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Adm'r — Alexander Rogers, of said place. Fellowbondsman — Samuel
Fleming-, of Amwell, said Co. Lib. 14, p. 92.

1761, May 14. Rogers, Nathaniel, of Morris Co.; will of. Wife,
Jemima, % my place during her life time, and % the moveables.
Son, Jabesh, £7. Son, John, all my lands. To each of my sons,
Nathaniel, Benjamin, Simeon, Henry, Amos and David, £10, when of
age. Daughters — Phebe, Sarah, Elizabeth and Agnas, each £8. Ex-
ecutors — my wife and William Parrot. Witnesses — Jonathan Elmer,
William Johnston, Lewis Winans. Proved May 27, 1761.

Lib. H, p. 19.

1763, Dec. 29. Rog-ers, Samuel, of Newton, Sussex Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'r — Samuel Rogers. Fellowbondsman — Constant Hart; both
of said place, yeomen.

1762, Dec. 28. Renunciation by Margaret Rogers, the widow, in
favor of her son, Samuel Rogers. Witness — Isaac Hull.

1762, Oct. 16. Inventory, £21.11.3, made by Hezekiah Smith and
Constant Hart. Lib. 11, p. 288.

1761, March 9. Rogrers, Thomas, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Son,
Alexander Rogers, the part of the plantation over the river, in Leb-
anon Twsp., joining James Martin, and commonly called "The Island."
Second son, Samuel, the rest of said plantation. Son, Alexander, all
real and personal estate in Kingwood Township. Third son, John,
£200. Fourth son, William, £200. Daughter, Ruth Rogers, £100.
Executors — sons, Alexander and Samuel. Witnesses — Samuel John-
son, James Martin, Jr., Nathaniel Foster. Proved May 23, 1766.

Lib. 14, p. 88.

1762, July 26. Rogers, Thomas, of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'r — Alexander Rogers. Fellowbondsman — Samuel Rogers; both
of said place. Witnesses — Mary Severns and James Martin.

1762, Sept. 11. Inventory, £278, made by James Martin and John
Miller. Lib. 11, p. 337.

1768, April 3. Rolfe, Joseph, of Elsinboro, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Sister, Elizabeth Rolfe, the plantation where Jacob Evens
lives; also the land laying by John Ambler, when she is 18; but, if
she die, then I give it to Archable Rolfe, when 21; but, if he also
die under age, then I give it to Aaron Bradway's 3 sons, Aaron,
Edward and Thomas, when 21. To Aaron Bradway the rest of above
plantation, for taking care of my sister, Elizabeth Rolfe. Executor
— my father-in-law, Aaron Bradway. Witnesses — Hill Smith, Ann
Simmons, Richard Smith, Jr. Proved Dec. 17, 1770. Lib. 15, p. 236.

1762, IVov. 30. Rolph, Benjamin, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'r —
Moses Rolph, of Suffolk Co., New York. Fellowbondsman — George
Brown, of Middlesex Co.

1762, Nov. 29. Renunciation by Sarah Rolph, widow of Benjamin,
in favor of Moses Rolph. Witness — Joseph DeCamp. Lib. H, p. 203.

1766, Dec. 9. Rolph, Moses, Jr., of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will
of. To John Thomas DeCamp, the son of Joseph DeCamp, £30. To my
aunt, the widow Sarah Rolph, the remainder. I am concerned with


Joseph Stringham, Daniel Marsh and Samuel Moore in the sloop
called the "Success," and the share of the cargo belonging to me to
be sold. Executors — my friend, Joseph DeCamp, and my aunt, the
widow Sarah Rolph. Witnesses — Jonathan Bishop, Samuel Burwell,
Benjamin Moores, John Wright. Proved Dec. 22, 1766.

Lib. I, p. 15; Lib. I, p. 69.

