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Vol. XXX


This volume was prepared and edited by authority of the
State of New Jersey, at the request of the New Jersey His-
torical Society, and under the direction of its Committee on
Colonial Documents. That Committee at present is constituted
as follows :

" Austin Scott,

Ernest C. Richardson,

Joseph F. Folsom,

A. Van Doren Honeyman,

James J. Bergen,

Hiram E. Deats.

'^^ Of D.
„.w 25 1919

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VOLUME 11—1730-1750



Thb Unionist-Gazettb Association, PHiNTaRfl.


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, 1163 .


This second volume of "Abstracts of Wills" of New Jersey
is published long after the first volume, known as Vol. XXIII
of the '"New Jersey Archives," (First Series), owing, in part,
to peculiar circumstances. The MSS. for it, which was pre-
pared with much labor by employed abstracters at Trenton, was
about ready for the printer when the great Paterson fire of
1902 destroyed it in the office of the late Mr. William Nelson,
then the New Jersey Historical Society's Corresponding Secre-
tary and Editor of the work. After a long time and much
additional expense the entire copy was replaced under Mr.
Nelson's direction, but he was unable to edit it previous to his
death (in 1914), nor has the Society been able to print it until
the present time.

The preceding volume of "Abstracts" was intended to in-
clude all wills and administrations up to and during the year
1730. But the present Editor discovered numerous omissions
in 1730 probates, and included them in this volume, which is,
therefore, entitled as beginning with that year. Other omis-
sions in the reproduced MSS., between the years 1731 and
1750. have also been supplied. There are likewise included
herein abstracts of wills, which, bearing the date of 1750, were
probated later. In all, particulars of about 3.025 testaments, iti-
testacies or guardianships are included in this volume, besides
the few in the Appendix.

In order to compress the large number of entries for the
twenty-one years actually embraced in these |)ages and to keep
within the legislative appropriation applicable to the work, two
sizes of small but perfectly clear type have been employed.

The spelling of proper names of persons and places, in-
cluding abbreviations of Christian names, are believed to fol-
low the original. These often vary in the same ab.stract, but


are printed as found, although as many names, especially in
inventories, are nearly undecipherable, errors of transcription
in some cases have, doubtless, been unavoidable. In the "Index
of Names of Persons," however, an endeavor has been made
to straighten out the misspellings to a certain extent, so as to
classify well-known proper surnames under present-day
orthography. This seemed to be necessary in order to simplify
the search for usual proper names.

A critical user of the volume may observe that the abstracts,
which were made by different persons, are not based upon a
perfectly harmonized plan ; but, as in all cases the essential
facts are stated, this cannot be a matter of moment.

In preparing the copy for the printer the Editor, as a matter
of course, could net verify the accuracy of the MSS., but has
endeavored to have the printing correctly follow it, and, to
some extent, has harmonized the work of the abstracters.

Where wills, administrations, etc., were regularly recorded
at Trenton, the book and page where the record may be found
are stated. In such cases, to find the original wills, including
inventories, etc., the printed three volumes published by the
Secretary of State in I9i2-'i3, entitled "Index to Wills," must,
be consulted. Where originals were simply filed as papers, but
not recorded, as happened with many wills and all inventories,
the reference given is to the number of the filing case in which
the original papers may be found.

The books of record and all original papers in the matters
noted are preserved in the well-lighted basement of the Secre-
tary of State's office at Trenton, with a polite and trained
official in charge.

It may be of interest to some readers not familiar with the
exact value of a few of the terms or expressions employed in
various of the wills and inventories to state them. The word
"yeoman" was in common use to signify a freeholder. The
"£" (pound), which, with shillings and pence, constituted the
lawful basis for the calculation of financial accounts, is to be
valued at about $2.50, although its purchasing power in that
day was probably five times what it now is. The double-year
dating, which may look confusing to some readers, arose from


the fact that in America, as in England, while the historic year
ended December 31, the legal year ended on March 24. and this
continued until 1750. Therefore, in reading, for example, a
date such as Feb. 4, 1 740-1, it is to be considered that the real
year was 1741 historically, but 1740 legally. Unfortunately,
all the wills, inventories, etc., noted in this work, between Jan.
I and Mar. 24, do not bear a double-year date, as they should.
No attempt has been made to alter the MSS. printed from in
this respect, except in a few instances where the correct double
dating was a matter of certainty.

