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1764, Jan. 7. Inventory, £400, made by Johannis Demarest and
Peter Zabriskie. 616 B.

1764, March 15. Lorance, Jonathan, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co.
Int. Adm'x — Abigail Lorance. Fellowbondsmen — David Ogden and
Nathaniel Ogden; all of said place. Witnesses — Joseph Ogden and
James Ray.

1764, March 9. Inventory, £860.18.0, made by Joseph Ogden and
James Ray. Lib. 12, p. 5.

1766, Oct. 6. Lord, Joseph, of Morris River, Cumberland Co., yeo-
man; will of. Son, Nathaniel Lord, 10 shillings. Daughter, Catharine
Westcoate, 10 shillings. Daughter, Flowrandor Corson, 10 shillings.
Wife, Mary, % the personal estate. Son, George, £40, when 21. Sons,
Joseph and Absolam, and daughters, Hannah and Mary, rest of estate,
when they are of age. Executors — wife, Mary, and my son, George.
Overseer — friend, Abraham Jones, Esq., of Morris River. Witnesses —
William McGlaughlin, Thomas Daniels, Jussta Lock. Proved Feb. 25,

1767, Feb. 20. Inventory, £184.10.1, made by Thomas Daniels and
Joseph Savage. Lib. 13, p. 155.

1760, April 17. Lord. Joshua, of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. My body to be burled by my son, Joshua. Son,
Joshua, all my lands, and he is to allow my daughter, Elizabeth Loru,
the use of the house. Son, Joshua, to have the time of my servant
lad, William Carson. Grandson, Phinehas Lord, saddle and bridle.
Son-in-law, Joseph Gibson, to have clothing, etc., and to his wife,
who is my daughter Sarah, £5. Daughter, Eunice, wife of John Starr,
£5. Daughter, Elizabeth, the residue. Executrix — daughter, Eliza-
beth. Witnesses — William Wilkins, Anthony Sharp, Mary Sharp.
Proved Feb. 16, 1761. Lib. 10, p. 392.

1770, March 12. Lore, Hezeklah, of Morris River, Cumberland Co.,
farmer; will of. Wife, Deborah, V3 of moveable estate. Son, Jona-
than, £5. Son, David, is to give to Ichabod Lore's 3 sons, £4 each,
when they are 21. Son, David, my tools. My daughters, Sarah, Han-
nah and Rebekah, the rest of moveable estate. The salt meadow
below Fortascue Island below Nantuxet Neck, to my four daughters,



Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah and Rebekah. Son, David, my plantation.
Elxecutors — sons, Jonathan and David. "Witnesses. William Van-
hook, Annanias Shaw, John Bragg. Proved June 15, 1770.

1770, June 29. Inventory, £223.3.9, made by David Shepherd and
William Nevifcomb. Lib. 14, p. 331.

1769, June 13. Lore, Ichabud, of Cumberland Co.; will of. Wife,
Elizabeth, all moveable estate, and use of lands for 5 years, and she
is to give my sons learning. Son, Dolas, plantation where I live,
which was formerly in three tracts, containing 216 acres. Son,
Hezekiah, plantation where Nathaniel Hewet lives, of 300 acres.
Son, Lewis, 50 acres, on west side of Seder bridge and creek. Sons,
Dolas, Hezekiah and Lewis, a swamp near Dividing Creek. Executors
— father-in-law, William DoUas, and David Shepherd. Witnesses —
Seth Lore, Phebe Lore, Gideon Heaton. Proved July 26, 1769.

1769, July 24. Inventory, £142.11.10, made by Seth Lore and Gideon
Heaton. Lib. 14, p. 119.

1762, March 16. Loree, Samuel, of Mendham, Morris Co., yeoman;
will of. The 30 acres where Elijah Brown lives to be sold. Wife,
Sybil, rent of my plantation, till my son comes of age. Son, Samuel,
rest of lands, when he is of age. Daughters, Joanna, Mary and
Elizabeth, £30 each, as they are of age. Executors — friends, Jabez
Bears and Benjamin Halsey. Witnesses — Henry Antell, Ezekiel
Beach, Nathaniel Tingley. Proved April 15, 1762.

