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1763, Sept. 14. Renunciation by Sarah Holmes, the widow, in favor
of her father, James Mott, and her brother, James Mott, Jr.

1763, Oct. 12. Inventory, £1,704.13.4, made by John Little and Joseph

1767, Oct. 5. Account filed by Adm'rs. Includes cash received, for
land, which was sold by John Taylor, Sheriff of said Co., by virtue
of an execution against said land, at the suit of John Burrows and
William Hendrickson, Executors of Abraham Watson, £2,613.9.4.

Lib. H, p. 292.

1762, March 23. Holmes, Margaret, of City and Co. of Burlington.
Ward. Ag-ed above 14. Daughter of Thomas Holmes, blacksmith.
Guardian — Samuel Allinson, of said City. Fellowbondsman — Thomas
Pryor, Jr., of same place, gent. Witnesses — Daniel Ellis and Gabriel
Blond. Lib. 11, p. 204.

1761, Nov. 26. Holmes, Mary, of Elsinboro, Salem Co., widow. Int.
Adm'r — Clement Hall, yeoman, of said place. Fellowbondsmen —
Robert Johnson and Joseph Burroughs, of Town of Salem.

Lib. 11, p. 36.

1766, Sept. 21. Honnold, Matthias, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co.
Int. Adm'x — Barbara Honnold. Fellowbondsman — Cornelius Ander-
son; both of said place.

1766, Sept. 19. Inventory, £84.10.6, made by Cornelius Anderson
and William Bate. Lib. 12, p. 423.

1762, July 14. Honywell, Richard, of Oxford Twsp., Sussex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife to have one-third. Daughters — Martha, Eliza-
beth, Mary, Marget and Bathsheba, rest of chattels, when they are
18. Executors — Henry Crosley and John Reed, who are to sell the
lands. W^itnesses — Joseph Runnels, William Jones, John Hunnywell.
Will signed by Richard Honywell and Rachel Honywell. Proved
Sept. 9, 1762.

1762, Sept. 8. Inventory, £146.0.2, made by Jonathan Hopkins and
George Allen.

1764, Jan. 26. Account made by both Executors. Four of the chil-
dren were bound out. Lib. 11, p. 291.

1763, Sept. 14. Hoogeland, Christopher, of W^indsor, Middlesex Co.,
merchant. Int. Adm'rs — Jacob Hoogeland, brother of Christopher,
and Peter Schenk; both of Somerset Co. Witness — John Johnston.

1763, Sept. 13. Renunciation by Susanna Hoogeland, the widow.
Witnesses — Andrew Sidle and Cornelius Hegeman.

1763, Sept. 20. Inventory, £355.7.31/3, made by Peter Ten Eick,
Richard Major and John Ely. (Contains many names of people who
gave notes and bonds.)


1763, Sept. 20. Inventory, £434.8.4%, made by same appraisers.
(Includes dry goods and groceries). Account, "as now stands in his
ledger," includes following as some of the names given: Robert
Chambers, Altie Borland, Richard Reed of Freehold, Elizabeth Giber-
son, John Davison, Sr., of Windsor, John Lemmon, fidler, John Green,
tailor, Martha Brittan (daughter of Benjamin), Margret Tropt,
widow, John Applegate, carter, Nicholas Britten, Jr., Benj. Britten,
Jr., Johannes Ritticer, William Davison, Sr., Cranberry, Mary Hull
(daughter of John), James "Vaughn, Ammasiah Davison, Captain
Joseph Vaughn, John Giberson, Monmouth, John Smith, Penns Neck,
Henry Fisher, worsted comber, Gisabert Giberson, Sr., Sarah Brit-
tain, William Mount (son of Mathew), Barnt Heggerman, brewer,
Sarah Serjent, William Wilky, tailor, Elizabeth McConnell (wife of
Samuel), William Hutchins (son of Richard), Rachel Peters, widow,
Houghton Mershon, Thomas Kerns (son of Richard), Grace Gordon,
Cranbury, John Job, brick maker, Rachel Hankins (daughter of
Daniel), Samuel Mead, John Smith (son of Ellen), Elizal Holman
(daughter of Gibert Gibertson), Joseph Cox, millwright, Daniel
Hews (son of William), Peter Trout (son of John), Thomas Mount,
cooper, John Smith, tavern keeper, Mary Schooley, widow, Joseph
Schooley, Joseph South, shoe maker, Martha Fenton, Daniel South,
Daniel Swain, and many others. Amount on ledger, £939.1.8.

