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David William Palmer, II. Raleigh, V ( Owen Paschal], City, 1 la

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Page One Hundred Sixty-three


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John Albert Patterson, Shelby. N. C.
Samuel Curtis Patterson, Greenville. N. C.
William Clayton Patton, Charlotte, N . C.
Edward Malcolm Payne, III, Beckley, W. Va.
William Loomis Pomeroy, Jr.. Waycross, Ga.

Rooer Everett Powell. Louisville, Ky.
\\ 7 illiarn Foster Price, Fayetteville, N. C.
Peter Henrv Ramm. Winston-Salem, N. C.
John Howard Redding, Asheboro, N. C.
Thomas Botts Rice. Jr.. Winston-Salem. \ I

Alan Herman Riley, Memphis, Tenn.
Baxter Maurice Ritchie, Concord, N. C.
William Glenn Robertson, Jr., Chester. S. C .
Harding Winslow Rogers, Jr.. Mooresville. N. C.
DeWitt Frank Roper, Pensacola, Fla.

Malcolm Henderson Rourk. Shallotte, N. C.
Fredrick William Russell, II, Louisville, Ky.
Charles B. Sanders, Jr., Houston, Tex.
Frank Rhett Sanders, Winnsboro, S. C.
Marshall Craig Sasser. Conway, S. C.

Robert Edward Savers. Bluef'ield, W. Va.
James Stephens Scarborough, Wavnesboro, Ga.
I red Howard Scott. Harrisonburg, Va.
James Hovt Sell, Jr.. Monroe. N. C.
Ralph Chapman Setzler, Jr., Albemarle, N. C.

John Gilbert Shaw, Fayetteville, N. C.
Weldon Bruce Shipley,' Asheville. N C
Felix Woodson Sibley, Jr.. Hapeville. Ga.
Charles Lee Sigmon, Kernersville. N. C.
Charles Inglesbv Simons, Jr., Columbia, S. C.

Robert Dickson Sloan, Jr., Charlotte. N I
Osier Farrell Smith, Elizabethtown, N. C.
Robert Moil Smith. Jr.. Mount Airy. X. C.
Ross Jordan Smyth, Charlotte. N. C.
Llewellyn Powell Spear-.. 111. Louisville, Kv.

Robert Lee Standi, Davidson. N. C.
William McDermott Stark. Jr.. University C it\. Mo.
Charles Richard Staton. Palm Beach, Fla.
Peter Van Orden Sterling, Hingham, Mass.
rhomas Hamilton Stevens, Lenoir, N. C.

Page One Hundred Sixt)-four


s s

Edward ["urlington Stewart, Kirkwood, \l"
\\ illiam W in Si..v, , \, i .,, em ille, S (

i harles I hi odore Stowi , |i . Beln \ i

William Wendell Sullivan, |i < leveland, Iron
\iilun Ervin Sweum, Whiteville, N >

I. mi, s Burton I ait, \\ into I lavi n, I la,
Robert Beveridge I.ilU n. [i . Spartanbui S I
Robert Brown raylor, Jr., Greensboro, \ -
William Hmoth) reachey, li . Richmond Va,
William Howard fedford, |r., Newberry, s c

William Leonard 1Immi.iv. Raleigh, N. i
William Earl rhompson, Spencer, N <
111. .in is Franklin I lir.ulkill. Hapeville, (i.
|ohn Maurice I rask, |r., Beaufort, S (
lames |a> fraviss. Winter Haven. Ha.

Charles Henr) rripp, Jr., Piedmont, S (
James Raymond Vaughn, Kannapolis, N (
William Brotherton Walker, |r., Macon, Ga.
Shelbourne Wayne Wallace, Kingsport, Tenn.
William I ee W arlii k, ( hattani oca, I enn.

