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1761, June 20. Inventory, £179.5.1 y2, made by George Briggs and
Samuel Harris.

1764, Sept. 26. Atkinson, Hope, of Northampton Twsp, Burlington
i;o., ward. Daughter of William Atkinson, of same place. Bond of
/incent Leeds, yeoman, of said place, as Guardian. Bondsman —
Daniel Ellis, Esq., of Burlington. Witness — Joseph Read, Surro-
gate. Lib. 12, p. 21.

1765, April 20. Atkinson, John, of Springfield, Burlington Co., yeo-
nan; will of. Wife, Susannah, my plantation of 50 acres, while my
vidow. Son, Moses, the said plantation, when wife's term expires.
5on, Samuel, £20. Son, James, £100. Daughter, Hannah Coppothite,
130. Daughters, Abigail Eldridge, Elizabeth Fenton and Patience
::;onrow, £30 each. Grandson, John Coppothite £2. Executors — two
)ldest sons, Samuel and James. Witnesses — John Woolman, Sarah
kVoolman, Hannah Ridgway. Proved Feb. 1, 1769.

1769, Jan. 24. Inventory, £164.11.2, made by Thomas Butcher and
5amuel Shinn. Lib. 14, p. 44.

1766, June 19. Atkinson, Jonatban, of Springfield Twsp., Burlington
;;o.; petition of, making choice of Samuel Wright, of New Hanover
rwsp., said Co. as his Guardian, till he is of full age. Said Jonathan
s son of Jonathan Atkinson of Springfield Twsp. File No. 7889 C.

1767, May 27. Atkinson, William, of Springfield, Burlington Co.,
.^eoman; will of. Son, William, the farm where I live, when he is
11, and he to pay to my daughter, Hannah, £25, and to his mother,
ElO yearly. Son, Adin, the land joining Edward Gaskill, when 21.
Daughter, Hannah, £25 when 18. Wife, the right of her dower, and
ise of lands till sons come 21. Executors — my wife and brother,
rohn Atkinson. Witnesses — Aaron Atkinson, Thomas Fenimore,
Shadlock Pancoast. Proved Nov. 14, 1767.

1767, Nov. 21. Inventory, £204.5.6, made by John Fenimore and
Shadlock Pancoast. Lib. 13, p. 250.

1763, Jan. 15. Austin, Amos, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeoman;
ivill of. Eldest son, Caleb, 5 shillings. Eldest daughter, Vestl
ilodgers, 5 shillings. Daughter, Mary Summers, 5 shillings. Son,
3eth, 5 shillings. Daughter, Patience Austin, 5 shillings. Daughter,
Esther, 5 shillings. Youngest son, Amos, goods. Executors — friends
ii'rancis Austin and Thomas Shinn. Witnesses — Daniel Earnest, Es-
;her Nailor, Thomas Parkinson. Proved Dec. 15, 1770.

1770, Dec. 3. Inventory, £142.1.2, made by Jacob Prickit and Isaac
Svans. Lib. 15, p. 96.

1764, Feb. 20. Austin, Moses, of Newton, Sussex Co., yeoman. Int.
\dm'rs — Susannah Austin and Moses Ayers. Fellowbondsman — Eph-
-aim Darby; all of said place.

1764, Feb. 17. Inventory, £267.14.6, made by Michael Ayers, and
Philip Hoffman. Lib. 12, p. 1.

1762, Mareh 30. Austin, William, of Evesham in Burlington Co.;
will of. My part of the saw mill, in tenure of Benjamin Thomas, to
be sold. Son, Jacob, 130 acres of my plantation I lately lived on, in


Evesham, and now in tenure of Daniel Earnest. Son, Francis, 70
acres of the east end. Daughter, Ann, £10, when 21. Daughter,
Hannah. £10, when 21. Children, Tamer, Ann, Francis, Hannah, to be
supported. Wife, Hannah, 75 acres of land. Executors — wife Han-
nah, and my friend Francis Austin. W^itnesses — John Tanner, Robert
Bishop, Thomas Parkinson. Proved July 23, 1762. Lib. 11, p. 172.

