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loom; quill wheel and warping bars; 42 sides of leather; cheese press;
silver tankard ; 7 negroes ; 1 Gunter's scale ; guaging rod and pair of
dividers ; 2 vols. Hodgson's Mathematics ; one pettiaugre with masts,
sails, oars and all her oyster rigging and furniture, (£5.10.0) ; 3 doz.
drinking glasses. Made by Joseph Stilwell, gentleman. Nicliolas Johnson,
yeoman, and Samuel Ogborne. Esquire.

1743, Nov. 26. W'illiam Hartshorne declines to serve as executor.

17.15. Jan. 1«. HnrtMborne. Richard, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.,
mariner; will of. Sister, Margaret Mott. Brother, William Harts-
horne, executor, who is to pay testator's other brothers and sisters.
Witnesses — Peter Sasery, Miles Weekes, Richard Fitz Randolph.
Proved November 19, 1736. Lib. C, p. 127.

1745, Xov. 25. Hartahorne. 'William, of Middletown Township, Mon-
mouth Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Daughter, Rachel. Son, WMl-
liam, belt and staff that was testator's fathers. Son, Thomas, silver
tankard that was testator's second wife's. Daughters, Mary and
Rachel. Three younger children, John, Esek and Rachel. Son,
Thomas, 200 acres, where Thomas dwells, adjoining the dam of the

pond of his "tan-flats," adjoining Davis. Children — Mary,

Rachel, John, Esek, William, Margaret, Hugh and Robert. Execu-


tors — wife, and sons William, Thomas, Hugh and Robert. Witnesses —
James Bowne, Patrick Feoye, Patrick McEntee, Henry Troot.

Codicil of August 25, 1746. Son, William, having- died, bequest
made to William's children Katherine and Richard Hartshorne. Wit-
nesses — John Miln, Patrick Feoy and Richard Saltar. Proved March
10, 1747, when Thomas, Hugh and Robert Hartshorne, executors, being
Quakers, were affirmed.. Lib. E. p. 204.

1745-6, March 17. Hartshorne. William, Junior, of :Monmouth Co.
Int. Bond of Mary Hartshorne, widow, as administratrix. John Reid,
Esquire, and Thomas Hartshorne, of Monmouth County, fellow bonds-
men. Witnesses — William and Robert Hartshorne. Patrick Feoy,
Samuel Holmes, Helena Reid. Lib. D. p. 371.

1746, April 10. Inventory (£386.17.1^4) includes bonds and notes of
Samuel Legg, Henry Marsh, Zebulon Clayton, Estate of Hugh Hart-
shorne, Baly's Dictionary, 2 volumes System of Mathematicks. Bible. Cole's
Dictionary, 2 compasses, chain, case of instruments and scales, a servant
man sold at six months credit for £20. 1 pettiauger and sails, (£4) ; wood
boat, red cedar timber, (£130) ; cattle at Barnegat sold to John Law-
rence. Made by John Brown and John Taylor.

17:il, July 3. Hattfield, Edward, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co.,
tailor. Int. Adm'r, John Middleton, of the same place, yeoman, and
Katherine, my wife, late the widow of Edward Hattfield. Witnesses
— Saml. Bustill, Joseph Rase. Gloucester Wills, 140 H.

1731, June 30. Inventory, £2.17.10; made by Gusta Locke, A. Randall.

1731, July 3. Oath. "Katherine, relict of Edward Hattfield, now the
wife of John Middleton. deposes that soon after the death of her husband
she was compelled to kill one cow, worth 50 shillings, for the sustenance
of herself and four small children, she being then big with child."

1739, Jan. 21. Havens, Daniel, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. W'ife, Christian. Children — George, Anna, Daniel, John,
Mary, Margrett, Christian and Ann. Executors — wife, and son George.
Witnesses — John Herring, Peter Trauerri, W^illiam Masters, William
Cosgrave. Proved March 25, 1740. Lib. C, p. 325.

1740, May 6. Havens, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman.
Int. Elizabeth Havens, widow, declines administration of the estate
and recommends Pontius Stelle, Esq., executor of the last will of
Gabriel Stelle. Witnesses — Henry Herbert, George Havens.

