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side, and % my back land, and same never to be sold, but
to descend from heir to heir forever. Daughter Elizabeth Ed-
wards, % my plantaion, to the southwest of Mary Mulford's,
and % my back land, and never to be sold but to descend
from heir to heir forever. Daughter, Rachel Crowell, % my planta-
tion, to the southwest of Elizabeth Edwards', and % my back lands,
and never to be sold, but to descend from heir to heir forever. My
daughter, Rachel Crowell, may live in the "leento" for the space of
10 years. My daughter, Mary Mulford, is to pay to my grand-
daughter, Sarah Hand, £10, when she is 21. Daughter, Rachel Crow-
ell, is to pay her £15, and daughter, Elizabeth Edwards, to pay her,
£25. Executors — my daughter, Mary Mulford, my son-in-law, Bzekiel
Mulford, my daughter, Rachel Crowell, my son-in-law, Jacob Crow-
ell. Witnesses — Abner Corson, Lewis Cresse, Anthony Cresse.

1766, Sept. 18. Codicil. I appoint Henry Hand, of the Lower Pre-
cinct, as Guardian of my daughter, Elizabeth Edwards.

1766, Oct. 31. Codicil. My son-in-law, Jacob Crowell, is to be
Guardian of my daughter, Elizabeth. I now make my son-in-law,
Jacob Crowell, Executor, instead of Mary Mulford, Ezekiel Mulford
and Rachel Crowell. Proved Nov. 24, 1767.

1766, Dec. 29. Inventory, £85.5.1, made by John Eldredge and Lewis
Cresse. Lib. 13, p. 361.

1764, April 6. Edwards, John, of Haines Neck, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. W^ife, Mary, use of all my lands to bring up the children;
but, if she marry, then my sons, Daniel and John, to have the said
land. Son, BrandrifC Edwards, £3 when 21. Son, Joseph, £5. To
rest of my children the remainder of my personal estate. Executors
— son, Daniel, and Francis Miles. Witnesses — Michael Pedrick, Han-
nah Maines, William Stretch. Proved Sept. 29, 1764.

1764, May 8. Inventory, £303.16.10, made by Michael Pedrick and
John Procter. Lib. 12, p. 98.

1769, Oct. 16. Egberts, Isaac, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Wife, Catharine, silver teaspoons, bed, etc., and use of all
real and personal till my youngest child is 14, or her marriage,
when estate is to be divided between my wife and daughters, Bar-
bara, Francyntje and Femmetje, son Thomas, daughters Susanna and
Maria, son Jacobus, and daughter Fannetje. Executors — my wife
and friends, Thomas Van Dyck and John Schuurman. Witnesses —
William Ouke, John Van Buren, Andrew Norwood. Proved Dec. 25,
1769. Lib. K, p. 168.

1764. June 2. Egborson, L.a^'^Tence, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.
Int. Adm'r — Lawrence Egborson (Egbertson) yeoman. Fellowbonds-
man — Samuel Tyler, clothier; both of said place. Witness — Uzal

1764, June 1. Renunciation of Christian Egborson, widow of Law-
rence Egborson, in favor of her son, Lawrence Egbertson. Wil-
nesses — Samuel Tyler, and Isaac Gillam. Lib. H, p. 357.

1767. June 15. Eggman, Christopher, of Waterford Twsp., Glouces-
ter Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'x — Deborah Eggman, widow. Fellow-
bondsman — John Wallace, of said place.

1767, June 11. Inventory, £44.4.6, made by John Stone, and John
Wallace. Lib. 13, p. 104.


