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et statues exposes au Museum du Departement de
I'Escaut, Bitu6 a Gand. 12mo. An xi. (1803)

GIACOMELLI (Sofia).— La DivinaComo-
di:i di Dante Aliphieri civi^ V Inferno, 11 Purgatorio,
ed il Paradise composta cd incisa pai' S. G. 4to.
Paris, n.d.

GIACOMELLI (Soha).— Lo Pnmdispordu
par Milton en douze figures coniposocs et gravccs
par S. G. 4to. Paris, 1813.

GIACOMUZZI (Giovanni).— La Pcrla di
vetro color giiillo-oro, di G. G. di Venezia, all'
esposizione di lloma. 29 pp. 16mo. Venezia,

French translation, 30 pp. 16mo. Venezia,

GIAI^inULLARI (Pier Francesco). —

1). r Sito, Fonna, & Misure, dello Inferno di Dante.
With woodcuts. 16mo. Fireiize, 1544. S.K.

GIBBS (J.). — Ecclesiivsticnl and Domestic
Driiamonts fur the Workers in Wood, Stone, and
Metal : n Series of 48 Plates, containing Designs
for Furniture and other Ornaments. Imp. 8vo.
London, n.d. S.K.

1' Stuk. 8vo. Kotter-


GHENT. — XVI™» Salon do Gnnd. Notice
des Productions de Peinturc, Sculpture, Architec-
ture Gravarc, Dessin, etc., d'Artistes vivants,
exposes au palais de I'Universite.Ie 20 Juillet 1835.
50 pp. 8to. Gand, (1835).

GHERT (P. G. van).— Bijdrapen tor bc-
vordering cener grondige Kennis ran het jrezen
der Schoone Kunst
dam, 1841.

GIIESQUlERE (— , Abhr).— Momoire snr
trois points intercssants de I'histoire mom'tairc des
Pays-Bus, avec les figuris de plusieurs monnaies
bolgiques frapp^es avant 1450. Illustrations. 8vo.
Bruxeilcs, 1786.
GHILLANY (Friedricii Wiuiklm). —

Index rarissimorum aliqjot libronim manuscripto-
rum sfcculonue xv typif descriptonim quos' habet
bibliotheca publica Noi-ibergensis additis quibus-
dam autographorum excnplis et picturis compositus
a F. Guil G. IIujus lih-i tantum cccc cxemplaria
exstant. 4to. Noribvrifse, 1846. B.M.

GHILLANY (FRiEimicH Wii.helm). —

Gi'schichtc des Seefahrers Bitter Martin Ikhaim,
nach den iiltesten vorhandencn Urkunden bear-
beitct. Eingeleitet durch eine Abhandlung
Ueber die iiltesten Karten dea neuen Continents
und denNamen Amerika Ton Alex, von Humboldt,
etc. Portrwt and Maps. Fol. Niimberg, 1853.

GHISI (Fr.vncesco Innocentio Cybo). —
De Sepolcri e dell' Esseqvie antiche et moderne.
Diuisa in cinqne Ragionamenti, del R. P. F. I . C. G.

Genonese Con inflniti cssempi delle Historic

8a«re, & profane. Small 4to. Venetia, 1608.


GIBBS (John).— Designs for Christian
Memorials for churchyards and cemeteries: for the
use of the clergy, architects, sculptors, carvers,
builders, masons, and others. By .T. G., Architect.
40 plates. Imp. 8vo. O.xford, 1808. S.K.

GIBBS (John). — Domestic Architecture
and Ornament in detail : being a series of designs
for vindows, doorways, doors, capitals, cornices,
string-courses, mouldings, b.ises, eliimney-shafls,
iron railings, furniture, and sundry ornaments,
developed after the manner of the Romanesque,
English and Foreign, the Gothic, and other styles
of Architecture : for the use of architects, builders,
sculptors, carvers, masons, cabinet-makers, workers
in metal, and for Art ntudents generally, with
descriptive letter-press. By .1. G., Architect. 3rd
edition. Text, 8 pp. 21 plates. Fol. Oxfi.rd,
1868. ' S.K.

