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aux Evangiles, par Lion Curmer. With Chroino-
lithographs. 8 vols. Imp. 8to. Paris, 1864. S.K.
EVANS (John). — Tho Ancient Stono Im-
plements, Weapons, and Omamente of Great Britain.
Royal Sto. Londoo, 1872. 8K.

EVANS (Rov. John). — A topographical

and historical Description of the Counties of Capr-
narvon and Denbigh ; an account of their
Towns, Castles, Antiquities, Churches, Monuments,
Public Dlificps, picturesque Scenery, tho RpRidences

of tho Nobility, Gentry, etc ".Ilhistratod with

engravings. Royal 8vo. L)ndon, 1810. S.K.

EVANS (Thomas).— "Wa^ks through Walca,

containing a topographical and statistical descrip-
tion of tho Principality, t) which is prefixed a
copious travelling guide. 2nd edition. Plates.
12mo. London, n.d.

EVELETH (Samitkl F.). — School-Houso

- Architecturo Illustrated ir 17 Designs in various
styles. With 67 Platos of full descriptive drawings
in plan, elevation, section and detail. 4to. New
York, 1870.

EVELYN (John). — Sylva, or a discourse of

Forcpt-Trcps, and tho propagation of timber To

whicli is annexwl Pomona ; or, an appendix ('on-
pprning Fniit-Trpos in relation to Cider, tho making,
and severall waves of ordering it. Publisho<l by
espresso Ordtr of tho Royal Society. Also Kalon-

darium Hortcnso ; or, the Ganl'ncr's Almanac

All which sevenil Treatises are in this second edition
much enlarged andimprovod, by John Evelyn, Esq.,
F.R.S. Small fol. London, 1670. S.K.

EVEN (EnwARD van). — Los Artistes de
rnotel do Villo deLouvain. 12mo. Louvain, 1862.


EVEN (Epv\'akd tan). — Notico sur un ta-
bleau do .Tean Gossart.dit Jean de ^f(V(hnlCJr, oflTert
on 16R8 par la villo do Louvain a Philippe II., Roi
d'Espngne. Par E. van Even. With plates. 4to.
Bruxelles, 1869.

EVEN (P:dward van). — Thierry Bouts, dit
Sluerbout peinfrodu quinziimoeicclo. 42 pp. 8vo.
Bruxelles, 1861.

EVEN (Epwardvan). — L'ancionno Erolo de
Pointuro de Louvain, par E. van E. Planches par
Charles Onghena et Florimond v.nn Loo. Royal 8vo.
Bruxelles et liOuvain, 1870. S.K.

EVEREST (Rohert). — Journey through
Lapland, Norway, and Sweden ; ^?ith some remarks
on tho Geology of the country, its climate '»nd
scenery 8vo. London, 1829.

EVERS (Karl Fu.). — Rctrachtunpf iiber

cine in Rostock gepriipt^- alto Miinzo in Grundlago
der dieser Stadt ertheilten landesherrlichen Miinz-
bognadigungsbricfo, etc. 4to. Schwcrin, 1785.

EVERS (Karl Fr.). — Mccklcnburgischo
Miinz-VerfassuDg, besonders dpr Geschichte dersel-
ben. 2 parts. Large 8vo. Schwerin, 1798-99.

fiVRARl) (AbFREP).— Les Moycns de Trans-
port appliqu(?s dans lea Mines, les Usincs it loa
Traraux publics. Organisation et Materiel, par A.
Evrard. Text, 8vo. Atlaa, 4to. Paris, n. d. S.K.

EWALD (Heinrich). — Abhandlungen iiber
dio grosse Karthagische und andere neuentdeckte
Phonikische Inschriflen. Largo 4to. GottingM,



Universal Catalogue of


EWERTS.— Handbuch fiir Liobhaber der

Zeichonkunst. With 19 pktos. Mannheim, 1824.
Second edition. With 19 phites. 8vo. Mann-
heim, 1838.

EXAMPLES of Art Workmanship, &c.—
Photograj)h8. Arcadus at Rome, chiefly of the

S Renaissance period. Under the aiuction of the
Science aiul Art DoiKirtnicnt. For the use of .Scliools

' of Art and Amateurs. Roy. 4to. London, 18G9.


