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utors — the two sons with the assistance of William Hail. Witnesses —
Edward Whittaker, William Hall, Sarah Hall, Simon Andrews. Proved
December 8, 1719. Lib. 2, p. 131

1719 May 6. Inventory of the personal estate of, £185.7.9, '"'^^- 4°
bush, of wheat £6; made by Wm. Hall and John Paine.

1728 May 16. Marshall, Thomas, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.,
yeoman. Inventory of the personal estate of, £210.15.7, incl. books — ;
made by Abell Nichollson and Ro: Johnson.

1728 May 9. Bond of Abraham Moss of Salem Co., as administrator
of the estate. Abell Nicholson fellow bondsman.

1726 May 20. Marsou, John, of Evesham Township, Burlington
Co., "aged in years;" will of. Children — James, John, Mary, wife of
Simon Bosard, Sara, wife of John French. House and 100 acres, bought
of Thomas Olive; personal property. Executor — son James. Witnesses
— Jonas Cattell, Hannah Pearce, Hugh Sharp. No proof noted.

1687 Nov. 9. Martin, Easter, of Piscataway; will of. Children —
John, Joseph, Thomas Martin, Mary Hull, Martha Langstafis, Lidia
Smalley, Benjamin, grandchildren Mary and Plope Hull (children of
Hopewell Hull). Land iu Piscataway Township. Personal property.
Executor — son Benjamin. Witnesses — Edward Slater and Samuel Hull.
Proved December 20, 1687.

N. J. Archives, XXL, p. loS, and Middlesex Wills

1687-8 Jan. 6. Bond of her son Benjamin Martin of Piscataway as
executor of her will. Edward Slater of the same place fellow bondsman,

1687 Sept. 15. Martin, James, of Burlington, meal man; will of.
Brothers — Thomas Martin and John Martin, sister Mary Fry (excluding


her husband from use of legacy), nephew Thomas Fry; Monthly Meeting
of Ratlife Frends, London, and Burlington Meeting; mother Martha
Martin alias Greenhill. Real and personal estate, partly in England,
Executors — Samuel Jenings, Percival Towle and Thomas Ollive. Wit-
nesses — John Johnson and Susannah Prickit. Proved March 28, 1693.

1693 March 28. Bond of Samuel Jennings of Philadelphia, mer-
chant, as surviving executor. Isaac Marriott and Henry Grubb fellow

1693 March 28. Will proved and letters testamentary granted to the
surviving executor, Samuel Jenings. Burlington Records, p. 19

1687 March 17. Martin, John, of Piscataway, yeoman; will of.
Wife Easter heiress and executrix of real and personal estate with sons
John and Benjamin Martin, Hopfull Hulle and John Langstaff as over-
seers. Witnesses — Thomas Killingvvorlh, Will: Button, Benjamin Mar-
tin, Thomas Martin and Daniel Lippington. Proved 20th 20th 16S7 (?)

N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 107, and Middlesex Wills

1703 May 21. Martin, Jolin, of Piscatteque, yeoman; will of.
Wife Ann. Children — Elizabeth Dun, Ester Martin, Dorthy Martin,
John Martin (under age), Richard Martin, brothers Joseph, Benjamin and
Thomas Martin, sisters Mary Hall and Lydey Snialley. Real and per-
sonal estate. Executors — brother Benjamin Martin and Samuel Black-
ford. Witnesses — Benjamin Martin, Joseph Martin and Stephen W^illson.
Proved April 18, 1704. Lib. i, p. 34, and Middlesex Wills

1703 June 12. Inventory of the personal estate (£219.17.6); made by
John Royse and Edmond Dunham.

1708 April 21. Administration on the estate granted to Hugh Huddy,
principal creditor. Lib. i, p. 196

1727 Dec. 4. Mash, Bartholomew, of Middletown, Monmouth
Co.; will of. Former wives Persillah and Hannah, who left daughters
Margaret, Elisabeth and Hannah; present wife Mary, who has four daugh-
ters; son Henry. Real and personal estate. Executors — son Henry and
Plugh Hartshorne. Witnesses — James Bowne junior, Richard Hartshorne
junior, John Stout, Jonathan Stout. Proved April 6, 1728. Lib. B, p. 99

