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Lib. I, p. 343.

1768, April 18. Waddingrton, William, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs —
Samuel Hancock and William Bradway, both of Alloways Creek, said
Co. Pellow^bondsmen — Nathaniel Hancock, of said place, and Thomas
Goodwin, of Town of Salem. 'Whereas, William Waddington, by will
made Elizabeth his wife, sole Executrix, and she died after probate
intestate; therefore the above Adm'rs are now appointed.'

Lib. 13, p. 410.

1760, Jan. 7. Wade, Robert, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Sarah, use of % my land. Granddaughter, Sa-
rah Cherry, £20. Granddaughter, Sarah Brown, £5, when 18. Son,
Daniel, plantation w^here I live and the swamp on the other side of
the way, joining land of John Wade, Jotham Clark and Benjamin
Wade, which is 18 acres. Sons, Henry and Daniel, two lots of salt
meadow, of 15 acres; also one joining to the Oyster Creek, of 6
acres. Son, Benjamin, salt meadow that joins Bound Creek, of 7
acres. My son, Daniel, and my daughter, Patiensce, wife of Josiah
Woodruff, moveable estate. Executors — friend, Timothy Whitehead,
and my son, Daniel. Witnesses — Andrew^ Whitehead, Timothy White-
head, Jr., Elias Whitehead. Proved Aug. 18, 1766.

1766, Aug. 21. Inventory, £53.0.7, made by Nathaniel Ball and
Amos Day. Lib. I, p. 43.

1770, May 18. Wadlin, Anthony, of Northampton Twsp., Burlington
Co. Int. Adm'r — Zachariah Prickett, of said Twsp., yeoman. Fel-
lowbondsman — Thomas Shinn, of Mount Holly. Lib. 15, p. 47

1770, Oct. 15. Wag-f^oner, Harman, of Fairfield, Cumberland Co.
Int. Adm'r — Thomas Whitecur. Fellowbondsmen — David Husted
and Samuel Bennett; all of said place.

1770, Oct. 9. Inventory, £82.14.7, made by David Huested and Sam-
uel Bennett. Lib. 15, p. 68.

1764, June 1.3. Waldron, Frans, of Somerset Co.; will of. Eldest
son, Samuel Waldron, £3 after my wife's decease. Wife, Catline, the



profits of my real and personal estate, while she is my widow. Son,
Samuel, the east Vz of my farm where I live, and it is to include Sam-
uel's house. Son, Jerome, the other half of said place. Son, John,
the farm I lately purchased of John Hazlet, on Muskenekung Hill. Son,
"William, £100. Children, Nelthe, Neiche, Samuel, Jerome, Johanis
and William, each to have inoney. Executors — wife, Catline, son,
Samuel Waldron, and Jerome Waldron. Witnesses — John Vannest,
Susannah Haw^kins, Jacob Mattison. Proved June 11, 1765.

1765, April 16. Inventory, £390.5.1, made by Derek Marlatt and
Rem Lupardus. Lib. H, p. 508.

1758, Oct. 20. Wales, Jo|hn, of Essex Co., joyner; will of. Wife,
Hana Wales, l^ of the personal. To Mary Carter, a bed. To David
Wales, £5. To George Wales, £15. My son James Wales all my
fast estate. Executors — John Condet, Benjamin Johnson and James
Wales. Witnesses — William Ennis, Richard Ennis. Proved Jan. 5,
1770. Lib. K, p. 195.

1761, Ang. 15. Walker, William, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co..
yeoman; will of. All lands and moveables to be sold. Daughter,
Sarah, £60, when 18. Sons, John, and Samuel, the residue. Execu-
tors — John Moors, Joseph Shotwell, Jr. Witnesses — Daniel Shot-
well, Jonathan Beesly, James Kealley. Proved April 20, 1762.

Lib. H, p. 90.