Lib. H, p. 274.

1767, Jan. 28. Hoogreland, John, Esq., of Sowerland, Somerset Co.;
will of. Daughter, Idah, an outset, to be as much as other daughters.
Wife, Dinah, may stay on the plantation as long as my widow. Son,
Jacob, a negro, etc. Daughter, Dinah, a negro. Daughter, Lenah,
the negro that lives with her. Daughter, Eydah, a negro. Grand-
son, John Hoogeland, son of my son Jacob, £20, to be put to interest
by my two sons-in-law, Johannis Van Nest and Jores Bergen, till he
is 21. Son, Jacob, 1/6 part of my estate; daughter, Dinah, 1/6; daugh-
ter, Lenah, 1/6; daughter, Eydah, 1/6; grandson, James Perrine (son
of my daughter, Maria), 1/6 when 21; grandchildren, Margaret and
Dinah Hoogeland (children of my eldest son, Christopher, deceased),
1/6 part. Executors — son, Jacob, my sons-in-law, Johanes Van Neste
and Jores Bergen, and my nephew, Christopher Hoogeland, Jr. (son
of my brother, Christopher). Witnesses — Johannes Stryker, Abraham
Duboys, Jacob Bergen, Jr. Proved Feb. 28, 1767. Lib. I, p. 116,

1770, Oct. 30. Hoogland, James, of Sussex Co. Int. Adm'x — Mary
Hoogland. Fellowbondsmen — Samuel Carpenter and Henry Vanover;
all of said Co.

1770, Oct. 26. Inventory, £81.19.8, made by Gabriel Willson, Henry
Vanover and Samuel Carpenter. Lib. 15, p. 69.

1743, A.US- 20. Hooper, Sarah, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
widow; will of. Daughter, Isabella Hooper, all my lots of land,
which I have in New York. Rest of real and personal to my son,
Robert Lettice Hooper, and my said daughter, Isabella Hooper. Ex-
ecutrix — said daughter. Witnesses — Rebea Legat, Elinor Williams,
Philip Kearney. Proved July 10, 1765. Lib. H, p. 505.

1763, Feb. 23. Hopkins, Ann, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Petition
of Sarah Hopkins, widow of Ebenezer Hopkins, late of Newton in


said Co., yeoman, deceased, in behalf of Ann Hopkins, daughter of
petitioner, and of said Ebenezer Hopkins; stating that Ann is under
14, and that she, Sarah, is not willing to be Guardian, and Ann, hav-
ing real estate devised from Elizabeth Estaugh, late of Newton,
widow, deceased; therefore she desires her friend, James Whiteall,
of Deptford, to be Guardian of said Ann till she is 14. Witnesses —
Hannah Ladd and John Ladd.

1763, Feb. 22. Guardian — James Whitall, yeoman. Fellowbonds-
man — John Estaugh Hopkins, yeoman; both of Deptford Township,
Gloucester Co. Witnesses — Hannah Ladd and John Ladd.

Lib. 11, p. 278.

1762. June 13. Hopkins, Ebenezer, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Peti-
tion of said Ebenezer, ■wrho is son of Ebenezer Hopkins, of Haddon-
fleld, said Co., yeoman, deceased; making choice of John Estaugh
Hopkins (his brother) of Deptford, as his Guardian.

1762, June 12. Guardian — John Estaugh Hopkins. Fellowbonds-
man — John Gill, of Haddonfield. Lib. 11, p. 125.

1762, June 13. Hopkins, Haddon, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Peti-
tion of said Haddon, son of Ebenezer Hopkins, of Haddonfield, said
Co., yeoman, deceased; making choice of his brother, John Estaugh
Hopkins, of Deptford, as his Guardian, till 21.

