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has not been heard of since.

19. Stephen* Rice Hyatt, b. Sept. 3, 1805; d. Sept. 5, t886; m.
Mary Anne Gregg, who was b. 1801, and d. March 21, 1881. They
lived at Fenner, Madison Co., N. Y. Children:

igoi.] Crosby Families. 163

Jefferson' Hyatt, b. Oct. 8, 1836; d. Oct. 24, 1898, Fenner,

N. Y. ; m. Jane Buyea. Children : A da Hyatt, b. June 28,

1868; m. John Knot; d. March 8, 1893, Fenner, N. Y.

Edzi'ht Hyatt, b. 1867; d. 1887. Roscoe Hyatt, of

Fenner, N. Y.
Delia Hyatt, b. Sept. 29, 1838; m. T. Burton, of Fenner,

N. Y. Child: Mary Burton, b. Jan. 8, 1869; m. Frank

Whipple, of Fenner, N. Y.
John Hyatt, b. June, 1841; m. Ellen Jewett. Child:

Clara Hyatt, b. June, 1872; d. May 11, 1878.

20. Marie' Louise Hyatt, b. March 9, 1814, Fenner, N. Y.; d-
June I, 1870, Racine, Wis.; m. Sept. 9, 1835, Simeon De Witt
Clough, who was b. Aug. 13, 1814, Nelson, N. Y., and died Feb. 9,
1884, Racine, Wis., son of John and Mary Throop (Chapman)
Clough, of Madison Co., N. Y. After their marriage they lived
for a few years at Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y., and in 1846-7
moved to Racine, Wis., where they lived for many years at their
home, " Elmwood," on the edge of the town. He dealt principally
in livestock, but was identified with many other business enter-
prises throughout the State of Wisconsin, one of the organizers
of the Racine and Mississippi R. R., etc. At the outbreak of the
Civil War he was appointed Assistant Commissary-General, on
the staff of Governor Harvey, with the rank of Colonel, and held
this position through the war. He twice visited his daughter,
Mrs. Kimball, in California, in 1876 and 1878. Mrs. Clough was
beloved by all for her loving disposition and many charitable
acts, and both her death and that of her husband were deeply
regretted by all who knew them. She was for many years a
member of the Church of the Good Shepherd (Universalist) at
Racine. Children:

26. Mary' Ann Clough, b. Jan. 8, 1841.

27. Walter Clough, b. Sept. 11, 1842.
Marie Louise Clough, d. y.
Florence Clough, d. y.
Florence Clough, d. y.

21. Mary* Raymond, b. Feb. 8, 1792; d. Jan. 16, 1863; m. Oct. 15,
1818, Samuel Kelley, who was b. Feb. 13, 1791, and d. Aug. 24,
1865. Children:

Ira' W. Kelley, d. unm.

James R. Kelley, m. (i) Ursula Foster, b. Jan. 31, 1818;
d. Feb. 19, 1888, daughter of Thomas and Rhoda
(Crosby) Foster, ante; (2) Mrs. Catharine Richards.

22. James' Raymond, b. March 15, 1795, Albany Coimty, N. Y.;
d. March 23, 1854, Carmel, N. Y.; m. Sept. 26, 1818, Julia Smith
(Thomas Philips, Thomas?), who was b. Aug. 23, 1800, and d.
Sept. 4, 1890. ■ Children:

28. Ada' Raymond, b. Dec. 11, 1819.

29. Thomas E. Raymond, b. Oct. 5, 182 1.

30. Sarah Raymond, b. Nov. 4, 1823.

31. Mary E. Raymond, b. Sept. 12, 1825.

( To be continued.)

164 Records of the Church of Christ [July*


The First Church in the Town, with some Places Adjacent.

(Continued from Vol. XXXII.. p. 76. of The Record.)










1770, Jan.


















1769, Aug. 20. Abigal, daugh. of Samuel Burt for his wife.
Sept. 24. Stephen, son of Nathan Rockwell.

