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my lands. Executors — friend, Benjamin Bonnel, and my son, Simeon.
Witnesses — John Clark, Samuel Ross, Jeremiah Clark. Proved May
4, 1768. Lib. I, p. 308.

1765, Aug. 22. Simpson, Eleanor, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Son, James Simpson, 5 shillings. Granddaughter, Susannah
Robison, apparel, household goods, etc., when she is 18; but all to
be left in care of Elizabeth Tucker, the wife of Samuel Tucker; and
if said granddaughter die before 18, then all to be given to my grand-
daughter, Sarah Simson, daughter of James Simson. Executor — John
Ely. If Elizabeth Tucker declines to take charge of the goods, then
I desire Maccy Norton to do so instead. Witnesses — Aaron Forman,
John Mounteer. Proved Oct. 14, 1765.

1768, April 23. Account by Sarah Ely, Executrix of John Ely, who
was sole Executor of Eleanor Simson.

Lib. 12, p. 255; Lib. 13, p. 333.

1768, June 1. Sims, Abner, of Mannington, Salem Co., carpenter;
will of. Son, Joshua Sims, that part of my lands lying on the south
side of the Branch, the run to be the line up to the old bridge, from
thence to land of John Sims; also land joining on Abel Smith; also
a lot of woodland on the west end of Samuel Sims. To my eldest
son, Lewis Sims, rest of my lands. Lands are to be rented out, to
school my sons. Wife, Elizabeth, V2 my goods. Executors — my wife


and my son, Lewis. Witnesses — Daniel Smith, John Sims, Edward

1769, March 23. CodiciL Witnesses — John Sims, James Wright,
Edward Keasbey. Proved March 10, 1770.

1769, Nov. 3. Inventory, £345.8.9, made by Daniel Smith and James
Smith. Lib. 14, p. 209.

1764, Au^. 30. Siitison, James, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'x — Mar-
garet Simson, the widow of said James. Pellow^bondsman — Robert
Hewit, of Morris Co.

1763, Oct. 22. Inventory, £196.2.6, made by John Roy and Brice
Riky. Lib. H, p. 353.

1766, Jnly 16. Simson, Samuel, of Hardwick, Morris Co. Int. Adm'x
— Catharine Simson. Fellowbondsman — Daniel Landon; both of Hard-
wick, Sussex Co.

1766, July 2. Inventory, £52.16.1, made by Daniel Landon and John

1767, June 4. Accounfi by Catharine Simson. Lib. 12, p. 433.

[No date]. Sinniek, Andrew, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co., farmer;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, my plantation while my widow. After
death, or marriage of said wife, I give said plantation of 150 acres
to William Tuft and his wife, Elizabeth. Granddaughters, Gartre and
Mary Besley, £80 each, when they come 21. Grandson, John Besley,
£25, when 21. I give my wife % of rest of personal estate, and the
rest to my granddaughters, Elizabeth Tuf, Garther Beasley and Mary
Besley. Executors — grandson, William Tuft, and my wife, Elizabeth.
Witnesses — John Firth, Henry Woodnutt, Thomas Rice. Proved Dec.
27, 1764.

1764, Feb. 18. Inventory, £156.1.10, made by Mounce Keen and
Robert Clark. Lib. 12, p. 130.

1762, Angr. 16. Sip, Arte, of Achquecknonk, Essex Co., yeoman;
will of. Son, Helmich Sip, 200 acres on which he lives, which were
bought of Christoffel Stynmetz. Son, John, 150 acres on which I
live, and the lots of 14 acres that joins the highway. Son, Helmich,
my land in the Commons of Achquecknonk. To my daughters, An-
natje Post and Jannitje van Houten, £110 each. Executors — my two
sons. Witnesses — David Marinus, Benjamin Dubois, Anna Marinus.
Proved Aug. 5, 1766. Lib. I, p. 64.