1753, Oct. 13. Romym, Jan, of Bergen Co., yeoman; will of. Son,
Claas, 10 shillings. Of my personal and real estate, to son, John,
1/7 part; to son, Roelif, 1/7; to son, David, 1/7; to son, Isaac, 1/7;
to daughter, Rachel Van Giesen, wife of Joris Van Giesen, 1/7; to
daughter, Christina Vrelant, wife of Abraham Vrelant, 1/7, and to
grandchildren, children of my daughter, Anganitie Stegg, deceased,
late wife of Isaac Stegg, by name John, Isaac and Thomas Stegg,
1/7, when they are 21. Executors — sons, John and Roeliff. Witness-
es — Abraham N. Gouverneur, David Provoost, Jacob Roome. Proved
June 23, 1763. Lib. H, p. 350.

1769, April 4. Roo.sevelt, Nicholas, of New York City; will of.
Son, Nicholas Roosevelt, silver tankard and English Bible. Wife,
Elizabeth, old negro wench Grace. My wife and my daughter, Sarah,
are to have support, and my son, Nicholas, and daughter, Elizabeth,
to have support and education. If my daughter, Catherine Kirby,
become a widow, before the division of my estate, then she is to
have support. Then my real and personal I give to my wife, Eliza-
beth, and children, Catherine Kirby, Sarah Roosevelt, Nicholas
Roosevelt and Elizabeth Roosevelt, when Nicholas is 21. Mentions
husband of Catherine Kirby, but does not give name. Executors —
Abraham Duryee, Isaac Roosevelt and John Thurman, Jr., all of
New York City, merchants. Witnesses — Samuel Parmer, Samuel
Bayard, Rudolphus Ritzama.

1769, April 16. Codicil. Daughter, Catharine Kirby, £100. Wit-
nesses — Daniel Dunscomb, John Thurman, Jr., Cornelius Roosevelt.
Proved June 1, 1769. Lib. K, p. 100.

1761, April 9. Rope, Michael, of Greenwich, Sussex Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'rs — Magdalena Rope and Michael Rope. Fellowbondsman
— Peter Melick; all of said Co. Witness — Isaac Hull.

1760, Dec. 10. Inventory, £150.2.0, made by Godfree Melick and
John Sharp.

1762, Sept. 18. Account by both Adm'rs. . Lib. 10, p. 464.

1761, Feb. 2. Rosbrngh, William, of Sussex Co.; will of. To my
brother, John Rosebrough, £10. The rest to my wife, Jane, and my
3 children. Executors — my wife, and my brother, John Rosbrugh.
Witnesses — Robert Breden, Thomas Shields, Thomas Little. Proved
March 27, 1761.

1761, Feb. 6. Inventory, £407.4.6, made by Thomas Shields and
Thomas Likens. Lib. 10, p. 481.

1762, Jan. 14. Rose, Christopher, of Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'r —
Richard Laning. Fellowbondsman — Stephen Rose; both of Trenton,
said Co. File No. 578 J.



1768, May 36. Rose, Ezekiel, of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man; will of. Well advanced in years. Eldest son, Ezekiel, the
plantation in Hopewell, joining lands of John Phillips, Jonathan
Smith and others, he paying to his mother the % of the profits of
the place. Son, Jonathan, the plantation I live on, joining' lands of
William Rokefelt, Jonathan Borross and others, when he is 21, he
paying to his mother Vs. the profits. Son, Charles, £200, when he is
21. Daughter, Sarah Phillips, 20 shillings. Daughter, Hannah
Woolverton, 20 shillings. Daughter, Jean Quick, same amount.
Daughter, Rachel Rose, various goods. Daughter, Jarusia Rose, also
goods. Wife, Mary, is well provided for. Executors — Andrew Smith,
Jr., John Fidler and my son, Ezekiel. Witnesses — Andrew Smith,
Sr., Timothy Fidler, William Rockfaller. Proved Aug. 9, 1768.

1768, Aug. 2. Inventory, £528.1.11, made by William Rockfaller and
Nicholas Stillwell.

1773, June 14. Account by John Fidler and Ezekiel Rose.

Lib. 13, p. 454; Lib. 14, p. 514.

