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King (the son of my son William). Witnesses — John MuUinner,
Thomas Coate, John Brock. Proved Jan. 2, 1762. Lib. 11, p. 343.


1761, May 25. King, Joiseph, Jr., of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, a bed. Daughter, Jane King, a bed.
Daughter, Hannah King, a bed. Daughter, Alice Maris, a bed. My
grist mill and 10-acre lot to be sold, which is in Kingwood Twsp.;
also 50 acres of land, where Joseph Pegg now lives, at the upper end
of my tract, and the money to be divided between my wife and
daughters. Sons, George and Nathan, rest of my lands, after death
or marriage of wife. Sons, Nathan and George, are not 21. Execu-
tors — my wife, my son, George, and my son-in-law, John Stevenson.
I desire my father-in-law, John Simcock, to assist them. Witnesses
— William French, Thomas Coate, William Paxson. Proved Sept. 14,
1768. Lib. 13, p. 451.

1764, June 6. King, Joseph, of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co. Ward.
Grandson of Joseph King, of said place, deceased. He makes choice
of Robert Emley as his Guardian.

1764, June 6. Guardian — Robert Emley, of Kingwood, said Co.
Fellowbondsman — Joseph HoUinshead, of City of Burlington. Wit-
ness — Joseph Read. Lib. 11, p. 521.

1763, May 27. King, Mary, of Essex Co., widow. Int. Adm'r —
Jeremiah King, of Hunterdon Co. Fellowbondsman — John Wood, of
Essex Co.

1763, May 28. Inventory, £91.9.2, made by William Oliver and
Samuel Shotwell. Lib. H, p. 244.

1766, June 2. King, Samuel, of New Hanover, Burlington Co., mill-
er. Int. Adm'x — Theodocia King, widow, of said place. Fellow-
bondsman — Thomas Budd, yeoman, of Northampton, said Co.

Lib. 12, p. 290.

1766, April 2. Inventory, £116.5.11, made by Thomas Budd and
John Goldy.

1768, Oct. 12. Kingsland, E^dniund, of New York City, ship car-
penter; will of. Wife, Mary, all real and personal, to maintain
the children, and, at her death, what remains to be given to my four
children. Son, John, to have 10 shillings extra, for his birthright.
Executrix — wife. Witnesses — Nathaniel Kingsland, Mark Dempsey,
Richard Kingsland. Proved May 22, 1769. Lib. K, p. 94.

1763, Aug. 18. Kingsland, Jo,hn, of New Barbadoes, Bergen Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife to be maintained by my son, Richard, and
he is to have % of my land where I live, and 5 acres of salt meadow
near the Hackinsack River, which I gave him by deed, dated May 8,
1758. Daughter, Sarah, a cow and calf. Daughter, Nedemia, 8 acres
of land, she being yet unmarried. Rest to grandson, John Kings-
land, son of my eldest son, Isaac, dec'd; two grandchildren, the
children of my daughter, Elizabeth, dec'd; daughter, Sarah; daughter,
Hester, wife of James Butler; son, Edmund. Executors — my wife and
Evert Van Zeyl. Witnesses — Teunis Joralemon, Derick Joralemon,
Isaac Kingsland. Proved Aug. 10, 1768, when letters granted to Evert
Van Zeyl, the surviving Executor. Lib. I, p. 330.

1770, Aug. 17. Kingsland, Xedemiali, of New Barbadoes Neck, in
Bergen Co.; will of. Sister-in-law, Mary Kingsland, wife of my
brother, Richard, my real estate, and, if she does not dispose of it


before her death, then to her daughter, Mary Kingsland. Executors
— my cousin, Charles Kingsland, the son of Isaac Kingsland, and the
said Mary Kingsland. Witnesses — Abraham Kingsland, Aaron Kings-
land and Charles Kingsland. Proved Oct. 23, 1770. Lib. K, p. 267.

