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Francois. The wife of this Abraham is supposed to have been
Sarah Conklin.

Among the Tarrytown marriages is found the following:
"Elias DePew, j. m., born at Philadelphia and Catharina Storm,
j. d., born at Philipsburg. Both living here." The marriage oc-
curred in 1729. There is some doubt about the birthplace of
Elias. The writer has been unable to place him among any of
the lineages given.

Errata. — Page "j"]. Record, foot-note, first line: "In this paper," read
" In ?iis paper."


Evidence of a traditional character comes to the writer from Mrs. L. E.
Schoonmaker of New York City, a member of the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Society, that Nicholas and Francois Dupuis, the emigrants to
New Amsterdam, were brothers, and as boys or young men were forced to flee
from their homes in Paris in the year 1651, victims of the religious persecutions
of their time.

This information is important, and the source, to Mrs. Schoonmaker, so
straight, that the writer believes it should be accepted. The authority of Mrs.

iQOi .] The Family of John Booth, of Shelter Island, N. Y.


Srhoonmaker is her great-grand-mother, Maria, widow of Joseph DePuy of
Roche "er. Ulster County, Ion of Moses, and he of Nicholas the emigrant.
Mrs. Schoonmaker was fourteen years of age when Mana DePuy died, and has
always taken a great interest genealogically m the De Puy family; she has
followed out many lineages from Nicholas through his son Moses, having that
branch pretty well completed. . , r , ^ i.u j

Her information is that Nicholas and Francois left a home of weal h and
prominence during the night, upon learning through a friend of the family that
hev were to be made prisoners. She has in her possession a History of I- ranee,
during the wars of 1648-1654, and a lantern both of which are said to have
been brought to America bv her ancestor Nicholas She also posseses a manu-
script written by Dr. Cornelius E. I3ePew of New York City, who was drowned
on the coast of South America in 1822. His manuscript is confirmatory in
several important details, naming the year (1651) as the time Nicholas and
Francois fled from Paris. . . u ui u- ^v, i «

rif after all tradition is correct in naming Pans as the probable birthplace
of Nicholas and Francois Dupuis, we may conclude that Artois and Calias were
rather the homes for a time of these individuals respectfully, and not their
places of birth as the records would imply.] t, n, c 1 1

The writer is much gratified with the endorsement by Mrs. Schoonmaker
of the salient points contributed in this paper.


By Lucy D. Akerly, of Newburgh, N. Y.

Among the early land transactions re-
lating to Shelter Island, we find a deed
delivering the same to Ensign John Booth
and Capt. Nathaniel Sylvester, on the 23^
of Mch., 1652, "according to the Enghsh
custom of turf «& twig." Some of the
early deeds no longer exist so that it does
not appear why John Booth should have
had a share in the possession of the
Island, since the proprietors then were:
Thomas Middleton, Thomas Rouse, Con-
stant Sylvester, and Capt. Nathaniel Syl-

In 1656, Thomas Middleton purchased
one quarter of Shelter Island (and also one
quarter of Robins Island), from Thomas

Rouse for John Booth who immediately resold the same to Capt.
Nathaniel Sylvester for ^700 {Sotithold Town Rec, East Hamp-
ton Town Rec, I., 96, 105. Moore's Hist. Address of i8go, Mall-
man's Hist, of Shelter Island). , t t.

We learn from the documents referred to above that John
Booth had been in Barbadoes before he came to L. I. He is
styled in deeds of land, etc., "Master," and "Gentleman," and was
living in Southold as early as the i*^ Feb., 1656, and is described
as "late of Shelter Island."

Mr. J. Wickham Case mentions that John Booth was the only

236 The Fajuily of John Booth, of Shelter Island, N. V. [Oct.,

large land owner in the town who omitted to put his house home lot
on record as exacted by the order of 165 1. A list of his lands, how-
ever, made in 1685, will be found in the SoiitJiold Town Records. He
lived "between Benjamin Youngs, east, and John Herbert, west."