1760, Aprtl 19. Sip, Eida, of Town of Bergen, in Bergen Co., yeo-
man; will of. Eldest son, John, 20 shillings. Son, Cornelious, my
homestead where I live. Son, Gerrit, my orchard over the street.
Sons, Cornelious and Gerrit, land in Bergen, and land in Essex Co.,
and 3 horses, as each of my daughters had w^hen married. Daugh-
ter, Annatje, the wife of Leveyius Winne, % of other land in Ber-
gen Co., and daughter, Harrijantje, wife of Eyde Marcelious, 14 part,
and daughter, Jannetje, wife of Helmigle Vrelandt, %, part, and to
the child of my daughter Cattealyntje, deceased, late wife of Close
Vrelandt, when of age, % part. To sons, Johannes, Cornelious and
Gerrit, and daughters, Annatje, Harrejantje and Jannetje, and the
child of my daughter, Cattealyntje, deceased, rest of personal es-
tate. Executors — sons, Cornelious and Gerrit, and my son-in-law,



Leveyius Winne. Witnesses — David Abiel, Pieter Van Burthuysen,
Hendrick Van Winkle.

1761, March 7. Codicil. Grandson, Magheil Vrelandt, son of my
daughter, Cattealynte, deceased, a negro that is in possession of his
father. Class Vrelandt. Witnesses — David Abiel, Pieter Van Burt-
laayse, Abraham Pryer. Proved April 12, 1762. Lib. H, p. 138.

1765, Oct. 18. Skeeles, William, of City and Co. of Burlington;
will of. I desire a tombstone at the head of my grave, with the
inscription as I shall leave a copy of. My brother, Thomas Skeeles,
and his wife, both living at St. Ives, in Huntingtonshire, £20. My
brother-in-law, Samuel Prat, and his wife, Elizabeth, living at St.
Ives, £20. To my kinsman, Samuel Jackson Pratt, son of the said
Samuel and Elizabeth, £100. The rest of my personal estate to my
brother, Thomas Skeeles, in trust for his children, to be paid them
when 21, or the day of their marriage. Brother, Thomas Skeeles,
% of my real estate. Sister, Elizabeth Pratt, wife of Samuel Pratt,
Esq., 14 my real estate. Godson, William Skeeles, son of said Thomas
Skeeles, % of my real, when 21. To Ann Price, wife of Ralp Price,
shoemaker of this city, £20. To my housekeeper, £5. To Ralph Price,
one suit of apparel. Money to be sent to my devisees living in Eng-
land. Executors — friends, Thomas Rodman, Esq., Daniel Ellis, Esq.,
and Daniel Smith, Jr., all of Burlington. Witnesses — Levi Murril,
Ephraim Phillips and Samuel Scattergood. Proved Feb. 2, 1768.

1768, Jan. 29. Inventory, £812.2.4, made by William Smith and
Samuel How. Lib. 13, p. 300.

1760, July 8. Skinner, Elizabeth, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
widow; will of. I have by deed, , conveyed to my children, to wit,
Courtland Skinner, William Skinner, Stephen Skinner, John Skinner
and Gertruy de Skinner, all my land and interest in the manor of
Courtland, in New York, which I confirm. To Elizabeth Skinner,
daughter of Courtland, my son, £50. Daughter, Gertruyd Skinner,
my house and lot in Amboy, which I bought of Reverend Cook. Ex-
ecutors — my daughter, Gertruyd, and my son, Courtland. Witnesses
Alexander Campbell, Jonathan Deare, John Smyth. Proved June 2,
1763. Lib. H, p. 345.

1761, Dec. 24. Skinner, Richard, Jr., and Sarah. Wards. Petition
of Richard Skinner, Richard Skinner, Jr., and Sarah Skinner, states
that William Britton, formerly of Woodbridge, deceased, died in-
testate, leaving one son and one daughter, the said Sarah Skinner;
that the said son of said Britton has since deceased, whereby the
said Sarah hath become the sole heir to all the estate of her said
father, both personal and real; that the said Sarah hath married
the said Richard Skinner, Jr., both of whom are under age, and
the said Britton has left a very valuable estate, and it is necessary
that some person should take charge thereof, and the said Richard
Skinner, the elder, father to said Richard Skinner, Jr., being old
and infirm, therefore the petitioners desire that Abraham Clark, Jr.,
may be made Guardian of the estate of Richard Skinner, Jr., and
Sarah his wife, till they come of age.

