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dated Oct. 11, 1762. Lib. H, p. 190.

1768, Nov. 22. Pier.son, John, of Hanover, Morris Co., clerk; will
of. Children — Abraham, Anne, Elizabeth, John, Wyllys. The house
where John lives to be in his share, and at the death of John and his
wife, or her marriage, to be sold, and divided among his children.
My granddaughter, Ruth, the only child of my daughter Abigail
Grave, deceased, £10. My daughters, Margaret and Hannah, each to
have £50 less than Abraham, Ann and Elizabeth; and the reason is


that I have spent money on the estate at Jamaica, that belongs to
Marg-aret and Hannah. A tombstone is to be erected at my grave.
Executors — my friends, Joseph Tuttle, Joseph Kitchel and John
Kitchel. Witnesses — John Dixon, Samuel Alleson, Susannah Wil-
liams. Proved Sept. 2. 1770. Lib. K, p. 282.

1768, 3Vov. 15. Pierson, Joseph, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'r
— Bethuel Pierson, heir-at-lawr. Fellowbondsman — Daniel Rig'gs;
both of same place. Witness — Mathias M. Dermott.

1759, Oct. Inventory, made by Samuel Crowell and Ebenezer Hed-
den. Testis — Joseph Ball.

1768, Nov. 30. Inventory filed. Lib. I, p. 363.

1768, June 22. Pierson, Moses, of Morris Co., gentleman; will of.
My wife to have % the household goods and the other % to my
daughter, Elizabeth. I give my brother, Daniel Person, my coals.
Executors — brother, Elijah Person and Soloman Munson. Witnesses
— Aaron Pierson, David Cory. Proved July 11, 1768. Lib. I, p. 296.

1760, Nov. 5. Pike, James, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Son, Zebulon Pike, the land that lies by William Pike's. Son, James,
the land that joins Jonathan Harned. Son, Robert, two lots on
Strawberry Hill, and the lot that was formerly John Reaves'. Move-
able estate to be sold and money divided among my sons and two
daughters. I desire that my father give to my son, Zebulon, his home
place, after his decease. Executors — friends, David Herriot and Wil-
liam Pike. Witnesses — Jonathan Inslee, James Moores, Joseph Coe.

1761, June 1. Renunciation by Zebulon Pike and Janet Pike, who
refuse to undertake their son, James Pike's, business, and recommend
George Brown as a suitable person.

1761, June 17. Jonathan Inslee and James Moore, two of the wit-
nesses, declared that James Pike was not in his senses when he
signed his will.

1761, June 17. Adm'r — George Brown. Fellowbondsman — George
Herriot; both of Woodbridge. Lib. G, p. 443; File No. 3731 L.

1769, Feb. 6. Pike, Jennet, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will of,
being widow of Zebulon Pike, of said place, shopkeeper. Grandson,
James Pike, my large Bible. Grandson, Robert, a book, which is to
be left in the care of my sister, Ursilla Herriot, till he is 18. Grand-
sons, James Pike and Robert Pike, all my lands over the road that
I bought, and that was my son, John Pike's, by virtue of a judgment
(by) consent, in favor of my son, James Pike's, estate, to George
Brown, Adm'r. Rest of real and personal to be sold, and proceeds
given to my grandchildren. Executors — George Herriot and George
Brown. Witnesses — David Herriot, Jonathan Inslee, Alfoard Herriot.
Proved Feb. 28. 1769. Lib. K, p. 183.

1761, IMarcli 34. Pike, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'r — James Pike. Fellowbondsman — George Herriot; both of said
Woodbridge. Hannah Pike, the widow of John Pike, has desired that
James Pike might administer.

1762, Oct. 29. Whereas John Pike died intestate, and on 24th of
March, 1761, letters of administration were granted to James Pike,
of Woodbridge, who is also deceased, and on the 7th of Aug., 1761,


letters were granted to Zebulon Pike of said place, who is also de-
ceased, and it is now desired that the estate of said John Pike that is
not yet administered by the said James or Zebulon Pike may be so
done by Jannet Pike, of Woodbridge, mother of said John Pike; there-
fore she is appointed Adm'x of the estate of said John Pike, with
George Brown, of Woodbridge, on her bond.