EXA^rPLES of Art Workmanship, &,c.—

rhutopraiihs. Fountains at Runie and Garden
Arohitocture, Under the sanction of the Scionco
ond Art Department. I'or the use of .Schools of Art
and Amateurs. Roy. -Ito. Lomlon, 18(59. S.K.
EXCURSIONS Da<^ncrionnos,vucset monu-
ments Us plus renianiuables du gloLo. 2 vols.
I'd). I.erehourg, 1812.

EXETER Diocesan Architectural Society
(The Transactions of). 4to. Exeter, 1812, etc.

EXETER.— The Hand Rook of Exctor

Inchidiufj; an account of the City, t'athedral, etc.,
with a sketch of the Natural History of the noigh-
li(jiirlioud. Ry a IMemlier of the Royal Agricultural
Sucidy. 12ni(). E.xeter, 1«03. S.K.

EXNI:R (W. F.).— Dio Tapoten und Runt-
I'api.r-Industrie. Plates. 8v.). Weimar, 1809.

EXNIOR (W. F.).— I)L'r AuBstc'ller und dio
Ausstcllun^'in. 8vo. Weimar, 180C.

EXPLICA'l'ION dos arcs do tiioinpho quo
Ton fail dans la villo do Ruurd.aux, pour lo p.iswago
de rinfanio nine. llo. (Paris, 1722.)

EXP081T10.NES wu pcstille cpistolixrnm

et euangeliorum tolius anni. videlicet tlominiralium
ct feriarum : iiecnon do Sanctis et eorum coinmuMi,
etc. With votdcuts. Small Ito. Lugduni, l.')'tS.

EY (A.). — llarxbuch, odor dor (ioloitsmaun

durch den Harz. Von A. E. 2nd edition. With
24 steel plates and map. Roj-al 8vo. Goslar,

Com]K'ndium artis fortificatoriae plani aureum.
Das ist: Ein Kurtz zusammon gefasset Tractatlein,
in welchem dt-r Anfang und /.\inehmung di-r luMi-
chen Fortification bisz auff die lautigo Niederhin-
disehe manir tractirt sind. Woodcuts. 4to. Dres-
den, 1G21.

EYMARD (Patji.).— UtiHtc' de rcnKcirrnc-
ment du dessin industriel aux femmes. Muemo-
tcraphic. Largo 8vo. Lyon, 18G3.

EYMARD (Paul).— Notice sur J. A. :M.

Duclaux, ptintre, 6a vio it bes oeuvrcs. 40 pp.
Large 8vo. Lyon, 18G9.

EYSELYNCk (C. L.).— Guide do la Villo
do Gaud, ou description do ses monuments, etc.
8\o. Gand, 18G0. R.M.

EYSENHACH (C.).— Histoiro du blason et
science dcs armoirii s. One coloured plate and many
coats of arms in text. 8vo. Tours, 18.>8.

EYTELWEIN (Joiian.v Ali.kut). — Prnk-

tisehe Anweisung nur Konstrukzion der I'asdiint n-
verko iind den ilazu gehi'Jrigen Anlagen an Finsscn
und Strunion, nehst einer Anhituiig zur V. r.iii-
.? scidagung diesor Itaue. 8 plates.' 4to. Reilin,
laod. .S.K.

EYTFLWEIN (Juuan.n Ai.i!Rin).— (Iconio-

trisdies und pcrspektivi-ches ZiiclmenhucU fur
Raugcworksl.uto. 4to. JKrlin, 1803.

EYTIOLWKIN (.T.hian.s- Amikkt).— Rcincr-

kun^'.'u iihrr die Wirkung des Stossluhers, hojlier
hydra\ili.iue. With plates. Ito. licrl n, 18tij.

EYTZlXd !■: 11 (MiciiAKL).- Doleono Rul-ico

ejusnuo tojiognipliica attpio histiuica descriptiono
lilur. With plates by llogenl.erg. Fol. Colonix
Ubiornin, l."iH3.

Anotlior edition. Fol. Coloni;e Ubiorum, 168.').

Books on Art {Supplement).