GIBBS (John).— Gibl)s' Studies for Art
Devi^ners and Manufacturers. Text, 2 pp. 30
lithographs. Fol. Oxford, 186'J. S.K.

GIBBS (SAMi-EL).—GiI)l).H's Bath Visitant;
or, new Guide to Bath ; containing an account of
that City and its Environs, together with ... a
Plan of the City, corrected to the present time.
With woodcuts. 18mo. Bath, n.d. S.K.

GIBBS (W.). — Designers' and Draughts-
men's Handbook of Ornament. Illustniting and
explaining the various Styles of Decoration. 8vo.
London, n.d. S.K.

GIBBS and CANNING.— Pattern Book of
Architectural Terra-Cotta. Obi. 4to. Tumworth,
n.d. S.K.

GIBERT (HoNOR^).— Catalogue du Mus6o
d'Aix (B(tuche«-du-Uh6ne) dress^ sous la direction
du Conserrateur, 12mo. Aix, 1862. S.K.

8 357


Un i versa I Co ta log ue of


GIBERT (Joaquin Maximiliano) Dis-

curso quo ul Her iustalada en 8 do Abril do 1850 la
Aciidouiiii do BtllaH Artes de las Islas Baloares,
cicada jMir real dicrito do 31 dc Octubrc <le 1849,
prommcio .... D. J. M. Gibcrt. 4to. Palma,

GIBRALTAR, — Tho Tnwellor's Hand-

Book for Gibraltar, with Observations oa the sur-
rounding Country. By an Old Inhabitant. 12iuo.
London, 1844. S.K.

GIBRALTAR.— A History of Oihrahur nnd

its Sif<:is. With [)hotof,'raphii; illiihlratii)ns by J.
II. Manii. IC plates. 4to. Loudon, 1870. B.M.

GIBSON (CiiAULErt B.)— The History of
the County and City of Cork. By Hev. C. B.
Gibson, a vols, 8vo. Londou, 18G1. S.K.

GIBSON (John),— Tho History of Glas-
gow, from the earliest accounts to the present time.
Alap. 8vo. Gliuigow, 1777.

GIBSON (John),— See Eastlake (Lady).

— Life of John Gibson, K. A. 8vo. 1870.

GIBSON (JosKi'ii).— Tho History of Glas-
gow, from the earliest Accounts to the present
Time, etc, 8vo. Glasgow, 1777.

GIBSON-CHAIG (Sir William, Bart.)—
See Mani sciiii'TS. National Manuscripts. Scot-
laud. Atlas fol. 1867.

GIEFEHS (WiLiii-LM ENr.F.LiiKnT). — Die
E.vtirnsteiue im riirstenthum Lippe-Detmold. Eine
historisoh - arehiiologische Monographic. I'lates.
8vo. Tuderborn, 18.51.


merkwiirilige KapelUu*,Westphalcn8, zu Taderbom,
Externstein und Driigelte. 2ud edition. JJtho
graphs. 8vo. ruderborn, 1854.

GILBERT — Gilbert'.s Scries of practical
Drawing-Hooks. Nos. i.-xvii. Tost 4to. Lon-
don, n.d. y.K.

GILB E HT ( Antoine - riEituE - AI akie)

Notice historique et descriptive du chateau de
Chambonl et do ses depeudances depuis eu con-
struction jusqu'ii repoque de sa destruction. 8vo.
Blois, 1SJ2.

GILBKUT (IlEnuEUT).— Practical I»lano
Geometry, adapted for the use of Students pre-
paring for the Govenmient Department Examiiia-
•tions in Science and Art. Obi. 8vo. London,

GILBERT (John).— Tho Proverh.s of Solo-
mon, illustrated by historical parallels from
drawings by J. (.i., and prefaced by introductorv
Tcuiarks. iJO woodcuts. 8vo. Loudon, 1858.


GILBERT (John).— Book of Brave Old

BiiUads. Illu>trated with 16 coloured engravings
from drawings by John Gilbert. Square 16mo.
Loudon, 1869.

GILBERT (Josiah).— Cadorc, or Titian's

Country. By Josiah Gilbert. 44 lithographe»l and
other illuminations. Imp. Svo. London, 1869.