1762, April 19. Inventory, made by Samuel Mills and Alexander
Aikman. Lib. H, p. 141.

1765, June 4. Losey, John, Sr., of Mendham Twsp., Morris Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Jane, to have negro, Dinah, and, at wife's death,
to my daughter, Elizabeth. My wife and two youngest daughters,
Elizabeth Losey and Jane Losey, my household goods. Son, James
Puf Losey, my lands. Son, Cornelius, £26. Son, John, £100. Son,
Timothy, £30. Son, Philip, £80, when 21. Daughter, Mary Pitney, £5.
Daughter, Catharine Burwell, £5. Daughter, Jane Losey, £20, when
18. Executors — friends, Isaac Southard and John Ayers. Witnesses
— Nathaniel Mitchell, James Young, Richard Dell. Proved July 2,
1765. Lib. H, p. 547.

1762, July 24. Ijott, Peter, Jr., of South Ward of City of Perth
Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will of. My real and personal may be sold.
To wife, Mary, 1/5 part of my estate. Son, Gershom, 1/5 part. Daugh-
ter, Ruth Lott, 1/5 part. Son, Danied, 1/5 part. Son, Peter, 1/5 part.
Daniel and Peter to be educated. Executors — my wife and my broth-
er, Richard Lott, and Doctor Richard Jaques. Witnesses — John
Waterhouse, Robert Iselstine, Jonathan Deare. Proved July 27, 1762.

1762, Aug. 19. Inventory, £624.17.4, made by N. Everson and Rob-
ert Johnston. Lib. H, p. 163.

1764, Feb. 19. Lott, Peter, Sr., of Middlesex Co., innkeeper; will
of. Grandson, Gershom Lott, 5 shillings. Rest of real and personal
to be divided between my wife, Catharine, and my four sons, Henry,
Abram, George and Charles. Executors — my wife, Richard Lott and
Timothy Smith. Above sons are not of age. Witnesses — Jonathan
Rolfe, Levi Lott. Proved April 6, 1764.


1764, April 3. Inventory, £129.12.8, made by Jonathan Rolfe and
Robert Brown.

1766, April 28. Account by Catharine Lott and Richard Lott.

Lib. H, p. 424.

1763, Feb. 10. Lounsberry, Jeremiah, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, Samuel, the plantation where I live; but. If
he die, then to my daughter, Hannah Lounsberry. Samuel is to pay
to Hannah £30. Sons, John and Jeremiah, 5 shillings each. Daugh-
ters, Pheby, Mary and Ann, 5 shillings each. Wife, Mary, to have
the profits of the plantation during her life. The rest to my wife,
in order to bring up Samuel and Hannah. Executors — my wife and
my friend, Richard Kirby. Witnesses — Larance Holsten, Solomon
Smith, Samuel Llnch, Jr. Proved Feb. 26, 1763.

1763, Feb. 22. Inventory, £165.4.1, made by Larance Holsten and
Samuel Linch, Jr. Lib. 11, p. 388.

1766, Oct. 2. LiOnnRbnry, John, of Upper Penns Neck, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, all my moveables, to bring up my
children. Executrix — my wife. Witnesses — William Beetle, Robert
Howard, Sarah Summerl. Proved Nov. 12, 1766.

1766, Nov. 8. Inventory, £181.5.3, made by William Beetle and
Robert Howard. Lib. 12, p. 304.

1764, Dec. 7. Lonzada, Aaron, of Bridgewater, Somerset Co., mer-
chant; will of. "Being of old age." Wife, Blume Louzada, £200, and
the use of the real and personal estate to bring up my children.
Children to be put to trades. To Benjamin Louzada, and Abigel
Lowzada, children of Moses Louzada, £50 each. Executors — my wife,
and my friends, Samson Simson, of New York City, and Hendrick
Fisher, of Somerset Co. Witnesses — James Coun, Josiah Stanbury,
Elias ViCourt. Proved Jan. 30, 1765.

1765, March 7. Inventory, £466.10.8, made by Josiah Stanbury and
Elias V:Court. Lib. H, p. 486.