1766, Nov. 9. W^allaee, Benjamin, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co.; will of.
Wife, Martha, her right in land and goods, while my wridow. My
daughter, Rebekah Wallace, bed, etc. Son, John, the land where I
live. Daughter, Elizabeth Wallace, 2 cows. To my younger chil-
dren, Mary, Jane and Martha Wallace, other goods. Son, James, a
pair of bullocks. Youngest son, Thomas, £15 when 21. Executors —
my wife and son, John. Witnesses — Thomas Kelly, Thomas Carney,
John Walker. Proved Dec. 22, 1766.

1766, Dec. 10. Inventory, £243.4.1, made by John Dickeson and
Thomas Carney. Lib. 13, p. 185.

1767, Feb. 4. W^allace, Hope and Mary, both of Burlington Co.
Wards. Children of Thomas Wallace, both under 14. John Wallace
and Joshua Lippincott make petition, in which they state that
Thomas Wallace appointed them, together with Hope, his wife, as
his Executors, but the petitioners have not meddled with the estate,
and by their consent the widow hath taken possession of the same,
but has again married, and the estate of the children may be in
danger; and now they pray that Isaac Evans and Micajah Wills may
be appointed their Guardians.

1767, Feb. 4. Guardians — Isaac Evans and Micajah Wills, both of
Evesham, said Co., yeomen. Pellowbondsmen — Joshua Lippincott, of
said place, yeoman, and John Wallace, of Waterford, Gloucester
Co., yeoman. File 952 H.

1767, Oct. 9. W^allin, John, of Burlington. Int. Adm'r — Isaac
HeulingS/ Fellowbondsman — Abraham Hewlings; both of said city.

1767, Oct. 7. Renunciation of Hope Wallln (the widow) in favor
of Isaac Hewlings. Lib. 13, p. 105.


1767, May 36. WalUng, Gershoni, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.
Int. Adni'rs — Thomas Craven, of Somerset Co., and Thomas BuUman,
of Monmouth Co.; both sons-in-law. Fellowbondsman — John Wall,
of Monmouth Co.

1767, May 10. Inventory, £79.7.5, made by John Walling and Joel
Beddel. (Account was filed by Thomas Craven; without date).

Lib. I, p. 109.

1769, Feb. 8. Walling, Jonathan, of Greenwich Twsp., Cumberland
Co., yeoman; will of. Sons, Ladus, and Jonathan, the plantation
where I live; and Jonathan is to have the part with the buildings,
and Ladus is to have 30 acres more than Jonathan. To my daughter,
Cynthus, £100. Daughter, Mary, £100, when she is 18. My wife is to
have her dower. Executrix — my wife, Mary. Witnesses — Thomas
Ewing, Sarah Woodruff, Joseph Norbury. Proved March 18, 1769.

1769, March 15. Inventory, £317.5.6, made by Thomas Ewing and
Enos Woodruff. Lib. 14, p. 4.

1763, Oct. 30. Walling, Sarah, of Greenwich, Cumberland Co. Int.
Adm'r — Jonathan Walling. Fellowbondsman — Enos Woodruff; both
of said Greenwich, yeomen. Witness — Thomas Ewing.

1763, Oct. 18. Inventory, £99.16.9, made by Thomas Ewing and
Enos Woodruff.

1764, Oct. 23. Account by Adm'r. Lib. 11, p. 475.

[No date]. W^alling, Thomas, of Cumberland Co., shopkeeper; will
of. Brother, Jonathan Walling, and sister, Mary, each 5 shillings.
To the child my wife goes with, £50. Wife, Sarah, rest of estate.
Executor — wife, Sarah. (Will not signed and has no witnesses).
Proved Oct. 10, 1761, by Jonathan Walling, brother to testator, and
by Thomas Ewing, a near neighbor, who said they knew his writing.

1761, June 30. Inventory, £322.19.3, made by Theophilus Elmer and
James Ray. Lib. 11, p. 156.

1767, May 15. Wallis, W^ilUam, of Woolwich, Gloucester Co.; will
of. Daughter, Susanah, £10. Daughter, Margaret, £10. Daughter,
Bettey, £10. Son, William, remainder, when he is 21. Executor —
friend, David Davis. Witnesses — Peter Louderbach, Francis Chattin,
Isaac Richman. Proved Dec, 6, 1768.