1761, Dec. 24. Abraham Clark, Jr., of Elizabeth Town, appointed
Guardian of Richard Skinner, Jr., and Sarah Skinner. Pellowbonds-
man — Robert Ogden, of said town. Lib. H, p. 62.


1762, Aug. 2. Skinner, William, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
minister. Int. Adm'rs — Courtland Skinner and Stephen Skinner, two
of the sons of said William. Fellowbondsman — Andrew Smyth; all
of said place. Witness — John Smyth. Lib. H, p. 165.

1766, Jan. 16. Slater, William, of Kingwood Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; w^ill of. Wife, Jean, all moveable estate, and h^ the in-
come of the plantation where I dwell, till my youngest son, Peter,
comes of age, when plantation is to be divided between my eldest
son, Samuel, and my youngest son, Peter. My son, Thomas, and
my daughter, Mary, £100 each. Executors — my son, Samuel, and
Francis McShane. Witnesses — Lazarus Adams, Henry Heite. Proved
June 6, 1767.

1767, May 25. Inventory, £402.8.0, made by Daniel Leake and John
Taylor. Lib. 13, p. 197.

1764, Aug. 8. Slengerlandt, Samuel, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will
of. Wife, Marritje, use of all real and personal estate for her sup-
port and education of my daughter. Lea. Daughter, Lea, after wife's
death or marriage, all my estate; but, if she die, then £10 is to be
given to my brother, Niclaes Slengerlandt, son of Peter Slengerlandt;
and the rest to my wife; but, if she have no heirs, then to my brother,
Niclaes, and my sister, Elizabeth Ryerse. Executors — my wife and
brother, Niclaes, and Nathaniel Ford. Witnesses — David Marinus,
Dirk Francisco, Peter Roome. Proved Nov. 6, 1764. Lib. H, p. 553.

1764, Dec. 15. Sloan, Andrew, of Newtown Twsp., Gloucester Co.,
cordwainer; will of. Children, Jacob, Joseph, Hannah, Rachel and
David, all estate, after debts are paid. Daughters, Hannah and
Rachel, to have their mother's clothes. All my children to have their
shares when they are men and women. Executor — my friend, John
Branson. Witnesses — Robert Sloan, David Branson, Thomas Redman,
Jr. Proved Jan. 15, 1765.

1765, Jan. 5. Inventory, £219.2.6, made by David Branson and John
Mickle, Jr.

1772, Aug. 11. Account by John Branson, the Executor.

Lib. 12, p. 49; Lib. 14, p. 435.

1763, June 14. Sloan, James, of Newton, Gloucester Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'x — Mary Sloan. Lib. 11, p. 409.

1768, March 28. Sloan, James, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Son of
James Sloan, of said Co. He makes choice of John Hinchman, Esq.,
as his Guardian.

1768, March 28. Guardian — John Hinchman, of said Co. Fellow-
bondsman — Abraham Hewlings, of City of Burlington.

Lib. 13, p. 330.

1768, Aug. 21. Small, Jolin, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Ruth, use of my lands to bring up my younger chil-
dren. Son, William, use of house and 6 acres, where he lives. Son,
John, 6 acres joining William's. Son, Robert, also 6 acres. Daugh-
ter, Ruth Small, £5. Daughter, Mary, the wife of Thomas Archer, 20
shillings. My sons, Israel and Jonas, rest of lands. Executors —


wife, Ruth, and my friend, Edward Darnel, and my son, Israel. Wit-
nesses — Samuel Borton, William Borton, John Burr, Jr. Proved Feb.
27, 1769. Renunciation of Israel Small in favor of his mother and
Edward Darling-. Lib. 13, p. 510.

