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ment of the event was made by the President of the United
States, and the Senate, on motion of Senator Hoar, adjourned m
order that its members might attend his funeral. Among the
many tributes received by Mr. Bancroft's son was the following
telegram from the Emperor of Germany, transmitted through
Count Arco Valley, the German Minister at Washington:

"Sir: His Majesty, the Emperor and King, remembering the
relation of friendship which for many years existed between His
Majesty the late Emperor William and the late Hon. George
Bancroft as Minister of the United States to Berlin, has directed
me to express to you, and to your family, his most sincere sym-
pathy with the great loss which has fallen upon you and your

The funeral was held at St. John's church, and was attended
by the President and Mrs. Harrison, the Cabinet, the Diplomatic
Corps, and chief Government officials. The floral tributes were
numerous and beautiful, one being from the President of the
United States, and another, placed on the coffin, was the gift of
William the Third, Emperor of Germany.

Von Ranke, shortly before his death, expressed a desire that
his large and valuable library should be acquired by the Govern-
ment. The historian's family and the German literary public
confidently expected that the Prussian Government would pur-
chase the' collection. There was delay in doing so, and it was
ultimately bought bv an American university. Mr. Bancroft also
wished that his collection, particularly rich in historical manu-
scripts, should be purchased by the Library of Congress. Tt was

46 George Bancroft. [Jan.,

offered to the authorities for $75,000. The same delay usually
attending government action in such affairs occurred, and the
Bancroft collection, after several years, was sold to the trustees
of the Lenox Library of New York for a larger sum than that
for which it had been offered to the nation. The library is
famous for its rare Americana, including a large collection of
English, French and German manuscripts, the latter numbering
several hundred journals, reports, muster rolls, and a large mass
of correspondence relating to the Hessian troops that fought for
George the Third in the Revolutionary War.

Like his successor in Berlin, Bayard Taylor, Mr. Bancroft
spoke German almost without accent, and in his manner and
dress often suggested a German. He was frequently seen wear-
ing a Prussian military cap, with the straight visor, and always
wore such a cap when walking or on horseback. He was fond of
reading and speaking German, and was much attached to the
stalwart servant he brought back from Berlin, who had been in
the Prussian army. By his will he left the faithful Hermann a
bequest of $365 per annum.

It is of course to his niagnuvi opus, on which he labored more
or less during a period of half a century, that Bancroft's chief
claim to remembrance rests. It is written with what Edward
Burke describes "as the cold neutrality of an impartial judge,"
and may be consulted in all the principal libraries of Europe.
This noble work has held, and will continiie to hold, a high place
not only in American literature, but in that of the world, as its
authority is everywhere recognized, and it can be read in many
languages. Perhaps the highest eulogy ever passed upon the
work was by that sturdy Englishman, John Bright, who said:
"The study which it gives or offers, and the lessons which it
teaches, surpass, to my mind, those that I have derived from or
found in any other book of history."

Since Bancroft's departure for the voiceless land, there has
been completed in the nation's capital the grandest building ever
erected for the conservation of books. In the Congressional
Library may be seen many beautiful works of art, among them
a painting by one of the leading artists of the land, representing
History. Two tablets are introduced in the picture, on which
are inscribed the names of fourteen of the most illustrious histo-
rians of the past two thousand years, on the adamant of whose
fame the stream of Time beats without injury. In that brilliant
bead-roll is included your townsman Bancroft. Of him may be
said, in the words written of Fitz-Greene Halleck by another son
of Massachusetts:

" He sleeps: he cannot die !
As evening's long-drawn sigh,
Lifting the rose-leaves on his peaceful mound,

Spreads all their sweets around,
So, laden with his song, the breezes blow
From where the rustling sedge
Frets our rude ocean's edge
To the smooth sea beyond the peaks of snow.
His soul the air enshrines, and leaves but dust below I"

igoi.] Inscriptions on Gravr stones. 47


Inscriptions taken from the Old Cemetery at Huntington,

Suffolk. Co., L. I. — 1701-1850.

Contributed by John H. Jones.

Note.— Inscriptions of a date later than 1850 have been omitted from this list. They can be

consulted, however, from the original Ms. at the Library of this '&oz\t.\.y.— Editor.

