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Joseph Hooker. By Isaac P. Gragg, Brevet-Captain, U. S. Vols. Copy-
right 1900, by Isaac P. Gragg, Boston, Mass. 8vo, pp. 24, 111.

The ancestors of "Fighting Joe" Hooker, according to this volume, were
located in Wenham, Littleton, Westford, Greenwich and Hadley; and to the
memory of their illustrious descendant, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is
about to erect an equestrian statue on the grounds of the State House. Gen.
Hooker was born in Hadley in 1814, in a house that was "located on that grand
and ancient main avenue of Old Hadley named West Street." The book is
artistically gotten up, nicely printed on good paper, and is profusely illustrated.
Copies are obtainable of Isaac P. Gragg, No. 53 State St., Boston, Mass.

Ancestry and Descendants of Sylvanus Eaton, Jacob Swetland
and Christopher Reynolds. Compiled by Mrs. Jane Adaline (Eaton)
Wight, Springfield, Mass., 1900. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 69.

The title of this work explains its scope, and is put forth as a stimulus to
someone to compile a more extended genealogy of the Eaton family.

Civil and Military List of Rhode Island, 1647-1800. A List of
all Officers elected by the General Assembly, from the Organi-
zation OF the Legislative Government of the Colony to 1800. Com-
piled from the records by Joseph Jencks Smith, Providence, R. I. Preston &
Rounds Co., 1900. Small quarto, cloth, pp. vii.-659.

The compilation gives a list of all officers, civil and military, appointed by
the General Assembly from the organization of the Colony under the first
Charter in 1647 down to 1800, including all the Judicial Officers, Clerks of
Courts, Sheriffs of Counties, Justices of the Peace, Conservators of the Peace,
Colonial Agents, commissioners for various purposes, and hundreds of minor
officers, even ferrymen. The lists of military officers show the gradual develop-
ment of the militia system of the Colony, the officers of the Island and of the
Main during the Indian and Colonial wars, the officers during the Revolutionary
war, not only those of the regular brigades, but of the troops hastily raised on
occasions of alarms, and for guard duty. Also the officers of the independent
chartered companies, as the Providence Grenadiers, North Providence Rangers,
Scituate Hunters, Kingston Reds, Cranston Blues, Captain General's Cavaliers,

1 90 1 • ] Book Notices.


Smithfield Federal Protectors, and many others. It includes over fifty
thousand names, and cannot fail to prove of great value alike to those interested
in genealogy and in the study of our colonial institutions. The price is $7.50
net, and may be had of Preston & Rounds Company, 98 Westminster Street,
Providence, R. I. A second volume will shortly be issued, giving all the
officers of the Continental service from 1800 to 1850, whose appointments were
made by officers in the field or by the Continental Congress, also all officers in
the regular army or navy, 1789 to 1850, as well as those engaged in the War of
1812 and in the Mexican War. Of special importance in the forthcoming
volume will be the list of officers on vessels from Rhode Island engaged in
privateer service during Colonial, Revolutionary, and the War of 1812, with
full statistics regardmg them.

The Hamlin Family. A Genealogy of Capt. Giles Hamlin of
MiDDLETON, Conn., 1654-1900. By Hon. H. Franklin Andrews. Pub. by the
author, Exira, Iowa, 1900. Imperial Octavo, cloth, pp. 479.

In the January, 1899, issue of this "periodical we reviewed a 130 page
pamphlet on this same family by the same author. It was published as part
one of a larger work intended to be issued seriallv. The present work covers
a different ground, giving the descendants of Capt. Giles Hamlin, who settled
m Middleton, Conn., about 1754. At the time the above mentioned pamphlet
was published, Mr. Andrews announced that he had over 7,«)oo pages of manu-
script relating to the descendants of James Hamblen, who settled at Barnstable,
Mass., and over 1,000 pages of manuscript giving descendants of Giles Hamlini
besides over 1,000 pages of records of other Hamlin families. We believe it is
his intention to continue the first in pamphlet parts, the second, we have before
us in splendid book form, and we shall hope to see the third later. The volume
shows careful research and painstaking labor, both absolutely assured by a
glance at the very full index. Copies may be had of the author at Exira,
Iowa, who also is publisher of the Andreus Family, $2.50, and the Hamlin
pamphlet, $2.00.

A Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and other
KINDRED Families of Virginia, 1635-1900. Compiled by Phil. E. Chappell.
Revised edition, 1900, Kansas City, Mo. Hudson-Kimberly Print. Co., igoo.
8vo, cloth, pp. 382, 111. ^

The manuscript of this genealogy was first turned over to the printer in
1895, and shortly after appeared the first edition. The compiler says he thought
at that time that the work was forever done, though he was well aware of its
mcompleteness. With the distribution of that edition, however, came volumes
of additional information, the discovery of lost tribes, an added sense of duty—
and now a revised edition. Its pages are the result of five years of painstaking
research added to the original years of labor in producing the first edition, and
are nearly double the quantity of the original volume. No attempt has been
made to trace the family in England, for the compiler has "confined himself to
a new family in a new world, and to tracing down its descendants, rather than
treat of an old family in an old world, and trace back its ancestors." Its
contents give origin of the family and name; first settlement in Virginia; the
families of Bennett, Chappell, George, Andrew, John, and Capt. John, Thomas,
Thomas the second, Samuel, Christopher and Robert; the Edgefield branch of
South Carolina, the Georgia branch, the Rough Creek branch, the Chappells of
Ohio and Indiana, the Richland branch of South Carolina, the Texas branch,
and the Tennessee branch. In addition the volume gives full information of
the allied families of Dickie, Wade, Compton, Pate, Yarlington and Adams.
The volume is an excellent one, well printed and neatly bound; it leaves little
room for criticism, except that it lacks an index. Copies may be obtained by
addressing the compiler at Kansas City, Mo.

Archives of Maryland. Muster Rolls and other Records of
Service of Maryland Troops in the American Revolution, 1775-1783
Baltimore, 1900. Small quarto, cloth, pp. 736,

2C2 Book Notices [Oct.,

This most v^aluable contribution to the early annals of Maryland was pub-
lished by authority of the State, under direction of the Maryland Historical
Society, and forms volume XVIII. of the State Archives. The publication was
first undertaken in 1897, from papers found in the possession of John Hopkins
University, and was continued by the aid of other manuscript sources which
appeared from time to time. The accuracy and honesty of the work are attested
by the assistance rendered by persons and societies of the State who are specially
interested in such productions. The volume contains early and independent
companies; Flying Camp papers; Musters of Maryland Troops, ist, 2d, 3d. 4th,
5th, 6th, 7th, Rawhiegs' Regts., and the German Regt.; Miscellaneous Mary-
land Line papers; Muster and Pay Rolls, 1780-3, 1786; Artillery Rolls; Lee's
Dragoons, Pulaski's and Armand's Legions; Miscellaneous Naval Rolls;
Escaped and Exchanged Prisoners; Return of Invalids; appendix and an
index of 74 pages, 4 columns to the page.

Year Book of the Holland Society, 1901. Prepared by the secretary,
Theo. M. Banta. 8vo, cloth, pp. 2ig.

One of the best yet published by this Society. It contains list of officers,
the Holland Society and Columbia University, the Poughkeepsie Dinner, the
i6th Annual Banquet, addresses, poems, account of Queen Wilhelmenia's Wed-
ding and the Society's proceedings relative thereto, " In Memoriam," Dutch
Words, Phrases, etc., Dutch Records in N. Y. City Clerk's Office, Grants
from the Indians and the West India Co., Conveyances in the City of New
Amsterdam, Indexes of Grantees and Grantors, Mortgagees and Mortgagors,
Apprenticeships, Inventories, etc., Constitution, By-Laws, List of Members, and
Deceased Members. The volume contains a fine half-tone frontispiece portrait
of Rev. Henry Van Dyke, the outgoing president.