Vlfred Paris Weathers, Jr., Lattimore, N, C .
James Ward Weller, Charlotte, N . C.
Harry Arthur Wells, Chester, S. C.
fohn Dudlej Wiley, I oray, N (
Frederic Nash Wilkenloh, Greensboro, N (

Boyd 1 li Wilson, |i . Mount Olive, V c
Gerald I ee Wilson, Winston-Salem, N. C .
William Willard Wolfe, Gainesville, Fla.
I)a\ ul Ernest Wood, Waynesboro, Ga.
Ivan fhomas Wood, III. Marion, S (

Daniel Blain Woods, Davidson, N. C
Pat Munroe Woodward, Quincey, Ha.
James ( raig Wool, 111. Bishopville, S. (
Robin Nathaniel Wooten, Jr., Monroe, N. (
Donald Beverly Woo ton, Winchester, K\.

James Hadley Zeh, W inston Salem, N. C .

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Page One Hundred Sixty-five

he Greeks

Sam Donahue

Donahue, Morrow, and Flanagan
brought great dance music

to our three big weekends . . .

oi i k i i;s

Ronald Wilson

\l \l;s|| Ml Tills

I d\i I \ \i i;i


\ a • ■ President

I reasurei

Ron m d W ii son
Kappa Alpha

kali Pitts


! I wiiii
.l,i I',

I nterf raternity Council

Undei the capable leadership <>l Ronald \\ ilson and
the secretarial and financial managemenl ol Marshall
Pitts and rommj I amhe, the InteTfratemit) Council has
guided the student bod) through one >>| the most sue
cessful social years m us liisiin\. OnK l>\ working to
gethei closelj in man) Fields "I activit) have the 12
Council members, representing ever) social fraternit)
and the t ampus C lul>, been able to achieve such a Fine

\ltei revamping the rushing regulations, the Council
directed .i highl) successful Rush Week and then brought
to the campus perhaps the I inesl arra) ol on hestral talent
evei seen in these parts, rhe Greeks .mil Independents
swirled about tin.' gym floor to t lu- music ol Bilh M.i\

,n Homecoming; the downbeat rhythm "I Budd) Moi
row .u .i "rainless" Midwinters; .mil the great Ralph
I lanagan's orchestra foi Spring Frolics. In added

linns loins "Satchmo \imi g and Dave Urulxtk

thrilled the crowd in spring concerts. I In- decorations
dilemma in the gym parti) overcome l>\ the coloi
schemes ol red Andrae and Ins committee.

Aside from the glittei ol the dances, great strides were
made toward the problem "I "I K 1 1 Week." Under the
direction "I the Council a committee drew up several
amendments to the In laws to cover this situation. Othei
activities ol the year included tin- sprin l; blood drive
which was sponsored In tin.' ( ouncil.

I i .■ Vndrai Henri Brown Charles Cousar I"om Dovi Inns Ford

\'i Kappa Alpha ■: i Alpha Epsilon I'lu Delta Theta Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Gamma Delta

I in ki i si i i;

V Mil Si i i i p.s
Campus Club

I )n in Si iiss
Si ma Chi

|l\I I'll U Kl R

Pi Kappa Phi

^ r*i r> <*> rs

J 3 p o p

Phi Rlpha Chapter

Founded 1839— Established 1858


Frank Shaw President

Charles Rankin Vice-President

Joe Connaroe Secretary

Hugh Gramley Treasurer

Mrs. Betty Jo Lambe
Davidson, N. C.

.Another year in Beta Theta Pi drav\s to a close and
leaves in its wake pleasant memories and good fellowship
and good times . . . Pledge day and the successful cul-
mination of a hard grind . . . The Fall Function at the
Selwyn with Betty Jo Lambe crowned as sweetheart . . .
Homecoming . . . The parties at Larry's . . . Christmas
holidays and then exams . . . "Satchmo" followed by
Midwinters . . . The Schoolhouse . . . Shorty's birthday
parties . . . Spring Frolicks and Spring Fever ... the
Bowery Ball . . . Feeds and functions enjoyed with friends
now slip into the mist of the past as we enter the home-

