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Editor of "West Wales Historical Records."


192 1

Five hundred copies of this work were

printed at the private printing press

of the

National Library of Wales,

1913— 1921.




}&refatorj> J15ote


HIS Volume (the first of a series dealing with the exten-
sive collection of Deeds and Documents in the
National Library of Wales) contains a Calendar of the Deeds
relating to Wales purchased from the representatives of the
late Mr. James Coleman. Some of the Deeds of Welsh
\. counties had been disposed of before the National Library

^ came into existence, which accounts for the limited number

of entries under some counties.

The nature of the Calendar is explained in the Intro-
duction by Mr. Francis Green, to whom the compilation
was entrusted by the Council.

It is believed that the particulars given will be of service
to persons engaged in historical research, and facilitate
reference to the originals. Further volumes of the series
axe in preparation.

It is intended to issue a full index to the contents of this
and other volumes as part of the project. This will come
later. It was felt to be undesirable to further delay the
issue of this volume, which was in hand when the Great War
interfered with all work of this nature.


i2,th January, 1921.


^^N the compilation of this Calendar one object has been
-^ kept stedfastly in view — condensation without the
omission of any information contained in the original docu-
ments which might be useful to students of history or
genealogy, so that, save in exceptional cases, a reference to
the original deeds might be unnecessary. In order to save
space much of the legal phraseology contained in the original
documents has been omitted or contracted. For example
where a deed grants or demises an estate for life in survivor-
ship to two or more persons, the Calendar merely states
that the estate is granted or demised, as the case may be,
to such persons for their lives, and it must be understood
that such estate is held by them for their lives in

Place and personal names have been printed as written
in the original documents, no attempt having been made to
correct the spelling or form of the names even when obviously
incorrect. In the original documents personal or place
names beginning either with ' F ' or ' ff ' are almost invari-
ably commenced with ' ff ' and this has been followed in the
Calendar for the information of the reader, although strictly
speaking the form ' ff ' is undoubtedly the symbol of ' F.'

In respect of wills it was obviously impossible for space
considerations to give in the Calendar all bequests con-
tained in many of the originals, but care has been taken to
include in the Calendar the names and descriptions of all
relatives mentioned, and all bequests which from their nature
were of peculiar interest.


Dots indicate words in the original which are indecipher-
able, either on account of the decay of the parchment or
faded ink, and dashes represent blanks in the originals.
Words enclosed in square brackets are either suggested
renderings of unreadable or unintelligible verbiage in the
originals, or explanatory matter supplied by the compiler.

In the Calendar the documents of each county are
grouped together so far as possible, but when properties in
different counties are included in one deed, the document
is placed under the county in which the most important
property is situated.

For the information of readers unversed in the old
methods used for the transfer of land it may be well to
explain that in very early times a conveyance of land was
effected by a deed of feoffment (which is described in this
Calendar as a ' Grant ') followed by livery of seisin, and
usually by a deed of release of all the grantor's interest in
the property. After the passage of the Statute of Uses
27 Hen. VIII, a conveyance of land was found to be more
conveniently made by means of two deeds respectively
called a lease and release ; that is to say, the property was
in the first place leased to the proposed grantee for a short
period, generally for a year at a pepper corn rent, and on the
following day a release was executed by the grantor, which
completed the conveyance. The same procediure was
adopted in the case of a mortgage of land.

Bonds appealed very strongly to the legal profession in
by-gone days, and were used for a variety of purposes. Even
when land was being transferred, a bond for quiet enjoy-
ment of the property was often required by the legal repre-
sentative of the purchaser, in addition to the covenants for
quiet enjoyment contained in the conveyances. In the
case of mortgages in Wales, it is not uncommon to find that


the so called mortgage deed was an actual conveyance of the
property without any clause for redemption on payment of
the principal and interest, and in addition the mortgagor
generally had to enter into a bond for quiet enjoyment of
the mortgaged property by the mortgagee. Sometimes
this bond contained a stipulation for the redemption of the
land, and in other cases a bond was given by the mortgagee
to reconvey the property on payment of principal and in-
terest. In the event of the bond being lost or destroyed
there was of course no documentary evidence to prove
that the transaction was not an actual conveyance of the
property to the mortgagee.