A Memorial of the Town of Hampstead, New Hampshire. Illus-
trated. Compiled by Harriette Eliza Noyes, Boston, Mass. Geo. B. Reed,

1899. 8vo, cloth, pp. xi.-468.

Miss Noyes was Historian of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary
of the Town's Incorporation, July 4th, 1899, and for her efforts at that time won
much praise and admiration. In this volume she has presented a local history
well supported by existing authorities, and the story is told without vainglorious
attempts at rhetoric, simply a narration of facts. The work is commendable
for its authenticity, and its contents are as follows: Various petitions relative to
the Town's incorporation, charter and annals concerning the "old meeting
house;" historical sketch of the town by Rev. John Kelly, 44 years minister in
the town; full proceedings of the centennial celebration, July 4, 1849, with
addresses; full proceedings of the 150th anniversary of the town's incorporation,
July 4, 1899; chapter descriptive of Hampstead, England; educational work in
Hampstead, including list of natives of the town graduating from college and
elsewhere; religious work in town, from the pioneers to 1900, various church
societies, other denominations; the military, giving names and interesting facts
of Hampstead, men who have served in the Colonial, Revolutionary, and later
wars, to the Spanish-American, the diary of Captain John Calef, kept at
Ticonderoga in 1777, etc.; cemetery inscriptions from ten cemeteries in town;
historical and genealogical notes, parental tributes, and many interesting facts
pertaining to the families of the town; list of town officers for 150 years, to

1900, births, marriages and publishments as recorded on the first book of records,
about 1800; descriptive map of the town and general index. Copies, costing
$3.00, may be had of the author, Westville, N. H.

A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling-Allens of
New Haven, Conn., the Descendants of Roger Alling, First, and
John Alling, Sen., from 1639 to the present time. Compiled by George
P. Allen, New Haven, Conn. Price, Lee & Adkins Co., 1899. 8vo, cloth,

Mr. Allen has been engaged for several years in the compilation of this
work, and though he does not claim that its pages contain a complete genealogy

iQOi-l Book Notices. 253

of the descendants of Roger and John Ailing, yet he has gathered a mass of
material containing thousands of names. The work, as is usual in genealogies,
gives the personal history of the early generations, and carries their descendants
to the present time by a system of notation that is clear, concise, and readily
followed. There are about twenty half tone portraits, and the mechanical
construction of the work is well done, the whole closing with copious indexes.
The cost of the book is $3.00 per copy, and may be had of the compiler at
North Woodbury, Conn., or of the publishers.

Descendants of Elisha Ware, of Wrentham, Mass.. to Tan ist
1896. 8vo, cloth, ob. ' '

The compilation of this little work began about 1883, and is arranged here
m chart form with illustrations and descriptive matter appended. The first
four generations have been taken by permission from The Descendants of
hobert Ware, by Miss Emma F. Ware. Elisha was of the fourth generation,
and the second chart gives his descendants to the ninth generation. The book
has never been sold but is supplied gratis by Mr. F. W. Mann of Milford,
Mass., the compiler, who does so to those interested. He assures us that it was
compiled "with more than usual care and accuracy," and says that the illus-
trations are from photographs taken by himself. The last page but one con-
tains numerous fac-similies of signatures.

History of Belfast, Maine, to 1825. By Dr. Herman Abbott. With
an Introduction and Notes by Joseph Williamson, Belfast. Miss Grace E.
Burgess, 1900. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 18.

The title explains the work. It was reprinted from the Republican [ottrnal
'Arn"' ^^' ^^^' '' ^ ^"*^ '5' ^'5°°' ^"^ '^ printed, not published, for Mr. Joseph
Wilharnson of Belfast. It is an interesting pamphlet and closes with quite
some vital statistics.