We have no account of the wife of John Booth, and are even
in ignorance as to her name. She and her child are mentioned
on 20 Feb., 1656. There is abundant documentary evidence
of the existence of four Booth sons, but we lack their birth dates,
and the knowledge whether there were any daughters or not.
Some of the Booth children were young in July, 167 1, when they
were refused baptism by the Puritan Minister John Youngs.
John Booth very naturally declined to pay his tax for Youngs'
salary, and his cattle were distrained in consequence. He then
petitioned Governor Lovelace for relief. Although the latter
could not lawfully interfere, he wrote a letter of admonition to
the Rev. John Youngs. {Documentary Hist, of New York, HI.,
343, Brodhead's Hist, of the State of New York, H., 174). Evi-
dently John Booth was not of the same "persuasion" as most of
his contemporaries at Southold, it may be that he had leanings
towards the Quakers.

The son of Thomas Rouse had his earn cut off for being a
Quaker, the Sylvesters sheltered Quakers in their island home,
while we find John Booth with John Corey and John Swazey
(both of whom are said to have been Quakers), and several others,
refusing to take the oath of allegiance at New Haven in 1659.
All of them are reported to have taken the oath in 1660. {New
Haven Col. Rec, i653-'6i, pp. 285, 351, etc.)

In 1675 John Booth was assessed on ^147, and in 1683 on ^131.
In 1686 his family consisted of 3 males and 2 females. At least
one of his sons was married at that time, and had his separate

John ' Booth, the elder died intestate, on, or about, the 15 Aug.,
1689. Letters of administration were issued to his eldest son,
Thomas Booth, on 6 Nov., 1691. (Pelletrau's Early L. I. Wills.)

Issue, perhaps not in order:

2. Thomas,^ the eldest son d. Feb., 1706.

T 1 ^ Called sons of John Booth in a

I Charles, d. 3 Dec, ,700, [ S^^^^^^^"^ ^^^^^^^"^ ^aml King,
' ^ ' ' ' ) m 1706.

5. Capt. William, d. 11 Mch., 1722, named as a son of John

Booth in a bond of 1689, with his brothers, Thos. and
Chas. Booth, above.
2. Thom.-^s' Booth (Ensign John'), of Southold, d. Feb., 1706.
He resided on Robins Island Neck which he inherited from his
father. (Deeds of land in Patchogue, Robins Island Neck, etc.,
in 1689.) He was assessed on ^45 in 1683, and in 16S6 had 4
males and 2 females in his family. Letters on his estate were
issued to his son and heir, Thos. Booth, Jr., 11 Feb., 1706. (Liber
7, p. 290, A^. Y. Wills.)

His wife Mary and all the children below are named in the
Census of i6g8:

6. Thomas Jr.,' b. in 1686; d. Dec, 1755, se. 69; see beyond.

igoi.] The Family of Johti Booth, of Shelter Island, N. Y. 237

John, perhaps that John Booth who d. 6 Apl., 1719-20.
James, d. 5 Feb., 1707-8.
Giles, killed 30 Oct., 1706.

Mary, according to the Booth records she m. Jonas Brad-,
ley in 1721.

3. Ensign John ^ Booth (Ensign John"), of Southold, received
from his father, John Booth, on 16 June, 1689, a deed for the home
lot of the latter, and lands between Tom's Creek and the Fresh
meadows, etc. {Southold Town Rec.) "He lived," said Mr. J.
Wickham Case, "in his father's house from 1689 to 17 15, after
which time we have no authentic records, where he went, or
when he died we do not know."