1766, Sept. 10. RlliKOn, ThonuiM, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. My wife, Margaret, £5, besides the sum that was
agreed upon between us before marriage. Daughter, Annar Allen's,
eldest son, Samuel Allen, 5 shillings. Granddaughters, Elizabeth
Ellison and Mary Ellison, £5 each; but, if they die, then it is to go
to my 3 daughters, Rebekah, Hannah and Elizabeth. Daughter,
Elizabeth Morris, £30. Daughter, Rebekah Ellison, £40. Daughter,
Hannah, £40. Lands to be sold. Sons, Amos, Lewis and Thomas,
rest of e.state. Executors — friend, William Morton, and my son,
Lewis. Witnesses — William Brewer, Robert Morris, Garret Long-
street. Proved Dec. 1, 1770.

1770, Nov. 24. Inventory, made by Garret Longstreet, Samuel Os-
born, William Jackson, Jr. Lib. K, p. 291.

1770, April 9. Kliner, Abignil, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co.; widow
of Daniel Elmer, Esq.; will of. Daughter, Abigail Ray, widow of
James Ray, £10. Son, Daniel Elmer, £1.. Sons, Jonathan and Tim-
othy, £5 each. Son, Ebenezer, £1. Daughter, Deborah, wife of Lot
Fithian, £1. Daughter, Victarina, £5. Daughter, Violetta Elmer.
£20 (not 14). Son, Ebenezer Elmer, all my land, he paying to my
daughter, Violetta Elmer, £50, as directed in my husband's will, when
she is 18. Executors — sons, Daniel Elmer and Jonathan Elmer. Wit-
nesses — Joseph Wescot, Ephraim Harris, William Ramsay. Proved
Oct. 11, 1770.

1770, July 11. Inventory, £47.14.10, made by David Wescote and
Ephraim Harris. Lib. 14, p. 325.

1761, April 9. Klmer, Daniel, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co.; will of.
My executors to pay James Ray, on his removing from the planta-
tion where he lives, all sums he has expended towards the building
of the house where he lives. My wife, Abigail, % my personal estate,
and use of ^2 the land on south side of Cedar Creek, in Fairfield.
Son, Daniel, % my land near Flying Point aforesaid, of about 500
acres, he paying to my 2 sons, Jonathan and Timothy, £25 each,
when 21. Son, Daniel V2 my salt meadow on Jones' Island. Son,
Ebenezer, % the land near Flying Point, he paying to my daughter,
Violetta Elmer, £50, when she is 18. Daughter, Abigail Ray, £10;
also to her and to her husband, James Ray, the use of the place
where they live till Aug. 1, 1762. Daughter, Deborah Elmer, £40,
when 18. Daughter, Victorina Elmer, £40, when 18. Daughter, Vio-
letta Elmer, 20 shillings when 18. Executors — wife, Abigail, and
my son, Daniel. Witnesses — Jonathan Lorance, Henry Peirson, Han-
nah Peirson. Proved June 26, 1761.

1761, May 20. Inventory, £691.2.2, made by Thomas Harris and
Jonathan Lorance. Lib. 11, p. 152.

1770, April 6. Gl.ston, Elizabeth, of Middlesex Co. W^ard. Daugh-
ter of Spencer Elston, of said Co., deceased, who makes choice of
John Elston as her Guardian.

1770, April 6. Guardian — John Elston. Fellowbondsman — Thomas
P. Force; both of Woodbridge, said Co Lib. K, p. 191.

1762, Oct. 1. Elstone, Benjamin, of Woodbridge, Middlseex Co.
Int. Adm'r — Jonathan Bishop, a creditor. Fellowbondsman — Sam-
uel Jaques; both of said place. Witness — John Smyth.

Lib. H, p. 189.


1764, May 11. KIton, Revell, Ksq., of Northampton, Burlington
Co.; will of. Wife, Ann, all personal estate, and profits of plantation
now in tenure of son, Revell, during her life. Son, Robert, and my
two daughters, Elizabeth, the wife of William Lindal, and Hannah,
the widow of John Deacon, Jr., 5 shillings each. Son, Thomas, a
cedar swamp of 3 acres, and V2 of my landing, known as Gerrish's
Landing. Son, Revell, my plantation, after the death of my
wife. Executor — son, Revell. Assistant — Henry Paxson, Esq. Wit-
nesses — Peter Bard, John Clark, Daniel Jones, Jr. Proved Feb. 28,
1765. Lib. 12, p. 70.

