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«fe M" Mary His Wife, J

Deborah, Dau'f of Ambrose Perkins & of Sarah His

Wife, was Baptized.
Lydia Voudey, Dau'f^ of Joseph Walpey & of Susanna

His Wife, was Baptized.
This Child was Baptized in Private.
Henry, Son of Henry Muchmore «fc of Tryphena

His Wife, was Baptized.
Dolly, Dau'f of Abraham Ellenwood & of Luce His

Wife, was Baptized.
Benjamin, Son of Sam^ Haley & of Mary His Wife,

was Baptized.
Ruth, Dau'f of Edward Currier &

of Sarah His Wife,
Susanna, Dau't"^ of Solomon Downe

& of Mercy His Wife,
Nanny, Dau'f^ of Pelatiah Kisswell

& of Anne His Wife,
Lemuel Muchmore, Son of Jn° Kisswell & of Joanna

His Wife, was Baptized.
Abigail & \ Twin Dau'f^ of Jn° Robison & of Eliz*^
Agnes I His Wife, were Baptized.*
Peggy y^ Daughter of John Brag & Hannah His

Wife was Baptizd y^ Sabbath after (?)t died
John y® Son of John Varrell Jun'' & Mary His Wife

was Baptizd.
Samuell Down Son of Samuell Down & Dorcas His

Wife Baptizd in Private.
John Tucke Son of Geffry Muchmore & Love his

Wife w^ Baptizd.
James Son of Will"* Allard & Joanna his Wife was

Rebecca Daughter of Will"* Bickham & Sarah his

Wife was Baptizd.
William the Son of Stephen Pierce & of Elizabeth

his Wife w* Baptizd.

*To this point all the entries of baptisms appear to be in the handwriting of Mr.
Tucke. The slight variations that occur are mostly such as may be explained by va-
riations in the condition of quills or possibly of health. The last entry, of the daugh-
ters of John Robinson, is distinctly characteristic and has special interest because it
makes it quite evident that Mr. Tucke did not die Aug. 12, 1773, as stated by Morse in
his " Description of the Isles of Shoals," and also cut in the tombstone on Star Island,
both of these being records made nearly thirty years after the event. The same date
is also given in a random entry in the Kecords of the Town of Gosport, but this entry
is out of place and much open to suspicion. The notice of his death appears in the
New Hampshire Gazette (of Portsmouth, N. H.) of 3 Sept. 1773 as a recent event
without an exact date. Mr. Tucke may have died as late as the day preceding this

f At this place there is a scrawl much cramped and twisted. It certainly does not
fit the name of either parent. This and the records down to and including Oct. 24 are
in the same hand, and my guess is that it is the hand of the younger Tucke, who was
at the Shoals as late as Oct. 21, when he signed a receipt as administrator of the estate
of his father. I am inclined to read the scrawl " Pastor" or " Pater," i.e. the Sunday
after the death of Mr. Tucke. " She " rewritten is a possible reading.

300 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct.

Henry the Son of Henry Walker & Rachel his Wife
w® Baptize!.*
1774. Sept 21. Henry "] the Children of W» Down & Hannah w«

Benj* ! Baptize! in Private she Owning [i.e re-
William j newing ?] her Gov"* the Last being at the
Hannah J point of deth.
Sept. 25 Jacob y® Son of Amos Caswell & Rebecca his Wife

was Baptizd.
(End of the Recofd of Baptisms at Gosport.)

Mr. Tucke apparently tried 1;o collect records from other churches where
Shoalers had been baptized or married, etc., and entered them in the book
of the Church of Gosport. These memoranda seem to include families
living on the Shoals at about the time of his ordination, but no records of
the churches in Portsmouth or Kittery are given. The entries fill three
pages (149-151) as follows:

" A Record of Baptisms, Admissions, Dismissions, &c., by y® Neighbour-
ing Ministers." f

P. 149. A Copy of y® Baptisms &c. of those belonging to y® Isle of
Sholes as they stand in y® C^^ Records at New Castle.

Those with y^ Mark X against y^" Names, it is not known whether ever
Y were such Persons belonging to y® Isle of Sholes.

AD. Baptized

1713. May. 10*^ William Fox

Aug«' 30 A child of M^ Carters^

1714. Aug^t 1 Mary Kiswell

Sarah Kiswell
Robert Kiswell

1715. Sept 4th Samuel Down

Daniel Grindal
Agnis Down
Abraham Lahah
Dorothy Currier
Mary Sanderson

1716. Aug^t 26"^ Mary Randal
Sepf 9**^ Mary Down

1717. June 23"^ Elizabeth Carter
Ocf 20ti> John Cain

1719. April. 19*'^ One of Jn° Salters
May \^^ Love Kelley

Margaret Kelley
Susannah Kelley
Hannah Kelley
Elizabeth Sanderson
Sepf 13"! Deborah Goold X

1720. July. 24*^ Katherine Hockrin

* Probably Henry Walker Andross is meant. His son William was baptized in Oc-
tober 1761. The name Walker does not appear in the annals of the Shoals so far as I
know them. I take it that, by a custom which was very common in the next century,
Andross was ordinarily called " Henry Walker," and the clergyman quite naturally
supposed that to be his whole name. o.- i j

fit is not unlikely that some of these baptisms were performed at the Shoals al-
though entered in the church record of another place.