Rachel, daugh. of Thorn. Williams for his wife.

Sarah, daugh. of Daniel Boughton, Jun'.

Lydia, daugh. of Jacob Wood.

Joseph, son of Nathan Pardee.

Hannah, daugh. of Daniel Boughton.

Stephen, son of Joseph Doolittle.

Sarah, daugh. of John Peck.

John, son of John Osborn.

Enos, son of Mathew Bouton, & Gold, son of John

Pettil, son of Abraham Smith.
Coles, son of Ruben Bloomer.
Hannah, daugh. of Nathan Weed.
Also, Zabud, son of Abraham Rundle for his wife.
Rhoda, daugh. of Noah Bouton.
Anna, daugh. of John Seward for his wife.
June 17. Abigail, daugh. of Esqr. Crane.
Aug. 19. Sarah, daugh. of Ezra Bouton.
Aug. 26. Learning, son of Josiah Brown.
Sept. 17. Thomas, son of Thomas Rockwell.
Sept. 23. Hannah, daugh. of Amos Benedict for his wife.
Sept. ult. Molly, daugh. of Eben Wood.

Also Benjamin, son of Stephen Chapman.
Oct. 2. Baptized 5 Children of Joseph Coley, viz.:

Rebeckah, Samuel Brooks, Jane, Lydia &
Oct. 14. Nabby, daugh. of Nehemiah Stebbins.

Also Eunice, daugh. of James Wood for his wife.

Baptizd. Abigal, daugh. of John Plat.

Jonathan, son of Joseph Doolittle.

Thomas, son of Isaac Newman for his wife.

Seth, son of Phineas Hait.

Sarah, daugh. of Nathan Rockwell.

John, son of Lew^ Joseph Benedict.

Hulda, daugh. of John Whitney, Jun^

Polly, daugh. of Daniel Boughton.

Jemimah, daugh. of John Rescue.

Also Benjamin, son of John Utter for his wife.

Baptized Anna, daugh. of Jacob Gilbert.

Molly, daugh. of Thomas Benedict.

Peter, son of Ezekiel Hawley.













eodem die.

771, Jan.











in Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y.


i77i,Apl. 7.

May 19.
June 16.






























1772, Feb.






























Oct. .













Dec. 20.
Dec. 21.
1773, Jan. 3.
Feb. 14.

Lewis, son of Abiel Sherman.
Also Sarah, daugh. of Ephraim Gilbert.
Epenetus, son of Epenetus Weed for his wife.
Jesse, Nathaniel, Sarah, Deborah, Rachil & Isaac,

Children of Nath. Close.
Noah, son of Ruben Taylor.
Hulda, daugh. Jehiel Tyler.
Jabez, son of Nathan Hull.
Titus, son of Williams for his wife.
Ann, daugh. of Jesse Hait.
Betsey, daugh. of James Hays.
Minor, son of Samll Lawrance.
Henery, son of Ezek. Hawley, Jun^
Ziba, son of Abrah. Rundle for his wife.
Andrew, son of Abraham Northrup Juner.
Mindwell, Hannah & Phebe, Children of Solomon

Close, Junr.
Anna, daugh. of Daniel Waterbury.
Rebeckah, daugh. of Gold Bouton.
Ebenezer, son of John Loder.
Sarah, daugh. of Elij. Shearman for his wife.
Bap. Mary, daugh. of Daniel Bouton.
Bap. Martin, son of Rev''. M^ Mead.
Benjamin, son of Nathan Rockwell.
Mima, daugh. of Daniel & Mary Benedict.
Polly, daugh. of James Rockwell.
Marilda, daugh. of Nathaniel Close.
Abigail, daugh. of Daniel Hays.
Hannah & Abigail, twins of Ethan Mead.
Mary, daugh. of John Osborn for his wife.
Ezra, son of John Hawley.
Baptzd. Hannah, daugh. of Abiel Shearman.
Picket, son of Jacob Wood.
Melvin, son of Josiah Brown.
Obediah, son of John Plat.
Also William, son of David Waterbury.
Mary, daugh. of John Peck.
Rachel, daugh. of Joseph Doolittle.
Elijah, son of Samll Curtis.
Abigail, daugh. of John Ambler.
Phebe, ye wife of Josiah St. John.
Also Abigail, daugh. of Josiah St. John.
Abigail, daugh. of Abraham Northrup, Junr.
Thomas, son of Esqr. Crane.
Also Ebenezer Mix, son of Ephraim Sanford.
Mary Bell, daugh. of John Baxter.
Also Samuel & Martha, twins of Dr. Barnum &

