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1872 — 1874'

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u. s. >

xC^w »:»,,

" NEWARK, N. J.:



18 74.

YklDle of doi)tei\t,'"^ 0"

David A. Hayes, Newark 2'jO ""

Helex Stutvesaxt, New York ^0 00

Lewis M. Rutherfitrd, New York -5 00


The Resolution was iinaniniously adopted.

The Society then took a recess until 2:45 F.M., to examine the
Lihrarv, and partake of a collation spread in one of the rooms.

On re-assembling, the Hox. Joel Parker, Governor of the
State, read a paper " On the early History of Monmouth County,
Xew Jersey, from its settlement to 1702," illustrated by extended
extracts from unpublished records and documents, giving it especial
interest and value. The source of most of this heretofore unused
matter, the original record book of Middletown commencing in 1667,
the Governor submitted for the inspection of the members. The
paper commanded the close attention of the audience, and at its close
ex-Mayor PEnDiE moved that the thanks of the Society be presented
to the Governor for his highly interesting and valuable contribution
to the history of the State, which on motion of Col. Swords,
was amended so as to embody a request for a copy to bo placed at
the disposa,] of the Society.

Mr. Duryee, after some complimentary remarks, expressed a hope
(which was cordially seconded by the members generally), that the
subject might be resumed at the next meeting, and the History
brought down to the Revolution.

Jacob D. Vermilye, Newark 50 00

Richard T. Haines, Elizabetlitown 50 00

Marcus L. Ward, Newark 50 00

John Kennedy, Belleville 25 00

John R. Weeks, Newark 250 00

Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Newark 50 00

James B. Pinneo, Newark 50 00

Joseph N. Tuttle, Newark 50 00

Matthias W. Day, Newark 50 00

Solomon Alofsen, Jersey City 250 00

Henry G. Darcey, Newark 50 00

Nehemiah Perry, Newa.ik 50 00

John Rutherfurd, Hudson County 50 00

Caleb H. Shipman, Newark 100 00

Peter S. Duryee, Newark 250 00

William Rankin, Newark 100 00

Thos. H. Stephens, Newark 50 00

Total $2,450 00


Rev. Dr. Hamill made some pleasant remarks, based upon the
fact that more than thirt}' years ago Governor Parker was his piipil.

The resolution of thanks was then passed, and the Society ad-
journed to meet in Trenton, on the third Thursday of January next,
unless sooner convened b}^ the Executive Commttee.

Sesihnt Stmbtrs (£ltM.

MAY 16, 1872.

Edward Bettle, Camden.
Frederick Bourquui, Camden.
Thomas G. Bunnell, Netuton.
Joseph T. Crowell, Rahway.
Robert S. Dumont Morristown,
John D. Harrison, Neivark.
Samuel H. Hunt, Netvto)!.
Rev. Charles Ke3"ser, Trenton.
William Nelson, Paterson.
Augustus G. Richey, Trenton.
Archibald Parkhurst, Kewark.
Rev. Geo. Sheldon, D.D., Princeton.
Rev. J. Howard Suydam, Jersey City.
Edward H. Stokes, Trenton.
William Whitty, Newark.


ri,'fii — Aiiiiiial UL'pori dl' the Stjciety
to the Legislature, tor 1S71.

Frnm the ]iv(t IfistuncdJ Sucirfi/ — ■.Viiiials of Towa. January. 1S72.

Fruiii tlie y^t'iv Einjliuiil Historic (jenenloijienl Socti-ty — Tlie Xe\v
England Historic Clenealogical Register, Vol. XX\'I. January
and April. Proceedings of the Society at the Annual Meeting,
Jan. 3, 1872.

Fmtn tlie Amfrican P/iilusujJiiail SonWi/ — Transactions of the Society,
Vol. XIV. Xew Series— Part TIT. 1871.

Fram tilt' America)! Antiquurian Society — Proceedings of the Society
at the Annual Meeting, held in Worcester, Oct. 21. 1871.

From the Essex Institute — I^ulletin of tlie Tustitute. \ o\. TIT, Xos.
8 to 12 inclusive.

From tlie Stute Treasurer — Laws of Xew Jersey, Journal of the Sen-
ate, Minutes of Assembly, Legislative Documents, 1871, X^ew
Jersey Law Reports, 5th, Vroom, Xew Jersey Equity Reports, Cth,
Green, Statutes at Large, 3d Session, 41st Congress, 4 2d Con-
gress. 1st Session. 1871.