Fifty brothers, each distinctive in his own way. have
made Beta's year a truly unique one . . . Thornton, a
touch of culture among the animals . . . Johnny Mac
gets flushed again and again . . . Gateroo Taylor's tall
tales surpassed only by those of Little Slick . . . \ eep
Rankin drops Plato and puts on the shoulder pads again
. . . Lambe exchanges Grinny tor a new roommate . . .
Hayes, versatile philosopher to the bourgeois . . . "Ding
Ding" McNair finds a soul mate in Memphis . . . Psycho
gets a home permanent . . . Butt Joyner, the person-
ification of dining-room decorum . . . The Gramley duet
becomes a trio but remains out of tune ... I high Malone,

Pa°e One Hundred Seventy

Hugh Malom Wright drops his barbells long enough than ncvci Pollj learns to mambo . \ . W

id |>m Marilyn Shorty, pal t" ever) pledge . . . motors to Memphis ["hi graduating class will

Licentious Grice laments the loss "I local link . . . a large gap in our ranks which will be difficult to fill .. .
Diploma) Shaw conducts the meetings with the finesse plug, Hm, Shaw Zach and .ill the others hav<

ol .1 pro Edo becomes plural , . . Snidei loses .1 t:'"*! leaders and closi friends wish l"i them 1 1 1 »

tooth ■ Rogei -"l'"> m chapel . , I In- inimitable best "I everything, and thank them, foi the las) time,

Felix keeps us smiling . . McKeithen bettei late l"i makin B 1 pleasant as th<

IV. 'II \ If \. till 1 1 1 I Mil l>ll It'll W.l\ »- I HI K M.I 111 II I Mil I'll I ■ ■

Hm Cooper im Covington Footsie Craven Bill Cunningham Bob Dalto

lohn C.arvci Dale Granite) Bill Gramlct Hugh Gramlo Ne!

Leon Howell I.I Irvin Vrchie jovnei Zack Kilpatrick Phil Kukura

Dave Beckham II 11.11 Hill Bondunnl Goi ml Ham Brownln |oe Campbell I

l)„k in .... i I ,. . :■ i i Martin Foil

i i .,ni, .. I In.- ! I. mingwat

II iinl.. \l»- I in, ..I.. Roger I ml. \\ ill Link Dave I

/i-ii"\i.'« ..-.'• ' iTaroid'KlcKeith i..lm \i. i in. inn. ii'li xkn.iii I'. Hugh Malone II. II Martin Bubba Martin Hm Martin

II.,, ,i \l,.„. Recce Middielun lilford Morgan Im, M I Bob Oliver i Bill Pi

Frank Sha« lohn Shav, i.n S Reinel Snidei - l« cl M,n ' Sullivan Bob I..IUr, Bob rayloi rommi I

,., .... , w ,n bid Wi bl u iUon I am u righl

* i *^* i *\*^\*

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eepp £ p ©see

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A, ****** 1**^**1**1*1^**1**^

p n p p p p

Pnge One Hundred Seventy-one

Founded 1868— Established 1869


Fred Summers President

Joe Billy Pharr Vice-President

Jerry Brooks Secretary

Edgar Heath Treasurer

Miss Liz Shearin
Warrenton, N. C.

The time has come. The end of four hard years of toil
(five for Boh Owens), and soon we will leave, some of
us never to return. But we will hold fond memories of
this our last year close in our hearts. Those things which
we will remember the most are . . . Al Gaither returning
to Pika and lending good basketball support, plodding
aimlessly up and down the court . . . Fred Summers,
the leader of our clan with his English accents, those
"cat" shoes, and his loquacious speech which has capti-
vated so many . . . "Mazoo," Don Pilkenton who really
needed a seeing-eye dog as the continual cry of the Mazoo
bird sounded, "I can't see" . . . John Handley, renowned

world traveller and his lovely Canadian acquaintance at
Spring Frolics . . . Rick) Benton pinned to the Sheriff's
daughter after many false alarms and "well, have you gol
your bread money?" . . . Jack Archer, free again, who
made up lor lost time and was never seen with the same-
girl twice . . . Roddy Cameron and Dick Holland, km^s
ol" the flush circuit and their frequent trips to Raleigh
. . . Bob Owens, returned to school to take post graduate
pre-dental became crown prince of the I lush group with
a total of three before Mid-Winters . . . Ted Andrae's
high quivering "Parade, rest" at ROTC drill, and his
frequent trips to Rock Hill . . . Jim B B B Baird. his

