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Samuell King married about the 27^'' yeare of his age, October
the 10*^ Ano Dom. 1660.

My first childe William was borne ye lo^*" of January 1661.
My second childe Dorothy borne ye eleventh of July 1664.
"My third childe Hanah borne ye 26th of January 1666."


Records of the King Family of Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y. [April,

My fourth childe
Mary* borne the 7*'' day
of August Ano Dom:

" My fifth childe Sam-
uell borne ye 23'^'' of the
first Moneth 1675 — alias

My sixth childe John
borne the 26"^ day of
January 1677.

My seventh childe
Abigail born the ninenth
day of December 1682.

Samuell King his wife
Frransesf King departed
this life January about
the 14 da Ano 1692 being
the ss""^ year of hear age
or thereabouts.

(Here follows in very
beautiful handwriting
the record of the family
of Samuel King, Jr.).

"Samuel King, Jun.
was married ye i^' of
Jany ano Domini 1697
being in the 22°^ yeare
of his age & the 23''^
yeare of his Wife Han-

Samuell King, Jun"
Departed this Life the 6
day of May in the 51
fifty first yeare of his
age and yeare 1725'

(The above entry of
the death of Samuel
King, Jr., is in a different
handwriting but now
follows the same hand-
writing as the record of
his marriage and con-
tinues through the entry
of the death of his wife
Hannah Aug. 12, 17 12.)

"My i"^ son Samuell
• of

^ui^T^Lct/rtJ . / (7C(?^I

Handwritingof Samuel King, Sr.,d. 29 Nov., 1721. King bom yC 2o'

♦ Mary King became the wife of John Gardiner, third proprietor of the Manor of Gardiner s
Island; she died 4 July. 1707, aged 37, and is buried in the East Hampton graveyard, bhe is
erroneously described as the daughter of William King in the Gardiner Pedigree in Holgate s
Genealogies. ^,.,,. . ,, „ j •»

+ Frances, the wife of Samuel King, was the daughter of William Ludlam, br., and wife
Clemence of Southampton, L. I., and formerly of Matlock in Derbyshire. England.

IQOI.] Records of the King Family of Soiithold, Suffolk Co., N. V.






j^ztr z z/^}

September anno Domini
1697 on Monday about nine
of the clock in the Morn-

John King the 2"^'' son
born July ye 15*'' Anno
Domini 1699 o^ Saturday.

Zebulon my Third son
*— was born ye y"" of Septem-

ber anno Domini 170- on

Absolom my fourth son
was born ye 6^^ of January
anno Domini 1703/4 on

Nathanaell, my fifth son
was born ye 27*^ of Feb-
ruary anno Domini 1706/7
on Fryday —

Ephraim my sixth son
was born ye 14^'' of May
anno Domini 1 709 on Satur-

Hannah my seventh
child was born ye 18**' of
May anno Domini 17 12.
Sunday about sunrise.

My Loving Wife Han-
nah departed her life ye
1 7*'' of August anno Domini
17 12 in the 39*'' year of her

Handwriting of Samuel King, Jr., b. 23 March, 1675. >>


(Here follows in another handwriting nine entries, the first
seven are doubtless those of the births of children named Booth
and probably the offspring of Hannah King and Captain William
Booth; on this point see Moore's Indexes of the Town of Soiithold,
under Booth.)

"My First son Will™ was born the 25"^ of May 1689.

2 — Hannah was born February 22 — 1691.

my 3'''^ Child Samuel was born July ye 16 1682. {Sic. but
doubtless intended for 1692.)

George my 3 Child born Aprill ye 28 1696

Mehetabell was born October ye 8*^ 1698

Constant Born in Janewary ye 9 day 1700.

Mary Booth was Born Agust ye 30 day 1703.

Martha was born in Agust ye 7^'' 1706.

My father Samuel King departed This Life Novem'^'" the 29 —
172 1 — In ye 89 year of his age.

My brother Samuel King departed this life May the 14 1733
in the 38 year of his age on Monday"

(The handwriting now changes and we have the following
record of the children of John King, doubtless written by him.)


Records of the King Family of Southold, Suffolk Co., N. V. [April,

^^ It^aS


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