1762, June 12. Guardian — John Estaugh Hopkins. Fellowbonds-
man — John Gill, of Haddonfield. Lib. 11, p. 125.

1768, May 34. Hopkins, Haddon, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x —
Hannah Hopkins. Fellowbondsman — Joshua Stokes; both of said Co.

1768, May 21. Inventory, £950.11.11%, made by Jacob Clement and
Samuel Clement.

1769, June 23. Account by Hannah Hopkins. A debt was paid
to Sarah Hopkins. Lib. 13, p. 435.

1768, May 34. Hoipkins, Hezekiah, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Peti-
tion of Hannah Hopkins, widow of Haddon Hopkins, and mother to
said Hezekiah, who is son of Haddon, stating that Hezekiah has real
and personal estate that needs care, and prays that Joshua Stokes
may be appointed Guardian of said Hezekiah.

1768, May 24. Guardian — Joshua Stokes. Fellowbondsman — GriflSth
Morgan; both of said Co. Witnesses — Elizabeth Stokes and Charles
Pettit. Lib. 13, p. 436.

1763, Feb. 33. Hopkins, Mary, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Petition
of Sarah Hopkins, widow of Ebenezer Hopkins, of Newton in said
Co., yeoman, deceased, in behalf of Mary Hopkins, daughter of said
petitioner, and of said Ebenezer, stating that she is not willing to
be the Guardian of said Sarah, who has real estate by devise from
Elizabeth Estaugh, late of Newton, widow, deceased; therefore she
prays that her friend, James Whitall, of Deptford, yeoman, may be
made Guardian of said Mary, till she is 14. Witnesses — Hannah Ladd
and John Ladd.

1763, Feb. 22. Guardian — James WTiltall, yeoman. Fellowbonds-
man — John Estaugh Hopkins, yeoman; both of Deptford Township,
said Co. Witnesses — Hannah Ladd and John Ladd. Lib. 11, p. 278.


1765, July 19, Hopkins, Mary, of Newton, Gloucester Co. Ward.
Daughter of Ebenezer Hopkins, of said place, yeoman, deceased;
says that her aunt, Elizabeth Estaugh, gave by will certain lands
which need care, and she chooses her brother, John Estaugh Hopkins,
to be her Guardian, till 21.

1765, July 19. Guardian — John Estaugh Hopkins, yeoman. Fellow-
bondsman — Haddon Hopkins; both of said Co. Witnesses — Hannah
Ladd and John Ladd. Lib. 12, p. 126.

1763, Feb. 32. Hopkins, Sarali, Jr., of Gloucester Co. Ward. Peti-
tion of said Sarah, who is one of the daughters of Ebenezer Hopkins,
of Newton, said Co., yeoman, deceased; stating that she has lands
by devise, from her aunt Elizabeth Estaugh; therefore she makes
choice of her brother John Estaugh Hopkins, of Deptford, to be her
Guardian, till she is 21. Witnesses — Hannah Ladd and John Ladd.

1763, Feb. 22. Guardian — John Estaugh Hopkins, yeoman. Fel-
lowbondsman — James Whitall, yeoman; both of Deptford Twsp., said
Co. Witnesses — Hannah Ladd and John Ladd. Lib. 11, p. 279.

1765, Aug. 8. Hoppansh, Jost, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, articles as mentioned, and sons, John
and Peter, to provide for her. She may live with John, or may
remove to live with her children. To Peter Aller, of Kingwood, hus-
band of my youngest daughter, Ann, £135. Eldest son, John, land
which I bought of Peter Foxe, 24 Jan., 1749. Son, Peter, land now
in his possession, which I bought of Peter Foxe, 16 Dec, 1756. Land
where I live I give to said John and Peter; the same was bought of
Jacob Peter Sniter. Daughter, Lenah, wife of Peter Young, £80.
Daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Peter Hann, £80. Daughter Ann, wife
of Peter Aller, £80. Executor — son, John. Witnesses — David Heath,
Philip Dilz, Richard Rounsavell, Jr. Proved Sept. 21, 1765.

1765, Sept. 19. Inventory, £849.2.10, made by Peter Rockefeller and
Richard Rounsavell, Jr.