Ensign John Booth m. Hannah,' da. of Caleb" Horton (Bar-
nabas'), by whom he is called son-in-law in his will made 30 Dec,
1699, proved 14 Oct., 1702. (Pelletreau's Early L. I. Wills.)
Children, named in Census of i6g8:

Mehitable,' who m. (doubtless) John Barnes, in 1721.
John, who d. 31 Jan., 1707, or 17 Dec, 1705.
Obadiah, d. 2 Feb., 17 18; he m. Elizabeth Paine, on 9 Jan.,
17 16, she was probably his 2'^ wife, as a child of Oba-
diah Booth's d. 2 Feb., 1713. His son Jonathan ■* Booth
d. 4 Aug., 1720. {Salmon Record?^
Daniel, m. on 7 Dec, 1726, Rose Halloway, and d. 7 Oct.,
1775, se. 78 years. His children were John,* who d. 3
April, 1728; Daniel, who m. Ruth Terry, 11 Apl., 1757;
James Wheelock, and Hannah. Daniel is the ancestor
of Mrs. Lila J. (Booth) Carrington.
Hannah, who m. (perhaps) Richard Hudson, 8 Jan., 1723.
Patience, perhaps that Patience Booth who m. George
Havens, in 1747.

4. Charles" Booth (Ensign John'), of Southold Town, who re-
ceived on 27 June, 1689, from his father John Booth, according to
the deed as follows: "Half of my upland in Corchaug, half of
my meadow on the south side of Pehcconeck great Bay, or Riv-
er, & one third of my meadow in Corchaug, as it lyeth in com-
mon & partnership between my sons, John, Thomas, & Charles
Booth." {Southold Tozvn Rec, II., 283.)

He also received a deed on 26 Jan., 1692, from Mary, widow of
Benjamin Horton, of land at Southold which had belonged to
her said deceased husband, and of land at Southampton, once the
property of her father, James Hampton, grandfather of her 2*^
daughter, wife of Charles Booth. Half of the land could be sold
with the consent of Charles Booth's brother-in-law, Thomas Lup-
ton, of Southampton. {Southold Tozvn Rec., II., 283, 285.*)

* James Hampton, of Southampton (formerly of Salem, Mass.). and his wife Jane, gave a
deed, on 23 Aug., 1671, to their da. Ann, and her husband Benjamin- Moore (Thos.i), of South-
old, who was b. in 1640, and d. on or about 15 May, i6go. Letters on his estate were issued to
Jeremiah Viele (Vail), who had married the widow of Benjamin Moore. {.Southampton Small
Book of Deeds, and Pelletreau's Early L. I. Wills).

James Hampton "very aged and infirm," and his wife Jane, gave a deed on 5 June, 1673, to
John Moppam (Mapham or Mappon), and his wife Mary, theirdaughter, mentioning, but not
naming, John's two oldest daughters. These daughters were Mary Mapham who m. Thomas
Lupton, and Abigail Mapham who m. Charles Booth.

The youngest daughter was probably Jean Mappon, who with Mary Horton, wid., was enum-

238 The Family of John Booth, of Shelter Island, N. V. [Oct.,

Abigail Map/iam, not the adopted da. of Barnabas' Horton, as
been shown, b. before 5 June, 1673; m. probably about 1688,
Charles Booth. He d. 3 Dec., 1700, and his widow Abigail was
empowered on 28 Oct., 1702, to administer his estate. (Pelletreau's
Early L. I. Wills) The Salmon Record gives his death 3 Dec,
1698. Children:

Charles' b. 14 Feb., 1689, d. 28 Dec, 1771. He sold land
in Southold in 17 14, and removed in 1741, after the
death of his wife to Walkill, Ulster (now Orange) Co.,
N. Y. He. m. Mary, da. of John and Prudence (Wells)
Goldsmith, b. in Aug., 1694; who d. 13 Apl., 1741. Issue:

Mary,^ b. 26 Feb., 17 13-14; m. Harris.

Charles, b. n May, 17 16.

George, b. 7 Sept., 1722.

John, b. 3 Oct., 1724.

Benjamin, b. 16 Dec, 1728; d. 30 May, 1783.