GILBERT (Josiah). — Art and Religion.

By J. Gilbert. 8vo. London, 1871. S.K.


(G. C.).— The Dolomite Mountains. Excursions
through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, nnd Eriuli, in
1861. With u geological chapter, and pictorial
illustrations from original drawings on the spot.
By J. (lilbert and G. C. Churchill. 61 ehnnnolitho-
graphs, 1' 7 woodcuts, 8vo. Loudon, 1864. B.M.

GILBKRT (Lintjey) — India illustrated, an

historical nnd descriptive account of that eountrj
with 22 steel engravings after drawings by W.
Daniell. Large 8vo. London, n.d. S.K.

GILBERT (Louis),_La Marbrcrie ; choix
de dcssins represcntant des travaux de marbrerie,
monuments funeraires, eheuiim'es, autels, fouts
baplismaux, dallages, etc. 120 plates. 4to. Taris.
1866, S.K.

GILES (John Allen). — History of tho
Ancient Britons, from tho Earliest Period to the
luvasion of the Saxons. Compiled from the Ori-
ginal Authorities. By the Rev. J. A. Giles. 2
vols. 8vo. London, 1847. S.K.

GILIBERTI (Fuancesco).— Studii storici

sulla Tipogratia, intorno 1' origiue dell' arte della
stanipa. 32nio. ralemio, 1870.

GILL (Anoue). — La* Parodie. P" aunec,
1869. Le Salon, par (^ill et Oulway. Fol. Paris

GILL (ClEOKiiE). — Freehand Outlines.
First Grade. 16mo. London, Liverpool (printed
lt*66). B.M.

GILL (Geokoe). — First Grade I*raotical
Geometry ; designed as a Text- Hook for Children
attending Elementary Dniwing Classts taught in
connection with the Science and Art Department.
12mo. London, 1868.

GILLE (F.). — Eiiio Sninmlung ver.schiode-
ner im Kiinigreiehe Saehsen gezuebteter Kiihracen,
nach der Natur gezeiilmit und lithographirt. 8
lithographs. Large obi. fol. Dresden (, 1N54),

(HLLE (PAr.u)E.M), — Corona gratidatoria
sen Cratulationes divers.x quas mngnis I'rinciiuhu.s
aecinuit Alma et CekbeiTiuia Univcrsifas Salis-
burgeusis J per W. P. P. G.,...colleetim in lucom
data- 1681. Fol. Salisburgi, 1681. S.K.

GILLEfS] (Fi.i»uENr). — Antiquilcd du Bos-
l>hore cimmorien, conservees an musi'e imperial de
rKrmitage. Ouvrage public par ordre de S. M.
TEnipereur. 2 vols. 97 plates. Fol. Saint-
IVtersbourg, 1854. S.K.

GILLES (I.). — Marina et Jules Cesar.
Lcurs Monuments dans hi Gaule. Vercingctori.t


Books on Art {Supplement).


prisonnier, l(x Gaule ct la Grande Bretngnc captives.
(With lithof^rnphs). 4to. Marseille, 1871. S.K.

GILLET (FnEDimc).— Enscigncmont col-
lectif du Dessin par dcmousfrationg orales et pra-
phiques. Guide de la noiiville nu'thode de Fro-
diric Gillet, Professeiir \ I'Ecole mnnicipale de la
Ville de Geneve. 40 lithographed plates. Royal
4to. I'ari!., 18G9. S.K.

GILLOW (George).— Select Engravings
(90) from a Collection of Pietures, by the most
eminent Italian, Flemish, and Dutch Masters, ex-
hibiting at the Saloon of Arts, Old Bond Street :
■with a short Biographical Notice of the Fainters.
4to. London, 1818. S.K.

GIT.LY (D.). — Boschreibung einer vorthcil-
haften Bauart mit getrockneten Lehmziegeln. With
plate. 20 pp. 8vo. Berlin, 1790.

GILLY (D.). — Bcschrcibung der Feuer ab-
hflltenden Lehm-schindel-dacher und iiber Lehm-
ziegeln, neb-it gesammelten Nachrichten und Erfah-
rungen iiberdie Bauart mit gebrannten Lehmziegeln.
8vo. Berlin, 1796.