1767, Sept. 7. Account by Executor.

Lib. 12, p. 218; Lib. 13, p. 328.

1760, Ang. 16. Hoppe, Andrees, of Hoghokus, Bergen Co.; will of.
Wife, Marytie, use of real and personal while my widow. If my
wife get an heir, it shall have £150. At her death (if she have no
heir), then my estate to devolve into the hands of my brothers,
Hendrick Hoppe, Albert Hoppe, Garrit Hoppe, John Hoppe, and my
sisters, Antye Ackerman, Tryntie Sabriski, and my sister, Hendricki's,
children, that is to say, John, Abraham and Hendrick, and her daugh-
ters, Aaltye, and Ragel, my said sister, Hendricki, being dead. Exe-
cutors — brothers, Garrit Janse Hoppe and John Janse Hoppe. Wit-
nesses — Abraham V. Buskirk, Benjamin Olden. Proved Nov. 13, 1760,
by Benjamin Olden. Proved Aug. 4, 1761, by Abraham Buskirk.

Lib. H, p. 50.

1767, April 18. Hopper, John, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'rs — Isaac Hopper and Joshua Hopper. Fellowbondsman —
Isaac Ballinger; all of said place; yeomen.

1767, April 9. Inventory, £207.10.2, made by Isaac Ballinger and
Samuel Ladd. Lib. 13, p. 131.


1761, Aug. 7. Hopper, Jo|seph, of Mannington, Salem Co., cord-
wainer. Int. Adm'r — William Roberts, yeoman, of said place. Fel-
lowbondsmen — William Harvy, yeoman, of said place, and Abel
Harris, yeoman, of Penns Neck, said Co.

1761, Aug-. 1. Renunciation by Catren Hopper, widow of Joseph.

1761, July 25. Inventory, £24.13.6, made by William Harvey and
William Peterson.

1763, Sept. 10. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 11, p. 36.

1766, July 39. Hopper, Sainnel, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester Co.;
will of. Lands and chattels to be sold. Wife, £300. Son, John, 5
shillings. Daughter, Mary Hopper, £250. Daughter, Elizabeth, £150.
Executor — my friend, James Hinchman. Witnesses — Caleb Bickham,
Isaac Hopper, Margret Boyle. Proved Jan. 12, 1767.

1766, Aug-. 25. Inventory, £405.6.0, made by Caleb Bickham and
Nehemiah Andrews. Lib. 13, p. 114.

1761, Nov. 22. Hopple, Nicholas, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x —
Mary Hopple, the widow. Fellowbondsman — Ansell Long; both of
Greenwich, said Co.

1761, Nov. 21. Inventory, made by Andrew Long and Ansell Long.

File No. 755H.

1770, Sept. 2. Horn, Simon, of Rocksbury Twsp., Morris Co., farm-
er; will of. To John Horn, my brother, William Horn's, eldest son,
40 shillings. My brother, Samuel, my apparel; my gun, to his eldest
son, Andrew; my smooth gun to his second son, William. Youngest
sister. Charity, a cow; to her daug-hter Ester, a mare. Remainder
to my brother, Samuel's, two eldest sons, Andrew and William, and
to my two sisters, Rachel and Charity. Executors — Aaron Stark and
Miller Blatchly. Witnesses — William Throckmorton, Charity Hough,
Daniel Jones. Proved Sept. 22, 1770.

1770, Sept. 19. Inventory, made by William Salmon and William
Throckmorton. Lib. K, p. 281.

1763, July 28. Homor, Isaac, of New Hanover Twsp., Burlington
Co.; will of. Wife, house where I live and 5 acres of plow land, and
2 acres of meadow. Son, William, house at Crosswicks Creek, he pay-
ing the legatees hereafter mentioned; otherwise the legatees, Isaac
Horner and Content, (alias John) Horner, to enter the plantation if
he refuse to do so. Daughter, Mary, wife of John Clevenger, £10.
Sons, William and Joshua, £20 each more than the rest. Residue
to my children, William Horner, Joshua Horner, Hannah (wife of
James Garwood), Isaac Horner and Content (alias John) Horner;
but as Hannah, wife of James Garwood, is dead, her share shall go to
her children when 21. Executors — William Horner, Isaac Horner and
Content (alias John) Horner. Witness — James London, John Emley,
William Potter. Proved Aug. 27, 1763. Lib. 11, p. 379.