F. (A.). — Guide pittorosquo ct nrtistlquo du
Voyiigtur en Ilollandc. 12mo. IJruxcUcs, 1838.

F. (C.)-— Musee royal do Nnplcp, peinturcs,
brouzes ct statues iroticjiics <lu cabinet secret, avec
explication par C. F. CO plates. Large 4to.
Paris. 1836.

F • * * (D. D. F. D. B.).— Sco FRiiziKR

(A. F.)
FA15ER (Gkotigk Stan'lky). — Rcninrks on
the rvramid of Cephrenes, lately opened by Mr.
IJelzoni. 24 pp. 8vo. Ix)ndon, 1819.

FABER (John).— The Kit-Cat Clul., done
from the Original Paintings of Sir Godfrey Knellcr
bv Mr. Fabcr. Title and 48 portraits in merzotint.
Pol. Ix)ndon, ITS.-). S.K.

FABER DU EAUR (C. W. von).-Blattor
ausiueinem Portefiiiille im Laufedea Feldzugs 1812
in Kussland. (,In French and (k-rnian.) 100 litlio
graph?. Obi. fol. Stuttgart, 1831.

FABERT. — VoynfTc du roy :i Met?, I'ocoa-
sion d'iceluy, ensemble les signes do rcjouissanccs
faits par ses habitants jiour honorer rentree de Sa
Majcste. Plates. Fol. n.p. 1619.

FABl (Massimo). — II (Vnacolo di Loonnrdo
(la Vinci ri-divivo con tnirabile trovato di Stcfano
Parezzi. Veroiui e Milauo, 18.^5.

FABIUS RIC TOR, ps,.ud.— llnnd-R.ook of
Ta.>ife ; or, How to observe works of Art, especially
cart>oons, pictures, and st;»tues. Second edition.
8vo. Ixindon O^^-''?)- l^'^'-

FABLES of Flowers for the female sex,
•with Zephyrus and Flora, a version ■written for tlic
amusement of Her Highness the I'rincess Uoyal
by the author of the choice Emblems, etc. • 30
plates and I vignette. 12mo. London, 1773.

FABLES. — Select Fables, in three parts.
Part I. Fables extracted from Dodsley's. Part ii.
Fables with Reflections, in Prose and Verse. Part
III. Fables in Verse. To which are prefixed, the
Life of .,T-;sop; and an F^ssay upon Fable,
edition improved. With woodcuU by
8vo. Newcastle, 1784.

FABRE (A.).— Tresor do la chnpelh; des
Duos de Savoie aux x\' ct xvi' sieclcs. fitude
hisloriquc ct archeologique. 4to. Vicnne (en
France), 1868.

FABRETTI (Auiodante). — Corpus in-

scriptionum Italianim antiquioris aevi ordinc gco-

graphico digcstum ct Glossarium Ttalicum, in quo

omnia Tocabula contincntur ci Umbricis Sabinii


A new



Oscis Volscis Elruscii aliisquc monumcntig quoo
supersunt coUecta, ct cum interpretationibus vario-
rum explicantur, cura ct Studio Ariodantis Fabretti.
Many plates. I^rgc 4to. August rc-Taurinorum,


FABRETTI (Ariodante). — Sopra una is-
crizione Umbra Bcopcrta in Fossato di Vico.
Osservazioui, di A. F\ Lithograph. I.') pp. 8vo.
Torino, 1869.

FABRETTI (Rakfaello).— Inscriptionum
antiquarum que in ofdibus patemis nsservantur ex-
plicatio et additamentum. With woodcuts. F'ol.
lloma-, 1699.

Another edition. Fol. Roma;, 1702.

FABRI (E.). — Grundziige dt-r Civilbankunst
als Compendium zu Vorlesungcn uiid Rathgeber
fiirs Leben. With 2 plates. Large 8vo. Erlan-
gen, 1827.

FA B R I ( IIoNoiJATi;s). — Synopsis gcomctriaj
cui accessere tria opusciila, de linea sinuum et cy-
cloide, dc maximis et minimis centuriir, ot synopsis
trigonometriic plansc. 12mo. Lugduni, 1669.