1761, March 31. Inventory made by Thomas Gach and George
Herriot. Lib. G, p. 369; Lib. H, p. 198.

1766, Oct. 13. Pike, Nathaniel, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'x —
Sarah Pike, the widow of said Nathaniel. Fellowbondsman — Rezia
Runyon; both of said Co. Witness — John Terrill. Lib. I, p. 6.

1761, Jan. 6. Pike, Thomas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'r — William Pike, eldest brother of said Thomas. Fellowbonds-
man — Nathaniel Pike; both of said place.

1761, Jan. 5. Renunciation by Elizabeth Pike, the widow, in favor
of William Pike. Lib. G, p. 341.

1761, June 6. Pike, Zebulon, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Wife, Janet Pike, to have a good maintainance. Grandson, Joseph
Pike, £15. Grandson, Zebulon Pike, £15. Daughter-in-law, Hannah,
the widow of my son John, deceased, £20, to bring up her two young-
est children. Grandson, Robert, son of James Pike, deceased, £15
towards his bring up. Real to be sold. Rest to grandchildren, ex-
cept Joseph and Zebulon. Executors — wife, Janet, and my friend,
George Brown. Witnesses — George Herriot, David Herriot, John
Waterhouse. Proved March 15, 1762.

1762, March 22. Inventory made by Thomas Gach and George
Herriot. Lib. H, p. 88.

1768, March 7. Pilgrrim, Frederick, of Upper Alloways Creek Pre-
cinct, Salem Co. Int. Adm'r — Richard Wistar, of Philadelphia, mer-

1768, March 5. Inventory, £19.15.3, made by George Dickinson and
Benjamin Thompson. Lib. 13, p. 334.

1769, June 16, Pinyard, John, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co. Ward.
Son of John Pinyard, of said place, yeoman, deceased. Makes choice
of his mother, Martha Pinyard, as his Guardian.

1769, June 16. Guardian — Martha Pinyard, widow. Fellowbonds-
man — Jacob Spicer, yeoman; both of said place. Lib. 14, p. 21.

1768, Feb. 19. Pinyard, John, Jr., of Greenwich, Gloucester Co. Int.
Adm'x — Martha Pinyard, widow. Fellowbondsman — John Pinyard,
yeoman; both of said place. Witness — James Hinchman.

1768, Jan. 19. Inventory, £170.6.4, made by James Hinchman and
Jacob Spicer. Lib. 13, p. 437.

1767, Jan. 13. Pitman, Ann, of Hanover Twsp., Burlington Co. Int.
Adm'r — Uriah Pitman. Fellowbondsman — Oliver Gallop; both of
same place. Witness — William Heulings. Lib. 13, p. 101.

1764, Dec. 18. Inventory, £29.9.6, made by Oliver Gallup and Jona-
than Fox.


1767, March 28. Pitman, John, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x — Eliza-
beth Pitman, widow. Fellowbondsmen — Peter Boon and John Dalbo,
yeomen; all of Upper Penns Neck, said Co.

1767, Feb. 21. Inventory, £215.19.1, made by Peter Boon and Henry
Peterson (Smith). The said John Pitman, before his death, was
Guardian of Sarah, Christopher, Christiana and Nicholas Lynmyer.

Lib. 13, p. 189.

1768, Aug. 12. Plntt, Thomas, of New Hanover, Burlington Co.
Int. Adm'r — Thomas Piatt. Fellowbondsman — Isaac Ivins; both of
Burling-ton Co.

1768, Aug-. 1. Inventory, £273.13.6, made by William Harris, Jr.,
and Isaac Ivins. Lib. 13, p. 436.

