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children of Philip Phillips (Maidenhead).

David, son of Robert Lanning.

Richard, son of Richard Lanning.

Richard Scudder, at Hopewell.

Ralph Hunt, son of Ralph (Maidenhead).

John, son of Edward Hart (Maidenhead).

Abigail, daughter of Ralph Hart (Maidenhead).

Now, in all this, we are contending for what in all previously prepared
papers and histories has never been presented, and are even obliged to
dispute an old Bible record, which has to former historians had more
weight than any evidence found. In a long and difficult search, extend-
ing over a period of several months, in which all possible clews to Hart
had been followed, letters from eminent genealogists and local historians
have either assured us of the utter impossibility of solving the problem
other than as left, or of complete reliance upon what had already been
published of John Hart's ancestry, till it would seem as though no case
ever appeared more hopeless. It, however, properly belongs to the persist-
ency of one of John Hart's descendants to have pressed the issue to the
very end, to whom likewise the public is indebted for these happy results.

Rev. Dr. Cooley, in his Genealogy' 0/ the Early Settlers of Ewing and
Trentofi, 2l valuable book, the manuscript of which, prepared largely by
himself, was after his death taken in hand by his son, Professor William
S. Cooley of Philadelphia, and finally, upon his decease, completed and
printed, in 1883, by the granddaughter of Dr. Cooley, Miss Hannah L.
Cooley, states : "John and Joseph Hart came to Hopewell township
near the beginning of the eighteenth century, as the name of John is
signed to an agreement dated August 26, 1703. They are believed to be
brothers, from the fact that they came together, purchased farms adjoin-
ing each other, and, above all, from the striking resemblance that their
descendants bear to each other even to the fourth and fifth generation."
That John and Joseph Hart were brothers is evident. That they came
together may also be true. The really important statement in dispute is
that because, as is said further on in the book, the descendants of John
and Joseph Hart had light hair and eyes, and were called "White Harts,"

I y5 Ancestry of Ihe Hon. John Harl, of Hopewell, N. J. [Oct.,

and the descendants of Ralph and Edward Hart had dark or black hair
•g,nd e\es, therefore they probably were not of the same ancestral line. It
is a sufficient refutation of this to refer to the will of Nathaniel Hart,
proved March 5, 1742, and on file at Trenton, Liber 4, p. 361. In it
mention is made of the wife, Elizabeth, and of the children, Ephraim,
Moses, Anne, and Elizabeth; and names as executors, "My brother
Joseph Hart and John Hart, son of my brother Edward Hart."

Evidently, therefore, the John Hart mentioned by Dr. Cooley had a
brother Joseph, and also brothers Nathaniel and Edward. Turning
again to Dr. Cooley, p. 100, we read : "Major Ralph Hart was one of
ihe earliest settlers of Hopewell, and is believed to have come from Ston-
ington, Conn., preceding his brother, Captain Edward, a few years. He
purchased a larm adjoining the Lawrence line, on the road leading from
Ewingville to Lawrenceville. " Consequently another brother is to be
added to those above mentioned, and we have an interesting group of
sons, all located in the same territory, without a visible ancestor, accord-
ing to Dr. Cooley — a point that may well be disputed, in view of our
disclosures. By the evidence already presented these two lines of the
so-called Black and White Harts are united. There is still to be shown
the evidence that would make John Hart, the carpenter of Newtown, the
ancestor of all of them.

In the absence of all records bearing upon that early period of Hope-
well's common life, our success in this would be most problematical but
for the fact that we have found by close examination that the farms of
Ralph, Edward, and John, and Nathaniel also, were all in the same gen-
eral locality. The History of Burlington and fiercer Counties states that
"John Hart's farm was on the west side of Rogers road, leading to
Trenton from Hopewell." Presuming this to be the firsjt John Hart, we
again note the fact that John Hart, his son, in 1713 disposes of one
hundred and seventy acres to G. Cooke, and the land is described as
located in the great meadow belonging to Maidenhead — a section of
country quite well defined as being between Lawrenceville and Trenton,
with the Rogers road on the right and north. A more recent investiga-
tion has disclosed the fact that Ralph Hart's farm, now in the possession
of one Smith, lies on this very road leading from Lawrenceville to
Trenton, and, what is more interesting still, the Temple farm, whereon
now lives the last surviving member of the Temple family, into which
Sarah Hart, the daughter of Edward, married, is in the neighborhood
•of where the original John Hart property as above stood. Aged INIiss
Temple, living on the old farm, states that she had heard her deceased
brother, Jesse Temple, say that eight acres of Edward Hart's farm was
then a part of the Temple estate, and, more interesting still, that John
Hart, the Signer, was born in a house that stood near a spring down the
lane on the farm. Consequently, while not, to be sure, conclusive, yet
the fact that the brothers are found located so near together accords well
with the view that John Hart the carpenter's estate was thus divided,
each son sharing in the original farm.