1762, Sept. 28. Lovell, John, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'rs — James
Wills and John Lovell, both of said Co. Fellowbondsman — Ephraim
Anderson, of Hunterdon Co. Witness — Samuel Allinson.

Lib. 11, p. 231.

1762, Sept. 28. Inventory, £235.1.2, made by Ephraim Anderson and
Samuel Harker.

1739, Sept. 24. Low, Albert, of Raritan, Somerset Co., yeoman; will
of. Wife, Susannah, use of all real and personal while my widow.
Sons, Abraham and Cornelius Low, all my estate, after wife's death,
and they to pay to my daughter, Mary Pittinger, £100. Executors —
my wife, and, after her death, my sons, Abraham and Cornelius
Low. Witnesses — Cornelius Low, Hugh Hicks, Teunis Middagh.
Proved Feb. 20, 1761. Lib. G, p. 392.

1763, March 24. LiOiv, Comellns, of Reading Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, Derick Low, to have £5. I have, by an in-
denture of bargain, with my sons. Derrick, Cornelius, John and
Gerrit, let my lands for rents, with several reserves, also mentioned
in said indenture, dated 7 of Aug., 1758, and they are to pay the said
rents every year to my wife, Judick Low. After the death of my


wife the said sons are to have said land. Daughters, Marytje (the
wife of Abraham Bodine), Judick (the wife of Johannis Van Neste)
and Antje, each to have £300. Executors — my wife and sons, Derick,
and Cornelius. Witnesses — George Cock, Sarah Preston, Teunis Mid-
dag-h. Proved Aug. 16, 1763.

1763, Sept. 27. Inventory, £1,276.15.4, made by John Verbrycke and
Thomas Vanfleet. Lib. 11, p. 468.

1769, Aug. 23. Low, Comelinis, Jr., of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co.; will of. Wife, Catherine, my slaves and use of goods; also the
use of my house, till son, James, is 21. Rest of real to be sold and
money given to wife, Catherine, son, James, and daughters, Johannah
Low and Maria Margaret Low, when children are of age. Executors
— my wife and brothers, Isaac Low and Nicholas Low, and my broth-
er-in-law, James Hude. Witnesses — Evert Duyckinck, William Neil-
son, David Ogden. Proved Nov. 30, 1769. Lib. K, p. 197.

1764, May 6. Lo-w, La'»vrenoe, of Reading Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, John, a good cow and weaver's loom. Son,
Guisbert, the great Dutch Bible. Son, Henry, a mare and colt. Wife,
Charity, use of rest of personal and real estate, to bring up our
children in their minority. Sons, John, Henry and Guisbert, my land.
Daughters, Yanaca, Elizabeth, Charity and Wynea, £400. Mother,
Y'anaca Low, is provided for. Executors — sons, John and Henry,
and my friend, George Reading. Witnesses — Thomas Vanfleet, John
Louw, Peter Van Deventer. Proved Nov. 19, 1764.

1764, Nov. 17. Inventory, £249.15.0, made by John Low and Thomas
Vanfleet. Lib. 12, p. 141.

1769, Feb. 17. Low, Robert, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co. Int.
Adm'r — Joseph Daton. Fellowbondsman — Theophilus Elmer; both
of said Fairfield.

1769, Feb. 15. Inventory, £110.9.2, made by Thomas Harris and
Theophilus Elmer.

1770, April 25. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 13, p. 496; Lib. 15, p. 12.

1762, April 21. Lowzadn, Jacob, of Middlesex Co. Ward. Petition
by Abraham Abrahams, stating that Moses Louzada, late of said Co.,
merchant, deceased, died intestate in 1750, leaving a widow and sev-
eral children, and that Hannah Louzada, the widow of said Moses,
took out letters of administration; that Moses had an estate in
Middlesex and Somerset counties, which descended to Jacob Louzada,
the eldest son and heir, and that Jacob Louzada has for several
years been a lunatic; that the petitioner's wife is the daughter of
said Moses Louzada, and sister of said Jacob; therefore he prays
to be made Guardian of said Jacob Louzada.