1765, Feb. 7. Plata, Jean Paul, of Greenwich, Sussex Co., tanner;
will of. Wife, Susan Plats, Va the goods, 2 cows and half the hogs,
and the money I owe her son, and now my stepson, which by name is
called John Caspor Sim. Remainder to my sons, Adam and Philip
Platz. Executors — James Anderson, Frederick Swartz and Daniel
Shearer. Witnesses — Bernard Michael Hansike, D. V. M., Henry
Vollert, Robert O'Neale. Proved May 20, 1765.

1765, Feb. 22. Inventory, £60.13.6, made by Peter Morgan and
Martin Dorsheimer. Lib. 12, p. 247.

1763, June 10. Plum, Mary, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Daugh-
ter, Elizabeth Lum, £45. Sons, William Cooper and Caleb Cooper;
daughter, Martha Burnet and my said daughter, Elizabeth, and
daughter, Mary Plum, the rest of my estate. Executors — Timothy
Whitehead, Esq., and my son-in-law, David Burnet. Witnesses —
Samuel Meadlis, Jonathan Sergeant. Proved June 1, 1764.

Lib. H, p. 554.

1769, Oct. 3. Plume, Robert, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'x — Deborah
Plume, widow of said Robert. Lib. K, p. 143.

1762, Dec. 6. Pointsett, John, of New Hanover, Burlington Co. Int.
Adm'r — Peter Pintset. Fellowbondsman — Samuel Rogers; both of
said place. Lib. 11, p. 240.

1762, Dec. 4. Renunciation of Susanna Pinset, in favor of Peter

1762, Dec. 4. Inventory, £15.9.8, made by Jonathan Branson and
Samuel Rogers.

1767, March 28. Polack, Charles, of Sussex Co., chapman. Int.
Adm'r — Richard Moore, of Philadelphia, merchant. Fellowbondsmen
— John Moore, of Hardwick, Sussex Co., hatter, and Nathaniel Pettit,
Esq., of Newton, Sussex Co. Witnesses — Gershom Mott and Michael
Van Court.

1767, March 28. Inventory, £101.18.8, made by Hezekiah Dunn and
Gershom Mott. Lib. 12, p. 466.

1764, Feb. 22. Poilg;reen, Elizabeth, of City and County of Burling-
ton, widow; will of. Son, James, of the Island of Barbados, the
house and lot where I live, and, after death of James, to my son
Thomas Bickley. To Elizabeth Snowden, £10 and clothing, for her


kindness to me. Daughter, Katharine, wife of John Miller, of the
Island of Barbadoes, and, in case of her death, to her children Vz of
the sales of my estate. Grandchildren, Joseph, Thomas Polgreen
and Abraham Hewlings, Jr., children of my daughter, Susanna, de-
ceased, the late wife of Abraham Hewlings, of this city, % of the
sales. Son, Thomas, the other part. Executor — son, Thomas Bickley.
Witnesses — Mary Tong, Abraham Hewlings and Thomas Gardiner.
Proved Sept. 16, 1768. Lib. 13, p. 431.

1765, Feb. 11. Polhenilas, Abraham, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will
of. My wife to have the interest of £200 and the goods she had
when I married her. Son, Daniel, £100. Son, John Polhemius, a set-
out, as my other children. Children, Daniel, Neiltie, Albert, Tiney
and John Polhemus, the rest. Son, John, to be bound out to a trade.
Executors — brother, Hendrick Polhemus, my son, Daniel, and Henry
Crusee. Witnesses — Henry Harrison, Peter Monfort, Henry Monfort.
Proved March 18, 1765.

1765, March 13. Inventory made by Henry Harrison and David
Snowden. Lib. 12, p. 80.

1767, Feb. 7. Polhemius, Hendrik, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife
to have the goods she brought, and to be maintained out of the farm.
Son, Daniel, the farm I live on. Eldest daughter, Eleanor, £25.
Daughter, Anna, £25. Daughter, Margret, £25. Daughter, Dorothy,
£25. Two daughters, who are not married, shall have £50. Farm over
the river to be sold. Executors — son, Daniel Polhemous; Daniel
Prince (my brother-in-law), and Johannas Voorhees (my son-in-law).
Witnesses — Johannes Stryker, Nicklaes Amerman, Thomas Davis.
Proved Jan. 17, 1769. Lib. K, p. 25.