We attach herewith names and dates of such of the brothers' wills as
found :

Nathaniel Hart of Hopewell. Will proved March 5, 1742. Wife,
Elizabeth ; children, Ephraim, Moses, Anne, Elizabeth — the three
latter children were minors at the time.

1 895- J Aficesiry of the Hon. John Hart, of Hopeivell, X.J.

/ /

Ralph Hart of Trenton Township. Will proved August 22, 1749.

Wife, Sarah ; children, Ralph, Benjamin, Samuel, Josiah, Mary

(Carpenter), Sarah (Akers), Mercy (Tindal), Martha (Lanning),

Elizabeth ([ones), Abigail (Lanning).
John Hart of Hopewell. Will proved March 17, 1753. Wife,

Sarah ; children, John, Richard, Mary, Elizabeth, Joanna.
No record of any will of Joseph or Edward Hart has been found.
It might be proper to state here that wliile all authorities touching
upon this subject seem to have relied largely upon Dr. Cooley's records,
we in no sense conflict with what he has written as the well-proved facts of
the case. Unfortunately, he did not live to complete his work, nor have
we reason to believe but that, had he been able to follow all the clews in
his mind, he would have succeeded in solving many of the problems which
appear in his work as ''probable." It may rightly be said that no one
can complete the genealogical manuscripts of another without great dis-
advantages, among which must be named that of the impossibility of
knowing of those many clews carried in the mind, because not sufiliciently
verified for any record. In regard to the Harts, Dr. Cooley has not him-
self affirmed positively as to their origin, nor even as to their early
relationship ; so that what questions he failed to solve now come within
the scope of our research.

Considerable prominence has been given by some to an old Bible
record in the family, wherein it states that Edward Hart, the father of
John, came from Stonington, Conn. While such testimony does not, as
a rule, admit of question, still it may be said, first, that nothing at Ston-
ington reveals any clew to the Harts, even though the records are quite
complete ; second, according to the statement of one who has examined
that Bible record, the note as to Stonington origin was the insertion of a
later hand than penned the family record. When and by whom written
cannot be determined, but evidently it was a tradition recorded for pres-
ervation, and may still be true of the line back beyond the first John, of
Newtown. Some of those early settlers at Hopewell did originally spring
from New England, even as far east as Salem, Mass., and it has been our
impression that there was a connection between the Harts located in
Eastern Massachusetts and our own lines, even though a diligent search
has failed to reveal the link.
The established line :

1. John Hart\ of Newtown, L. I. :

Children : i. John, ii. William, iii. Samuel, iv. Sarah, v.

2. John Hart", of Newtown, L. I., and Hopewell, N. J., carpenter,

married Mary :

Children : i. John, ii. Ralph, iii. Nathaniel, iv. Edward, v.

3. Edward Hart^, of Hopewell, N. J., married Martha :

Children : i. John, the Signer ; ii. Sarah, married Temple
Burroughs ; iii. Daniel, iv. Martha, v. Edward.

4. John Hart*, the Signer, married Deborah Scudder ; died 17S0 :

Children : i. Sarah, ii. Jesse, iii. Martha, iv. Nathaniel, v.
John, vi. Susanna, vii. Mary, viii. Abigail, i.x. Edward,
X. Scudder, xi. Daniel, xii. Deborah.

X 73 Wendover Family. [Oct.,


By Rohert Thompson Van Deusen.

Hotten's list of Emigrants to America, 1600 to 1700, includes the
name of Robert Wendever, born, England, 1610, sailed on the ship
Mathew, of London, Richard Goodlad, master, which cleared for St.
Christophers, Ma}- 21, 1635. The census of New York for 1692-93 con-
tains the name of John Windeford. given later as Windefort, etc. In
1697-98 the above John Windefort (now spelled Windower) is given as
Assistant Alderman of the West Ward of New York city.