(Continued from Vol. XXXI., p. 2S0. of The Record.)

Brown, Henrietta, dau. Nehemiah & Henrietta, d. Mch. 23, 1831;

ae. 16 mths. 25 d.
Wicks, Sarah, wife Gilbert, J^, d. Mch. 12, 1795; a;. 37. o. 12.

Sarah, wife Gilbert, d. May 4, 1792; in the 62 year of her age.
Ezekiel, d. :Mch. 26, 1S08; in the 78 year of his age.
Sarah, relict Ezekiel, d. Dec. 7, 1808; in the 70 year of her
Wekes )

or r ( ) wife to Eliphalet, d. 1754-

Wickes \

Wickes, Jemima, wife Eliphalet, d. Nov. 3, 1776; in the 68 year
of her age.
Eliphalet, d. June 30, 1761; in the 54 year of his age.
Thomas, J^, son Capt. Thos., d. Dec. 20, 1749; in the 46 year

of his age.
Capt. Thomas, d. Oct. 24, 1749; in the 74 year of his age.
Jonathan. No dates.
Warren Franklin, son John H. «& Abigail, d. May 3, 1840; se.

10. 8. 3.
Elizabeth, wife Capt. John, d. Apl. 28, 1786; in the 56 year of

her age.
Capt. John, d. June 5, 1801; in the 79 year of his age.
Batsheba, wife" Capt. John, d. Sep. 9, 1763; in the 37 year of
her age.
Ketcham, George, son Abial & Sarah, d. June 23, 1835; ae. 7. 3. 12.
A child of Abial & Sarah. No date.
Philip, d. Jany. 5, 1770; in the 79 year of his age.
Mrs. Mary, d. May 11, 1750; in the 21 year of her age.
Mrs. Phebe, wife Philip, d. Feby. 10, 1737-8; in the 47 year
of her age.

Elizabeth, , 1773; .

Stephen, d. May 13, 1840; in the 45 year of his age.

John P., only son Stephen, d. Feby. 17, 1823; ae. .

Mary E., only child Stephen & Mary, d. Feby. 23, 1838; ae. 4.

3. 22.
Sarah, dau. Silas & Elizabeth, d. Dec. 11, 1814; ae. 6 weeks.
Letty Ann, dau. Silas & Elizabeth, d. May 10, 1816; ae. 7. 7. 18.
Silas', d. Feby. 17, 1823; in the 46 year of her age.
Elizabeth, relict Silas, d. Nov. 4, 1852; ae. 70. 7. 28.
William N., son Silas & Elizabeth, d. Jany. 9, 1826; ae. 3. 9. 16.
Chas. W., son Silas T. & Phebe, d. Oct. 29, 1831; «. 7 m. 21 ds.

4o Inscriptions on Gravestones. [Jan.,

Ketcham, William, son Silas T. & Phebe, d. Mch. 30, 1831 ; ae. 5. 3. 5.
Elizabeth, dati. Silas & Elizabeth, d. Oct. 23, i'834; ae. 19. 11. 23.
Sarah, dau. John & Elizabeth, d. June 10, 1812; ae. 2>2> yrs.
Titus, son John & Elizabeth, d. Aug. 31, 1791; ae. x. i. 10.
Stephen, d. Nov. 23, 1792; in the 60 year of his age.
Anne, wife Stephen, d. Feby. 18, 1803; ae. 73. o. 22.
Elizabeth, wife John, Esq^, d. Apl. 4, 1813; in the 57 year of

her age.
John, Esq^, d. Dec. 29, 1829; ae. 77. 11. 11,
Nathaniel, d. Feby. 19, 1758.
Samuel Francis, son Woodhull & Mary A., d. Dec. 21, 1850;

ae. 3 m. 22 d.
Mary C, dau. Woodhull & Mary A., d. Mch. 2, 1847; ae. 3 m.

24 d.
Harriet, dau. Zophia «& Elizabeth, d. Nov. 11, 1842; ae. 2 m.

16 d.
Charles A., son Ezra C. & Jerusha, d. Jany. 3, 1836; se. 2. 3. 9.
Hannah, wife Carll, d. Jany. 29, 1805; in the 53 year of her

Alexander, d. May 8, 1850; ae. 66. 6. 4.
Freelove, wife Alexander, d. Dec. 16, 181 6; in the 27 year of

her age.
John W., son Alexander & Freelove, d. Aug. 24, 1813; ae. i.