1769, Feb. 25. Inventory, £93.15.0, made by Samuel Garwood and
Abraham Borton.

1762, July 27. Smalley, Jonathan, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Son, Andrew Smalley, my lands and salt meadows; and he
is to pay to my son, John, £210, and to son, Jonatnan, £260, and to
my daughter, Hannah Fitz Randolph, £25, and to my daughter,
Martha Clawson, £25. My grandson, Jonas Smalley, eldest son of
my eldest son, Isaac, deceased, £10. To John Smalley, son of my
son, Isaac, 5 shillings. Granddaughter, Ann Smalley, daughter of
my son, Isaac, 5 shillings. Granddaughters, Mary Ruth and Eliza-
beth Ruth, each £5: Grandchildren, David Shreave, Sarah Shreave,
Elizabeth Shreave and Mary Shreave, each £5, when they come of
age. Executors — my son-in-law, Cornelius Clawson, and my friend,
Azariah Dunham. Witnesses — Lucas Voorhees, Henry Moore, John
Dennis. Proved April 27, 1763. Lib. H, p. 285.

1761, May 31. Smalley, Joshua, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will
of. I am in my 63rd year. Wife, Margaret, a bed and cow. Twenty-
one acres of land, where my son, Joshua, deceased, did live, to be
sold; also 3 acres of salt marshj in the Raritan Meadows, that I
bought of my brother, Isaac Smalley. Son, Isaac, to give his mother
support. Son, Isaac, rest of lands, and he is to pay my son, John,
£20. Daughter, Margaret Smalley, £30. Isaac is to pay to his sisters,
Anna Davis, Catron Thornton, Prudence Runyon and Mary Cox, £3
each. Grandson, Jacob F. Randolph, and my granddaughter, Mary
Smalley, £15 each, when of age. Executors — friend, Isaac Stelle,
Fitz Randolph Drake, and my son, Isaac. Witnesses — John Hardy,
William Thomson, Jonathan Hall. Proved Jan. 5, 1764. Lib. H, p. 482.

1770, Jan. 20. Smiley, Robert, of Tewksbury, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Adm'r — John Smiley. Fellowbondsmen — John Bender and Daniel
Handly; all of said Co.

1770, Jan. 27. Inventory, £226.19.11, made by John Mehelm and
John Wurts. Lib. 15, p. 3.

1760, May 24. Smith, Abljah, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. To my four children all my money, if my wife does
not wish it to bring up the children. Sons, John and Jesse, the land.
Wife, Mary, the moveable estate. Executors — my wife, Amos White
and Benjamin Woolley, Jr. Witnesses — Joel White, Joshua Boude,
Esebel Maccoy. Proved July 1, 1760, and March 3, 1761.

1760, July 2. Inventory, made by James W^oolley and Jacob

1765, June 19. Amos White and Benjamin Woolley, two of the
Executors, are cited to appear, upon the complaint of William War-
dell and Mary, his wife (late Mary Smith), that Amos and Benjamin
have the will in their possession and refuse to have it registered;
therefore they are cited to bring the will on July 6th next.

Lib. H, p. 476; Lib. H, p. 497.


1770, Oct. 25. Smith, Abraham, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife to have all the household goods and farming
utensils that she brought with her. Son, Nathaniel, the land I
bought of John Shepard and that I bought of Charles Dennes. Son,
Elias, £10. Son, Abraham, homestead where I formerly lived.
Daughter, Sarah Mulford, warming pan. Son, Elias, land where
Joab Sely formerly lived. Son, David, rest of land. Executor — son,
Abraham. Witnesses — Mark Reeve, Philip Shepard, John Jones.
Proved Dec. 13, 1770.

1770, Dec. 1. Inventory, £155.8.8, made by Daniel Dixson and Mark
Reeve. Lib. 14, p. 323.