1769, April 3. Inventory, £428.11.9, made by Isaac Barber and John
Hoffman. Lib. 13, p. 482.

1766, June 21. W^alters, Thomas, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Percilah, all my real and personal estate. Executors —
my said wife and Henry Woolsey, of Pennington. Witnesses — Abner
Phillips, John Bainbridge. Proved Feb. 16, 1767.

1767, Feb. 16. Inventory, £216.12.5, made by Ralph Hunt and
Azariah Hunt. Lib. 13, p. 218.

1770, Oct. 19. W^alton, John, Jr., of Morristown, Morris Co. Int.
Adm'rs — Elizabeth Walton and Ezekiel Goble; both of said place.

Lib. K, p. 256.

1765, July 30. Walton, Mary, of New York City; will of. Widow
of William Walton, of said City, merchant. To my grandson, Wil-
liam Walton, land and buildings on Duke St., New York City, and



possessed by Philip John Livingston. To my grandchildren, Mary
Morris, Magdalene Johnston and Catherine Thompson, my apparel,
plate and household goods. Daughter, Cornelia Walton, wife of my
late son, William Walton, £50. Of the rest of my estate I give %
part to my grandson, William Walton, and % part to my grandson,
Jacob Walton, and % part to my grandson, Thomas, and % part to
my grandson, Gerrard, and % part to my grandson, Abraham, and %
part to my granddaughter, Mary Morris, and % part to my grand-
daughter, Magdalene Johnston, and % part I direct my executors to
put at interest and pay the interest to my granddaughter, Catha-
rine Thompson, and, at her death, the principal to be paid to her
children. As James Thompson, the husband of Catharine, has re-
ceived large sums, it is now understood that the above legacies to
Catharine and her children are upon the conditions that James or
Catharine, or both, shall release and discharge the estate of my son,
William, and discharge my grandson, William, and also the represen-
tatives of my son, Jacob, dec'd, from all demands, which James and
his wife may have. Whereas Lewis Morris, husband of my grand-
daughter, Mary Morris, is indebted to me for £274 lent him in 1755,
and also for other sums, I now order same to be deducted from the
share of Mary Morris. Executors — grandsons, W^illiam Walton and
Jacob Walton. Witnesses — Robert Waddell, Robert Cocks, Benjamin
Jones. Proved Sept. 13, 1768.

1768, Aug. 25. Codicil. Witnesses — James Wilmot, James Beek-
man, Robert Waddell. Proved Sept. 13, 1768. Lib. I, p. 337.

1768, June 8. Walton, William, Esq., of New York City; will of.
Wife, Cornelia, house and lot where I live, except the water lot in
rear. Wife is also given several servants, wine and family stores;
also £700 yearly. Nephew, Jacob Walton, land on Water St., which
is bounded by my brother, Jacob, deceased; also the right to purchase
from the City ground under the water in East River, fronting 2 lots
of my late father, William Walton. Nephew, Thomas Walton, £1,000.
Nephew, Gerard Walton, £1,000. Niece, Mary, the wife of Lewis
Morris, Esq., £500. Niece, Magdelane, the wife of David Johnston,
£500. My niece, Catherine, the wife of James Thompson, on his
decease, £5,000. Nephew, William Walton, £500. Nephew, Jacob
Walton, £7,000. Friend, Charles Hicks, of Mount Misery, in Flushing,
£5. After death of my wife I give my nephew, William Walton, the
house where I live, and, after his death, to my grandnephew Wil-
liam Walton, his son; and, if he die, then to my nephew, Jacob Wal-
ton; and, if he die, then to my grandnephew William Walton, son of
Jacob. Grandnephew, James Delancey Walton, son of my nephew,
William Walton, household goods. Executors — my nephews, W"illiam
Walton and Jacob Walton. Witnesses — James Roosevelt, Jr., Thomas
Shreve, Whitehead Hicks. Proved July 25, 1768. Lib. I, p. 288.