1762, Nov. 2. Kinnan, Joseph, of Bernards Town, Somerset Co.
Int. Adm's — Ruth Kinnan, the widow, of said place, Thomas Kinnan,
of Morris Co., and Edward Lewis, of Somerset Co. Fellowbondsman
— Gawin McCoy, of Somerset Co.

1762, Nov. 4. Inventory, £1,016.14.4, made by Thomas Riggs and
John Collyer. Lib. H, p. 197.

1765, Sept. 16. Kinsey, Jonathan, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.
Int. Adm'x — Sarah Rolph, principal creditor. Fellowbondsman —
David Jaques; both of said place.

1765, Sept. 14. Renunciation by Annabell Kinsey, the widow. Wit-
ness — George Brown. Lib. H, p. 530.

1762, May 24. Kinsey, Mary, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Petition
of said Mary, who is daughter of Thomas Kinsey, of Deptford, said
Co., yeoman, deceased. Said Thomas, by will, made William Wood,
the Guardian, who is now deceased; therefore she prays that her
friend, John Wilkins, may be appointed her Guardian. Witness —
Job Kinsey.

1762, May 24. Guardian — John Wilkins, yeoman. Fellowbondsman
— James Whiteall, yeoman; both of Deptford Twsp., said Co. Wit-
ness — Job Kinsey. Lib. 11, p. 126.

1757, Jaly 6. Kinsey, Thomas, of Woodbury Creek, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Eldest son. Job, all my lands, except my planta-
tion whereon Nathan Lord lives, when he is 21. Son, Nathan, planta-
tion whereon Nathan Lord lives. Daughter, Mary Kinsey, personal
estate. If my children die, my lands are to pass to my "affected"
brother, John Kinsey. My cousin, William Wood, to be Guardian of
all my children. Executor — my brother-in-law, John Wilkins. Wit-
nesses — Robert Cooper, James Miller, Mary Miller. Proved Feb. 18,

1761, Feb. 18. Inventory, £259.11.5 Vg, of the personal estate of
Thomas Kimsey, "late of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co.," made by
William Wilkins and Nixon Chattin. Lib. 10, p. 382.

1763, Oct. 5. Kip, Jacob, of Saddle River, Bergen Co., now residing
in New York; will of. Wife, Geesje, goods she had of her father,
Cornelius Brinkerhoff, and also £500. To Elizabeth Kip, wife of
Claes Danielse Romyn, £300. To Rynier Bordan, £100, to be divided
between himself and his sisters' and brothers' children. My broth-
ers, Hendrick Kip, Peter Kip, and Isaac Kip, and the children of my
sisters, deceased, namely, Anatje Van Voorhees, Catharina Ter
Hune, and Elizabeth Brinckerhoff, the remainder. Executors — my
friends, Hendrick Kip (Peter's son), and Claas Danielson Romyn,
both of Hackensack. Witnesses — Peter Lott, William Brede and
Evert Byvanck. Proved Oct. 17, 1763. Lib. H, p. 370.

1764, April 14. Inventory, £387.3.2, made by Peter Zabriskie and
Reynier V. Giese, at the request of Hendrick Peterse Kipp and Class
Danielse Romine.


1769, Sept. 26. Kirkpatrlck, William, of Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'x
— Margaret Kirkpatrick. Fellowbondsman — Jacob Mattison; both of
Amwell Twsp., said Co. Witness — Abraham Williamson.

1769, Sept. 22. Inventory, £957.17.2, of estate of "Reverend Wil-
liam Kirkpatrick, of Amwell Twsp.," made at his dwelling house by
Jacob Mattison and Lewis Chamberlin. Lib. 14, p. 123.

1745, Sept. 8. Kitchin, James, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, to have maintainance on plantation. My
oldest son, Benjamin, a horse. Sons, Benjamin, Thomas, and James,
my plantation. Daughters, what can be spared. Wife may be
pregnant. Executors — my wife, and son, Benjamin. My friend, John
Robins, to be trustee till Benjamin is of age. Witnesses — George
Baylis, Amos Thatcher, John Lewis. Proved July 28, 1761.