GILLY (D.). — Dcr Grundriss dor Vorlcsun-
gen fiber das PraktiKche bey verschiedcnen Gcgen
standen der Wasserbaukunst. Plates. Berlin

GILLY (D.) and EYTELWEIN (J. A.).-

Praktische Anweisung zur Wasserbaukunst. 36
plates. 4to. Berlin, 1802-5.

GILLY (J.).— Uobor Erfindung der Boh-
lendlicher. 4to. Berlin, 1797.

GINOUX (Charles).— Traito du dessiu

lineaire et premiers Elements do la composition,
suivis d'une etude sur le elair-obscur. 8vo. Tou-
lon, 1864.

GINSBUKG (Christian D.).— The Moab-
ite Stone ; a Fac-Rimile of the original Inscription,
witli an Knglish translation, and a historical and
critical Commentary. 4to. London, 1870. S.K.

GIOBERT.— Trait6pur le pastel et I'extrac-
tion de son indigo. 8vo. Paris, 1813.

GIOLFI (Antonio). — linccolta di diverse
vedutc citta di Geneva c dclle principali sue parti
o fiibbrichc della prima volta alia pubblica luce
deir Abate Antonio Giolfi Cittndino Genovene
Profossore di Pittura Sogretario dell' nccademia
Ligustiea Aewidemico della Rcale Pann(n«o en
Geneva M. nccLXix. Presso Bernardo Tarrigo in
Ciinnetocon licenza di superiori si vendono da
Pierro Paolo Piznoron lobrajovicino la Soggia di
Baneho. Fol. Geneva, 1769.

GIORDANI (Gaetano). — Blografm di
Giuseppe Maffeo Sehiasni, estratta dall' Almanacco
StatisticoBolognese pel 1841. — Anne XII. 12mo.
Bologna, n.d. S.K.

GIORDAN! (Gaetano).— Descrizionc della
Ccrtosa di Bologna, era Ciraitero Comunale. With
9 plate". 8vo. Bologna, 1828. S.K.

GIORDANI (Gaetano).— Lettcra di Giam-
pictro Cava/.zoni Zanotti (hi preniettersi alio Vito
incdite de' Pittori c Scultori FerrareHi di Oirolamo
Bnruflfaldi seniore. (Con Note da G. O.) 8vo.
Bologna (1834). S.K.

GIORDANI (Gaetano). — Catalogo dei

Quadri che si con'^ervano nella Pinneoteca della

Pontificia Accatlemia di Belle Arti in Bologna.

. , 24mo. Bologna, 1835. S.K,

rSeiEf 'Slfpt" GIORUANI (G..T.»o).-E,o^o a Dia„a

Saheeto Bentivoglio, scntto dal eeltbre Giovanni
Salnidino degli Arienti Bologncse, etc. (Con Note,
compilate da G. Giordaui.) Crown 8vo. Bologna,
1835. S.K.

GIORDANI (Gaetano). — Memoric della

Chie>ia Priorale e Parrocchiale di Santa Maria
Maddalena nella Strada S. Donate poste alia luce
per la decenne Processiont generalc del Santissimo
Sacramento 1' Anno 1835. 8vo. Bologna, 1835.

GIORDANI (Gaetano). — Descrizione del

Giardino della Viola in Bologna, per M. Giovanni
Sabadino degli Arienti, etc. (Con Note alia De-
scrizionc del Giardino della Viola, compilate da
G. G.) Crown 8vo. Bologna, 183C. SJJ.

GIOIIDANI (Gaetano) Sei Lettere pit-

toriche pubblicate per la fausta occa-tiono delle
applauditissime Nozze Hercolani-Angelelli. 8vo.
Bologna, 1836. . S.K

GIORDANI (Gaetano).— Lettern inedita

del Bologues© Ugo Boncompagoi poscia con nome

S a 259 ,

GILLY (J.).— Anlritung zur Anwendung

der Bohlcndiicher. Plates. Berlin, 1801.

Baukunst, nach Denon
Fol. Leipzig (1805).