From the State of Pernisi/Irania — Second Annual Report of the
Board of Commissioners of Public Charities of tlie State, witli
T^eport of the General Agent and Secretary. Jan. 4, 1872.

Fr(rm tJie Snjjerintetnh-jit — Report of the Superintendent of the U. S.

Coast Survey, sliowiiig tlie progress of the Survey during the

year. 18G8.
From the Authors — E;iiTy History of the Falls of Schii) lull, .Maiia-

vunk, Schuvlkill and Li'liigh Xa\igation C(>iii|iaiiii_'^7. I"';iiriii(,)iiiil

Waterworks. i.^:c. Rv Charles \'. lTat!ner.


I"'ii'st uihI Second Aiiiiiial Reports of" the ( rcolo^ical Survey of
riidiana, lor iSd!) and 1S7(), with a niai). By K. T. ('ox, State

From W))i. Vaiiderpool — Report of the Trial of Eunice Hall vs. Robert
Grant, for slander, tried in June Term, 1S21, Essex, New Jersey,
with an abridgement of the Argument of Counsel, and an Appendix.

Fnnii Rev. R. K. Rodgrrs, U.D. — Engraved Portraits of Rev. J.
Kirkpati-ick, for fifty years Pastor of the Amwell Church, New
Jerse}', Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D., of the Theological Seminary,
Princeton, N. J., and Sarah Sergeant, daughter of Jona. Dickin-
son Sergeant, and wife of Rev. Dr. Miller.

From William JVelsoti — A Map of the World in 1603, Photographed
from a small quarto entitled, Mundus Imperiorum, kc. Vrsellis,
Anno, 160.?.

From Wm. A. Whitehead — Journal kept on board His Majesty's Ship
Chester, from March 26, 1746 to May 1 1, 1747, during the Avar with

Assessments on the City of Perth Amboy in 1801, 1803
and 1804.

Account of Paupers niaintahied by the Township of Wood-
bridge for 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800 and 1801.
The Spirit of Mission's (Prot. Episc. Church), 1868 and 1872.

From Daniel 0. Scott — Laws of the United States from 1789 to
1799. 4 Vols.

Laws of New Jersey. Paterson's Rivision.
Map of the Progress of His Majesty's Armies in New York, dur-
ing the late (Campaign, 1776.

The American Revolution ; written in the Style of Ancient
History. Vol. I

The Royal Magazine for February, 1765. The Westminister
Magazine, for Dec, 1773. The Wonderful Magazine, for Jan.:
1765. The Oxford Magazine, for May, 1774.

Proceedings of the Members of the Ancient Church of Scot-
land, representing the mode of adtninistering oaths, 1784. London.
New Discoveries concerning the World, and its Inhabitants.

The Islanders in the South Sea, &c., Loudon. 1778.

DDXA'l'lONS. 13

Epigrainuiatuiii Dolectiis ex (iri'diiihiis. iS:c. 171.'). \j. Aiiiin'i
Seneca et alioniiii Tnui'dice, ()x()iii. KiTl).

Frn,)i Rrr. J. /-: 7V///r. /)./). — A Historical and Statistical Sketch oC
till' Kail lioad City. A C'iironicle of its Social, Mnnicipal, Coni-
niercial and Manufacturing Progress, with full Statistical Tables.
By W. R. Holloway. Indianapolis, 1870.

Home Missionary Life. An Autobiographical Discourse, b\'
Rev. Henry Shedd, delivered in Delaware, Ohio, April 5tli, ISGI.

Proceedings of the 40th Anniversary of the Presbyterian
Church of Mount Gilead, Nov., 1K71, with a Sketch t)f tlie
Earl_y History of the Township and Village, ls71.

Presbyterianisni North ol' the ( )liio. A Historical Discourse,
delivered in the Second Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati,
Api-il 9th, 1.S72, the 5th Anniversary of the Presbytery of Cin-
cinnati. By Rev. J. G. Montfort, D.D.

From Danif] T. Chirk — A Copy of "The Records of Lands, Wills,
Deeds, &c., of tiie Town of Newark," from 1GG6 to 1740.

From Rev. R. B. Campfield — -Tiie Psalms of David : Boston. Fourfold
State, Miscellaneous Songs, and Duncan Campbell's New Gaelic
Song Book, Translations x;sed in the Highlands of Scotland.

From D. A. Hayes, Esq — C-ases of Contested Elections in Congress
from 1789 to 1834 inclusive. Compiled by M. St. Clair Clarke,

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