1727 Dec. 16. Inventory of the personal estate, £274.12.6, inch 9
cows and 9 steers at £2.5, £40. 10, 32 other heads of cattle, £90, 75 sheep
£22.10; made by Rich'd Stoot, Benjamin Cooper and Barns Johnston. An
addition of £50.2.11 is in bonds due by George Johnston, Zebulon Claton,
Edward Randolph, blacksmith, John Bowne minor. Per Kasan, Thomas
and Martha Collings, Griffin Pirce and Hope Willes, signed by Richard
Stout and Will'm Hartshorne.

1702 Nov. 20. Mason, James, of Cesarice River, Salem Co., hus-


bandman. Inventory of the personal estate of, £43.15; made by Thomas

M ? and Plugh Chard.

1702 Dec. 15. Administration on the estate granted to his widow,
Mary Mason. Salem Wills, III, p. 153

1725 Dec. 6. Mason, John, of Elsinburgh, Salem Co., yeoman;

will of. Wife . Children — John, Samuel, Thomas, Rebecka,

granddaughter Hannah Darkin. Home farm of 1400 acres on Allaways
Creek, W. the Morrisses' land, N. Wm. Hancock, E. and S. E. Abell
Nicholson, house and lot of 205 acres in Salem, now occupied by George
Trenchard, over against the Court House, adjoining Griffin's house and
John Goodwin's lot, a "grise" mill with 2co a. at the head of Stoe Creek.
Executors — son Samuel and son-in-law Joseph Darkin, Witnesses — Wil-
liam Hancock, John Jones, Thos. Barber. Proved April 14, 1726.

Lib. 2, p. 365

1726 March 28. Inventory of the personal estate, £903.18.3, incl.
"lickors In ye Seller" £28.4, 5 slaves £160, bonds, bills and book debts
£122.8.6; made by William Hancock and Ro: Johnson.

1728-9 Feb. 12. Mason, Marson, John, junior, of Evesham
Township, Burlington Co., yeoman. Bond of James Mason as adminis-
trator of the estate of. Hugh Sharp fellow bondsman, both of said Co.,

1728-9 Feb. 26. Bill of charges for brother John Mason in his sick-
ness and funeral charges £10. 18, by James Mason.

1728-9 March 10. Inventory of the personal estate, £19.18.4; made
by Hugh Sharp and John Brooks.

1729 April 7. Account of the estate by the administrator,' who
charges for his wife's washing and mending for dec'd during six years £6,
and for 4 bush, of Indian corn 9s.

1714 - 5 Feh. 16. Mason, Sarah, of Cape May, in the County of
New Jersey, yeoman (sic); will of. Sons — Jonathan Swain, El)enezcr
Swain, Joshua Jacocks and James Jacocks, granddaughter Joanna Swain,
" my own daughter" mentioned; legacy to Nathaniel Jencens. Personal
estate. Son-in-law Jonathan Swain and Elizabeth Swain to be "over-
seers of my own sons and executors." Witnesses — Humphrey Hughes,
Joseph Welden, Debrow Russell. Proved . Lib. 2, p. 56

1728 8th d. 10th m. (Dec). Mason, Thomas, of Manington,
Salem Co. ; will of. Wife Elizabeth. Children — Aaron, who has sons
Thomas and Joseph, James (under age), Mary Smith, Martha Wood; leg-
acy to John Wright, "who served his time with me" (130 acres on the
creek). Home farm of 280 a., 200 a. part of the lot bo't of Sam'l Hedge
and George Webb, land bought of Wm. Hunt; another farm of 500 a.


Personal properly. Executors — Abel Nicholson and Samuel Wade. Wit-
nesses — Isaac Satterlhwaite, Warwick Rundle, John Handson. Proved
June II, 1729.

