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Id these years "I oui collegiate experience it has been .ill too
eas\ to lose sight "I the great human structure which has been

rising at Davidson, litre, perhaps, we have t Ften become

absoi bed in the process "I foundation laj ing and in the intricac ies
nl the growth.

I In - annual is dedicated to the Davidson student bod) .is .1
whole and to .1 goal which our professors and forebears have en
visioned, and ol which we have h.ul glimpses. I his goal is that
n! building .1 stronger societ) ol men based upon a deep and real
( hi istian foundation.

We are .1 portion, each in his own way, ol that South, thai
America, that one world which is being shaped, and these four
years have constituted .1 sector ol our preparation for filling the
myriad position as designers, architects, and builders ol the human

social structure.

Within these pages .ire reflected our steps toward maturity.
Is ours to he .m era ol decav or "I growth? Pan ol the answer will
he here— at the Davidson that we have formed ami ol which
we have been a part. Let us hope that as we glance at the following
record ten and thirt) years from now . we can saj . "( )ur foundation

stones were secureU littecl. '



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Our Year

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page 58

■ f *

l __J



page 92


page 112

he Greeks

page 166



. I 1


I ::&**

xvVvV ■ v

o flw o r d

Davidson is perhaps all things to all men
and anything that one of us who has been
a part ol the great heritage that is Davidson
C ollege says will be quite inadequate to ex-
press the feeling of all. Yet, here in these
pages of this hook I have tried to create an
impression ol the activities and men of this
campus that will at least elicit not only pleas-
ant—and sometimes unpleasant— memories,
but also a sense of the part that Davidson has
played in our lives and will continue to play
in the future. Whether we recognize it or
not now, each ol us has been a real part ol
the life of this campus, and in turn, it has
been a vital part ol our lives.

Time is continually changing the group
that is here, and the group is continually
changing the times at Davidson, The impact
of our stay here will never stand out clearly,

but the aim ol this hook is to say that we
have played our part and when the curtain
is downed on the finale of this Senior class,
all will know that we have left our mark.

Swain Loy


The Davidson Student






••j* - -


wrm j

President John Cunningham

Boa rd of ru stees

l',l \ | Mil'' IW III I ',11 II Mills

Mil | \ I NNN.IN

\ln Frank P I I m i |n

Mil I ) ( .1111 II M MM IN



|. 1'. Booth


Ralph M 1 loi i

I'll V


SoOTl C win I n

I'll V

S, 1 . Hown





| Wll s \ |clNI s


( 01

I (. (. OOP! R


1', S. Kim



(. .1 ORCI s CrOU( m


\l 1.1 11 1 |. klsM INI.

I'.i \


(. ( .mi ii Davis


D R 1 il


llllH.l S. J. 1 R> IN


( U. Leach





|, Spi ni br Lovi



\l lll\ II ( .1 Willi


M ( MacQueen



RoBl R r W. ( .cir.iil I I


1 11 \NK \l( t UK II W

I'll X


["homas 1 . l In vi


1 1 Will IDN W \l< k \\



R. 1). C .mi ii


1 . 1 . M< ki i nil n



\\ MINI R 1 1 1 M 1


|. 1 1 All! il 1) \1( kl 1 1 III N



1 . II. 1 1 Will ION






1 1 \i:\i \ W . Moore



[ames I 1 Hendrix


W . ( )i in Nisbi i . Jr.


P I) Patrick

I II I'm i >

( I i I ', I I \ I 'c I I I s

Ioiin V l',i mn \n

KlIMl I'll' I N

Ii.iin I Smith

I hum \s I) Sparrow

I ii D R Si mi: |n

Im \ W. Stewari


I 1 1 uun W mii mori
c R. Wilcox

C II Mil Is I Willi \MS

M R. Wiiii wisiin


I) ( Younc

Rd ministration

Clarence John Pietenpol, B.S. (Pittsburgh), M.S. (Colorado),
Ph. I ). (New York), Professor of Physics and Dean of the

Samuel Reid Spencer, Jr., A.B. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D.
(Harvard), Associate Professor of History and Dean of Slit

1 ni in i-.ii k William Hengeyeld, B.S. (Davidson), (University
of Chicago), Director of Admissions and Registrar.

David Crier Martin, B.S. (Davidson ), Treasurer and Business

John Lewis Payne, B.S. (Davidson), Director of Alumni and
Public Relations.

