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Robert Wilson, to be his Guardian, till he is 21.

1768, Aug. 30. Guardian — Robert Wilson, shopkeeper. Fellow-
bondsman — Thomas Goodwin, yeoman; both of Salem. Lib. 13, p. 411.

1768, Oct. 7. Wickes, Jonas, of Huntington, on Long Island. Int.
Adm'x — Hannah Wickes, widow, of said place. Fellowbondsmen —
Benjamin Abit and Abdon Abit, yeomen; both of Pilesgrove, Salem

1769, June 12. Inventory, £6.19.5, made by Samuel Mead and Bur-
roughs Abit. Lib. 13, p. 476.

1755, Dec. 9. 'WiiBrgins, James, of Salem, Salem Co., yeoman; will
of. I give to that child w^ith which my wife is now pregnant, £50,
when it is of age. Wife, Hannah, rest of personal estate. Execu-
tors — my wife and Aaron Bradway. Witnesses — John Sedden, Jo-
seph Zane, Josiah Kay. Proved Aug. 28, 1761.

1761, Aug. 21. Inventory, £338.3.10, made by Grant Gibbon and
John Firth. Lib. 11, p. 29.

1770, Nov. 20. Wiggins, James, of Salem Co. Ward. Aged 11
years. Son of James Wiggins, of said place, deceased. Whereas
Hannah, the mother of said child has married Nathaniel Thompson,
and they desire that Edward Keasby may be appointed Guardian,

1770, Nov. 28. Guardian — Edward Keasbey, of Salem Co. Fellow-
bondsman — Samuel AUinson, of Burlington. Lib. 15, p. 67.



1764, Jan. 19. Wildey, John, of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co.
Int. Adm'x — Grace Wildey, widow. Pellowbondsman — Joseph Low,
yeoman; both of said place. Witness — Nixon Chattln.

1764. Jan. 14. Inventory, £30.2.4, made by John Wilkins and
Nixon Chattin. Lib. 11, p. 476.

1760, Auk. 8. Wilklns, Amos, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Sarah, >^ my moveable estate, and use of 2 rooms on
plantation I bought of EInoch Haines, and other priviledges while my
widow. Son, John, when 21, 200 acres, being part of 300 where I
live. Son, Benjamin, when 21, the other 100 acres, and to be on the
east end; also 2 lots in Pennsylvania, one on Patties Island of 5
acres, and the other in Kensington of 1 acre. Son, Amos, when 21
plantation I bought of Enoch Haines, of 190 acres. Son, Caleb, £100,
w^hen 21, and when he is 14 he is to be put to a trade. Son, Joshua,
£100, and also to be put to a trade. Son, Samuel, £100, and to be put
to a trade. Executors — my son, John, and my friend, Noah Haines.
Witnesses — Hugh Sharp, Joshua Stratton, Richard Parke. Proved
April 2, 1761.

1761, March 25. Inventory, £653.4.2, made by Jacob Prickit and
James Cattell.

1774, Jan. 15. Account by both Ex'rs.

1774, Jan. 15. Account of Thomas Wilkins, surviving Ex'r of Wil-
liam Wilkins, late of Evesham, and of Noah Haines and John Wil-
kins, Executors of Amos Wilkins, who was the Executor of William
Wilkin's estate, of so much of the estate of William Wilkins, as came
to the hands of said Executors. Lib. 10, p. 330; Lib. 15, p. 520.

1760, Oct. IS. Wilkins, Thomas, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester
Co., yeoman; will of. Sons, Thomas and Constantine Wilkins, all my
land in said Twsp., and land in Deptford Twsp., fronting on, Great
Manto Creek, they paying £20 yearly to their mother (my wife Jo-
anna). My two youngest daughters, Asuba and Amy Wilkins, the
land joining David Cooper's plantation. To my 3 daughters, Ade-
licia Snowden, Asuba, and Amy Wilkins, my lots at Woodbury. Ex-
ecutors — sons, Thomas and Constantine. Witnesses — William Wood,
Abigail Chew, Robert Jamson. Proved Jan. 8, 1762.