1714-5 Feb. 22. Mason, William, of Cape May; will of. Son-in-
law James Jacoxs principal heir of real and personal property; legacies to
Daniel Brandreth, Debberah Russell, Epherem Carman and daughter-in-
law Mary Ranor, that was. Executors — ^John Townsend, John Page and
Timothy Brandreth. Witnesses — Thomas Candy, William Lines and
Mary Townsend. Proved April 5, 1715.

Lib. I, p. 525, and Cape May Wills

1715 March 28. Inventory of the personal estate (£107.11.-); made
by Joseph Whilldon (Welding) and John Parsons.

1681-2 Feb. 9. Masters, Francis, of Shrewsbury; will of.

N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 60

1689 Aug. 24. Bond of Mary Masters, widow, and Clement Masters
as executors of the last will. Willum Whitelock of Middletown, planter,
fellow bondsman. Monmouth Wills

1719 Ang. 19. Masters, Francis, of New York, physician and
apothecary; will of. Makes Thomas Huld (? Fuld) of New York, black-
smith, executor, and with his son Thomas Huld heir of the estate. Wit-
nesses — ^William Peacock, James Phillips, Henry Light. Proved Febru-
ary 27, 1723-4. Lib. A, pp. 292, 359

1679 Not. 19. Mathews, Edward, of the Parish of St. Paul Shad-
well, County of Middlesex (England), cooper; will of. Uncle Edward
Mathews receives one guinea; Cecilia, wife of Richard Worgan of St.
Paul Shadwell, cooper, sole heiress of "all my estate." Executor — Nich-
ollas Banister of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen Bermond, Co. of Sur-
rey, cooper. Witnesses — John Plater, Thomas Harrington, Nich: Man
Scr. neere new Crane Wapping. Salem Wills, 1679, p. 30

1682 May 30. Administration on the estate given to Cecilia, widow of
Richard Worgon, now of Allowayes Creek. lb., p. 54

1714-5 Jan. 25. Matliew, John, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will
of. Wife Charity. Daughter Lishabe, sister Elizabeth Mathews, cousin
William Mathews. Brother Samuel Mathews executor of real and personal
estate. Witnesses — George Crafford, Henry Stevens and John Taylor.
Proved May 9, 1715. Lib. i, p. 506

1714-5 Feb. 3. Inventory of the personal estate (£82.12.2); made by
John Paige and John Taylor.

1715 May 9. Bond of Charity Mathews as administratrix. John
Taylor of Cape May and George Willis of Burlington fellow bondsmen.


1695 Dec. 12. Mathews, Samuel, of Elizabeth Town. Adminis-
tration on the estate of, granted to Alexander Scott of Roway.

N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 226

1695 Dec. 17. Inventory of the personal estate of (£15.4.3); made by
Richard Bakere and Andrew Hamton. Essex Wills

1714-5 Feb. 4. Mathews, Samuel, of Cape May Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife Mary. Children — William, John, Samuel, Margaret, Eliz-
abeth. Land at Long Neck, at Henry Steephens, other real property and
personal. The wife executrix. Witnesses — David Wells, Ezekiell Eld-
ridge and John Taylor. Proved May 9, 1715.

Lil). 2, p. 27, and Cape May Wills

1714-5 Feb. 18. Inventory of the personal estate (£114. 11. 5); made
by John Paige and John Taylor.

1730 Sept. 17. Matlack, William, junior, of Chester Township,
Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Ann sole executrix. Children —
Jeremiah, William, Reljeckah, Rachel, Lea and Mary, all under age.
Land adjoining Bartholomew Horner's. Personal property. Brothers
John and Timothy Matlack to succeed wife as executors. Witnesses — ■
Thomas French, Hannah Heritage, Joseph Heritage. Proved October
23, 1730. Lib. 3, p. 114

1700-1 March 12. Matson, John, of Grenigl Township, Glossister
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Mathyas, Moune, Adrie, Mary, three
youngest daughters, names not given. Real and personal estate. Exec-
utors — W'illiam Dolbo and Stefan Ions. Witnesses — William Dolbo and
Peter Long. No jurat of proof.

