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seemed as it there came spontaneously to the tonsiie of everv

sTa?et7n"f jSi:r?^^"""'>' ^^^''^''^''^ '° ^"^ ^^^^.Z^r,
" Un chevalier sans peur et sans reproche."

By Dr. J. Chadsey, of Newark, N. J.
William Chadsey, a native of Wales, was born May 24 1602-

His name Chad, from the Saxon word Cyte, meaning "a cot

ef '•' aI^ i'L""'^' '^l""^^^ ^^ ^^^'" ^^"^^' "a coUafe by the
sea. All names may be supposed to have had some peculiar

68 The Descendants of William Chadsey. [April,

significance or appropriateness either to the person, location of
residence or business. Thus, William from the Belgic Guildhelm,
reads "harnessed with a guilded helmet," or, from Welhelm, "the
shield or defence of many." Chadwick, from the Saxon Cyte and
Wye, "a bay, harbor, shelter, mansion or castle." Hence, "a cot-
tage by the harbor or sheltered place."

Chertsey and Chedsey are synonymous. Chad and Chaun are
identical. Hence we may read William Chadsey "was a shelter
or defence to his cottage or mansion by the water or sea."

That William Chadsey's progenitors came to England with
William the Conqueror in or about 1066, is not to be doubted;
that Chauncey De Chauncey and William De Chauncey came
from Amiens, in Picardy, and that they settled in Yorkshire, are
historical facts, as also that the latter purchased the Manor of
Serpenbeck in York of Odo Ballistras, who held it by gift from
King William.

This William De Chauncey lived with his son Walter in the
reign of Henry I., 11 25, was styled a Baron Serpenbeck. William,
son of John, was heir to his grandfather Walter. " His body was
of delicate form, adorned with a beutiful aspect, and merry
countenance; he was endowed with great wit, and a fluent tongue;
a rare voice cultivated by skill in vocal music, which rendered
him a great favorite, and acceptable to the King's domain."

John, who was the son and heir of Sir William Chauncy of
1479, married Margaret Gifford, and they had issue: William and
Richard. William was educated at Corpus Christi, 1528.

I have noted Richard's line five generations to 1660, bearing
the name of their great-great-grandfather, spelled Chatsie,
Chasey, Chadsey. I will here notice a few of the phonetic vari-
ations of spelling this name from the Somerset House Records:
Chauncy, Chauncey, Chaunsey, Chencey, Cheancy, Chatce, Chat-
cey, Chatsie, Chatsee, Cheadsey, Chedsey, Chadsey, Chasey,
Chadley, Chadsley, Chedley, Chebsey, Chadney, Chassey, etc.

As descendants multiplied, names naturally lost their original
accents through various dialects — only a few decades passed,
founc^l^any of kin estranged by name — a few of which we have
mentioned above.

Richard Chadsey of Somerset County, removed (most prob-
ably) to Monmouthshire, then Wales, on account of religious
persecutions, where the Church baptisms state that William
Chadsey, son of Richard, was baptized May 24, 1692.
I. William' Chadsey, b. 1692, the ancestor who came to the
American Continent, and from whom all the family name in this
country have descended, had a friendly leaning toward the Quaker
Orthodox Church. He was a man of refined taste, and remark-
ably polite character; whose word was as good as his bond,
though from a sense of integrity he shrank from publicity. He
was educated in Wales and conversant with the language, and
was physically a Welshman, although his ancestors on his father's
side were English of Norman descent.

At the age of twenty-three, in July, 17 15, he left his native
land, never to be heard from by his kindred, landed in Virginia

IQOOJ The Descendants of William Chadsey. 5q

in September, 17 15, made his way northward and arrived at

^^7.'^^^^\ ^ A (?^^°^'?/ ^P""^' ^® crossed the Naragansett Bay
near Wickford, North Kmgston, where he purchased a tract of
land three miles north of Wickford, and four miles south from East

Ro'ptr w'n'-'^'' '^? ""^i P^^' '°^^-i^ ^^"^^^1^' ^ ^hort distanc^from
Roger Williams trading post with the Indians, and built forhim-
selt m 1 7 17 a log cabin, of the usual early settlers' type

May 24, 1 7 1 9, he married Susanna Greene (daughter of Tabez M
b. m Coventry, Warwick Co., R. I, Jan. 30, 1699. They lived
together sixty-eight years on the farm where they first settled
and both died in 1787, within three months of each other he
aged 95 years, 7 months, and she 89 years, 10 months. The' old
homestead is still m possession of the seventh generation, and a
score or more of the descendants are sleeping their last sleep on
an eminence called "The Hill of Goshen'' lasi sieep on

