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"Richard Overton, girdler, of the Parish of St. Peter, Cheap-
side, London, and Richard Baddely of Eccles Hall staff."

The Bishop's certificates of Institutions do not state the cause
of the vacancy of the "living" in 1627; but in Dugdale's Warwick-
shire, p. 1068, there is a list of the Vicars of Nuneaton with the
letters V. P. M., ie.. Vacant per mortem, occur after Hawxhurst's
-4 Samson Hawkshurst (son of Christopher Hawkhurst of vShrews-

bury), Vicar of Nuneaton, County of Warwich, England, b. 1571;
d. 1627. Children:

William, b. 1600; of Magdalen Hall, Nov. 6, 16 18.

Mary, d. 1656; m. Robert Coles.


Mary Hawxhurst, sister of Christopher Hawxhurst; she d.
1656. After marrying Matthias Hervey, she went to Oyster Bay,

1 74 Haivxhurst Family. [July,

as did her sons, Nathaniel and Daniel, as well as her daughters
who married Townsends.

Married about 1630, Robert Coles, who was of a good English
family. He was b. about 1597-8, at Sudbury, Suffolk Co., Eng.,
and came to this country with Governor Winthrop to Salem, Mass.,
Oct. 19, 1630; at Roxbury, Mass., requested to be made a "Free-
man." Was admitted May 13, 1631. In March, 1633, with John
Winthrop, jr., and twelve others began the plantation at Ipswich,
where he lived for a time; was at Providence, R. I., 1634, and
where he was one of the twelve original memlDcrs of the First
Baptist Church. July 27, 1647, he and thirty-eight others signed
an agreement for a form of government. He subsequently lived
at Shawomet, June 5, 1648, was recorded as an inhabitant of
Warwick, R. I. Feb. 27, 1654, he and wife Mary sold to Zachariah
Rhodes, for ;^8o dwelling house at Pawtuxet and certain land.
Oct. 25, 1655; Inventory of his estate, ;^5oi; wife Mary, adminis-
tratrix. They had:

John, d. 1676 at Portsmouth; m. Ann .

Elizabeth, m. John Townsend, who d. 1669.

Deliverance, m. Richard Townsend.

Daniel, d. Nov. 29, 1692; m. Maha — Gorton.


Ann, m. Henry Townsend.

Nathaniel, b. 1640; m. (i) Aug. 30, 1667, Martha Jackson;
m. (2) Deborah Wright.

Robert, d. April 16, 1715; m. Jan. i, 1670; Mercy Wright,
who d. Oct. 21, 1708.

1. Christopher^ Hawxhurst was the son of Samson Hawxhurst,
Vicar of Nuneaton, Warwick, Eng., 1626-7. He came, with his
sister Mary, wife of Robert Coles, to Salem and Ipswich, Mass.,
in 1630, thence to Rhode Island. ^'•Felfs Ecclesiastical History^'
Oct. 20, 1643, names him as one of the commission to apprehend
prisoners who had escaped from Shawomet. In 1655, at Warwick,
R. I., he was made "Freeman," and same year deputy to the
General Court of Rhode Island. He sold his dwelling house
and land at Pawtuxet, R. I., March 29, t666, to Anthony Low of
Warwick. In 1665, with Richard Townsend and Joseph Carpenter,
he went to Oyster Bay, L. I. Dec. 7, 1665, Simon Searing of
Hempstead, conveyed to Christopher Hawxhurst of Oyster Bay,
seventy acres of land being lot No. 60 at Matinecock, and the
Indian title was acquired by Henry Ruddock in 1667 by deed for
same land with commonage rights included.

He m., about 1655, Mary Ruddock, eldest daughter of Henry
Ruddock or Reddough, and Mabel Burroughs. They had:

2. William.'

3. Mary.

4. Jane.

5. Sarah.

6. Samson, b. Jan. — , 1670; d. Nov. 9, 1732.

2. William" Hawxhurst {^Christopher'')., m. . Children:

7. Sarah. ^

William, m. Mary Chapman, Aug. 24, 1758.

igoi.] H aw X hurst Family. 175

3. Mary' Hawxhurst {Christopher'), m. (i) Nov. 17, 1684, George
Townsend, son of John and Elizabeth Townsend, b. after 1661;
d. 1697; m. (2), 1697, Abraham Ailing. Children by ist husband:

George, b. 1687; d. May 11, 1762; m. March 18, 1711,
Rosanna, dau. of Nathaniel Coles and Rose Wright.