It may be noted also that, unless otherwise stated, the
amounts of inventories of estates are always of personalty
only ; that in various wills the word "brother," as used, has an
uncertain meaning, and may refer to brother-in-law, step- or
half-brother, or to a member of the same religious denomina-
tion ; and that where names of testators in the bold face type
are spelled in some alternate manner, it signities that in the
same document, or some corelated document, proof of such
variation occurs.

.\ glance over the '"Index of Names of Persons" at the end
of the volume would seem to indicate that the names in-
clude a pretty large proportion of all the adult population of
the State during the twenty-one year period covered by this
work. A careful searcher will also find hundreds of cases
where are stated one's exact neighbors (usually owning ad-
joining lands), and in many instances the names of every mem-
ber of a family. It is the latter feature which will make
this work of interest to searchers in genealogical lines.

We do not call attention to the unusual or curious wills to be
found in these pages ; there are few such. The chief interest
and value of the volupie are in the early names of i)ersons and
places, and in the particular dates relating to both living and
deceased citizens of New Jersey at this early period. The record
of these names and dates cannot fail to [)rove of permanent
use to both present and future generations of students of the
history of the old-time families of our State.

In the matter of earl\- names of places a glance at the "Index
of Place-Name>" will show manv old Indian and Dutch-derived


names, either long since gone out of existence or greatly cor-
rupted by time. For example, the following (many erronously
spelled) : Carrostoga, Covehaukin, Cuckowder, Gemocenepa,
Hadgy, Leopeatenung, Machiscotuxin, Manatico, Manusking,
Markashoop, Matchesqatonk, Mohoppony, Naughlomsoon, Ra-
menesin, Rapeketon, Sessoconneta, Shabbacunck, Steenraapje,
Tatamus, Wickohoe. Wintepoc, Whopemenchonhhong, Zuck-

It would require about two more volumes similar to this one
to carry on the Abstracts of Wills to the year 1804, when the
records at Trenton ceased and wills thereafter were recorded
in each county. It is to be hoped such volumes may be pub-
lished under State auspices at some time in the future.

A. V. D. H.

Plainfield, N. J., August, 1918.


Page 87. Strike out last entry on page, "Caruthers, James," as being
a duplicate, in part, of first entry on same page.

Page 98. Lines 11 and 12. "Nathaniel Harned and Robert Dennes,
fellow bondsmen," belong at the end of the preceding paragraph.

Page 99. Line 3. Strike out "Thomas Cox. witness," as a duplicate

Page 160. Line 5. Strike out entire line.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills

Note. — The books cited as Libers 1, 2, 3, etc., are of West Jersey
wills. Those cited as Libers A, B, C, etc., are of East Jersey wills.
Where matters beside recorded wills, such as inventories, accounts,
etc., are noted, the originals may be found in the proper boxes (ar-
ranged by counties), reference to whicli is made in the volumes
(three volumes) entitled "Index to Wills," published by the Secretary
of State in 1912 and 1913, which should always be consulted in case
originals are to be referred to. All original matters herein abstracted
are to be found in the Secretary of State's office at Trenton.

1743-3, Feb. 4. .Vnronson, Benjamin, of Mansfield Township, Bur-
lingston Co., yeoman; will of. Brothers Joseph and Aaron, sisters
Elizabeth Gibbs and Sarah Atkinson. Cousins William and John,
sons of Joseph Atkinson. Real and personal estate. Executors —
brother Aaron and brother-in-law Joseph Atkinson. Witnesses —
Job Talman, George Ash, John Hammell, Jr., Isaac DeCow medius.
Proved April 6, 1743. Lib. 4, p. 356.

1742-3, March 3. Inventory of the personal estate, £38.16, made by
Robert Rockhill, David Rockhill and Benjamin Shreve.

1741, Dee. 14. Aaronnon, John, of Mansfield Township, Burlington
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Benjamin, Joseph, Aaron, Thomas,
Elizabeth and Sarah. Grandsons — John Atkinson and his brothers and
sisters. Negroes — Phillis and Ester. Real and personal estate. Wife
Mary sole executrix. Witnesses — Benja. Talman, Francis Thompson,
Elizabeth Talman, Isaac DeCow medius. Proved March 3, 1742.