FABRI CIUS (Gkoucius).— Georgii Fab-
ricii Chemnicensis Originvni illvstrissiniaj stirpis

Saxonica; Libri scptem Acccsserunt Jcones

sen .Imagines Uegvm, .Impp. ac Princi|)vm Saxoniro

proccipux. Item Stemma VVitiehindevm Kx

Recognitione Nicolai Itevsneri J. C. With wood-
cuts. Fol. .lentc, 1598. S.K.

FABRIDA (S.).— Neu kiinstlich Fechtbuch

darinneu .")()() stuck im cinfachcn l{api' r wic auch
cfliche im Rappier vnd Dolch ; collipi". iincli niit
sehijnen Kupferstiickcn geziiTCt dureb !- b Hcusler.
2 vols. Plates, 4to. Niimberg, 161 3.

FABRIS (Emilio de). — Del sisteina tricus-
pidalc per il coronamento dclla facciata di S. Maria
del Fiorc ; nuoTe considcrazioni dell' arehitetto E.
de F. 13 pp. Large 8vo. Firenze, 1867.

FABRIS (GiusEi'PE de), — Intorno ad un
bassorilievo antico rapprcsante Arianna abban-
donate du Teseo. Plate. 4to. Roma, 1845.

FABRIZI (Giuseppe). — Spo.siziono dello
Pitture in muro del Ducale Palazzo nella nobil
terra di Sassuolo, grandiosa villeggiatura de' Scre-
iiissirai Principi Estensi. Small 4to. Modena,
1784. S.K.

FABinJSTA. Da ISfogidadc ou Fabulas
Selectas D'Esope, Florian, Lafontaine, Stassart
Lemonnier, Kiaratc, Samaniego, etc. Dcstinadas
para a educ^ijao c recrcco da Mogidade, Tradu-
zidas por Tristao da Cunha. 24 plates and wood-
cut-vignettes. Obi. 8vo. Paris, 1854.



Universal Catalogue of


FABYAN (Robert).— The Chronicle of
Fabyan ■whiolie he hym eelfe nameth the concord-
ance of historyes nowe newely printed, & in many
plirces corrected as to the dylygent reader it may
apero. 2 parts. Frontispieces and bitial letters
cut in TTOod. Fol. London, 1542. Soane Mus.
Other editions : —

' Emprjnted by Richcharde Pynson.' Fol.

London, 1516.
2 vols. Fol. Ixindon, 1533.
Continued to the " ende of Qucenc Mary." 2

vol;*. Fol. London, 155'J.
Koy. 4to. London, 1811.

FACIUS (Fit. Wii.nELM).— Dontlicho An-
■weisung fiir die Zeichuenschiiler. With plates. 4to.
Erfurt, 1797-99.

FACIUS (J. F.). — IMiscollon zur Go-
ochiehtu dor Kultur mid Kuust dcs Alterthunis.

8vo. Cobiirg, 1H(»5.

New tilitioii \iiukr the title : — Collectancen zur
Giieehisdien uud UonilHchen Alterthumskuade.
8vo. Coburg, 1810.

FACIUS (J. F.).— Taschenbuch fiii-junge

lieiseiide, \m\ Kunstgaleri-ii, Museen und Hiblio-
thckeii, niit Nutzeu zu besuchen von J. F. F. 8vo.
Coburg, 1807.

Geschichte der KOlnischen, etc. Geschlechter,
etc. 2 Theil : Ergiinzungen and Verbefsserungen
2um 1 Theil, etc. With numerous illustrations of
coats of arms. Fol. Coin, 1853.
FAIENCE. — Imngerie tie la Faience. Aa-
sicttes \i embli'mes patriotiques. POriode rtvolu-
tiounaire 1789 a 1795. 118 chromolithographs.
Large 4to. Beauvais, Marcschal, n.d.

FAILLON (M.).— :Monumcnts ino<lits stir
I'Apostolat de Sainte Marie-Madeleine en Provence,
ct sur les autres Apotres de cette contree Saint
Larare, Saint Maximin, Sainte Marthe, Ics Saintes
Marie jucobc et Salome, etc. 2 vols. Numerous
engravings. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1848.