1740, May 9. Adm'r, Pontius Stelle, of Perth Amboy, principal creditor.
Richard FitzRandolph, fellow bondsman. Witness — Robert Lane.

Lib. C, p. 340.

1742, Dec. 21. Hawke, Hezekiah, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co. Int.
Adm'r, Benjamin Bispham, principal creditor, of Penns Neck. Bonds-
man — William Barker of Salem. The widow, Johanna, having re-
nounced her right 9 Dec, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 378.

1742, Dec. 14. Inventory, £36.12.2; made by William Alderman, John

1739, Nov. 12. Hay, Adam, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., "Doctor
of Physick;" will of. Daughter, Martha Putland Hay, at 18 years.
Brothers — James and Charles Hay. Sisters — Ann Hay and Hester
Putland. Cousin — Ann McCullah. Mother-in-law — Mrs. Penthiselea
Putland. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Merial, brother


Charles Hay of London, and friends Doctor James Henderson of Nev
Yorke and David Martine, late of Trenton, Esq. Witnesses — Edward
Vaughn, Penthiselea Putland, Chris. Denlng. Proved June 3, 5, 1741.

Lib. C, p. 416.

1739. Aug:. 6. Hay, Andrew, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Children — Elizabeth, William, Andrew and John, all under age. Real
and personal estate. Executors — wife, Agness, and friends Andrew
Johnston, Lewis Johnston and Thomas Bartow. Witnesses — John
Hamilton, Esq., Fenwlck Lyell, Peter Savery, Elinor Williams. Prov-
ed Jan. 14., 1739. Lib. C, p. 312.

1742, Nov. 8. Haynra, Ann ("Ann Burrell, otherwise called and
known by the name of Ann Haynes"), of Somerset Co., widow; will of.
Children — Samuel (oldest), James, Benonlah, Aaron, Henry and Re-
beca. Mentions Daniel Dottey, the great Bible, a large book In folio.
Works of the Revrd. Mr. Perkens, money that son Benonlah had out
of New England, and land lately bought In the Western division of
this Province, to be paid for out of the personal estate by Henry and
Rebeca. Henry to have the land and Rebeca the personal "as shall
be an equal half with him." Henry and Rebeca, all title to certain
tract of land situate In Haverstraw, N. Y., and to be at equal charges
In recovering the same by law. Executors — John Ayers, Esq., and
Moses Ayers, Esq. Witnesses — Sllvanua Conant, Tlmo. Stoughton,
Brlce Rlkey. Proved 8 Dec, 1742, and 6 Jan., 1742-3. Lib. D, p. 19.

1742-3, Jan. 13. Renunciation. Moses Ayers refuses "having anything
to do with that estate." Witnesses — Ellsha Ayers, Silas Ayers.

1750, March 26. Haynea, Ann, of Salem Town and County, widow.
Int. Adm'r, John Whittal. Bondsman — William Sydden (Slddons).
Both of place aforesaid. Witness — Josiah Kaighn. Lib. 7, p. 37.

1723, Jan. 15. Haynea, Benjamin, of Salem Co., weaver; will of.
Wife, Ann, executrix, to have personal estate and 18 acres purchased
of Tho. Mason. Sons — Joseph, 100 acres joining my brother Joseph
Haynes' land in Manington precinct, Salem County, he paying his sis-
ter, Mary Ann Haynes, £10, when she will be 18; Benjamin, acre of
land purchased of Thomas Harris, joining John Klllits lot; John, the
land and house I live in, joining James Wiggins' lot, he to pay my
daughter Hannah, £10, when she will be 18. Executor — son Joseph
Hall. Witnesses — James Wiggins, Joseph Morris, Jno. Goodwin.
Affirmed 2 June, 1733. Lib. 3, p. 372.

1733, May 8. Inventory, £86.5.1; made by Benj. Acton. John White.