Lib. 4, p. 357.

1742-3, March 3. Inventory of the personal estate, £498.6.10%, in-
cludes bonds, bills and note £230.2.8 Vi, and negro children £30, made
by Robert Rockhill, David Rockhill and Benjamin Shreve.

{yot dated) .\bbott, John, of Nottingham Township, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Children — John, Timothy, Samuel, Mary Williams,
Ann Biles, Jane Burr, Rachell Abbott, Elizabeth Williams and Sarah
Abbott. Servant boy Arthur Woolard. Land adjoining Robert Pear-
son on the south side of Crosswick Creek. Wife Ann sole executrix.
Witnesses — Robert Pearson, Rachel Pearson, Thomas Pearson. Proved
April 12, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 228.

1735, Nov. 30, Abbott, Samuel, of Salem Co., yeoman, guardian, ap-
pointed Aug. 23, 1734. Resignation of, in favor of Clement Hall of
Salem, merchant. The petition of the ward, Mary Walcott (daughter
of Samuel Walcut of Penns Neck, Salem County) is attached to the
original paper. Copy dated 22 January, 1735. Lib. 4, p. 50.

1741, July 31. Arken, Thoman, of Elizabeth Town and Ash Swamp.
Essex Co. — w-ill of. Wife Mary. Sons — Joseph, John, Samuel and


Robert. Daughter — Mary Little. Grandchild — John Acken son of
son John. Real and personal estate. Elxecutors — friends Isaac
Frasey and Samuel Hinds. Witnesses — John Scuder, Ezekiah Hub-
bell, Nath'll Hubbell. Proved Feb. 10, 1747-8.

1747-8, Feb. 10. The executors within named having refused to act
and the vvidow being also deceased, Elizabeth Lambert, principal
creditor, appointed administrator.

1751, July 13. James Lambert, husband of the abovesaid Eliza-
beth, testifies to the foregoing. Lib. E, p. 134.

1745, Aus. 28. Ackerman, Abraham, of Bergen Co., "infant of 14
yrs. and upwards." Guardian — Hellebrant Lizier of Bergen Co., yeo-
man. Fellow bondsman — John Nevill, Esq.. of Perth Amboy.

Bergen Wills, 235B.

1738, April 23. Ackerman, Johannis, of Hackinsack, Bergen Co.,
shoemaker — Will of. Wife Jannetie Executrix, and to have the real
and personal estate during widowhood. Co-executors of my "meno-
renne children," and assistants; my brother-in-law Hillebrant Lizier
and cousin Lawrence Abrams Ackerman, both of Hackinsack. Sons,
David (the Bible as a birthright), Niclas, Gilyn and Abraham to have
all lands after decease or remarriage of the widow. Daughters,
Hillegont (married), Trintie, Maritie and Antia. Witnesses — Joost
Vanboskerck, Corns. WynKoop, David Demarest, Sen. Proved 19
August. 1745. Lib. D, p. 324.

1740, Kov. 18. Acton (Acten), Benjamin, of Salem, Salem Co.,
tanner — will of.

Item 1. "I give to my last wife's three daughters, which she had
by her former husband, Wm. Sheals, £10 a piece out of my personal
estate when they arrive to the age of 18 years, or marriage."

Item 2. "My son John Acton, my new house and lot, tanyard and
stock, likewise the house and lot, which formerly belonged to Wm.
Sheals. likewise a wood lot (25 acres) I bought of Wm. Chamber."

Item 3. "Son Joseph Acton to have the house and lot where I live,
likewise the lot (1 acre) bought of Daniel Mestayer, and his wife,
near the Bridge, likewise 50 acres of woodland reserved from the
plantation I sold to Samuel Nicholson." Item 4. "My right of 100
acres of Cedar swamp belonging to me and Edward Lumas to be sold
and the money with the overplus of my personal estate to be equally
divided between my two sons above named. I deem Wm. Barret's
mortgage part of my personal estate." Executors — Sons John and
Joseph Acton. Signature with a seal. Witnesses — John Whittall,
Samuel Parker, Josiah Kay. Sworn and affirmed 30 Dec, 1749.

Lib. 6, p. 399.