1762, July 22. Inventory, £155.6.4, made by Benjamin Haines and
Robert Bishop.

1775, June 1. Account of Francis Austin and Hannah Austin, Ex-
ecutors. Lib. 15, p. 533.

1703. July 25. Axford. Jonathan, of Waterford Twsp., Gloucester
Co., yeoman; will of. To James Axford (son of my eldest brother,
Charles Axford), five shillings. "To Charles Day, Charles Axford
(son of my said eldest brother Charles Axford), and my brother John
Axford's four sons, to wit, the eldest son named Samuel (to ye best
of my memory), the other three, John, Jonathan and Abraham Ax-
ford, all the residue. Executors — said Charles Axford (son of my
eldest brother, Charles) and Samuel Clement, Jr., of Haddenfield.
W'itnesses — Isaac Matlack, John Gill, Henry Crawford. Proved Sept.
15, 1763.

1763, Sept. 9. Inventory, £286.1.0, made by John Gill and Isaac
Kay. Lib. 11, p. 408.

1769. Aug. 17. Ayars, Borgan, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'x — Susanna Ayars, widow. Fellowbondsmen — Henry Paul-
lin and George Gauger, yeomen; all of said place.

1769, July 4. Inventory, £185.16.7, made by John Mayhew and Jacob
Richman. Lib. 14, p. 112.

1761, June 5. Ayars, Isaac, of Cumberland Co. Int. Adm'x — Jane
Ayars. Fellowbondsman — Jonathan Davis; both of Stow Creek, said
Co. Witnesses — Azel Peirson and Abigail Ewing.

1761, June 5. Inventory, £260.18.3, made by Jonathan Davis and
Azel Peirson. Lib. 10, p. 438.

1766. June 3. Ayars, Isaac, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x — Jane Ayars,
widow. Fellowbondsman — Nathan Ayars, yeoman; both of New Piles-
grove, said Co.

1766, June 2. Inventory, £5.8.0, made by Nathan Ayars and John
Kelley. Lib. 12, u. 318.

1762, Not, — . Ayars. Xathan, of Stow Creek, Cumberland Co.. car-
penter; will of. My wife, Elizabeth, my plantation where I live,
while my widow, and then to my son, Nathan. To sons, Micajah,
Elijah and Azariah, 500 acres in Salem Co. Executors — my wife and
Jonathan Ayars. Witnesses — Joseph Ayars, Jonathan Davis, Isaac
Ayars, Jr. Likewise, my daughter, Ruth, is to have £40, and daugh-
ter Phebe, £10. Proved March 13, 1769.

1769, March 7. Inventory, £217.4.3, made by Elnathan Davis, and
Hugh Dunn. Lib. 13, p. 503.

1770, Ang. 29. Ayars, Stephen, of Upper Penns Neck, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Hester, all she had when I married her.
Eldest son, Surrage, to be put to a trade. Daughter, Liddey, to be
bound to a tayloress. Son, Caleb, to be put to a trade. My younger
daughter, Elizabeth, shall be in care of my wife till she is 18. Chil-


dren to have estate when of age. Executors — my wife and friend,
Isaac Summers. Witnesses — Christopher Graff, Poltis Risnar and
John Gill. Proved Sept. 24, 1770.

1770, Sept. 7. Inventory, £321, made by Thomas Pedrick and Chris-
topher Graff.

1775, May 23. Account by Esther Guest, late Esther Ayars, Ex-
ecutrix. Lib. 15, pp. 239, 534.

1767, March 28. Ayers, Martin, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co.
Int. Adm'r — James Carpenter, yeoman, brother-in-law of said Mar-
tin Ayres. Fellowbondsman — Samuel Woodruff; both of said place.
Witnesses — Daniel W^ade and Samuel Woodruff, 4th.

1767, March 28. Renunciation of Hannah Ayers, the widow of
said Martin, in favor of her brother, James Carpenter. Witness —
Sarah Potter.

1767, March 30. Inventory, £205.3.2, made by John Ogden and John
Lum. Lib. I, p. 131.