J Probably Mr. John Carter (d. 1726) is meant.

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eightee7ith Century


1722. March 18*^

1723. Sept^22°'^

1724. March. 7*"^

1725. May 9*''


June 19^
Sepf^ [?]

1727. April Uti^
July. 14*
Sept^ 29*

1728. May. 4

1729. AprU. 5*

Martha Salter
Mary Moodey
Titus Salter
Hannah Yetton
Ann Yetton
Henry Muchemore
Samuel Lewis X
Abigail Muchemore
Hannah Pain
Jane Lehah
Joseph Henderson
Mary Kiswel
George Lunt
Sam^ Sanderson
John Down
James Shapley
John Bragg
Elizabeth Perkins
Mary Grindal
Hannah Miller
Mary Hockrin
Arthur Randle
William Cooper X
Joshua Cooper X
Hannah Mace
One of Sarah Matthews
Johannah Hockrin

One of • Emeries*

Charles Miller

Owned their Covenant.
A.D. 1714. Aug^t 1«* Mary Kiswell

1716. Aug^* 26* Rebecca Randal
Sepf 9* John Down

1717. Ocf 20* Judith Cain
1719. May. 10* Susannah Kelley

Sepf 13* Deborah Goold X

1726. Sepf^ [?] Jane Cooper X

1727. July. 14* Sarah Matthews

Admitted to Full Communion
1727. Nov. 3^ the

Wife of John Muchemore.

Baptisms, etc., from the Rye Church Records.
1727. May 28* John S. of Charles I^Iiller

Job S. of Samuel Lunt
Tho^ S. of Tho« Horn
John S. of Israel Beckman Thompson!
Mary D. of John Ashley
Eliz* D. of Robert Sanders

* Probably a child of Samuel Emery.

t This family appears elsewhere in the records above as " Beckman.


Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct.

Oct' 1«'

1728. May 19*^^

1728. Aug^ 13'^


Dec"^ 1«*

Naty S. of John Clark

Eliz*^ D. of Richard Currier

Geo. S. of Geo. Perkins.

Henry S. of Reuben Shaply.

W^ S. of W"^ Tucker.

Eliz'^ D. of Benj° Yetton.

Rebecca D. of Nat^ Adams.

Abigail D. of John Muchemore.

Richard S. of W" Muchemore.

Sami S. of W" Down.

Mary D. of John Bickford.

Abraham S. of John Ellinwood.

Martha D. of Geo. Perkins.

Esther D. of Tho« Meldrom.

Joannah D. of Jos Dammeril.

Abraham S. of Abraham Crocket.

Levi S. of Andi'ew Mace.

Catherine D. of Sam^ Yetten.

Richard Yetten Adult.

Sam^ S. son of Jeffrey Currier.

Sam^ S. of Sam^ Matthews

Charles S. of Charles Randle.

Abigail D. of Robert Down.

Daniel Randle &)^^^j^^

Jos. Dammeril j

John & Elizti^ S. & D. of Arthur Randle.

Hannah D. of Rob* Sanders.

Jn° Barten J

Mary Neighbour > Adults.

Margaret Carman )

Eliz**^ D. of Francis Neighbour.

Jn" & Henry S« of Jn^ Pain.

Ithamar S. of John Mace.

Benj° S. of Jn° Dammeril.

Richard S. of Sam^ Currier.

Ann D. of Rich"^ Currier.

Sarah D. of W^ Sanderson.

Benj'^ Dammeril Adult.

Rachel D. of Jos. Mace.

Barten S. of Peter & Elizt^^ Robey.}

[Mr. Tucke leaves a considerable space here without

Sarah D. of Tho^ Currier.
Mary D. of Sam^ Currier
W^ S. of Edward Currier.
Peter S. of Peter Bragg.
Joannah D. of Daniel Randle.
Priscilla D. of Tho« Perkins.
Welthen D. of Geo. Perkins.

* The day of the formation of the Church of Gosport. As Mr. Morrill was on Star
Island at the time, these persons were presumably baptized there.

fThe day of the formal acknowledgment of the church covenant. It was observed
as a day of fasting and prayer. Mr. Morrill was still at Gosport.

X Probably a mistake for Obey (Oby, Obee), as written in other records.

*1729. June 26*'^
t June 29*^

1729. Aug«' 10*^
1729/30. March 1^*

1730. April 12*^

1730. May

1731. Oct' 3-1

1912] Isles of SJioals in the Eighteenth Century


1731/32. Jan? 30
1732. April 12'^

July 9*

1728* Dec-^ 1«*

Jos. S. of Jn° Bickford.
Mary D. of Jn° Down.
Ruth D. of Reuben Shapley.
Sam^ & Jos. S* of Jn° Dammeril.
Jn° S. of Jos. Mace
Horten S. of Joseph Mitchel.
Amos S. of Jn° Pain
Robert S. of Jn° Mace
Timothy S. of Dennis Condrey.
Sarah D. of Tho« Goudey.
Elias S. of Matthew Voudey.
Peter S. of Arthur Randle.
Nicholas S. of Martha Simmons.
YX\7>^ D. of Geo. Collins.
Eliz*'> D. of Jos. Hall.
Susannah D. of Rich*^ Currier.
Noah S. of Jn° Down.
Moses S. of Jos. Dammeril.
Moses S. of Nat^ Adams.
Francis S. of Thomas Carman.
Rob^ S. of Charles Miller.