1762, Jan. 16. Rose, Samuel, of Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Co.
Int. Adm'x — Anna Rose, widow, of same place. Fellowbondsmen —
Joseph Price, of Hopewell, and George Tucker, of Trenton; both in
Hunterdon Co. Witness — Isaac Yard.

1762, Feb. 3. Inventory, £363.4.0, made by Joseph Parker and
Jeremiah Baker. Lib. 11, p. 133.

1768, April 19. Account by Anna Price, late Anna Rose, on estate
of Samuel Rose, as Administratrix

1768, Oct. 15. Rosekrons, James, of Wantage, Sussex Co., husband-
man; will of. Wife, Katharine, the best bed. Son, Daniel, daugh-
ters, Lenah, Blandenah and Kerche, each five shillings; and the rest
I give to my wife and my other children, John, Hezekiah, Aulidaw
(daughter), and Solomon; the last one being under age. Land has
been sold to Johanes Drake, for which he is to have title. Execu-
tors — wife, Katharine, and son, John. Witnesses — Jacob Middaw,
Deborah Middaw, John Herring. Proved Feb. 20, 1769.

1769, Jan. 2. Inventory, £422.3.0, made by George Cimber and
Samuel Melker. Lib. 13, p. 550.

1756, April 19. Rosell, Zaharlah, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary Rossell, one cow, and use of land I
bought of John Hilliard, while my widow. Daughter, Mary Rossell,
household goods. Grandson, Hezekiah Rossell, son of Joseph Ros-
sell, dec'd, 20 shillings. Son, Zacheriah Rossell, the said farm. To
sons, Zebulon, James and Barzillai, 20 shillings each. Daughter,
Mary Rossell, £3, when 18. Grandson, William Rossell, £5, when 21.
Executors — wife, Mary, and son, Zacheriah. Witnesses — Edward
Andrews, Sarah Woolman, John Woolman. Proved March 26, 1761.

Lib. 10, p. 328.

1768, Sept. 1. Ross, Georgre, of Springfield, Borough of Elizabeth,
Essex Co.; will of. Daughter, Susanna, £10, and what I have on my
book against her. Son, William, £120, and the account against him.
Daughter, Joanna, £50, and the account against her. Daughter,
Abigail, 5 shillings. Wife, Joanna, and daughters, Sarah and Nancy,
the rest of my moveable estate. Son, Jehiel, the new house, for ser-
vices done by him since he was 21; also 15 acres on which the house


stands, which land I bought of Timothy Whitehead; also 9 acres on
the mountains, which I purchased of Abraham Lacey; also % of
my tanyard. Son, Matthias, £20, for service he has done since 21.
I also give him 33 acres of land, lying between Joseph Wade and
Joshua Horton, which I bought of Joseph Wade and John Tucker.
Son, George, the rest of lands. Executors — my wife, and my son,
Matthias. Witnesses — Joseph Marsh, Ezekiel Cheever, Mary Pierson.
Proved Oct. 17, 1768. Lib. K, p. 46.

1765, Oct. 39. Ross, Jacob, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., printer;
will of. I order my board, lodging, washing and nursing to be paid
for to Mary Baldwin. Real and personal estate to be sold, except
my clothing. My oldest brothers, John, David and Andrew, one
shilling each. To William Baldwin my wearing apparel. My sisters,
Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Phebe and Joanna, rest of my estate. Execu-
tors — friends, Andrew Ross and Mary Baldwin. Witnesses — Saly
Baldwin, Benjamin Wlnans, John Chetwood. Proved Oct. 25, 1766.

1766, Oct. 23. Inventory, £82.4.4, made by George Badgley and
Nathaniel Higgins. Lib. I, p. 144.

1764, Nov. 6. Ross, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Son, James, my apparel. My personal and real estate and my right
in the boat called "Huming Bird," to be sold. Wife, Ursilla, £20.
Daughter, Mary, £30. The rest of money to my wife and daughters,
Mary and Jane. Executors — my son, James Ross, of Piscataway;
John Ross, son of my brother, John Ross, deceased, and David Crow.
Witnesses — Janes Drake, Lewis Stelle, Joseph Davis. Proved Nov.
28, 1764.