Richard, b. 1690; d. March 30, 1750; m. Susanna Weeks.

Samuel, b. 1692; d. Feb. 24, 1747; m- Sarah, dau. of
Robert Cooper.
4 Jane' Hawxhurst {Christopher'), m. Jar vis Mudge, son of
Moses Miidge of Hempstead. Will dated Feb. i, 1735, probated
at N. Y., May 2, 1735. They had:


Elizabeth, m. John Dusenberry.

Mary, m. Waite Powell.

Jane, unmarried.

Charity, m. Samuel Doty.

5. Sarah' Hawxhurst {Christopher'), m. William Crooker, son
of William. They had:

Robert', m. Dinah Rhodes.

William, m. Anne .

Samson, d. 1759; m. (i) Elizabeth Titus; m. (2) Margaret


Benjamin, m. Ann .

Abigail, m. Daniel Underbill.

6. Samson' Hawxhurst {Christopher') of Oyster Bay, L. I. Will
dated 23/10 mo, 1732; probated at N. Y., Nov. 21, 1732 {Ltb. 11, p.
419). He is buried among the Townsends at Oyster Bay. Tomb-
stone reads: "D. Jan. 25, 1733, aged 62." -, , , ,

Went to Cedar Swamp, L. I., about 17 13, and probably d. there.
Jan. 9, 1685, he is recorded as being an inhabitant and free-
holder at Matinecock. In 17 15 he was a member of the Oyster
Bay Militia Company under Captain Samuel Dickinson. Married
Jan. 18, 1698, Hannah Townsend, daughter of (Mill) John Towns-
end and Johanna '-, probably widow of Forman, b.

1680; d. Jan. II, 1757. As a wedding present John Townsend
gave his daughter 180 acres of land at Cedar Swamp. They had:

8. Johanna,' d. April 14, 1758.

Sarah, b. March 28, 1702; d. April 11, 1728.

9. William, b. 1703-4; d. Oct. 26, 1790.

10. Samson, d. May- Aug., 1790.

11. Joseph, d. 1 80 1.

12. Benjamin, b. 31/6 mo., 1720.

13. Daniel, b. 13/10 mo., 1723; d. 26/3 mo., 1770.

7. Sarah = Hawxhurst {William,'' Christopher') of Oyster Bay,
m. at St. George's Church, Hempstead, Jan. 13, 1726, Tristam
Dodge of Oyster Bay, L. I., son of Tristam and Dorcas Dodge, b.
about 1697; d. 1785. Will dated Feb. 27, 1779; probated Jan. 20,
1785. They had:

Stephen," Oct. 1783, settled in Nova Scotia.

I 76 Inscriptions on Gravestones. [July,

Daniel of N. Y., had son Daniel, who d. 1814.

Freelove, m. Townsend Parish.


Among the signers to the "Loyal" Address of Welcome, dated
Oct. 20, 1776, to Lord Richard Howe and General William Howe,
on their arrival at New York as Crown Commissioners to the
colony of "His Majesty's" loyal and well affected Freeholders
and inhabitants of Nassau Island (Long Island); that they bear
true allegiance, etc., were: Tristam Dodge, Daniel Dodge, Ezekiel
Roe, and others.

8. Johanna' Hawxhurst {Samson,'^ Christopher^), m. Jan. 29,
1727, Daniel Birdsall, son of Samuel Birdsall and Mary Pratt of
Oyster Bay. His will dated Sept. 17, 1736; probated at N. Y.,
May 9, 1744. They had:

Sarah,* m. Henry Titus of Westbury.

Mary Hannah.

Amy, unmarried.

Daniel, b. 1735; m. Hannah Mandeville.
( To be continued.)


Inscriptions taken from the Old Cemetery at Huntington,

Suffolk Co., L. I. — 1701-1850.

Contributed by John H. Jones.

Note.— Inscriptions of a date later than 1850 have been omitted from this list. They can be
consulted, howeyer, from the original Ma. at the Library of this Society.— iBrf/Vor.

(Continued from Vol. XXXII., p. g6, of The Record.)

White, Ruth, wife Stephen & formerly wife of Simon Fleet, d.
Nov. 5, 1795; ill the 66 year of her age.