FAIRBAIHN (Thomas).— Suggestions for
the Foundation of a Permanent aud Free Art
Gallery aud Museum in Manchester. 4 pp. Fol.
Manchester, ISf.O.

FAIRBAIKN (TnOM.\s). - Frco Art Gallery
and Museum for Manciiester. Keport of a Meeting
held in the Manchester Town Hall, March 5th,
18G0. 31 pp. 6vo. Manchester, 18C0.

FAIRBAIKN (\Yili.i\m).— Ob.^orvations on
iinprovemi-nts of the Town of Manchester, par-
ticularly as regards the importance of blending in
those improvements the Chaste and llcautiful, with
the Ornamental and Useful. 4 plates. Small 4to.
Idanelaster, 1830.

FAERN'US ((Jarimki.).— Centum Fabulie
ex antiijuis scrijitoribus deleetir, et tl Gahriele
Facrno Creuumeusi Carminibus expli.atic, hac FAIKIIOLT (FlJKDKniCK Wh.LIAM). — Ram-

cditioiie variorum Sententiis Sapicntuiu adomata. '
With woodcuts by Antonius Sylvius. 16nio.
Ikuxellis, 1G82. " S.K.

FA1:RNUS (Garrikl).— Fables in Engli.nb

and French Verse. Tnmslated from the Original
Latin of G.F. 100 plates, 8vo. London, 1741.

FAESCII (J. Gkouc. RiDoi.rn).— Grunil.
miissige Anweisutig zu den Verzierungen der Feu-
Mer, Thiircu, I'ortale, l{ulu>lraden, i te. 5 vols.,
with 4.00 plates. Small 4to. Nliniberg, n.d.

FAKSCII (.T. Gkuuc. RiDoi.i-n).— Grund-

niiissige Anweisung zu den Verzierungen der
I'enster, in kurtze Kegclii verfasset, etc. 100 plates.
Small 4to. Niiruberg, n.d.

FAESCII (.7. Gf.ouo Ri'dommi).— -Anilrcr

Virsiuh seiner arcliitectouischen VVerke. 50 plates.
Fol. Niiruberg, 1722.

FAG NAN 1 (EiMiAMo). — Del .sisloma con
eui abbiasi a deeorarc la facciata della Caftedrale
di Firenze, per E. F. 20 pp. Large 8vo. Torino,

FAIINE (Anton). — Gescliiehtc .Ut K..I11-
ischcu, .lulichscheu und Hergisehen (ieschlcchter I
in StamuUafeln, Wai)peu, Siegeln und I'rkuuden,
von A. F. Krster Theil. .Stammfolge und Wajpen-
bueh. (No more published.) With portrait, 5
lithographs, and 1,000 coats of arms in text Fol.
Ki)lu uud Bonn, 1848.

bles of an Archieologist among old Pooks and in
old I'laces ; being I'apers on Art, in relation to
Aichft'ology, Painting, Art-Decoration, aud Art-
Manufacture. By F. W.Fairholt. Illustrated with
2.'>9 wood engravings. 4to. Loudon, 1871. S.K.

FAIRIIOLT (FuKHKiucK William). —

Homes, Haunts, and Works of Rubens, Vandyke,
Rembrandt, and Cuyp ; the Dutch tienre painters ;
Michael Angelo and KatVaelle. Heing a series of
Art Rambles in Hdgium, Holland, and Italy. By
F. W. Fairholt, F.S.A. Illustrated with one hun-
(bed and thirty-three wood engravings. Post 4to.
Loncb.n, 1871. S.K.

FAIULANI) (Thomas).— See BAUUAto

(\V.) and 1'aiui.ami (T). The book of animals,
.S.e. t)bl. fol. (1840.)

FAIKLIE (John).— Illustration.M of Cliovc-
ley Church, Cambriilgeshire. From Drawings by
J. F. Drawn on stone by T. Scandrctt. Litho-
graphed text, and 29 plates. Fol. London(l851).


FAIR:\IAN (G.) and INMAN (H.).— Illus-
trations of the Piomers. De.-igned by G. F. and
H. 1. Engraved by i;. Fairmau ami others. 5
lilates, notext. 4to. I'hila.lelphia, 1824. S.K.

de las bellas artes desde la epoco del renacimiento.
Con notieia de los progresos guo han tenido en
Espana ha>l« tines del siglu pasado. 4to. Barce-
lona, 1870.