1765, June l.*.. Elver, Anthony, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r —
Silas Goff, gent. Fellowbondsman — William Goff; both of said Co.
Witness — John Shaw.

1765, March 5. Inventory, £20.7.9, made by John Shaw and Wil-
liam Goff. Lib. 12, p. 249.

1763, May IS. dwell, Mary, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., widow.
Int. Adm'r — Hance Jaquat. Fellowbondsmen — Joseph Jaquat and
John Hickman; all of Lower Penns Neck, said Co.

1763, Feb. 4. Inventory, £52.11.5, made by John Hickman and
Hugh Davis. Lib. 11, p. 372.

1761, Feb. 16. Ely, Jacob, of Greenwich, Sussex Co., tailor; will of.
To my sister's children, John Hunt, Joshua Hunt and Sarah Hunt.
£10 each. Rest of my estate to my brother, Isaac Ely's children, and
to my brother, Thomas Ely's children, and to my sister, Sarah
Hunt's children, and to my sister, Elizabeth Powner's children. Ex-
cutors — my friends, William Bishop and Jonathan Robins. Wit-
nesses — Christopher Folkenberg, Christian Sharpenstine. Proved
April 2, 1761.

1761, March 7. Inventory, £564.18.11, made by Christyon Sharpen-
stine and William Robins. Lib. 10, p. 569.

1767, July 25. Ely, John, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Brother, Stephen Ely, 20 shillings. Brother, George Ely, a like
amount. Daughter, Elizabeth Ely, £200 when 21. Wife, Sarah Ely,
rest of my estate. Executrix — my wife, Sarah. Witnesses — Samuel
John Wells, Robert Singer, David Brearley, Jr. Proved Sept. 19,
1767. Lib. 13, p. 248.

176.3, Nov. 10. Ely, William, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Son, John Ely, £5. Wife, Jemima, may live in my house near Peter
Hankerson's. Son, Stephen, house where I live, and the lot where
James Mathis and Richard Burden now live, which joins it, as also
that of Joseph DeCow. Son, George, the land I bought of David
and Mahlon Wright, on the Maidenhead road. The land which I
bought of Benjamin Biles, on the Hopewell road, joining Elizabeth
Biles and Andrew Reed, to be sold. My four youngest children to
have schooling. Daughter, Rebecca, is under 8. Son, George, to be
put to a trade. My six daughters are, Jemima, Elizabeth, Mary,

Frances, , Rebecca. Three daughters have married, and three

are single. The estate which came by my mother, by the name of
Venebel, if got, to be divided between my sons, George and Stephen.
Executors — friends, Nathan Beakes of Trenton, and Moore Furman


of Philadelphia. Witnesses — Obadiah Howell, John Rickej', Daniel

Laning-. Proved April 19, 1770.

1769, Sept. 1. Renunciation, by Nathan Beakes. Witness — Han-
nah Beakes.

1769, Sept. 1. Renunciation, by Moore Furman. W^itness — John

1770, April 19. Adm'r with will annexed — George Rozell, of Maid-
enhead, Hunterdon Co. Fellowbondsman — John Rozell, of Notting-
ham, Burlington Co. Lib. 14, p. 240.

1761, April 4. Eniley, Elisha, of Kingwood Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Real and personal to be sold, except my riding
horse and saddle, which I give to my wife, Anne. To Ziba Osmun,
my apparel. The money to be divided between my wife and children
"that now is, or that may be born," supposing my wife to be preg-
nant; when children are of age they are to have their share. Ex-
ecutors — my wife, Anne, my father-in-law, Thomas Atkinson, and my
brother, John Emley. Witnesses — Ralph Hunt, Solomon Mott, Sam-
uel Kester. Proved May 4, 1761.

