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Daniel Bixby Wyseman Claggett Joseph Barnes

Jacob Whittemore Daniel Kendal Jun"' John hildreth

Joseph Chase William Bixby Samuel Brown

James Underwood James Harwood William Hildreth

Josiah Richardson Ebenezer Chase James Nahor y® 3*^

David Cole James Caldwell Sam" Chase Ju'

Daniel Blodget William Whittle

[The exclusive privilege of keeping a ferry at this place
was granted by Gov. Benning Wentworth, July 8, 1776, to
Edward Goldstone Lutwyche, and managed by him until
April 20, 1775, at which time he left the place and went to
the enemy in Boston. His mother, Mrs. Sarah, continued
the ferry until it was taken possession of by the com-
mittees of safety of the towns of Merrimack and Litch-
field ; they were, however, on the third of November, 1775,
directed by the legislature to give up the ferry to Mrs. Lut-

The following extract from the records of the committee
of safety of the state, Sept. 10, 1778, indicates that she died
not long prior to that date :

"Appointed Col° Nichols, M"" Underwood & Maj' Chase
to take an Inventory & possession of the Estate of Sarah
Lutwyche, D''."

An act passed April 14, 1784, granting to Matthew
Thornton the exclusive right of keeping a ferry over the
river within the distance of two miles above or below his
house. — Ed.]

[R. 2-271] \_Nathaniel Garjield^ Quarter-Master, 1779 -^

The Petition of Nathaniel Gearfield of Merrimac in the coun-
ty of Hillsborough Gentleman

That your Petitioner in August last went a Volunteer in the
last Campaign to Rhode Island in 177S, and there served as
Qiiartermaster of the Brigade of New Hampshire Volunteers
under the Command of Brigadier Gen' Whipple and expected
to have been made up in a Stall' Roll accordingly, but by some


means was Neglected, and have never received any pay for said
service * * *

In behalf of the Petitioner —

Moses Nichols

[Nov. 6, 1783, said Garfield petitioned for an allowance
for a mare lost in said service. — Ed.]

[R. 2-273] ^Soldier's Order, 1782.']

Merrimack July S"' 1782.

To the Treas"" of the State of Nev\^ Hampshire

S' For value Rec*^ Please to pay Capt William Barron the
whol of my wages for serving under Col° Jonson at Coos

Witness my hand —

Abel Davis £8, 7, 9

[R. 2-274] \^Relative to Williatn Coiven, Soldier.'\

[In a petition dated June 3. 1784, Timothy Taylor and
Jacob McGaw, selectmen of Merrimack, stated that one
William Cowen, a soldier in the Continental army from the
town of Merrimack, had by mistake been credited to the
town of Amherst. — Ed.]

[R. 2-276] \_Petifion in behalf of fafnes Taylor, lySj.^
To the General assembly of the State of New Hampshire

Humbly shews James Taylor late of Merrymac in said state
that your Petitioner served in the Regim' Commanded by Lieu'
Col° Stephen Peabody at Rhodisland as Qiiarter master of that
Regiment during the Continuance thereof and as Sundry offi-
cers of that Corps have had an allowance of Depreciation (so
called) he prays that he may be Considered in the same way
as others are of that Regiment * *

June 2^ 1785

Tim" Taylor

In Behalf of James Taylor


[7-S3] \_Relattve to the Election of Rep7-ese7itative^ I/62.']

To the Gen'^ Assembly of the Province of New Hamp" now
held at Portsmouth in s"^ Prov*