9. o.
Hannah, dau. Alexander & Freelove, d. July 18, 181 1; ae. 1.4.

Isaac Carll, d. Apl. 16, 1808; in the 57 year of his age.
Hannah Ette, dau. Alexander & Freelove, d. Oct. 26, 1806; in

the 14 year of her age.
Colvert, Helen M., dau. W'". H. & Hannah A., d. Sep. 13, 1843; ;e.

I. o. 22.
Barrett, Oliver, d. Apl. 29, 1850; ae. 72. o. 19.
Losee, Ruth, wufe Isaac, d. Mch. 7, 1811; in the 67 year of her age.

Isaac, d. Mch. 26, 1825; in the 84 year of her age.
Wiggins, Phebe, relict Daniel, d. Dec. 13, 1818; in the 79 year of

her age.
Conklin, Ezra, d. Nov. 30, 1838; ae. 41. 9. 12.

Jane A., wife Ezra, b. Dec. 28, 1805; d. May 14, 1889.
Conkling, Rebecca, wife Hubbard, formerly wife of Richard

Conkling, d. Ja^ny. 2, 1793; in the 62 year of her age.
Richard, d. July 24, 1787; in the 61 year of his age.
Philetus, son & Mary, d. Sep!^6, 1778; in the 10 year of

his age.
Titus, son & Mary, d. Sep. 13, 1778; in the 2 year of

his age.
Mary, wife Philip, d. May 31, 1701; in the 52 year of her age.
Conklin, Peleg, d. Sep. 25, 1839; in the 62 year of his age.

Angeline, dau. Henry & Sabrina, d. Mch. 19, 1829; in the 5

year of her age.
Sybil, wife David, d. Aug. 15, 1788; in the 44 year of her age.
Thomas M^Auley. son Thos. W. & Phebe, d. Sep. 20, 1829; ae.

4. 8. o.

IQOI.] Inscriptions on Gravestones. 40

Conklin, Ezekiel, d. Oct. 23, 1820; ae. 80. 11. o.

Mary, wife Ezekiel, d. Nov. 22, 1804; in the 66 j^ear of her age.
Martha, wife Samuel, d. Aug. 8, 1822; in the 53 year of her

Henry, d. Sep. 22, 1822; in the 25 year of his age.
Rebecca, wife Nathan W., d. Feby. 26, 1822; in the 28 year of

her age.
Sarah, relict Ezra, d. May 8, 1849; in the 64 year of her age.
Ezra, d. Feby. 17, 1815; ae. 58. 3. 17.
Mary E., wife Ansel H. & dau. of Conklin & Ruth Gould, d.

Sep. 24, 1 831; in the 24 year of her age.
Erastus H., d. Sep. 27, 1849; in the 63 year of his age.
Mary, wife Silas, d. Sep. 12, 1827; se. 51. 10. 26.
Silas, d. Mch. 29, 1854; ae. 81. 6. 23.
John, d. Dec. 8, 1825; in the 46 year of his age.
Hannah, dau. John & Zuriah, d. Jan. — , 1826; in the 22 year

of her age.
Isaac, d. Sep, 29, 1810; ae. 29. 9. 9.
Conkling, Richard, d. May 15, 1818; in the 70 year of his age.

Abigail, wife Richard, d. Oct. i, 1795; in the 51 year of her

Elizabeth, relict Capt. Cornelius, d. Dec. 14, 1808; in the 77

year of her age.
Capt. Cornelius, d. Sep. u, 1791; in the 64 year of his age.
Seth, son Richard & Abigail, d. Sep. 27, 1795; in the 20 year