W™ Muchemore &

o 1 T7 \ were Receivd to ful Com"^

Sam' Emmery )

Arthur Randle & his Wife Own'd y® Cov'

Rebecca Randle | ^^^^ Receivd to ful Com'^ w'^ y«

M-r/MeTn \ CwasGathen,.

Dorothy Currier was Receivd to ful Com"

Mary Mace Wife of Jos. Mace was Receivd to ful

Eliz*'' Wife of Peter Robeyl Ownd y® Covenant.

Tho^ Goudey & Sarah his Wife ] ^ i o n t
^ T\T ^1 c- r Ownd y^ Cov*^

& Martha Simmons j -^

Jn° Pain & Sarah Currier \ were married June

Joseph Hall & Mary Merryfield j 29*^ 1729.

Jn° Clary & Martha Sanderson were married Oct'

4*'^ 1731.

A Copy of Baptisms Comen** \sic, covenants was apparently meant] &

Marriages belonging to the Isle of Sholes as Appears by Rye C^'' Records

Attest Natl Morril Past"^ of the C^ of Rye.

1728t June 26

1729. Sept. 4"^

1730. April o*"^

April 12'!'
1732. April 2"^^

Other Baptisms at New Castle.
1709. June. 5. John S of Jn° Frost

Abraham S.
Nathi g,
Anne D.
Sarah D.

of Jos. Crocket of Kittery
P [per] M"^ Gushing.

* 8 is written over 7. . , . , ,

t As the Churcli of Gosport was formed in 1729 there is evidently a mistake in this
record. The next names aj^pear among the signers of the Covenant June 26, 1729.
t That is Obey, as before.

304 Isles of jShoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct.

July- 3. Katlierine D. of Geo Goirdey

p M^ Wells.
Sept. 4. W" S. of Fox [sic] of y*^ Slioles

P IM' Odlin.

Dec. 11. Abraham S. of Reuben Mace.

P M'- Pike.
1710 May. 14 Eliz*^ D. of Tho« Mannering ^

Philip S. of Ithamar Frost > Sholes
Mary D. of Sam^ Frost )

W"' S. of Michael Cruse

P M"" Cushiug. .
The above mentioned Persons were Baptized at New Castle by y® afore-
said Ministers (y® Rev*^ M"^ Jn° Emmerson being in Old England) as Ap-
pears by a Record in y® Hands of y*^ Rev'^ M"" Nat^^ Gookin of Hampton
He Supplying M"" Emmersons Pulpit during y® said time.

On page 1 63 begins " A Record of such Persons as have either Own'd
or Renewed y® Cov"^' before " Mr. Tucke. In the list below those who
owned the covenant are marked (0), all others being renewals.*
Sep* 24"' 1732. Francis Combs.

Feby 18"^ 1732/33. Henry Carter.
April 8"^ 1733. Martha Cleary.

Aug®* 12*'^ 1733. Elizabeth Dammeril Wife of Benjamin Dammeril. (0)

Dece'' 9*'^ 1733. Martha Wife of Capt° Robert Down.

Dece' 16*^ 1733. Philip Brock (O) & Dorothy His Wife.

March 3" 1733/34. Mary Swain.
March 10*^ 1733/34. Agnes Robinson.
Ocf 27"^ 1734. Mary Robinson.

March 16*^ 1734/35. Caleb Currier
May IS*'' 1735. Nath' Rand of Rye, at Rye.

April 18*^ 1736. Richard Tolpey.

Aug^* 8* 1736. William Fox

Nov-^ 28"' 1736. Robert Case well & Martha His Wife.

Dece"^ 26'^ 1736. Mercy Roberts (O).

Oct'" 2"^' 1737. Daniel Driskil.

March 18*^ 1738/39. W^ Kerswell & His Wife.
April 22"^ 1739. Rachel Varrel.

June. 17*^ 1739. Robert Dammeril.

Sept'' 9*'' 1739. Anne Muchamore.

Nov"" 11*" 1739. Margery Andras.

Nov"^ 25*" 1739. Jn° Currier & His Wife.

Jan: 6*" 1739/40. Samuel Grindel & His Wife.
June. 22"'^ 1740. James Robison & His Wife.
Ocf^ 19*" 1740. Tobias Allen (0) & His Wife.

Nov'' 2'"' 1740. W^ Robison & His Wife.

Augs* 29*" 1741. Sarah Allard Wife of James AUard Jun^

Jany 24*" 1741/42. Elizabeth Varrel Wife of Samuel Varrel.
April 3

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