1749-50, Jan. 8. Inventory, £1718.17.0, includes bonds, bills and notes,
£807.8.0, clock and "Screwtore" £17, plate £14.13.3, "47 pair of pumps,
£12," parcel of old books £4.4.0, "the wearing apparel late belonging
to Rachel late wife of the s'd deceased, £9," cattle £21.15.0. "To rent
due from Sam'l Abbott, same appeared £12.0.0." Appraisers — Ranier
Vanhist, Josiah Kay.

17:i:i. April tHi. Adamea, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., la-
bourer; will of. Wife Agnas Adames, whose maiden name was Agnas
Nlsbet, now in Ireland. Son, Thomas Adames, who is with his mother.
Real and personal estate. Executors — friend, Samuel Moores, and
brother. Charles Adames. Witnesses — John Waller, Nicholas Stil-
wlll, William Thorne. Proved July 17, 1734. Lib. B, p. 522.


1732-3. January 12, Adanin, Thonian, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
cooper; will of. Wife, Margery. Four eldest children mentioned, but
not named. Executors — friends, James Robinson and John Hender-
son, of Freehold. Witnesses — Walter and Joseph Wilson and William
Hankinson. Proved January 26, 1732-3. Lib. B, p. 379.

1731. March 31. AddamH. Jededlah, late of Evesham, Burlington
Co., miller. Margaret Adams declines administration.

1731, April 1. Bond of Judah Allen as administrator; Thomas
Hackny fellow bondsman, both of Eve.sham, yeoman. Lib. 3, p. 99A.

1731, April 5. Inventory of personal estate, £47.17, made by Thomas
Middleton and Thomas Hackney.

1742, June 20. AddantH, Jeremiah, of Great Egg Harbour, Glouces-
ter Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — David, Mary, Sarah,
Rebecca, Joseph, Jeremiah. Executors — the wife and son David.
Witnesses — Nehemiah Leeds, Elizabeth Lee, Richard Philpotts. Proved
Nov. 25, 1742.

1742, Aug. 7. Inventory of the personal estate, £165.1.0, made by
Joseph Leeds and Robert Smith. Burlington Wills, 3421-4C.

1742, Aujc. 20. Aeten. John, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife Eliza-
beth. To oldest son John and his heirs forever the "large Dutch folio
Bible" and lands beginning at Raritan River at Peter Cowenhoven's
line, thence to Hendrick Fisher's land. Residue of lands to son
Thomas. Daughter — Elizabeth Smith, who has children, Mary Se-
brant, and Eleanor Sebrant. Executors — sons John, Thomas and
friend Hendrick Fisher. Signed "John Aatten (his mark)." Wit-
nesses — Peter Cowenhoven, Evan Preston, Aaron Davis (his mark).
Proved 13 March, 1743. Lib. D, p. 136.

1746, May 17. Akin. John, of Essex Co. Bond of Elizabeth Akin,
widow, as administratrix; Joseph Wood, yeoman, fellow bondsman.
Witness — Josiah Broadwell. Lib. D, p. 385.

1739. Deo. 17. Alberaon, Abraham, of Gloucester, Gloucester Co.;
will of. Sons — Abraham, Ephraim and Joseph Alberson, to have equal-
ly "all of my plantation whereon I live." Daughter — Rebecca Bev-
erly. Executors to have the rest of estate, real and personal for
bringing up of three sons, Aaron, Levi and Jonathan Alberson, until
they will be 14, and then to put them out to some trade. After they
attain 21 years, executors to pay them 10 pounds apiece. To son-in-
law (step-son) Richard Chew £10, when he will be 21. Executors —
sons Abraham and Joseph Alberson. Witnesses — Joseph Low, Wil-
liam Hampton, John Kaighin. Proved 18 Feb., 1744.

1745, Dec. 10. Letters Testamentary were granted. Lib. 5, p. 136.

1739, Dec. 6, (filed 1744). Inventory of the personal estate of Abra-
ham Alberson senior (£193.4.6), includes negro Tom, £5, 30 lbs. of wool
and 12 lbs. of worsted, beef, pork and lard. Appraisers — John Mickle,
Joseph Low.

1745-6, Feb. 14. Alberson, Abraham, of town of Gloucester, Glou-
cester Co. yeoman. Int. Sarah Alberson, admx. (her mark). Thomas
Clement of the same place, "cordwainer," bondsman. Witnesses —
John Hampton, John Ladd. Lib. 5. p. 463.