Ann, b. 23 Mch., 1731-2; m. (i) Wm. Bull, (2)

Abigail, b. in 1693; m. Thomas Goldsmith, brother of
Mary Goldsmith, named above, b. 27 Feb., 1686-7;
d. in 1 731. They had issue: Abigail* Goldsmith, b. 9
Aug., 1 7 10; Richard Goldsmith, b. 5 Dec, 171 1; Joshua
Goldsmith, b. 26 June, 17 13; Thomas Goldsmith, b. 26
Sept., 1726; Nathaniel Goldsmith, b. i Dec, 1729, and
Elisha Goldsmith, b. 8 Sept., 1731.!
David, b. in 1695; m. 10 Dec, 17 17, Abigail Horton (Caleb,'

Barnabas'). {^Horton Genealogy).
Elisha, b. doubtless after 1698, has not been identified,
but there are reasons for thinking that he was a son
of Charles Booth above. Elisha m. on 27 Dec, 1722,
Hannah Wilmot, and d. 28 Oct., 1725. His widow, da.
of Alexander and Mary (Brown) Wilmot, of Southamp-
ton, L. I., went with her two sons below to reside in
New Haven Conn. Issue:

Lieut. Elisha, b. 10 Oct., 1722, ancestor of Mr. Wal-
ter T. Booth of Boonville, N. Y.
Hannah, b. 29 Dec, 1724; d. prob. 5 May, 1725.!
Alexander, b. 24 May, 1726.
5. Capt. William^ Booth (Ensign John'), of Southold Town,
d. II Mch., 1722, in his 63'^ year. He, and his wife and two chil-
dren are buried in the old Orient graveyard.

A bond dated 27 June, 1689, showing that " Thomas and Charles
Booth, of Southold Town were indebted to their father, John
Booth for jQ2o, was to be null & void if Thomas Booth &
Charles Booth each paid to their brother, William Booth, the sum
of _£6, i2,s. and 4^., as a legacy from their father John Booth, to

erated as a member of the household of Charles Booth in the Census of ibSq, {Southampton
Town Rec; Howell's Hist, of Southamfiton.)

John Mapham d. after 1683, his widow Mary m. Benjamin Horton in 1686. The said Benja-
min ^ Horton (Barnabas'), was "aged about 59 years, on 3 April, 1686." He had m. on 22
Feb., 1659, Ann, widow Tucker, perhaps a da. of John Budd, and d. 3 Nov., 1690. {Southold
Town Kec. n.: Will of Benjamin Horton, Pelletreau's Early L. I. Wills)

* Smith's Report of the Booth Association in the U. S., 186S.

t Liber E. Mss. Southold Town Rec.

igoi.] The Family of John Booth, of Shelter Isla7td, N. Y. 239

their said brother William Booth, at their father's decease, or at
the order of said William Booth."

Capt. William Booth was a mariner. He owned the present
site of Greenport, L. I., then called Stirling, which he purchased
of John Youngs. The original deed is still owned by his descend-
ants at Greenport. He m. in 1688, Hannah,' da. of Samuel^ and
Frances (Ludlam) King, b. 26 Jan., 1666; who d. 22 Dec, 1742.
{Records of the King Family of SoutJwld, Sujfolk Co., N. F., N.
V. Gen. and Biog. Rec., Apl., 1901; Liidlant Gen!) Issue:
William,' b. 28 May, 1689; d. 22 July, 1712.
Hannah, b. 22 Feb., 1691; m. in all probability, Henry
Tuthill, b. 1690. If so, she d. i Dec, 17 15, leaving
a son Henry Tuthill, ancestor of the late President,
Benjamin Harrison. It is possible, however, that this
Hannah Booth m. Rich. Hudson in Jan., 1723.
Samuel, b. 15 July, 1693; m. on 27 May, 1727, Elizabeth

Moore. Their da. Eliza d. 9 July, 1732.
George, b. 28 Apl., 1696; d. in Nov., 17 13.
Mehitobell, b. 8 Oct., 1^98.
Lieut. Constant, b. 8 Jan., 1701, see beyond.
Mary, b. 27 Aug., 1703; she probably m. on 4 Oct., 1721-2.
Jonathan Bradley, probably son of Christopher Brad-
ley, of New London, Conn., and grandson of Mary Chris-
tophers, who m. successively Peter Bradley, Lieut.
Col. Thomas Youngs, and Nathaniel Lynde. (Tomb-
stone of Mary Lynde at Southold.)