Books on Art {Supplement),


FALBE (Christian Taxen). — Soo Temple
(Sir GrcnTillc). ExcursioDB dans I'Afriqne. 1838.

FALCINI (M.). — Cenni intorno ai due pro-
getti della facciata del Duomo di Firenze segnati
A. e. B., deir architetto M. F. 15 pp. Large 8vo.
Firenze, 1867.

FALCON (Theodorf,).— Galcric pour Tin-
dustrie de la dcntelle fondee au musoe du Puy, par
Theodore Falcon. 8vo. Le Fuy, 1854.

FALCONER (William).— The Shipwicck,

a roem. With woodcuU by Birkct Foster. 8to,
Edinburgh, 1858.

FALCONIERI (Carlo). — Mcmoria intorno
il rinvcnimento dellc ossa di KalTaello Sanzio, con
brive appcndice suUa di lui vita, dell' arcbitofto
C. F. 28 pp. 8vo. Korna, 183.1.

FALIZE (Andrk). — Enimix jnponniiis,
Bvccune brochure de Rurty. With 19 plates. Fol.
Paris, n.d.

FALK (M.) nnd DUX (A.). — Kronunps-
Album. 8 Juni 18f>7. Mit Illnstrationcn von
Kolarz, Kriehuber, Katzier, etc. Text von M. F.
iind A. 1). Large fol. Test, 1868.

FALK (V. A. Franz).— Die Kunstthiitiskoit
in Mainz von Willig.ssens Zeit bis zum Schlussc
des Mittelatters in Kegestenforni aus gcdruckten
und nngodrucktcn Qaellcn. Royal Svo. Mainz,


FALK (V. A. Franz).— Die Bildwerkc dos
Wormser Doms von Dr. V. A. F. Falk. 12nio.
Mainz, 1871. S.K.

FALKE (Jacob).— Die dcntschc Trachtcn-

und Modenwelt. Ein Beitrag znr deutschen Cul-
turgcschichte. Vol. i. Die aite Zeit und das Mit-
telaltcr. Vol. ii. Die Neuzeit. 2 vols. 8vo.
Leipzig, 1858. S.K.

FALKE (JACon). — Dio Knnstindnstrio nuf
der Ausstellung in Dublin, 1865. 8vo. Wien

FALKE (Jacob).— Die Kunst^ammlungon
S' Majestiit des Konigs Karl's XV. von Schweden
und Norwcgcn zu Stockholm und Ub-iksdal. Imp,
Svo. Gcdruckt in Wien, 1871. S.K.

FALKE (Jacoh).— Die Kun.'it im ITnusc.
Geschichtlichc und kritisch-tlsthotischc Studicn
xibor die Decoration und Ausstattung der Wohnung
vonJ. Falkc. 8vo. Wien, 1871. S.K.

FALKENSTElN(JonANN IlEmmcu von).
Antiquitates ct Memorabilia Nordgaviac vuteris ;
Oder Nordgauixrhe Alterthiinier und Merkwur-
digkeiten, etc. im Burggrafthum Numberg,
Theile. Fol. Schwabach, 1734-43.

4' Thcil (in 2 vols.) also under the title: Urkun
den und Zeugnissc voni achtcn Seculo, etc.
NeuBtadt, 1788, 89.


FALKENSTEIN (Johann IIeinricii von).
Chronicon Suabacense, oder Boschrcibung von
Schwabach, etc. 4to. Ulm, 1740.

Second edition, augmented by J. G. Maurcr.
4to. Schwabach, 1756.

FALLENSTEIN (Jii. Sal. Ph.).- Anlci-
tung zu den romischen Altcrthvjmem. Svo. Clevc,

FALLET (Ck.line ). — La Franco; sites,
monuments, richcssos et souvenirs. 4 vignette*.
Large Svo. llouen, 1856.

FALLET (Cklix>:). — Ilistoiro des dues de
Nonnandic, avec la description des mmurs, cou-
tiimes, villos et monumenf!« do toute la province.
8vo. Limoges, 1867.