1763, Aug. 19. Inventory, £488.9.6, made by Amos Wright aad
Samuel Emley.

1773, Jan. 23. Account of William Hornor, acting Exr.

Lib. 14, p. 514.

1770, Nov. 17. Homer, JoReph, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'r —
John Thorne. Fellowbondsman — William Wood; both of Chester-
field Twsp., said Co. Witness — Silas Parvin.


1770, Nov. 10. Renunciation of Sarah Horner, the widow, in favor
of John Thorne. Witness — Lucy Taylor. Lib. 15, p. 72.

1770, Nov. 3. Inventory, £99.7.5, made by William Wood and Cleay-
ton Newbold.

1771, May 31. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 15, p. 102.

1766, Sept. 20. Hornor, Samuel, of Princeton, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary, £300. Daughter, Amy. £200, when 18. Daughter,
Sarah, £200, when 18. Son, John, gun and watch, when 21. Sons,
John, Samuel and Joseph, rest of personal and real. Executors — my
wife, my brother, Joseph, and friend, Robert Stockton. Witnesses —
Jonathan Baldwin, James Leonard, Josiah Furman, Jr. Proved Nov.
14, 1766.

1766, Nov. 5. Inventory, £620.19.3, made by Job Stockton and
Jonathan Baldwin. Farm at Kingston, valued at £1,030; and one
at Princeton, at £1,250. Lib. 12, p. 448.

1761, Dee. 4. Horsfull, Jolui, of Upper Freehold Twsp., Monmouth
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ruth, £150, and the use of the land
west of house till my son, Richard, is 21. To only son, Richard
Horsfull, all my lands; except the house and lot that I bought of
John Phineas, which I give to my daughter, Martha Horsfull, when
she is 18. Daughter, Sarah, £200, when 18. Daughter, Mary, £200.
Daughter, Hannah, £200. Daughter, Ruth, £200. Executors — my
wife, and my brother-in-law, Michael Rogers. Witnesses — William
Imlay, Robert Montgomerie, Alexander Montgomerie. Proved March
6, 1762.

1762, Jan. 27. Inventory, £2,539.15.5, made by Moses Robins and
Thomas Miller. Lib. 12, p. 434.

1764, March 38. Hough, Barnett, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'r — Christian Hough. Lib. 11, p. 525.

1761, March 5. HousheU, Jacob, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Son, Mathias Houshell, i/^ of my plantation, and £10 to be paid
him by my son-in-law, Jacob Case. Son, Peter, hi of the plantation
I bought of Daniel Carrioll, and he to pay to his sister, Mary, £50,
when she is 18. Son, Martin, rest of my plantation where I live,
when he is 21. Son-in-law, Jacob Case, the other part of the Car-
rioll place. Executors — my brother, Mathias Houshal, and Peter
Lefler. Witnesses — Johannes Rake, William Bellosfelt, John Ringo.
Proved April 4, 1761.

1761, April 13. Inventory, £795.3.6, made by Peter Prall and Cor-
nelius Williamson. Lib. 10, p. 563.

1761, Feb. 5. Houshell, Johannes, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon
Co.; will of. Wife, Nelley, £10, to be paid by my sons, Peter and
William, yearly; and they shall provide for their mother. Sons,
Peter and William, the plantation I live on, and the house and lot
I bought from Andrew Trimmer, excepting thereout the burying-
ground for the use of the family forever. Son-in-law, Andrew
Trimmer, £50. Granddaughter, Mary Trimmer, one cow. Daughter,
Elizabeth's, children, £40, when they are of age. Executors — my
brothers, Jacob and Mathias. Witnesses — Cornelius Ringo, Christian
Lupp, John Ringo. Proved April 4, 1761. Lib. 10, p. 571.