1761, July 27. Inventory, £235.17.6, made by Jacob Swallow and
Richard Green. Lib. 11, p. 50.

1757, Oct. 29. Kitchin, Thomas, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Sarah, to possess my plantation of 100 acres. Daughter,
Hannah, the wife of William Barns, £40, and their children, John,
Samuel, Sarah and William Barns, £15 each, when of age. Daughter,
Ann, wife of Vincent Robins, £40, and children, Sarah Robins, Obadiah
Robins, John Robins and William Robins, £15 each, when of age.
Daughter, Mercy Kitchin, £120. Executors — my wife and my friend,
Andrew Pierce. Witnesses — Daniel Robins, George Trlmer, Richard
Rounsavell, Jr. Proved April 18, 1764.

1764, April 17. Inventory, £628.3.8, made by Jonathan Furman and
Abraham Bonnel.

1770, April 27. Account by Andrew Peairs, surviving Executor.
Paid to Sarah Barns, William Barns, John Peters (a legatee), Sarah
Robins, Samuel Kitchin, Mary Lewis, Samuel Barns (legacy), Andrew
Pierse (legacy), William Barns (legacy), Ann Robins (legacy).

Lib. 11, p. 526; Lib. 15, p. 66.

1762, June 28. Kleinehoff, Paul, of Second River, Essex Co.; will of.
Son, John, £10, and the lands left me by my wife's father, John Hinds.
Children, Hannah, Peter and Sarah, the rest of my estate. Wife to
have the use of all estate till children are old enough to support
themselves. Executors — Job Herryman, of Elizabeth Town, Thomas
Tyson, of Second River, and Peter Kleinehoff, of Boheamia in Mary-
land. Witnesses — William Dow, Adrian Dow, William King. Proved
Sept. 9, 1762. Lib. H, p. 306.

1766, Aug:. 13. Knab, Frederick, of Tewksbury, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'r — Jacob Coffer. Fellowbondsmen — William Schuiler and Jacob
Lewis; all of said Co. Lib. 12, p. 422.

1762, Sept. 9. Knap, Daniel, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Eldest
son, James, £10. The rest of my estate to my sons, James and Thom-
as, when they come of age; but, if they die, then to my brothers,
Jonathan and James Knap, and to the male heirs of my sisters, Mar-
tha Hodge and Mary Bister. Executors — friends, Nehemiah Baldwin
and Thomas Brown. Witnesses — Jabez Campfield, Patrick Vance,
Jonas Baldwin. Proved March 3, 1763.

1763, May 4. Inventory, £1,539.13.11, made by Joseph Riggs and
Obadiah Bruen. Lib. H, p. 383.



1762, April 13. Knap, Rebecca, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will
of. To Sarah Tomson, £12, and gown. To Mary Badger, £5, and to
her mother, Sessell Badger, money to provide for her. Rest to my
daughter, Elizabeth Knap, when she comes of age. Executors —
friends, Daniel Crooe and David Evens. Witnesses — James Thom-
son, Phebe Morriss, Samuel Preston. Proved May 4, 1762.

1762, May 5. Inventory, made by Cornelius Vandehovar and James
Manning. Lib. H, p. 122.

1769, April 3. Knight, William, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co.
Int. Adm'x — Hannah Knight. Fellowbondsman — James Clark, Jr.;
both of said place. Witness — David Brearly, Surrogate.

1769, March 18. Inventory, £74.6.6, made by Jacob Green and James
Clark, Jr. Lib. 13, p. 497.

1769, Feb. 2. Knipe (Nipe), Jonathan. Int. Adm'r — Isaac Quig-

1770, June 29. Inventory, £84.8.9, made by Isaac Arey and Abner
Arey. Same date account filed by Adm'r. Lib. 14, p. 124; 15, p. 11.