C. Shaw Smith, A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (University oF North
Carolina), Director of the College Union and Coordinator
of Student Activities.

Myron Wallace McCill, B.S. (Davidson), Bursar and Assist-
ant Treasurer.

A. Heath Whittle, B.S. ( Davidson), Acting Director of Alh
letics and Physical Education.

Oscar Julius Thies. Jr., U.S., M.A. I Davidson . M.A. (Coi
nell). Associate Professor of Chemistry and College 1 ngineer,

Frank Donald Hobart, Superintendent of Buildings ami

Mrs. Mildred Crowell Little, Supervisor of the Dormitories.

Clyde Wilson Stacks, Manager of the College Laundry.

William Strother Murphy, Director of Food Service for the
College Union.

Mrs. Katharine P. Halyhurton, A.B. (Woman's College ol

the University of North Carolina), Director of Publicity.

James Baker Woods, Jr., A.B. (Davidson), M.D. (Medical
College of Virginia), College Physician.

Sam Hays Magill, A.B. (University of North Carolina), B.D.
(Yale), V MCA Secretary.









1 1. ihari



I lalyburton



Stac ks

Page Twelve


AIm-iiii tin

I'm il\


> • 1 . 1 1 1 1 • < ■ 1


Brown, I I
Brown,] R,

Georci 1 iwrekci Abernetiiy, A.I'. Bucknell . M.A. Oba
lin . Ph.D. Michigan . Professot o\ Philosophy.

|ohn Crooks Bailei |h \ I'. Davidson), M.A. [ohns Hop
kin-. I and Bible.

Iiimm Vlbbri Beaty, A.B. Davidson . \l \ South Caro
lina . M.A. Columbia . B.D. Columbia rheological Semi
nan . Professor o\ I atin and German.

John Morgan Bevan \ B Franklin and Marshall . B.D.,
M \, Ph.D. Duke . Issistanl Psychology.

H MiM Parks Bi inton, C apt.. United States Amu. B.S.
Norl lege Assistant Professor o\ Mil:: S

ence and I at Hi -..

William \1 Boycb, |r., A.B. Davidson . B.D. Princeton
rheological Seminar] . Issisfoni Professot o\ Bible.

Ce< ii Kenni in Brown, V.B Davidson . M \ .. Ph.D Uni
versirj ol North Carolina . Professot of Economics.


4X ■' ™£>


,i . United '
Vlilii ii

Bui ii B.S \l s V rtl

|ambs Young t mini
North i arolina Ph 1 1

In B ( ..iii e, A.I I Ph I '

I Inivci tit) «f M

( .i iiiu.i William Ci \l s 1 1,,.

..I \..nli ( arolin i . luislaul /

William Patterson Cummini A.B Davidson M.A., Ph.D
'•/ / nglish

I iiomas I >acgi \ B 1 arlham \l S Ph I) North
Assot tale Pi

Chalmers Gaston Davidson, A.B Davidson \l \ in I S
M.A., I'll I ) I larvard . Professot of Hi
I )iret tot of the I ibrm \

Winbourni Macrudeh Drake, \ I! . M.A Wash in

Lei I'll I) Universit) ..I North Carolina . \ssistant Pro
fessor "I Histort .

Richard M. Fox, VI; Monmouth Collegi M.A. Universit)
rida . Instrui tor in Mathematics.

Howard Preston French Jh V.B Swarthmore . \l \
Ph.D. Indiana . Associate Professot of German.

Henry Emmett Fulcher, B.S., M.S Virginia . }anu
anon Duke Professot of Physics and Astronomy.

Ions Bryant Gallent, B.S. Davidson . M.S., Ph.D. Uni
versit) "I North Carolina . Professor of Chemistry.


I [ouchens



Augustin Victor Goldiere, A.B. (Dartmouth), M.A., Ph.D.
(Yale), Professor of French.

Arthur Gwynn Griffin, A.B., M.A. (University of North
Carolina), (C.L.U.), Professor of Economics and Business.

Howard D. Hayward, A.B. (Penn. State College), M.A. (Uni-
versity of Washington), B.D. (Princeton Theological Semi-
nary), Assistant Professor of Bible.