1762, April 22. Guardian — Abraham Abrahams, of New York.
Fellowbondsmen — Robert Sproul and David Gosling, of Perth Amboy.

1764, Feb. 24. It appearing that Letters of Guardianship were
granted without inquisition, and not in due form, and Jacob Louzada,
who is now of age, has applied to vacate said letters that he may
take possession of the estate as heir-at-law, said letters are re-
voked and made void. Lib. H, p. 134; Lib. H, p. 332.

1767, Dec. 1. Loyd, John, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co.; will of. The
land I bought of John Holton and his wife to be sold. Wife, Mary


Loyd, £35. My children, Hannah and Elizabeth Loyd, and sons,
Nicodemous and "Wood Loyd, rest of money, when they are 21. Son,
Nicodemous, Vz acre joining' to line of Jachonias Wood, and to son.
Wood Loyd, Vs acre. Son, John, the rest of my land. Executors — my
wife, Mary, Joseph Shinn and Mathew Gill. Witnesses — Patrick
Graye, Alexander Ware, Jacob Tagart. Proved Jan. 26, 1768.

1768, Jan. 22. Renunciation by Joseph Shinn and Mathew Gill.
Witnesses — John Gray and Bateman Lloyd.

1768, Jan. 22. Inventory, £319.3.7. made by Daniel Bassett and
Obadiah Loyd. Lib. 13, p. 390.

1763, March 5. Lozer, Hillebrant, of Hackinsack, Bergen Co.,
blacksmith; will of. To children of my son Nicholas, dec'd, large
Bible, and % of my land. Son, Peter, also %, as also % to son, John.
Daughters, Jannetje and Antje Lozier, shall be maintained till they
are 18, and they shall have an outset as my other daughters have
had. My son-in-law, Benjamin Westervelt, is obliged to me by a
bond. Witnesses — John Benson and Robert Livesey. Proved Aug.
3, 1763. Lib. H, p. 315.

1763, Aug. 24. Inventory, £1,019.6.6, made by Cornelus Van Bos-
kerk and Corneles Leydecker.

1763, Sept. 6. Bond of Peter Lozier, the eldest son, as Adm'r.

1745, April 12. Lozier, Nicolas, of Hackinsack, Bergen Co., shoe-
maker; will of. My brother-in-law, Jacob Derkse Banta, and my son-
in-law, David Demarest, both of Hackinsack, to be the tutors of my
minor children. Oldest son, Anthony, my land where he formerly
lived. Son, Johannis, lot of land adjoining it. Son, Petrus, land
where he formerly lived, called the Hook. Son, Lucas, and son.
Derrick, to have land. Sons, Jacobus and Benjamin, that land on
the plain. Sons, Jacob and Abraham, farm where I live. Wife, Antie,
to be maintained. Son, Hillebrant, my smith tools. To all the chil-
dren by my first wife, Traintje, viz., Anthony, Jannetje, Petrus, Jo-
hannis, Mary, Hillebrant, Antje, Lucas, Jacobus, and Benjamin, £5
each. Children, Traintje, Hester, Rachel, Derrick, Jacob, Abraham,
Lea and Margrietje Lozier, each an outset. Executors — wife, Antje,
brother-in-law, Jacob Derkse Banta, and son-in-law, David Demarest.
Witnesses — Johannis Vanhooren, Silvester Earle, Robert Livesey.
Proved April 8, 1761. Lib. G, p. 419.

1766, Sept. 37. Lozier, Peter, of Bergen Co., shoemaker; will of.
Wife, Elizabeth, £50. To the children of my brother, Nicholas Lozier,
deceased, meadow in Old Hackinsack. Sister, Antje Lozier, bed.
Brother, John Lozier, rest of real and personal, and he is to pay
to my eldest sister's daughter, Castina, £15. Executors — wife, Eliza-
beth, my brother, John, and my brother-in-law, Aart Couper. Wit-
nesses — John Bensen, Hendrick Banta and Robert Livesey. Proved
Nov. 3, 1767. Lib. I, p. 206.

1767, Nov. 3. Arent Cooper and Elizabeth Lozier, the widow, re-
nounced in presence of Robert Livesey and Hendrick Banta. 599 B.