1763, July 3. Wamback, George W^illlam, of Amwell Twsp., Hun-
terdon Co., yeoman; will of. My 212 acres in said Twsp., that I pur-
chased of William Scouley and Jacob Burcham, I give to my 3 chil-
dren, Henry, Elizabeth and Mary Wamback. Wife, Margret, £100.
Son, Antoney, is not capable of providing for himself, therefore the
others are to keep him for life. Executors — Jacob Snyder, Christian
Wart and John Young. Witnesses — George Servis, John Garrison,
John Yoager. Proved Aug. 15, 1763.

CALENDAR OF WILLS l'/6l-l//0 463

1763, July 28. Inventory, £277.12.0, made by Jonathan Smith and
Richard Reed.

1764, June 14. Inventory, £44.19.1, made by Richard Reed and
Jonathan Smith. "Goods found since the other Inventory was taken."

1766, June 16. Account by Executors. Lib. 11, p. 405

1765, April 26. Wanemnke, Peter, of Ramapo, Bergen Co. Int.
Adm'r — Henry Wanemalce, eldest son of said Peter, of said place.
Fellowbondsman — Jacob Stort, of said place. Lib. H, p. 541.

1767, March 5. Wan.shaer, John, of Aquahennok, Essex Co.; will
of. Son, John, silver tankard marked "I. W. H.," and my "big-
house Byble." Rest of real and personal to my wife, while niy
widow. Residue to son, John, and my daughter, Susanna. Execu-
tors — my wife, son, John, and Henry "Winkoop. "Witnesses — Michael
Vreeland, Christoffel Van Rypen, Nicholas Vreeland. Proved Sept.

20, 1768.

1768, Sept. 22. Inventory, £1123.15.6, made by Michael Vreeland
and Thomas Griffith; with Henry "Wynkoop, Executor. Lib. I, p. 350.

1764, May 4. Ward, Benjamin, of Chester Twsp., Burlington Co.;
will of. Twenty-five acres of the upper end of my land to be sold.
Son, Jesenbery, the rest of plantation, when 21, paying to my two
daughters, Ann Ward and Mary Ward, £10 each, and, if he die before

21, then my wife, Martha, and the said daughters shall have the land.
Wife, Martha, my moveable estate. Executors — my wife and my
friend, Thomas Hackney. Witnesses — Samuel Stokes, Joseph Hack-
ney, Joseph Stokes, Jr. Proved Jan. 26, 1765. Lib. 12, p. 52.

1764, Sept. 9. Ward, David, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Being
aged and infirm. Daughter, Phebe Chandler, £250, and my household
goods, and, after her death, to her daughter's. Son, Moses, my home
lot, where I live. Son, Ezekiel, the money that my land sold for, at
Bear Swamp, which is 90 acres. Son, David, to pay Moses % of the
money that the land at Bear Swamp and a meadow sold for, "which
was sold to purchase my said son, David's, plantation in Morris Co.,"
and David and Moses to have the rest of lands. Executors — son,
David, and son-in-law, Nathaniel Chandler. Witnesses — Daniel Mat-
thuves, Phinehas Baldwin, Robert Boyd. Proved Feb. 18, 1768. (In-
ventory £2.1.8). Lib. I, p. 264.

1770, Dec. 5. Ward, E^Iias, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'rs —
Mary Ward and Matthias Ward. Lib. K, p. 321.

1762, Nov. 1. Ward, Michael, of Middlesex" Co. Int. Adm'r — Ben-
jamin Ward, the eldest son. Fellowbondsman — Frederick Buckelow;
both of said Co.

1763, March 3. List of goods as were sold to John Ward, Wil-
liam Ward, Mary Ward, Benjamin Ward. Lib. H, p. 197.

1764, July 25. Ward, Samuel, of Newark, Essex Co. Ward. Son
of Josiah Ward, of said place. Guardian — Joseph Heddin.

Lib. 12, p. 1].