The Petition of the freeholders of Merrim*^ 'in s"^ Province
Humbly Sheweth that on the fourth Day of March Instant the
freeholders of s*^ Merrimac and Monson was assembled at
s** Merrimac to Elect a person to Represent them in the
Gen'' Assembley and Joseph Blanchard Esq'' was Declared
to be Elected Representative for s"^ Towns But the Elec-
tion of him was Illegal for the vots of some persons who
had an Estate in s*^ Merrim'^ where the s*^ Choice was Sufficant
to Qualify them for voters according to Law was Refused and
and others Allowed to vot in s*^ Election who was Not Qiialli-
fied according to Law the Election of s^ Blanchard was not
made by a majority of voters who Had an Estate in s'' Mer-
rim'^ as the Law Requires But by Persons from Monson Hollis
& Amherst who had no Estate in s*^ Merrim*^ our Being joined
with Monson in the Choice of a Representative instead of be-
ing a previlidge Strips us of all that Previlidge which By Law
we ought to Enjoy in that Respect for Being Called to Meet
together and Act Contrarv to a positive Law of the Prov" puts
us in the utmost Confusion when Mett we theirfor pray that s*^
Meeting may be Declared nul and s'' Election set aside because
Illegal and that all the other Elections of the Like Kind may
be set asid as unlawfull Elections and that the Persons thus
Elected Contrary to Law may be dismissed with s"* Blanchard
(viz) John Gofte Esq' Cap' Sam' Grele Cap' Jonathan Cotton
& M'' Jo' Wright that they who are thus Elected Contrairy
to Law May Not Be Suffered to sit in the Hon' Assembly
to pas Laws and votes for others we Dont Beg for favours
without Right but pray that we may be Defended in our Law-
full Rights and Previlidges and for the Due Execution of Laws
so far as lyes in your power that we may Share in the Com-
mon Hapiness of the Province Laws Under the Goverment of
So Good a King as we Now Enjoy And we Desire that the
Carictore and Conduct of s** Blanchard May Bee Enquired into
and Considered which we Judge is Such as renders him unfit
of a Sate in the Gen' Assembly and that he May Be Desmis*^
for that if Not for the other Reasons and we as in Duty Bound
Shall Ever Pray

Merrim" March V 13"^ 1762

Samuel Spaulding Thomas Vickere Jur James Gillmor

William Henry John henery John vickere

Charit}^ Lund James miller James moors junr

Sam" Caldwell William Alld Smith




John Roby
James Moor
Robart Grifien
Samuel m*'Conihe
John m'^Conihe
David Thomnson

John Thomas
Joseph farmer
Benjamin Vickere
Robert GiHmor
Samuel Gillmor
Thomas vickere

Patrick Taggart
Robert ""'Cormick
William Arbuckle
Samuell miller
Ebenezer Hills
William m'^Elerv


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors
March 21, 1770, and incorporated by the legislature March
4, 1778.

In 1785 the inhabitants of the north part of Middleton,
and those of a portion of Wolfeborough, attempted to get set
off from their respective towns and be incorporated into a
separate town. The scheme did not succeed, being strongly
opposed by Wolfeborough and the south part of Middleton.

In 1794 the matter was again brought before the legisla-
ture, and the town was divided by an act passed Dec. 30 of
that year, the north part being incorporated into a town by
the name of Brookfield.

The town was settled by men from Rochester and Lee.

[7-62] \_Petition for an Tncorporatioti^ ^773-'\

Province of New Hampshire

To His Excellency — John Wentworth Esquire Captain Gen-
eral, & Commander in chief in & over said Province of New-
Hampshire &c &c and to The Honorable His Majestys
Council for the Same —

The Humble petition of a Number of the inhabitants & pro-
prietors of the Township of Middletown in the County of
Strafford & province aforesaid being a tract of land granted by
the proprietors of Masons patent so Call'd on the 21st day of
March A D 1770 — Most Humbly sheweth that great progi'ess
is made & is still making towards the Compleat Settlement of
said tract of land, and that the inhabitants & proprietors there-
of have been at great expence & Charge in making public roads
through said Township for the benefit of His Majestys Ser-
vice — Your petitioners therefore prays that your Excellency
and Honours would be pleas'* to incorporate said tract of Land
into a Township with such privaledges as other Towns enjoy


within this Province by the bounds and limits containd in s^
Grant and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever praj
Middletown July 7, 1773 —

John Drew Nathaniel Went- John henson

William Hill worth John Tash

Nicholas Tuttle Josiah Johnson Ezekiel Sanborn

Nathaniel Varney Henry Young Isaac Stanon

Isaac Drew Joseph Cook John Gage

[Not granted. — Ed.]