1770, Oct. 5. Bacon, Daniel, of Stow Creek, Cumberland Co. Int.
Adm'r — Benjamin Green. Fellowbondsman — Clark Smith; both of
Lower AUoways Creek, Salem Co., yeomen. Lib. 15, p. 74.

1763, Feb. 1. Bacon, Isaac, of Greenwich Twsp., Cumberland Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, one third of moveables. Son, Abel,
rest of personal and real, when 21; he to be kept at school till 15,
and then to be bound as clerk to George Trenchard, Esq., till he is
20. If Abel die before 20, then I give to my nephew, John Shephard,
£100. Executor — brother, Obediah Robbins, Esq. "Witnesses — Na-
thaniel Bacon, John Ware, Maskell Ewing. Proved March 25, 1763.

1763, March 10. Inventory, £661.11.7, made by Philip Dennis and
Charles Davis. Lib. 11, p. 403.

1764, Jan. 16. Bacon, Jeremiah, of Greenwich, Cumberland Co.
Int. Adm'x — Hannah Bacon, widow. Fellowbondsmen — David Shep-
herd and Seth Bowen, yeomen; all of said place. Witness — Phebe

1764, Jan. 12. Inventory, £177.18.11, made by David Shepherd and
Seth Bowen. Lib. 11, p. 495.

1768, Jan. 16. Bacon, Jeremiah, of Stow Creek Twsp., Cumberland
Co.; will of. Plantation where I live to be sold. Wife, Rachel, £100.
Son, Shepherd, £150. Four daughters — Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and
Liddea, £100. Executors — my brother in law, John Ewing, and my
wife. W'itnesses — John Shepherd, Reuben Dare, Ozwell Sutton.
Proved Feb. 12, 1768.

1768, Feb. 4. Inventory, £185.13.11, made by Annanias Sayre, and
John Shepherd. Lib. 13, p. 323.

1769, Jan. 21. Bacon, Margaret, of Greenwich Twsp., Cumberland
Co.; will of. Son, Joseph Bacon, £10. Son, Richard Bacon, £7 and ^
acre of land. Son, Jesse Bacon, £10. Daughter, Deborah Bacon, 4
acres of land, and 3 acres in the Barrons above Greenwich. Daugh-
ters, Esther, Margaret, Prudence and Elizabeth, the rest of my lands.
Executors — son, Joseph Bacon. Witnesses — Prudence Dennis, Sarah
Dennis, Philip Dennis. Proved March 21, 1769.

1769, March 20. Inventory, £110.8.9, made by Benjamin Tyler and
Philip Dennis. Lib. 14, p. 18.


ir»4, Jan, 17. Bacon, Mary, of Greenwich, Cumberland Co., widow;
will of. Youngest son, Nathan, £10. Eldest daughter, Rachel Rob-
bins, 20 shillings. Daughter, Anne Ware, 20 shillings. Granddaugh-
ter, Mary Sayres, £8. Eldest son, Jacob Bacon, rest of estate. Ex-
ecutor — son, Jacob. Witnesses — William Bacon, Tabitha Bacon,
Rachel Hodges. Proved April 20, 1764.

1764, April 16. Inventory, £162.5.6, made by Jonathan Walling and
IClnathan Ware. Lib. 12, p. 6.

1770, Feb. ». Bacon. ThomaK, of Pilesgrove Twsp., Salem Co., yeo-
man; will of. Daughter, Mary Hutchason, my homestead, and the
house and land over Oldmans Creek, of 357 acres, but if she should
marry again, then she shall have it no longer; and she is to have
the cedar swamp in Gloucester Co., while she is in the same condi-
tion; after her death or marriage my grandsons, Thomas Hutcha-
son and John Hutchason, to have the same. If Thomas Hutchason
should come back and live with his wife again, who is my daugh-
ter, then care to be used that he have no control of said property
that is left to my daughter Mary. I give to Jeremiah Bacon, living
in Penna., by some said to be my son, 5 shillings. My friend, Samuel
Hogate, is to see that my daughter's husband does not spend her
portion. Executors — my daughter, Mary Hutchinson, and my grand-
son, Thomas Hutchinson. W'itnesses — John Hutchinson, Samuel
Shivers, Jacob Richman. Proved April 23, 1770.