1761, Dec. 29. Ward, Stephen, of Morristown, Morris Co. Int.
Adm'rs — William Lloyd and Elizabeth, his wife. Fellowbondsman —
Abraham Tuttle; all of said place.

1762, March 14. Inventory, £45.0.9, made by the Adm'rs, who re-



tained 1/5 part; and the rest was delivered to Samuel Tuthill for
Jonathan Stiles, for the use of the other 4 heirs. Lib. H, p. 119.

1768, Oct. 6. Warden, Joseph, St., of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Eldest son, John, 50 acres where he lives. Son,
Joseph, house and land that I bought of John Miln; also the tract
I bought of John Shepherd, and % the salt meadow in Ltttle Silver
Neck. Son, William, land on west side of road, that goes to Oyster
Shell Point. Wife, Margaret, use of V^ my land. Son, William, and
daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, Meribah, Phebe and Lydia Wardell,
rest of lands. Executors — sons, Joseph and John. Witnesses — Jacob
Dennis, Jr., Benjamin Dennis, Jacob Dennis. Proved Dec. 6, 1769.

Lib. K, p. 146.

1761, Aug:. 19. Warden, Mary, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
widow; will of. Son, Stephen, 5 shillings. Eldest daughter, Esther,
my bed, and great Bible. Daughter, Sarah, cupboard. Rest to my
daughters, Esther, Sarah and Catherine. Executors — my friends and
neighbors, Thomas Burden, Jr., and Webley Edwards. Witnesses —
Jeremiah Bonham, David Allen, George White. Proved March 24,

1762, March 24. Renunciation by Webley Edwards. Witness —
Asher West. Lib. H, p. 184.

1766, April 28. Ware, KHsha, Of Alloways Creek Twsp., Salem
Co. Ward. Son of Solomon Ware, of said place, yeoman, deceased,
having lands devised to him by his father, makes choice of Joshua
Stretch as his Guardian.

1766, April 28. Guardian — Joshua Stretch. Fellowbondsman —
John Ware, both of said place, yeomen. Lib. 12, p. 318.

1763, July 31. Ware, Sarah, of Alloways Creek Precinct, Salem Co.,
widow; will of. My son, Solomon Ware, one-half my estate, and the
other half to my daughter, Sarah Ware. If either of them die under
age, then to the 2 next youngest. Executor — Joshua Stretch. Wit-
nesses — Nathan Stretch, Esther Hays, Samuel Stretch. Proved Dec.
27, 1765.

1765, Dec. 24. Inventory, £581.5.9, made by Thomas Sayre and
James Evans. Lib. 12, p. 297.

1762, Dec. 25. Ware, Snsanah, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., wife
of Alexander Ware; will of. Whereas Jacob Atwood, of Manington
Township, in Salem Co., carpenter, by will dated 28 July, 1742, did
give to me, his niece, Susannah Lord, alias Ware, a plantation in
Manington, which I order to be sold, and, after payment of a mort-
gage made to my son, Abraham Lord, I give as follows, viz., to
husband, Alexander Ware, and my children, Abraham, James and
Joshua Lord, Mary, Hannah, Alexander, Susannah, William, John,
Sarah and Faithful Ware, the money, to be equally divided amongst
my children and husband; same to be paid to the sons when 21, and
to the daughters when 18. Executors — my friends, Mathew Gill and
William Guest, who are to sell the said lands.

1762, Dec. 25. Alexander Ware gives full consent to the above will.
"Witnesses — Gabriel Strang, Daniel Strang, Frederick Hoffman.
Proved April 6, 1763.

Memorandum (no date). "That Executors in the annexed will,
have never been qualified, the reason being that the heir-at-law made
them a title for the land in the said will mentioned. Lib. 13, p. 520.