Ananias, b. Jany 25, 1788; d. Aug. 13, 1849.
Lefferts, Ann, relict John, formerly wife Stephen Sammis, d.
May — , 1844; in the 77 year of her age.

Eben C, d. Sep. 14, 1835; in the 23 year of his age.

William, d. June 27, 1824; in the 27 year of his age.

Henry, d. June 29, 1844; in the 74 year of his age.

John, d. Dec. 29, 1839; in the 73 year of his age.

Stephen, son Geo. & Letty, d. Aug. 13, 1817; se. 10 mths.

Gilbert C., d. Apl. 30, 1831; in the 12 year of his age.

Leffert, d. Apl. 27, 1828; in the 55 year of his age.

Adam, d. Mch. 22, 1831; ae. 75. 2. 16.
Lefford, William, d. Jany. 30, 1808; ae. 28. 11. 24.
Titus, Abial, son Abial, d. June 6, 1760; in the 5 year of his age.

Timothy, d. Oct. 8, 1735; in the 28 year of his age.

Abel, d. May 3, 1759; in the 50 year of his age.

Elizabeth, wife Abel, d. Feby. 10, 1750; in the 41 year of her

I go I.] Inscriptions on Gravestones. IJJ

C , T. C, , 1778. I On one stone

P. C, , 1778. ) in Titus plot.

Titus, Jacob, d. Mch. 11, 1832; ae. 71. 4. 24.

Ruth, relict Jacob, d. Oct. 12, 1849; in the 90 year of her age.

Henry, d. Sep. 4, 1754; in the 31 year of his age.

John, J^, d. Jany. — , 1751; se- •

Sarah, wife Capt. John, d. Mch. 6, 1740; m the 47 year of her

Capt. John, d. June 4, 1754; in the 69 year of his age.
Capt. Jonathan, d. June 12, 1808; in the 85 year of his age; he

was a worthy veteran, a true patriot & an honest man.
Sarah, relict Jonathan, d. Dec. 15, 1813; in the 88 year of her

Henry, d. July 27, 1816; in the 64 year of his age.
Phebe, wife Henry, d. Jany. 15, 1846; in the 92 year of her

James, son Israel & Temperance, d. May 12, 1793; in the 9

year of his age.
Ira, son Israel & Temperance, d. May 13, 1793; in the 11 year

of his age.
Clary, dau. Israel & Temperance, d. May 19, 1793; in the 13

year of her age.
Polly, dau. Israel & Temperance, d. Sep. i, 1796; ae. 19. 5. 7.
Temperance, wife Israel, d. Oct. 26, 1789; in the 41 year of

her age.
Elizabeth, dau. Israel, d. May i, 1807; ae. 28. 9. 8.
Israel, d. Aug. 15, 181 1; ae. 67. 11. o.
Henry, d. Mch. 23, 1839; in the 74 year of his age.
Andrus, son Henry & Abigail, d. Sep. 28, 1819; ae. 10. 10. o.
Joel Missillier, son Henry W. & Susan A., d. May i, 1830; a.

2 mths.
Henry S., son Zebulon & Mary, d. Apl. 8, 1843; ae. 22 ys. 22 ds.
Zebulon, d. Mch. 13, 1848; ^- 62. o. 13.
Mary, wife Zebulon, d. Jany. 29, 1852; ae. 58. i. 12.
Esther, dau. Jacob & Esther, d. Oct. 3, 1846; ae. 6. 2. 11.
Esther, dau. Jacob, d. May 12, 1846; in the i year of her age.
Mary, wife Abiel, J^, d. July 25, 1735; in the 32 year of her

Lockwood, Emery, d. July 29, 1838; ae. 27. 11. o.
Potter, Nathaniel, d. Nov. 11, 1841; in the 80 year of his age.

Elizabeth, relict Gilbert, (M. D.), d. Nov. 17, 181 1; ae. 83. 3. 8.
Col. Gilbert, (M. D.), d. Feby. 14, 1786; in the 61 year of his

Elizabeth, dau. Gilbert & Elizabeth, d. June 17, 1759; ae. i. 7.

Peleg, d. Feby. 27, 1751; ae. 9 mths.

Peleg, son Gilbert & Elizabeth, d. Apl. 5, 1764; in the 13 year
of his age.