1770, Feb. 21. Inventory, £167,15.1, made by Jacob Spicer and Sam-
uel Shivers. Lib. 14, p. 259.

. . Bailey, Nathaniel, of Monmouth Co.; will of.

Wife, Hannah, all my estate, and she to pay my debts by the assist-
ance of my oldest son, Nathaniel, and youngest son, John. I give to
my said sons all my carpenter tools. Executors — my wife and said
sons. Witnesses — Daniel Stevenson, Isaac Mires. Proved Oct. 17,

1768, Oct. 27. Inventory, £140.4.4, made by John Walling and Jo-
seph Dorsett, Sr. Lib. K, p. 18.

1768, Nov. 3. Baily, Hannah, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r — Jo-
seph Baily. Fellowbondsman — Nathaniel Baily and Joseph Dor-
sett, Sr., all of said Co. Witnesses — John Taylor and William Tay-
lor. Lib. I, p. 364.

1763, Jnly 17. Bainbrldgre, Edmund, the elder, of Maidenhead, Hun-
terdon Co.; will of. I desire my grave to be beside those of my
children, and I order a tomb to be erected, and, at the death of my
wife, I order one for her. Wife, Abigail, £15 yearly, and she to
board with my son Absalom. Son, John, £100. Son, Peter, £100.
Son, Edmund, £100. Daughter, Abigail, £50. Granddaughters, Sarah,
and Catharine Hall. Daughter, Sarah, £60. Grand children — Francis,
Sarah and Catharine Hall. To my grandsons, Edmund, the son of
John; Edmund, the son of Peter, and Edmund, the son of Edmund,
£10 each. Son, Absalom, rest of goods, and my lands, when 21; but,
if he die, then his share to go to my children — John, Peter, Edmund,
Abigail and Sarah. Executors — my wife and son, Absalom. Wit-
nesses — Joseph Higbee, Abraham Hunt, Joseph Reed, Jr. Proved
April 16, 1770. Lib. 14, p. 293.


1760, July 16. Bainbridge, John, Sr., of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, Vs the profits of the plantation where
I live, including both sides the creek, and also, various goods, and
stock on farm. Eldest son, John, £5. Second son, Theophilus, all
my land and plantation whereon I live, on both sides of the creek,
and any otherways possessed, except 110 acres, as hereafter des-
cribed; he paying to my son John, as above, and other legacies.
Third son, Edmund, the said 110 acres, which is on the west side of
Jacobs Creek, and now in possession of my eldest son, John. Fourth
son, William, £40. To my three eldest daughters, Hannah, Mary and
Rebeckah, rest of moveable estate. Fourth daughter, Sarah, £30,
when 18. Fifth daughter, Abigail, £50. Executors — wife, Mary, and
my two sons, Theophilus, and Edmund. Witnesses — Rebeckah Bur-
rowes, Martha Ellis, Josiah Ellis.

1761, May 9. Codicil. My son, Edmund, is dead, so my son, Wil-
liam, to have the land on the west side of Jacobs Creek, and the
rest of said 110 acres I give to son Theophilus. Witnesses — Rebecca
Burrowes, Josiah Ellis, Martha Ellis. Proved March 5, 1765.

Lib. 12, p. 146.

1764, June 13. Baird, Alexander, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r —
William Baird. Fellowbondsman — Lucas Voorhees; both of said Co.

1764, July 2. Inventory, £117.2.6, made by Adriaen Bennet and
Henry Crusee. Lib. 12, p. 16.

176.% Sept. 25. Baird, Margaret, of Tewksbury, Hunterdon Co.;
widow of William Baird; will of. Grandson, George O'Harrah, 10
shillings, when 21. Grandson, James O'Harah, £20. My daughter,
Margaret Jennings, rest of personal and real. Executors — Isaiah
Jennings and Margaret Jennings. Witnesses — Richard Porter, John
Welsh, George Williams. Proved Jan. 2, 1764.

1763, Dec. 15. Inventory, £300.14.0, made by, Richard Porter and
Andrew Schandler. Lib. 11, p. 522.