1769, May 34. 'Ware, Thomas, of Stow Creek, Cumberland Co.,
cordwainer; will of. Plantation where I live, which I bought of
Leonard Gibbon, to be sold. My wife, % my moveable estate, and
money from said sale, after debts are paid, and use of house and lot
where Isaac Sutton lives. Son, Jacob, said house and lot, after his
mother's death, when he is 21. Son, Thomas, the house and lot where
my father, Jacob Ware, now lives, after the death of my father and
his wife. Son, Isaac, £30 when 21. Son, Enoch, £30 when 21. Daugh-
ters, Priscilla, Amme, Hannah and Lydia, rest of moveable estate,
when they are 18. Executors — friends, Thomas Ewing and Samuel
Ewing. Witnesses — Samuel Ward, Thomas Waithman, Richard Ware.
Proved July 1, 1769.

1769, June 15. Inventory, £135.12.5, made by William Fithian and
Jonathan Bowen.

1771, June 24. Account by Samuel Ewing, surviving Executor.

Lib. 14, pp. 117, 406.

1761, June 9. Warford, John, of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, my moveable estate, and, at her death
to my daughters, Abigail Warne, Elizabeth Colvin, Rachel Quimby,
Jane Allen and Ann Fox. Son, James, my lands, and he is to provide
for my wife. Son, Joseph, £20. Son, John, £20. Executor — son,
James. Witnesses — Isaac Leet, Malakiah Bonham, Absalem Bonham.
Proved Jan. 3, 1770.

1769, Dec. 23. Inventory, £82.8.0, made by James Stout and Malakiah
Bonham. Lib. 15, p. 18.

1759, May 24. Warne, Thomas, of Monmouth Co.; will of. Real
and personal to be sold, after debts are paid; the rest to be divided
between my children, Thomas, Richard, Samuel, Benjamin, George,
Hannah and Euphemia; the rest of my children being as well or
better already provided for. Executors — brother-in-law, Richard
Franses, and my brother, Samuel Warne. Witnesses — Thomas Warne,
Jr., Hannah Warne, Robert Savage. Proved Nov. 13, 1761.

Lib. H, p. 47.

1760, May 32. Warrick, Jacob, of Newton Twsp., Gloucester Co.;
will of. Real and personal to be sold for the benefit of my children.
I desire my children to learn to read and write. Executors — David
Branson and Joseph Bullock. Witnesses — Elizabeth Culling, Mary
White, James Sloan. Proved Feb. 9, 1762.

1762, Jan. 27. Inventory, £495.3.11 14, made by John Hinchman and
Robert Friend Price. Lib. 11, p. 92.

176.5, April 30. Warricli, Samuel, Jr., of Chester Twsp., Burlington
Co., laborer; will of. Brothers, Jacob, John and David Warrick, all
my estate when they are 21. Executor — friend, Thomas Cummings,
of Newton Twsp., in Gloucester Co. Witnesses — David Branson,
Moses Branson. Proved June 4, 1765.

1765, May 17. Inventory, £172.19.8, made by William Griscom and
Thomas Redman, Jr. Lib. 12, p. 113.

1765, Aug. 20. Warrington, Henry, of Chester, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Son, Thomas, plantation on Pensawkln Creek, of 210
acres, which I bought of Samuel Parr. Son, Joseph, plantation where



I dwell, of 245 acres; also 104 acres which I bought of Abraham Heu-
lings, dec'd. Son, Thomas, is to take care of his sister, Ruth's, leg-
acy. To my 6 daughters the personal estate. Executors — son, Thom-
as, and my friend, Joshua Roberts. Witnesses — Joshua Bispham,
Sarah Bispham, Samuel Atkinson.

1768, Feb. 8. Codicil. Witnesses — John Cox, Joseph Lippincott,
John Lippincott. Proved July 28, 1769.

1769, July 26. Renunciation by Joshua Roberts.

1769, July 25. Inventory, £556.13.10, made by Enoch Roberts and
John Lippincott. Lib. 14, p. 23.

1763, May 7. Washbome, Zenus, of Morris Co. Int. Adm'r —
Jephthah Byram, of Newton. Fellowbondsman — Isaac Harlow, of
Hardyston; both of Sussex Co., yeomen. Witness — William Hynd-
man. Lib. 11, p. 455.