Ezra Bellows of Lunenburg, Mass., and Springfield, Vt.. and his
Descendants. By Thomas Bellows Peck, 1901. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 14.

These pages are published as supplementary to the sketch on page 609 of
the Bellows Genealogy, 1898, by TMr. Peck, and are here reprinted from the
Genealogical Quarterly Magazine.

The Gorham Family in Rhode Island. Notes on the Providence Line
by Georgiana Guild. Bristol Branch by Henry S. Gorham, Boston. David
Clapp (k Son, 1900. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 11.

These statistics were originally compiled to correct some errors already
published, and have been enlarged to include the Bristol Branch. These pages
were reprinted from the New England Register for April, 1900.

Report on Canadian Archives. By Douglas Brymner, 1900. Printed
by order of Parliament, Ottawa, 1901. 8vo, paper, pp. 540.

Mr. Brymner has devoted many years to this work, and has done much to
preserve the annals of our hyperborean neighbor. The present volume con-
tains statistics on education, emigration. State papers of Upper and Lower
Canada, 1832-1835. The whole is an appendix to the report of the Minister of

The Bennett, Bently and Beers Families. By S. B. Bennett of
Pittston, Pa. (1899). 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 50.

These three families converge in the compiler, and so his original intention
to give only the Bennetts grew threefold. Mr. Bennett gives this little pamphlet
to the genealogical world as the result of labor conducted during the intervals
of a busy life, and regrets that time and opportunity have not afforded him
more. The immigrant ancestor was from Wiltshire, where the seat of the
Bennetts is at Pitthouse; just before the Revolutionary War, the family re-
moved to the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania, where their history became

2 54 Book Notices. [Oct.,

interwoven with the stirring events of that locality. Mr. Bennett tells his
story with a style that is most entertaining and likewise profitable.

The Macdonough-Hackstaff Ancestry. By Rodney Macdonough,
Boston, 1901, 8vo, cloth, pp. viii.-526.

This handsome, illustrated work has just been issued from the press of
Samuel Usher, Boston. The volume consists of a series of fifty-five articles on
the writer's ancestors from the time of their arrival in this country to the
present day. An article has been written on each male ancestor in which, in
addition to what is known of his wife, is contained all the information obtain-
able as to his birth, marriage and death; where he lived; purchase and sale of
property; civil offices held; naval and military service; children; and such
events and particulars in his life as would be interesting to his descendants.
Although the volume is printed for private distribution, it contains much that
will be of interest to genealogists in the shape of wills, inventories, extracts
from and illustrations of original records, etc. The articles include the families
of Barker, Bigg, Burrowes, Coit, Cole, Denning, Garr, Griggs, Hackstaff,
Hallock, Hawxhurst, Hopkins, Laroux, Macdonough, Morrell, Mould, Pratt,
Priest, Reddocke, Shaler, Sinclair, Spencer, Stocking, Stow, Swazy, Townsend,
Vance, Williams. But three or four of the twenty wills and eighteen inventories
here given have ever been printed before. The illustrations include numerous
ancient documents of much interest and value. There is a full set of ancestral
charts and a complete index of persons and places. Probably the most
valuable portion of the work, historically, is that devoted to Commodore
Thomas Macdonough, U. S. N., the writer's grandfather. This article con-
tains the greater part of an autobiography left by the Commodore which has
never been made public. The article is preceded by a full page half-tone
reproduction of the Stuart portrait of Commodore Macdonough, and also
contains half-tone, full page illustrations of the battle on Lake Champlain,
September 11, 1814, the autograph dispatch from the Commodore to the Secre-
tary of the Navy announcing the result of the engagement, and the obverse
and reverse of the gold medal granted by Congress. A limited edition of 300
copies, printed from type on high grade paper, wide margin and uncut; bound
in linen; $5.00 a copy. After January i, 1902, $7.50 a copy. Order from
Rodney Macdonough, 205 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.