1768, March 19. Ludlam, Jeremiah, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex
Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, use of house and lands, till my daugh-
ter, Mary, is 14, then the house and lands are to be sold and the
money given to my children, viz., Samuel, Temperance, Deborah,


Wilk, Daniel, Joseph, Mercy, Jeremiah and Mary. Daughter. Tem-
perance, a bed that was her mother's. Daughter, Deborah, a bed that
was her mother's. Sons, Wilk, Daniel, Joseph and Jeremiah, to be
put to trades. Executors — brother-in-law, George Doughty, and my
wife, Elizabeth. Witnesses — Jonathan Elmer, Benjamin Ball, Eliza-
beth Doty. Proved Aug. 1, 1768. Lib. I, p. 312.

1760, Jan. 3. Ladlam, Joseph, Sr., of Cape May Co., yeoman; will
of. Grandson, Joseph Ludlam (elder son of my son, Joseph, dec'd),
all my right in the beach that is called Ludlam's Beach, with the
plantation whereon I dwell, and all other lands, when he is 30 years
of age; and, if he live that long, forever. Carmon Smith is married
to one of my relations, and I give to his wife, Lydla Smith, an ox.
My son, Isaac, 5 shillings. My personal estate I give to my son,
Jeremiah, and my daughters, Abigail Scull and Elizabeth Cresse, 1/6
part of my personal to each, and 1/6 part to my grandchildren (the
children of my son, Anthony, dec'd), and 1/6 to my grandchildren
(the children of my son, Joseph), and 1/6 to Phebe Young (the wife
of Henry Young, Esq.). Executors — Providence Ludlam, Abigail
Scull and Elizabeth Cresse. Witnesses — Silvanus Townsend, William
Mason, Jacob Spicer. Proved Feb. 12, 1761.

1761, Feb. 12. Inventory, £267.6.4, made by Jesse Hand and Sil-
vanus Townsend. Some tobacco and one "cain" was all owed to
John Scull and his wife. Lib. 11, p. 80.

1765, Aug. 30. Account by Providence Ludlam, as one of the Ex-
ecutors. (Abigail Scull, being aged and infirm, could not appear).

1765, Oct. 31. Ludlam, Joseph, of Parish of Westfleld, Elizabeth
Borough, Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann, use of my land and
moveable estate. Son, Cornelius, 5 shillings. Son, Matthias, a like
sum. Daughter, Ann, wife of John Searing, like sum. Daughter,
Susanna, wife of Samuel Wood, a bed. Grandson, Abraham Ludlam,
5 shillings. Grandson, Maline Ludlam, a colt. My two grandsons
above named, Matthias, son of Matthias Ludlam, and Maline, son of
Matthias Ludlam, rest of land and moveables. Executors — sons,
Cornelius and Matthias. Witnesses — Henry Hayes, Matthias Ludlam,
Ebenezer Price. Proved July 4, 1766.

1765, Oct. 31. Inventory.

1799, Aug. 14. Whereas Cornelus Ludlam and Matthias Ludlam,
the Executors, both having died, therefore Meline Ludlam was ap-
pointed Adm'r, together with Henry Ludlam, and Levi Crane on his
bond; all of Essex Co. Lib. I, p. 149; Lib. 38, p. 264.

1768, Oct. 1. Lndlam, IVehemiah, of Middlesex Co., student in
physick; will of. My eldest sister's son, Nehemiah Hinksman, £100.
Brother-in-law^, Robert Hinksman, rest of personal and real. Ex-
ecutor — said brother-in-law. Witnesses — Hezekiah Stites, John Phil-
lips, William Clawson. Proved Nov. 21, 1768. Lib. K, p. 5.

1764, May 1. Lndlovr, Jeremiah, of Morris Co.; will of. Son, Jere-
miah Ludlow, £10. My wife, Elizabeth, use of the rest of my estate,
and, after her death, to my grandchildren, viz., Samuel Ludlow; Tem-
perance Ludlow; Deborah Ludlow; Wilkey Ludlow; Daniel Ludlow;
they being children of my son, Jeremiah; and to John Ludlow, son of
my son, Cornelius, when they are 21. Executor — son, Cornelius. Wit-


nesses — John Roll, John Carl, Ebenezer Beebout. Proved Aug. 27,

1764, Aug. 8. Inventory, £62.18.2, made by Jacob Carl and Richard
Runyon. Lib. H, p. 452.