1764, Nov. 30. Inventory, £, made by Jeremiah Manning
and Robert Martin. Lib. H, p. 471.

1768, Nov. 15. Ross, Marcy, of Lower Precinct, Cape May Co.,
widow; will of. Daughter, Priscilla Reyney, the house and land
where she lives, she paying to her brother, Jeremiah Eldredge, £26.
Daughters, Priscilla Reyney and Sarah Ewings, my apparel. Son,
Jeremiah Eldredge, residue, but, if he die before 21, then his share
to my children, Aaron Eldredge, Jacob Eldredge, Priscilla Reyney
and Sarah Ewings. Executors — sons, Aaron Eldredge and Jeremiah
Eldredge. Witnesses — Christopher Poster, Francis Taylor, Abishai
Stiles. Proved July 26, 1769.

1769, July 25. Inventory, £273.0.4, made by Christopher Foster and
Richard Stiles. Lib. 14, p. 194.

1766, Dec. 24. Ross, Thomas, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co.;
will of. Wife, Sarah, use of real, that is not ordered sold. My home-
stead to be divided into two equal parts, and the part that joins
Mathias Crane to be sold. The land lying in Elizabeth Town, which
I bought of Ephraim Terrill, to be sold. Rest of my homestead to
my daughter, Phebe. I am bound to pay debts for my son, David.
Executors — my wife and my friend, Stephen Parsell. Witnesses —
Humphere Spining, Ichabod Crane, John Chandler. Proved Feb. 4,
1767. Lib. I, p. 197.

1761, June 35, Ross, William, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x —
Margaret Ross. Fellowbondsman — James Hedges; both of said Co.
Witnesses — John Eldredge and Christopher Foster.

1761, May 25. Inventory, £51.1.7, made by James Hedges and John
Eldredge. Lib. 11, p. 71.



1761, Dec. 28. Rouse, John, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'r
— John Opdyck. Fellowbondsman — Samuel Furman; both of Amwell,
said Co. Witness — Joseph Warrell.

1761, Dec. 26. Inventory, £61.11.4, of goods of John Rouse and
Deborah Rouse, his widow, both of Amwell Twsp., said Co., made by
Samuel Furman, Jr., and John Peters.

1765, Sept. 10. Account by Adm'r of goods of John Rouse, of Am-
well. Lib. 11, p. 133.

1766, July 30. Ro-n^land, Janie.s, of Salem Co., mariner. Int.
Adm'r — Jonathan Roberts. Fellowbondsmen — Andrew Peterson and
William Philpot, Jr.; all of Manington, said Co. Lib. 12, p. 316.

1760, April 10. Rowland, Jonathan, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Sons, James and Jacob, my lands. Elder son, Jonathan,
£150. Son, John, £100, but, if he die before the end of two years,
then the same to be given to his children, son Marvin, and three
daughters. Son, Samuel, £40. Wife, Mary, % the household goods.
Daughter, Deborah, £20. Granddaughter, Phebe Pearson, 20 shillings.
Executors — sons, Jonathan and James. Witnesses — Richard Car-
man, Samuel Herriot, Richard Carman, Jr. Proved March 28, 1761.

1761, March 29. Inventory by [names not given]. Lib. G, p. 408.

1767, Nov. 30. Royal, William, of Upper Alloways Creek Twsp.,
Salem Co. Int. Adm'x — Hannah Royal, of said place, widow. Fel-
lowbondsmen — Jonathan Stratton, of Deerfield, yeoman, and John
Woodruff, of Hopewell, Cumberland Co., yeoman.

1767, Dec. 7. Inventory, £104.1.7, made by Joseph Van Meter and
James Crommey. Lib. 13, p. 333.

1763, Sept. 30. Rnbel, George, of Tewksbury Twsp., Hunterdon
Co., yeoman; will of. Eldest son, Anthony, 30 shillings. To Marlena
Schryner, daughter of John Schryner, £15, when 18. The 400 acres
of land to my three sons, Anthony, John George and William. Wife,
Anne Eve, the moveable estate. Executors — sons, Anthony and John
George. Witnesses — John Counce, John Denis, William Schuiler.
Proved Nov. 15, 1763. Lib. 11, p. 535.