In a Calendar of this kind containing so many thousands
of personal and place names it is too much to hope that no
errors will be found. One of the difficulties encountered
by the compiler has been in connection with the translation
of the personal names of Riceus and Richardus in the early
deeds which were generally written in Latin. In deeds
relating to Wales the name Richardus is undoubtedly the
equivalent of Richard, and Riceus is usually interpreted as
Rees, Rhys or Rice. Yet this cannot be accepted as a hard
and fast rule as there is clear evidence that in some cases
Riceus was used either as a contraction or as the equivalent
for Richard.

Glanymor, St. Davids,

4ih Jan., 1921.


Prefatory Note


Introduction .



Nos. 976-1014


i-ioo, 1450-1453, 1501


.. 101-177,1454-1461


. . 178-350, 1468-1482


.. 1015-1059




•• 1533


. . 1060-1112




788-946, 1485




1500, 1504, 1507-8, 1530




•• 1369-1405


. . 1406-1449


460-787, iii2a-ii5o, 1486-7, 1504


. . 351-459. I488-I498


947-975, 1499, 1502, 1503, 1504


1506. I509-I5I4

Suffolk, Will oe

Leonard Lloyd of . . 1525-1529

Wales and the jV

[arches.. .. .. 1505,1531

Cl)e JlJattonal Jltftrarp of WSXalts



Deeds and Documents

D.D. 1. Grant, dated 20 June 1540, by Hoell ap
Thomas ap Philip ap David of the lordship of Crughoell,
CO. Brecon, husbandman, to Roger ap Gwilym ap Jenkin of a
parcel of land with its appurtenances, to wit, in length from
the land of John ap Thomas ap Philip David to the road
leading from lylannelly to L,langattok, and in breadth from
the land of Richard ap Thomas ap Philipp ap David and of
Philipp ap Thomas ap Philipp David to the land of Meredith
ap Meredith, now in the tenure of Margaret vergh Robert,
situate in the parish of Llannelly, in the lordship aforesaid.

D.D. 2. Grant, dated i October 1549, by Philip ap
David ap leuan ap Ivlewelin of Llannelly near Crughoell
CO. Brecon, yeoman, to John ap leuan ap John of a cottage
with its appurtenances, to wit, in length from the meadow of
the aforesaid Philip to the lord's waste there, and in breadth
from the land of Hoell ap Jenkin called Cray eke ye keefale to
the land of Hoell ap Hoell, and the late lands of Philip ap Hoell,
situate in the parish aforesaid, at the yearly rent of id. pay-
able at Michaelmas at the said Philip ap David's land called
Koytte kay. Latin.

D.D. 3. Grant, dated 16 February 1592-3, by Robert
Knollys of Caversham co. Oxford, esq., and Katherine,
his wife, to William Parry of Treberred, co. Brecon gent.,


2 National Library of Wales

and John Watkyn of lylanhamloughe in the same county,
gent., of all that manor with appurtenances, situate in
the parishes of lylanvillo and Llandevilog, co. Brecon, called
the manor of Moote, and all that manor with appurtenances
called the manor of Leghvaine, situate in the said county of
Brecon, and all the manor of Skatherogg, situate in the parish
of Irlansanfred in the said count>'. Consideration money £390.

D.D. 4. Grant, dated i December 1595, by Howel
John Harrie of Lanellie, co. Brecon, yeoman, and William
John Harrie, yeoman, of the same parish, in consideration of
a certain sum of money, to Morgan Rosser of lyanellie, yeo-
man, of the moiety of a messuage and close of land commonly
called Tire gwast mayre, now in the occupation of John ap
Rees and Maude, his wife, and situate in the parish of Lanellie,
at the yearly rent of id. payable to the lord of the fee. Wit-
nesses : Watkin Lewis, Philipe Howell, Meredith ap Rosser,
Thomas ap Rosser, David Thomas, Morgan John leuan.