1769, An?. 20. Polhemua, Albert, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Alkey, all that her father gave to her. Son,
Daniel, % of my real and personal. Daughter, Mary, the other half.
Executors — my brothers, John and Tobias Polhemus, and my two
brothers-in-law, Chrineyonce Van Mater and Daniel Hendrickson.
Witnesses — Samuel Holmes, Jr., Asher Holmes, John Holmes (son of
S. H.). Proved Sept. 26, 1769.

1769, Sept. 15. Inventory, £237.9.4, made by Benjamin Van Mater
and Joseph Van Mater.

1769, Sept. 25. Inventory, £61.8.0, made by Benjamin Van Mater
and Joseph Van Mater, of the goods of the late widow of Albert
Polhemus. . Lib. K, p. 125.

1763, Sept. 21. Polhemus, Daniel, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Margaret, £20, and use of farm where I live.
Son, John, my farm in Shrewsbury, and % of my salt meadow, he
paying in 10 years after my death, £300 to my daughter, Elenor, wife
of Peter Covenhoven. Son, Albert, farm in Freehold, and % my
salt meadow, he paying £300 to my daughter, Annauchy. Son, Tobias,
the farm where I live, and % of my salt meadow, he paying £300
to my daughter, Mary. Rest of my estate to my six children, John,
Albert, Tobias, Elenor, Annauchy and Mary. Executors — sons, John
and Tobias. Witnesses — Cyrenius Vanmater, Chrineyonce Vanmater,
Richard Lawrence. Proved Dec. 2, 1763.

1763, Dec. 3. Inventory, £566.15.0, made by Benjamin Vanmater,
Joseph Van Mater and Cyrenius Vanmater. Lib. H, p. 394.


1768, Nov. 28. Pond, John, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x — Hannah
Pond, of Newton, said Co. Fellowbondsman — Benjamin Graisbury,
of said place.

1768, Nov. 9. Inventory, £240.10.7, made by Benjamin Graisbury and
West Patient Kimble. Lib. 12, p. 525.

1763, Oct. lO. PQpe, Joseph, of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington Co.;
will of. Wife, Mary, £130. Sons, Nathaniel and John, not yet 21.
To son, John, £180. Son, Nathaniel, £180, and a cedar swamp. Son,
Joseph, plantation where I live. Elxecutors — wife, Mary, and Samuel
Black. Witnesses — Caleb Scattergood, Jonathan Scattergood, Janet
Scattergood. Proved Feb. 23, 1767.

1767, Jan. 8. Inventory, £1,544.5.2, made by Benjamin Gibbs and
William Potts. Lib. 13, p. 54.

1769, Sept. 21. Account by Exv's. Lib. 14, p. 79.

1765, June 10. Post, Garret, of Saddle River, Bergen Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, all real and personal, and, if any land re-
main, then to be to the use of my son, Arie Post. Daughter, Eliza-
beth, £25. Daughter, Annatje, £25. Executor — friend, Adryaen A.
Post. Witnesses — Harmanus Van Bossum, Philip Van Bossum and
David Marinus. Proved Oct. 15, 1765. Lib. H, p. 577.

1765, Oct. 26. Post, Jacobus, of Ackqueghenonck, Essex Co., hus-
bandman; will of. Son, Frans, my right in land in the mountain,
to the westward of Weesel, being in his possession, and is part of
No. 4 as laid out; and I also give him No. 13. Son, Jacobus, a lot
as was surveyed by Hassel Peterse, 25 Oct., 1765, which is Vz of my
lands in Ackqueghenonck Patent. Son, Johannes, the other ^^ of said
lands. Daughter, Leena, £140. Executors — son. Jacobus, and Hassel
Peterse. Witnesses — Jacob Van Winkel, Henderick Gerritse, Parent
Cool. Proved Oct. 19, 1768. Lib. I, p. 359.