GILLY (William Stephen).— Narrative of

an Excursion to the Mountains of Piedmont in the
year 1823, and researches among the Vaudois, or
Waldenses. Maps and plates. 4th edition. 8vo.
London, 1827.

GILLY (William Stephen).— Waldonsian

Researches during a Second Visit to the Vaudois of
Piedmont. Lithographs. 8vo. London, 1831.

GINDRE (A.).— Proposition applicable aux
Mus^i et aux Expositions annuelles des Beaux-
Arts. ParA. Gindre. Royal 8to, Parit, 1871.


GINGINS LA SARRAZ (Frederic de)^
Histoire de la ville d'Orbe et de son ch&teau dans
le Moyen-Age. 8 plates. 8vo. Lausanne, 1855

GINI (Cesare Massl^hliano, Conte). —
Thirty Plates, from original Drawings by Francesco
Mazzola, called Pannigiano, engraved by Count
C. M. Q. and others. Fol. n.p., n.d. S.K


Universal Catalogue oj


iininortale Grcfforio XIII. Sommo Poutifiec T{o-
iimno nellii quale hi discrive lu Incorouazioue di
Carlo V. Iiuperatore su^uita il 24 Febbraio 1530
ill Bol<)j,'im. 8vo. Bologna, 1841. S.K.

GIOUDANI (Gaetano). — Pittnre ilella
Sala Farne-t' in Bologna. (LetU'ra seritta dal Sig.
N. N. air llluj-tri-^s. e IJevorcndiss. Monsignor I).
(Jirolaino Bonconii>agtii Arcivt'soovo di Bologna j ♦^Jl^^lil' A?

NoUa qu.ik' KL> gli di\ n-lazion'' ill nl- Mritti del (

cuna dille nioltf e degni-iHiiiie operc fatte in Ho- (Uologna), 1871

logna. iMT (.rdin.^ dull' Kinin.nlisK. »• U.vunudisH. q iq^ DANl (0 AETANo).

GIORDANI (Gaetano).— Iiulica/.ione di
quattro scelti Quadri che apparteugono alia Collc-
zioue Aklrovaudi in Bologua. 8vo. Bologna, 1870.


GIORDANI (Gaetano). — Una priraizia
pittorica del giovanetto Kaffaello Sanzio. 8vo.
Bologna, 1870. S.K.

GIOUDANI (Gaetano). — Bibliogiaria,

avaliere G. Giordani di Bologna. 1 2nio.

Sig. CardlnaleG irolou.o Farnese, Legato.) 8vo. | ^,^^_^j^. ji" varie Scuole I'iUoriehe nell:
(Bologua, 1840.) b.K. Coscibili in F.rrara. (Collezione espos

GIORDANI (G.VETAxo).— La Piiiaeoteca (11 1 ''i'") s^"- Bologna, 1871.

Bologna overro Cutalogo del Quadri che si eon- • GIORDAN! (GaETANO').
della Poutifieia Aeeadeniia di Belle Arti, 1

lesta. !
S.K. I


sta in ven-


-Intorno Rartaello
•rvano oeiia routitieia Aeeauenna oi «eiie i\ni, i Sanzio da Urbino per una Ti'vol.tta da hil;.
rista.npato con aggiunte di appendiei in questa. ! n^.]]., ^„.,i^. ;unnura^i Elisoo che riMi-clta tre Faa-
5 edizione. IGmo. Bologna, 1850. S.K. | ^.i„iii_ Lettera del Cavalier.,- G. Giordani. 8vo.

T-a Binacoteca di Bologna overro Catalogo del Bologna, 1871. S.K.

Qu:idri ehe si conservano della I'ontifieia Acea- 1 !" ' ' ,r , , .

deinia delle Belle Arti, con brevi note, (Text in GIO VAN KLLI (B. von).— I i-»)Or dtT Ara
French and Italian.) I'mio. Bologna, 185J. | Diana- zii Inn-brueL mid der IJiehtigun^der Stras^e

S.K* Claudia Augusta. I'late. 8vo. l!oi/eu, 1824.