Thomas, son of Abraham Smith.
Elisabeth, daugh. of Stephen Chapman.
Mary, daugh. of Abraham Rundle.
Bapt. Thomas, son of Ephraim Gilburd.
Anna, daugh. of Daniel Benedict.

1 66

Records of the Church of Christ


1773, Mch. 14-

Mch. 19.
Mch. 28.
Apl. 4-

Apl. 7.
Apl. 18.
Apl. 28.
May 2.
May 16.
May 30.
June 4.
Aug. I.

Aug. 9.
Sept. 19.

Oct. 17.
Dec. 8.
Dec. 12.
1774, Jan. 2.

Jan. 16.
Feb. 27.

Mch. 13.
Apl. 15.
Apl. 24.

May I.
May 8.
May II.
May 15.

May 25.
May 29.

June 5.
June 10.
Aug. I.

Aug. 14.
Sept. II
Sept. 18

Sept. 25
Oct. 2.
Nov. 20.
Dec. 18.

Jared, son of Jehiel Tyler.

Also Daniel, son of Gilbert Hunt & Gold & Sarah,

Children of Thorn. Smith.
Anna, daugh. James Brundige.
Prue, daugh. of Noah Bouton.
Gamaliel, son of Ezra Bouton.
Also Zalmon, son of Thom. Rockwell.
Cloe, daugh. of Williams for his wife.
Stephen, son of Joseph Coley.
Rachel & Elisabeth, Children of lew. Lockwood.
Peter, son of Rice Hait.
Ruah, daugh. of Eben. Slason.
Ira, son of James Hays.
David, son of Daniel Waterbury.
Dorcas, daugh. of Daniel Bouton.
Also Samuel Northrop, son of Phineas Hait.
Stephen, son of Lew. Benedict.
Esther, daugh. of Ephraim Sandford.
Also Anna, daugh. of Thom. Smith.
Rachel, daugh. of Math. Bouton.
Ira, son of Isaac Newman for his wife.
Hulda, daugh. of Nathan Hull.
Noah, son of John Loder.
Also Stephen, son of Jesse Hait & Nehemiah, son

of Ebenezer Bouton, Jun"".
Ebenezzer, son of Eben. Wood.
Rebeckah, daugh. of Epenetus Bishop.
Also Enoch, son of Abiel Shearmon.
Joseph Philip, son of Abraham Northrup.
Mary, daugh. of Gold Bouton.
Joseph, son of Ruben Taylor.
Also Anna, daugh. James Rockwell.
James, son of Eber. Brown.
Joel, son of Ezekiel Hawley.
Phebe, daugh. Joseph Doolittle.
Joseph, son of Samll Waterbury.
Lewis, son of Benjamin Rockwell.
Ezra, son of Brockway Brown.
Betsy, daugh. of Daniel Bouton.
Also Abraham, s. of Ethan Mead.
Tirzah, daugh. of Will. Fancher.
Daniel, son of Enos Brown.
Deborah, daugh. of Nath. Reynolds on her own

Ephraim, son of Joseph Coley.
Cloe, daugh. of Elisha Shearman.
, Zadock, son of Josiah Brown.

