price: — Information as to
publisher and price is given at the end
of the author entry, with the following
exceptions: Pamphlets, government docu-
ments and services, repeated under every
entry (only subject entries are made).
Foreign directories, under "Directories —

Trade directories, under "Directories —

Trade, etc."
Periodicals, under "Periodicals"
Yearbooks, under "Yearbooks"

Abbreviations are used in most cases for
Publishers' names throughout the book.
The full name and address for these ab-
breviations are given in the "List of
Publishers" at the end of the book. These
addresses were corrected from current
directories, with the exception of 150 for
which addresses were not found.

When the list price could not be found the
following abbreviations have been used:
"Spec." means special price paid by New-
ark Free Public Library. "Imp." means
imported or price paid by Newark Free
Public Library for foreign publications
imported free of duty. Entries without
prices are gifts to the Business Branch.

Prices of books, etc., at the date of their
publication were obtained from U.S.
Catalog. Possible advance in price since
date of publication must therefore be al-
lowed for.

Services: — Business information sold by
organizations and issued at frequent in-
tervals (sometimes daily) in loose leaf,
card, or report form. Subscription to
these Services makes available the spe-
cialized resources of their Research de-
partments and the help of experts. Full
information about the Services included
will be found under heading "Services."

Sources of Information: — In the work at
the Business Branch certain classes of
questions come up very frequently. To
facilitate search on questions of this
character a complete list of all the sources
of such information and methods of ob-
taining it was compiled and added to as
new sources were found. These "Sources
of information" lists constitute a method
of research applicable to certain general
types of business questions. Such lists
will be found in "2400 Business Books"
under: "Accounting for a specific busi-
ness"; Cost accounts for a specific busi-
ness"; "Cities — Commercial conditions
in"; "Cities — Location"; "Statistics — Pro-
duction"; "Trades (information about a
specific trade or business)"; "Statistics."

Subjects Not Included in "2400 Business
Books": — Books, etc., on commodities
have not been included, except those
written for the use of the salesman or
the advertising man. These have been
put under "Salesmanship," with the sub-
head for the name of the trade, thus:
"Salesmanship — Pottery trade."

Books on processes of manufacture are
not included. Books, etc., that appear
under the name of an industry or busi-
ness, such as "Automobile trade," "Hard-
ware trade," deal with the management
and administration of such businesses,
either manufacturing, jobbing or retail.

Books, periodicals, etc., on economic
subjects have been omitted with certain
exceptions. General information on the
16 subjects listed below is occasionally
needed in the transaction of business.
Therefore, three or four books on each
of these subjects dealing more with the
theory than with the methods of busi-
ness, are included as well as one or more

Arbitration — Industrial




Employers' liability

Labor and laboring classes

Labor unions

Merchant marine








Yearbooks: — Under this heading will be
found the full list of general statistical
publications, and yearbooks of individual
countries with publisher and price. Year-
books for individual countries will be
found under name of country also.

"2400" Business Books

ABC and XYZ of be culture. Root, A. I.

A B C of banks and banking. Coffin, G. M.

A B C of bond buying. Selden, G. C. 1919
A B C of bookkeeping. Dicksee, L. R.

A B C of foreign exchanges. Clare, G.


A B C of foreign trade. Henius, F. 1920

A B C of life insurance. Willard, C. E. 1908

A B C of options and arbitrage. Nelson,
S. A. 1904

A B C of salesmanship. Rust, T. D. 1914

A B C of stock speculation. Nelson, S. A.

A B C of the federal reserve system. Kem-
merer, E. W. 1918

A B C of Wall Street. Nelson, S. A. 1900

ABC universal, commercial, electric, tele-
graphic code. 4th ed 1899 Amer. code
co. $5

ABC universal commercial telegraphic
code. 6th ed. 1920 Macmillan

ABC universal, electric, commercial, tele-
graph code. 5th ed 1915 Amer. code
co. $12

Abbott, B. V.

Clerks' and conveyancers' assistant. 3d
ed 191 1 Baker, Voorhis $7.50

Abbott, W.

Commercial theory and practice. 1917
Murray 3s 6d


Baker, J. T. Abbreviations; Abbrevia-
tions of months and states. (In her
Correct business letter writing and
business English, 191 1, p. 101-166)
Cahill, M. F. Commercial abbreviations.
(In her Office practice, 1917, p. 240-243)
Collins, F. H. Authors' and printers' dic-
tionary; a guide for authors, editors,
printers, correctors of the press, com-
positors, and typists; with full list of
abbreviations; an attempt to codify the
best typographical practices of the
present day. 4th ed 1912 (English Prac-
Commercial abbreviations; Commercial
signs and characters. (In Amer. sch. of

cor. Cyc. of commerce, etc., 1910, v. 4,
P- 35-37; also in Amer. sch. of cor. Cyc.
of practical accounting, 1917, v. 1, p. 35-

Cortina, R. D. de la. Abreviaturas es-
panolas; English abbreviations. (In his
Modelos para cartas en espaiiol y en
ingles, 1918, p. 70-77)

Davies, J. P. Abbreviations used in en-
gineering work. (In his Engineering
office systems and methods, 1915, p. 509-

Dwyer, I. E. Business abbreviations and
symbols. (In his Business letter, 1914,
p. 160-162)

Eaton, A. H. Characters and abbrevia-
tions. (In Eaton and Burnett revised
and improved bookkeeping, 1917, p. 258-

Eaton, S. Characters; Abbreviations.
(In his How to do business, 1896,
P- 356-359)

Gardner, E. H. Glossary of business
terms, legal terms and abbreviations.
(In his Constructive dictation, 1919,
p. 301-322)

Hammond, H. W. Abbreviations of com-
mercial terms, etc. (In his Style-book
of business English, 1916, p. 227-231)