[7~^3] \_Province T'ax.~\

Middletown 1775,








-£39" 4'' 10

an Extent was Issued & the above Sum of Thirty Nine
pounds four shillings & Ten pence paid in Certificates —

J. T. Gilman

[7-64] \_Petition to be Incorporated.'^

State of New Hampshire
To the Honb'* General Assembly of said State now conven'd

at Exeter

The memorial of Simeon Dearborn in behalf of the Inhabi-
tants of Middletown 6l Leavits Town (so called) Humbly
shews that said Inhabitants are not incorporated into Towns,
but were by the Gen' Court of said State (when under the
former Goverment) Authorized to chuse Selectmen and a Con-
stable for the Sole purpose of Raising a Province Tax — Since
the late distraction of the Times have neglected to chuse said
Officers, by which means they are return'd to a State of Na-
ture — Therefore your Memorilest Humbly prays that said In-
habitants may be invested with Town priveledges, and in such
a manner (if consistant) as to retain the Proprietary prive-
ledges as heretofore — and your Petitioner shall as in duty
Bound ever pray —

Exeter March lo"" 1777

Simeon Dearborn

[In answer to this, Middleton was incorporated March 4,
1778. — Ed.]


[R. 2-277] {^Soldiers' Orders.^

Middletown Ocf 27 1784

To the Paymaster of Cap' Jacob Smith Company in Col° Ray-
nelds Reg' in the year 1781

Sir Plese to Pay Daniel Cook or order all that is due to me
from the State I having been a Soldier in the aforesaid Com-
pany and for the town of Middletown Value Received

Witness my hand Aaron Buzzell

test —

Joseph Plummer Jonathan Oilman

£6, 4, o.

[R. 2-278]

Middletown February 6"^ 17S5 To the Treasurer of the
State of New Hampshire Sir Please to pay Dan^ Cook or
his order all that is due to my late Son William Lear who was
a Soldier in the 2^ Co of the 3'^ New Hampshire Regiment
from Middleton and died in the Summer of 1778 — Value Rec*^

Witness my hand William Lear

[John Chamberlain, town-clerk, certified that said Lear
was the father of said soldier. — Ed.]

[R. 2-279]

M' Treasurer Sir Please to pay Joshua Pickering or order
all the arrears of wages due to me for my service in the late
war in the Second New Hampshire Regiment his receipt shall
be your Discharge —

Witness my hand — Middletown y^ 6"" Augs' 1792

Attest — Jonathan Buzzell

Andrew Bickford

[R. 2-380] \^Petitioii of yohn Barter^ Soldier. "^

[In a petition dated Middletown, Nov, 4, 1788, John Barter
stated " that whiles He was in the Service of the United
States being a Serjeant in Capt Blodgets Company in the
New Hampshire Regiment, He received a dangerous wound
in Battle, was shot through the thigh." He was wounded
Sept. 19, 1777, asked for an allowance, and was placed on
the pension-list at the rate of two dollars per month. — Ed.]


[7-65] \_Relative to the Town's ^tiota of Soldiers^ ^7^3 •'\

State of New Hampshire

To the honourable Council and House of Representatives for
said State in General Assembly convened at Concord the 29
Day of October 1783

Humbly Shew the Subscribers Selectmen and other Inhabi-
tants of said town of Middleton Situate in the County of Straf-
ford and State aforesaid that your Petitioners by reason of the
Scarcity of Corn and other Provisions among them Some Fami-
lys have been Greatly distressed and your Petitioners not Have-
ing Provision to sell to procure Aloney have not been able to
get their Proportion of Soldiers nor to pay their tax for the
year ] 7S2 and for their Neglecting to get their Porportion of
Soldiers the Estates of the Selectmen have been attached for
the Sum of £256 pound Lawfull money the whole of which
Sum your Petitioners are not willing to pay by reason of their
having two of said Soldiers in the Sarvice Namely Samuel
Leach and Edward Elles but by Reason of not Laying Claim
to said Soldiers in Season is the Cause of so Large a Sum but
the Reason of their not Laying Claim to said Soldiers in
Season was because the act was not Sent to said town before
the time was Expired for Laying said Claim Wherefore your
Petitioners Humbly Pray that vour Honours would take the
indigent Circumstances of your Petitioners under your Consid-
eration and take of part of said Sum and Grant them Longer
time to procure the money to pav their taxes or Such Relief as
in your Wisdom may be judged Proper and your Petitioners as
in Duty bound Shall Ever pray &c