Also Jared, son of Noah Bouton.
. Sarah, Christena & Amy, Children of Jacob Travis.
Hannah, daugh. of Jacob Wood.
Thomas, son of Tho. June.
Ruth, daugh. of Phineas Hait.


in Sale?n, Westchester Co., N. Y.


775, Feb.














July 16.

Aug. 13.

Aug. 20.
Sept. 6.

Aug. 10.
Oct. 29.
Oct. 31.

Nov. 19.

Dec. 10.

1776, Jan. 3.
Jan. 7.
Jan. 21.
Mch. 31.
Apl. 14.
Apl. 21.

May 5.

May 25.
June 2.
June 9.
June 16.
June 23.

July 21.
Aug. 4.
Sept. 21.
Sept. 27
Oct. 4.
Oct. 6.
Oct. 10.
Oct. t6.
Dec. 16.

Mary, daugh. of Nathan Betts.
Esther, daugh. of John Rescue.

Also Susannah, daugh. of Rice Halt.

Deborah, daugh. of John Ambler.

Abijah, son of Lewt. Lockwood.

Edward Jones, son of James Hays.

Hannah, daugh. of Benajah Gilbert.

Nehemiah, son of John Avery for his wife.

Mercy, daugh. of Daniel Waterbury.

Lois & John, Children of Benajah Gilbert.

Pamelia, Joel, Peter & James, Children of Tho.
Lawrie for his wife.

Baptzd. John Avery and His two Children, Enos
& Solomon, Nehemiah was baptized privately

Also Ruah, daugh. of Ebenezer Bouton, Junr.

Rebeckah, daugh. of Ezek Hawley, Junr.

Also Baptized Ebenezer Avery.

Rachel, daugh. of Eben. Sloson.

Bapt. Rhoda, Abigail, Elisha, Sarah & Daniel,
Children of Ebenezer Avery.

Patty, daugh. of Nathan Rockwell.

John Chapman, son of Dorcas Keeler.

Sarah, daugh. of Isaac Hull.

Jacob & Thomas, children of David Northrup

Also Anna, daugh. Aaron Mead.

Isaac, son of Job Rockwell.

Also Jare'\ Jacob & Mary, Chil. of Isaac Hull.

Martha, daugh. of Abraham Rundle for his wife

Molly, daugh. of Nathan Betts.

David, son of Abiel Shearman.

Mary, daugh. of Stephen Chapman.

Elisabeth, daugh. of Newman.

Noah, son of John Avery.

, son of David Northrup.

Hannah, daugh. of Samll Lawrence.

Also David, son of John Loder.

Also Sarah, daugh. of laaac Hull. ^ '

Rebeckah, daugh. of Josh. Pardee for his Mother

Vashti, daugh. of Jacob Travis.

Joseph, son of John Osborn.

Stephen, son of Samll Waterbury.

Joseph, son of Joseph Coley.

Also Joel, son of Ethan Mead.

Lois, daugh. of Josiah Brown.

Hannah, daugh. of Benaiah Gilbert.

Ruth, daugh. of Joshua Pardee for his wife.

Sarah, daugh. of Joshua Pardee for his wife.

Joseph, son of Joshua Pardee for his wife.

David, son of Abraham Todd.

Enos, son of David Pardee for his wife.

Abraham & Seth, Children of Abraham fancher.

Thomas, son of David Smith for his wife.

1 68

Records of the Church of Christ


1777, Feb. 9. Benjamin, son of Ruben Taylor.

Also Jesse, son of Jesse Haight.
Feb. 16. Jery, son of Nehemiah Stebbins.

Also Thomas, son of Nathan Rockwell.
Elisabeth, Jerusia & Ebenezer, children of Joshua

Also Mary, Hannah, Isaac & Esther, Children of
David Pardee.
May 18. Mercy, daugh. of ye widdow Brown.
May 25. Ruben, son of Micael Scofield.