Seraphina, dau. Gilbert & Elizabeth, d. Dec. 21, 1782; in the-
15 year of her age; "laid here at the time the British
had a fortress on her family burying place."
Williams, Nathaniel, d. Aug. 4, 1732; in the 34 year of his age.

I 78 Inscriptions on Gravestones. [July,

Williams, Hannah, dau. Nathaniel & Penelope, d. Apl. 12, 1770;

ae. 2 mths.
Mary, dau. Nathaniel & Elizabeth, d. Apl. 31, 1734; in the 10

year of her age.
Elizabeth, formerly widow of Nathaniel, but late wife of Phil

Ketcham, d. Dec. 26, 1773; in the 79 year of her age.
Oilbert, d. Jan. 26, 1809; ae. 45. i. o.
Martha, relict Gilbert, d. June 12, 181 3; in the 49 year of her

Mary Howell, d. Mch. 12, 1841; ae. 20. 3. o.
Harriet Douglas, wife Henry, b. Aug. 28, 1816; d. Aug. 29,

William, E., d. Feby. 5, 1836; ae. 27. 8. 14.
Ketinah, wife W"\ E. & dau. W°. & Sarah Gould, d. Apl. 26,

1836; ae. 32. 8. 21.
infant child, W"\ & Sarah Gould, d. July — , ae. 3 m. & 21 ds.
Rachel, widow Nathaniel, d. Mch. 4, 1791; in the dd year of

her age.
Nathaniel, d. Nov. 27, 1781; ae. 60. 90. o.
Mary Jane, dau. Edward & Rebecca, d. Dec. 10, 182 1; ae. 25

Timothy, d. Aug. 26, 181 1; in the 55 year of his age.
Israel, son Timothy & Jane, d. Sept. 20, 1798; in the 7 year

of his age.
Penelope, wife Nathaniel, J^, d. May 29, 1780; ae. 25. 10. o.
Horatio, d. Dec. 23, 1838; ae. 67. 7. i.
Mather, Geo. B., son Alex. & Prudence, d. Aug. 22, 181 1; ae. i. 1.9.
Jermina, wife Alexander, d. Apl. 5, 1803; in the 44 year of

her age.
Capt. Alexander, d. May 14, 1826; in the 70 year of his age.
Meredith, Mary S., dau. of W™. & Hannah, d. Aug. 11, 1829; ae.

10 m.

Elizabeth, dau. W". & Hannah, d. Feby. 18, 1835; ae. 4. 5. 22.
W™. Henry, son W"\ & Hannah, d. Feby. 25, 1835; ae. 2. 11, 22.
Oakley, Antoinett, dau. John W. & Katurah, d. Oct. 11, 1846; ae.

19. I. 8.
'Charles E., son John W. & Katurah, d. Apl. 12, 1847; ae. 24. 5.

Mary L., dau. John W. & Katurah, d, May 9, 1836; ae. 2. 8. o.
Abigail, wife Zophar B., d. Mch. 29, 1835; in the 37 year of

her age.
lantha, dau. Zophar B., d. Aug. 11, 1833; ae. 4 m.
Margaret, dau. Jophar, d. July 13, 1823; ae. 2. 3. o.
Wetmore, Walter, son Apollos & Polly, d. Aug. 24, 181 2; ae. 14 m.

11 d.

Winefred, wife Noah, d. Apl. 11, 1815; ae. 46. 5. o.

Apollos R., son Noah & Winefred, d. Jan. 10, 1796; ae. 3. 9. 25.
Jervis, Philip, d. Sep. 27, 1786; in the 63 year of his age.

Elizabeth, relict Philip, d. June 21, 1807; in the 79 year of
her age.
Jarvis, Aug-ustin, d. Nov. 6, 1843; in the 82 year of his age.

Martha, wife Augustin, d. Sep. 13, 1815; se. 54. 5. 6.

iQOi-] Inscriptions on Gravestones. I 7Q

Jarvis, Ruth, wife Eliphalet, d. Sep. 27, 1784; in the 42 year of her
Susannah, consort Eliphalet, d. Dec. 25, 1804; in the 64 year

of her age.
Philetus C, son Philetus C, d. July 18, 1850; ae. 4. 3. 24.
Wilmer E., son Philetus C. & Almeda B., d. June 28, 1850; ae.