Jonathan Bradley's wife d. in 1738. His will dated

31 July, 1739, proved 23 Nov., the same year, names

his children: Peter, Grant, Mary, Mehitable, Hannah,

and Martha. Grant is to be given a child's coat the

gift of Mr. Sueton Grant. Lieut. Constant Booth

brother-in-law, and Daniel Tuthill, brother of the

testator are to be executors. (Lib. 13, p. 358, N. V.


Martha, b. 27 Aug., 1706; m. doubtless, Jonathan ' Youngs

(Jonathan,* Gideon,' Capt. Joseph^), 13 Apl., 1732.

Jonathan Youngs was b. 23 June, 17 10, and d. in Sept.,


6. Thomas' Booth, Jr. (Thos.\ Ensign John'), of Southold, b. in

1686; d. 19 Dec, 1755, as. 69; he m. Bethia Benjamin in Dec, 1708-9,

a descendant of Richard Benjamin, of Watertown, Mass., who

was early at Southold.

Robin's Island Neck where Thomas Booth resided was inher-
ited by his two sons-in-law, Fregift Wells, and Joseph Reeves,
and they were issued letters on the estate of their father-in-law,
Thomas Booth, yeoman, on 13 Jan., 1756. (Lib. B. p. 18. Suffolk
Co. Wills.) Issue:

Anna,' b. 2, Aug., 1720; d. 15 June, 1793. Her mother's
name was Bethia. Anna m. on 25 Dec, 1735, Fregift'

* It has been conjectured that Peter Bradley, whose widow, Mehitable Horton, m. Daniel
Tuthill, was brother of Jonathan Bradley above, as there seems to be no other way in which to
account for ORfSel Tuthill beine called " brother " of Jonathan Bradley.

+ Liber E. Mss. Southold Towti Rec, N. V. Gen. and Biog: Rec, April, 1901.

240 The Family of John Booth, of Shelter Island, N. V. [Oct.,

Wells (Joshua," Wm.'), b. 25 April, 17 14; d. 26 Nov.,
1785. Issue:
Giles* Wells, b. 4 Nov., 1736.
Thomas Wells, b. 16 Apl., 1739.

Bethia Wells, b. 20 May, 1741; m. doubtless Jonathan
Overton, and d. 17 Mch., 1785.

Joshua Wells, b. 29 Sept., 1743; m. Corey, and

d. 6 Feb., 1787.
Jonathan Wells, b. 16 Mar., 1746.
Anna Wells, b. 23 Jan., 1749, was, according to the

We//s Gen., the 2'' wife of John Corwin.
Mary Wells, b. 4 Feb., 1752; d. 8 July, 1753.*
Bethia, m. Joseph Reeves in 1734.
7. Lieut. Constant' Booth (Capt. William," Ensign John'), b.
8 Jan., 1700-1; d. 27 Mch., 1774; m. on 7 Oct., 1725, Mary' King
(Capt. John,' Samuel,' William'), b. 22 July, 1715; d. 31 Aug., 1769.
Lieut, and Mary (King) Booth, and a number of their descendants
are buried at Sterling Cemetery, East Marion, L. L {Pedigree of
King, of Salem, N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Rec, April, 1901. Harris'
Early Burial Grounds of L. I.)

The will of Lieut. Constant Booth was dated the 22 Nov., 1773,
proved 5 Apl., 1774, mentions the children and grandchildren
below except his sons Constant and William. (Liber 29, p. 402,
N. Y. Wills.)