1761, Dec. 31. Inventory, £653.9.3, made by William Wilkins and
William Wood. Lib. 11, p. 93.

176.3, Aus> 1. W^ilkins, Thomas, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester
Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r — Constantine Wilkins, of said place, yeo-
man. Pellowbondsman — William Wilkins, of Deptford Twsp., said
Co., yeoman. Witness — James Miller.

1763, July 3. Inventory, £443.4.5, made by William Wilkins, and
Joseph Tonkin. Lib. 11, p. 440.

1767, Sept. 24. Wilkinson, Crowell, of Hanover, Morris Co. Int.
Adm'r — Jacob Ford, principal creditor. Pellowbondsman — Jacob Pord,
Jr.; both of said place. Witness — Chloe Bridge.

1767, June 22. Renunciation by Martha Wilkinson, the widow.
Witness — John Johnson. (The said Crowell Wilkinson died April
25, 1767). Lib. I, p. 208; Pile No. 229 N.

1763, Aug. 2.3. WilkLson, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.
Ward. Son of James Wilkison, and makes choice of Isaac Tappen
as his Guardian.


1764, Feb. 21. Guardian Isaac Tappen, of Woodbridg:e, said Co.
Pellowbondsman — Isaac Freeman, of said Co. Lib. H, p. 331.

17U1, May 11. Wilkinson, Joseph, of Gloucester Co., yeoman; will
of. Wife, Hannah, all lands and moveable estate. Executrix — wife,
Hannah. Witnesses — Ansell Long, Adam Sharp, Philip Skualboker.
Proved June 5, 1761.

1761, June 4. Inventory, £352.12.11, made by Samuel Paul, Sr., and
Ansell Long. Lib. 11, p. 103.

1748, July 24. Wilkinson, Nathaniel, of Springfield, Burlington
Co., yeoman; will of. Daughter, Mary, the house and 20 acres where
I dwell, when she is 18; also £100. Son and heir, Richard, who is
left in England, 5 shillings. My wife, Rachel, all the rest. Execu-
tor — my wife. Witnesses — Daniel Harker, Enoch Fenton, John Fen-
imore. Proved April 16, 1764. Lib. 11, p. 494.

1760, April 3. W^illard, Benjamin, of Waterford, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, James, my plantation, where I live, when he
is 21. Wife, Rebecah, all personal estate, and to support my child
in his minority; she to have use of land, till he is 21. If my son die
under 21, without issue, then the land, after wife's death, to go to
my cousin, Jacob Spicer. Executrix — my wife. Witnesses — Thomas
Willard, Joseph Morgan. Proved Aug. 8, 1761.

1761, July 20. Inventory, £149.14.2, made by Henry Wood and Jo-
seph Morgan.

1761, Nov. 16. Renunciation of Thomas Willard, of Gloucester Co.,
yeoman, who says that he is a brother of Benjamin Willard, de-
ceased, and has a right to administer, but now surrenders the same
to his uncle, Thomas Willard.

1761, Nov. 27. Whereas Benjamin Willard, of Waterford, deceased,
made will and appointed his wife, Rebecca, as Executrix, and she
did prove the will, and hath since died intestate, leaving part of the
same unadministered; now Thomas Willard is made administrator
of all left unadministered by Rebecca Willard, with the will an-
nexed. Fellowbondsman — Joseph Morgan, of Waterford.

1761, Nov. 21. Inventory, £136.0.9, of the goods of Benjamin Wil-
lard and Rebecca Willard, his wife; made by Joseph Morgan and
Henry Wood.

1765, Oct. 31. Adm'rs — Joseph Morgan and Henry Wood, both of
Waterford Township. Fellowbondsman — John "Shaw, of City of Burl-
ington. The said Joseph Morgan and Henry Wood are to administer
the goods of Benjamin Willard, left unadministered by Thomas Wil-
lard, who was Adm'r with the will annexed of Benjamin Willard,
late of Waterford Twsp., deceased.