Paoe One Hundred Seventy two

inspiring pla\ on the softball diamond ind oui nomi
nation Foi the marble I1.1IK "I sport's immortal, in< luding
Ins quadruple Finesses al the bridge table . . Mickey
"go i<> Hell" Canon and liis long hours <>l null practice
|)..n linkii. "Hot" l)"n \\ 1 1> > iii In seen often
in the weight lilting room . . . how often he "slmi
out of the saddle" al dance weekends is incomprehensible
. . . Hull Black, In - photograph) equipment and thai grej
Ford which was seldom seen on week-ends . . , Will
remembei also those pledge characters . . . that topnotch
Homecoming decoration . . . "Guru" I I.mhIIo . . .

I I. ■ In .11 . cli ii I' i udo" I lolloman's

cigars . . . "Rocky" Craig . . . the u iHK ' pledge class, .1
rcsull ill hard work Mis Paw ( reek and Miss t hai
lotte, "in in tin -..11111 . . . the hi 1 . the

shows . . . .mil many, man) more events which we sh.ill
1 herish.

Wliu 1 .in sa) thai these have noi been fruitful years,

lilliil wuli .1 lot nl happiness and maybe .1 lnili

. . . we shall ,iK\.i\s remembei Beta ol Pi Kappa Mpha

wuli 1 sense ol brotherl) lov< which bred so deep


p c ft c, P p o ft

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ft r: pa© P P
***** ±*****^kA »

O Q ft ft O ft
ft ft D ft ft

* t k*\+Atk H AM


Hiram * aton

Ken I

Hugh i


l ...I Dickaon

< harlii

Havden Hollingjwonh

(.r.n Lewii
|ohn \i

I. .hit Mackorell
I.. Malinoahi
I. in Owen
Bob Owcni
Ham Paschall

loe Hillv 1'h.irr
l),,n PUkenton
I inhardl

Bob Smith

I red Summers


. U-r
I nin Waltbet

l)..n W

Pase One Hundred Seventy-three

Epsilon Chapter


Founded 1904— Established 19F

First Semester
Willis Brilev President

Jim Fisher Secretar)

Jim Thacker Treasurer

Thornwell Frick Warden

Second Semester

Jim Thacker President

Jim 1-isher . Secretar)

Bill Bard Trt>nsn)"f r

John Fennon Warden

Miss Anne Alexander
Gaston ia, N. C.

A "new look" greeted the brothers of Epsilon when
the) returned in the fall for another year at Davidson.
The face lifting job for the frat house that was begun
the previous spring had materialized. Epsilon, guided
by Rush Chairman Jim Thacker and his committee,
plunged into Sleepless Week with brand new smiles and
a determination to get the best pledge class possible. After
five days of hand shaking, name fumbling and shrimp
stuffing, fifteen freshmen received their pledge button
from Archon Willis Brilev. Under the guidance of Whip-
masters Thorny Frick and John Lennon, thev were in-
structed in the "Ideals and traditions of Pi Kappa Phi."

Bel ore the weary-eyed brothers had a chance to re-
cuperate from their Hell Week, Homecoming came, and
with it that last minute spurt to get "something" up in
front of the house that looks like decorations. After raid-
ing junk yards, lumber mills, and President Cunning-
ham's chicken yard, the Ed Price-Dick Cannon Company
converted the frathouse into a Mississippi riverboat.

First semester rocked along with some of the same
old sayings from years past, and one of Henson's most
frequent bitterness: "This is the last party I'm going
to plan unless everyone shows up."

