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Oct. 17, 1769.

1769, Oct. 16. Inventory, £1,386.6.2, made by Thomas Budd and John
Goldy. File No. 8539 C.

1760, Aug. 26. Liangstaff, John, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary, use of all personal and real, while my widow. Grand-
son, John Lang-staff, son of John Langstaff, deceased, lands south
of Ambrose Brook, and % of new lots of salt meadow in Piscata-
way Salt meadows, the north half of the 5 acre lot, and the east end
of the other lot; and, if he die without issue, then the land south
of Ambrose Brook, to be divided between my son, Henry, and my
three daughters, Charlotte, Mary and Martha, and two granddaugh-
ters, Sarah and Priscilla, daughters of John Langstaff, deceased. The
said John Langstaff shall pay to his sister, Sarah Langstaff, £40, and
to his sister, Priscilla, Langstaff, £40. Son, Henry, i/^ of 2 lots of
salt meadow in Piscataway, the south end of 5-acre lot, and west
end of other lot. Grandsons, John and William Hopkins, sons of
my daughter, Sarah Hopkins, deceased, each £5. Executors — wife,
Mary, and son, Henry. Witnesses — David Conger, John Willson, Jr.,
John Arnold. Proved May 26, 1761. Lib. G, p. 434.

1770, March 15. Laquler, John, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.
Int. Adm'r — William Adams. Fellowbondsman — Joshua Corshon;
both of said place.

1770, March 19. Inventory, £101.9.1, made by Nathaniel Hunt, and
Joseph Leigh.

1770, June 24. Account by William Adams, Adm'r.

1772, Dec. 10. Samuel Stevenson appointed Adm'r to continue set-
tlement of estate. Fellowbondsman — Thomas Stevenson.

Lib. 14, p. 407; Lib. 15, p. 3.

1763, June 26. Larew, Daniel, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman;
will of. I give my estate to my wife, Margaret Larew, and my
children which are born, or likely to be born, as follows: The chil-
dren to be raised and educated out of the estate till my sons are 21,
and my daughters 18. Executors — my friends, William Williamson
and Abraham Laroe, both of Amwell. Witnesses — Moses Larowe,
David Larowe, William Williamson. Proved Aug. 11, 1762. (Testator
died June 27, 1762).

1762, July 31. Inventory, £218.13.0, made by J6hn Opdyck and Moses
Larowe. Lib. 11, p. 358.

1767, Aug. 4. Large, Elizabeth, of Kingwood Twsp., Hunterdon
Co.; will of. All my estate to be sold, except one case of drawers,
which I give to Rebecca Kester. To my sister, Rebecca Pritt, £10.
To Elizabeth Myers, daughter of William Myers, and to Elizabeth
Price, daughter of my sister, Ann Price, to each £5. Sons-in-law,
Jacob Large and Robert Large, the rest of my estate. Executors —
said Jacob Large and Robert Large. Witnesses — John Emley, Amie
Stockton, Samuel Webster. Proved Oct. 21, 1767.

1767, Aug. 31. Inventory, £108.14.0, made by Samuel Webster and
John Emley.


1787, March 24. Account by Samuel Kester, surviving Elxecutor of
Robert Large, who was acting Executor of Elizabeth Large. Cash
paid to Elizabeth Large, John Sherrard, Robert Large, Jr., W. Myers,
Elizabeth Stevenson, Jr., John Stockton, Thompson Price, Solomon
Mott, Jacob Large, Rebecca Pritt (legacy of £10), Elizabeth Bivan
(legacy of £5), and others.

1790, Nov. 11. A further account of Samuel Kester. Paid Elizabeth
Myers' legacy in full, by her order, in favor of William Paxton.

Lib. 13, p. 268.

1765, May SO. Larg^e, Samnel, of Kingwood Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Eldest son, Jacob Large, 10 shillings. Son, Robert,
£4. I have given to my two sons, Jacob and Robert, deeds for all
my lands. Wife, Elizabeth, all the residue. Executrix — my wife.
Witnesses — Mary Emley, Rebecca Pritty, Robert Emley. Proved
July 26, 1765.

1765, July 6. Inventory, £220.1.7, made by James Willson and
Robert Emley. Lib. 12, p. 212.