Douglas Clay Houchens, B.F.A., M.F.A. (Richmond Pro-
fessional Institute), Assistant Professor of Fine Arts.

John Thomas Kjmbrough, B.S. (Davidson), M.S. (Chicago),
Professor of Mathematics.

George Labban, Jr., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Texas),
Assistant Professor of Greek.

Howard Henry Lamar, Jr., Capt., United States Army, B.S.
(Davidson), Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics.

Henry Tracy Lilly. A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Princeton), Pro-
fessor of English.

Thomas Swindall Logan, B.S., M.S. (Emory), Ph.D. (Johns
Hopkins), Professor of Chemistry.


College Varsitv *Vf


n Field J


L. Malcolm McAfee, A.B. (University of Chicago), B.D.
(Yale Divinity School), M.A., Ph.D. (Yale), Associate Pro
fessor of Sociolog) ,

John Wilson McCutchan, A.B. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D.
(Virginia), Professor of English.

John Alexander McGeachy, Jr., A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Uni-
versity of North Carolina), Ph.D. (Chicago), Professor of

Samuel D. Maloney, A.B. (Davidson), B.D. (Union Theo-
logical Seminar)'). Assistant Professor of Bible.

Paul Arthur Marrotte, A.B. (University of New Hamp-
shire), M.A., Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), Assistant
Professor of History .

William Nelson Mebane, Jr., B.S. (Davidson), M.A. (Cor-
nell), Professor of Mathematics.

Kenneth Raymond Moore, B.M., B.S. (Illinois), M.S. (Juil-

liard School of Music ), Assistant Professor of Music.

Frederick Samuel Morton, III, A.B. (Davidson). M.B.A.
(Harvard Business School), Professor of Business.

Jay Harold Ostwalt, A.B. (Davidson), M.A.. Ph.D. (Duke).
Associate Professor of Education.


William \ Paton |r V B VI B \ Ph D Universit) ol
Michigan . \ssociate Professoi ■ >( Business Administration.

|ohn I Iunti ii Pi >k, \ B I lampdi n Sydne) . \l \ Univei
Mit .>l North ( arolina . Issistonl Professoi •>/ Spanish.

Donald Bryci Ploti B.M., M.M Universit) ol Michigan .
Un. , utte Professoi ,./ \ittsii -

William Olin Puckett, V.B. Davidson . M.A. (Universit)
■ North Carolina . Ph.D. (Princeton . /;. /. Reynolds Pro
fessoi i>\ Biologj

|ambs Suceh Pdbcbll, |h., V.B Stetson \1 \ Ph.D

I Hike . Issociote Professoi 0\ English.

Gharles Edward Ratliff, |r., lis Davidson . M.A., Ph.D.
Duke . Assistant Professor "/ Economics.

[ames Walker Rbtd, B.S. (Davidson M V Columbia , Ph.D,
Peabod) . /'"■/. ph) and Geology.

Ions I). Safe, It Col., United States Army, B.S. Universit)
ul Florida, Professor "/ Vliliton Science .><ij Tactics.

Inns Roberts Satterfield, B \. MM. Universit) "I North
Carolina . A^m'-mhi Professoi >>\ English.

el e £




U il on

Lewis Bevens Schenck V.B Davidson B.D Union I li<
logical Seminar) , M M. Princeton Seminar) . Ph.D
Yale /. H ( annon Professoi "/ Bihle.

Peter Terwey, Jr., A.A. Lamar Collegi , A.B Texas West
ern . MA Universit) "I Texas . Assistant Pn ■

Bradley DeForrest ["hompson A.B., M \ Williams \1 \
(Harvard . Associate Professor o\ History.

Pedro Nicholas li:\k\s A.B. Wofford . M.A. Universidad
Nacional de Mexico . Assistant Professor of Spanish.

Raymond U irrbn Iu.a, K.S. (Juniata , \l \ Western Re
serve . Associate Professor of Speech.

Vlbxandeb \ ivoulis, B.S., M.S. Brooklyn College . Assistant
Professoi o\ < h* misti \

Geobci Byron Watts, V.B Dartmouth . AM ll.irv.ird .
Ph.D. I Minnesota . Professoi o\ I rench.

Benjamin Harrison Wilson, Jr., B.S. West \ rginia Wes
leyan . M.A. Pittsburgh . Assistant Professor of English.