Children of Lieut. Constant and Mary (King) Booth:

William, b. 23 Nov., 1727; d. 12 Mch, 1760, in his 33d

Samuel, m. doubtless, Mary Brown, on 25 Dec, 1748.
His father leaves him land at Stirling (Greenport), and
Oyster Ponds (Orient), which is to revert at vSamuel's
decease to his son. Prosper Booth.
John, b. 9 Apl., 1732; d. 9 Dec, 1787, in his 55*'' year.
Mary, b. 21 July 1736; d. in 1793; m. Charles Gee, or Tea,

I Feb., 1770.
Hannah, b. 4 Apl., 1739; m. on 27 June, 1762 to James
Peet (or Pates). She is called by her father in his will,
"my da. Hannah Feet,'' and the same document men-
tions her son Wm. Booth Peet.
George, b. 30 Mch., 1741; d. 4 Feb., 1774, in his t^t,'^ year.
Capt. Joseph, b. 6 May, 1743; d. 28 Apl., 1795. He was to
inherit land at Stirling, and at Southold. He m. Eliz-
abeth . Their son, William Booth d. 12 Dec,

1 781, in his 3'' year.f
Constant, b. 3 Mch., 1745-6; d. 19 Nov., 1746.
Katherine, b. 14 Feb., 1748, is called by her father in his
will, "my da. Catherine Keene." (Liber E. Mss.
Southold Town Rec.X

* Liber E. Mss. Soidliold Toitni Rec.

t Harris' Early Burial Grounds of Long Island. Liber E. Mss. Southold To-mh Records.

X There is a tradition that Richard Booth, of Stratford, Conn., John Booth of Long Island,
and probably Robert Booth of New Hampshire were brothers, and near relatives of the family
of the Earls of Warrington. {The Booth Family in England and America, The Family of
Richard Boothe of Stratford, Conn, Orcutt's Hist, of Stratford and Bridgeport.)

The arms at the beginning af this article, " .•\zure three boars heads erect and erased, sable,

190 1.] Records of the Church of Christ 24 1

The compiler thanks Mr. Rufus King, Mrs. J. H. Tuthill, Mrs.
L. J. (Booth) Carrington, and Mr. Walter T. Booth for assistance
in compiling the above record. Proofs of any mistakes, or any
additions to the early history of the family would be gladly wel-

Al'Rll,, 1901.


The First Church in the Town, with some Places Adjacent.

(Continued from Vol. XXXII., p. 168, of The Record.)


1778, Nov. 29. Phebe, daugh. of Benj. Sherwood.
Dec. 23. Enoch, son of Daniel Boiiton.

Also Eunice, daugh. of Benajah Gilbert.

1779, Jan. 17. Joseph, son of Eben & Rachel Wood.

Also Polley, daugh. of Stephen Bouton for his

Stephen, son of Benja. & Elisab. Benedict.

Mary, adopted daugh. of John Bouton & Mary.

Samuel, son of John Utter for his wife.

Lewis, son of Nehemiah Stebbins.

Nancy, daugh. of Lieut. Stebbins.

Daniel, son of Josh. Pardee for his wife.

Sillick, son of Azar Wood for his wife.

Horace, son of Josiah Brown.

Also Nathan, son of Jesse Hoit.

Baptised Stephen & Samuel, sons of David Water-

Sarah, daugh. of Abraham Fancher.

Esther, daugh. of Abrah. Northrup for his wife.

Mathew, son of Mathew Smith.

Dorcas, daugh. of Lieut. Doolittle.

Hannah & Mary, twins of John Coley.

Lewis, son of Joel Northrup.

Syntha, daugh. of Lieut. Hays.

Jared, son of John Loder.

Jimme, son of Timth Bouton.

Hannah, daugh. of Isaac Northrup, Junr.

Horatio, son of Eben. Lockwood.

Esther, daugh. of John Resco.

Asa, Rhoda, Jere & Abijah of ye widow Elisabeth


Crest, a lion passant argent," were copied by the Booths in America from those preserved in
the Booth family of the Countess Dowager of Stamford. No proof of their use by the early
Booth settlers in the new world has come to the knowledge of the compiler, but Richard Booth
of Stratford, and John Booth of Long Island, are called " Master " and " Gentleman," in Pub-
lic Records, deeds of land and other documents. (Stratford Town Records, Sotttiiold Town















































Records of the Church of Christ


1780, Mch. 26. Jared, son of Capt. Bouton.