1774, Feb. 16. Account by Joseph Morgan and Henry Wood, Adm's
de bonis non of Benjamin Willard. Paid Sarah Willard, legacy,
£25.18.0. Paid Walter Burk, for keeping Rebecca Willard, £15.

1774, May 16. A further account by the Adm'rs, which was over-
looked. Mentions Joseph Armstrong, Bartholomew Eggman, etc.

Lib. 10, p. 442; Lib. 11, p. 104; Lib. 12, p. 284; Lib. 15, p. 515.

1761, Nov. 11. Willard, Rebecca, of Gloucester Co., widow. Int.
Adm'x — Rebecca Walker. Fellowbondsmen — Elias Toy and James
Toy; all of Burlington Co. Lib. 11, p. 224.



1763, March 18. Willard, Thomas, of Waterford, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, all nioveable estate. Son, Parr "Wil-
lard, my lands, but if he die before 21, then the lands to go to the
child that my wife is big with. Daughters — Rebeccah and Hannah
Willard, £20, when 18. Executors — my wife and Joseph Morgan.
Witnesses — John Cobb, Isaac Fish, Walter Burk. Proved April 9,

1763, April 4. Inventory, £136.14.11, made by Henry Wood and
Joseph Morgan.

1768, Feb. 23. Account made by Mary Willard. Lib. 11, p. 300.

1763, April 20. Willard, Thomas, of Waterford, Gloucester Co.,
shipwright; will of. My brother, Richard Willard, my apparel.
The remainder to my 2 brother's children, namely, Isaac Willard's
children and Richard's children, and to my 2 cousin's children,
namely, Thomas Willard's children and Benjamin Willard's children,
when they are 21. Executors — friends, Joseph Morgan and Henry
Wood. Witnesses — Griffith Morgan, Ann Burk, Walter Burk. Proved
June 11, 1763.

1763, June 4. Inventory, £403.5.4%, made by John Shivers and
Joshua Roberts.

1774, Feb. 17. Account by Henry Wood and Joseph Morgan.

Lib. 11, p. 327; Lib. 15, p. 515.

1763, June 8. Willcock, Peter, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co.,
yeoman; w^ill of. Wife, Phebe, 30 acres of my home plantation, to
join son William's land. Son, Peter, 5 shillings, as he has had his
portion by deed of gift. Son, William, 80 acres, bounded by James
Badgley and Richard Vallentine, and V2 the land laid out and drawn
in right of John Meeker, dec'd. Son, John, rest of home lot, and 30
acres which I gave to my wife, after her death. Son, Stephen, land
where he lives, in Elizabeth To'wn, which I bought of William Jones,
dec'd, and 6 acres lying by Brackets Brook. Daughter, Sarah, wife
of Joseph Allen, Jr., £25. Executors — wife, Phebe, and my sons, Wil-
liam, John and Stephen. Witnesses — Anthony Badgley, Jr., Robert
Badgley, Ebenezer Price. Proved June 22, 1768. Lib. I, p. 281.

1764, Feh. 24. Willcock, Peter, Jr., of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex
Co., yeoman; will of. Sons, David and Noah, my plantation, and it
is to be divided by a line running from my brother John's grist mill.
Eldest daughter, Bette Willcock, £70. My second daughter, Phebe
Willcock, £60. Third daughter, Hannah Willcock, £50, when 18. My
3 youngest daughters, Sabra, Joanah and Mary, £50 each, when 18.
To Baptist Church on Scotch Plains, £20. Wife, Elizabeth, £30. Ex-
ecutors — wife, Elizabeth, and Joseph Allen. Witnesses — Uriah
Daniells, Benjamin Gray, William Willcock. Proved March 6, 1764.

Lib. H, p. 411.

1770, March 28. Willcock, Stephen, of Borough of Elizabeth, Es-
sex Co. Int. Adm'rs — Martha Willcock and William Willcock. Fel-
lowbondsman — John Megie; all of said place. Witnesses — Mary Og-
den and Robert Ogden. Lib. K, p. 190.