1770, Feb. 17. Knott, Peter, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will
of. Son, David, the farm where I live, at Shark River, and he to
pay to my wife, Jane, all that I made with her by a contract before
marriage, and £8 more. Son, David, to have the mortgage I hold
against Daniel Seabrook. Son, Samuel, £100, should my Executors
think him reformed enough to have it. Grandson, William Lippin-
cott, £50. Grandson, Samuel Lippincott, £50. Daughter, Rachel, wife
of Peter Vandike, £250. Daughter, Abigail, wife of Gawen Drum-
mond, £150. Daughter, Mercy, wife of Coonrod Hendrickson, £50.
Daughter, Catharine, wife of James Wilson, £30. To Rebecca, wife
of Remembrance Lippincott, who is my daughter, £50. Executors —
sons-in-law, Gawen Drummond and Coonrod Hendrickson. Witnesses
— Samuel Longstreet, Richard Lawrence, Abraham Strong. Proved
March 17, 1770.

1770, March 10. Inventory, £1,713.10.10, made by Samuel Longstreet
and Benjamin Jackson. Lib. K, p. 185.

1766, Nov. Koch, Henry, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Wife, Catherine, £12 every year. To Elizabeth Sneider, £25. To the
children of my son, Barnard Koch, deceased, £50, being for their
father's birthright. Grandson, Henry Koch, £50. Daughters, Mar-
garet, and Maria, moveables. Lands to surviving children and my
said son's surviving children; that is to say, my daughter, Margaret,
who is espoused to Johan Christian Smith; my daughter, Maria, she
is espoused to Jacobus Teats. Executors — John Garrison, Johan
Kase and William Young. Witnesses — Henry Graff, William Diatz,
Philip Yager. Proved May 10, 1768.

1768, May 9. Inventory, £186.13.3, made by Peter Young and Free-
gift Stout, Jr.

1770, May 24. Account by John Case and John Garrison, Executors
of "Henry Cock." Lib. 12, p. 507; Lib. 15, p. 67.

1764, March 28. Koagh, Bamet, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'x — Cristina Kough, widow of said Barnet. Fellowbondsman —
Adam Deeds; both of said place. Witness — John Garrison.


1764, March 27. Inventory, £84.13.1, made by John Case and John
Garrison, Jr.

1764, May 15. Account by Christeen Kough, Adm'x. Lib. 11, p. 525.

1762, Oct. 16. Kuykendal, Martinus, of Montague, Sussex Co., yeo-
man. Int. Adm'x — Cattryntie Kukendal, widow. Fellowbondsmen
— Hendrick Kuykendal and Jacob Westfaul, yeomen; all of said Co.

1762, Sept. 21. Inventory, £164.13.6., made by Solomon Cuykendal
and Hendrick Kuykendal. Lib. 11, p. 289.

1754, Sept. 16. Kuyper, Hendrick, of Bergen Co., yeoman; wrill of.
Eldest son, Henry Kuyper, the plantation in Bergen Co., called Hose-
seimer, he paying £100 to his sister, Annetie, wife of Nicholas Wine-
koop, 3 years after his mother's death; and also paying to my daugh-
ter, Catharina's (late wife of Gerrit New Kerck's) children, £100,
namely, Matthew, Henry, Catharina and Jannetie. Daughter, Geer-
tie, wife of John Van Dalson, the house in New York, where he lives,
in the "West Ward, on Cortland Street; and my daughter, Jonneke,
is to have the house and lot lying at the east side of the house
which I gave to my daughter, Geertie. Daughter, Marretie, wife
of Roelf Vanderlinde, 100 acres on the north side of the 1,000 acres
at Norreshonck, in Orange Co. Daughter, Elizabet, wife of Wil-
liam Siggelse, £100. My wife, Jannetie Cuper, shall keep my farm
and have the rents. Executors — son, Henry, my wife, Jannetie, and
my friend. Jacobus Stoutenburgh. Witnesses — Jacob Vanvoorhis,
Christopher Steymets, Abraham Mesier. Proved July 27, 1764.

Lib. H, p. 449.