Historic Duxbury in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. By
Laurence Bradford, Boston. The Fish Printing Company, looo. 8vo, cloth,
pp. 128, 111.

The object of this book is to give a brief sketch of the town of Duxbury,
mostly for the tourist and summer visitor. Mr. Bradford has derived his infor-
mation mostly from the long residence of his family in the town, and from his
acquaintance with the last generation of the town's inhabitants. The volume
contains chapters on the early settlement and settlers, Capt. Myles Standish,
Elder Williarn Brewster, John Alden, the Standish monument, old burial
places, ship building, roads, maps, old houses, antiquaries, Kingston and Green
Harbor, the French cable, 250th anniversary, and the clam industry. It is an
historic old town, whose early days partook of the romance of the "Plimouth
Plantation," and to its memory poets, orators and historians have contributed
some of their best efforts. Copies of the book may be had of the author at
Millbrook, Mass.

Early Records of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, and Member-
ship OF the Congregational Church, East Hampton (Chatam), Conn.
Middletown, Conn. Pelton & King, 1900. Svo, pamphlet, pp. 150.

The above title explains the scope of this work. The records are copied
from a diary kept by the Rev. Mr. John Norton, pastor of the church from 1748
to 1778, which copy was made by Mr. Martin L. Roberts from the original now
in possession of a Dr. Cornwell of Brooklyn, N. Y. It is composed of small
sheets of writing paper sewed together, and covers the period from April 18,
1764, to March 24, 1772. The remaining records of his pastorate are supposed
to have been destroyed.

1 90 1 . ] Book Notices. ' 255

The Descendants of William Towne, who came to America on
OR ABOUT 1630, and SETTLED IN Salem, Mass. Compiled by Edwin Eugene
Towne, Newtonville, Mass. Published by the author, 1901. 8vo, cloth, pp.
372, 111.

Another excellently compiled genealogy. They come upon us thick and
fast, and at the present rate there will be left in a short time few families that
have not been "written up." The present volume is conducted on the Record
and Register plan, and the typography and press work are fine. The historical
and genealogical records have been obtained from the usual sources of town,
church and court records, and also from those collected by the late William B.
Towne, who published in the New Englmid Register, some years ago, an
article on the origin of the name in England. The present work reprints that
article, and gives reprints of wills, the genealogy of the family for ten gener-
ations, records of southern families, miscellaneous branches, historical notes,
and seven indexes most carefully prepared. The volume is embellished with
thirty-six portraits, and is a model of genealogical compilation.

New York State Library Bulletins, No. 53, Dec, 1900; No. 56,
Feb., 1901. Compiled by Charles A. Flagg. L. 8vo, paper, pp. 175-283,

The first of these is a bibliography of Connecticut Local History compiled
from materials in the New York State Library, and gives the dates of incorpor-
ation of each town. The arrangement is by counties, first, then alphabetically
by towns. Works relating to the State at large are grouped at the beginning.
The second is a bibliography of New York Colonial History from its discovery
to 1776, confined to the territory within the present limits of the State. In
addition to the citation of works indicated by the title, there are indexes antl
calendars of manuscripts, many church histories, and reprints of the city
charters and legislative journals. Both works are invaluable contributions to
the reference shelf.

^V Atwater History and Genealogy. Compiled by Francis Atwater,
Meriden, Conn. The Journal Publishing Co., igoi. 8vo, cloth, pp. 492, 111.

In the "wee sma'" hours the compiler of this genealogy has poured over
the notes accumulated, and now in the light of day comes forth a volume most
creditable in its result, another bright and shining example of a labor of love.
After a sketch of the family in England, it proceeds to an account of the family
in America, from the two sons of John Atwater of Boyton, England, namely
Joshua and David, who came to this country and settled in New Haven about
1638. The second part of the work gives the descendants of David in genea-
logical notation. The work concludes with a monumental index covering
forty-three pages, three columns to the page. The compiler hopes that persons
interested in the family will criticise and correct his work, and announces that
pages will be printed from time to time to keep it up to date.