1761, April 25. Inventory, £969.19.5, made by John-MuUinner and
John Grandin. Lib. 11, p. 43.

1758. Sept. 7. Emley, John, of Kingwood Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, Elisha, 7 acres of land on the south side of
his plantation, for which he has a deed given by me, being part
of that land I purchased of my son, "William's, estate and of Wil-
liam Cheesman. Son, John, the rest of that tract in the Great
Swamp, on the south side of Cornelius Quick and John Biles. Son,
Robert, the land in Sussex Co., near the Great Meadows, and north
of Samuel Green, of 310 acres. Daughter, Mary Emley, £25. Daugh-
ter, Elizabeth Mott, £5. Daughter, Rebecca Emley, £25. Daughter,
Ann Emley, £25, when she is 18. Granddaughter, Sarah Emley, the
daughter of my eldest son and heir, William, deceased, 10 shillings,
when she is 18. Plantation where I live, and other lands, to be sold,
and the money given to my children, John. Robert, Mary, Rebecca
and Ann Emley, Sarah Watson and Elizabeth Mott. Executors —
sons, Elisha, John and Robert. "Witnesses — Samuel Large, Jacob
Large, Thomas Barton, Robert Gordon, "William Myers, Samuel Kess-
ter. Proved May 4, 1761.

1761, April 24. Inventory, £1,466.5.6, made by John Mullinner and
John Grandin. Lib. 10, p. 544.

1768, July 11. Emmons, Benjamin, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Son,
Isaac, £5. Son, Henry, and my daughter, Rebecca, the rest of estate,
both real and personal. Executors — son, Henry, and my son-in-law%
Jocham Gulick. Witnesses — Thomas Badcock, John "Van Buran, Ja-
cob "Van Dike. Proved April 19, 1770.

1770, April 18. Inventory, made by, Thomas Badcock and Barthol-
omew Feurt. Lib. K, p. 200.

1761, Aus. 3. Endecott, John, of Twsp. and Co. of Gloucester. Int.
Adm'x — Ruth Endecott. Fellowbondsman — John Hillman, yeoman;
both of said Co.

1760, Oct. 3. Inventory, £127.9.3, made by John Hillman and Eze-
kiel Harker. Lib. 10, p. 372.


1767, May 28. Endicott, Ruth, of Twsp. and Co. of Gloucester;
widow. Int. Adm'r — Jacob Matlock, yeoman. Fellowbondsman —
Richard Price, yeoman, both of said place. File No. 3523 H.

1761, Oct. 5. E^nglLsb, David, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.
Int. Adm'rs — William Woodward and Robert English. Fellowbonds-
man — John Wetherill; all of said Co.

1761, Oct. 3. Renunciation by Anne English, widow of said David,
in favor of William Woodward and Robert English. Witness — Ra-
gat Hull.

1761, Sept. 23. Inventory, £376.8.3, made by Robert Newell and
John Wetherill.

1771, May 22. Account by Adm'rs. Money paid to Robert English,
Elisha Lawrence, Margaret Newell, Elizabeth Imlay, David English,
Ann English; also for the maintenance of Mary English, daughter of
the deceased, for 6 years, the other children being provided for by
their grandfather. Lib. 10, p. 390; Lib. 15, p. 100.

1762, July 20. KnglLsh, David, Jr., of Freehold. Monmouth Co.,
trader; will of. My shop goods are to be sold. Son, David, my house
and lot where I live, and that tract of land over the road, which 1
bought of William Covenover, and that tract I bought of Joseph
Kerr; but if my wife have a son within 9 months after my decease,
then it shall have the tract I bought of Joseph Kerr, and 3 acres
over the road against Robert English's and Moses Davis' houses.
Wife, Jane, £200. Daughters, Jane and Margret, £200 each. Wife
to enjoy the land until son, David, comes of age. John Smith to
serve his time out with my wife. Executors — wife, Jane, James Rob-
inson and Robert English. Witnesses — Robert English, John Eng-
lish, Jonathan English. Proved Oct. 22, 1762. Lib. H, p. 193.