1745-6, Jany. 18. Inventory of personal estate (£51.18.0), includes


"salt pork, beaf, hogs, lard £4.10.0." Appraisers — John Hampton,
John Thorne.

1748, Sept. 22. Alberson, Simon, of Newtown, Gloucester Co. Int.
Joseph Ellis, admr. ; Samuel Harrison, bondsman, both of place afore-
said. Witness — J. Scattergood. Lib. 6, p. 13.

1748, Sept. 19. Inventory of personal estate (£73.11.0), includes
cash in hands of Josiah Alberson for rent £43, bond due from Joseph
Low, cash in hand of Jacob Alberson and Joseph Ellis, 13 sheep.
Appraisers — John Kaighin, Isaac Alberson.

1759, Feb. 2. Account of Jacob Stokes, adm. of Joseph Ellis, Esq.,
late of Gloucester Co., deceased, who was admr. of Simeon Albertson,
late of same County. "So much thereof paid by the said Joseph Ellis"
to Thomas Ellis, Jonah Albertson, William Edgar, Ann Hampton,
John Keasley, Thomas Edgerton, Peter Sonmon, John Hampton, Wil-
liam Edgerton, etc., amounting to £61.10.

1744-5, 22, 12th mo. (Feb.) Alberson, William, of Newton, Glouces-
ter Co., yeoman; will of. To son William and his heirs forever,
"all the land and meadow I bought of John Kasley and the meadow
I bought of Thomas Dennises, excepting the Lower Branch, also my
two tracts of outland." To son Simeon Alberson and his heirs for-
ever, "the lower part of my plantation where I live, bounded by New-
ton and the Fork Creek, near the house of John Mickle; also my
cedar swamp, my son Simeon to pay each of my daughters Sarah
and Ann £30 and my son Nathan £10, for the same when they will
be 21." Son John Alberson to have the residue of land within the
township of Newton, "he to pay my son Nathan, when 21, £20, to
whom I give my 60 odd acre lot on a branch of Timber Creek, called
'Stephens Run. I commit the tuition, care and estate of my chil-
dren unto my uncle Josiah Alberson and my friend Ebenezer Hop-
kins." Executrix — wife Jane Alberson. Witnesses — Joseph Low,
Andrew Tate, Elizabeth Smith, Jos. Cooper. Proved 16 April 1745.
Letters granted July 25, 1746. Lib. 5, p. 220.

1745, 1st mo. (March), 25 da. Inventory (£858.4.4), includes watch
and apparel, £54.13.3, bonds £174.1.21/2, saddle-bags, remnant of cloth,
1/2 doz. teaspoons, £2.4.6, negro-woman and child, £40, 11 horses, 34
cattle, oxen £214. Appraisers — Jos. Cooper, Josiah Alberson.

1745, May 0. Albertson, Gilbert, of Gloucester, Gloucester Co., ma-
riner. Admx., Jane Alberson, widow. Thomas Clement, bondsman,
of the place aforesaid. Witnesses — Robt. Smith, J. Scattergood.

1749, May 22. Inventory of personal estate, £969.0.11. Includes
bonds, notes and accounts of William Albertson, Thomas Edgerton,
William Hugg, William Sell, Daniel Calving, Andrew Erickson, Wil-
liam Riggin, William Genard, Gabriel Dowel, Benjamin Stephenson,
Thomas Holstone, Jonas Veneman, Lawrence Peterson, William Pet-
erson, Andrew Holstone, Thomas Peterson, Abraham Stats, Samuel
Moffett, John Heritage, William Tremble, Samuel Hornby, James
HoUiday, William Dollerson, Aaron Bennett, Erick Johnson, William
Roman, Jeremiah Hand, Isaac Hand, David Fitzgerald, Recompence
Hand, Simeon Albertson, John Mackintosh, Walter Melton. Isaac Al-
bertson, Francis Haddock, James Cusick, Jacob Albertson, Henry
Slddon, Samuel Hazard, Peter Davis. Appraisers — Thos. Clements,
Sam. Harrison, Junr.