1734, April 23. Account. Moneys paid to Daniel Mestaj-er, Surrogate
at Salem, Clement Hall, Thomas Mason, Philip Chetwood, Abel Nicholson,
Lewis Morris, Peter Turner, Joseph Morris, Thomas Haynes, Francis
Gandonot. Roger Sherron, Samuel Wade, Thomas Stow, Thoma.s Cook,
Samuel Abot, John WTiite. Moneys due from Joseph Haynes, "who is run
away, ' William Steward, Andrew Sinnick, John Goldsmith.

1747, June 29. Haynea, ncnjamin, of Salem Town and County, car-
penter. Int. Admr's, Charles Reading, William Murdock. Bonds-
men — Thomas Thompson, William Barker, all of Salem County, yeo-
men. Witnesses — Robert Thompson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 5, p. 422.

1740, June 23. Haynea, Daniel, of Salem Town and County, car-
penter. Int. Adm'x, Hannah Haynes, widow. Bondsmen — Benjamin
Haynes, John Mason, all of said County. Witness — Thos. Price.

Lib. 4, p. 244.


1740, June 23. Inventory (£466.6.0) includes horse, saddle, carpenter's
tools; also bonds (£205.3.4). Appraisers — John Mason, Edward Test.

1750, March 26. Hnynes, John, of Salem Town and County. Int.
Adm'r, John Whittall. Bondsman — Josiah Kay. Both of aforesaid
place. Lib. 7, p. 39.

1750, June IS. Hay^rard, Ebenezer, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.;
will of. "After payment of debts if anything remains I bequeath it
to the School for Indians where I have been instructor under the
direction of the Honorable Society for Propagating Christian Knowl-
edge." Executor — Mr. John Brainard, Minister of the Gospel among
the Indians. Witnesses — Wm. Tennent, Elihu Spencer, John Brainard.
Proved July 17, 1750. Lib. E, p. 441.

1745, August 33. Heath, Andrew, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary. Sons — Andrew, John, Richard, David and Timothy.
Daughters — Elizabeth Ketchum, Mary, Catharine and Sarah. Execu-
tors — wife, and son Andrew. Witnesses — Ephraim Quinby, Daniel
Ketchum and John Lewis, M. D. Proved Oct. 5, 1745. Lib. 5, p. 209.

1747, April 6. Heath, Richard, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Inventory; made by Jno. Coats and Peter Schmuck.

1747, April 10. Bond of Mary Heath, of Bethlehem, as administratrix.
Daniel Ketcham, of same place, yeoman, surety. Witnesses — W^illiam
Peirson, Joshua Howell, Mary Heath (a Quaker). Lib. 5, p. 459.

1757, May 16. Account of Mary Park, formerly Mary Heath, adminis-
tratrix of the estate. Mentions Jno. Farnsworth, Jos. Linn, William
Hendrickson. John Coat, Archibald Hanna, David Drake, Hezekiah Bon-
ham, Samuel Bonham, Patrick Nixson. John Hull, Thomas Evans, Henry
Coat, Robert Blair, N. Farnsworth, Luther Colvin, John Oaks, Mary Farns-
worth, Nath'l Forster, Samuel Large, Samuel Large, Jr., Jno. Wiler, Laz-
arus Adams, Nathaniel Colman, Morris Glanwell, Jacob Whelmer, Abra-
ham Bonnell, Peter Cambell, Godfrey Melick, William Schooley, Samuel
Schooley, Jno. Reading, Jno. Moody, W^illiam Corbet, Robert Haslet, Cor-
nelius Low, William Montgomery, Thomas Wolverton, A. Bonnell, Robert
W^hite, Nath'l Pettit, Roger Terrill, John Park, Daniel Ketcham, Godfrey
Rich, Nath'l Forster, Jos. Merrill. Philip Chapman, William Bates, Sam-
uel Willson, Peter Smock, Jas. Harker, Daniel Pegg, Henry Oxley.

1733, May 5. Hedge, Xatban, of Salem Town and County, tailor;
will of. Mother, Rebecca Cox, executrix and sole legatee. Real and
personal estate. Witnesses — Roger Huckings, Robert Watherbe,
Alexdr. Simpson. Affirmed 15 August, 1733. Lib. 3, p. 373.