1759, Nov. 29. Willefs, Richard, of Newton Twsp., Gloucester Co.;
will of. Wife, Patience, £50. Mentions sons and daughters, as be-
ing yet young, but does not name them. Executrix — my wife. Over-


seers — Isaac Andrews and Joseph Butcher. Witnesses — Thomas Red-
man, Thomas Redman, Jr., John Gill. Proved March 6, 1761.

1760, Dec. 9. Inventory, £397.4.11, made by John Shivers and John
Gill. Lib. 10, p. 395.

1764, June 12. W^Illets, Sarah, of AUoways Creek Twsp., Salem
Co., widow; will of. Being the widow of Richard Willets. Grand-
son, Amos Bunten, all my real and personal estate. Executors —
said grandson, and my brother, John Willets of Cape May. Wit-
nesses — John Hillman, Thomas Sayre, Reubin Sayre. Proved April
11, 1767.

1767, April 9. Inventory, £195.5.6, made by John Hillman and
Thomas Sayre. Lib. 13, p. 174.

1762, Oct. 4. Willett, Samuel, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r —
William Willett, eldest son of said Samuel. Fellowbondsman —
Phinehas Skinner; both of Hunterdon Co. Lib. H, p. 189.

1762, May 22. Willett, Thomas, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife, Abigail, negros, silverware, etc. Daughter, Mary Wil-
lett, negro girl. Son, Gilbert, a negro. Sons, Benjamin, Thomas and
John, each a negro. The land where I live, lately purchased of
Samuel Hunt, to be sold, and the money given to my wife and chil-
dren, Gilbert, Benjamin, Thomas, John, Mary Willett, Isaac, James,
Anne Willett, Euphame Willett and William. Executors — my wife,
son Gilbert, and my brothers-in-law, John Stevenson and Thomas
Hicks. Witnesses — James Stevenson, Edward Stevenson, Richard
Stillwell. Proved Sept. 13, 1764.

1764, Nov. 16. Inventory, £1560.19.0, made by Richard Crawford,
Jr., Samuel Hunt and Edward Stevenson. Lib. H, p. 604.

1763, March 28. Willlam.s, Benjamin, and others. Wards. Chil-
dren of Ebenezer Williams. Petition of Moses Miller and Sarah,
his wife, John Doobs, Benjamin W^illiams and Sarah Williams, and
other inhabitants of Borough of Elizabeth, stating that Ebenezer
Williams, of said Borough, deceased, by his will appointed his wife,
Sarah, and the said John Dobs, his Executors, but appointed no
Guardian to his children, to whom he gave personal and real estate,
and his widow, having since married the said Moses Miller, and the
children, Benjamin and Sarah, having arrived at the age of 14 years,
and the other children, viz., Mindwell, Enoch, Ebenezer and Margant,
being under that age; and Moses Miller, and "his wife, and the said
John Doobs, and the said Benjamin and Sarah Williams, makes choice
of John Stites of said Borough, as a suitable person for Guardian.
Signed by Moses Miller, Sarah Miller, Sarah Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Benjamin Marsh, Thomas Williams, Jonathan Williams,
Abraham Clark, Jr., Samuell Woodruff, Robert Ogden and John

1763, June 16. John Stites and Jonathan Williams, both of Essex
Co., go on bond, wherein John Stites is appointed Guardian of Ben-
jamin, Sarah, Mindwell, Enoch, Ebenezer and Margant Williams.

Lib. H, p. 258.

1770, Jan. 21. ^ViIIianls, Daniel, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. W^ife, Ann, some household goods, which are to be
given to my son, George, after her death. Son, John, the land 1



bought of John Brinley, which is in Shrewsbury, near Steven Wol-
ley's. Grandson, Daniel Worthley, £30, and his father, Richard, is
to pay him £25, which was lent to him by me. Son, George, my
mortgages. A good title to be made to the mill, for the support of
son, George; and he is to be put to a trade. Executor — my friends,
Webley Edwards, and Peleg Slocum. Witnesses — Job Cook, Noah
Taber, David Hance. Proved March 27, 1770.

1770, March 7. Inventory, made by John Brinley and James West.

Lib. K, p. 196.