1765, Feb. 17. Baird, Richard, of Readings town, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, as many household goods as she may want.
Rest of personal and real estate to be sold and the money divided
between my wife, and my two sons, William and John, and my daugh-
ter, Elizabeth, to have Vz as much. Sons are not 12 years of age.
Executors — my wife and my father-in-law, John Ross. Witnesses —
Richard Porter, Peter Covenhoven, William Porter. Proved March
20, 1765.

1765, March 9. Inventory, £394.10.6, made by Aaron Lane and Peter

1768, June 24. Account, by John Rose, executor.

Lib. 12, p. 136; Lib. 13, p. 440.

1754, March 5. Baker, Daniel, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. My eldest daughter, Ann Chapman, £15. My
youngest daughter, Agnis Tomson, £15. Real estate to be sold, and %
the money to be given to the children of my daughter, Ann Chap-
man, and the other V2 to the children of my daughter, Agnis Tom-
son. Executors — son-in-law, John Tomson, and friend, Jonathan
Combs. Witnessses — Simon Van Dike, Peter Gulick, John Van Dike
(son of Simon). Proved April 6, 1764. Lib. H, p. 417.


1764, Nov, 23. Baker, Daniel, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'x — Susan-
nah Baker, the widow, of said Co. Fellowbondsman — Thomas Baker,
of Essex Co. Lib. H, p. 375.

1T63, April 18. Baker, Josepb, of Bridgetown, Burlington Co.; will
of. Wife, Rachel, one half of the profits of house and lot where I
live, and the other 1/2 to my daughter, Hannah. Son, John, the per-
sonal estate. Witnesses — George Kemble, Nathan Albertson, Jm Mu-

1762, April 18. Codicil. Executors to be my wife, Rachel, and her
father, Thomas Kimble. Witnesses — same as above.

1762, July 5. Adm'x — Rachel Baker. Lib. 11, p. 226.

1762, July 5. Baker, Joseph, of Northampton, Burlington Co. Int.
Adm'x — Rachel Baker. Fellowbondsman — Samuel Kemble; both of
said place. Witness — Samuel Allinson.

1762, May 17. Inventory, £97.17.9, made by Henry Knight and
Daniel Jones, Jr.

1767, Sept. 2. Account, made by Rachel Jewell, late Rachel Baker,
Adm'x. Lib. 11, p. 226.

1766, June 7. Baker, Thomas, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., hus-
bandman. Int. Adm'r — Adam Sharp. Fellowbondsman — Isaiah Da-
venport; both of said place. Witness — Sarah Howell.

1765, Dec. 26. Inventory, £20.5.10%, made by Isaiah Davenport and
? Lib. 12, p. 381.

1764, May 12. Bald^vln, Aaron, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of.
Wife, Dorcas, real and personal while my widow. All my lands to
my sons, when the younger comes to age. Eldest son's part to re-
main in hands of his mother till his brothers are of age; then they
to take it and care for him, as long as they shall live. To each
of my eldest daughters, £16. Executors — my wife, Dorcas, and Eli-
jah Baldwin. Witnesses — Lewis Nichols, John Crane, Obadiah Bruen.
Proved May 23, 1764.

1764, June 7. Inventory, £130.5.0, made by John Crane and Nehe-
miah Baldwin. Lib. H, p. 440.

1763, June 3. Baldwin, Elihn, of Mendham, Morris Co. Int. Adm'r
— John Cary, of said place, carpenter. Fellowbondsman — Jephthah
Byram, of Newton, Sussex Co., yeoman. Witness — William Hynd-
man. Lib. 11, p. 475.

, . Baldivin, Elijah, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of.

Wife, Elizabeth, £100. Sons, Nathaniel and Elias, my house and home
lot. To my other sons, Cornelius, Luther, Zachaes and Jonathan,
and the child of which my wife is pregnant, if a son, all my other
lands, but, if it be a girl, then to Cornelius, Luther, Zachaus, and
Jonathan, and they to pay to her £100. Daughters, Phebe, and Han-
nah, £100 each. (Hannah not yet 18). Wife to have use of all estate
till the children are of age. fexecutors — my wife, Elizabeth, my
brother, Ebenezer Baldwin, and my sons, Nathaniel and Elias. Wit-
nesses — Isaac Baldwin, Samuel Curry, William Burnet. Proved June
4, 1766. Lib. I, p. 12.