1746, AuKuat 9. Alburt, Adam, of Amwell, Hunterdon County. In-
ventory of personal estate (£252.5.9), includes, 1 anvil and sniilli's
tools; carpenter's tools; several Dutch Books, etc.; made by Philip
Ringo and Teunes Habbah (or Hoppagh).

1746. August 13. Bond of Peter Rockafeller and Godfree Peters of
Amwell, as administrators of the estate. Teunes Hoppagh, of Amwell,
surety. Witness, Philip Ringo.

1748, June 8. Account of administrators, mentions names of Rut
Johnson, Johannes Louks, Andrew Reed, John Quick, Casper Archa-
back, Charles Hoff, Jr., Philip Ringo, Peter Overfelt, Anthony Fisher,
John Taylor, John Wester of Philadelphia, Jacob Swallow, Meanl
Vanvoras, Jacob Moore, Jacob Erwine, Philip Sine, Garret William-
son, John Opdyke, Benjamin Abbot, Benjamin Canby, Jeromas Horn,
Mathias Smith, Anne Ketchin, Francis Toular (or Foular), school-
master, Aron Mateson, Tunas Hapough, Samuel Ketchin, James Ab-
bot, Robert Mildram, Francis Quick, Derrick Vanvaughton and Bar-
tholomew Hoboam. Hunterdon Wills, 185J.

1744, Dee. 4. Aldridfce, Thomna (see Eldridge).

1740, June XI. Alford, David, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., tan-
ner; will of. Son, Benjamin. Mentions lands bought of John Heard
Esq., Richard Jones, Benjamin Martin, John Parker, John Bishop,
Sam'll Leues, Jun'r, Sam'll Moores, John Insle, Timothy Tuttle, David
Donham, Robert Thornell. Daughters — Sarah, Mary and Margaret.
Children all minors. Mentions lands bought of Jonathan Insle,
Elisha Frazee, Ephraim Lockheart and Robert Ayers. Executors —
wife Mary Alford, Benjamin Martin and Fetter Martin. Witnesses —
Jonathan Inslee, Jonathan Inslee, Jun'r, and Jno. Herrlot. Proved
April 19, 1748. Lib. E, p. 160.

1748, April 18. Inventory of personal estate, £162.00.8, Incl. debts
due by Sam'll Barns and Sam'll Pray; made by Jonathan Inslee and
Benjamin Allword.

1748-9, Feb. 9. Alloott, William, of Northampton, Burlington Co.;
will of. Wife, Ann. Sons — Anthony and William. Other children men-
tioned but not named. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife
and son Anthony. Witnesses — Thomas Eayre, John Hiller, John Burr,
Jun'r. Proved Feb. 25, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 37.

1748-50. Feb. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £134.17.6; made by
Samuel Woolston and John Hiller.

1731, Jan. 31. Allen, Benjamin (over 16 years old), eldest son of
Judah. of Evesham, Burlington co., yeoman. Letters of guardianship
of granted to William Sharo, of Evesham. Burlington Wills, 2057C.

1746, July 9. .\llen, Denjamln, Jr., late of Evesham, Burlington
Co. Inventory of the personal estate of, £92.12; made by William
Sharp and James Cattell.

1746, July 19. Bond of Deborah Allen, widow, as administratrix
of the estate of. Samuel Sharp, yeoman, and William Sharp, weaver,
both of same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 5, p. 430.

1732, March 29. Allen, Daniel, of Egg Harbour, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman. Inventory of personal estate, £42.11.0, made by widow, Mary


Allen, administratrix. Appraised by William Cordray and Return

1732-3, Jan. 2. Account of estate, £59.5.0, made by Mary Allen, show-
ing payments to Richard Clymer, John Hinchman, Henry Brown,
James Steelman, James Sommers, Andrew Steelman.

Gloucester Wills, 149H.

1732, March IS. Allen, David, of Shrewsbury town, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Hannah. Children — Jedidiah, Ralph, Eliza-
beth and Rebecca. Executors — wife, friend George Williams and
cousin Jacob Lippincott. Witnesses — Joseph Allen, Benjamin Corliss
and Jacob Dennis. Proved May 28, 1735.

1735, May 9th and 16th. Inventory of personal estate, £514, incl.
50 neat cattle; 87 old sheep and 42 lambs; 12 horses and mares; bond
from Tole Macolla; in Henry Lawrence's hand; in Hugh Porter's

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