GIORDANI (Gaetano).— M.-morio stoiico- 1 GIOVANNI N'l (— D.Ila illustin-
artistiehe intorno la Clii.-<a delhi Ma.lonna alia! '•"^"*-' 'l'"' fJizione roniana d.l cdiee vatica-u>
Giada, e con Santi Anionio da I'adova e Valentino ! <l^-'li» J^il.bia grcca fatta dal prof. Costantino Ti-cli


on Note ed Inscrizioui. 8vo. Bolo,'i


GIORDANI ((Jaktano).- Inloino al Gran
Ti-utro del Coniune »• ail altri Miiiori in Bologna,
Meiiiiil'i ' sloiieo- irtisliiliu, eon aiiiiolazioiii. Coin-
pilatednG. Giordani. Hvo. B.-logna, 18;k'.. S.K.

GIORDANI (Ciaetano). — Ctnni per si-rviiv

di Giiida ai I-'oreslleri iiella I'onlificia Aei-adeniia
<li Belie Alii in BoIo-m;i. I'uM.lieati .la G, (
daiii. ICiu.). B.ilogn.i, ls.-,7. S.K.

GIORDANI (G.vetvno). — C'atnl..;;o di
Qua.lri raccolti p.-r una Galleriu particolai.- in
Bologna, etc. Hvo. Bologna, 18G7.

1 8(i'J.

Menioria di A. Ci. 3<)pp. 8vo. Fircnze,

GIOVANNOLI (AI..^).— d. - lianli-
clii votigjdi l{onia,nella iiuale nI rappri'>enta t< run-,
aiifitraiii, teatri, e leinpj. (Ihl. Col. lioiiia, JtllC.

GIOVAliDI (VuTouio). — Notizia del
Nuovo Teatrod.-gli Ar.iuli aperto in Itoiiiu l' anno
\l-n;. I'latiH. Ito. Uoiiia, 1727.

GlRANCorUT (A. ok).— Nuiii-o siif 1.

Verreri.' de Uoiien, et !a fabiieatitm du cristal eii
cette ville au comin.neeiii.iit du x\ll' sieole (,d
1 0'JH li lOlH). 41 pp. 8vo. Uouen, I8G7.

^•K- GIIIARD (AiMK) FaiVnccs fiii.'s, falence-i

GIORDANI (GveTANO).— S.)pia .^.-i H,./,zi '[''^'-rativcR. tt povcelaines tendros. (Uapp..rts du
• •• ' - -Jury iiiternati.mal.) 5t; op. hvo. Bans, 18')8.

ad Olio dipinti ila Antonio Allegri detto 11 C
gio ceniii del Cavaliero (J. Vj. 11! pp. 8\
logna, 18C.7.

v.,. Mo. |Gii..vui)(rL-,,,i,:N(i.).— IliM..iict;c'.>',
"•'^- : aieli.'ologi.pie et pittorcMiue du Mont Saint-Michel

GIORDANI (Gaetan*)).- Rrevi Indicazioiii \

peril dc la mer. 8v

A\ ranches, 1843. B.M.
dei quadri che compongono la l'iuaeoteca.lepo>itaii GIUARD (Jui.Es).— La CliauihfO noire et
IV'":!. ^'■"!.'"'\'" '^- ^'•'••"''■"'"' ''' '';•";•, k. mieioscope. rhotomicrographio. ISuio. Paris,
Emilia in Bologna. 70 pp. 12mo. Bologi - '"'■" • ■ ^ '

la, isr.o.

GIORDANI (G.vetano). — Notizio de*

Quadri della CoHeziono Aldrovandi in Bologna.
8vo. Bologna, 18G'.». S.K.

GIORDANI ((!ARTANo).—CiMfpianta Quad-
ri dipinti a.l (dio. di proprii-tii d.-l I'rof. Av-
vocalo Doiii.iiieo Maiito\ aiii-t )r-<etti, vi-ibili in
B.dogna n.l I'alaz/o ^a^a in via Calli.Ta al N.

.'I'Jl Con ulc tne osscrvazioui, Hvo.

Bologna, 1870. S.K.