D.D. 5. Deed Poll, dated i June 1598, (reciting an
indenture, dated 24 July 1539, whereby Walter Thomas of
Written, CO. Essex, gent., leased to one David ap leuan ap
Llewelyn of the parish of Llanellie, two parcels of land with
appurtenances, whereof the first is called Tire y thewenith,
and the second parcel called Tire llette ora situate in the said
parish within the lordship of Crichowell, for a term of 99 years
at the yearly rent of 6s. 8d.), being an assignment by William
John of Llanellie, co. Brecon, yeoman, and John ap John
of the same parish (the heirs of the aforesaid David ap
leuan) to Watkine Lewes of the said parish, of the moiety of
the above premises for the residue of the said term of 99 years.
Consideration : a certain sum of money. Witnesses : Thomas
ap Richard Philip, Rees William Philip Powell, Thomas
William, William Watkin and others (not named).

D.D. 6. Release, dated 27 June, 1598, by Margaret
verghe Philip of Llambeder, co. Brecon, widow, one of the
daughters and co-heirs of Philip Thomas, deceased, to Watkin
Thomas ap Gwillim of Llambeder aforesaid, husbandman,
of a close or parcel of arable, pasture and woodland with
appurtenances containing by estimation 3 acres, situate in
the parish of Lambeder, co. Brecon, between the river called
Bysighe, the land of John William Thomas Llewelyn, the late
land of Thomas ap Gwillim, and the land of William Price,
on all or either sides of the same. Consideration : a certain

Calendar of Deeds 3

sum of money. Witnesses : Thomas Lewis, clerk, Thomas
Lewis, Watkiu ap Thomas, Watkin Llywelin Philip, Thomas
ap leuan Thomas, Philip Harry Philip with others (not
named) . Latin.

D.D. 7. Grant, dated i September 1608, by William
David Morgan of the parish of Creighoell, co. Brecon, gent.,
and Henry David Thomas of the same parish, yeoman, to
Janet verch William David Thomas of the said parish, spinster,
of a garden called Gardd rhwg y ddydy containing by estimation
half an acre (?) of arable land situate in the parish aforesaid
between the orchard of the said William, the land of the said
Henry called Yr ardd war y ty and Croft y lloi, the land of
Thomas Henry called Pen y rhyw, and the road leading
towards the lord's hill or waste. Latin.

D.D. 8. Exemplification, dated Welshpool, 24 July
1613, of a final concord, dated 11 May 1612, whereby three
messuages, three gardens, four acres of arable land, three
acres of meadow land, four acres of pasture, two acres
of wood, and four acres of furze and heath with appur-
tenances in Llansanfrayd and Melynog Vechan are admitted
by Edward ap Howell ap Edward gent., and Katherine, his
wife, to be the propertj' of Evan Edwards, clerk. Latin.

D.D. 9. Indenture, dated 16 February 1627-8, being a
settlement on the marriage of John Thomas William of the
parish of Llanigon, co. Brecon, yeoman, to Katherine verch
I/ewis, daughter of Lewis Thomas William of the said parish,
yeoman, of the tenement of the said John Thomas William
called Cwm Jeavan Coz, which is granted to William Prichard
of the parish of Llanigon, yeoman, and William Lewis Thomas
William of the same parish as trustees. The premises are
described as lying within the said parish, extending in length
from a certain bridge called Pont savani at one end to a cer-
tain parcel of land belonging to John Watkin Thomas called
Llydiad y dole at the other end, and in breadth from a certain
brook [rivulum) called Digedi on one side, the royal highway
leading from the mill of George Phillips called Y velin vach
towards the hill called Blayen digedi on the other side, and
one acre of pasture and woodland on the other side of Digedi
called Cwm, between the lands of Thomas William David
Prees called Y plocke on one side and Digedi on the other side,
now in the tenure of the aforesaid John Thomas William.
Witnesses : Lewis Thomas William, Jeavan ap John ap Coz,
William Lewis, Elizabeth Pig>'m (?). Latin.