1768, Nov. 29. Williams, Davlil, of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex
Co.; will of. Brother, Samuel Ogden, moveables. Sister, Rebecka,
a bed. Executor — Timothy Woodruff. Witnesses — Seth Woodruff,
Nathaniel Meeker, David Meeker, Jr. Proved Dec. 20, 1768.

Lib. K, p. 50.

1766, Dec. .30. TViIIiam»i, Gershom, of Newark, Essex Co. Int.
Adm'rs — Daniel Cundict and Joseph Baldwin, at request of Martha
Williams, the widow, she having renounced. Fellowbondsman — John
Nisbit; all of Newark.

1767, Jan. 15. Inventory, £60.17.6, made by Isaac Cundet and John
Dod Jr. Lib. I, p. 208.

1769, Dec. 29. Wllliani.s, JaineN, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'r —
John Lewis Johnston. Fellowbondsman — John Smyth; both of City
of Perth Amboy.

1770, Jan. 6. Inventory, £19.19.5, of goods, sold at public vendue.
(Cow sold to Elizabeth Williams. Wood sled sold to George Williams).

Lib. K, p. 142.

1768, Oct. 10. Williams, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will
of. Wife, Elizabeth, use of the land where I live. Sons, James and
Daniel, the place where I live, that lies on the east side of Deal
road; and the land on Goose Neck, and a salt meadow which I
bought of William Cook, when they are 21. Son, George, the south
part of the land that I bought of the Executors of Jedediah Allen;
also my fulling mill. Son, John, the land where I dwell. Sons, Oba-
diah and Joseph, north part of the tract I bought of Jedidah Allen.
Daughters, Elizabeth, Joannah, Hannah and Mary, £60 each, at mar-
riage or when 21. Executors — wife, Elizabeth, my brother, Ezekiah
Williams, and my sons, James and Daniel. I give my brother, Heze-
kiah, power to make title to Joseph Potter for Vi the grist mill and
land near John Woodmansee. Witnesses — Sarah Tola, Stephen War-
dell, Joseph Potter. Proved Nov. 8, 1768.

1768, Nov. 18. Inventory, made by Richard Lawrence, Benjamin
Wolcott and Edmund Williams. Lib. K, p. 27.

176.3, Jan. 2.^. William.s, Joseph, of Squan, Monmouth Co., cooper;
will of. I sailed from Sandy Hook, in the "Charlotte," commanded
by James Oman, but being taken by the French, and carried into
Cape Francis, and being very sick. To friend, Thomas Stymest, all
estate, who is to demand from Abraham Emmens, son of Jacob Em-
mans, now living on the lands that did belong to me, my chest in
which I left my papers; also to demand of Capt. Van Cleef, brother
of Benjamin Van Cleef, a bond of £100. Executors — said Thomas
Stymest. Witnesses — William Lyell, Robert Lerycraft, William
Smith. Proved Oct. 11, 1766. File No. 2983 M.


1770, Feb. 15. IVilliams, Saniael, of Cheapside, Newark Twsp., Es-
sex Co.; will of. My brothers, Joseph and John Williams, V2 of
my lands. To Nicholas Squier, my sister Anibel's son, £50, when he
is of age. Mother, Sarah Dixon, and sisters, Anabel Squire, and
Mary Dixon, are provided for. To sister, Annabel Squire, V^ of my
lands. My sister, Mary Dixon, V4, of my lands, she paying to my
mother, Sarah Dixon, £50. My brother-in-law, John Dixon, £50.
Names brother, Benjamin Williams. Executors — John Campfleld, of
Hanover, Ellis Cook, Jr., and Zophar Squire. Witnesses — Daniel
Young-, Daniel Dixon, Jane Dixon. Proved May 8, 1770.

1770, May 10. Inventory, £40.3.0, made by William Reeve and
Matthew Moores. Lib. K, p. 220.

1757, Sept. 18. Williams, Thomas, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Katherine, all lands and goods, and what remains
after her death I give to her grandson, Nathan Wright, and, if he
die, then to his brother, William Wright. Executrix — my wife. Wit-
nesses — John Rickey, James Dougherty, William Ball. Proved June
29, 1765. Lib. 12, p. 205.