1761, April 6. E]ii^Iish, James, of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington Co.;
will of. Sons, Joseph and Abraham, plantation where I live; the
said plantation joins that of my late father, William English.
Son, William, my grist mill. Son, Jacob, £25. Daughters, Sarah
English, Hannah English, Elizabeth English and Mary English, £10
each. Widow to have personal estate and profits of lands to educate
my young children. Executors — wife, Mary, and my brother-in-law,
Jacob Hays. "Witnesses — Arent Schuyler, Thomas English, Rednap
Howell. Proved May 6, 1761. (Short codicil attached, with no date).

Lib. 10, p. 324.

17fW}. June 26. Engrlish, James, Jr., of Upper Freehold, Monmouth
Co., miller. Int. Adm'x — Catharine English, widow of James. Fel-
lowbondsman — Robert Hutchinson, yeoman; both of said place. Wit-
ness — Isaac Price.

1766, April 20. Inventory, £1277.3.7, made by Isaac Price and Thomas

1771, June 24. Account by Adm'x. Lib. 12, p. 294; Lib. 14, p. 407.

1766, Dec. 24. English, Robert, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
wheelwright; will of. Son, Robert, all real where I live, and the
part where son David lived, and he to pay to my grandchildren the
legacies mentioned. He is to have where David lived, till my
grandson, David English, is 23. Grandson, Robert Parent, £40.
Grandson, Samuel Parent, £40. Grandson, William English, £250.


Grandson, David English, £250. Granddaughter, Mary English, £80.
Executor — my son, Robert; and, to assist him, I appoint my friend,
Peter Emley, son of William, and Peter Talman, son of Benjamin.
Witnesses — John Hendrickson, David Scott, William Reynolds. Proved
Feb. 25. 1767. • Lib. 12, p. 473.

1768, Feb. 30. Fngrlish, Robert, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., black-
smith; will of. Wife, Jane, all the goods she brought with her; and
she is otherwise provided for. Son, Robert, the lot I live on, and
my other lands, when he is of age. Friend, Stephen Pangburn, £8.
Executors — my wife, and my friend, Mathew Rue. Witnesses — Rob-
ert McGallird, Moses Davis, William Rue. Proved May 9, 1768.

1769, May 3. Inventory, £248.0.4, made by William Covenhoven
and Robert McGalliard. Lib. I, p. 244.

1762, Feb. 3. En^H.^fh, Thomas, Jr., of Mansfield Twsp., Burling-
ton Co. Ward. Son of the late Abraham English of said place.
Guardian — Thomas English, of said township. Fellowbondsman —
Moses English, of same place, yeoman. Witness — Samuel Allinson.

Letter (with no date) by the said Ward, who wishes to have the
above appointed Guardian removed, as his property is going to
destruction — the mill, bridges, dam, corn in the mill — and all for
want of care. Lib. H, p. 204.

1761, Jan. 27. E}iigrIiNh, William, of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington
Co., yeoman; will of. Son, James, the land he lives on that I bought
of Robert Stacy in said township, and land I bought of Thomas
Potts, except 22 acres; also Vi the grist-mill. Grandson, Thomas
English, the farm I live on, and % the grist-mill; but, if he die,
then to my daughter, Ann Ellison, and the 2 children she had by
Thomas Addas. Son-in-law, James Ellison, 3 acres. Son, James
English, to pay to his brother-in-law, Jacob Hays, £26. Margaret
Homes shall be set free after my decease, and I give her a bed and
«ow. Rest of household goods to be divided between my daughter,
Anne Ellison, and Margaret Homes. Executors — my friends, James
English and James Ellison. Witnesses — Thomas Biddle, Joseph Gar-
wood, Samuel English. Proved April 9, 1761. Lib. 10, p. 362.