William Gatbwood Workman, B.Ph., M.A. B.D
Ph.D. (Chicago . Professor of Psychology.

t- l«f



* *



While other Davidsonians lived in a world ol sand and beer
cans, unshaped bodies return to the august campus . . . theii
sweat, blood, and tears, and a S35.000 subsidy result in the tirst
winning football season since . . . the next group ol arrivals
have unshaped minds and clean white bucks . . . they will learn
. . . but some will leave . . . the Y Cabinet vicariously sacri-
fices its time to counsel these 24S naivete . . . Ostwalt and his
tests give them a taste of the next tour years . . . then the
already oriented arrive . . . first turn in the entrance maze,
the Bursar's Office . . . ein dollar fi'r each schedule change . . .



you mean you didn t sign up for P. T. . . .
will that work in R.O.T.C.? . . . What 1 no
Monday Chapel? ... it change comes, can
revolution be far behind? . . . Spencers New
Deal: cut cards go down the drain; extended
Orientation program; Executive C ommittee
revises methods ... a relic from a former
regime — our cut secretary . . . Eberhardt's
safari to ferusalem interrupted by heart at-
tack while in New I lampshiie . . . victory
over V.M.I, at Lexington opens football sea-
son . . . suddenly student spirit, long latent,
arises . . .

A Freshman's Seven Steps to Popularity,

we M'uk' into the routine, bui the spell is
broken wnli Rush Week Frai houses

wiili .1 summei transfiguration via intcrioi
decorators . . . KA wins out over PiKa and
Sig I p with .1 reception room thai resembles
I .mis \|\ s garden others s.i\ the

Greensboro s \ \\ ... hope to see you
down again , . . macaroons and WilJis
grape juice; shrimp and hot dogs; Inns
d'oeuvres and apple pie . . , and do you plan
to go to Seminary at Columbia or Union . . .
.ill nighl sessions . . . but Ins tie li.ul wide
stripes . . . and he has .1 red convertible . . .

/'(/ run 11 mile \<*r <i cake,

flinsl Stetson


he was valedictorian, president of his class,
and captain ol the football team . . . hall
im ... 4 a.m. and no stamps for redate
cards ... in the year of Kappa Sigma . . .
the ATO theme song: "Pledges are Cheaper
hy the I lalf Dozen" . . .

The Jons en

lei ;.s under inn .

yeah, we reallj goi the besl I la! w<

balled thai one \t the Stetson

wiili oui pledges during second lull

I lattcrs almosl < at< li C .u^ Pledge Ban

quets and the moral "I the st<u\ is: make
'em put on the pledge pins before the part)
1 1 1 v; begins .1 week-end "I pledg< cen

monies, and the tallies show ovei 200 neo
phvtes now is the time to start studying

"in professors eleven new ones and Put
li!! returns w ith .1 Ph. I ). . . . the ethics "I
.1 hitch hiker . attacks on Student C ouncil
secretiveness . . . a bottle ol bourbon . . .
car loads Follow C ats to ( harleston for ( itadel
game . . . I. I). Cards arrive, and my deah,
we gel ^ \K \ cards .is well . . , the Court
ni c ontrol gets into action . . . attacks upon
ilns venerable institution . . .

/ he local agent of the N.K.V.D.
suppresses the full riot.

Members o\ the War Department utilize their spare time


"Into the vallej of death
rude the five hundred.''

the times arc changing . . . PC "up" for their
Homecoming crowd . . . fumbles and other faux
pas prevent fourth win . . . Graggism swings awaj
from the spirit of humble optimism . . . Freshmen
race for fifty cakes, but no record broken . . .
our first Southern Conference defeat comes From
Furman at Memorial Stadium in Charlotte . . .
SAE's move boarding house to old Medical Build-
ing after Dietician succumbs . . . freshman run
originally organized bv Court of Control altered
by students with belt buckles, buckets, and boo
yah . . . the bonfire was an anticlimax . . .

Blood, sweat, mid tears result in the first
winning season in many Ions, rears.

the Morehead Poll shows the majoritj "I students
in tavoi "I Supreme Court ruling on segregation
. . . upperclassmen have the most liberal viewpoint
while the one-month-removed-from-home Fres
men were Mill representing \ and I'. is views
. . . the high-brov\ American C hamber Orchestra
opens Vrtist Series . . , Paul Scott returns to
his Alma Mater, luit his philosophy "I I 1 I .mil
individual coaching remain ... I ittle Mencken
blares forth in the Davidsonian . . . then Home
coming came . . . Ogden C and) is dandy, Inn
liquor is quicker Nash, the dean ol American
humor poetry, not runny . . .