1763, Nov. 2. Smith, Andrew, of Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Eldest son, Andrew, £5. Son, Jonathan, £5. Son,
George, £5. Daughter, Ann Titus, £5. Grandson, Jonathan Smith,
land whereon his father, Charles, lived, of 60 acres, when he is 21;
but, if he die, then my granddaughter, Rachel North, shall have said
land. Granddaughter, Rachel North, £20. Son, Timothy, rest of my
land. Executor — son, Timothy. Witnesses — Felix Lott, John Cor-
wine, Thomas Wilson. Proved April 24, 1767. Lib. 13, p. 220.

1763, March 15. Smith« Anne, late of Colony of New York, now
of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., widow; will of. Eldest son, Jacob
Carl, £10. Granddaughter, Anne, the daughter of my son, Thomas
Smith, my gold ring, when she is 18. My son, Thomas Smith, has
wife, Jamima. Rest of personal and real to son, Thomas Smith.
Executors — son, Jacob Carl, son, Thomas Smith, and Nehemiah Smith.
Witnesses — Samuel Bayles, Joseph Warne, Phebe Woolsey. Proved
April 27, 1763.

1763, May 16. Inventory, £332.16.0, filed by Cornelius Arven and
Charles McClean. Lib. H, p. 231.

1767, June 3. Smith, Benjamin, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Hannah, % of the moveable estate, and % the rents of my
real, as long as she lives. The rest of the rents are to be used to
bring up my children. What is not used to go to my four sons,
Caleb, Hyram, Benjamin and Richard, when the oldest is 21. The
child that is yet unborn is to have its share. My daughter, Eliza-
beth, £50, when 18. Executors — my wife, Samuel Smith and Aaron
Dod. Witnesses — Ebenezer Cobb, Isaac Sergeant, John Cobb. Proved
July 27. 1767. Lib. I, p. 188.

1762, Oct. 7. Smith, Caleb, of Newark, Essex Co., minister of Gos-
pel; will of. Wife, Rebecca, all which she brought to me; also Vs
of my land, bought of Robert Ogden, that is what it shall sell for.
Daughter, Anna, the books that were her mother's. Daughter,
Elizabeth, those books that were written by her grandfather, Dick-
inson. Daughter, Jane, books. To these my three daughters I
give the apparel and goods that were their mother's, and the silver
that was in the house before my second marriage. Son, Apollos,
£100. Children, Anna, Elizabeth, Jane and Apollos, rest of my es-
tate, when of age. My daughter, Anna, is to be put to the care of
my sister, Martha, the wife of Caleb Smith, of Smith Town. Daugh-
ter, Elizabeth, to be put to the care of my sister, Sarah, the wife
of Rev. James Sproutt, of Guilford, New England. Daughter, Jane,

NEW iersi:y colonial documents

1760, Deo. 7. Smith. Cnriiinn. of Cape May Co., yootiian; will of.
Paughter, Martha Smith, all my lands. Wife, Lydin, use of lands,
daughter. Mary, 5 shillings. Executors — my wife and my brother,
John Smith. Witnesses — Nathaniel Jenkins, Thomas Stites, Nathan
Stites. Proved May 6, 1761.

1761, June 4. Inventory, £122.8.10, made by Joshua HUdreth and
James Cresse. Lib. 10, p. 222.

1762, Nov. 15. Smith. Cnspep, of Deptford Township, Gloucester
Co., wheelwrigrht. Int. Adm'x — Abigail Smith, widow. Fellowbonds-
man — John Down, yeoman; both of said place. Witness — Sarah

1757, Nov. 29. Inventory, £47.2.6, made by Isaac Albertson and
Samuel Harrison, Jr. Lib. 11, p. 264.

1760, Oft. 14. Smith. ChriMteen. of Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Eldest son, John, 20 shilllngrs. Son, Lowdawick, £12. and to
son, Matthias, a like amount. Son, Abraham, £10. Son, Jacob, my
lands. My daughter, Christien Smith, bed, Bible, sheep, etc. Execu-
tor — son, Jacob. Witnesses — Joseph Hill, Daniel Robins, Mark Blair.
Proved Jan. 5, 1761.

1761, Jan. 3. Inventory, £217.14.6, made by Joseph Hill and
Mathias Smith. Lib. 10, p. 661.