of his age.
Nathaniel, son Richard & Abigail, d. Sep. — , 1791; in the 22

year of his age.
Abigail, dau. Richard & Abigail, d. Sep. 9, 1798; in the 19

year of her age.
Henry, d. Sep. 14, 1798; in the 28 year of his age.
Strong, d. Aug. i, 1835; ae. 68. 2. 26.
Ruth, relict Strong, d. Jan. 25, 1847; ae. 74. 4. o.
Nathan, son Strong & Ruth, d. Jan. 24, 1801; ae. 14 dys.
a dau. of Strong & Ruth, b. & d. May 2, 1805.
Mary, dau. Strong & Ruth, d. Mch. 25, 1810; ae. 3. 9. o.
Abigail, dau. Strong & Ruth, d. Nov. 8, 1826; ae. 30. 10. 4.
Nathan, d. Aug. 11, 1849; ae. 48, 7. i.
Conklin, Buel, d. Feby. 12, 1822; in the 51 year of his age.
Richard, d. Aug. u, 1818; in the 62 year of his age.
Mary, relict Richard, d. Aug. 6, 1828; in the 66 year of her

Elizabeth, d. Apl. 22, 1841; in the 76 year of her age.
Capt. Abel, d. July 12, 1827; in the 64 )7-ear of his age.
Conkling, Ruth, wife Timothy, d. Apl. 8, 1788; in the 43 year of

her age.
Hubbard, d. May 19, 1806; ae. 69. 7. 12.
Mary, wife Hubbard, d. Dec. 9, 1786; in the 46 year of her

Experience, dau. Hubbard & Mary, d. Oct. 29, 1781; in the 20

year of her age
Hubbard, son Hubbard & Mary, d. July 8, 1779; ae. 8 m. 17 d.

50 Inscriptions on Gravestones. [Jan.,

Conkling, Gilbert, son Hubbard & Mary, d. Sep. 19, 1776; ae. 9. 3. 7.
Keturah, dau. Timothy, d. Dec. 12, 1773; in the 5 year of her

Ruth, wife Timothy, d. Oct. 9, 1781; se. 49. 7. o.
Timothy, d. May 22, 181 1; in the 79 year of his age.
Keturah, dau. Abel & Ruth, d. Sep. 17, 1793; in the 7 year of

her age.
Ruth, wife Abel, d. June 20, 1790; ae. 26. 4. o.
Abel, d. July 12, 1827; in the 64 year of his age.
Gilbert, son Samuel & Elizabeth, d. Oct. i, 1747; ae. 9 dys.
Conklin, Warren, son Warren & Rebecca, d. Aug. 7, 1838; ae. 5 m.

& I d.
Peleg, son Thos. & Mary, d. of small-pox by inoculation, Jany.

27, 1788; in the 17th year of his age.
David, d. Dec. 3, 1787; in the 44 year of his age.
Col. Timothy, d. Oet. 17, 1831; ae. 77. 10. 17. A Patriot of the

Revolution, an honest man, the noble work of God.
Mary, consort of Col. Timothy, d. Oct. 2, 1838; ae. 82. 4. o.
Emma, dau. of Col. Timothy, d. Feby. 4, 1791; ae. 17. o. 19.
Esther, dau. of Cornelius & Elizabeth, d. Oct. 11, 1753; ae. 10

m. 26 d.
Capt. John, d. Sep. 14, 1757; in the 53 year of his age,
Kezia, Relict Benj., d. Aug. 25, 1825; ae. 81. 3. 24.
Richard Morrow, son Richard & Mary, d. 28 July, 1823; ae. i.

y. 28 d.

An infant dau. of Richard & Mary, d. .

Keziah, wife Benj., d. Aug. 25, 1825; ae. 81. 3. 24.

Thomas, d. Mch. 26, 1802; ae. 71. 11. 26.

Selah, d. Sep. 13, 1797; in the 45 year of her age.

Theodore, son Abel K. & Mary, b. Apl. 27, 1835; d. Sep. 3,

Jerusha Buell, dau. Abel K. & Mary, d. July 7, 1833; b. July

25, 1831.
Mary, wife Abel K., b. July 12, 1802; d. June 21, 1835.
Abel K., d. Aug. 6, 1845, i^i the 48 year of his age.
John vSuydam, son Anselm & Ellen, d. Nov. u, 1850; ae. 3.

9. o.
Caroline, dau. Erastus H. & Sarah M., d. Oct. 3, 1745; ae. i. o.

Elizabeth, wife Stephen, d. Apl. 12, 1760; in the 23 year of

her age.
Mary, widow Capt. Elkanah, d. Nov. 28, 1834; in the 88 year

of her age.