1733, June 12. Inventory (£45.13.10) includes bonds of Joseph Graves,
John Surge and Francis Doyle. Appraisers — Thomas Taylor, Joseph Gest.

1731, May 12. Hedge, Samuel, of Cohansey, Salem Co.; will of.
Wife, Ann, sole executrix, and to have 1000 acres in Mannington in
said County, joining Jacob Attwood's land on Salem Creek, and on
Arthur's, Bovier's and Bartleson's land, being part of 15,000 acres sur-
veyed by Benjamin Acton, the 10 da., 4 mo., 1709; also 190 acres at
Alloways Creek; also 8-acre lot in Salem on the lower side of my
brother Nathan's 24 acres; also 16-acre lot of woodland, and two-acre
lot joining William Followell's and Nathan Hedges' lot, where the
house stands, in consideration that she discharge a bond given by my


father. Samuel Hedge, to William Biles, of Bucks County, Pa. ("that
is to say V4 due on my account, H on William Hedge, deceased, % on
John Hedge, deceased, for the which sum I gave a bond to Nathan
Hedge to pay." If not paid the land to return equally to my son,
Samuel Hedge, and my daughter. Rebecca Hedge). Personal estate
to wife for paying debts and bringing up the children. Son, Samuel
Hedge, 600 acres in Mannington; also my shares on Phoenix Grove,
Salem Creek, near Hellgate; also '2 of a 16-acre lot in Salem, joining
Nathan Hedge and William FoUowell's lots. Daughter Rebecca, the
other half of said lot; also 500 acres in Mannington, joining where
William Murfey dwelt. Mother, Rebecca Cox, to have 50 acres in
Mannington. Witnesses — Abiel Cearll, Joseph Wheaten, Thos. Hendy.
Proved 2 March, 1731. Lib. 3, p. 182.

1731. Feb. 29. Inventory (£189.6.3) "of Samuel Hedge of town of
Greenwich, Salem County, gent." Appraisers — Leo. Gibbon, Abiel Carll.

1747-8, March la. HefiTKeman (HeKKerman), Denia, of Somerset Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Real and personal estate. Children —
Adrian, Barnett, Elizabeth and Margarette (all minors), and, if a
child be born, to share. Executors — Brother, Adrian Heggerman,
Abraham Striker and John Van Dyke (John Van Dyck, Junior, in
letters testamentary). Witnesses — Garret Williamson, Petrys Voor-
hels. Roelof Van Dike. Proved 31 March, 1748. Lib. E, p. 171.

1747-8, March 23. Inventory, real and personal (£665.13) includes
133 acres of land with improvements, and field of green wheat, cattle, gun.
sword and powder horn. Made by Lucas Voorhees. Roelof VanDike.

174a, Jan. 12. HeinM, Lawrence, of Salem Co., combmaker. Int.
Adm'r, Joseph Wheaton. Bondsman — David Piatt. Both of Cohansey.
Witnesses — James Fourness, Chas. O Neili.

1743. Jan. 12. Inventory (£10.12.6) includes rent due in hands of
Obadiah Wood. Appraisers — Thos. Parke. David Plats.

Salem Will.'?. 582 Q.

1740, Nov. a. Helm, Hermonon (HermanuM, ManoM), of Greenwich,
Gloucester Co., husbandman; will of. Sons — Israel, the 100 acres
whereon >ie lives (surveyed to him by Thomas Miles); John, 66 acres,
whereon he lives, also 30 acres of marsh purchased of Disha Phe-
nemon (in case of his death without issue, my sons Okee and Andre'w
Helm to have equally aforesaid property and the tract whereon I live).
Wife, Catteren Helm, to remain there "during her pure widowhood."
In case of their death without issue tract to descend to my surviving
son. Son, Joseph, 100 acres on a branch of Trumpeter's Creek, joining
Hendrickson's land. Daughters — Mary. Catteren and Dinah (mar-
ried). Israel Lock, one shilling in full for his wife's part of my
estate. Executors — wife, Catteren, and son Okee. Witnesses — Wm.
Mickle, Gerret Vanaman, John Vanaman. Proved 26 Nov., 1740.
Letters granted July 18, 1741. Lib. 4, pp. 260, 261.