1766, May 6. Smith, Daniel, of Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife,
Sarah, all my lands, swamps, beaches and marshes, and all moveable
estate. Executrix — my wife. Witnesses — Elizabeth Osborne, Mary
Dannally. Proved April 12, 176S. Lib. 13, p. 331.

176S. Nov. 24. Smith, Daniel, of Burlington, merchant; will of.
Granddaughter, Mary Lltefoot, £100. and goods enough for a room.
Granddaughter, Sarah, Lltefoot, £50. Daughter, Sarah Pemberton,
the residue. Executors — daughter, Sarah Pemberton, and my nephew,
Daniel Smith. Witnesses — John Carty, Joseph Ferguson, Jr., William
Smith. Proved March 28, 1769.

1769. April 4. Inventory, £1,126.1.8>^, made by William Smith and
John Hoskins. File No. 8593 C; Lib. 14, p. 29.

1769, Jan. 16. Smith, Daniel, of Gloucester Co. Ward. Son of
Richard Smith, of said Co. He makes choice of Philip Cresse as his

1769, Jan. 16. Guardian — Philip Cresse. Fellowbondsman — Nathan
Hand; both of Cape May Co., gentlemen. Witnesses — Jacob Hughes,
Jr., and Elijah Hughes. Lib. 13, p. 495.


1766, Oct. 1. Smith, BzekJel, of Stony Brook, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'rs — John Robins, of Monmouth Co., and John Hill, of Bucks Co.,
Pa. Fellowbondsman — Ezekiel Smith, of Hunterdon Co.

1766, Sept. 30. Inventory, £933.14.11, made by Edmund Bainbridge
and Joseph Olden. Lib. 12, p. 456.

1764, Marcb 8. Smith, George, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. To granddaughter, Margaret Hartshorne, £25. Grand-
son, Thomas Hartshorne, £25. My daughter, Elizabeth Fisher, £100.
To Stephen Edwards, £5. Son, James, my lands. Executors — friend,
Webley Edwards, and my son, James. Witnesses — Stephen Woolley,
Thomas Cooper, Margaret Tallman. Proved June 6, 1766.

1766, June 6. Renunciation by Webley Edwards. Lib. H, p. 625.

1762, Aug. 30. Smith, Hannah, of Newton, Gloucester Co., widow
of Richard Smith; will of. Daughter-in-law, Experience Smith, to-
gether with my own daughters, viz., Rachil, Judith and Hannah
Smith, to them share and share alike. My daughters are not 18.
Executors — my brother, John Summers, of Great Egg Harbor, and
my brother-in-law, Daniel Smith, of Cape May. Witnesses — Peter
Breach, Richard Weekes. Proved Oct. 9, 1762.

1762, Oct. 9. Inventory, £302.6.9, made by Jeremiah Smith and
Isaac Mickle. Lib. 11, p. 263.

1765, May 15. Smith, Hannah, of Windsor, Middlesex Co., widow.
Int. Adm'r — John Robins, of Freehold, Monmouth Co. Fellowbonds-
man — Joseph Reckless, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co.

Lib. 12, p. 113.

1764, May 29. Smith, Hendrick, of Mine Brook, Somerset Co.; will
of. Wife, Anna Cathrein Smith, to have her support on my planta-
tion, at the expense of my son, John George Smith; and he is to
have said place, he paying the mortgage on the said 317 acres; but
I reserve 70 acres at the upper end, which I conveyed some years
ago to Hendrick Smith and Peter Smith, my grandsons, which were
the sons of Peter Smith, deceased. Daughter, Anna Ursal Smith, £10.
Daughter, Mary Smith, £15. Daughter, Cathrien Smith, £10. Daugh-
ter, Margaret Smith, £10. Grandchildren, the children of my daugh-
ter, Elizabeth Smith, deceased, viz., Andrew Hamler, Mary Hamler,
Eve Hamler, Jacob Hamler, Peter Hamler, Nicholas Hamler and
Elizabeth Hamler, £10. The mortgage on my place is held by Alex-
ander Linn. Executors — son, John George Smith, Alexander Linn,
Leonard Straight, and my wife. Witnesses — William Linn, Aaron
Malick, Robert Allan, Jr. Proved Oct. 14, 1766.