. l/'ftT

The war dance.

Cats furnish Cunningham first
Homecoming victory in 14 years.

the Billy May Orchestra with Sam Donahue on the
podium . . . 9:30 p.m.— wher'n hell are my studs . . .
pledges were up all night finishing Homecoming deed
rations . . . and the rains came . . . Paynes plans for
the alumni pay ofl ... a coal-mining Podunk College
called West Virginia Tech . . . chrysanthemum, cash-
meres, casuals . . . the cow of Sigma C hi wins I lorae-
coming decoration . . . Thacker outdid himself with
four T.D.'s after four scoreless games . . . open house
at faculty and fraternit) houses following the game . . .

Add one.

1 lomecoming decoration


' * ' '^3PK*" *■» • J ** r


( Weeks romp on Iff. ( )/> mpus

April \nu's. popular chanteur .it concert . . . dancing
and other diversions prevail in the evening . , . Parents
l).i\ executed bj Freshman ( ouncil headed In I Inul
C napin C atawba Indians were handed .1 12-point

lead earl) in the First hall . . . yet the Cats won -^2- 1 2
. . . "Knock On An) Door, "Gendeman's Agreement
pave \\.i\ For sociological-psychological lilms at the
Union . . . Football is deFiniteh in the air . - , students
pick winners For weeds ... a perverted form ol Football
Flickeroall is the prevailing Inter! intermix spurt in
the hill ... .1 Field goal is the deciding Factor in the
Worrord contest . . dating ( 1 inverse girls ... .1 pledge
wines .1 checK to bail his Future brothers out "I .1 night
club . . .

"Candj is dand) .
Hut liquor is quicker.

Page Twenty-seven



tJ5| ?Cf







i" ,

Head Coach Bill Dole

brain trusters try to start a financial trust . . . buy
a S5 chain letter and make over S5,000 . . . only two
people ever hit the S50 mark . . . the scheme was just
a little too mad for the Dean ... so the Cadillac just
around the corner is still just a vision . . . Pete Ashcraft
runs second in Southern Conference track . . . the Big
Three of the Chapel Committee recommend the abo-
lition of Court meetings in Chapel and Judge Peterson
acquiesces . . . student conduct had caused the Inquisi-
tion to lose its effectiveness ... a touch of genuine liber-
alism— Dr. Frank Graham in Vespers . . . Best quote of
the season: "the 33 claps from the Chambers carillon
persistently announced the arrival of the voluntary
chapel fiesta . . . the CinemaScopic setting with its
panoramic pulpit and stereophonic sermons" . . . the
Peon Army Officers roar up in a MG to challenge
the Tuesday drillers ... a combination of release and
reaction . . .

Coaching Staff: Hambright, Clements, Dole. Acker

Football Team: Acker. Abemethy, Belton, Broughton, Brown, M. F. Campbell. D. M. Campbell. Comer, C lousar, Conger, R. Davis,
H. Davis, Fargason, Fasul, Fennegan, Gramlev, Hatcher. Jones, King. Lawing, Lee, Little. Llewellyn, McLain. McRee. New
ton, Owen, ]. Patterson. Petersen, Poole. Powell. Price. Rankin, Reid, Rowland, Smith. Stancil. Talbert, Thacker, West. Managers:
Cagle, Foil, Martin, VV'ooten, Beckham.

Pi i i iisi s

II Davh


Smi I II

I ua i-,>\

\m iini i m
Rowi i\ii

two man forum presents Segregation Issue in C hapel
. . . Daindsonian's Symposium on Segregation . . .
1 Ion upsets C .its chance ol besl season in over 4<) years
. . . the hell tower goes on IVlk dormitory . . . ODK
talis "men behind the scenes' . . . U\ Seminar Group
nuke pi. ins For \ew Yorl? C it\ trip . . . others .is we
have holiday tiekeis tn "Pajama Game and "Tea and
Sympathy" . . . I luniks For fhanksgiving.