A list of the inhabitants of New York in 1703 gives John Windeford's
household as consisting of one male, one female, and three children. No
record of the baptisms of above children has been found, from which it is
inferred that they were not born in New York city.

There has thus far been discovered no proof that John Windeford was
a son of the Robert Wendever mentioned by Hotten, but as his (John's)
descendants continued the use of this rather uncommon name (Robert),
it is supposed that he was.

1. John ' Windeford (wife's name unknown) was the father of

2. i. Thomas'" ; b. about 1690.

ii. Annatje ; m. |an Mac Kinney. Recorded issue : Margrie/Je,
bp. New York, April 24, 1720; and Jan, bp. New York,
August 8, 1722.

iii. Hercules ; m. Maria Pieters. No issue recorded.

2. Thomas' Wendover married Elizabeth Elsworth, of Shrewsbury, N. J.,
October 4, 171 8. The same year he was admitted Freeman of New Y^ork
city. In 1737 his name appears on a petition of citizens to Governor
George Clark for the removal of the Sheriff of New York, an office which
was later filled by his grandson, Peter H. Wendover. In 1738 he became a
member of Captain Bohen's company of the First Militia of the Province
of New York. His business was that of a cordwainer. His will includes
generous bequests to his wife Elizabeth and surviving children and grand-
children. This will is dated November 6, 1773, and was probated Feb-
ruary 16, 1784. It may be found in Liber 36 at office of New York
Surrogate. A Bible record states that " Thomas Wendover died in the
Revolutionary A\'ar. " He was the father of eleven children, as follows :

i. Johannes^; bp. New York, July 8, 17 19.

3. ii. Pieter^; bp. New York, January 8, 1721.

iii. Annatje^; bp. September 23, 1722 ; m. Henry Play, who d.
before November, 1773.

iv. Grietje'; bp. November 18, 1724.

v. Elizabeth'; bp. August 14, 1726; m. Ketch. Issue,

Joseph, Robert, and Elizabeth. The latter m. Peter Melvin
(mariner), and d. previous to November, 1773.

vi. Thomas'; bp. September 11, 1728.
vii. Johannes'; bp. September 26, 1731.

4. viii. Hercules'; b. November 3, 1732; bp. August 19, 1733; d.

October 7, 1786 ; m. Jane Ruger, widow of Lawrence
Smith, August 7, 1757. Issue, 7 children.




1 8 9 5 • ] Wendover Fa m ily.


ix. Maria; bp. August 20, 1735 ; ni. John Shaw (mariner). He

d. before 1773.
X. Margriete ; bp. February 8, 1738.
xi. Theophilus ; bp. February 6. 1739.
All the above children of Thomas Wendover by Elizabeth Elsworth
are recorded in the baptismal record of the Dutch Church of New York

3. Peter ^ Wendover married Mary . He died prior to 1773, ^^

which time his father made a will, leaving bequests to the children of his
" deceased son Peter." During the Revolutionary War Peter's widow re-
moved, with her children, from New York city to the vicinity of Nine-
Partners, Dutchess County, N. Y., where one or more of her husband's
brothers were then living. Soon after this her son Stephen became a
member of the family of a wealthy Scotch gentleman and friend of her
husband, who had been appointed his guardian. The seven children of
Peter Wendover were as follows :

5. i. Peter * ; buried at Stanfordville, Dutchess County.

ii, Marv^ ; bp. St. George's Church, Hempstead, Long Island.

March 16, 1759 ; m. Wessels.

iii. Elizabeth''; bp. (same date as above).

6. iv. Thomas'* ; m. Desire Hughsted. Farmer. Issue, 7 children.

V. Margaret^ ; b. ; d. m.

vi. John ^ ; b. ; d. m.

7. vii. Stephen '' ; b. New York, June 3, 1771 ; m. Hester Hutton,

April 20, 1795. Issue, 7 children.