1760, May 20. Hoiuimaii, John, of Middlesex Co.; will of. "I am
enlisted in the New Jersey Regiment." To Godfried Warner all my
estate. Executor — said Godfried Warner. Witnesses — John Smith,
Andrew Smith, Jonathan Skinner. Proved June 1, 1761.

Lib. G, p. 438.

1763, Dec. 7. Hovey, John, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co. Int. Adm'r
— John Budd, of Salem, Salem Co., doctor. Fellowbondsman — Wil-
liam Dalles, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co., yeoman. Witness — Howell

1763, Nov. 16. Inventory, £743.17.11, made by William Dalles and
Richard Lore.

1767, May 26. Adm'r — William Dalles, of Fairfield, Cumberland
Co.; all which were unadministered in the hands of John Budd.
Fellowbondsman — William Dalles, Jr., of Fairfield. Witness — Jona-
than Lore.

1768, April 29. Account by William Dalles.

Lib. 11, p. 496; Lib. 11, p. 517; Lib. 13, p. 419.

1768, May 12. How, Mary, (formerly Mary Cleayton). Int. Adm'r
— Micajah How, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. Fellowbondsman — Samuel
How of Burlington. Witness — Robert Burchan. Lib. 13, p. 435.

1762, June 9. Howard, Joseph, of Morris Co. Int. Adm'r — John
Tuttle, of said Co. Fellowbondsman — Thomas Woodruff, of Essex
Co. Witness — Moses Littell.

1762, May 29. Renunciation by Anna Hayward, widow of Joseph
Howard, in favor of John Tuttle, largest creditor. Witnesses — Joseph
Kitchel and Ebenezer Hayward Lib. H, p. 271.

1763, April 19. Howard, Roibert, of Upper Penns Neck, Salem Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'rs — Edward Clark and John Hatton. Fellow-
bondsmen — William Dalbow and William Miller; all of said place,

1763, March 11. Inventory, £116.19.3, of the goods of Robert How-
ard, Jr., made by William Dalbow and William Miller. Lib. 11, p. 373.

1760, An^. 17. Howel, David, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Son,
Sylvanus, £20. Wife, Bethia, rest of real and personal. Executrix —
my wife, Bethia. Witnesses — Josiah Beach, Josiah Gilbart, Isaac
Ogden. Jr. Proved Aug. 3. 1762. Lib. H, p. 172.

1768, May 4. Howell, Abraham, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeoman;
will of. Brothers, Silas, Henry, Caleb, John and Samuel, and my
only sister, Mary, all my estate. The real and personal to be sold.
Executors — brother, Silas, and my friend, Jonathan Stiles. Witnesses
— Sarah Clark, Charity Pitney, Timothy Johnes. Proved Jan. 14, 1769.

Lib. K, p. 150.

1762, Anp. 20. Howell, Arthur, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Son, Richard, all my lands. Daughter, Mary Coalman, £10.
Daughter, Sarah Howell, £15. Daughter, Abigail Howell, £15. Grand-
son, Arthur Howell, 30 shillings and pistol. Wife, Hannah, the goods
she brought to me, and no more. Executors — son, Richard, and friend,
Obediah Howell. Witnesses — Richard Laning, Daniel Laning, Mar-
garet Evins. Proved Dec. 9, 1762. Lib. 11, p. 502.


1766, June 11. Howell, Benjamin, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.,
shipwright. Int. Adm'x — Rebecca Howell, of said place, widow. Fel-
lowbondsman — Thomas Robinson, of Philadelphia, merchant.

1766, March 5. Inventory, £543.14.7, made by Thomas Denny and
Samuel Hewes.

1769, May 10. Account by Rebecca Howell, Adm'x.

Lib. 12, p. 381; Lib. 13, p. 534.

1770, Nov. 2. Howell, Bethla. Int. Adm'x — Mary Howell, daugh-
ter-in-law of said Bethia. Fellowbondsman — Ebenezer "Ward; both
of Newark, Essex Co. Witness — Mary Ogden. Lib. K, p. 256.