\l ( IMPBI I I

I ', \ N K I S









The more worldl) "Santa Baby" supersedes "Come Ye I hanklul
People, Come . . . rigid restrictions on promiscuous cutting oi
reviews . . . "Grapes of Wrath" reminds complacent students
that they are products of WPA-AAA days . . . the powers' plans
for a de-emphasized athletic program, and the hot air that blew
across the campus when it hit the fan ... to play as equals but
to maintain standards became a trite viewpoint seldom refreshed
by any realistic answer as to how . . . the Abnormal Psycholog)
class makes field trips to Morgantown, and returns less willing
to label everyone a schizophrenic with paranoid tendencies . . .


Blood Drive drains 209 . . . "Dig me, Daddy, I've goofed" . . . SAE's win

IFC swim meet . . . the traditional Christmas Vespers . . . the social frater-
nities and the Campus Club turn Junior League and sponsor parties for
Barium Springs Orphans . . .

ATOS and others produce Davidson's first Broadway musical, "Good News
. . . their one night stand was a critical success . . . the \ MCA had guaranteed
the royalt) lor Parish's passion play, and a neat profit was netted lor the i
Gift Fund . . .


S *r£$k (*?

nevertheless, the C • ■ 1 1 I und didn't meet its goal
\n<_:<.'ls sin. ui, 1 1 1 ict More I >.i\s and \\ e II be out!
Dance Fails to materialize , see you next year ,

"Hark, the Herald

(. Ii.n lullr I Xi\ iilsnn

dirtj tux shirts and students return on a liltli more or less . . . snow kill
battles m the libran ... a mammoth snovt man blocks trarrk and a n ustrated
cop fires blanks at Davidson Gentlemen . . . ( hez Betas broken windows
... the snow and hopes to bring that D up to a ( melt . . .

Winter snorts

nnl more winter snorts

High scorer linbln Cobb hits for two mure.

I he Mature Christian in .1 Changing South . . LK M
Keynoter Colonel Francis Pickens Miller, a Virginia aristo-
crat, sounds off for a Southern labor leader from Davidson
Smith's neo-Neibuhrism . . . seminars . . , "Dear Lord,
bless me mu\ my wife, my son John mk\ his wife, us four,
no more" , theologian Leitch impresses pre-meds in an
organic class , , , Beach speaks of a dark and swarthj Jew
ol Palestine in his talk on racial tensions . . this glorified
religious emphasis week was stimulating and provocative . . .

Page Thirty-five

%\ i^VU!

They're off

Sigma LIpsilon and Eumanean Literary Society hear the
first part of Chalmers epistolary novel about Davidson,
Alenda Lux . . . the Budapest Boys hit Haydn, Ravel,
and Beethoven . . . this world famous string quartet
filled Chambers' Auditorium despite a basketball bout
with \V & L less than a hundred yards away . . . De-
baters break even at Agnes Scott . . .

Coach Hambright and Captain Al Ormond

Front row. Bob Oliver, Charlie Stowe, Chuck Blake, Alex Shepard, Al Ormond, Basil Sharp,
Jeff Smith, Bo Abernethv, Stafford Querv, Curt Ormond. Back row. Coach Hambright, Frank
Kiker, John Edwards, Jim Traviss, John Hunter, Billv Carrell, Tommy Rivers, Ed Spier, John
Winfrey, Larrv Parrott, Manager Dick Morehead.

Swimming Record

East Carolina <>2 21

The Citadel 45-39

East Carolina 56-28

South Carolina 60-24

Wofford (.(.is

Clemson 38 45

Emorj 49VS-36V5

V. P. I. 25-56

Washington \ I ee 53-31

\ alcntine's I >.i\ and vv< puund

i hot olate drop, \ elma Middlcton
I ouis Armstrong's jazz mi hoi ii
thought thai l hambers on lm-
but it onlj the I Ik k w hen tin
Flames Im.ilK engulfed "Sitting Bull'
the audience joined the crowds outside
in await the lm- department limn .hm>ss
tlu' street the w restlers lid In Buxton
showed .in improvement , , Philan
thropic extends honorary membership to
John I leath and Ike , . . a new personal
responsibility cut system Foi those with
qualit) points . particularlj liberal on
mni academic college exercises . . .

UJrestling Schedule

C larolina

\ ( State

[Tie Citadel

\\ ashington & I ee

V. I'. I.

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