Middleton October y* 16 — 1783

John Chamberlain \ Selectmen
Jacob Pike > of

Josiah York j Middleton

Nathaniel Perkins Waldron Kinnison Josiah Wille

John Drew Walter Robonson David Durgin

Nicholas Frost Cap' Frances Math- Bart Richards

Nathaniel wentworth ers Nicholas austin

Jethro Horn William Buzzell William Lyford

John Whithous Joseph Elles Jol'>n Wille

Daniel Whithous David watson Isaac Drew

JoShua Guppy Peter stellings Josiah Robinson

John herick Richard Hanson Benjamin Clay

Chas VVegaus W'" Chamberlin Tho' Chamberlin

Samuel Johnson Stephen Lyford Daniel Drew

Josiah Johnson John Furnal Isaac Stanton



John Richard
Joseph Bickford
Solomon Perkins
John Kinnison

Ezekiel Sanborn
Moses Perkens
Moses Whithouse
Simon Darborn

Charls Stanton
Willuam Hill

[7-6S] S^Petition for a Division of the Town^ lySj.^

State of New Hampshire —

To the Hon*"'^ Senate and House of Representatives in General
Court convened at Concord third Wednesday of Ocf 17S5

Humbly shew the Inhabitants of the Second Division of
Middletown in the County of Strafford and State aforesaid that
they are situated at great distance from the place of holding the
publick meetings in said Town, prevented from going to the
other part of the Town where most of the Inhabitants live,
without travelling into another Town first, thro' roads almost
impassable for great part of the Year — Your Petitioners being
so circumstanced have been and must be deprived of the bene-
fit of all Town Priviledges in Middletown while they belong
thereto — That as your Petitioners can more conveniently attend
the publick Meetings in Wolfborough, should the Meeting
House there be built at the place agreed on — they pray that
they may be disannexed from Middletown and annexed to
Wolfborough, or otherwise relieved from their present griev-
ance — And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray

Nicholas Austin

for Petitioners

John martain
In behalf of John & Andrew Cabbot.

Tho' Chamberlin
David Durgin
Peter stellings
James Chamberlin
Isaac Drew
moses perkins
Samuel Tibbets
Simon Derburn
William Wille
John Fornel Junyer

Ezekiel Sanborn
John willey
Charles Stanton
Josiah Robinson
John Palmer
Walter Robinson
Benjamin Clay
Charls whithouse
David watson
Wiliam whithous

Josiah weggen
Jesse Wiggin
Jos wellea
Richard Hanson
John Stanton
Elijah Stanton
Robert Calder
Sa. kenerson
Jon'' Clay
Jedidiah Drew

For Wolfsboroh
Timothy Johnson Edmon Tibbets Joshua Haines


William Cotton Joseph Kension William Triggs

Thomas Cotton Joseph Hainess John Fiirbur

William Cotton Jun'' Samuel Tibbetts Joseph Leavitt
John Pickren Cotton Juner

[7-69] '\_Re77io7istrance to the foregoing.^

State of New Hamp"" Stratford ss —

To the Honorable the General Court of said State —

The Petition of us the Subscribers Freeholders and Inhabi-
tants of the Town of Middletcnvn in said State Humbly Shew-
eth that we your Petitioners are much Surprized to hear that a
Number of People Inhabiting the upper part of our Town have
petitioned to be set off from us in the Infant State of our Town
as we all are but few in number and the State of our affairs
both Public and Private such that if Granted we apprehend
would be a great Disadvantage to the General Welfare and Ad-
vancement of the Town if not Ruin Both Therefore we Hum-
bly pray that their (said) Petition may not be granted or at
least that it may be Suspended to some futer Day and your Pe-
titioners as in Duty bound shall pray.