1760, April 29. Laroe, Samuel, of Romapogh in Bergen Co.; will of.
Son, Jacobus, 10 acres of land for his birthright, and % of the planta-
tion where I live. Daughter, Waybrough, % of plantation where she
lives. Daughter, Mary, % of plantation where she lives. Son,
Jacobus, and my daughter, Mary, each y^ of the new mill. Executors
— my son. Jacobus, and my sons-in-law, John Bertolf and Jacob Kogh.
Witnesses — Lambartus Laroe, Jacobus Laroe and John Myer. Proved
Oct. 9, 1761. Lib. H, p. 67.

1766, Oct. 3. Lashells, Ralph, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'x — Anne
Lashells, widow of said Ralph. Fellowbondsman — Lewis Forman, of
Monmouth Co.

1766, Oct. 7. Inventory, made by Coonradt Hendricks and Lasyor
Morrell. Lib. I, p. 6.

1766, March 12. Lav»'rence, Daniel, of Lower Precinct of Cape May
Co., clerk; w^ill of. Daughter, Nancy Lawrence, all the cloth that
was her mother's. Son, Benjamin, books. Son, Daniel, 16 acres of
land joining Daniel Hand on the west, Elijah Hughes on the south
and southwest. Wife, Sarah; and my children, Nancy Lawrence,
Benjamin Lawrence, Deborah Lawrence and Daniel Lawrence, my
household goods and 2 negros. Executors — my wife and my friends,
Rev. Andrew Hunter, Rev. William Ramsey, James Whilldin, Esq.
and Thomas Hand. Witnesses — Henry Stevens, Mary Hughes, Elenor
Whilldin, and Elijah Hughes.

1766, March 17. Codicil. Proved Dec. 8, 1766. (Sarah Lawrence
qualified as Executrix, same date; and Andrew Hunter, as Executor,
Nov. 12, 1772).

1766, July 23. Inventory, £455.14.10, made by John Eldredge and
Henry Hand.

1775, Oct. 9. Account by Amy Hunter, Executrix to Rev. Andrew
Hunter, one of the Executors of Rev. Daniel Lawrence. Includes
"To keeping 4 small children for 2 years, £39.1.10."

Lib. 12, p. 338; Lib. 15, p. 547.

1762, Jan. 24. Lavrrence, John, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co.;
will of. Being aged. Wife, Susannah, use of real and personal
estate. Daughters, Elizabeth Whitehead, Hannah Roberts and Ame


Black, all my land in said Borough, after my wife's death. Grand-
son, Samuel Lawrence, land near the Red Root in Middlesex Co., of
10 acres, which I hold by virtue of a mortgage from John Eastwood.
Grandson, John Lawrence (who is now beyond the sea), my gold
buttons, provided he return home within one year after the present
war is ended. Granddaughter, Susannah Lawrence, bed, spoons, etc.
My wife's daughter, Grace Tharp, £10. My wife's granddaughter,
Sarah Tharp, £10. My grandson, Samuel Lawrence, £10. My grand-
son, Thomas Lawrence, £2. My granddaughter, Rachel Lawrence, £5.
Rest of my personal estate to my three daughters and grandchildren
by my son, William, deceased. Executors — friends, Amos Morss and
Abraham Clark, Jr. Witnesses — Joseph Bird, Richard Nicholas, David
Hetfield. Proved Nov. 11, 1766. Lib. I, p. 16.

1767, Jan. 16. Lawrence, John, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. My wife, Hannah, £200. Son, Benjamin, cedar swamp
in Cumberland, East New Jersey, and land in Crosswicks. Fifty acres
at south end of plantation where I live to be sold. Son, Jacob, the
rest of plantation. Daughters, Elizabeth Imley, Amey Harbert and
Deborah Vandike, the rest. Executors — wife, Hannah, and sons, Ben-
jamin and Jacob. Witnesses — Amos Middleton, Abel Middleton, Ben-
jamin David. Proved April 15, 1767.

1767, April 9. Inventory, £606.0.5, made by William Miller and
Abel Middleton. Lib. 13, p. 68.

1764, March 15. L,awrence, Jonathan, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co.
Int. Adm'x — Abigail Lawrence. Inventory, £860.18.0. Lib. 12, p. 5.

1766, June 25. I

Online LibraryNew Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc (Volume 4) → online text (page 30 of 73)