1766, July 2. Williamson, Cornelius and Jemima, of Monmouth Co.
Wards. Cornelius is aged 18, and Jemima 16. Children of Arthur
Williamson. Guardian — Jacob Ten Eyck. Fellowbondsmen — Peter
Ten Eyck and Peter Post; all of Somerset Co. Lib. H, p. 620.

1767, April 30. W^illiamson, Comeliu.s, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.
Int. Adm'rs — Jehokim Griggs and Abraham Williamson. Fellow-
bondsman — Jacob Sutphen; all of said place.

1767, April 30. Renunciation by Elizabeth Williamson and Gesberd
Gulick, in favor of Jehokim Griggs and Abraham Williamson.

1767, Oct. 5. Inventory, £394.18.0, made by John Piatt and Jacob

1768, Aug. 9. Account by, Joachim Griggs and Abraham William-
son, the Administrators. (Paid Elizabeth Williamson, the widow, £6.
Paid Bartholomew Williamson, 4 shillings and 10 pence).

Lib. 13, p. 200.

1766, Jan. .^1. Williamson, David, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., far-
mer; will of. Eldest son, Aurt, £5. Wife, Geertye, bed and use of
real estate, to maintain my children. Son, Hendrick, V2 of my 4
tracts in Freehold. Son, William, other %. Daughter, Anne Wil-
liamson, £200, vi^hen 21. Daughter, Sarah Williamson, £200. Execu-
tors — brother, William Williamson, and brothers-in-law, John Coven-
hoven and Peter Voorhees. Witnesses — Art Sutphen, John Hanson,
Jr., Isaac Voorhees. Proved May 21, 1766.

1766, May 21. Inventory, £463.15.3, made by Samuel Leonard, Art
Sutphen and Peter Holsart. Lib. I, p. 45.

1761, Aug-. 10. Williamson, Jacobus, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'rs
— Peter Perrine, of Somerset Co., and William Williamson, Jr., of
Middlesex Co.

1761, Aug. 7. Renunciation by William Williamson and Garret
Williamson, who are brothers of said Jacobus. Witnesses — Samuel
Gerretson, and Isaac Broocks.

1761, Aug. 7. Inventory of estate of Jacobus Williamson, of Six-
Mile-Run, Middlesex Co., made by Cornelius Dehart and S&muel Gar-
retson. Lib. H, p. 1.



1769, Joly 29. Williamson, John, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary, use of ^3 my farm where I live, till son. John, shall
marry, after which she is provided for. Son, Wilhelmus, 200 acres
where he lives, joining lands of Johannes Fox and Thomas Lake. Son,
Abraham, rest of plantation. Where Wilhelmus lives. Son, John,
part of the homestead. Son, Jacob, 120 acres that I lately bought of
the estate of James Prall. Daughters, Catharine Whitenack, Anne
Housel and Rebecca Williamson, moveables. Executors — friend, Wil-
liam Schenck, and my son, Abraham. Witnesses — Aaron Vandoren,
Joseph Hogeland, John Lequear. Proved Sept. 26, 1769.

1769, Aug. 26. Inventory, £1,173.1.3, made by Lewis Chamberlin and
Jacob Mattison.

1774, Oct. 22. Account by Executors.

Lib. 14, p. 164; Lib. 15, p. 499.

1766. April 19. W'ilUts, David, of Sussex Co. Int. Adm'rs — Solo-
mon Willits and Solomon W^illits, Jr. Fellowbondsman — Isaac Pettit.

1766, April 19. Inventory, £27.8.6, made by Elisha Cooke and Ed-
ward Oatley. Lib. 12, p. 434.

1770, Jan. 19. W'illits, Solomon, of Hardwick Twsp., Sussex Co.; will
of. Son, Solomon, 10 shillings. Son, Jonathan, £4. Son, Joseph's
2 daughters, £8 each, to remain in the care of my brother, Joseph
Willits, till they are 18. Son-in-law, Andrew Collins, rest of estate.
Executors — Joseph Willits and Andrew Collins. Witnesses — James
Bell, Samuel Lundy, Nathaniel Hazen. Proved March 7, 1770.