1764, Sept. 1. Post, Teunis, of Bridgewater, Somerset Co.; will of.
Son, Peter, farm where I live, and he shall take care of his sister,
Elizabeth. Wife, Hannah, £15 yearly. Children, Hannah Cock, Kath-
rine Post and Peter Post, goods after my wife's death. Executors —
my wife, Samuel Cock and Peter Post. Witnesses — Matthew Ten
Eick, Peter Ten Eick, Jacob Ten Eick, Peter Dumont. Proved Nov. 29,

1764, Nov. 26. Inventory, £796.4.8, made by Mathew Ten Eick, Jacob
Ten Eick and Peter Sutphin. Lib. H, p. 476.

1760, Oct. 13. Potter, David, of Bound Brook, Somerset Co., phy-
sician; will of. My mother, the widow Phebe Potter, £25 and the use
of what I give my brother, Joseph Potter, till he is 21. Brothers,
Nathaniel and Noadiah, £25 each. Sister, Phebe Potter, goods. To
my brothers the lands given to me in the will of my father, Noadiah
Potter, Esq. Executors — brothers, Nathaniel and Noadiah. Witnesses
— Isaac Livermore, Robert Headly, Isaac Man. Proved Jan. 19, 1761.

1760, Dec. 20. At Springfield, Borough of Elizabeth. Renunciation
by Nathaniel Potter. Lib. H, p. 168.


1768, July 28. Potter, Ephraim, of Barnagat, Monmouth Co. Int.
Adm'r — Thomas Potter, Jr. Fellowbondsman — John Williams; both
of said Co.

1768, July 28. Renunciation by Sarah Potter, widow of said
Ephraim. Witnesses — John Holmes and Isaac Wilcockson.

Lib. I, p. 336.

1770, Jan. 39. Potter, Joiseph, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Mary, my personal estate and the use of the real, in order to
help her bring up my children till my daughter, Phebe, is 18, paying
to daughters, Abigail, Sarah and Joanna, what is reasonable, after
they are 18. Daughter, Elizabeth, 15 and % acres of my plantation.
Daughters, Abigail, Sarah, Joanna and Phebe, rest of real estate, but
they are to pay to my grandson, John Wood, £50, when he is 21.
Grandson, John W^ood, son of my daughter, Mary, deceased, £50.
Executors — my wife, and my friend, Abraham Pierson, Jr., who are
to collect the money due from Benoni Thomas, Joseph Lacey and
Samuel Frost, which is due on their lands. Witnesses — ^Aaron Burnet,
Ezekiel Cheever, Mary Benjamin. Proved April 14, 1770.

1770, April 14. Inventory, £1,377.12.10, made by John Rose and
Joseph Lasey. Lib. K, p. 212.

1768, July 18. Pqtter, Noadlah, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Joannah, all moveable estate. Sons, David and
William, 7 acres and house. Daughters — Phebe Potter and Betsy
Potter, £20 each. Executors — my wife, Robert Ogden and John Pot-
ter. Witnesses — Thomas Dean, Samuel Headley, Thomas Ball. Proved
Sept. 5, 1768. Lib. K, p. 36.

1765, Oct. 31. Potter, William, of Shrewsbury Twsp., Monmouth
Co., yeoman; will of. To Ann, once the wife of John Soper, £5, year-
ly, for 6 years, and no more, as she has been very wicked to me
and destructive to my interest. Daughter, Susannah Dickeson, and
her husband, John, 5 shillings, and no more, for good reasons known
to me. Son, Samuel Potter, £10, and he is to pay for the benefit of
my daughter, Ann Cowperthwaite, the wife of John, £27, and to his
4 children, £109, and to my grandson, William Potter Brock, £200
when 18, and to the two daughters of my daughter, Mary Brock,
£54; and then he is to have all my lands. Rest to my daughter, Mary
Brock. Executrix — said Mary Brock. Witnesses — William Stevenson,
Joseph Arney, Jr., Joseph Arney. Proved Nov. 25, 1766.