1740. Nov. 20. Inventory (£207.17.3) includes silver tannard, £12. Ap-
praisers — John Vaneman. Wm. Mickle.

1744-.%, Jan. 20. Helm (Helmun), Okeynua (Okinuii), of Greenwich,

Gloucester Co.; will of. Son, Andrew, home plantation on Rackoon
Creek; in case of his death without issue, same to descend to my son
Gabriel, with all my lands at Pennsneck; If he dies without issue, to
my youngest son Okeynus (a minor). Eldest son, John Helm, five
shillings (besides what has been given him). Daughter — Magdalena.


Executor — son-in-law, Andrew Hendrickson. Witnesses — Hendrick
Hendrickson, John Jones, Peter Cox. Proved Oct. 26, 1750.

Lib. 7, p. 151.

1750, Oct. 11, 13. Inventory, £129.7.8; made by Tim. Rain, Mathew

1753, Feb. 7. Account. Moneys paid to William Guest, John Jones,
Andrew Helmer, Erick Reynolds, Matthew Gill, Magdalen Rely, John Hal-
ton, Timothy Rain, John Ladd, Ebenezer Cook, Joseph Scattergood.

1750, Aug. 11. Helms, Andrew, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo-
man; will of. Sisters, Catherine and Mary, V^ of 19 acres, purchased
of Joseph Armitt. Brother, Joseph. Executors — mother, Catherine
Helms, and my brother, John. Witnesses — Alexr. Randall, Andrew
Long, Ann Cox. Proved 9 Oct., 1750.

1750, Oct. 6. Inventory, £127.19.6 ; made by Alexr. Randall, Andrew
Long. Lib. 7, p. 23.

1743, Oct. 7. Henderson, James, of New York City; will of. Chil-
dren — Tessia (wife of Alexander Moore), Margaret, Elizabeth, Cath-
erine, Eve and Mary Henderson. Land on Prince Street, joining land
of Anthony Duane; land in Albany, Ulster Co., New York. Executors
— wife, Tessia, and daughter Margaret. Witnesses — Peter Renaudet,
William Bascome, John Kelly. Proved April 25, 1745. Lib. D, p. 274.

1734, Jan. 22. Hendricks, Baker, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.,
an orphan aged about eighteen years. Bond of David Smith, trader,
as guardian. Jacob DeHart, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witness —
Pontius Stelle.

1738, Dec. 6. Bond of Jacob DeHart, mariner, as guardian. John
Thomson, of Perth Amboy, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 225.

1727, November 16. Hendricks (Hendrickson), Daniel, of Middle-
town, Monmouth Co., gentleman; will of. (See N. J. Archives, vol.
23, p. 222. The inventory is there omitted, but given below).

1728, May 23. Inventory of the estate of "Captain" Daniel Hendricks
(£1130.08.001/2) includes 2 swords, male pillion and portmantle, 2 pistols,
large Bible and 6 smaller books, nippers, tooth drawers, negro Joe (£35),
negro lad Peter (£40), negro Bob, (£65), negro woman Dinah and child
(£50), negro woman Kate, (£10), 36 sides leather; 8 cattle hides, horses,
mares, colts, stallion, gun, flour at Van Guelder's mill ; also bonds and
aebts of Johanne.s and Jacobus Swart, Cornelius Wecoff, Joseph Goldin,
William Bovvne, Mordecai Gibbons, Thomas Johnson, Robert Patterson,
Benjamin Cooper, John Mount, Horman Vansandt, John Powell, Mark
Farrar, Gerrett Bowler, William Parent, Richard Coinpton, Sarah Throck-
morton, Gerrett Covenhoven, John Ruckman, Cornelius Wecoff, Thomas
Smyth, John Fenton, Gershom Wallen, Bartholomew Marsh, Joseph Mor-
gan, Andrew Johnson, James Hyde, Thomas Stillwell, John Vaughan,
widow Hophmire, Alexander Wellson, John Morford, Simon Leopardus,
John Whitlock, Hendrickus Kipp, Hendrick Hendrickson. Made by Wil-
liam Lawrence, Jr., Samuel Ogborne, Johannes Luister and Giesburt
Hendrickson. Monmouth Wills, 677 M.