1761, April 13. Inventory, £44.7.6, made by George Folwell and
Edward Boulton.

1762, June 3. Account of James Ellison, surviving Executor.

1761, Jan. 23. E^nookt^on, Gabriel, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r —
James Halton. Fellowbondsman — Thomas Denny; both of Green-
wich Twsp., said Co., yeomen.

1761, Feb. 2. Inventory, £24.9.3, made by John Denny and Thomas
Denny. Lib. 10, p. 292.

1764, Mareb 14. E]nt, Valentine, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., tanner;
will of. Wife, Susanah, % the moveable estate, and £100 out of real.
To each of my sons £100, when 21. To each of my daughters £50,
when 18. Executors — my wife, Susanah Ent, and my brothers, Peter
More and Daniel More. Witnesses — Jane Huff, Catherin Opdycke,
Samuel Opdycke, John Opdycke. Proved Aug. 25, 1770.

1770, Aug. 25. Renunciation, by Danial Moor.

1770, Aug. 23. Inventory, £587.5.6, made by John Opdyck and Rich-
ard Green. (Testator died, July 25, 1770). Lib. 14, p. 344.


1748, Dec. 26. Enyard, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Son, Silas, 5 shillings. Son, John, a like amount. Daughter^
Annah Congar, a stear. Wife, Mary Inyard, use of lands, till young-
est sons are 21. Daughters, Rachel Nortwak, Alche Inyard and Elsie
Inyard, moveables. To my wife's daughter, Elizabeth Darlin, a gum
table. Sons, David and Benjamin, my lands when they are of age.
Executors — wife, Mary, and my friend, William McDaniel. Wit-
nesses — Robert Thornell, Jean Thornell, James Clarkson. Proved
May 19, 1763.

1763, May 18. Renunciation by Mary Enyard.

1763, June 7. Inventory, £43.13.5, made by David Crow and James

[No date]. Account by William McDaniel, the Executor.

Lib. H, p. 262.

1762, Nov. 21, Griok.Koii, Mickel, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will of.
Wife, Martha, £50, and the household goods, except a pewter platter
that belongs to my daughter, Deborah Wright, and one that belongs
to my daughter, Susannah Erickson. Daughter, Deborah Wright,
£10. Daughter, Susannah Erickson, £15. To Huldah Catchion, £10.
Sons, Michael and John, my lands. Executors — James English, Sr.,
and Jonathan Ray Gordon. Witnesses — William Cole, Robert Mc-
Connell, Bryan Gollohar. Proved Dec. 16, 1762.

1762, Dec. 13. Inventory, £261.6.8, made by Robert English and
William Cowenhoven. Lib. H, p. 211.

1769, Jan. 24. Ernest, John, of New York City, merchant; will of.
Son, Anthony Ernest, my watch and gold seal. Wife, Sarah, use of
goods and negros, till my youngest child is 21, and then goods and
slaves to be sold and the money divided between my wife and my
children then living. Real estate to be sold and the interest of the
money to be applied to keep my family; and, when the youngest
child is 21, the principal to be given to my w^ife and 5 children, An-
thony, Mathew, Sarah, John and Anna Maria. Executors — wife,
Sarah, my father-in-law, Anthony Ten Eyck, and William Bayard,
of New York City, gentleman. Witnesses — Theodorus Van Wyck,
Thomas Ellison, Jr., Nicholas Quackinbosh. Proved in New York
Feb. 13, 1769, by Thomas Ellison, Jr., and Nicholas Quackinbosh,
both of New^ York, and proved in New Jersey on the same date.

Lib. K, p. 82.

1764, Jan. 20. Ervvine, James, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'x — Jane McKnight. Fellowbondsmen — James McKnight and
William Johnson; all of said Co.

1761, April 1. Inventory, £47.15.6, made by John Bassett and James
McKnight. Lib. 11, p. 526.