GIHARD (Jii.iEN).— ROvne Tlu'atialo, lit-
t.'iair.' it urti-ti.pie. Ki'v. en chef Julieii Ciirard.
1" aiin.'e. IJiiio. Paris, 1802.

GIRARDIN (Rene Louis, Mnrquis do).—
De la coinpoHition den pavHugcH, ou den inou-m
d'eiiitiellir la Nature autour den liabitationn, en
j.iigiiaiit I'uiile ii ragivablf. Hvo. tieui've, 1777.

G 1 R AUDI N I (,!,). — (JiranliiiiproMiptuaiiuin
artiii urgcutariae. Fol. ICouiae, 17 50.


BooTcs on Art (Supplement).


GIRARDOT (Arr.usTE Tiieoi>ouk, Baron

dc). — Los Artistes de IJourges dcpuis le Moycn-

Age jusqu'a la Rtvolut^on. 8vo. Paris, 1861.
GIRARDOT (ArcrsTE TuEoncnE, Baron

de). — Les Tarsias dc marbre du baron II. de

Triqucti. Di'coration de la chnpelle Wolsey a

■\Viiidsor J par le baron de G. riajt, 15 pp. 8vo.

Nnntes, 1869.
GIRAUD. — Lo prand Golf do Naples par

G., ou lU'cueil ilis plus Ix-aux pnlais de la dite

Ville. 31 plates, large fol. Nea pel, 1771.
GIRAUD (Ch.).— Lc tables do Salponsa et

de Malaga. 2ud edition. 3 plates. 8vo. Taris,

GIRAUD (Magloire). — Ilistoire dn pri-

curo de SHint-Damien, etabli sous les ruiues de

I'ancieu Tauroeutum. 8vo. Toulou, 1849.
GIRAUD (Magloiue) Mcmoirc sur


topographi(jues et historiques, sur cette colonie

phoceeuue. 5 plates. 8vo. Toulon, 1853.
GIRAUD (Magloiue). — Nouvelles reclicr-

ches topographiques, historiques et archoologiqaes

sur Tauroeutum et description de nu'dailles trou- GIKON

vees tlans lis ruiues de cette ville. 2 plates. 8vo

Toulon, 1862.
GIRAUD (Magloire). — Rechcrclics rola-

tivt s a la geographic et aux autiquites, ou Diction


I>es Amours des Dieux, Recueil de Compositions
dessinees par Girodet.lithographiees parMM.Aubry-
Lecomte, Chitillon, Counis, etc., se8^>l^vc9, avec un
textc explicatif redigo par M. P.-A. Coupin. 16
lithographs. Fol. Paris, 1826.

GIRODET - TRIOSON (Anne Louis). —
Sapho, Kecueil de Compositions dessini-es par Giro-
det. 16 plates. 4to. Paris, 1828.

GIROKATI (S. Fernecz).— Mngyarorszag
gyiimOllcscszete, szinezett rajokpan. (Ungarns
t.)bstsorteu in colorirten Zeiehnungen. Mit IJeitrii-
gen von Pomologen ersten Ranges.) 48 coloured
plates, with 48 pp. text in 6 parts. 4to. Pest,

Gironi intomo all' Architettura del Greci. With
2U coloured plates. Roy. 4to. Milano, 1821.


GIRONI (RonrsTiANo). — Saggio di R.
Gironi intorno alia Musica dei Greci. With 7 co-
loured plates, and 2 of music. Roy. 4to. Milano,
1822. S.K.

(Roiustiano). — Saggio di R.
Gironi intorno alle Danze dei Greci. With 7 co-
loured plates. Roy. 4to. Milano, 1822. S.K.

GIRONI (Robustiano), — Snggio di R.
Gironi intorno alle Costumanze Civili dei Greci.

With 19 coloured plates. Roy. 4to. Milano, 1823.


naire topographi(jue et repertoire archeologique du
canton de lUausset, avec un appeiidice sur llandol.

r'lDATTT'r /\j A 1? ^ N ri • 1 -ll GIRONI (RonusTiANo), — Saggio di R.
GIRALLr (P. A. EUSLBE).-Gnulc p.tto- (.j^^,. jj^^^ ^j,^ ^^J^^^ dei Greci. With

resque portatif et complet du voyageur en trance. | 5 coloured plates. Roy. 4to. Milano, 1823. S.K.