1733, Jnly 5. Hendricks, John, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co. Int.
Bond of Ebebezer Johnson as administrator. Thomas Clarke, fellow
bondsman. Witness — Sarah Dagworthy. Lib. B, p. 435.

1733, Jan. 13. Inventory (£482.05.05), includes large Bible, Psalm


Book, gold and silver rings, bonds of James Ogden, John Raid, Andrew
Joline, John Cask, Richard Alford, William Gunner, Henry Person, Wil-
liam Patterson. John Low. Isaac Bonnel. Made by Justice Andrew
Joline, Justice Robert Ogden. John Emitt.

1734, June 3. Ilendrlck*on, Heiidrlvk, Sr., of Middletown Township,
Monmouth Co. Int. Inventory (£193.14.3) includes silver hilted
sword, pair of pistols, sun dial, tankard, negro man and woman,
"pleasure sled shod with iron." Made by Hendrick Hendrickson,
Nicolas Waycott, Robert Dodsworth.

1735, Oct. 9. Adm'r, Hendrick Hendrickson, Jr., of same place, son of
deceased. John Deare. of Amboy, fellow bondsman. Witness — Lawrence
Smyth. Lib. C, p. 44.

174», Sept, ai. Hendrickson, Henry (Hendrick), of Greenwich
Township, Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife, Geena, "this old place, which
I now live on;" after her decease same to descend to my son Jonas,
and 100 acres lying on the other side of Timber Creek. Sons —
Andrew, the place he lives on, also 70 acres on this side of Timber
Creek, near Hance Urins' land; Henry, the place I bought of Lawrence
Lock, also 86 acres I bought of John Mickel. Daughters — Bridget
Lock, Madlena Lock, Sarah Dinney and Geena. Executors — sons Jonas
apd Henry. Witnesses — Isaiah Davenport, Charles Lock, Swan Lock.
Proved \:) Dec, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 358.

1749, Nov. 23. Inventory (£435.00.5) includes cooper tools, "Syder,
mattheglum and casks' (£5.14.0), young cattle. Appraisers — Isaiah Dav-
jnportt. Charles Lock.

1740, Oct. 11. Hendriekxon, John, of Middlesex Co., yeoman. Int.
Bond of Hendrick Hendrickson, the eldest brother, William Cowen-
hoven and Henry Disbrow, as administrators on the estate. Jonathan
Stout, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 355.

1744, Jan. 14. Henry, Alexander, of City of New Brunswick, Som-
erset Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Children — John, James,
Alexander and William (all under age), and an expected child. Real
and personal estate. Wife, Elizabeth, executrix during widowhood.
Other executors — William Ouke, James Neilson and James Lyne, all
of said City, gent. Witnesses — Anne Kearny, John Henry, Aaron Van
Cleave. Proved 18 March, 1744. Lib. D, p. 249.

1750, July 'M. Henry, John, of Bedminster Township, Somerset Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Anne, the estate for the benefit of herself
and two youngest children, one-third to wife, and the remainder
among the children ("including my wife's child by a former hus-
band"), John Henry, Sarah Henry, Margaret Henry, and Mary Ven-
obles. Wife, Anne, and Ephraim Lockheart, executors. Witnesses —
John McGallird, John Colwell, Nicholas Mooney. Proved 21 August,
1750. Lib. E, p. 447.

1750. Sept. 12. Inventory, real and personal, (£562.17.9) includes 153
acres of land, with house and barn (£306), and debts due from James
Adams. William McKeney, Congregation at Bedminster. Made by Wil-
liam Colwell. Robert Rousbrough.

1759, May 2. Settlement of estate and division among the heirs, the
widow to have one-third, the other two-thirds among the four children.
Signed — Ann Henry, John Henry, Sarai Adams, Mary Venebles, Margret
Henry. Witnesses — Barbry A. Miller. Joseph Feach.