4. Hercules' Wendover; b. November 3, 1732 ; m. August 7, 1757, Jane,
daughter of Gerardus and Catherine Ruger (and widow of Lawrence
Smith), b. atSchraalenburgh, N. Y., October 25, 1731 ; d. August 29, 1823,
at Greenwich, N. Y. Hercules was admitted f>eeman of City of New
York in 1760, when he is given as a Grocer. His death occurred October 7,
1786. His issue, 7 children, are recorded in the Bible record now in pos-
session of his great-great-grandchild, Miss Julia L. Bedford, of New York
city. In April, 174 i, an indictment was found against his slave Tobey
for conspiring to murder the citizens of New York. They had issue :

i. Thomas^ ; b. New York, March 11, 1758. See close of this

ii. Hercules'* ; b. New York, February 18, 1760 ; d. November
7, 1 800. Grocer. The Directory of New York city for 1 786
locates him at 11 King Street. That of 1789-90 at Tavern,
No. I Ann Street. That of 1790-91 at Tavern, 15 Broadway.
That of 1791-92 at Tavern, 9 Broadway. That of 1792-93
gives his place of business as in Little Queen Street. Those
of 1794-95 and 1795-96 as at 41 Cedar Street, New York.
It is supposed that he died unmarried,
iii. Robert^; b. New York, December 27, 1761 ; d. September
17, 1763.

iv. Elizabeth'' ; b. New York, January 28, 1764 ; m. John Forsyth.

V. William''; b. May 12, 1766; d. West Farms, Westchester
County, N. Y., May 24, 1812 ; m. Eleanor Frost, March
20, 1796. Issue, 5 children.

] 8o Wendover Family. [Oct. ^

8. vi. Peter Hercules^ ; b. New York, August i, 1768 ; d. Septem-
ber 24, 1834. Merchant, of New York city, Sheriff of the
city. Member of Congress, etc.: m. Rachel Van Voor-
heis, January 22, 1791. Issue, 11 children,
vii. Jane^ ; b. New York, June 25, 1771 ; d. July 29, 1772.

5. Peter^ Wendover; b. ; d. March 29, 1852 ; farmer, Hyde

Park and vicinity, Dutchess County, N. Y. ; m., ist, Palmeteer;

issue, I child, Abigail, who m. Decker; m., 2d, Rhoda Warren;

issue, 9 children, as follows :

i. Stephen ; b. ; d. ; m.

ii. Robert; b. November 27, 1795; d. November 29, 1857; m.

Ruth Goodsall, 1828 _; issue, 5 children, some of whom

spell the name Vandover, and reside in Ulster County, N. Y,
iii. Albert.
iv. William,
v. John Benjamin.

vi. Emeline ; m. Weeks. Residence, Tompkins County.

vii. Eliza; b. ; d. 1893 ; m. Jacob Camburn. Residence,

Stanford, Dutchess County, N. Y.
viii. Peter; b. March 31, 1811 ; m. Jemima Hadden, March 15,

1848 ; issue, George Warren, Sarah E., Frederick, and

Clara E. Residence, Schultzville, Dutchess County, N. Y..
ix. Mary Lucinda ; b. September 29, 1820; m. John Mowris, Jr.,

October 26, 1836 ; issue, 7 children. Residence, Pleasant

Valley, Dutchess County, N. Y.

6. Thomas* Wendover ; m. Desire Hughsted. Moved from Dutchess to
Rensselaer County, where he resided for a short time near Sand Lake^
later settling in Herkimer County. His issue, 7 children, were :

i. Elizabeth^ ; b. ; d. ; m.

_ 9. ii. Peter^ ; m. Philena Burghdolf. Issue, 16 children.
10. iii. Stephen" ; m. Mary Adams. Issue, 9 children,
iv. Sally ; b. ; d. ; m.

V. John ; b. ; d. ; m.

vi. femima ; b. ; d. : m.

vii. \\'illiam ; b. August 9, 1796 ; d. July 14, 1871. Residence,
Butler, Wayne County, N. Y. ; m. Rebecca Bunnell, 18 17.
Issue, 7 children, as follows : Almira, Adah, Lydia, Stephen
E. , Ann M., Martin H.. and Luthera A.
Of the descendants of Thomas Wendover most are still living in
Herkimer and Wayne Counties. One family (that of one Peter Wend-
over of this branch) removed from Herkimer County to Canada, settling
at Dresden, Ont. One son, Thomas, of this Peter is now (1895) a
resident of Detroit, Mich.