Conkling, John, 1751; .

Mary, wife, John, d. Aug. 27, 1749; in the 71 year of her age.
Abiar, wife Thomas, d. Apl. i, 1779; in the 83 year of her

Thomas, d. Oct. 15, 1793; in the 93 year of his age.
Mary, wife Thomas, d. Jan. 29, 1729; in the 24 year of her

Wood, Sarah, wife Israel, d. Jany. 9, 175 1-2; in the 25 year of her


iQOi-] Inscriptions on Gravestones. cj

Wood, Brewster H., d. Apl. i8, 1847; in the 63 year of his age.
Matilda, wife Brewster H., d. Mch. 26, 1845; se. 55. 5. 26.
John, d. June 11, 1801; in the 90 year of his age.
Martha, wife John, d. Aug. 24, 1798; in the 84 year of her age.
Phebe, wife John, d. Oct. 3, 1773; in the 57 year of her age.
Vashita, relict Israel, d. Apl. 22, 1812; in the 86 year of her

Israel, d. May 8, 1801 (or 1791); in the 68 year of his age.
Mary, consort of Israel & dau. Rev. Ebenezer Prime, d. Dec.

10, 1756; ae. .

— ; , d. Aug. I, ; ae. 68.

Silas, d. Mch. 2, 1847; in the 78 year of his age.

Infant son Silas & Elizabeth, d. June 10, 1832.

Jennett G., wife W">. J. & dau. of Abel & Mindwell Conklin,

d. Jany. 23, 1838; in the 26 year of her age.
Oscar, son W™. J. & Gennett G., d. Aug. 2, 1837; ae. 10 m. 12 d.
Wiggins, John Sloss, son D^ Daniel & Phebe, d. Aug. 11, 1773; in

the 5 year of his age.
Walter, son D^ Daniel & Phebe, d. Aug. 25, 1775; ^- i- 7- o-
Pene Wood, dau. D^ Daniel & Phebe, d. Sep. 29, 1776; ae. 9

Gould, Mary A., dau. Ebenezer & Matilda H., d. Nov. 25, 1838;

ae. 3. 5. 3.
Charles A., son Conklin & Ruth, d. Dec. 13, 1827; ae. 8 mths.
Anna, wife Walter, d. Feby. 12, 1847; in the 59 year of her

Keturah, wife William, d. Dec. 14, 1800; in the 32 year of her

Mary, wife Abiel, d. Dec. 11, 18 12; in the 47 year of her age.
Abiel, d. Nov. 6, 1837; in the 72 year of his age.
Experience, wife Abiel & dau. of late Captn. Jonathan Titus,

d. Apl. 21, 1846; in the 73 year of her age.
Clarissa, dau. David & Mary, d. Nov. 26, 1808; ae. 6. 5. o.
Amelia, dau. David & Mary, d. June 5, 1808; ae. 12. 6. o.
William Selleck, son do., d. Sep. 7, 1824; ae. 10. o. 8.
Mary, wife Thos. C. & dau. Thos. & Jane Hendrickson, d. Oct.

12, 1844; ae. 25. I. 18.
Denton, Sam^ W., son Sam'. & Hannah, d. Apl. 17, 1847; ae. 24.

I. 9.
Mary Ann, wife Sam'. W., d. July 22, 1846; ae. 27. 3. 20.
Alexander, son Sam'. & Hannah, d. Aug. 17, 1839; ae. 22. 9. 8.
Rebecca, wife Alexander, d. May 2, 1814; in the (ii year of

her age.
Alexander, d. Apl. 24, 1814; in the dd year of his age.
Rebecca, wife Benj., d. May 23, 1783; in the 61 year of her

Benjamm, d. May 12, 1789; in the 68 year of his age.
Temperance, d. Jany. — , 1742-3; in the 61 year of her age.
Mary, wife Israel, d. Nov. i, 181 7; in the 22 year of her age.
Mary, dau. Israel & Mary, d. Jany. 7, 181 7; ae. 9 weeks.
Warren, son Israel & Elizabeth, d. Jany. 22, 1825; ae. 3. 3. 4.
Macavey, John, d. Jany. 28, 181 1; in the 35 year of his age.