2. 7. 26.
Margaret C, dau. Philetus C. & Almeda B., d. June 10, 1844;

ae. 7. II. 27.
Margaret S., dau. Philetus C. & Almeda B., d. Mch. 2, 1831; ae.

2 m. 13 d.
Margaret Scudder, dau. Philetus C. & Almeda B., d. Jan. 2,

1835; as. 2. 9. 20.
Cornelia E., dau. Philetus C, & Almeda B., d. Jan. 13, 1835;

ae. II m. II d.
Benjamin, d. Jan. 3, 1776; in the 56 year of his age.
David, son Benj. & Anne, d. May 15, 1755; in the 3 year of

his age.
Anne, wife Benj., d. Aug. 21, 1754; in the 38 year of her age.
Jemima (no dates).
Jemima, wife Benj., d. Oct. 29, 1746; in the 38 year of her

Thomas, d. Aug. 12, 1732; in the d^, year of his age.
(Obliterated), d. Nov. — , 1732; ae. 60.
Jonathan, d. July 25, 1795; in the 77 year of his age.

Augustin, d. Aug. 29, 1756; ae. .

Jacob, d. Apl. 16, 1830; ae. 55. 6. 29.

M". Mehetable (no dates).

William, J''., d. Jany. 15, 1749; in the 30 year of his age.

, d. Jany. 10, 1754; ae. 74.

Charity, relict Jonathan, d. Mch. 17, 1800; in the 75 year of

her age.
Anna, wife W""., d. Jany. 10, 1834; in the 67 year of her age.
William, d. Jany. 17, 1838; ae. 39. 6. 3.

Alexander, son Eliphalet & Ruth, d. July 29, 1763; ae. 6 mths.
Morgan, John, d. Aug. 10, 1787; in the 56 year of his age.

Ebenezer, son John, d. Mch. 5, 1770; in the 19 year of his age.

Rebecca Legate, dau. John, d. , 1780; in the 22 year of

her age.
Abigail, wife John, d. Mch. 30, 1769; in the 36 year of her age.
James, son John, d. Apl. 21, 1845; in the 82 year of his age.
Filer, Rachel, wife Alpheus. d. Mch 13, 1802; in the 29 year of
her age.
infant dau. Rachel & Alpheus, d. 1802.
Hopper, Mary, wife Matthew, d. Apl. 9, 1780; in the 40 year of

her age.
Higins, William, d. July 14, 1790; in the 50 year of his age.
Bunce, Emma, dau. Joel & Elizabeth, d. Nov. 18, 1842; ae. 2 m
18 d.
Jacob, d. Apl. 23, 1741; in the 31 year of his age.
Joshua, son Jacob, d. Apl. 29, 1741; in the 4 year of his age.
(7t7 be continued.)

l8o Editorial, Obituary. [July,


We have been watching with much interest the quiet, steady, unosten-
tatious labor of our friend and correspondent, Mr. Ralph Lefevre, editor of the
New Paltz (N. Y.) Independent. He has been collecting data of the early
freeholders of the New Paltz Patent, which he has published for some time in
his paper, besides many historic articles of much interest and value. Of the
families already published we notice Bontecoe, Lefevre, Hasbrouck, Dubois^
Relje, Bevier, Freer, and others. Mr. Lefevre has obtained possession of some
papers which originally belonged to Hugo Freer, one of the patentees, among
which is a certified list of the freeholders in 1712. It is his intention, we
believe, to publish these valuable documents in the columns of the Independent
and we take this occassion to express our appreciation of his public spirited


Dyckman. — At Orange, N. J., January 11, 1901, William Henry Dyckman,
born in New York City, November 18, 1823, the son of Jacob Garrett and Mary
(Preswick) Dyckman; buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

At Orange, N. J., April 27, 1901, in the 68th year of her age, Naomi F. (Mac
Kenzie) Dyckman of Inverness, Scotland, widow of the late William Henry

Ketcham, William Platt, at one time a member of our Society, and
for several years its Treasurer, died of pneumonia, on the steamship Fuerst
Bismarck, just before reaching Gibralter, January 13, 1901, aged 59. He was
the son of Treadwell, and Mary Van Winkle Ketcham of this city, where he
was born. In 1862 he received the degree of A.B., from Yale University,,
which subsequently conferred upon him the Master's degree. In 1864 he
received the degree of LL.B. from Columbia University, New York. Subse-
quently he had an office as lawyer at 99 Wall street. He was a member of a
number of societies and clubs. While living at Yonkers, N. Y., he was much
interested in the affairs of that city, representing the Third Ward in its Com-
mon Council, 1880-1882. A daughter, Mrs. Thomas W. Talmadge, resides at
10 E. 63d street. New York. The foregoing statements were found in the
newspapers, printed at the time of his death, which contained brief obituaries.