1768, Oct. 24. E.skill, John, of Mendom (Mendham), Morris Co.,
yeoman; will of. Lands to be sold and money given to my wife,
Mary, and my sons, John, Davias and Noah, and my daughters, Eliza-
beth and Hannah; to said children when of age. Executors — wife,
Mary, David Estell and Silas Condict. Witnesses — Samuel Willis, Wil-
liam Estill, Isaac Morris. Proved Nov. 21, 1768. Lib. K, p. 9.

1761, Nov. 30. Estaugh, Elizabeth, of Haddonfield, Newton Twsp.,
Gloucester Co., widow; will of. My kinswoman, Sarah Hopkins,



relict of my kinsman, Ebenezer Hopkins, the use of my upper house
and lot, which I purchased of the Executor of Samuel Mickle, now
in the "tenor" of Thomas Edgerton, and at her death to be sold and
divided among her children by my kinsman Ebenezer Hopkins; and
the other part of said house and lot, now in "tenor" of Rachel Lip-

pincott and son, Smith, I give to Ann Hopkins, youngest

daughter of my said kinswoman, as well as £300 when she is 18;
but if she die, then the house to be sold, and proceeds to go to her
brothers, viz., Haddon and Ebenezer Hopkins. The said Sarah Hop-
kins to have the use of the house where I live, or where she lives.
My kinsman, John Estaugh Hopkins, being one of the children of
my relations aforesaid, my plantation called New Haddonfield, in
said Twsp., including 125 acres purchased of Joseph Collins, except
some lots hereafter mentioned; also Va part of a Proprietory of land,
which my father, John Haddon, purchased of Richard Mathews, and
he is to allow his mother, the said Sarah Hopkins, corn for her use.
My kinswoman, Elizabeth Estaugh Hopkins, one of the children
aforesaid, £500. Haddon Hopkins, another child, my house and lot
in Haddonfield, next to Isaac Andrews; also my plantation, called
Little Stebbing, purchased of Jonathan Belton, Lucy Hubbs and Rob-
ert Montgomery, of 157 acres; also % of Willis' Propriety, which
my father purchased of Thomas Willis, when he is 21. My kinsman,
Ebenezer Hopkins, another child of above, lot and house, next to
his brother Haddon; and the other % of Willis' Propriety, when 21.
Sarah Hopkins, another child of the above, house and lot in Had-
donfield, in "tenor" of Elizabeth Craig, and joining the house in
"tenor" of Ann Banks, and £300 when 18. Mary Hopkins, another
child of above, house and lot in "tenor" of widow Cooper, and £300
when 18. If any of the children run out in marriage, contrary to
the rules of our Society, then they shall not have the above men-
tioned sums. My kinswoman, Mary Stephens, relict of Robert
Stephens, late of Newton, that lot in Philadelphia which my husband,
John Estaugh, purchased of her former husband, Joseph Kaighin,
and, at her death, to her son, Joseph Kaighin; I also give her my
house and lot in Haddonfield, now in tenure of Ann Banks. I give
to her 2 sons, John and Joseph Kaighin (by her former husband
Joseph Kaighin) i^^ of a Propriety which was purchased of Richard
Mathews; and also to their 3 children, Joseph, James and Elizabeth
Kaighin, £50 each. Hannah Estaugh (relict of James Estaugh, late of
Philadelphia) and her 3 children, Joseph, David and Grace, £50 each. My
kinsman, John Gill. 1-16 part of Propriety purchased by my father, John
Haddon. of the Ex'rs of Richard Moss ; also the meadow that joins his
father, John Gill, deceased, and John Estaugh. My kinswoman, Mary
Thorn, £100, and, after her death, to her grandchildren by her son John
Gill, and her daughter, Hannah Redman, deceased. To my relations and
friends, viz., Thomas Redman and his 3 children by his former wife,
Hannah, the daughter of John Gill and Mary his wife, viz., Thomas,

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