1767, Feb. 24. Ruddarow, John, of Chester Twsp., Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, Joseph, 125 acres on west branch of Pen-
sawking Creek, and is to pay my daughter, Susannah, £15. Son,
Samuel, 125 acres on said creek, and is to pay to my grandson, Joshua
Ruddarow, £5, when 21. Daughter, Grace, the wife of John Wilson,
5 shillings. Daughter, Mary, the wife of Samuel Thomas, 5 shillings.
Daughter, Hannah, the wife of Francis Wilson, £10. Daughter, Sarah,
the wife of William Vanhorn, £10. Daughter, Elizabeth, the wife
of James Wilson, £10. Daughter, Ruth, the wife of Darious Vane-
man, £10. Daughter, Susannah; Ruddarow, £15 and furniture. My
daughter, Hannah, % my pewter. Executor — my son, William, who
is to have rest of estate. Witnesses — Ephraim Stiles, Mercy Stiles,
Enoch Roberts. Proved June 13, 1769.

1769, June 10. Inventory, £30.18.0, made by Enoch Roberts and
Ephraim Stiles. Lib. 14, p. 76.


1762, Dec 8. Rue, John and Blathlns, of Monmouth Co. Wards.
Children of William Rue, of said Co., deceased. John is aged 18
years and Mathias 16. Guardian — James Abraham, Jr. Fellowbonds-
man — James Abraham, Sr., both of Middlesex Co. "We, the under
subscribers, do choose James Abraham, Jr., for a Guardian to act
instead of mother, deceased." Signed by Ellen Rue, Ann Rue (these
are of age), John Rue and Mathias Rue. Lib. H, p. 204.

1765, May 20. Rue, Jo.seph, of Southward of Perth Amboy, Middle-
sex Co.; will of. My plantation, lying along Manalopan, known by
the name of Grape Vine Neck, to be sold. The plantation which I
purchased of William Ferine I have conveyed to my son, John Rue.
Wife, Sarah, shall enjoy the rest of my estate. The 200 acres where
I live, which was conveyed to me by my father, John Rue, she is-
to enjoy. What is left, after my wife's death, I give to my children,
Matthew, William, Joseph, Abigail (now Abigail Ferine), Ann Rue
and Mary Rue. My part of the mine at Somerset, known as Leon-
ard's Mine, I give to my three sons. Executors — wife, Sarah, and
my friends, William Laird, Sr., and Matthew Rue, blacksmith. Wit-
nesses — James Rue, James Bradshaw, Bryan Gollohar. Froved June
5, 1765.

1765, June 6. Inventory, £366.17.8, made by James Dey and John

1768, March 24. Account by Executors. "Paid Margaret Rue,
daughter of Mathew Rue, deceased." Lib. H, p. 534.

1766, Jane 28. Rue, Mathew and Rachel, of Monmouth Co. Wards.
Children of William Rue, of said Co. Guardian — William Ferrine, of
Upper Freehold, said Co. Fellowbondsman — John Rue, of said Co.

Lib. H, p. 620.

1757, May 27. Rue, William, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., carpen-
ter; will of. Wife, Elizabeth Rue, all my estate, while my widow.
Sons, John, Mathias and Mathew, all my lands. Daughters, Elizabeth
Rue, Eleanor Rue, Anne Rue, Rachel Rue and Mary Rue, moveable
estate, after their mother's death. Executors — my wife and brother,
Joseph Rue. Witnesses — John Truax, Joseph Newton, James Abra-
ham, Jr. Froved Oct. 4, 1761. Lib. H, p. 37.