Odell. — At Fort Massey, Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Thursday, April i8^
1901, Elizabeth Ann Odell, widow of the late Hon. William Hunter Odell,
Senator from New Brunswick, and daughter of the late Judge William Blowers
Bliss, of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

Stilwell, William Moore, of the New York Produce Exchange,
died of acute Bright's disease, April 11, 1901, at his residence in this city, aged
fifty-five years. He was born in this city, March 21, 1846, and was the son of
Richard E. Stilwell and Harriet L. Redman, daughter of Charles H. Redman,
all of New York City. His grandfather was the Rev. William M. Stilwell, a
Methodist clergyman stationed for twenty-five years in this city. He \yas the
eighth in descent from Capt. Nicholas Stilwell of Gravesend, L. I., who in 1663
was lieutenant under Capt. Kregier in the second Esopus War. He was a
member of the Holland Society, the Saint Nicholas Society, and the Society of
Colonial Wars, and had been a member of the Harlem and the New York
Athletic Clubs. He served for ten years in the Twenty-second Regiment, and
took part in the suppression of the Orange Riot in 1871. At the time of his
resignation he was lieutenant of Company D of this regiment. He was also a
member of the Old Guard. He was elected to this Society April 9, 1897.

He married September 21, 1868, in New York City, Lizzie B. Saffen, born
November 19, 1844, daughter of John H. and Sarah W. (Thurber) Saffen of
New York City, who survives him. He leaves three children: William M.
Stilwell of the New York Produce Exchange; Richard E. Stilwell, and Maud
S. Betts, wife of Clarence S. Betts of New York City.

'90I-] Society Proceedings, Notes, Queries. j g j


TVT "^"^ '^st meeting of the season 1900-01, was held on the evening of Friday
May 10, but a wild storm prevailed, and the meeting was sparsely attended!
Mr. Isaac Townsend Smith presented an address on "The Treatment of
I'nsoners ot War. The season which has just drawn to a close has been a
most prosperous one in every department of the Society's work, and we hope
that the ensuing period will be the same. The members elected at the last
meeting were: Mrs. Eugene Lamb Richards, Mrs. Chas. A. Sherman, and Mr.
iLdward Guyre Burgess.

The Librarian wishes to announce that the Library will be closed to all
during the month of August, but during July and September it will be available
to members only, on presentation of a visiting card. This arrangement is
made necessary by the annual cleaning, cataloguing and renovating which
have contributed so materially to the improvement of the Library


Mr. C. Carroll Gardner of No. 83 Johnson Ave., Newark N T re-
quests us to announce that he is compiling genealogies of the Gardner' family
o Westchester County, N. Y and Essex County. N. J., and of the descendants
of Leonard Headley, one of the founders of Elizabethtown, N. J.
Ar^ ^^^J.^'^R ^^'^ opportunity to correct a typographical error in our last issue.
V, TA v"""^ Reviews was the Hoge Genealogy by Orlando J. Hodge, this
should have been Hodge Genealogy. s > ^

New Genealogies in preparation. Treman, Tremaine, Truman genealogy,
M'^rrafE^^PoShhla'^N^.'Y.''^^' ^°^^' ^"' ^^^^^' '^ '" P-P-tion ?y

Poole, Carey, Gardiner. Mulock, Zeliffe. A new edition of above work is
m preparation by Murray E. Poole of Ithaca, N. Y.

Information for above works desired.