1 701 May 3. Inventory of the estate, real £14, personal £65.2; made
by Peter Long and Andrie Colk (?).

1722 April 23. Matson, Peter, of Gloucester. Inventory of the
personal estate of, £134.7.2, incl. a Bil>le and other books £1.14; made by
Henry Tredway, Constantine Wood and John Rambo. Sworn to by Cath-
arine Matson, the widow and administratrix.

1716 Nov. 19. Mattock, Kichard, of Elizabeth Town, yeoman.
Administration on the estate of, granted to John Allen of the same place
and wife Abigail. Lib. A, p. 47

1694 Oct. 18. Mattox, Mattix, Lewis, of Shrowsbery; will of.
Loving friend Mary Chambers senior sole heiress and executrix of per-
sonal property and the land on Goose Neck, Town of Shrowsbery, adjoin-
ing Sarah Reep, the highway and Abiah Edwards, and elsewhere. Wit-
nesses—John Havens, Joseph Parker, Remembrance Lippincott. Proved

1 Greenwich, Gloucester county.


July 15, 1695. N. J. Archives, XXI., p. 223, and Monmouth Wills

1699 Oct. 3. Mattson, alias Dalbo, Peter; nuncupative will of.

Taken in writing by Andrew Rudman, Minister at Wicaco, in the pres-
ence of Andrew Bankson and Wola Dalboe. Wife . Children-
Peter, Mathias, Jacob, Elizabeth, Katheren, Mary, Bridget and Margret.
Land, 450 a., on Little Mantos Creek, 10 a. on Trumpeter's Creek,
Samenceing Island "on" the Schuykill, 270 a. on the Schuylkill; rent
due by Benjamin Chambers to be paid to the fund for building the
church at Wicaco. The wife executrix. Proved and administration
granted to Katherine Matson, widow of testator, March i, 1700-1.

N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 662

1700 April 2, Inventory of the estate (the home plantation with the
10 a. of meadow on Trumpeter's Cr. £226, Samencing Island £40, the
plantation on the Schuylkill £200, personal £170.16.10); made by John
Wood and John Rambo.

1700-1 March i. Letters testamentary granted to Kathrine Matson,
widow of Peter Matson alias Dalbo.

1 700-1 March i. Bond of Kathrine Matson as executrix. John Ram-
bo and William Dalbo, both of Gloucester County, fellow bondsmen.

Gloucester Wills

1707 Aug. 3. Mauritz, Jacob, of New York City; will of. Wife
Margaritta, sole executrix. Children, names not given. Real and per-
sonal estate. Witnesses — Silvester Guerland, Johannes Provoost, Griff
Jones. Codicill without date gives to son Paul us £2, "that he may not
molest his mother." Same witnesses. Codicill of December 3, 1725,
signed in Elizabeth town, speaks of Mary Aske, natural daughter of "my
daughter Cornelia Mauritz dec'd." No witnesses. Proved in New York
November 25, 1726, at Elizabeth Town January 17, 1726-7. Lib. B, p. 46

172S Aug. 19. Inventory of the estate of the widow (£28. 16.6, inch
56 Dutch, English and Latin books, 13 pictures, 10 China dishes); made
by Jacob Marius Groen and Mathis Duboys. Bergen Wills

1727-8 March 11. Mauritz, Morris, Margret, widow of Jacob,
of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.; will of. Daughters — Joanna, wife of
Mathias Dehart, mariner, Margret, wife of Baltess Dehart of N. Y., glaz-
ier; grandchildren — ^Jacob, son of Paul Mauritz, Elizabeth, daughter of
Jacobus Mauritz of N. Y. City, Mary Ask, daughter of Cornealia Mauritz
of N. Y. City. Real and personal estate. Executors — sons-in-law
Mathias and Baltess Dehart. Witnesses — Joseph Hetfield, Samuel
Whitehead, Mary Joline. Proved May 21, 1728. Lib. B, p. 100