1766, Nov. 10. Inventory, £2^2 10.3, made by Amos Wright and
Oliver Gallap. Lib. 12, p. 446.

1761, Jnne 27. Potts, Nathaniel, of Mansfield, Burlington Co. Int.
Adm'rs — Susannah Potts and William Potts. Fellowbondsman — John
Folwell; all of same place. Lib. 10, p. 222.

1761, June 26. Inventory, £408.9.10, made by Benjamin Talman
and John Folwell.

1766, Oct. 2. Poulse, Joliannc^s, of Achquecknonk, Essex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Gurtruy, all the things she brought with her
when we were married, and £100, one-half then to be paid to her by
my grandson, Hendrick Gerritse, the son of my daughter Catrina, de-
ceased, and the other % to be paid by my grandchildren, the children
of my daughter, Antje, deceased. To grandson, Hendrick Gerritse,



land at Weasel, being between the land of Hendrick Gerritse and
Richard Broadberry. The rest of lands I give to my grandchildren,
Lawrence Ackkerman and Catrina Ackkerman. My stepson, Barent
Spier, shall hold my lands and personal estate for 12 years after my
death. Executors — my wife and my stepson, Barnet Spier. Witnesses
— David Marinus, Jacob J. Van Houten, Petrus Poulisse. Proved Jan.
27, 1767. Lib. I, p. 183.

17G4, Aug. 6. Powel, Richard, of Fairfield Twsp., Cumberland Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, use of all my lands. Sons, Reuben
and Richard Powell, my lands on Jones Island. Son, John, 50 acres
in the Pork. Daughters, Elizabeth Powel and Abigail Powel, my
personal estate, when 18. Executor — my wife. Witnesses — James
Diament, Bersheba Miller, Enos Seeley. Proved Oct. 3, 1764.

1764, Sept. 24. Inventory, £295.4.8, made by James Diament and
Ephraim Harris. Lib. 12, p. 47.

1762, Nov. 9. Poivell, Christopher, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, £7 yearly; also livestock and household
goods. My brother, John Powell, part of my plantation. Brother,
Jacob, land. Brother, Joseph, rest of plantation. Cousin, Virgin
Gaskill, the daughter of Joseph Gaskill, £10, when 18. Sister, Sarah
Powell, £10. Cousin, Hannah Powell, daughter of my brother, John
Powell, £6, when 18. Executors — my wife, Sarah, and my brother,
Joseph. Witnesses — Isaac Powell, Jane Gaskill, John Burr, Jr. Proved
Jan. 3, 1763.

1763, Jan. 6. Inventory, £304.19.6, made by Thomas Budd and
Samuel Lippincott. Lib. 11, p. 247.

1770, June 7.. Powell, Elizabeth, of City of Burlington. Int. Adm'r
John Richardson. Fellowbondsman — Daniel Ellis; both of Burling-
ton Co. Lib. 15, p. 2.

1770, June 9. Inventory, £20.1.4, made by Isaac Heulings and
Joseph Richardson.

1770, Aug. 31. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 15, p. 48.

1766, June 23. Povrell, Isaac, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'x — Mar-
garet Powell, widow of Isaac. Fellowbondsman — James Powell; both
of said Co.

1766, June 9. Inventory, £492.7.9, made by James Powell, Isaiah
Younglove and Joseph Coulter. Lib. H, p. 620.

1703, Nov. 4. Powell, Jacob, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Mary, the bed she brought with her. Mentions
brothers, John and Joseph. Son, Samuel, a part of my plantation,
when 21. My son, Jacob, the rest of land. Wife, rest of personal.
Executors — my wife and my brother, Joseph. Witnesses — James
Budd, David Ewan. Proved Nov. 22, 1763.

1763, Nov. 21. Inventory, £120.7.4, made by James Budd and Ab-
salom Ewan. Lib. 11, p. 425.

176.5, April 12. Powell, John, of Mannington, Salem Co., taylor. Int.
Adm'rs — Ann Powell, of said place, widow, and John Dickeson, of
Alloways Creek, said Co. Fellowbondsmen — Elisha Bassett, Jr., and
John Johnson, both of Mannington; yeomen.