Middle Town May 28*'^ 1785.—

Nathaniel Perkins Ephraim Eles Josiah Johnson

Solomon perkins John Whithous Ju Samuel Johnson

timothy Hanson Joseph Bickford William Buzzell

Jacob Pike Trustom Richards Benjman york

Joseph Cook John Richards John York

Robert Cook Thomas Garland John Kenston

John Whitehouse Ebnezer Garland John heicks

Paul Whithous Josiah york George Burnham

Thomas Baker Benjamin york Jun' Isaac Stanton

Charles Baker Nathaniel Went- Josiah Miac

Jethro Horn worth Jonathan Whithous

Joseph Eles Moses Wentworth

[The petition was accompanied by two lotted plans of
Middleton, showing the proposed division, which may be
found in the manuscript, Volume 7, Nos. 66 and 67. The
division was made Dec. 30, 1794, the north part being in-
corporated into a town named Brookfield. Other docu-
ments relative to this matter will be published with Wolfe-
borough papers. — Ed.]



[7~7^^ S^Relative to the Town's ^uota of Soldiers^ iy86.']

State of New Hampshire Strafford ss :

To the Hon'''* Senate & House of Representatives in General
Coui't convened at Portsmouth the Second Wednesday in
December 17S6 —

Humbly Shews that the Town of midleton in said County
had a Requisition made by the Gen' Court of said State for
their Qiiota of men for the Army during the late War — that the
Town in consequence thereof imploied the then Selectmen of
said Town to procure the men, & said Selectmen did actually
procure and hire two, viz. Samuel Lear & Robert Ellis — that
Elijah Buzzell one of the Selectmen & principle actor in this
matter, himselfe also engaged in the Army, & in a Secret man-
ner carried oft' the principle papers Relative to this matter,
with a considerable Sum of the Towns money & hath not as
yet return'd papers, money, or himself That when the town
was call'd on to make return of their men & make out their
claims to such as were disputed, (the Surviving or) Remain-
ing Selectmen, neglected their duty herein — In consequence
whereof an Extent hath taken place against the Town, & the
Selectmen have endeavoured to raise the mone}^ but find it im-
practicable as there is little or no money to be found in the
Town, beside the Town view it as a grievance to pay for the
two men that they have already purchassed & to have them
transfer'd to other towns without any colour of Right — Where-
fore your Petitioners (the Inhabitants of Midleton aforesaid)
Humbly pray this Hon''''' Court to take these their grievances
into their wise & deliberate consideration & grant them such
Relief as their Wisdom & Lenity shall dictate & your Peti-
tioners as in duty Bound shall ever pray

Nicholas austin Stephen Lyford

Isaac Drew Joseph Cook

Jedidiah Drew Epefram Ellis

Moses Whitehous Jacob Pike

Robert Cook

Jonathan White-

John Fornel junyr
Charles Stanton
Josiah Robinson

Charles Whitehouse John Drew
Benjamin Clay Timothv hanson

Jonathan Clay
Simon Dearborn
Richard Hanson
moses Perkins
James Chamberlin
William Wille

Isaac Stanten
Solomon Perkens
Nathaniel Perkens
John Whitehouse
Arther Benett
Josiah Johnson

John Kennisson
John York
Francis Mathes
Josiah York
Nathnel Wentworth
Joh hix
Thomas Baker
Charles baker
Jonathan Bickford
John Richards
Trustum Richards
Benj York
Gideon Johnson
Ebenzer Garland
Thomas Garland


W"* Chamberlin Daniel Whitehouse Joshua Guppy

David Watson Samuel Johnson Joseph Eles

David Durgin William Buzzell

Waldron Kinnison Chase Wiggin

Simeon Dearborn Esq'' in behalf of the Selectmen of midle-
town would further Remonstrate that the Town of Midleton
hath advansed large Sums of money for hiring of Soldiers &
paying wages, and have had no allowance that the Selectmen
were not notified of the Trial Respecting the disputed Soldiers,
therefore prays the Honb' Court to take up the whole matter &
give all reasonable Releaf to the Inhabitants of s*^ Town —

Simeon Dearborn

[7-72] [ Vote relative to Paper Afoney^ lySd.']