1770, Au?. 26. Baldwin, Joseph, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, to be provided for by son Nathaniel.
To son, Nathaniel, rest of personal and real, and he is to provide for
his two sisters, Elizabeth and Jemima, till they are 18, and then give
my daughter, Elizabeth, £50, and Jemima like sum. Executors — my
wife and son, Nathaniel. Witnesses — William Bainbridge, Foster
Burrowes, Josiah Ellis. Proved Oct. 15, 1770. Lib. 14, p. 336.

1765. Nov. 28. Bald^vln, Nehemlah, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of.
Wife, Mary, use of real and personal, until my son Joel is 21, and
then V3 of the same. Son, Isaac, £30, when 21. Sons, Samuel, £230,
who is to be sent to college. To sons, Isaac, Joel, Jesse and Caleb,
all my lands. Daughter, Eunice Baldwin, £80. Daughters, Mary,
Sarah and Phebe, £60 when 18. After my wife's death the remainder
to my children, Isaac, Joel, Samuel, Jesse, Caleb, Hannah, Eunice,
Mary, Sarah and Phebe. Executors — my wife, my brother Stephen
Baldwin, Elijah Baldwin, Thomas Brown and Ebenezer Baldw^in.
Witnesses — Joseph Riggs, W^illiam Burnet, David Ogden. Proved
Dec. 27, 1765.

1767. . Inventory, £238.8.7%, made by Stephen Baldwin,

Ebenezer Baldwin and Thomas Brown.

1769, Oct. 5. Account made by Executors. Paid Unice Brown, her
legacy, whose husband is Daniel Brown. (She being a daughter of
testator.) Lib. I, p. 10.

1764, March 17. Baldwin, Samuel, of Morristown, Morris Co.; will
of. Wife, Elizabeth, £40. Also £40, to my son Samuel. Boyce Prud-
den, my son-in-law, £8. Remainder to my wife, son and daughter.
Executors — Silas Halsey, of Morristown, and Nehemiah Baldwin, of
Newark. Witnesses — Ezekiel Cheever, Jonas Goble, Susannah Hayes.
Proved April 23, 1764. Lib. H, p. 431.

1764, July 16. Baldviine, Jonas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., doc-
tor; will of. Moveables and lands to be sold. Wife, Mary, to have
all, except, £70 which I give to children of my father-in-law, Na-
thaniel Fltz Randolph, viz., Robert, Thomas, Nathaniel, Catrine,
Margaret, Elizabeth and Edward. Executors — wife, Mary, Eseck Pitz
Randolph, and Joseph Shotwell. Witnesses — Cowperthwaite Cop-
land, Mary Bunn, John Lovce. Proved July 30, 1764. Lib. H, p. 451.

1767, Aui!r. 3. Baley, Thomas, of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.;
will of. Wife, Phebe Baley, her thirds and the wench, Dinah, till son,
Thomas, is of age. Son, John, negro boy, Zeb. To sons, John, Thad-
deus. Squire, Samuel and Thomas, all my lands. Daughters, Mary
and Esther, each £10. Daughters, Phebe, Deborah and Nancy, each
£40. Executors — Isaac Woodruff and Jonathan J. Dayton, who are
to pay the children when they come of age. Witnesses — Nathaniel
Sturgis, Samuel Durand, Stephen Bedford. Proved Oct. 1, 1768.

Lib. K, p. 34.

1764, Sept. 18. Ball, Ezra, of Knowlton, Sussex Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'r — Isaiah Ball, Fellowbondsman — William Rush; both of
said place, yeomen.

1764, Sept. 17. Inventory, £6.12.10, made by William Rush and
Richard Manning. Isaiah Ball and Zopher Ball are surviving part-
ners of Ezra Ball, deceased. Lib. 12, p. 233.