Also Miah, son of David Northrup.
Apl. 23. Betsey, daugh. of Abiel Shearman.
May 3. Polly, daugh. of Brock way Brown.
May 14. Molly, daugh. of Stephen Chapman.
July 16. Jere, son of Isaac Hull.
"Aug. 6. Elias, son of John Avrey.
Aug. 12. Jerusha & Ebenezer, Children of Eben. Bouton,

Aug. 13. Joel, son of Capt. Lawrence.

Also Sarah, daugh. of Stephen Sutherland.
Aug. 20. Holly, son of Lieut. Joseph Benedict.
Oct. 8. Lydia, daugh. of Samll Waterbury.
Oct. 20. Rhoda, daugh. of Benajah Gilbert.

Also Sally, daugh. of Isaac Northrup, Jun^

Also Betsee, daugh. of Nehemiah Stebbins, Jun'\
Nov. 5. Lewis, son of Joel Northrup.
Nov. 12. Cynthy, daugh. of Samll Hayden.
Nov. 19. Jeremiah, son of John Osborn for his wife.

1781, Jan. 19. Timth., son of John Jones.

Jan. 29. Ebenezer, son of Jesse Saymour.
Feb. 25. Joel, son of Ethan Mead.

Mch. 14. , of Epenetus Bishop.

Apl. I. Elisabeth, daugh. of Nath. Newman.
Apl. 4. Henery, son of Micael Scofield.
May 6. Hannah, daugh. of Lieut. Travis.

At ye same time Sally, daugh. of James Hays.
May 20. Phebe, daugh. of Jesse Hait.
May. 27. Anna, daugh, of Ephraim Gilbert.
July 8. Clarinda, daug. of John Avery.
July 22. Stephen, son of John Ambler.

Also Eunice, daugh. of Capt. Daniel Bouton.
Aug. 26. Ruth, daugh. of Benj. Benedict.
Sept. 23. Andress, son of Stephen Bouton for his wife.
Sept. 30. Lucinda, daugh. of Aaron Mead.
Oct. 7. Josiah, son of John Whitney.
Nov. II. Mary, daugh. of Stephen Northrup.
Nov. 25 Henery, son of Jesse Slawson.
Dec. 9. Solomon, son of Abraham Fancher.
Dec. 26. Rhoda, Hannah, Isaac & Rachel, Chil. of Stephen

1782, Jan. 20. Israel, son of Josh. Pardee for his wife.
Jan. 27. Mercy, daugh. of John Loder.

Mch. 3. Job Lockwood, son of Ephraim Grommon.
Mch. 31 Phebe, daugh. of Abiel Shearman.
Apl. 7. Stephen, son of Stephen Northrup.
May 5. Betsee, daugh. of Stephen Southerland.
May 26. Silas, son of Abraham Slawson for his wife.

Ye same day Rachel, daugh. of Math. Smith.
June 16. Rhuamah, daugh. of Ethan Mead.
June 19. Betsee & Robert, .dren of Joseph Wood.
June 23. Eunice, daugh of David Northrup.


in Salem, Westchester Co., N. V.


1782, July 7.
July 14.
Aug. 25.
Sept. 29.
Oct. 13.
Oct. 20.
Nov. 17.
Dec. 8.

1783, Jan. 6.
Feb. 26.
Mch. 6.

Jwne 5.








1784, Jan.
■ Feb.









— .












1785, Feb.










1786, Jan.




Jan. :


Stephen, son of Stephen Slawson.

Lydia, daugh. of Jared Mead.

Elisabeth, daugh. of Benajah Oilbert.

Jacob, son of Isaac Hull.

Nancy, daugh. of Stephen Chapman.

Joseph, son of Samll Waterbury.

Martin, son of Caleb Lyon.

Josiah, son of Ephraim Gilbert.

Betsee, daugh. of John Osborn's widdow.

Samll, son of Capt. Chapman for his wife.

Wednesday, Baptized 4 .dren for Lieut. Jonos

Hait; Lewis, Stephen, Samuel & Elias.
James, son of Sylvenus Ferris.
Ye same Day Clorre, daugh. of Lieut. Nehemiah

Stephen, son of Capt. Pardee for his wife.

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