First edition. Svo. Limoges, 1858.

FALTATE (Lkon).— Do I'Art cliez los Pcn-
pUs primatifs npv^s lours niignitions dnns la Gaulc.
Kxamen cntiiiuo dos Ages de piorro, do bronze, et
do for. With 1 plate. Cpp. Svo. Paris, n d.


FALUGl (LuKii). — Vinf:jt-trois dessins a
la plume d'un grand alphabet italicn, ornc et ontrc-
molo do jolios figures, etc. n.p., 1783.

FAMIN (Cii.).— Causerio sur Ics Arts \
propos des musoes de rrovenco. Svo. Chartres,
1869. S.K.

FANS, ExiiiniTioN or, 1870. — Catnlofruo
of the Loan Exhibition of Fans, 1870. With illus-
tnitions. (CompiliKl by Samuel Hodgravc.) 4to.
London, 1870. ' S.K.

FANS. — Fans of all Cointrie.''. A series of
20 photoeraphs of Spanish, French, Gennan,
Italian, and English Fans. Under the sanction of
the Science and Art Department, for the use of
Schools of Art, and Amateurs. Large 4to. Ixindon.
1871. S.K.

FANTA (JfLirs). — Dio crstc ansgenihrto
Kottonbriickc fiir don Lokomotivbetricb. I'rojec-
tirt imd orbant im .Tahrc 1859-60 vom Obcrbauins-
poktor Friedrich Sehnirch. Mit Zeichnudgen. 3
lithographs in folio. 28 pp. Large -Ito. Wien,

FANTI (SiGisMCNDo). — Thcsauro do Scrit-
tori, opera artificiosa la quale con grandissime
Arte, si per pratica come per geomctrla, insegna a
Poriverc diverse sorte leflere. Woodcuts. 4to.
(Venice?), 1535.

FARABULINI (David).— Sopra una Sacra
Fnmiglia di Federico Barocci, nell' Jlsposizione
IJomana, rngionamcnto del Prof. 1). Can. F. Svo.
Iloma, 1870. S.K.

FARxVDAY (Michael).— Article from Era-
ser's Magazine, March 1870. "Faraday." S.K.

. FARAO (F. M.).— Suir intcrprctaziono di
due vnsi fittili rcccmentc trovati in Pesto. 4 plates.
Svo. Napoli, 1810.



Universal Catalogue of


FARQY (C). — Cours eldxncntuire de per-
epective k I'usage des dames. Tlates. 8vo. rari«,

FARGEAUD (A.).— L'ancionne et la nou-
vclle horloge de la Catht5drale de S'.rasbourg. 8to.
Strasbourg, 1842.

cription de la ville de Strasbourg. With plates.
121I10. Stnusbouig, 1825.
Another edition ; —

l2nio. Strasbourg, 1840.

FAKGfiS-MKRlCOl'RT (Pii. I.).— Rtk-
tion du voyage de S. M. CharUs X. eu Alsace.
Lithographs. 4to. Strasbourg, 1829.

FAUINK (('iiAi:Lt;.s). — ('. Faiino, Doux
I'iiales au xvi'. siieie. ilistoire drs IJarberousse.
Coniposiiions(llluslrations)i>arl^. l'"lanieng. (With
a historieal sketch of the Kremh sitlliinents in
Algiers by 1'. 1). i.e. 1'. Duerocii. Numerous
illustrations. 4to. I'aris, l&O'.i. H.M.

FARINl (1'«i). — Sopra uii dipiiito
(I'ltrarcli and Laura) del (."avallere Agricola. 8vo.
I'a.lova, 1833. B.M.