7. Stephen' Wendover. born New York, June 3, 1771. Upon attaining
his majority, and receiving the inheritance left him by his grandfather,
Thomas, entered into partnership with Robert and Peter Bruce, whole-
sale grocers, of New York city. The firm, later becoming Wendover &:
Hopkins, was dissolved about 1801, when Stephen, who had married.


1 8 9 5 • J Wcndover Fatuilv. I g j

April 20, 1795, Hester, daughter of George Hutton and Anna Maria Viele,
removed to Columbia County, N. Y., settling first at Plum Point (Stock-
port), and later at Kinderhook, where he became a member of the firm
of Whiting, Clark & Co. In 1813 this partnership was dissolved, and
Mr. Wendover removed to Stuyvesant, having taken the property which
belonged to the above-named firm in the division between the partners.
Here he built up and carried on an extensive freighting business, owning
several sailing vessels, and later on, when steam was introduced, one of
the first propellers used on the upper Hudson. He is described as a
man of unusual height, and slender ; full of energy, with a warm heart,
sound mind, and impulsive passions, intensely patriotic and partisan, with
many warm friends and equally warm enemies. See Ellis's History of
Columbia County, N. Y. Stephen* Wendover, whose portrait from a mini-
ature painted on ivory (owned by his granddaughter, Mrs. Cynthia A.
Van Deusen), accompanies this article, died March 15. 1851, at Stuy-
vesant, where he is buried. They had :

i. Mary Ann' Thompson; b. New York, April 11, 1796; d.

]\Iarch, 1797, at New York city ; buried. New York,
ii. George'^ ; b. New York, April 6, 1798 ; d. October 20,

1799 ; buried Albany.

1 1, iii. John Thompson' ; b. New York, April 8, 1800 ; d. March 22,

1875 ■» merchant ; m. Cynthia Ann Van Slyck (daughter of
James Henry Van Slyck and Sarah Vosburgh), September
22, 1829 ; issue, 3 children ; buried, Stuyvesant, N. Y.,
and reinterred at Kalamazoo, Mich,
iv. Stephen'; b. September 6, 1802; d. December 12, 1829;
unmarried ; buried, Stuyvesant.

12. V. Christopher' Hutton ; b. September 20, 1805 ; d. September

21, 1888 ; m. Liicretia Harder, June 3, 1844. ; merchant,
etc.; residence, Kinderhook, N. Y. ; issue, 7 children,
vi. Peter Van Schaack' ; b. October 31, 1807 : d. March 2^^,

1883 ; unmarried ; lawyer; buried, Stuyvesant, N. Y.
vii. Anna Maria' ; b. May 23, 18 10 ; d. November 14, 1824, at
New York city, while attending boarding-school.

8. Peter Hercules* Wendover was a member of the firm of Wendover &
Lewis, sailmakers, of Little Water Street, Thomas Street, Albany Pier,
Little Queen Street, and Front Street, New York city ; member of the
old Volunteer Fire Department, 1796 ; in October, 1801, was a delegate
to the Constitutional Convention at Albany ; Member Assembly from
New York in 1804 ;■ Member of Congress in 18 18. As Member of Con-
gress he served on Committee on National Flag, and is said to have
designed the present flag of the United States. See Preble's History of the
Aniericaii Flag. In Bungay's poem on the flag Peter Hercules Wendover
is styled " feather of the Flag." He also served one term as Sheriff" of
New York in 1822. The silhouette of Peter Hercules Wendover here
used was loaned by his great-grandchild, Julia L, Bedford. He married
Rachel, daughter of Lucas and Rachel Van Voorhees, January 22, 1791.
She was born August 25, 1771 ; died February 3. 1840. His death
occurred in New York city, September 24, 1834. Their issue of eleven
children were as follows :

i. William'; b. October 12, 1791 ; d. November 10, 1792.

J 32 Wem/over Fajuily. [Oct.,

ii. Racher ; b. October 23, 1793 ; d. January 31, 1873, at

13. iii. Thomas Peter" ; b. July 26, 1796 ; d. April 13, 1875, at

New York city ; m. twice ; issue, 12 children. Served in
War of 1812.

14. iv. Peter P.*; b. February 23, 1799 ; d. February 15, 1890 ; m.