1765, Sept. 8. Lacey, Henry, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeoman;
will of. "Wife, Hannah, use of real and personal during her life.
Sons, Joseph, David and Abraham, all the real, after death of wife.
Daughter, Sarah, £5. Daughters, Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, Mary and
Prudence, the personal estate. Executors — sons, Joseph and David.
"Witnesses — James Burnet, Matthias Burnett, Ezekiel Cheever. Proved
July 16, 1768.

1768, July 16. Renunciation by David Lacy. Lib. I, p. 295.

1765, Aug:. 37. Lain, Ralph, of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'x
— Susannah Lain. Fellowbondsman — John Hackett; both of said Co.

1765, May 16. Inventory, made by Samuel Swackhamer and Casper
Erick. Lib. 12, p. 225.

1768, March 1. Laing', David, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary, use of lands till sons, Abraham, Isaac and Joseph
are 14. I also give her £250. Son, John, plantation where I live, and
V2 of the meadow which I bought of the Executors of Samuel Laing;
also 2 acres of salt meadow, and 10 acres of timber land, on the
northeast corner of a tract of 150 acres, which was left me by my
father. Son, Jacob, the lands I bought of Amos Donham, Jacob
Laing, and Alexander Thomson, and Henry and David Faurot. Son,
Jacob, £100 when 21. Son, David, the said 150 acres left me by my
father, except the 10 acres given to John, and 15 acres, which I will
give to son, Joseph. Son, David, £100, when 21. Son, Abraham, land
joining the heirs of James Martin, which belonged to my father, ex-
cept 6 acres that I bought. Son, Isaac, land joining Samuel Randal
and others. Son, Joseph, tract I bought of George Parker and the



said 6 acres. Daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Pound, £180.
Daughter, Mary Laing, £250, when 18. Daughters, Sarah Laing and
Susannah Laing, £250 each. Executors — my wife, my son, John, and
my friend, John Webster. Witnesses — John Daniel, Benjamin Van
Vocter, Daniel Barto. Proved April 21, 1768.

1768, April 22. Inventory, £161.9.4, made by Joseph F. Randolph
and Jacob Laing. (Inventory contains many names). Lib. I, p. 277.

1761, Feb. 7. Lake, Mary, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r — Abel
Lee. Fellowbondsman — Edward Doughty, Jr., both of said Co.

1761, Jan. 9. "Great Egg Harbor." Inventory, £79.19,5%, made
by Amos Ireland and Edward Doughty, Jr. Lib. 10. p. 172.

1755, Feb. 11. Lake, Thomas, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Son, Thomas, 100 acres where he lives, being the east end
of land which I bought of Thomas Gordon. Son, Garrat, 100 acres on
the west side. Wife, Jane, the tract where I live, while my widow.
Son, John, land where I live, which I bought of Adam Aller, after
wife's marriage or death. Daughter, Winefreat Hull, £15. Daugh-
ter, Sarah Bets, £15. Daughter, Cathrine Sutphin, £15. Daughter,
Ann Aller, £15. Daughter, Ellen Lake, £15. Granddaughter, Jane
Hull, a "wheal," and cow, when 18. Executors — sons, Garrat and
John. Witnesses — William Line, Humphrey Hughes, Nichlass
Zayn(?). Proved Oct. 19, 1765.

1765, Oct. 17. Inventory, £63.12.8, made by Jonathan Higgins and
Richard Rounsavall. Lib. 12, p. 393.

1761, March 22. Lamb, Jacob, of Evesham, Burlington Co.; will of.
Wife, Lydia, £60; also food and furniture and £20 yearly. To my
daughter Margaret Antram, land in Mount Holly that I bought of
Mary West. Daughters, Ann, wife of Abraham Leeds, Margaret An-
tram and Sarah Lamb, a cedar swamp. Daughter, Sarah Lamb,
£150, when 18. Son, Jacob, £150, when 21; also rest of lands. Execu-
tors — brother, Joseph Lamb, and my friend, Joshua Ballinger. Wit-
nesses — Margaret Haines, Isaac Evens, Thomas Haines, Jr. Proved
April 8, 1761.