1768, April 18. Ball, John, Jr., of Hanover Twsp., Morris Co., will of.
Wife, Bettey, the use of my house and home lot, given to me by
deed from my father, and other lands. Son, Ephraim, horse and
saddle. Daughter, Jemime, £20. Sons, Ephraim and Moses, 6 acres
which I bought of Henry Burnet. Son, John, my home lot. Daugh-
ters, Abigail and Luce, £20 each when 18. Executors — wife, Bettey,
and brother, Samuel Ball. Witnesses — John Ball, Enoch Beach, Wil-
liam Broadwell. Proved Jan. 19, 1769. Lib. K, p. 61.

1770, March 8. Ball, John, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., painter;
will of. To my wife, £10 and use of real and personal, while my
widow. Children, William, John and Mary Ball, to have the use of
the remainder for their keep and schooling, as my executors think
propr, and, when they are 21, are to have the principal. Executors
— my wife. Tamer, and Edward Thomas. Witnesses — Broughton
Reynolds, Stephen Potter, Enoch Scudder. Proved April 10, 1770.

Lib. K, p. 201.

1763, March 18. Ball, Samuel, of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x — Sarah Ball, the widow. Fellowbondsmen — Eleazer Baldwin
and Phinehas Baldwin; all of Newark.

1763, June 21. Inventory, £295.17.8, made by Nathaniel Farrand and
Caleb Wheler. Lib H, p. 356.

1761, Feb. 16. Ballard, Joseph, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'r —
William Imlay, of Bordentown, said Co., merchant. Fellowbonds-
man — William Potts, of said Co.

1761, Feb. 17. Inventory, £12.2.3, made by John Butler, Jr., and
Samuel Farnsworth. Lib. 10, p. 173.

1761, May 4, Ballin^r, Joshua, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Daughter, Charity, her own mother's bed, and £10.
Daughter, Martha, her mother's chest, when 18, and £15. Wife,
Naomi, household goods. Son, Thomas, land; and his younger
brothers, Zacheus and Enoch, £100 each, when 21. Executors — my
wife and friend, Josiah Prickett. Witnesses — Abraham Leeds, Agnes
Hewlings, Enoch Roberts. Proved June 22, 1761. Lib. 10, p. 208.

1761, June 15. Inventory, £417.0.11, made by James Cattell and
Isaac Evens.

1763, Feb. 25. Ballingrer, Thomas, of Evesham, Burlington Co.,
ward. Son of Joshua Ballinger of said place. Bond of Francis
Dudly, of said Co., husbandman, as Guardian. Fellowbondsman —
Daniel Ellis, of City and Co. of Burlington. Witness — Samuel Allin-
son. Lib. 11, p. 279.

1770, April 14. Baits, Jacob, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r — Reu-
ben Ludlam. Fellowbondsman — Silvanus Tounsend; both of same
Co. Witnesses — Eli Eldridge and John Phillips.

1770, April 24. Inventory, £171.4.10, made by Silvanus Tounsend and
Eli Eldredge..

1771, account by Adm'r. Includes "expenses on said estate by Hen-
ry Linn, one of the heirs to said estate, for trouble in proving heir-
ship. Power of Att'y," etc. Lib. 15, p. 72; Lib. 14, p. 409.

1761, March 19. Bancraft, David, of Cape May Co., blacksmith;
Will of. Wife, Abigail, % of moveable estate, and % of land dur-
ing life. Eldest son, David, my house and land when 21, he to pay


to his brother, Samuel £10 t?

into money and put to' interest ?or°Lr°7^'''^ ^^'^'^ *° ^^ t"^"^d
and Margaret Bancraft, and tJev to Z '"'' '°" ^^"^"^^ Bancrart

and daughter when 18. Son David ^ ^T''^^'' '^^ '"'' ^^en 21
brother. Ephraim. to have the use nfTv. °'' ^"'^ *°°^"' ^"t ">v
Ephraim to pay 40 shillfngs each vear t *'" ""^^"^ '^ ^1, and

take my son David at age of 16 velr. . T"" '^''^°^' ^^*^^»- an

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