1762, March 5. Washburn, Ebenezer, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r
— Jonathan Washburn, son of said Ebenezer. Fellowbondsman —
Jonathan Herbert; both of said Co., yeomen. Witnesses — James
Throckmorton and Timothy Halstead.

1762, Feb. 26. Renunciation by Patience Washburn, the widow, in
favor of her son, Jonathan Washburn. Witness — William Bowne.

1762, Feb. 25. Inventory, £33.8.0, made at Middletown, by Na-
thaniel Leonard and William Bowne. Lib. H, p. 77.

1766, Oct. 30. Waterhouse, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
doctor. Int. Adm'rs — Sophia Waterhouse, his widow, and Alexander
Watson. Fellowbondsman — Jonathan Deare; all of said place. Wit-
ness — Robert Wallace. Lib. I, p. 6.

1764, Nov. S. Waters, Henry, of Alloways Creek Precinct, Salem
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elenor, % my moveable estate, and %
my land, during her life. Son, Henry, my land. Daughter, Elenor,
40 shillings yearly; but if she recovers, as other people, then Henry
may be released from paying it. Son, Daniel, £25. Rest of moveable
estate to my other children, Hannah, and the one yet not born, and
the said Elenor. Executrix — my wife. Witnesses — John Finlaw,
Mary Paiten, Thomas Sayre. Proved Oct. 9, 1766.

1766, Oct. 7. Inventory, £110.3.9, made by Thomas Sayre and John
Finlaw. Lib. 12, p. 310.

17G0, Jan. 3. "Waters, Jonathan, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. All my goods to my son, William, and my daughter, Elizabeth.
Executors — son, William, and Andrew Muirheid. Witnesses — Robert
Akers, John Davison, Stephen Jones. Proved Sept. 27, 1762.

1762, Sept. 27. Inventory, £46.10.9, made by Stephen Burrows and
Jeremiah Woolsey. Lib. 11, p. 357.

1765, May 31. Waters, Jonathan, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Ward.
Son of William Waters, of Hopewell, said Co., deceased; making
choice of Stephen Jones, of Amwell, as his Guardian.

1765, May 21. Guardian — Stephen Jones. Fellowbondsman — John
Seaverns; both of Aniwell, said Co. Lib. 12, p. 114.


1766, June 21. Waters, Thomas, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Priscilla, all real and personal estate. Executors —
my wife and Henry Woolsey, of Pennington, said Co. Witnesses —
Abner Phillips, John Bainbridge. Proved Feb. 16, 1767.

Lib. 13, p. 218.

1763, May 6. Waters, William, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
My aged father is to have a comfortable maintainance out of his
and my estate. Real and personal to be sold. Daughters, Sarah
Wilson and Deborah Woolsey, and my granddaughter, Letitia Bur-
rows, £5 to each. Daughters, Kezia and Elizabeth, to each $30. Sons,
William and Jonathan, the residue, allowing William £25 more than
Jonathan. Letitia Burrows is to be paid when she arrives to age of
18. Executors — son, William, and my brother-in-law, Andrew Muir-
head. Witnesses — Dennis Titus, David Adair, John Guild. Proved
June 21, 1762.

1762, June 21. Inventory, £180.11.6, made by Jeremiah Woolsey and
Stephen Burrows. Lib. 11, p. 367.

1769, Dec. 2. W^aters, William, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co. Int.
Adm'x — Rebecca Waters, widow. Fellowbondsmen — Daniel Bassett
and Peter Keen, yeomen; all of said place.

1769, Nov. 25. Inventory, £208.0.6, made by Daniel Bassett and
Peter Keen. Lib. 14, p. 113.

1768, Oct. 29. Waterworth, W^illiam. Int. Adm'r — John Lawrence,
Esq., of Burlington. Fellowbondsman — Joseph Wharton, Jr., of Phil-
adelphia, merchant. Witness — Robert Burchan. Lib. 12, p. 525.

1765, Oct. 26. Watkins, Benjamin, of Hanover Twsp., Burlington

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