1761, April 3. Inventory, £2,122.13.3, made by William Evens, Isaac
Evens, James Cattell. Lib. 10, p. 335.

1770, March 28. Account by Joseph Lamb, the surviving Executor.

Lib. 15, p. 14.

1761, Jnne 1. Lamberson, James, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'r —
Simon Lamberson, brother to James. Fellowbondsman — Cornelius
Lamberson; both of said Co.

1761, June 1. Renunciation by Sarah Lamberson, the widow, in
favor of Simon Lamberson.

1761, June 2. Inventory, made by William Rose and Cornelius

Lamberson. Lib. G, p. 387.

1763, March 19. Lambert, Gershom, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Sarah, my household goods and use of £200, and the
privilege in the house, on my lot in Kingwood, with my father. My
father to have the privilege as above said, and £200. Son, John, a
colt. Farm where I live to be sold. Youngest son, Gershom, house
and lot in Kingwood. To two daughters, £100 each, when 18. Eldest
son, John, £10. Rest to my sons, John and Joseph. Executors —


friends, John Embley and "Cozin," Abraham Larew. Witnesses —
Caleb Farlee, William Gano. Proved April 23, 1763.

1763, April 21. Renunciation by John Emley. Also by Abraham
Larew. Witnesses — John Barber and Joseph Higgens.

1763, April 23. Adm'rs — Sarah Lambert and Jeremiah Lambert;
both of Amwell. Fellowbondsman — Joseph Higgins, of said place.

1763, April 22. Inventory, £421.17.1, made by Joseph Higgens and
John Barber.

1764, Dec, 6. Account by both Adm'rs. Includes "Paid Thomas
Inyerd, for nursing smallpox." Lib. 11, p. 419.

1763, Feb. 4. Lambert, John, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman;
will of. Sons, John, Gershom and Jeremiah, plantation where I live.
Wife, Mary, £80 and various goods. Four youngest daughters to
have money. Executors — my brother, Gershom Lambert, and Jere-
miah Lambert. Witnesses — Thomas Sutton, Samuel Furman. Proved
March 29, 1763.

1763, March 21. Inventory, £199.17.7, made by Joseph Higgens and
"William Gano. Lib. 11, p. 310.

1764, Nov. 29. Lambert, John, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary, bed and furniture. Rest of real and personal to
be sold, except what belongs to my daughter, Anner. Wife, Mary,
the Vs of the whole of my estate during her widowhood, and she is
to bring up my two youngest children, Jeremiah and Mary, till my
son, Jeremy, is fit to put to a trade. Son, Joseph, £20. Son, Daniel,
to have the lot, which he now has. Rest to my children in general.
Executors — sons, Daniel and Joseph. Witnesses — John Fidler, Tim-
othy Titus, Noah Hart. Proved Jan. 3, 1765.

1764, Dec. 27. Inventory, £217.12.6, made by John Titus and Tim-
othy Smith.

1766, June 2. Account by Executors. Lib. 12, p. 132.

1761, June 19. Lambson, Sarah, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., widow.
Int. Adm'r — Solomon Alman. Fellowbondsmen — John Gilljohnson,
and Sinnick Sinnickson; all of said place; yeomen.

1761, May 29. Inventory, £117.14.7, made by John Phillpott and
Henry Peterson. Lib. 10, p. 437.

1761, March 11. Lander, William, Jr., of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co.
Int. Adm'r — Henry Lander. Fellowbondsman — John Parke; both of
said place. Witness — Mary Smith.

1761, March 9. Inventory, £20.1.1, made by Jonathan Robins and
John Parke. Includes "Book account of William Lander, Sr.," and
"Money in hands of John Lander." Lib. 10, p. 460.