1770, March 1. Inventory, £98.13.0, made by Nathaniel Hazen and
Thomas Lundy. Lib. 14, p. 239.

1767, June 30. W*ilIover, Peter, of Mansfield Woodhouse Twsp., Sus-
sex Co., farmer; will of. Wife, Margrit, ^ of the profits of planta-
tion, while she lives. Son, Peter Willeaver, ^-2 of the place where I
live, and ^i the land on the hill on the over side of Muskenekin
Creek; and the other V2 to my son, Jacob Willever. Son, John, £40.
Son, David, £34. Son, Samuel, £34. Son, Henry, £34. Son, Abram,
£34. Daughter, Margrit, the wife of John Peatey, £34. Daughter,
Mary, the wife of Peter Winter, £34. Executors — my friend, Fred-
rick Eveland, and my son, Peter Willever. Witnesses — Robert Lan-
ing, Joseph Parke, Christian Cummins. Proved Nov. 19, 1767.

1767, Oct. 30. Inventory, £42.11.6, made by Joseph Parke and
Christian Cummins. Lib. 13, p. 325.

1764. April S. Wills, Daniel, of Burlington Co., carpenter; will of.
Wife, Meribah furniture in the lodging room, use of said room, cel-
lar and east end of house, etc. Rest of personal and real to be sold,
and proceeds to be given to wife and 5 children, viz., Jacob, James,
Samuel, Mary and Bulah. My 3 sons to be put out to farmers, till
they are 14. Executors — brother-in-law, Joseph Mullen, and my
cousin, Micajah W^ills. Witnesses — John Wills, Joseph Goldy, Law-
rence Webster. Proved Oct. 23, 1764.

1764, Oct. 15. Inventory, £285.18.9, made by Joseph Burr, Jr., and
Thomas Eayre. Lib. 12, p. 27.

1761, Jane 19. Wills, John, of W'illingborough, Burlington Co.
Int. Adm'r — Aaron Wills, yeoman. Fellowbondsman — Jonathan Wills;
both of same place.

1761, June 20. Inventory, £30.1.3, made by Asher Woolman and
Samuel Kemble. Lib. 10, p. 207.


1766, Aug. 21. Willson, David, Sr., of Roxbury, Morris Co. Int.
Adm'r — David Willson, eldest son of said David, of said place. Fel-
lowbondsman — Samuel Day, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeomen. "Wit-
ness — Joseph Cory.

1766, Aug. 19. Renunciation by Deborah Willson, the widow, in
favor of David Willson, the eldest son. Witness — Samuel Parkhurst.

1766, Aug-. 22. Inventory, made by Andrew Miller and Samuel
Parkhurst. Lib. H, p. 642.

1750, June 19, Willson, Hendrick, of Somerset Co., farmer; will
of. Wife, Annatje, one-third of my moveable estate, and she and the
children that live with her on the plantation to have the profits
thereof, till my son, Peterus, is 21; and then the place is is to be
divided among- my 4 sons, and one daughter. Oldest son is named
Mindert. Other sons, John and Hendrick. Daughter, Annatje Will-
son. Executors — my wife, Annatje, my cousin, John Brokaw, and
my friend, Peter Stryker. Witnesses — Isaac Brocaw, Burgon Bro-
caw, Wilhelmes Speeder. Proved Jan. 23, 1764.

1763, Dec. 12. Inventory, £407.15.2, made by Peter Perrine and
Cornelius Van Lewe. (An account was filed by the Executors, with
no date). Lib. H, p. 395.

1765, June 19. Willson, James, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x —
Mary Willson, widow of James Wilson. Fellowbondsman — Henry
Davis; both of Great Egg Harbor, said Co.

1765, June 19. Inventory, £240.12.0, made by Henry Davis and Rob-
ert Morss. Lib. 12, p. 126.

1761, May 30. Willson, John, of Hardwick, Sussex Co.; will of.
Wife, Margaret, Vs of the personal estate and the profits of the land,

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