C2 Bible Records. [Jan.,

Highbe, Clarissa, wife Dan'. B., d. Apl. 2, 181 2; in the 23 year of

her age. Also her son, aged 3 days.
Vail, Abigail, wife Philetus, d. Sep. 23, 1842; in the 54 year of her

Merritt, Maria P., dau. Thos. B. & Sally, d. Feby. 28, 1840; ae. 2.

2. 7.

{ To be continued.)


Records from the Underhill Bible, Copied and Contributed
BY Edw. Myers, of White Plains, N. Y.

Benjamin Underhill, Born March the loth in the year of our

Lord 1743.

Elizabeth Underhill was Born July y^' nth m the year 1747.
Our Children Born as follows (viz.):

John was Born March y^' 20th, 1770.
Sarah Born January y"^ 30th, 1772.
Hannah was Born June y'^ 19th, 1774.
Joshua was Born February y'^ 22*^, 1776.
Mary was Born April y"' 24th, 1779.
David was Born January y^ 12th, 1782.
Effama was Born October 3*', 1784.
Susanah was Born November 26''' in the Y^ 1786.
*Elizabeth and Jane was Born January 26th, 1789, and
her Decease May 20^'', 1791. She was 2 Years, 3
Months and 24 Days.
Underhill Nelson, Born September 21th, 1798.

Records Copied and Contributed by Wm. A. Eardeley, M.A.,


Mrs. Mills Hobby Husted, of Greenwich, Ct., has the follow-
ing old Bible record:

Peter Husted, born May, 1742, m. 11 Feb., 176S, Eunice Lyon,
born Ap. i, 1750.


1. Amos Husted, b. Dec. 2, 1769.

2. Cynthia Husted, b. Sep. 22, 1770.

3. Peter Husted, b. Oct. 11, 1772.

4. Elnathan Husted, b. Jan. 16, 1775.

5. Moses Husted, b. Dec. 19, 1776.

6. Aaron Husted, b. Jan. 23, 1779.

[Amy Hobby.]

7. Caleb Husted, b. Mch. 2, 1782.

8. Eunice Husted, b. June 21, 1784.

* This is copied exactly as written. Elizabeth and Jane were no doubt twins, and Jane
was probably the one who died. I suppose the record was written after Jane died, and the
writer forgot to enter her name until after the line was written. E. M.

igoi .1 The Family of Dufiuis, De Puy, Depeiu, Etc. 5 3

9. Esbon Hiisted, b. Feb. 25, 1787, d. Sep. 19, 1792.
Peter Husted above was son of Angel Husted.
Mills Hobby and had:

1 . Amy Hobby, Aaron Husted.

2. Silas Hobby, .

Miss Harriet Hobby, of Marietta, O., is a gr. dau.

3. Jotham Hobby, res. West.

4. Lewis Hobby, 2 or 3 wives.

1. George Hobby.

2. Morgan Hobby.

Lewis H. Hobby, of 301 a Monroe Ave., B'klyn, N. Y.,
is a son of this Morgan.

5. Mills Hobby, d. N. M.

6. Sarah Hobby, Rev. Theophilus Peck.

7. Ruth Hobby.

8. Mary Hobby, Dr. Jonathan Close.

By Frank J. Conkling, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Should one become interested in the study of this famil}^ they
would find the same eccentricities, or variations in nomenclature,
as are found in many of the family names of our early settlers.
They would discover, whichever way the scribes of colonial tmies,
or decision of the owner, had adorned the spelling of the name,
that in tracing back to the fountain-head or source in this country,
the line would, if brought within the bounds of Colonial New
York, lead them to one of two sturdy Hugueno ts, who, thinkmg
to iniprove life's fortunes, and, no do-ubV!o~Bxercise religious
freedom, packed their belongings and set sail under the flag of
Holland' to the new Dutch colony so recently established m the
New World, and named New Amsterdam. These two emigrants
were Nicholas and Francois Dupuis, who came at different times,
the former from Artois and the latter from Calais, which may not
mean, as the records would infer, that they were from separate
places; for when it is understood that Artois was a Province
located in the "Department of Calais," a division of France bor-
dering on the Netherlands, it may be seen how possible it is that
both were from the same neighborhood, if not, indeed, of the
same family, and if proof was needed of a relationship, good cir-
cumstantial evidence would be found in the fact that Francois
had a son Nicholas, evidently named for the senior Nicholas, who,
with his wife, stood as god-parents to the infant when baptized
in the Old Dutch Church of New York, October 17, 1686.*

While Nicholas and Francois Dupuis appear to have been the
ancestors of the several generations in the Province of New
York following the advent in New Amsterdam of those worthy
individuals, it seems equally certain that they were not the only

• N. Y. Gen. &* Bios- Record, Vol. x., p. 117.