1728 . Inventory of the personal estate, £93.6.11, inch a silver

watch £7, a compass with silver case £1.2.6, 2 small silver spoons and old
silver 7s. 6d., a do. tumbler i8s.2d., 3 gold rings £3, 5 large books for sea-


faring men £3, 12 old l)ooks 6s. ; made by Edward Thomas and John Har-

1714 April 1. Maurley, 3Iorley, Henry, of Watterlow, Evesham

Townsliip, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Appoints John Sharpe and
William Trouth of said township executors and residuary legatees of real
and personal eatate, with legacies to William Yeard and John Funlow of
Philadelphia for the use of the Presbyterian Meeting house there,
Mr. — Anderson, Minister at said Meetinghouse, Andrew Simes of Phil-
adelphia, widow Shelly of the same place, Isaac Ashton of do., Thomas
Mack Daniel, his bound servant, — and directs burial by the side of his
wife in the Presbyterian Burying ground at Philadelphia. Witnesses —
Robert Braddock, John Kay. Proved April 15, 1714. Lib. i, p. 440

1714 April 9. Inventory of the estate: house and plantation £150.-,
personal £105.7.5^; made by Jacob Heulings and William Evens.

1687 Dec. 2. Maysey, Richard, of Manneton Creek, Salem Co.,
planter. Inventory (incomplete) of the personal estate of, £20,11.6;
made by Richard Tindall and Sam'l Hedge. Salem Wills, A, p. 3

1727 Nov. 4. McClellen, McCIiallen, Thomas, of Trenton; will

of. Leaves personal estate to John Anderson, John McDowell, both
made executors, Robert Magur, widow Michel and the Meeting house.
Witnesses — John Brown and Elizabeth Michel. Proved December 8,
1727. Lib. 2, p. 478, and Burlington Wills

1727 Dec. 8. Inventory of the personal estate, £19.18.2; made by
James Hide and Sam'l Bonham.

1726 April 1. McDaniel, William, of Cohanzey, Salem Co. ; nun-
cupative will of, attested by John Bacon, Elizabeth Bacon and Mary
Bacon. Gives all real and personal estate to John Walling. Proved April
18, 1726. Lib. 2, p. 367

1726 April 25. Inventory of the estate, viz. a house and land £30,
personal £22.15, i'lck a watch; made by Dan Bowcn and David

1675 Aug. 27. Meaker, William, of Essex Co. Inventory of the
estate of (£75 real, £13.9 personal); made by John Martin and Francis

1690 Dec. 9. Meaker, William, of Elizabeth Town; will of.

N. J. Archives, XXI., p. 183

1690-1 Jan. 14. Bond of his sons Joseph and Benjamin Meeker as
executors. Essex Wills

1690 . Inventory of the estate (£50 real, £134.3.3 personal);

made by Isack Whitehead and John Lyon.

See Maker.


1715 Not. 17. Medcalf, Midcalf, Dorothy, widow of Mathew

(q. v.). Inventory of the personal estate, £631.8.11, incl. five silver
spoons £3.15.-, bills, bonds and book debts £529.2.10; made by R. Bull
and Thomas Sharp.

1716 May 9. Petition of Mathew, the son, and Samuel Ladd, the
husband of the eldest daughter of Dorothy Medcalf, for letters of admin-
istration on her estate; granted.

1710 18th (1. 5th m. (July). Medcalf, Midcalf, Mathew, of Glou-
cester Town; will of. Wife Dorothy. Children — Mathew, Jacob, Mary,
Deborah, all under age. Houses and lots in Gloucester; meadow, bought
of John Reading, with 250 acres adjoining to it, 200 a. in Gloucester
Town bounds, next to Will Harrison; 250 a. on Woodberry Creek; 400 a.
at Great Egg Harbour; 200 a. on Great Mantoes Creek; personal estate.
The wife sole executrix. Witnesses — Ezekiel Siddon, John Easly,
Thomas Sharp. Proved October 9, 1710. Lib. i, p. 285

1 710 2Sth d. 6th m. (Aug.). Inventory of the personal estate, £865.
13.10, incl. cash, plate and apparel £33 - , a negro man £60.-, bills, bonds
and book debts £526.19.10; made by Thomas Sharp and John Kaighin.