1765, March 27. Inventory, £139.16.9, made by John Roberts and
Elisha Bassett, Jr. Lib. 12, p. 175.


1755, Sept. 24. Pownall, Mary, of Chester, Burlington Co., widow;
will of. My sister, Ruth Atkinson, is deceased, and I give to her
daughters, viz., Rebekah Say and Ruth Bispham, and to my sister,
Rebeckah Potts, i^ of estate between them. Sister, Elizabeth Janney,
is deceased, and I give to her two daughters, Rebekah PooUy and
Elizabeth Stakehouse, the rest. Executors — Thomas Say, of Phila-
delphia, merchant, and Joshua Bispham, of Chester Twsp. in said Co.
Witnesses — Earl Shinn, Samuel Atkinson, John Cox. Proved May
10, 1763.

1763, April 25. Inventory, £967.11.6, made by Samuel Atkinson, Jr.,
and John Cox. Lib. 11, p. 334.

1758, June 30. Rraal, Aaron, of Somerset Co.; will of. WMfe,
Mary, £90, to be paid to her by my two sons, William George and
Hendrick Praal. Wife to have use of other estate while my widow.
To my son, Peter, my daughter, Mary, who married Henry Paynter,

Elizabeth, widow of John Bruse, and Antje, married to , of

Pennsylvania, £10 each. Daughter, Hansey, married to Folkert Buys,
a negro. My other estate I give to sons, William George and
Hendrick Praal, and daughter, Hansey. Executors — sons, William
George Praal and Hendrick Praal. Witnesses — William Ouke, John
Ouke. Proved May 17, 1766.

1766, May 5. Inventory, £455.7.5, made by Jacobus Messelar and
Jonathan Smith. Lib. I, p. 113.

1766, May 24. Prall, Henry, of Somerset Co.; will of. My mother,
Mary Prall, the use of real and personal, during her life. Brother,
Peter, and sisters, Mary Painter, Elizabeth Brees and Ann Whytey,
£10 each. Brother, William George Prall, and sister, Handershe
Buys. Executors — William George Prall and my brother-in-law,
Fulkert Buys. Witnesses — Isaac Brokaw, Jacobus Stryker, Hen-
drick Fisher. Proved April 23, 1767.

1766, Oct. 3. Inventory, £151.10.7, made by Hendrick Fisher and
Jacobus Messelar. Lib. I, p. 112.

1760, Sept. 20. Prall, Mary, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., widow;
will of. To three of my blood children, Elizabeth Prall, Benjamin
Prall and Jemime Prall, all my personal estate, which I have of
the estate of my husband, Aaron Prall, dec'd. If the said Benjamin
Prall receive of his brother, James Prall, from the estate of their
father the sum equal to one-third and half-third of my estate, then
Benjamin shall return his part of my estate to his sisters, Elizabeth
and Jemime Prall. Executor — Joseph Higgens. Witnesses — Edward
Prall, James Fulkerson. Proved Nov. 9, 1761.

1761, Nov. 9. Inventory, £262.10.6, made by John Stout and Ed-
ward Prall. Lib. 11, p. 137.

1761, May 12. Prall, Peter, of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Eldest son, Peter, ten shillings. Wife, Sarah, bed, etc. Sons,
Peter and Abraham, the land I purchased of my brother, John Prall.
Son, Aaron, the tract where he lives. Son, John, tract where he
lives. To my youngest son, Isaac, the homestead where I live, and he
is to provide for his mother. Daughters, Mary, Sarah and Cath-
erine, £50 each. The shares of Mary and Sarah, to be kept in the
hands of my Executors during their married state with their pres-



ent husbands; and, if Mary and Sarah should die, then their share to
become the right of each own's daughters named Sarah. Executors —
sons, Abraham and John. Witnesses — John Reading', Thomas Read-
ing, Jacob Mattison. Proved July 7, 1761.

Online LibraryNew Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc (Volume 4) → online text (page 41 of 73)