Page One Hundred Seventx-four

I here were m'iih' new phrases thai rose i" prominenct
.is Hendry's I'm nol attacking anyone bul . . ."

and various othei brothers' "What is thai damn mon
strosit) on the wall with the candles in il

On the flickerball Field, |im I ishei and Po Rob
inson made i Fine passing combination, .m>l \l Moreau
.mil Pledge Bob Kcown did much good defi

Returning in |anuary, Epsilon celebrated bclatcdl)
Pounder's Da) ni .1 Shipwreck Ball Arriving .is the)
were dressed when the ship wenl down, the "wrecks"
appeared in everything From sailoi smts and pirate cos
tumes <" i'\i im' tlu- implication nighl clothes.

I In- si i > nut semestei settled into its pace with the reins
<i| 1 lu- Fratcrnit) in the hands "I the new ofFicei |im

rhackci having I lected \rchon Hill Bard took up

the Familial qui board paid on nine.

we have onh 69 cents in the banl I ( rawford

growled his hair) \\.i\ through while Griei

Robinson, the efficienl Historian secured new robes l"i
the 1 haptei ,

Finishing theii p and ha* ini

lightened undei the watchful C! m Graj and

Lero) Fargason, the pledges were read) F01 initiation
in March.

\i the Rose Ball in Ma) the Pi Kapps gathered F01
the I. isi social Function ol the year, and paid honoi i"
Miss Anne Alexander, the C haptei R is

5 P I


O p o o


fi Cs O D

p p & O h 1


J 5 p p

.1. ( rawford

■nit I menon

11 I, .1.-11
.in I 11.. 1
n I iihei

O p n p p

c p p & a p p o

O ft P P ft o » p
P P ft P ft P P P

4 .til** lMi*4ifctf i* li^.l

UiU,.„ I l.i. In

Mm \l..iillsl.<

( harlie IX. .1 ... n

Page One Hundred Seventy-five


Sigma Chapter

Founded 1865— Established 1880

Swain Loy . President

Corty Cooper Vice-President

Fred Allen ... Secretary

Wilson Starr Treasurer

Miss I'm Sahtelu
Draper, Va.

The seventy-filth year in K A at Davidson Found
a new-style house to startle brothers and shock rushees,
but it didn't scare off twenty of the finest pledges we
ever had . . . From "that damned Fite" to "Phi Beta Key
Stroker" in four short years . . . Ronny and Stein join
the fraternity in which all men are brothers . . . Swain,
number one for most everything on campus ... I [eston
—"Who needs a helicopter?" Williamson, an audience
of paupers . . . Starr, no bourgeoisie beyond the palace
walls . . . Corty— the laugh, the lover, the leader . . .
Fred and Ernest, a place for "Pogo" among the patients.
Allie, obese with troubles . . . Schoenberger, Southern

"finesse" on a Yankee "rock" . . . Smithev, a kid glove
from Paw Creek . . . Sloop and Scholl, providing for
the whole man . . . Caudell, smiling at the teachery . . .
Pappy— no chatter, just a deadly set shot . . . Allen
Calcote— he shines it, but Mack drives it . . .

Homecoming . . . Powell and Hatcher rack for the

Cats . . . McKemie— dating another Amazon? . . .
Simpson, too smoothe to date . . . Dick James saw it
through . . . Skipper, Ponder, and Mauze— "Was there
really a dance?" . . . November TV leasts with Brown,
Antrim, and Watson— the "Fleagle Playboys" . . . "Rico"

Page One Hundred Seventy-six

Weeks, the deadl) courl gunnei Lovetti

I ennessee Ernie McCrar) and his dila]

Buick onlj gel 120 pei , , , Christmas vacal ai

last . . .