1761, Nov. 27. Rnm.sey, Charles, of Filesgrove Twsp., Salem Co.,
weaver; will of. Wife, Susannah, my plantation till my son, Daniel,
is 21, when I give it to him; said place contains 75 acres. My wife is
to be at cost of bringing up my three youngest children, which are
hereafter named, till they are 18. To my wife and to my daughters.
Prudence, Hannah, Rebecca, Mary, and to my sons, Robert and Ben-
jamin, and daughters, Grace and Elizabeth, my moveable estate, when
they are of age. Executor — my friend, Jacob Davis. Witnesses —
Samuel Moore, John Gray, Jacob Barber. Proved Feb. 6, 1762.

1761, Dec. 8. Inventory, £99.15.2, made by Elisha Bassett and Sam-
uel Lippincott.

1764, Jan. 20. Account by Executor. Legacies were paid to
Prudence Rumsey, Hannah Rumsey and Rebecca Rumsey.

Lib. 11, p. 30.



1769, Nov. 13. Rumsey, Daniel, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Who is
heir-at-law of Sarah Millar, his aunt, of said Co., widow, deceased.
Said ward makes choice of William Hugg and John Sparks as his
Guardians, till he is 21. Witness — Joseph Hugg.

1769, Nov. 13. Guardians — William Hugg, of said Co., and John
Sparks, of Deptford, said Co. Fellowbondsman — Arthur Hamilton,
of said Co., yeoman. Witnesses — John Ladd and Joseph Ladd.

Lib. 14, p. 125.

1770, Jan. 23. Runyon, Thomas, of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co.,
taylor; will of. Son, Absolem, my apparel. Two youngest daugh-
ters, Catherine Runyon and Rachel Runyon, household goods. Real
estate to be sold. Children, Absolem, Rosanna (wife of Francis
Peirce), Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Jewel), Sarah (wife of Adam
Conrod), Catherine Runyon and Rachel Runyon. Executor — son,
Absalom. Witnesses — Daniel Cahill, William Morrison, Charles Hoff.
Proved March 31, 1770.

1770, March 12. Inventory, £48.11.4, made by John Mullinner and
Daniel Cahill.

1771, June 5. Account by Executor. 150 acres of land sold for
£225. Lib. 14, p. 256; Lib. 14, p. 406.

1761, June 29. Rusco, Nathaniel, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.
Int. Adm'x — Sarah Rusco, the widow,, of New York City. Fellow-
bondsman — Joseph Woodruff, Jr., of Elizabeth Town, merchant. Wit-
ness — John Blanchard. Lib. H, p. 14.

1769, Sept. 21. Rnss, Martin, of Bergen Co. Int. Adm'x — Margaret
Russ, of Ramapogh, Saddle River Precinct, said Co. Bondsman — John
Russ, of same place. Witnesses — Jacob Horman and Lawrence Van-

1769, Oct. 13. Inventory, £169.16.5^, made by Henry Brickman
and Harmanus Wanamaker. File No. 858-862 B.

1762, April 17. Russell, Charles, of Hardwick, Sussex Co. Int.
Adm'r — George Silverthorn. Fellowbondsmen — Thomas Newman and
Abram Giles; all of said Co., yeomen.

1762, April 16. Renunciation by Sarah Russel, in favor of George
Silverthorn. Witnesses — Thomas Newman and Abraham "Goyls."

1762, April 16. Inventory, £9.16.7, made by Thomas Newman and
Abraham Giles. Lib. 11, p. 290

1761, July 14. Russell, James, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will
of. To each daughter, £10. Rest to my sons and they are to provide
for their mother. Executors — my wife, Abigal, and her brother,
Josiah Halstead, and Josiah Holmes. Witnesses — James Simpson,
Timothy Halstead, Josiah Holmes. Proved Aug. 4, 1761.

Lib. H, p. 113.

1767, April 7. Rust, Albert, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co., yeoman;
will of. Friend, Anthony Roree, all real and personal after debts
are paid. Executors — said Anthony Roree. Witnesses — Rebecca
Bateman, Amos Bateman, Joseph Norbury. Proved April 21, 1767.

1767, April 13. Inventory, £22.8.6, made by Joseph Ogden and
Ephraim Harris. Lib. 13, p. 167.