Heelis, F. Commercial terms, phrases
and abbreviations. (In his Pitman's
theory and practice of commerce, v. 2,
P- 550-572)

Hooper, F. Business abbreviations.
(English) (In his Home trade, 191 1.
p. 204-205)

Terms and abbreviations used in

reference to freights and charters;
Business abbreviations. (English) (In
his Import and export trade, 1910.
p. 201; 243-244)

Hotchkiss, G. B. Abbreviations. (In his
Business English, 1916, p. 360-365)

Hughes, C. H. Terms; Clauses and terms
occurring in policies; Export and ship-
ping terms. (In his Handbook of ship
calculations, construction and opera-
tion, 1918, p. 711-717)


Abbreviations — Continued

Int. cor. schools. Abbreviations relating
to business. (In its Business man's
handbook, 1904, p. 113-116)

Monteverde, R. D. Abbreviations. (In
his Commercial and technical terms in
the English and Spanish languages,
p. 112-114)

Moore, J. H. Abbreviations — General
terms. (In his Accounting and busi-
ness practice, 1902, p. 396-397)

Business abbreviations. (In his

Practical business arithmetic, 1906,
P. 442)

Pitman, Sir I., and sons, pubs. Abbre-
viations. (In Pitman's mercantile terms
and abbreviations, p. 1 13-126)

Business abbreviations: English;

Portuguese-English; Italian-English;
French-English; German-English. (In
Pitman's mercantile correspondence:
English, p. 244-260)

Riley, R. E. Abbreviations frequently
used in traffic publications. (In his
Traffic glossary, 1917, p. 247-249)

Rogers, W. T. Dictionary of abbrevia-
tions; (being citations of those terms
used in the professions, sport and
trades). (English) 1913

Russell, T. H. Characters and abbrevia-
tions used in business crrespondence.
(In his Business correspondence and
forms, 1910, p. 379-382)

Sheldrake, T. S. Abbreviations com-
monly used in the export trade. (Eng-
lish) (In Harmsworth business library,
v. 4, P- 319-320)

Stephenson, J. Abbreviations used in
trade; in exchange, banking and fi-
nance; in transport and insurance; in
warehousing. (English) (In his Prin-
ciples and practice of commerce, p. 354-
355; 478-479; 530-532; 566)

Teller, W. P. Signs, abbreviations and
contractions used in business. (In his
First book in business methods, 1911,
p. 250-253)

Webster, N. Dictionary of most com-
mon abbreviations. (In his New
supreme Webster dictionary, 1919,
p. 912-938)


Cornett, W. N. Abbreviations. (In his
French commercial correspondence,
1911, p. 6-7)

Graham, J. Abbreviations, German,
French, Spanish. (In his Foreign
traders' dictionary, 1906, p. 228-241)

Abbreviations used in French cor-
respondence. (In his French commer-
cial practice, 1916, v. 2, p. 419-422)

Abbreviations used in German cor-
respondence. (In his German com-
mercial practice, 1904, v. 2, p. 404-408)

Abbreviations used in Spanish cor-
respondence. (In his Spanish commer-
cial practice, 1916, v. 2, p. 408-412)

Kenyon, H. A. List of abbreviations
most commonly used in Spanish. (In
his Spanish commercial correspondence,
1907, p. 9-15)

Laroche, C. French commercial ab-
breviations. (In his Correspondance
commerciale, 1917, p. 123-126)

McHale, C. F. Lista de las abreviaturas
mas usadas en castellano, especial-
mente en el comercio. (In his Com-
mercial Spanish, 1918, p. 200-202)

Pitman, Sir I., and sons, pubs. Business
abbreviations. (In Pitman's mercan-
tile correspondence. English-German,
p. 244-246)

Business abbreviations. (In Pit-
man's mercantile correspondence. Eng-
lish-Italian, p. 242-244)

Business abbreviations. (In Pit-
man's mercantile correspondence. Eng
lish-Portuguese, p. 239-240)

Commercial abbreviations allowed

in French correspondence. (In its
Commercial correspondence in French,
p. 230-232)

Thomas, F. Abbreviations. (In his Ship-
ping clerks', correspondents' and trav-
ellers' handbook of Spanish invoicing,
1916, p. 12-14)

Veitelle, I. de. List of principal abbrevia-
tions. (In his Mercantile dictionary,
1864, p. 301-303)

Whittem, A. F. Abbreviations. (In his
Spanish commercial correspondence,
1916, p. 185-189)
Abel, J. C, and Abel, C. L.

Practical studio advertising. 1916 Abel $2

Ability tests

Ayres, L. P. Binet-Simon measuring
scale for intelligence; some criticisms
and suggestions, etc. 191 1
Bloomfield, D. Placement, promotion and
conclusion of employment. (In his
Selected articles on employment man-
agement, 1919, p. 207-237)

Fop "Directions for using this book" see page vll


Ability tests — Continued

Business training corporation. Analyzing
yourself. (In its Course in business es-
sentials, 1916-1918, v. 1)

How do you measure up; Keys to

tests. (In its Course in modern pro-
duction methods, 1919, v. 1, p. 80-118;

Cody, S. Commercial tests and how to
use them. 1919 (School efficiency

Hollingworth, H. L. Vocational psycho-
logy; its problems and methods; with a
chapter on "Vocational aptitudes of
women," by L. S. Hollingworth. 1916

Kemble, W. F. Choosing employees by
mental and physical tests. 1917 (In-
dustrial management library) L _

Leffingwell, W. H. Tests for typists.
(In his Scientific office management,
1917, p. 237-241)

Link, H. C. Employment psychology;

Online LibraryN. J. Free public library. Business branch Newark2400 business books, and guide to business literature → online text (page 1 of 67)