Allen, G. P. — Ailing, Allen Genealogy.

Andrews, Hon. H. F. — Hamlin Family.

Atwater, Francis. — Atwatcr History and Genealogy.

Avery, S. P. — Yorktown Campaign and Surrender of Cornwallis, 1 781.

Bailey, H. R. — Bailey Genealogy.

Barr, Rev. W. B. — Barr History.

Bennett, S. B.— The Bennett, Bentley and Beers Families.

Bosson, Hon. A. D.— Register of the Old Suffolk Chapter, Sons of the Ameri-
can Revolution.

Bradford, Laurence — History of Duxbury.

Calkins, H., Jr., National Capitol, its Architecture, Art and History.

Chappell, P. E.— Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie Families of

Colles, Mrs. J. K. — Authors and Writers Associated with Morristown.

Evans, N. W. — History of Adams County, Ohio.

Gragg, LP. — Homes of the Massachusetts Ancestors of Maj.-Gen. Joseph Hooker.

Guild, Mrs. M. S. — Genealogy of the Strobridge, Morrison Farnilies.

Holland Society. — Year Book Holland Society, 1901.

Macdonough, Rodney, — Macdonough, Hackstaff Ancestry.

MacMecham, A. M. — Nova Scotia Archives, vol. ii.

Mann, F. W. — Descendants of Elisha Ware.

Maryland Historical Society.— Archives of Maryland, Muster Rolls of the
Revolution, xviii.

Noyes, H. E. — History of Hampstead, N. H.

Obear, Mrs. L. A.— New Ipswich in the War of the Rebellion.

Preston and Rounds Company. — Civil and Military List of Rhode Island,

Sharpe, W. C. — The Sharpes.

Smithsonian Institute. — Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute, 1899.

St. Nicholas Society. — St. Nicholas Society Year Book, 1901.

Towne, E. E. — Towne Geneology.

Wight, Mrs. H. K.— Ancestry and Descendants of Sylvanus Eaton, Jacob
Swetland and Christopher Reynolds.


Beckwith, Messrs. A. C. and E. S.— Lane, Griswold Genealogical Notes; Marvin

Beckwith of Southampton; Beckwith Notes; Beckwith Notes, No. 3.
Brynmer, Douglas.— Canadian Archives, 1900.
California Genealogical Society. — The Spanish Archives.
Connecticut Historical Society.— Annual Report Connecticut Historical Society,

Evans, N. W.— Sketches of Col. Richard Humpton and Edward Evans;

Prospectus of Scioto County, Ohio.
Flagg, C. A.— New York State Library Bulletins, Nos. 53, 56.
Guild, Georgiana. — Gorham Family of Rhode Island.
Linder, Mrs. Geo. — Charles Frederic Farlow.

Maconbrey, Rev. A. R.— History and Directory of White Plains, N. Y.
Peck, T. B. — Ezra Bellows and His Descendants.
Poillon, Wm.— Horatio Seymour; Biographical Sketch of Hon. Edward

Lowell Dana; Biographical Sketch of William J. Mullen; Jackson S.

Schultz of New York; In Memoriam to David Goodman Croly; Memorial

to my Honored Kindred.
Pumpelly, J. C. — Family History.

Roberts, W. L.— Early Records of Congregational Church, East Hampton, Ct.
Solomon, Geo. — Concord Minute Men (Mass.)
Waters, T. F.— Hotel Cluny of a New England Village; History of the Old

Argilla Road, Ipswich, Mass.
Williamson, Joseph. — History of Belfast, Me.
Wylie, E. G. — Wylie Genealogy.
Yale University.— Yale University, Report of its Presidents, 1900-1901.


Avery, S. P. — 7 Iconophile Engravings.

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