4 National Library of Wales

D.D. 10. Indenture, dated 12 November 1629, being
a grant by David ap John, of the parish of Llangammarch,
CO. Brecknock, gent., and John ap Rees Goz of the parish of
lylanwrtyd, gent., to Thomas ap Richard of the parish of
Llangammarch, gent., of all the messuage commonly called
by the name or names of Tir Owen Dee, Tir ffynon thewy, with
all appurtenances, situate in the parish of Llangammarch
aforesaid ; with several covenants for securing title. Con-
sideration money ^^50. Witnesses : Rythergh Morgan,
Thomas ap Rosser, Thomas William, Thomas ap Harry,
Rees ap Rosser, David Meredith, Thomas Rees Moris, Rees
Thomas, Harry Thomas, Owen Morgan, John David, Row-
land Morgan, Rees Thomas, Thomas David Morgan.

D.D. 11. Release, dated 5 February 1631-2, by Mar-
garet Thomas Gwillim of Llanbeder, co. Brecknock, spinster,
to Howel Lewis ap Gwillim of Llanbeder aforesaid, yeoman,
of all her rights to a moiety of a parcel of arable land called
Cae Madog ycha next adjoining a parcel of land called Erow
yn harod, and to a moiety of a similar parcel called Cae Madog
yssa next adjoining the ro^^al highway there leading from the
parish Church of Llanbeder towards Bys3xh, a moiety of a
messuage in which the aforesaid now lives and all its appur-
tenances, a moiety of a certain parcel of wood lying in the
aforesaid parcel called Cae Madog yssa, a moiety of a parcel
of land called Cae-newydd, and a fourth part of a messuage
and ovilis belonging thereto situate in Llanbeder aforesaid
in a place called Cwm Bysych. Witnesses : John Watkin
Morgan, William Bevan Philip, John Evan Meredith, Watkin
John ap John, Evan David Wyllym, and Peter Jenkins, clerk.

D.D. 12. Release, dated 15 February 1631-2, by Howell
Lewis ap Gwillym of Llanbeder, co. Brecon, yeoman, and
Matilda verch Harry, his wife, to Margaret Thomas Gwillym
of Llanbeder aforesaid of all their rights, &c., to the moiety
of a parcel of land called Cae Madog ycha next adjoining that
parcel of land called Tyr sarsel, the moiety of a parcel of land
called Cae Madog yssa next adjoining that parcel of land
called Enys gwaes melyn, the moiety of a parcel of wood
lying in the aforesaid Cae Madog yssa, the moiety of the
messuage in which the said Margaret Thomas Gwillym now
lives, and also all that parcel of land called Cae hannal con-
taining by estimation seven acres more or less, together with
the moiety of a messuage and ovilis pertaining thereto called
Ty yn cwm bysych, situate in Llanbeder aforesaid in a place

Calendar of Deeds 5

called Cwm hysych. Witnesses : John Watkin Morgan,
William Beavan Philip, John Evan Meredith, Watkin John
ap John, Evan David Wyllym, and Peter Jenkins, clerk.