Olivia Harriot, December 20, 1820 ; issue, 7 children.
V. Jane* ; b. April 25, 1801 ; d. September 29, 181 1.
vi. Eliza' ; b. August 14, 1803 ; d. August 8, 1849, ^"^ Millstone,

N. J.
vii. John' ; b. June 14, 1805 ; d. August 22, 1834, at Clarkstown,

N. Y.
viii. James"; b. September 5, 1807; d. May 25, 1843, at New

York. Druggist at 160 FJghth Avenue, New York city,
ix. Maria'; b. October 17, 1809; d. September 29, 181 1, at

New York,
X. William Augustus' ; b. August 4, 181 2 ; d. August 25, 1813,

at New York,
xi. Harriet Warren'; b. June 17, 1815 ; d. May 12, 1892 ; m.

Augustus Bedford ; issue, 7 children — Peter Wendover,

John S., Augustus, Edward, Harriet, Sarah INI., Eleanor


■9. Peter' Wendover ; m, Philena Burghdolf. Farmer and stock raiser
of Wayne and Herkimer Counties, N. Y. Buried, Westbury, Cayuga
-County. Had issue 16 children, as follows :
'i. Philip,
ii. Thomas ; b. January 2, 1808 ; m. Margaret Leversee, February

7, 1S29. Issue, 7 children,
iii. Henry.
iv. Sally A.
V. Almira.

vi. ]\Iary A. ; m. Elisha Furbush.
vii. Eliza ; m. John Bickly.
viii. Rachel ; m. Loami Bates,
ix. Peter.
X. Henry,
xi. Jacob,
xii. Garret,
xiii. William,
xiv. Phebe J.

XV. Hannah ; m. Silas Moon,
xvi. Harriet ; m. Loami Bates.

10. Stephen' T. Wendover; m. Mary Adams, soon after removing to
Herkimer County with his parents. His 9 children were as follows :

i, Henry ; m. 1845, Residence, Newport, Herkimer Cou,nty, N. Y.

ii, John Valentine ; b, February ro, i8i6; m, Eliza Rose, 1840.

Issue, one child, Helen M, Moved from Herkimer to

Wayne County, 1837, and resided at his death, February

20, 1888, in Auburn, N, Y.

iii. Orsamus ; b.



Wendover Family.



Charles ; b.


David ; b.


Benjamin ; b


Hannah ; b.


Mary ; b.


Daniel ; b.

11. John Thompson^ Wendover, born New York city, April 8, 1800 ; mer-
chant, shipper, vessel owner, etc. Residence, Stuyvesant, Columbia County,
N. Y.; died there, March 22, 1875 ; buried at Stuyvesant, and afterward
reinterred at Kalamazoo, ]\Iich.; married Cynthia A., daughter of James
Henry Van Slyck and Sarah Vosburgh, September 22, 1829. Ellis's //^j-
tory of Columbia County thus speaks of John T. Wendover : " He was
among the most enterprising and public-spirited men of the day, and for
its commercial, moral, and religious character the Stuyvesant of his day
is perhaps more indebted to him than to any other individual man. It
is seldom that men of his stamp and energy are content to fill the small
field of a place such as Stuyvesant, but his remaining there was a bless-
ing and an honor to the place and to the county." This history also
gives an interesting description of the old Wendover house at Stuyvesant,
which contained one room "finished throughout, both walls and ceiling,
with cherry-wood, and hence called ' the cherry chamber.' But this was
not its chief attraction ; it was rendered famous from the fact that Gen-
eral Washington once occupied it as a sleeping-room." When this
house was razed to make way for the New York Central & Hudson River
Railroad, pieces of this
cherry-wood were in great
demand among the county
folk. The loss of his
young wife, a very tal-
ented woman, and grand-
daughter of Evert Vos-
burgh, Esq., an officer of
the Revolutionary War,
was a great bereavement
to Mr. Wendover. He
never remarried. John
T. Wendover had three
children, viz. :

i. Stephen Henry; b.
July 29, 1830 ;
d. March 16,
1889, unmar-
ried. Banker
and gentleman
farmer. Resi-
dence, Stuyve-
sant, buried
Mich. Mem-
ber of State


1 34 Wendover Family. [Oct.,

Assembly two terms, and of the Senate (representing the Fif-
teenth District, then consisting of Columbia, Dutchess, and
Putnam Counties) for two terms, 1878-81.

ii. Isaac Hutton ;. b. June 4, 1833 ; drowned in the Hudson River
November 26, 1855 ! unmarried.

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