Also Benjamin, son of Joseph Benedict.
June I. David Woster, son of Ezekiel Hawley.
June 15. Daniel, son of Josiah Hays.
June 16. Baptised Ebenezer, son of Azariah Wood for his

June 20. Bapt. Rachel, daugh. of John Rescue.
Also Rufus, son of Abraham Fancher.
at ye same time Betsy, daugh. of John Utter for
his wife.
June 22. Thadeus, son of Timth. Bouton.
July 28. Ezra, son of Maj. Lockwood.
Aug. 17. James, son of Maj. Slason.
Enos, son of Joel Northrup.
Solomon, son of ye widdow Hannah Benedict.
Also Anna, daugh. of Benj. Benedict.
Sept. 7. Aaron, son of Aaron Mead.

Sept. 4. Rebeckah, Peggy & Peleg, children of Azariah
Wood for his wife.
Also Hannah, daugh. of Isaac Newman for his
Nov. 9. Washington, son of Stephen Chapman.
Nov. 23. Mary, daugh. of Abiel & Mary Shearmon.

Also Hannah, daugh. of Mathew & Theodosia
Dec. — . Stephen Sutherland.

1778, Mch. 4. Lydia, daugh. Thom. Hays.
Apl. 26. Rhoda, daugh. of Ethan Mead.
May 3. David, son of John Avery.
June 14. Elisabeth, daugh. of Isaac Hull.
June 28. Molley, daugh. Lieut. Lawrence.

July 12. Theodosia «& Sarah, Chil. of Stephen Bouton for
his wife.

Also Jared, son of Nathan Betts.
July 19. Hannah & Debby, twins of John Osborn.
Aug. 9. Nathaniel, son of Nath. Newman.
Aug. 26. Sarah, daugh. of Sands Reymond.
Nov. 8. Rachel, daugh. of Lew. Travis.

Also Enos, son of Capt. Pardee for his wife.

& Hannah, daugh. of Lieut. Joseph Benedict.

& Betsy, daugh. of Nehemiah Stibbins.
Nov. 22. Mary, daugh. of Samll Waterbury.
{To bt continued.)

I go I.] The Records of Philippi, now Southeast, Putnam Co., N. Y. 1 69


Transcribed and Contributed by H. Calkins, Jr.

(Question-marks and Italics are the transcriber's.)

(Continued from Vol. XXXII., p. 104 of The Record.)

Editor's Note: — We have received from several correspondents, who have read the first
installment of this article, information concerning certain names which in the original were
difficult to decipher or completely illegible. Our appreciation of the accuracy and value of this
information is attested by the publication of it here:

Page loi :— Mody Haws should be Moody Howes; Lucia Collins should be Lucia Cullens, who
was probably the widowed daughter of Rev. Elisha Kent; Nathanel Scriber should be Scribner.

Page 102:— Ruth, wife of Jacob Reed, should be Ruah; Rilley should be Killey, a very com-
mon name in tfiat locality; Anne Haws should be Anne Howes; Rev. Abraham O. Stambury
should be Stansbury.

PAGE 76.

Aug't ye Children of Obidiah & Mary Crosby

Names Theodorus Sep'r 10 — Elizabeth and Abner

Thankful Children to Nathaniel & Scribner.

Olanzo Sep'r 13 — Tharza. Daughter —

Lot to Emuel, Crosbey.

Oc'r 9 — Mary Daughter to Ichabod & Marvin.

Oct'r II. Noah Son to Nohah & Deborah Bouton.
Nov'r 4, 1789. Isaac — Eili — Easter — Abigail Mehitabal — Mathew

— Lewis B — Children of Jacob, and Ruah Reed.
Decem'r 6. Jeremiah Burgis.
March 17 — Abbe P. —

Children to Jeremiah & Reliance Burgis John & Peter.
Asa and Therza — Children to Asa — & Susanah Cummins.
Ap'l 4, 1790. Baptized — Matthew Beal — Hannah Penney — and
Ziporah Maker —

PAGE 77.
June 6, Charity Benjamin wife to Darius Benjamin.
Aug't 15th Nancy Daughter — to W- & English

& Ebenezar, Nancy. & Daniel Children to
Philetus. & Easter Philips.