D.D. 13. Probate of the last Will and Testament.
of Elinor Lewis of Llangors, co. Brecon, widdow and relict
of Ivodwick Lewis, esq., deceased, of Llangors aforesaid,
dated 7 December 1643. Real property comprised, two days
math of hay in the parish of Llangastey Talyllynn, lately
purchased of Richard Andrew, a close called Lynvy in Llan-
vihangell Tallyllynu lately purchased of Thomas Gunter,
a tenement called Tir Castell Madock situate in the parish of
Llandevaylog, a house in the town of Brecon occupied by
Lleysy Richard. Personal property includes feather beds,
boulsters, cussings, Holland sheets, flaxen sheets, coarse
sheets, coverlets, blankets, silver jugs, silver bowls, silver
tuns, and farming stock. Among the money bequests appear,
five shillings to the Cathedral Church of St. Davids, five
shillings to the vicar of Llangors for forgotten tithes, five
pounds to the poor of the parish of Llangors yearly during
the term of her executors' natural life, forty shillings to the
poor of the same parish to be distributed within a month of
her decease, forty shillings to the poor of the parish of Llan-
vihangel Talyllyn to be distributed within a month of her
decease, and four pounds to be similarly shared between the
poor of the town of Brecon. Testatrix devised (inter alia)
all her realty in the parish of Llangors to her son Thomas
Lewis in fee simple and mentioned the following relatives : —
My son and heir apparent William Lewis knt. and bart. ;
my sons James Lewis, Edmimd Lewis, 'and Richard Lewis ;
my grand children Lodwick Lewis and Elynor Parry. In a
codicil dated 8 December 1643 testatrix mentioned : — My
grand children Efinor Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis and Elinor
Parry and her daughter Ehzabeth Parry. Witnesses :
Meredith Lewis, Wilham Walter, clerk, Thomas Bowens,
Rowland Gwyn, clerk, David Gwyn, Roger Vaughan, John

D.D. 14. Indenture, dated 14 September 1650, where-
by Edward Lewis of the borough of Brecknock, co. Brecon,
gent., agrees to settle the manor or lordship of Tallachduy
and its appurtenances on Thomas Lewis of The Inner Temple,
London, gent., his son and heir-apparent, in consideration of
his marriage already solemnized with Hannah, daughter of
John Davis, brewer of London, and to levy a fine of the pre-

6 National Library of Wales

mises by the name or names of the manor of Tallachduy
and of the parsonage thereof and of 80 acres of arable land
80 acres of pasture, 40 acres of meadow, 200 acres of wood,
eight tenements and one water mill pertaining to the said
manor, to enure to the use of said Thomas Lewis and
Hannah his wife for their lives with remainders over.
Witnesses : Thomas Lewis, Thomas Heath, Thomas Vaughan,
Evan Davies.

D.D. 15. Obligatory Note, dated 13 August 1656,
whereby Maud verch John of the parish of Llanbeder, co.
Brecon, spinster, and John ap John of the same parish,
yeoman, (natural father of the said Maud) acknowledge
themselves to be bound to William Jenkin of the parish
of Llantilio Pertholey, co. Monmouth in the sum of ,^30
to keep the covenants in an indenture of even date.
Witnesses : Morgan Thomas, Morgan Jones, Thomas Morgan,
William Jenkin, Howell Jones, Lewis Morgans, Howell Watkin
Jenkin, Morgan William Jenkin.

D.D. 16. Indenture, dated 20 August, 1663, being
a mortgage for £80 to Watkin John of the parish of St.
Michael Cwm Duy, co. Brecon, yeoman, and Elizabeth his
wife, from David Thomas of the parish of Llangattocke, co
Brecon, and Maude, his wife, of the following premises,
to wit, the messuage wherein the said David Thomas now
dwelleth and all appurtenances (the bakehouse only excepted),
and also the several closes of arable, pasture, and other lands
commonly called Cae yr skybor vach, Cae gronow goch ycha,
Cae gronow goch issa, Gwyrlod ddwy, Gwyrlod deri, Cae ychyn
gwyn, Pen y cwm, and Gwyrlod ycha containing by estimation
40 acres, and situate in the parish of Llangattocke aforesaid.
Witnesses : Thomas Watkin, Watkin Thomas, William PhiUp,
Lewis Thomas Jenkin, William Parrie.

D.D. 17. Indenture, dated 25 January 1664-5, being
the pre-nuptial settlement of William Ball of Grays Inn,
London, esq., and Alice Vaughan, widow, relict of Walter
Vaughan of Pembrey, co. Carmarthen esq., and dealing mainly
with the said William Ball's relations to Bridget Vaughan,
sole daughter and heiress of the aforesaid William Vaughan.
Premises are generally described as being in the counties
of Brecon, Glamorgan, Dorset, Wilts, and elsewhere in the
kingdom of England and the Principality of Wales. Wit-
nesses : William Bale, Robert Loker.