At a Legal meeting Held at Middleton the 27 Day of No-
vember 17S6 at which time maid Choisc of Richard Hanson
Modarator of said meeting firstly Voted not to Except the Plan
respecting a paper Currancy as it was recommended to us 2ly
Voted to Have a Paper Currancey Established in said State
and proposed the following Plan Viz to have the Sum of one
Hundred and twenty Thousand Pounds of Paper money made
in s'' State ten Thousand of s*^ money to be Lodged in the
Treasurer to Defray State Charges & fifty Thousand Pounds of
s*^ Money to Redeem the States Securitvs and the other Sixty
Thousand to be Loaned on Land Securitys said money to Pay
Back taxes & to be a Lawfull Tender in all Payments & voted
to Except the above Proposed Plan and Desolved s'^ meeting

A true Coppy from the minets

Middleton Nov"" the 27 17S6
[See Vol. XI. p. 130.]

John Chamberlain Clark

[7-73] \_Petition yor Abatement of Taxes ^ I'/Sy.']
State of New-Hampshire

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representives for said
State in General Assemble Convened —

Humbly shew the Subscribers Selectmen of Middleton Situ-
ate in the County of Strafford and State aforesaid that we
have had an Extent a Gainst us for Taxes for the years 1775 &
1776 ^ ^777 which Taxes was Layd on the town before we


were incorporated for your Honours may by inquiring Know
that we was not incorporated untill the year 1778 which Taxes
Sence we ware incorporated we think i-easonable to pay if Pos-
sible but for them three years your honours may also know that
we had no Select-men to assess the Inhabitents which were but
few at that time & some part of them has removed out of town
Sence altho the Extent was not Large yet we would Humbly
pray thatyour Honours would take the indigent Circumstances of
your Petitioners under your wise Consideration (altho we have
paid said Extent) and refund it to some other Tax for we have
had an Extent against the town for Soldiers and it would be
some help to us tow^ards paying that if your honours think it
unreasonable for us to pay the taxes for them three years and if
not we would Humbly pray that your Honours would Provide
means for us to Collect said taxes by Laying the assessment on
the inhabitints that now Lives in said town or such Relief as
in your Wisdom may be Judged Proper and your Petitioners
as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray

Middleton June the 4"" 1787

John Chamberlain \ Select-Men
George Burnham > for
Joshua Guppy j Middleton

C7~74] \_Petitionfor a Magistrate^ ^79^-]

State of Newhampshire Straftbrd ss —

To his Excellency the President and Hon**'^ Council of the State

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Middletown and
other Towns adjacent Humbly represent to your Excellency
and honors that a Justice of the peace is much wanted in s*^
Middletown there being none already appointed Therefore
Your Petitioners beg leave to recommend and nominate Cap'
Archelaus Woodman for said office who we pray Your Excel-
lency & Honors may be appointed thereto and your Petitioners
as in duty bound will pray &c —

Feby lo"" 1790

Joseph Cook George Burnham Moses Wintworth

Robert Cook Ephram Ellis Thomas garling

William Cook Andrew Bickford Benja yorck

Solomon perkins Samuel Johnson John Richards

John Davis Daniel Whitehouse James gerish

Samuel Laighton jur John Whitehouse paul gerish



Josiah york
Joseph Ellis
Jacob picke
Henery picke
Jacob picke
Joseph Cook Jur
John drew
Daniel Drew
Aaron Drew
Andrew Nute
Jonathan Clarck
Samuel Clarck
Wilam Buzell
John Buzell
Wilam Buzell 2

Paul Whitehouse
John whitehouse Jur
Samuel froust
John heix

Jonathan Whithouse
Nicholas Frost
Isaac stanten
Daniel Drew jur
Jonathan Buzzell
John bryant
Timothy hanson
gideon Johnson
Aaron Buzzell
Josiah Jonson
Paul twombly

Stephen Richards
Moses chamberling
Josiah folsom
thomas furber
Nichelaus Harford
John Burgan
James thomas
Calab Wacom
Stephen Harvey
Jonathan Hays
Joseph Larey
Joseph Larey Jur
John yorck
Joshua gupey

C7~75] \^Rclative to Division of State TaxJ\

We the Subscribers Selectmen of Middleton find the pro-
portion of Middleton to be four pounds one Shilling & Nine
pence £4 : is : gd and have Devided the Same and
find the North part to be
and the South part to be

Middleton December : y* 8 : 1794

Attest —


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