1716-7 12th d. 1st m. (March.) Medcalf, Madcalf, Mathew, of

Gloucester Town; will of. Wife , an expected child; legacies for

building the Meeting House at Woodberry Creek and to the Newton
Meeting. "Temporal estate." Executors — ^John Estaugh and Samuel
Ladd. Witnesses — Sarah Cooper, Joseijh Hinchman, Thomas Sharp.
Proved May 23, 17 17. Lib. 2, p. 73

1716 May 5. Meddagh, Middah, Derrick, of Rariton, Somerset
Co. Inventory of the personal estate of (£292. 18.6, incl. grain £79, cat-
tle, horses and other "Creatores" £107, two black slaves £40, a large
Dutch Bible and other books £4); made by Michiel van Veghten and
Hendrick Traphagen.

1 716 May 8. Petition of Cattalin, widow of Dirk Middah, for letters
of administration on the estate of her late husband; has several children
under age. Granted. Lib. A, p. 16, and Middlesex Wills

1684 Oct. 31. Mekeney, John, of Newark. Inventory of the es-
tate of (£25.1.6, all personal); made by William Camp and John Browne
junior. Debts due from the estate £34. 1. 11. Essex Wills

1726 Not. 22. Melin, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Ad-
ministration on the estate of, granted to his widow, Anna Melin.

Lib. B, p. 18

1702-3 Jan. 30. Mellat, Mallat, Marlet, John Peterson, of

Piscattaway, blacksmith; will of. Wife Mary, who has had daughter


Lidia Jegou (under age) by previous marriage. Cliildren — Peter, John,
Theodor, Ilanna (under age), Maria Hooper. Land in tlie West Indies,
farm in Piscattaway Township. Personal property incl. debts due for
work on the fort in N. Y. and from Capt. Nanfan, for the recovery of
which James Emmot is to be employed; a silver spoon, two negro slaves,
three gold rings. The wife executrix with John Royse and Gabriel Boy-
tool both of Piscattaway, as overseers. Witnesses — John Langstaff, John
Manning and Isaac Smalley. Proved April iS, 1704.

Lib. I, p. 32, and Middlesex Wills

1723 March 25. Mellon, Melon, William, of Shrewsbury, Mon-
mouth Co., joiner; will of. Disposes of "worldly estate" by making
Manuel Wolley sole heir and executor. Witnesses — Samuel Swain, John
Tillson, John Pinckney. Proved April 26, 1723. Lib. A, p. 241

1723 April 13. Audit of the account of Manuel Woolley, showing a
personal estate of £15.10.-, horn which the funeral charges of £7.8,-
were paid; attested by John Chamljerlin and George Williams.

1708 Nov. 1. Melven, James, of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Wife
Alice. Son James, daughters Mary and Margaret. Land, 500 acres, on
de-La-vare River in W. Jersey, land and tenements in Freehold. Personal
property (a great Bible, Baxter's Saints Rest, Bruxe's book and Taylor's
book). Executors — the wife and Walter Ker. Witnesses — Patrick Im-
lay, William Hoge, Richard Clark and Wm. Laing. Proved May 31,
1709. Lib. I, p. 234, and Monmouth Wills

1722 June 27. MelTin, John, of Amboy, Middlesex Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife Margaret. Sons — ^John, Fretherick and William, dau. Rachel.
Land, 50 acres, in the rear of Jacob Hall's, bought of Thomas Gordon,
meadow in Cheesquake's Creek, on the other side of the great bridge, ad-
joining Capt. Evers, lately Charles Morgan. Home farm. Personal
property. Executors — the three sons. Witnesses — Thomas Gordon,
Mary Gordon, Dan'll Grandin. Proved January 31, 1722-3.