Wow, those semestci exams . . . Mason and Kiker,
initiated at last , , , Vlumni relations being buill up bj
1 1 1 m.i 1 1 .mil Miller . , . Myers and Sharp "We're the
same height" , . , Brice "I hate prejudice" . . . Pratei
nit) <. ourl links with "Dixie" . . . Gilmer "now back in
rennessce" |ames, the Georgia gianl with .1 w in

ning w.i\ . . . Hagins, "I've ahead) got .1 date" . . .
"Punch" McCaw, nisi bouncing around . . , "Moss"
Lazenby, man with .1 mission . . . shin |une Stallings
led the cheers . . . "Monk" Majors scalpel please , , .
Uc< iskill, the subtle lovei . . . Snullv .1 ioke, .1 wit,

in Morehcad Sigm 1 insw( 1 to the < iallup

Poll . Mcintosh, veteran "I the tables . . . Stovall,

loti 1 1 a 1" 'in... I miii. " I Ins lemon's no

I d I raw ick sofi spoki n man "I the world , , .

rhose pledges reall) showed spirit and we're proud "I

Midwinters and thi I ake I ynn parties afterward . , .
Oui scholastit level rapidl) climbing . . . '< I'ln Betes
, . . 3 ODK's ... I lell Week "I ley, pledg< you tired

nething . , , Initiations at last . , , Spring I rolics

. . . Plans l"i the biggest Old South Ball yet , , , I l><
Confederac) lives again! Charlotte, Davidson, Mi
Mourne, el al Fall into th< hands "I the long gra) lines
( ooper's lovel) lass crowned K\ Rose , , , Mum
\mu the days , . , It's a grand ole ^.my' . . .

n p p r> £ p p t ^

p ft ft O ft p Q ft £

o p ■ p a c p ft e



ft ft p ft D p. ft


P p ft

*.**[** Mtl.M.fcA.fc.4.1



Joe Brown
\l1,-ii ( alcolc
\l.„k I

I mei

1 1. 11

\ll„- ( one

II. \l. Ferguson

John I 11. ■

1 owl*

U ..1,1. II

John Hall

Dick Jama

Hill \kC.i-kill
( I, irla M.l r.,^
I mesl M^C 111. lu-

ll, impton M.iu/i- MilK-r
l)i, k Morehcad

John Pondei

Howard Reddinc
I [i SchoenbeTRei

I'.ili Scholl
Basil Shatp
\l Simpson

Snuffi Smith

\\ ilv..,,

i harlei Staton

I. ,lm I

i 1. .111

Vndv w
Paris Weathers
Richard Weeks

Malcolm ^\ illiamson
Ronald W
Stein Wilson
\ an W

Page One Hundred Sereim seven

Delta Chapter


Founded 1848— Established 1923


Kiki Lewis President

Roy Davis Treasurer

Harold Riley Recording Secretary

Charlie Freed . Corresponding Secretary

Miss Barbara Keefer
Lynchburg. Ya.

Smoke Dreams:

Flintom's Fiji Fun Fest at Crescent . . . daylight
contests and all night parties . . . Switch to Copeland's
and Gentry's vegetable lunches . . . Rush Week . . .
Cridlebaugh's "But is he a track man?'' . . . Typical de-
scription, "He's a good boy, I like him!" . . . nineteen
pleasant surprises . . . Steaks . . . Griffin's H. C. manger
scene . . . visit by "we Three Kings" . . . "What no
graduate from Davidson, Mr. Ford!" . . . Bolen, "There's
only one thing I'm sure of in the world!" . . . Saturday

night TV club and its inevitable promises never to spend
another weekend on campus . . . Davis defrosted . . .
Sunshine King, "Now, Arabs, up at Montreat" . . .
Stauber's ADPi pledge party . . . Captain Rogers com-
mands the Shearer Hall Vounteers . . . It's four Hearts
of Stone in one day ... a record for little Wingy . . .
"Old Salt" Lewis and his Saturday night study hall at
Carolina . . . Dae and Hazel, the Fiji's George and
Gracie . . . Mumbles made it by his fourth Thanks
giving. Keefer mumbles too . . . Pledge Dance . . . Mid

Page One Hundred Seventy-eight

u mil i 's and i In captured rain god Key's Broken

Vnchoi \ ■ >ki |>.ni\ Geroni Freed «ms bob

contesi ai I ish I i\ ... Sharpshootei Littlejohn meets
his match |une 5th , . . Will 1 ish make ii foui straight?