1766, July 28. Inventory, £156.6.10, made by William Linn and
Aaron Melick. Lib. I, p. 23.

[No date]. Smith, Henry, of Roxbury Twsp., Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Hanner, to have all lands and moveables, to enable her to
bring up my young children. Executrix — wife, Hanah. Witnesses —
Ladey Darland, Charety Suten, Searey Anderson.

Codicil. (No date). To son, Henry, 5 shillings, when he comes
of age. Witnesses — William Dorland, Michel Abel, Searey Anderson.
Proved March 20, 1765.

1765, Jan. 2. Inventory, £86.11.8, made by Edward Wilmot and
William Dorland. Lib. 12, p. 138.


1762, Jan. 13. Smith, Jacob, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co. Int.
Adm'x — Elizabeth Smith, his widow. Fellowbondsman — John Cow-
ard; both of said place.

1761, Dec. 13. Inventory, £62.7.0, made by John Coward and Rich-
ard James.

1763, July 6. Account by Elizabeth Smith. Lib. 10, p. 434.

1763, Nov. 15. Smith, Jasper, of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co.,
wheelwright. Int. Adm'x — Abigail Smith. Lib. 11, p. 264.

1769, Nov. 29. Smith, Jasper, of Maidenhead Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
freeholder; will of. Oldest son, John, plantation where he lives. The
plantation where my second son, Jasper, was dwelling upon, when
he died, I give to his oldest son, Waters Smith. Third son, Thomas,
plantation where he lives. Fourth son, Samuel, 20 shillings. My
grandson, John Smith, my son Samuel's 4th son, 100 acres, taken
from my own plantation, where I live, and to be on the east side of
the road that leads from Trenton to Princeton; and my said grand-
son, John Smith, is to maintain his mother, Elizabeth Smith, his
father's wife; he is also to have a meadow of 4 acres, called the
"Widow Anderson's lot. My son, John's second son, Jasper, 2 acres
of meadow, joining the Widow Hunt's lot. My youngest son, Joshua,
the rest of plantation where I live; and he is to pay to my son,
Ralph (his brother), £100. Moveable estate to my sons, Samuel,
Ralph and Joshua. Executors — my son, Ralph, and my grandson.
Waters Smith. Witnesses — Daniel Peirson, Benjamin Vancleave,
William Ball.

1770, April 9. Renunciation by Waters Smith. Witnesses — Israel
Smith and Jean Smith.

1770, April 7. Renunciation by Ralph Smith. Witnesses — John
Biles and Samuel Smith.

1770, June 15. Adm'r — Joshua Smith, with will annexed. Fellow-
bondsmen — Christopher Howell, Jr., and Benjamin Vanclease. Wit-
ness — Abram Cottnam.

1770, March 29. Inventory, £154.11.0, made by Daniel Hunt and
Benjamin Vancleave.

1772, March 23. Account by Joshua Smith, Adm'r with will
annexed. Lib. 14, pp. 279, 420.

1762, Oct. 24. Smith, Jeremiah, of Turkeyhoe, Gloucester Co.; will
of. Wife, Abigail, £100, and negro girl called Tab, and use of planta-
tion, mill, etc., till my sons, Jeremiah and William, are 20, when
they shall have the same; and, if Jeremiah die, then his share shall
fall to his brother, James. If William die, then his share to fall
to his brother, Jesse. Rest to my children, Rebecca Smith, Abigal
Smith, James Smith and Jesse Smith, and the child that is yet not
born. Executors — my brothers, Jonathan Smith and Daniel Smith,
and, if either die, then my cousin, Thomas Smith, Sr., of Cape May, is
to be Executor. Witnesses — John Van Gelder, William McGlaughlin.

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