1757, Angr. 27. Howell, Daniel, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Wife, Abigail, V3 my personal estate, and % the profits of my lands
till my son, Daniel, is 21. Son, Daniel, the land west of the Maiden-
head road, and he to pay to my son, Hezekiah, £30. Son. Hezekiah,
15 acres on the Scotch road. Son, John, the land east of Maidenhead
road. Daughters, Phebe Howell, Unice Howell and Abigail Howell,
£30 each, when 18. Executors — brothers, Hezekiah Howell and Daniel
Clark. Witnesses — Stephen Rose, David James, Daniel Laning.
Proved Oct. 8, 1763.

1763, Oct. 3. Inventory, £420.7.6, made by John Moore and Daniel
Laning. Lib. 11, p. 472.

1768, Aug:. 27. Howell, Mica, of Morris Co.; will of. Daughter, Ann
Howell, 5 shillings. Daughters, Rachel Totten and Mary Broadwell,
a like amount. Daughters, Sibbah, various goods. Plantation to be
sold and V2 the proceeds to my son William, and the other to my
sons, John, Mica and Jonathan, when they are 21. The lot on Long
Island, near Brickils, to be sold, and given to my four sons. Execu-
tors — my friends, William Parrat and Jonathan Mulford. Witnesses
— John Winans, Christopher Wamsly, Thomas Osborn. Proved Dec.
4, 1768.

1768, Dec. 12. Inventory, made by William Parrot and Jonathan
Mulford. Lib. K, p. 12.

1761, March 11. Howke, Tobias, of Bernard Twsp., Somerset Co.,
yeoman; will of. My wife, V3 of my estate, while my widow. Son,
Jacob, daughter, Ann, and Daniel, also my son, the other %rds. The
last two children are under age. Executor — friend, Philip Cox. Wit-
nesses — Isaac Doty, John Roy, John Bowman. Proved April 6, 1761.

1761, April 3. Inventory, £249.13.9, made by Samuel Dunn and
Amos Sutton. Lib. G, p. 417.

1760, July 11. Hubbell, Nathaniel, of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Elizabeth Hubbell, the interest of the money that was put
into the lands of Capt. Daniel Potter and Stephen Crane. Sons,
Abijah, Ezekiel and Nathaniel, each 5 shillings. To my children,
Lois, Asa, Esther, Mary and Susanna, rest of personal and real. Exe-
cutors — son, Asa, and my friend, Philip Kearny. Witnesses — Joseph
Willis, David Scudder, Andrew Bloomfield. Proved May 28, 1761.

1761, May 28. Renunciation by Philip Kearney. Lib. H, p. 78.

1749, Feb. 2. Hude, Jamea, Esq., of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co.; will of. Son, James, £100, when 21. Wife, Mary Hude, 1/9 part
of real and personal estate. Children, James, Mary, Catherine Hude,


Anne Hude, Robert, Susannah Hude, Halenah Hude, Margaret Hude,
1/9 part each. To the child which I may get, a share. Wife to have
income, to bring up children. Executors — my wife, my son, James,
my brother-in-law, Simon Johnston, and my friend, Francis Costigin,
and in case my wife marry then my daughter, Mary Hude. Wit-
nesses — Philip French, William Mercer, Anthony White.

1762, Sept. 29. Codicil. My friend, Francis Costigin, is not to be
an executor, but, in his stead, my daughter, Mary Hude. Son, James,
my house in New Brunswick, on Burnet street. Witnesses — Henry
Guest, William Harrison, Andrew Norwood. Proved March 12, 1768.

1769, March. Inventory, £4,583.7.2, made by Richard Gibb and Az.
Dunham. Lib. I, p. 216.

1768, May 20. Hndnnt, Nathaniel, of Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon
Co.; will of. Wife, Naomi, all my estate. Executrix — my said wife.
Witnesses — John Hart, Isaac Eaton, Elc« Howton. Proved Oct. 26,

1768, Aug. 15. Inventory, £42.12.0, made by John Hart and John
Hunt. Lib. 13, p. 475.

1766, July 29. Hudson, Obed, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co. Ward.
Only son of Isaac Hudson, of said place, who by will left lands to
his son. Guardian — Constant Smith. Fellowbondsman — Enoch Moore;

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