1770, May 21. Lndlum, Obadlah, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.; will
of. Son, Obadiah, the rent of the plantation where I live, which place
I hired of Jonathan Woodruff, Jr. Grandson, Jacob Ludlum, £50,
when 21. Daughter, Sarah Ludlum, bed, etc., when 18. Executor —
friend, Noah Marsh. Witnesses — John Cory, Samuel Miller, Jr., 3d,
Mary Woodruff. Proved May 24, 1770. Lib. K, p. 205.

1770, March 3. Luke, William, of Windsor, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'rs — Elizabeth Luke, widow of said William, and Robert DeBow;
both of said place.

1770, Feb. 28. Inventory, £111.10.7, made by John Tindall and
Joseph Cox. Lib. 15, p. 9.

1764, Jnne 1. Lnnuims, Daniel, of Cumberland Co., yeoman; will
of. Wife, Judith Lummus, % the profits of my land and use of
goods. Son, Jonathan, 100 acres, which was bought of Executors of
Henry Brooks. Son, Daniel, 50 acres, as well as other tracts, and
he to pay to his sisters, Sarah and Tomson Lummus, £20 each, when
they are 18. Sons, Ebenezer and Joseph, rest of lands. Daughters,
Catharine and Hannah Lummus, the residue. Executors — my wife
and friend, Joseph Daton. Witnesses — Benjamin Davis, David Sayers,
Lydia Sayers. Proved March 17, 1769.

1769, March 3. Inventory, £46.0.7, made by Thomas Harris and
Ephraim Harris.

1770, April 25. Account by Joseph Daton, Executor, of Daniel
Lummus, of Fairfield, deceased. Lib. 14, p. 7; Lib. 15, p. 12.

1767, Oct. 5. Liupardns, Christianas, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Daughters, Antje and Lammetje, goods that were my wife's,
deceased. Son, William, £600. Son, Christianus, £400. Daughter,
Annatie Durie, wife of Cornelius Durie on Long Island, £200. Daugh-
ter, Antje, £200. Daughter, Lammetje, £280, as she had no outset,
and the others had. Son, Rem, £50. Granddaughter, Anne Van
Winkle, £50. All real and personal to be sold, except what is stated
above. Executors — my eldest son, William Peter Lot, of Flat Bush,
Long Island, and Cornelius Durre, of Brookland, on said Island.
Witnesses — Azariah Dunham, Isaac Elbertson, William Oake.

1767, Oct. 14. Codicil. Son, Christianus, two horses, etc. Son,
William, silver tankard. Witnesses — William Oake, Nathaniel Man-
ning, Stephen Campbell. Proved March 5, 1768. Lib. I, p. 224.

1763, Jan. 3. Lupp, Christian, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Maria, use of land till children come of age;
but, if she marry again, then she shall have 200 acres in Sussex Co.
Son, Jacob, 200 acres. Son, Christin, 200 acres. Daughter, Elizabeth,
146 acres, all in said Sussex Co. My youngest daughter, Maria, shall
be equal with Elizabeth, and shall have a lot that I bought of Ger-
shom Mott. Brothers, Peter Lupp and John Lupp. My youngest
daughter, Mary. Executors — Philip Kumbel, heir, and my brother,
Peter Lupp, and my wife, Maria. Witnesses — Phillip Kempel, Wll-


liam Snuck, Peter Houshill, Johannes Godhart. Proved May 24, 1763.
Probate granted to Peter Lupp, Maria Lupp and Phillip Kempel.

Lib. 11, p. 369.

1761, March 20. LuptcMi, Christopher, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x
— Marcy Lupton. Pellowbondsman — Benjamin Ingrum; both of said
Co. Witnesses — Henry Hand and John Eldredge.

1761, Jan. 28. Inventory, £97.16.0, made by Benjamin Ingrum and
Henry Hand. Lib. 10, p. 163.