Gentn edges Kivetl al l hampion bcart-breakei , . ,

Beck, the walking ( hesterfield "Sam" , |ones,

latest, Inn ii"i littlest . . "Turkej" Wilkinson

Whitesell, the Countrj Gentleman, "She was not

I l \|i ( .ill

dormitoi ) i iruso Mirror, Mirror, on thi

Who's the hardest cat of all?" . . . B. Lili
haired organizei and lovei extraordinary . Ein /
Drei, \ i< i . , . I'iy Dinnei . . Spring Frolics Fiji

Kl.iiul . . . Graduation . . . and back to the beach.

Phi Gamma Delta, Still to thee, Oui hearts will turn

( hi ll.lllv '

p p p p p p r> & O

poo n o p o p o

o - p p O Q p 6 o p

p p o o p n 6 p p

r- n p c p ft p r p
fr« ft p O £>

I I Buksdale

Ml.,, I

( .mi ( ridJcbaUgh
Rov ll„»
I I Hmijian

I , Dobbins
l).,\ ,,l 1


J,, In, I ..r<!

I harlie I
lohn Guden

Henry Ghigo
lohn (.r,*




I I II. union
I'.inrm HaWPC

Mm Home


Dick Jones

11,11 kuUend.ill

lack I iles

Monlv I mkjolin

II.,,,. I.I HlU'N

lr.,nk Roben

iiiii r.

Ben R

I Simmon. I

Bob Sloan
Phil Staubei
1.,- vVhelii

I..,. Whn.s.ll
( harlie Wile\
Bob w ilkenson

Jim \\ , ms

l.lin Voting

Page One Hundred Seventy-nine



Theta Chapter

Founded 1856— Established 1883

First Semester

Dave Burns President

Curtis Ellison V ice-President

John Woodall Secretary

Bill Rawson Treasurer

Second Semester

Tom Humphries President

Henry Faison Vice-President

Chuck Wright Secretary

Steve Norton Treasurer

Miss Patti Smith
Rome, Ga.

Rush Week, and the Little Corporal dominates the
balling sessions . . . Page makes Helm happy . . . Kerr
in a whirlwind Florida courtship . . . Little Caesar rules
over the Salem excursions as "High Protein" 1 lerhie
bathes the autos . . . "Fabulous" Ramm makes good use
of Pledge pin . . . Brillo-Head and the W. C. hand jags
... I laley, now the Big Man from "The" . . . Buster,
the Mt. Lllla Romeo . . . "Polly" squawks as Mrs. Nit
dictates . . . "Bill" Echols, he gets the definition . . .
Rec's dictatorship . . . Ellison and Rawson convert the
jazz world . . . Luke and his 28 date plan— hopeless . . .
schoolhouse rocks at Midwinters . . . Brasshead, fr. ai

rives and proceeds to take over . . . Maynard and his
Hickory trips . . . Dorothy's ideas on love and marriage
. . . Russell's thinning hair line . . . Acree, "Mooresville's
Choice" . . . Pete anchors the line again . . . Buzzard-
Gut, the new road runner . . . Twitch, living example
of the 7-year itch . . . Winfrey recovers his bicycle . . .
Birgel buys a car, and accessories free . . . Roger and his
mean right . . . Robinson and Simpson, the Mole and
the I lole . . . Haston hunts for shoes to shine . . . Sexy
Sid and his boarding house dance . . . Bellamy boogies
hither and yon . . . DeShazo takes over R. C. . . . Spears
comes through for Miller . . . Smyth takes over where

P«ge One Hundred t/g/il)

\wiw leaves ofl Woodall, the Mexican exchange

student , , Genial |ai kson Rili \ the littli man

behind the I>il; badge ... I C goes and Mars Ilill
cringes . . . I Inns missis out on Union breakthrough
Hoffman the streel walkei . . Bakei reforms, no
more tables . Rojo, bane "I the pledges . . . S|>iuil;
vacation and Daytonn . Dyke, the Good Humoi

Man Boya takes ovci R \1 Hooker, smoothest

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