PAGE 84.

At a meeting of the Session, after preparatory Lecture at the
School house January 5, 1828,

Mrs. Mary, wife of Isaac Crosby, & Mrs. Sarah, wife of Noah
Bouton, presented themselves^ were examined, & voted to be
renewed into the communion of the Church.


A List of the Names of the Church Members in Union,
Feb. 2, 1812.

Isaac Crosby, Died Feb. 17, Thia, wife of Jonathan Crane.

1 81 5 — 98 years. Anna, wife of John Haws, Died
Thankful Crosby, Died Feb. 19, 1815.

1 815 88 y. old. wife of Neh. Smith, Died

Samuel Hall, Died Nov. 3, 1814. Apl. 9, '12.

I 70 The Records of Philippi, now Southeast, Putitatn Co., N. V. [July,

Elizabeth Hall.

Noah Bouton, Died July 11, 181 2.

Deborah Bouton, Died Nov.

Tabitha Elwell, widow, Died
Deer. 13, 1817 — 81.
Hubbell, wid.. Took a
a letter 1814.

Jacob Reed, Died June 11, 1812.
Reed, Died 1825.

Daniel Reed.

Sally Reed

Henry Hoyt, Excommunicated

Polly Hoyt, Jan. 15, 1814 (Re-
stored Apl.6-i 8 16).

James Foster

Elizababeth Foster, Died April
I, 1823.

Charles Hine.

Anna Hine.

Ruth, wife of Abner Crosby.
Died Sep. 4, 1816.

Mary, wife of John Raymond.

Hannah, wife of Wm. Wooster.

Rebecca, wife of Steph. Pad-

Lydia, wife of Wm. Snow.
Bathsheba, wife of Jas. Foster,

Sen., Died 1820.

Deborah Sears, widow, Died

Sep. 13, 1828.
Molly Sherwood, widow. Took a

dismission N. 18 15.
Sarah Haws, widow. Died Jany
4, 1815.
Marvin, widow. Died May

27, '14-
Paddock, widow. Died

Hinman, widow.
Reliance Crosby, wid. — Died

May 23, '14.
Huldah Young, wd —
Nathaniel Green Went away

James Sears Took a dismission

Dec. 8, 1814.
Mabel Sears — Took a dismission

Ap. 26, '14.
James Craft, Died April, 1814.
Deborah Craft Took a letter.


Russel J. Minor.

Susan Minor.

Jesse Field Took dismission Feb.

5. '15-
Sophia Young.
Rebecca Paddock.
Orange Starr Took a dismiss'n

Oct., 1815.
Hannah Starr Do Do
Peter H. Foster.
Ezra Northrop.
Charles Waring Took Letter

Ap., 1817.
Abigail Waring Apl. 10 Took

Letters '17.
Thomas Foster.
Ezra Young.
Sally Young.
Epenetus Crosby Took Let'r

Sep., 1816.
Alfred De Forest, Took a Let-
ter '13.
Martha Higgins, Died Apl. 22,


Nancy Crosby.

Thankful Bradley Took a letter,

July 13, 1817.
Abigail Paddock.
Eleazer Sears Moved away 181 5.
Betsey Sears Moved away 1815.
Rua Sears, Died 1813.

Polly Godfrey Took a letter

Apis, 1817.
Jared Bouton Nov. 19, '09 — Died

March 4, 1824.
Abigail Bouton, Died June 8,

Ruth Crosby.
Sally B. Sears.
Elizabeth Elwell Took a letter

fall, 18 19.
Roxana Weed.
Elizabeth Gage, Died April

Niah Gage.
Lydia Foster.
Nanissa Elwell Took a letter

Fall, 1819.

igoi.] The Records of Philippi, now Southeast, Putnam Co., N. V. I 7 I


*Rebecca Merrick, Reed Aug. 6, '09, Excom. June i, 1816.