1732, Deo. 30. Hepburn, E^dward, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.
Int. Adm'r, William Hepburn. Lib. B, p. 3 15.

1744-5, Jan. 28. Hepburn, John, Junior, of Freehold, Monmouth
Co., yeoman; will of. Provision for father, John Hepburn, Senior.
Brothers and sisters — James Hepburn, Naomi Castener and Elizabeth
Jolley. John and James, sons of James Hepburn. John and James,
sons of Charles Jolley. Executors — brother, James, of Windsor Town-
ship, and friends Thomas Lawrie and James Montgomery, Junior, both
of Upper Freehold. Witnesses — James Debowe, John Evelman and
John Silver. Proved February 4, 1745. (Thomas Lawrie a Quaker).

Lib. 5, p. 218.

1745-6, Jan. 30. Inventory of estate of John Hepburn, Junior, "late
of AUenstown" (£540.2.7), includes a Bible and Concordance, bonds of
Benjamin and John Vancleft. Made by William Corles, Jr., and William

1764, Jan. 17. Account. Mentions legacy of James Jolly paid to his
executor, Joseph Borden ; legacy left to John Jolley, who died before tes-
tator. Cash paid to Charles Jolley, John and Joseph Foreman, Peter
Schenck, Mathias Peterson, Thomas Cadwallader, David (or Doctor) Mills,
Jeremiah and Naomi Castner, John Burnet, Daniel Robins, John and
Robert Laurence, John Dare, William Hood, Francis Chambers, Peter
Buckallow, Peter Le Conte, Stephen Warner, Henry Rail, Anthony Swain,
Richard Hutchinson, Thomas Severns.

1747, Augrust 11. Herbert, Daniel, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Amy. Mother, Mary Cooper, a w^idow. Wife
to have goods she brought testator and that since given her by her
grandfather. Safety Grover. Children — Jonathan, (a minor), Mary,
(a minor). Brother, David Herbert. Executors — wife, and friends
John Taylor and Joseph Stillwell, of Middletown, gentlemen. Wit-
nesses — Samuel Legg, Joseph Patterson, Junior, and John Nathan
Hutchins. Proved September 23, 1747. Lib. E, p. 82.

1745, Au^uiit 3. Herbert, Henry, of Manasquan, Town of Shrews-
bury, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Son, Henry,
lands on Manasquan River. Daughter, Hannah. Son, Isaac, land,
carpenters' tools and gun. Executors — wife, and son Isaac. Wit-
nesses — John Pearce, William Pearce, Jon. Herring and John New-
man, Junior. Proved December 2, 1745. Lib. D, p. 352.

1745, Nov. 31. Elizabeth Herbert, widow, resigns her right as executor,
by reason of great age and other infirmities. Witnesses — John Pearce,
Cornells Harrell.

1745, Nov. 31. Inventory, £182.01.06 ; made by John and William

1745-6, Maroli 1. Herbert, James, of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co.; will of. Sons — Richard, Daniel and James. Real and personal
estate. Executors — wife Margaret, brother Richard Herbert, and
Reuben Runyon. Witnesses — Thos. Hance, Cornelys Van Aersdalen,
Daniel Herbert. Proved Oct. 17, 1746. Lib. D, p. 417.

1746, April 21. Inventory (£156.6) includes Bible, "book of Architex,"
and an account against Thos. Larrance ; made by Luykes Voorhees,
Thomas Hance.

1749, May 3. Hera, William, of Cumberland Co.; will of. Friend,
Jonathan Smith, executor apd sole legatee. Witnesses — Nathl.


JenVins, Junr., Joseph Page, Anthony Elverd. Proved 17 May, 1749,
at Cape May. Lib. 6. p. 67.

1749, May 17. Inventory, £21.9.8; made by Nathl. Jenkins, William

1733, June 21. Herriman (Harrlmnn), Stephen, of Essex Co. Int.
Bond of Johanna Herriman as administrator. Jonathan Dayton, fel-

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