FAKMKR(\V.). — Tlii> common Almfiiincke
ov Kaleiider, drawen foorth for tliis yeere, l.'iST,
bfviig the thyiile from th./ Li-ape yeere. Wlitre-
uiito is annexed, and diarily comp.iiid tin- new
Kalender of the Konians, whicli is very j)leasaunt,
and also ueeessarie for all estates, vvliosoever tlial
hath cause to travel, trade, or trafHii\ie into any
IS'ation which hath alieadie rtcejved this n< w
Kalender, as wyll more pl:i\ne appe;\re by the
da_\ly Use thereof. And also a rrogiioslieatioi» for
the same yeere, diligently lalciilated and referred
to the Longitude and Klevation of the pole Artieke
of the lilic of Dubline, and may serve like^v^^e
for Colleeted and gaill-nd by \V. Far-
mer, Chirurgian. WooUut borders and initial
letters. Post 4to. London, 1{. Watkins and ,1.
Kobertes, 1587. S.K.

FARIJKLL (lsAA<).— The All)oit Wiiulow,
dv-igned bv I. F., Architect. Illustrated by en-
gravings. ■4to. Dublin, 1851. 's.K.

FARRirS (DoMiMCLs).— Oiiilioi.cs, Re-
sponsa, liiterae, ac .Mandata c\ Acti^ Concilii
'I'ridentini collectu, Nupcni ; in luceni a'dita. In
Italic tvpe, with wootfcut init al htteis. ICmo.
Aldus, Vcnetiis, 1507. S.K.

FASlCTLl'S Tiiiiponim (niiclun' Wcriicro
Lolewinok, C'arthusieiise). (lothic htter, with
woimIciUs. 1'\)1. [At the end] Inipssum J* me
llenricii qnentel. Kt ailmissum ab alma vniversi-
tate Colonieti. Explicit feliciter. Sub anno dm
M.CLVC.Lxxxj. S.K.

FASCICULUS tt'mi)oru ouiiies untiquOji

ehronicas strictimcomplectens feliei uumine mcipit.
[At the ind] Krhardus IJatdolt -Vugusteusis iui-
iiressiohi paravit: Anno bahlti^ .MlX'l'C.LXXX V.
v'l. idus. Septeuibris Veuetiis luclylo priueipe

Johiuine Mocenico. (Woodcuts, 66 leaTcs num-
bered, and 8 unnumbered. No title-page.) Small
fol. Augtistae, E. Ratdolt, 1485. S.K.

FASTI (Maijiani).— Cum illustinum Dino-
rum Imaginib. & Elogiis prope U. C. in singulos
Anui Menses Diesq^. SS. Natalesdistributis. With
plates. 2 vols. 24mo. MonachJi, 1630. S.K.

FAU (JfLiKN.) — Anatomie artistique t-K'-
mentaire du corps huniain, par le docteur J. ¥., h
I'usage des eeoles de dessio, des cclleges, pen-
sions, etc. With IV coloured plates. New edition.
8vo. I'aris, 1873. S.K.

FAUCIIK (Samikl).— Etat et Deliccs do

la Suisse, ou descrijition historiijue et geographinue
de trei/e cantons suisses et de leurs allies. Nou-
velle edition. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 4io.
Neuchiitel, 1778.

FAUCIIEU'X (L. E.). — Catalogue des

U'uvres des maitres, peintres et graveuFH, vendus
tii-puis plus de 100 ans (avec leurs prix) ; suivi da
catalogue des estanipcs vendues plus de 1,000 fr.
8vo. I'aris, 1800.

i.KMi). — Ilistoire nalurelle de la proviace de
Dauphine. I'lates. 8vo. Paris, 1781.


L1:mi>. — Es>ai de geologic ou memoireu pour
ticrvir a I'histoire naturelle du globe. 2 vol:.., with
39 plates. 8vo. I'.iris, 1803.

FAUR DE PIBRAC (A. dl).— Memoiio
snr un cimetiere celtiiiue decouvert a Ikaugency
With plates. 8\o. Orleans, 1860.

FAURIC (J. Ct..). — AbivL'e metbodique des

princ'.pes de la science hiraldicpic. Plates. 4lo.
L'hamlHiy, 1647.

FAU R I S-S A I NT- V INCENS (Jili.s Fi:an-

Vois I'xri.). - Notice sur J. F. P. F.-S.-V.—
Inscription grccpie tiree de la niaison <|u'avoil
Jiabitc Peiresc. .Medailles de Marseille. Miinoire
Rur unc urne si'pulchrale trouvee a Marseille.
Notice sur (piel<iues ancieiims medailles. Monu-

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