Lib. A, p. 234

1722-3 Jan. 21. Inventory of the personal estate (£63.9. i^); made
by Ste'n Warne and Daniel Baker; sworn to by Frederick Melven and
Wm. Melven.

1722-3 Feb. 19. Additional inventory (£8.11. o); taken by Peter Buck-
alew and William Letschie (?).

1711 May 10. Melyne, Melyn, Samuel, of Elizabeth Town, N. j.,
clericus;2 will of. Divides personal estate between Mrs. Anne Gardiner,

1 Leboyteax.

2 The Rev. Samuel Melyn was b. about 1675, and was bap. in the Dutch church
in New York with a brother and a sister, Aug. 7, 1077. He was the son of Jacob


George Jewell and wife Sarah (a pewter tumbler and silver spoons), Sarah
Jewell the younger (a looking glass and three Turkey worked chears), Cor-
nelius Jewell (books, bow and arrows), sister Abigail Tilley, living in Bos-
ton, N. E. Executor — George Jewell of Elizabethtown, Witnesses —
John Woodruff, Joseph Ogden, Sam, Ogden, Proved July 31, 1711.

Lib. I, p. 318

1727 Aug. 26. Mercer, Josiall, late of Edmington, Co. of Middle-
sex, Great Britain, now of Burlington, gentleman; will of. Wife Sarah.
Daughter Mary. Real ahd personal estate. Executor — Thomas Bowlby.
Witnesses — Tho: Barnes, Will'm Robinson, Daniel Mestayer. Prove3"
September 5, 1727. Lib. 2, p. 439

1727 Sept. 5. Inventory of the personal estate, £60.5, incl. iSmoy-
dores, 2 half moydores, ^ guinea, 2 small gold rings, in all 139 pwt. and
iS gr. at 5sh. 6 per pwt. £38.8.7^, money in copper pennies £4, a silver
watch with steel seal and chain £5, a silver tobacco box and pipe stopper
£1.5; made by Thos. Hunloke and Tho. Barnes.

, Mercer,! . Part of will of, mentions a will exe-
cuted in Great Britain and left in the Custody of wife Sarah. Leaves
real property in America to the wife and daughter Mary and appoints
Thomas Bowlby as executor; used as wrapper of another (Eddington, 1727)

1728 Aug. 24. Meriott, Marriott, Joseph, of Burlington, glover.
Inventory of the personal estate of, £70.15.10; made by Tho: Scattergood
and Sam'll Lovett.

1728 . Bond of Benjamin Marritt (Marriott) of Burlington,

cordwainer, as administrator of the estate. Peter Fearon of Northamp-
ton, glover, fellow bondsman.

1728 Sept. 7. Administration on the estate of, granted to Benjamin
Meriot. Lib. 2, p. 541

1723-4 Feb. 23. Merrill, William, senior, of Hopewell, Hun-
terdon Co. ; will of. Wife Grace. Sons — Benjamin and Joseph, Real

Melyn, b. about 1640, at Antwerp, Holland, and who came to America while a
child, and was one of the first settlers of Elizabethtown, in 1665, removing to New
York in 1674, and thence to Boston about 1690. Samuel was graduated at Har-
vard in 1696, studied for the ministry, and was installed pastor of the church at
Elizabethtown. May 20. 1704, apparently as colleague of the Rev. John Harriman,
whom he succeeded. He continued in the pastorate until 1706 or 1708, when he re-
tired, under a cloud. He died in Elizabeth between May 10. 1711, the date of his
will, and July 31, 1711, the date of its probate. As he mentions no wife or child,
it is inferred that he waa unmarried.— iAayfeZd's Elizabeth, 293-5.

1 Doubtless the Josiah Mercer whose will is given in the next-preceding para-


and personal estate (two negro slaves), llie wife sole executrix. Wit-
nesses — Daniel Gano, Enoch Armitage, Joseph Stout. Proved May 5,
1724. Lil). 2, p. 271

1723-4 March 7. Inventory of the personal estate, £283.4.6, inch
two negro men £55; made by Benjamin Clarke and Joseph Stout. Mem:

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