1766, Au^. 3. Liuyster, Johannes, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife, Sarah, use of all real and personal while my widow,
after which all is to be divided between my brothers, Peter and
Cornelius Luyster, and my loving deceased Sarah's children, except
what is hereafter given. Brother, Peter, % my estate, Cornelius %,
and to my sister, Sarah's children, %. My wife is to have the goods
she brought with her. Sister, Lucreatia, £50. To Sarah Sodam,
daughter of my sister, Sarah, £20. To Jane Barkelow, daughter of
my sister, Ann, £20. Executors — brother, Cornelius, cousin, Cornelius
Swart, and cousin, John Smock, Jr. Witnesses — Hendrick Brewer,
Daniel Covenhoven, Joseph Willson. Proved Oct. 14, 1766.

1766, Oct. 20. Inventory, £416.7.8, made by John Bowne and Joseph
Golden. Lib. K. p. 261.

1766, Oct. 18. Lycan, Nicholas, of Chester Twsp., Burlington Co.

Int. Adm'r — Jacob Lycan, of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester Co.

Pellowbondsman — Robert Stiles, of Chester Twsp. Witness — John

1766, Oct. 17. Inventory, £125.19.3, made by Joshua Roberts and

Robert Stiles. Lib. 12, p. 385.

1766, Nov. 4. Account by Adm'r.

1764, June 23. Lyon, Abigail, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r — Peter
Lyon, son of said Abigail. Pellowbondsman — Ichabod Grammon;
both of said Co. Witness — John Mackay.

1764, June 27. Inventory by Benjamin Crane and Isaac Meeker.

Lib. H, p. 349.

1763, Nov. 17. Lyon, Isaac, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Daugh-
ter, Abigail, £60. Daughter, Jane, £40. Granddaughter, Lucy Pierson,
£30. Son, John, a negro. Son, Eliphelit, £5. Wife, Hannah, use of
the homestead. Rest of real and personal to my sons, John and
Mattaniah, and they are to maintain their mother. Executors — sons,
John and Mattaniah. Witnesses — Elijah Bruen, Joseph Hayes, Jr.,
Samuel Hayes. Proved Feb. 28, 1764. Lib. H, p. 407.

1770, Dec. 14. Lyon, Justus, of Bergen Co. Int. Adm'r — Samuel
Knap. Pellowbondsman — Guliaen Bertholf; both of said Co. Witness
— John Zabriski. Lib. K, p. 257.

1761, Feb. 17. Lyon, Nathaniel, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'r
— Jonathan Lyon, heir-at-law. Pellowbondsman — Ichabod Grummon;
both of said place. Witness — Lewis Ogden.

1761, Feb. 23. Inventory, £118.9.10, made by Nathaniel Johnson
and Abraham Lyon. Lib. G, p. 370.


1770, Aug. 27. Lyon, Samnel, of Morristown, Morris Co. Int. Adm'r
— Nathaniel Armstrong. Fellowbondsman — Ezra Halsey; both of said

1770, Oct. 2. Inventory, made by Ezra Halsey and Henry ActelL

Lib. K, p. 268.

1769, July 31. McBride, Roger, of Princeton, Somerset Co. Int.
Adm'r — Thomas Irwin, principal creditor. Fellowbondsman — Richard
Paterson; both of said place. Witnesses — Mehitable Kinnan and
Jonathan Sergeant.

1769, Dec. 1. Inventory, £4.10.4, made by Thomas Maxwell and
Thomas Norris; both of said place. Lib. K, p. 118.

1769, May 13, McCaslin, Patrick, of Hardyston, Sussex Co.; will of.
One-half of my real and personal to my wife, and the other half to
the children of my daughter, Mary Boughanan. My daughter, Nancey
Leport, 5 shillings. Executor — friend, Samuel "Whitehead. Witnesses
— Asa Morris, Vincent Wainright, John Hill. Proved Sept. 23, 1769.

1769, Sept. 16. Inventory, £79.4.11, made by Henry Simson and
Joseph Parry. Lib. 14, p. 155.

1762. Dec. 9. McClean, Joseph, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r —

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