Abraham Hyatt, do Gone off.

Nathaniel Hall, Oct. i.

Molly Richards, Do

Elisha Hebbard, Do

Elizabeth Hebbard, Do

Rachel Nimal, Do

Thos Chapman, Nov. 19,

Deborah Chapman, Do

Abigail Crane, Wd., Dec. 3,

Sally Reid, Do.

Desire Murrht(?) Do.

Bathsheba Brown, Wid.,

Sarah Sears, wd., Ap. 15, '

Dudley, Do.

Susanna Brush, wd.. Do.

Gildersleave, Do.

Huldah Loder, Do.

Sally Baldwin, Died Jan. 19, 18. 1822.
Eunice Crosby, Sears, Foster.
Stephen Marvin, Feb. 2, 12, Took Letter 1815.
Phebe Rockwel 12, Took Lett. June, '16.

Betsey Lockwood, Took letter Sep. 28, 1816.
Rhoda Crosby, Took a letter Apl. 14, 18 14.
Betsey Sherwood.
Henry Hoyt, restored Apl. 6, 1816.
Paddock C. Lawrence reed by letter;}; Do.
Wid. Rebecca Elwell June i, 1816, Took Letter Apl. 5, 1817.
Allice Mead, 1814, Do. Do.

Jonah Barnum, old member. Died 1825.
Morton Hall, Aug. 16, 1817. Died Feb. 27, 1818,
Anna Oakley, reed fr. Red'g. Dec. 7, 1817. Died June 24, 1820.
Henrietta Penny, June 7, 1818.
Edmund Foster, Sep. 20, 1818.
James H. Foster, Took letter 1828.

Died Nov. 24, 1825.
Died Apl. 1827.
Took tetter June 24, 1816.
Died 1827.

Letter 1829.

Died 1829.

Took a letter.
Died Jany 28, 1825.
Died 1816.
Died Aug. 10, 1818.

Letter July 1817.
Took Letter Nov. 8, '16.


Betsey Foster, Sep. 20, 1818.

Took a letter May, 1819.
Sally Foster.
Sophia Crosby.
Selina Crosby, dismissed Feb.,

Hervey Crosby, Took a letter

Jan., 1828.
Abigail Crosby, Reid.
Daniel Reed, Jun.
Alexander Penny.

Rhoda Foster.
Elizabith Marvin.
Huldah Lawrence.
John Elwell.
Abigail Penny.
Reliance Burrhus, 27 Sep.
John Lawrence, Jun.
Bradford Ketchum.
Ichabod Marvin.
Emily Young, Crane.

♦ Afterward became Rebecca Priadle.

+ Murrhus.(?)

% From Danbury(Ct.).


Hawx hurst Family. [July,

Elizabeth Foster, Died Dec. 14, Eli Crosby, Jr., Nov. 29.

1 82 1. Lama Crosby.

Horace Jones. Nathaniel Hopkins, Took a let-
Clarissa Jones. ter 1828.

Betsey Paddock Took a letter Patience Hall.

Sep., 1824. James Minor, June 6, 1819.

PAGE 36 — (from page 9-1819).

Samuel Brewster, June 6, by Nancy Burrhus.

letter. Polly Foster.

Eliza Brewster. Edmund Foster, Jr.

Nathaniel Hebbard, Died Sep. Sarah Penny, Took letter 1828.

8, 1825. Alfred Penny.

Abbey Hebbard. Wm. Penny, Took Letter April

1821. 29, 1827.

Daniel Hawes, Feb. 4, Died Feb. Polly Seely.

4 1824. Evelina Hubbell.

Sarah Paddock (old member). Fanny Hubbell.