1762, Nov. 29. Rntan, Daniel, of Morris Co. "Ward, aged 15 years,
and one of the children of Peter Ratan, of said Co., deceased.
Guardian — Thomas Baker, of Essex Co. Fellowbondsman — William
Calwall, of Morris Co. Lib. H, p. 203; File No. 177 N.

1761, Feb. 23. Rutan, John, of Morristown, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Sarah, use of my plantation for 13 years, and then she is to
have % of the same. Daughter, Sarah, £10, at her marriage. At
the end of 13 years my daughters, Rachel, Elizabeth and Mary, to
have £10 each. When the plantation is sold the money to be di-
vided between my daughters, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth and Mary.
Son, John, £30, when 21. Son, John, to have my plantation in Hemp-
shire Co., in Virginia. Executors — wife, Sarah, and my friend, Elias
Soullud. Witnesses — James Calwall, William Broadwell, Zacheriah
Vansickel. Proved April 3, 1761.

1761, March 30. Inventory, made by John Carl and Abraham
Rutan. Lib. G, p. 414.

1763, Sept. 4. Rutan, John and Peter, of Morris Co. Petition of
Kennedy Vance, Mica Howell, John Maxfell, Jr., William Baker,
James Calwall, Thomas Cushman and Jonathan Littell, praying that
Thomas Baker may be appointed Guardian of John Rutan and Peter

1762, Nov. 15. It is ordered that the above request be granted and
that their eldest brother, Daniel, also have a Guardian appointed.

File No. 177 N.

1767, An^. 24. Rntherford, Samnel, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Mary, all real and personal estate. Son, Samuel,
Ensign of the 15th Regiment, £200, and all my military arms and
musical instruments. Executors — Elijah Bond, of Nottingham, in
Burlington Co., and my wife, Mary. Witnesses — David Pinkerton,
Isaac Smith, Richard Cox. Proved Oct. 24, 1767. Lib. 13, p. 271.

1767, Nov. 12. Ryker, E:ilzabeth, of Newton, Sussex Co. Int.
Adm'r — Alpheus Gustin. Fellowbondsman — Francis Price; both of
said place. Witness — Thomas Biggs.

1767, Nov. 10. Inventory, £7.2.7, made by John Dewitt and Francis

1770, Jan. 15. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 13, p. 279; Lib. 15, p. 16.

1760, Sept. 13. Rynearson, Tunis, of Somerset Co.; will of. My
friends, Jacob Pontine and Jaremy Stilwill, all my real and personal
estate. Executors — said Jacob Fontine and Jaremy Stilwell. Wit-
nesses — John Probasco, Jacobus Stryker, Mary Covert. Proved April
29, 1761. Lib. G, p. 432.

176.%, June 23. Ryner, James, of Burlington, baker; will of. To
the poor of this city 10 shillings' worth of bread, after my funeral
is over. As gratitude for the friendship and trouble she has been at for
me, I give the interest of £5 to Ann Price, the wife of Ralph Price.
To James Cullum, £5. Rest to be used for bread for the poor.
Executor — William Skeeles. Witnesses — James Craft, Daniel Bacon,
Mary Peacock. Proved July 8, 1765.

1765, July 8. Inventory, £47.14.0, made by Thomas Rodman and
Daniel Bacon. Lib. 12, p. 122; File No. 7857 C



1767, Oct. 28. St. Clair, Joihn, now of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.,
Baronet, Deputy Quartermaster General, to his Majesty's Forces in
America; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, commonly called Lady St. Clair,
1,714 pounds and five shillings, to malte up 4,286 Spanish milled dol-
lars, which is equal to £1,000, and my plate, goods, etc. Son, John
St. Clair, all my real estate and £2,571 (is not yet 10 years of age).
If my wife and son both die before he is 21, then my estate to go,
% to Maria Gage, daughter of Major General Thomas Gage; % to
Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of Andrew Elliott, Esq., Collector of his
Majesty's customs for the Port of New York, and the other Vi to
Lauchland McClean, Deputy Secretary of State. My wife. Col. Rich-
ard Maitland and Andrew Elliott, Esq., to be Guardians of my son,

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