4th edition. 20 plates and map. 12mo. Pans,, '^ "'

1842. B.M. GIRTIN (TiioMAs) Views in Paris. Ob).

GIRAULT (P. A. EusiBE).— Dictionnnirel <""'• London, I803.

des artistes, ou Guide du peintre, du sculpteur, du GISBORNE (TlIOMAs). — Walks in a Forest ;

dessinateur, de I'architecte et dc I'amafeur. 12mo. j or, Poems descriptive of scenery and incideuts

Paris, 1846. characteristic of a Forest, at dift'crent seasons of

GIRAULT (P. A. Eusebe).— Armorial des the year. ITie 6th edition, corrected. With 6

vilksde France, contenant 432 armoirics de villes,! plates. 12ino. Ix)ndon, 1803. S.K.

iuiprimoes en couleur, et un textc explicatif extraitGIUDICI (Paolo EmiLIONi). — La Fortuna,

4 to.

communes. 12 plates.


e et (lictioiinairc geograpbiipie de
ncs de la France. Portraits and

du Dictionnaire d^
Paris, 1847.


Ilistoire national

toutes lea communes

views. 8vo. Paris, 1828.
GIRO. — Sunto dclla storia di Verona susse-

guito da una guida per esaminarc i principal! mo-

nuincnti e le cose piik pregevoli di detta cittA.

Vol. i. 8vo. Verona, 1869.
GIRO (Andres). — Curse metotlicodo dibujo

lineal. With plates. Sm. fol. Barcelona, 1846.


L'fin^ide (et les Gcorgiques), suite dc compositions

dessin^B au trait par Girodet, lithographiees par^GIVELET (CharlE8 Pr08PKR). — Le Mont

quadro di Michelangiolo Uuonarroti. 1 plate.
8 pp. 8vo. (Firenze, 1843.)

GIUSTI. — Di Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo,
intiigliatore di legno e d' avorio uel secolo xviii.
llrevi notizie di Giusti da Siena. 51 pp. 8vo.
Torino, 1869.

GIUSTI (P.). — Sul riordinamcntodolle scuole
di disegno in Italia. Pensieri e proposie del Prof.
P. Giusti. 81 pp. 16rao. Torino, 1869.

GIVELET (Charles Prosper). — Visito
aux ancienncs maisons de Reims, & roccasion du
congrbs archeologique en juillet 1861. 39 pp. 8yo.
Reims, n.d.

MM. Aubry-Lecomte, Chfttillon, Couois, etc.
N08. 4to, Paris, 1825-27.


Notre-Damc; histoire et description.
42 pp. 8vo. Reims, 1864.

5 platei.



Universal Catalogue of


GLADBACII (Ebnst).— Vorlcgebliitter zur'
BauconHtnictionsk'hre, von Ernst Gladbucli. riates.
410, Ziiiii;l», 1808, etc. B.K.

GLAlIiK (J. B.)- — Dictionnairo univcrHcl
(Us Sciences ecclesiu.sti(iucH. Ilistoirc de la Ueligion
«t (k- rflglise. Discipline occlesiustiiiue. Litmgle.
Theolopc d()ginati(iut' et morale. Kxcg^se biblii)ue.
Droit canon. llagiof^ruphie. I'upe^ - Conciles.
Sieges ej)iscopaux imciens et nouveaux, frunyaifr et
6tniiigerB. Abbayes. Onlresieligieuxet miiitaii-eB.
Schismes. Heresies. IJiograpliic et IJibliographie
rellgieuses. 2 vols. lloy. 8vo. Paris, 1808.


GLATSIIER (.Tamks). — Vo)n?;o nt-rii-ns
par .1. Cllaiftur, ('. Fluiiiiiiarion, W. i\v Konville et
(}. ]''is-'aiiilier. Oiivra^'e eoiitenant 1 17 gravures
bois et (i chroiiiolitbograpliies, (b'ssiii(<es d'apri
iroquis d'A. Fissaiidier par E. Ciceri


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