1760, Sept. 11. Lane, Abraham, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Wife,
Hannah, £5, and some furniture. Son, Abraham, £100. Real estate
to be sold. Daughters, Rebecca and Hannah, to have as much as the
other daughters had at marriage. Wife to have use of estate to
support children, and, after her death, the residue to my children,
viz., Mary, wife of Aaron "Van Sickle; Jane, wife of Samuel Osborn;
Lucretia, wife of Arie Lane; Rebecca, Hannah and Abraham. Ex-
ecutors — wife, brother, Gysbert Lane, and Bernardus Lagrange. Wit-
nesses — Evert Duyckinck, Henry Kip, Andres Ten Eick. Proved Oct.
3, 1761. Lib. H, p. 80.


1762, April 28. Lane, Coirnellns, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.
Int. Adm'r — Cornelius Lane, the eldest son, of said Co. Fellow-
bondsman — George Reading, of Hunterdon Co.

1762, March 5. Inventory, £193.6.10, made by Ebenezer Wordel and
Job Cook. Lib. H, p. 78.

1762, Sept. 9. Lane, Gisbert, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Son, Arie, the south V2 of my plantation, and to son, William, the
north half. Daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth, £400. Wife, Hannah,
to be provided for by the sons. Executors — my wife and sons, Arie
and William. Witnesses — Peter Dumont, Peter Vroom, Barnard La-
grange. Proved April 12, 1763.

1763, April 21. Inventory, £759.18.9, made by Peter Vroom, John
Vroom and Peter Dumont. Lib. H, p. 227.

1762, Dec. 27. Lane, Henry, of Paramus, Bergen Co., merchant;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, V3 my estate. Son, William, % my estate.
Daughter, Gesie Lena, %my estate. If both children die, then my
estate to be to my w^ife, Elizabeth, and her mother, Gesie Lena
Rousby. All my real in Bergen Co., and in City or Co. of New York,
to be sold. Executors — my wife and William Rousby, merchant in
New York. Witnesses — David Ackerman, Samuel Ackerman, Hen-
drick Oldis and Anne Baldwin. Proved Jan. 29, 1763. Lib. H, p. 366.

1738, Nov. 1. Lane, Jacob, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will of.
Son, Jacob, £5. Son, Matthias, all my lands and my goods, he paying
all the legacies to son, Jacob, and daughters, Helena, Jane, Arajantie,
and Elizabeth. To daughter, Helena Amack, £40. Daughter, Jane
Van Cleef, £40. Daughter, Arajantie Golden, £40. Daughter, Eliza-
beth Van Matren, £40. Executors — son, Matthias, and my brother-
in-law, Derick Barkalow. Witnesses — Ann Henderson, Rachel Mitchel,
John Henderson. Proved Feb. 16, 1762, by Rachel Mitchel, alias

1762, Feb. 16. Inventory, £43.12.6, made by Isaac Sutphen, Derik
Sutphen, Jr., and John Henderson. Lib. H, p. 82.

1768, March 11. Langbog, Paul, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'r — Jacob
Freas. Inventory £100.14.6. Lib. 13, p. 335.

1763, April 29. Langevelt, Christina, of Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'r
— Boston Myers, of Bethlehem, said Co. Fellowbondsman — Nicholas
Tilman, of Amwell, said Co. The said Christina Langevelt was "late
Christina Lambert." Lib. 11, p. 338.

1770, Nov. 14. Langley, William, of Salem Co.; will of. My goods
are to be sold, and, after debts are paid, the rest to be divided be-
tween my wife and daughter, provided that my wife, Mary, will take
care of my daughter, Sarah, for one year, in sickness or health, as
she is destitute of a home. Executor — Edward Roberts. Witnesses
— John Gosling, Edward Roberts. Proved Nov. 24, 1770.

1770, Nov. 23. Inventory, £106.15.10, made by Charles Ellet and
James Parker. Lib. 15, p. 212.

1769, June 26. Langr.stalf, James, of Springfield, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, George my lands and £100. Daughter, Mary
Fox, £300. Daughters, Susannah Langstaff and Elizabeth Langstaff,


each a bed, and they to have the remainder. Executor — son, George.
Witnesses — Jacob Merrit, John Woolman, Thomasin Merrit. Proved

Online LibraryNew Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc (Volume 4) → online text (page 29 of 73)