Calendar of Deeds 7

D.D. 18. Indenture, dated 4 June 1666, being a
settlement on the marriage of Thomas Watkin of the parish
of Llyswen, co. Brecon, yeoman, and Christian Jolin, his wife,
of the tenement, commonly called Tire Gwallter, lying in
the several parishes of Llywsen and Llandevalley in a place
there called Y rhidvawre, co. Brecon, and lately purchased
by the said Thomas Watkin of one Howell Phillipp of Llan-
devalley, the said Christian John having advanced part of
the purchase money. Witnesses : Morgan Phillipp of lylan-
devalley, Thomas and Roger Vaughan of the same place.
David Thomas of Llyswen, and David Edwards.

D.D. 19. Deed Poll, dated 25 January 1676-7, being
a release, in consideration of ^^50, of a mortgage for £40 by
way of a demise (granted on 6 February 1661-2 by Phillipp
Powell late of Lanigon, co. Brecon, deceased, to George
Delahay of the same place, feltmaker, of the undermentioned
property for 1000 years at the yearly rent of 12s.) to Thomas
Pritchard, the elder, of the parish of Clifford, co. Hereford,
yeoman, and Johan his wife, the daughter and heiress of
said Phillipp Powell, of the following property : — The house
wherein Phillip Powell, deceased, lately dwelt, with appurten-
ance, together with five closes of land connnonly called Kae yr
grosse, Tyr y ffa, Pedware kaver, Glan y pant, Gworlod glan
y pant, containing by estimation 18 acres, and situate in the
said parish of Lanigon. Witnesses : Simon Delahay, William
Delahay, James Butler, William Morgan, Samuel Butler,
Henry Davies.

D.D. 20. Indenture, dated 29 December 1679, being
a grant in fee simple by Howell Powell of the parish of
Crick -Adam, co. Brecknock, gent., to Phillipp Havard of the
parish of Boughroyd, co. Brecknock, yeoman, of the messuage
commonly called Tuy a thyr y rhyw-wen with appurtenances
together with a parcel of land called Croft y ffae, situate in
the several parishes of Llandevalley and Llyswen, co. Breck-
nock, and now or late in the possession of the said Howell
Powell. Witnesses : R. Powell, Jenkin Williams, John Powell
Thomas Myl, . . , David Probert.

D.D. 21. Indenture, dated 13 February 1681-2, being
a settlement on the marriage of Edward Games of Crug, co.
Brecon, gent., to Anne (who received £500 as her marriage
portion), the eldest daughter of Bartholomew Games of
Tregare, co. Brecon, gent., of the capital messuage called
Glancwy with appurtenances lately purchased of Thomas
Gunter, the tenement commonly called Tredulke, the parcel

8 National Library of Wales

of land called Kae yr dintyr, another messuage, barn, and
plot of land in the tenure of William Thomas Morgan, also a
house and garden with a tucking mill belonging thereto,
another house and garden in the possession of Watkin Richard
and another house and plot of land lately purchased of one
William Beavan Smith, and one parcel of land called Kae
Evan Ychan, another plot of land bought of Edward James
of Coytie, also one water grist mill commonly called Aber-
clydach Mill now in the tenure of Richard Howell, one parcel
of meadow ground commonly called Gwarlod y goror, another
tenement now in the tenure of WiUiani Phillips, also one
house, garden, &c., commonly called Goror, ; all which
premises are situate within the parishes of Llanvigan and
L/landetty, co. Brecon, containing by estimation about 300
acres. Witnesses : Edward Jones, Howell Williams, of Lan-
vigan, — Morgan of lylanbranyan, William Davies, scriptor.

D.D. 22. Indenture, dated 9 October 1684, being a
settlement on the marriage of Thomas IvCwis, only son and
heir of Lewis Powell of the parish of Merthir, co. Brecon,

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