CA The Family of Dupuis, De Ptiy, Depew, Etc. [Jan.,

emigrants of the name to this country. Rev. Mr. Baird, in his
"Huguenot Emigration to America," Vol. II., discovers among
the French settlers of Oxford, Mass., in 1691, the names: Elie
(Elias), and Jean (John) Dupuis; the former of whom he con-
ceives to be the father of the latter, whom he believes is identical
with a John he finds in 1705, and again in 1729, as an elder of the
French Church in Boston. The will of this John was made Jan-
uary 4, 1734, probated June 9, 1743, naming sons, John, Daniel,
Charles, Isaac and Elias.

In the same volume may be found an item of evident relation
to this family that was gleaned from English records by Mr.
Baird, whose research for Huguenot history has certainly been
very exhaustive. He says that: "Elie Dupeux," seaman, of Port
des Barques, on the coast of Saintonge (France), fled to England
about 168I, where he was naturalized March 21, 1682, and his
family recorded as follows: "Elias DuPus with Mary his wife,
and Elias, John, Mary and Susanna, their children." Then on
another page, evidently speaking of the same individual, he says:
"He and his wife Elizabeth with their four children, occupied
one of the French houses in Oxford." It would, therefore, ap-
pear that Elias, having lost his wife, Mary, married again and
came with his family to America, thus becoming the head of a
distinct lineage, some branches of which spell the name Dupee.

Mr. Baird finds yet another Protestant of this family, one who
early joined a French colony on the James River, in Virginia.
He was Barthelemy Dupuy, a captain of the "Household Guards"
of Louis XIV., King of France. Disregarding the advice of the
King, who promised him a substantial reward to abjure, he fled
with his wife, after the revocation of the " Edict of Nantes," across
the border to Germany, where they remained about fourteen
years, going to England in 1699, from which country they soon
after came to America.

The records of the Protestant French Church in New York
City* furnish us with a Jean Du Puy, who, with his wife, Anne, had
the following children baptized, viz.: Jeane (Jane), Feb. 15, 1715;
Jean, Oct. 27, 1717; Daniel, May 10, 1719; Thomas, Sept. 11, 1720;
Francois, Nov. 8, 1721; Paul, July 17, 1723, and Isabelle, Sept. 6,
1727. He became quite prominent as a physician, and died in
July, 1744. His will. May 27, 1741,! mentions: wife, Ann; sons,
John, Daniel, Francis; daughters, Hester and Jane. Son John
died in New York in 1745^, leaving an only child, Anna Sophia.
Francis died before 1750 without issue.§ According to a series of
pedigrees in the "American Ancestry," the widow (Anne Charda-
voine) and son Daniel removed to Philadelphia, where Daniel
married and continued his family lineage. The " Series of Pedi-
grees" claim Doctor John to have been a native of France, born
in 1679, coming to New York via the Island of Jamaica, where he
lived in childhood. His tombstone is preserved in the wall of the
vestry room of Trinity Church.

The records of the same French Church also furnish us with

* Published. t Surrogate's Office, N. Y. C. X Ibed. (2). Will proved Aug. 7, 1745.
§ Ibed. Will proved 1750, leaving property to his mother.

igoi .] The Family of Dupuis, De Puy, Depeiv, Etc. 5 5

an Andrew Du Puy. He knd his wife, Jane Archanbeau, had their
daughter Janne baptized there July 14, 1706. It was about two
years before that this couple were granted license to marry,* and
in October, 1703, Andrew Dupuy petitioned the Governor of
New York \ for new papers for his sloop Jacob, he having lost the
original papers in a shipwreck. Not finding Andrew again, it

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