^^}^^.^'^O.fCK.— wanted ancestry of Aaron Allen of Hanover, N. J., who
married Abigail Bonnell; also of Sarah Force, probably daughter of Tames
married at Springfield N J about 1780, Elijah Gardner. ' Married SdVNV'
1809, Joseph Karus. Shall be glad of any data regarding this family.

c. CARROLL GARDNER, 83 Johnson Ave., Newark, N. J.
Rnv??n-?'^^^^ ^"c^stry is desired of Cornelius Boice, sometimes 'spelled
Buys, and Boyce; his will made Aug. 8. 1760. in Piscataway, Middlesex Co.,
N J., mentions wife Lydia 1-ulkerson, sons Cornelius and Denis Van Duyn
under 21; dau. Lydia Fontine, widow, who married John Fontyne, July 4 lyW-
also mentions his cousin John Boice and brother-in-law Derick Fulkerson.'
Was the above Lydia Fulkerson the dau. of either John or Phillip FoIkertSon
who signed a subscription paper to defray the expenses of a minister, to be
procured in Holland, for the Dutch Church in New Brunswick, N I or °Six
T.nL r"' '" T^- ^^^\'^y reader give the names of the children of Jacob
tefR^n^"' ^^°^^''"ed Nov. 22, 1690, Merritje Jans, and resided at "Three
i?it^''^ "f^^' New Brunswick, N. J. These were Jan. Joris, b. 1694. Fem-
metje, and others. Any mformation regarding the above will be greatly
appreciated. wakeman rvno, m.d., Benton Harbor, Mich.

xR^r^'^u^^^^T^^''^^^.'? Canniff was born at Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N. Y., in
birth of Ahf.Kf "^r" Abraham Canniff Can any one inform me whether the
nlm. nf l^ic !^ S^"^i? ""^"^ ^f ^°.""/ °" '■^^"'■d. and what was the maiden
name of his mother? Wanted also information of Canniff family in Dutchess
County or m Westchester County. c. c. james, Toronto, Ont.. Canada

1 82 Reply. [July,

Heath-Caldwell, — Wanted any authentic information concerning an-
cestry of Salmon Foster Heath, born at Galesville, now Middle Falls, Wash-
ington County, N. Y., November ii, 1818; also of Rev. James Caldwell, the
" Fighting Parson" of the American Revolution, born in Charlotte County, Va.
STUART c. WADE, 336 West 33d Street, N. Y. City.

HOYT. — Jonathan Hoyt, born June 7, 1649, married March 6, 1672, Sarah
Pond, who died October i, 1676. He married 2d, Mary Bell or Bill, widow of
John, of Stamford, says Dr. Talcott. Wanted her parents and identification of
man whose widow she is said to be. mrs. nathan g. pond, Milford, Conn.

Information desired of the following: (i) Mrs. Frances (Buchanan), mar-
ried 1st, Ethan Allen; 2d, Jabez Penninan. Born when and where? She died
in Colchester, Vt., 1832; (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Hudson) Clay, mother of Henry
Clay, of Virginia. Place and date of birth and death? (3) Mrs. Mary (Valence)
Gates, wife of Gen. Horatio Gates. She died in New York — when? (4) Mrs.
Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Jackson, mother of Andrew Jackson. Date of her birth
or death? (5) Mrs. Dorothy (Quincy) Hancock, wife of John Hancock. Birth
1750, what month? death 1828, what month? Name of her second husband? (6)
Mrs. Elizabeth (Quincy) Smith, wife of William Smith. Born in Braintree,
Mass., 1722, what month? died in Weymouth, Mass., 1778, what month? (7) Mrs.
Lucy Gore, married ist, JohnMurfee; 2d, Silas Smith. Born at Norwich, Conn.,
May 6, 1754. When and where did she die? (8) Mrs. Ruth (Woodhull) Smith,
wife of William Smith. Born at Brookhaven, L. I., Dec, 1740. When and
where did she die? MR. william abbatt, 281 4th Ave., N. Y.

Who were the parents of the following Merritts:

Benjamin, of Pomfret, Vt., wife Mehitable Vail, 1801. Charles, of Rye,,
born 1750, wife Sarah Sherwood. Ebenezer, of North East, N. Y., wife Kezier
Clapp, 1781. Elijah, of Westchester Co., wife Ann Husted, 1790. Elisha, of
Greenburgh, N. Y., wife Rebecca, 1740. Elisha, of Phillipse Manor, N. Y., wife
Diantha, 1760. Elisha, of Carmel, N. Y., wife Desire Fuller, 1793. Elizabeth,,
of Newport, R. I., 1638. Elizabeth, of Bermuda, 1728. Ezekiel, of Newport,
1638. Ezekiel, of Scituate, Mass., 1780. George, of Scituate, born, 1763. Gil-
bert, of Putnam Co., N. Y., wife Elizabeth Green, 1780. Isaac, of White Plains,

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