Daniel Rush, June 3, Took let- Martha Redfield.

ter 182 1. Mehitabel Rice, Took a letter
Dimas Doane, Nov. 1821. Sep., 1829.

Roxana Doane. Amy Foster.

Eli Snow. Oct. 3, 1824. David Foster.

Polly Snow. Lydia Foster.

Maria Matilda Richards. Esther Rockwell.
Susan Baldwin. 1825.

Huldah Hall. Widow Molly Mead, Died Sep.,
Abigail Pamela Burrhus, Took 1827.

Letter Oct. 4. Stephen Crosby, Apl. i, 27.

Polly Burrhus, Dec. 1824. Lydia Crosby.

PAGE 37.

Maria Weed. 1828.

Harriet Sears. Jan. 6, Mary Crosby.

Patience Hall. Sarah Bouton.

Roxana Jackson. Betsey Young.
Oct. 7, Ruth Disborough.


By Robert B. Miller.

Hawxhurst is from the word " Hurst," a wood, or Hawkwood.
It is beyond doubt good Saxon.

John Hawkherst was appointed Abbott of St. Augustine, m
Canterbury, January 25, 1427, and it is possible that the town of
Hawkhurst in Kent, early gave rise to the family name.

Bridge's History of Northants, Vol. I., p. 276: "Sampson
Hawkherst, Vicar of Towcester, 1569-99.

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Vol. IV., p. 377, and Vol.
v., p. 4; The Register Book of Marey, County of Northant (North-

IQOI.] H aw X hurst Fa^nily. 11%

"Xpo (Christopher) Hawxsworth, married October 1=;. iqqo

Elizabeth . They had:

William, baptized October 15, 155 1."

History of Shrewsbury, H. Owen, p. 153, Ministers of St. Chads:
"Christopher Hawksworth, Died of Plague, Aug., 1576. He suc-
ceeded John Marshall, ejected on the accession of Queen Elizabeth
in 1558 for refusing burial in his church to Mr. Burton of Long-
nor. The living of St. Chads, strictly speaking, was a 'Curacy'
though it has for near a century been styled a Vicarage."

History of Shrewsbury, Shropshire {Salop), by Owen & Blake-
way, Vol. II., p. 212; Incumbents of St. Chads: "Christopher
Hawkshurst was probably appointed on the accession of Elizabeth.
He died of plague, August, 1576."

"Our M. S. Chronicle recording that event calls him Hawcks-
woorthe but his true name appears in two items of our bailliff's
accounts, which evince the regard paid to his memory 14 years
after his decease. 1589, paid and yevan [Sic,) to Mr. Sampson
Hawkshurst toward his preferment in learning in respect to his
father's pains and travell in our town, 5 pounds."

"Apr. 28, 1590— Received of the Bailiffs 5 pounds for the use
of Sams Hauxhurst, late son of Mr. Christopher Hauxhurst, late
preacher of God's word in Salop, for his better maintenance and
studi in Oxford."

No Curate appears for seven years until in 1583, when Thomas
Price was appointed.

Foster's Alumni Oxonienscs: "Samson Hawkhurst (Haux-
hurste) of Salop— Clerici filius, Balliol Coll., (Oxford) Matriculated
6 Nov., 1590, aged 19. B. A. June 25, 1593: B. D. from Magdalen
Hall, July 9, 1607— Canon Lichfield. 1607-27. Vicar of Nuneaton,
Co. Warwick, 1626-27. William Haukshurst, of Co. Warwick,
Clerici filius, Magdalen Hall, matriculated Nov. 6, 1618, aged 18."

The following entries occur in the "institution" books. Series
A, Vol. IV., p. 143, under Warwickshire:

Nuneaton, Rex 29, May, 1626, Sampson Hauxhurst.
" 3 Sept., 1627, Will Craddocke.

The "composition" books for 1626, show that Sampson Haux-
hurst made a composition for his first fruits, his sureties being:

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