Children oi William and Susanna, b. at North Kingston, R I •

2. Jabez,'b. Apl. i, 1720. ^ » • ••

^^If-^- fn^- ^' ^721; m. June 24, 1744, Dr. Thos. Spires
of East Greenwich, R. I., had issue from which sprang
families of Guenneys, Sweetlands, Spires and Smithi
of Chfton Park, Saratoga Co., N Y

3. Richard, b. May 10, 1724.
Susannah, b. Aug. 30, 1725.
Jane, b. Feb. 16, 1727.

4. William, Jr., b. June 4, 1730.
Naomi, b. Dec. 27, 1732.
Phebe, b. , 1735.

5. John, b. , 1737.

Elizabeth, b. , 1740,

2^ Jabez^Chadsey {William^ m. (i) Honora (dau. Alexander)
Huhng, she d^i772; m. (2) Mary (wid. of John) Corey, Apl 5
1775, her first husband was Jeremiah Greene; she d. 1789; m \X\
Martha (wid. of Archibald) Grieves, who d.'eleven years Tater

^nrri.V ""f ■' 1^ ?' ^^^^ 99 years. Resided at the homestead farm;
married at about 30 years of age.

stoif^R^'t^'' ""^ -^^^^^ ^^^ Honora Chadsey, b. at North King-

6. John,= b. Dec. 16, 1751; d. Jan. 15, 1838.

7- J^?,^\ J^-' b- Jan. 29, 1754; d. Sept. i6, 1820.
Tabitha b. June 20, 1756; d. Jan. — 1793.

fc?^P^' \- t""^- ^' '757; d. Feb. 7, 1795
Elizabeth, b. Jan. 16, 1761; d, Feb. 21, i860
Honora b Sept. — , 1763; d. Jan. 5, 1781.
9. Rowland, b^Feb. -, 1766; d. Sept. -, 1838; m. (i) Mary
Pierce, about 1788; m. (2) Mary Tourge. He d aeed
72 years. Child: ' ^

Christiana,^ b. about 1790
10. Sirket b. Aug. 17, 1768; d. March — 1818.
3. Richard Chadsey (^F////^;«'), m. Seviah Reynolds, Jan. 30

i 1^^ w ^ 7^^ ^'''■'' l''}7 '' ^727. He lived in North Kingston a
number of years and bought and sold land; the county records
also show that he bought part of his father's homestead farm In


The Descendants of William Chadsey. [April,

1768 he emigrated to Danby Four Corners, on Otter Creek, in
Rutland Co., Vt., where he became a real estate owner.
Children of Richard and Seviah Chadsey:

11. James', b. at North Kingston, R. I., Apl. 20, 1751; d. at

Hillier, T. P., Prince Edward Co., Canada West, now
Ontario, Apl. 4, 1809.

12. Job, b. in Old Covantry, R. I., Jan. 13, 1760; d. at St.

Armand, Missisquoi Co., Canada East, now Prov. of
Quebec, Apl. 7, 1838.

13. Richard, Jr., b. North Kingston, R. I., May 13, 1762; d.

while on a hunting tour in the Green Mountains,
where he got lost in a snow storm and was frozen to
death. Was a young man of much promise.

14. Benjamin, b. at North Kingston, R. I., Aug. 8, 1765; d.

near Vincennes, Ind., Aug. 9, 181 2.

Hannah, b. at Danby, Vt., , 1770. (Several other

daughters of which we have no record.)
4. William' Chadsley, Jr. {William'), is recorded as seaman
under Capt. Naysteed Nacker. Sloop Providence, in a list of men
entitled to prize shares in the '' Mellish and Active!' Mass. Rec.
of the Rev. War, vol. iii., p. 233.

He m. (i) Lucy , about 1753-4; ni. (2) Barbara Eldred

of North Kingston, R. I., Feb. 21, 1776. Children:

15. Abel,' b. at North Kingston, R. I., Jan. i, 1755.

16. Jabez, b. June 7, 1757.

17. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 30, 1759.
Lucy, b. Dec. i, 1767.

18. Benjamin, b. Jan. 27, 1769.
Sarah or Sally, b. May 24, 1773.

6. John' Chadsey (jabez^ William'), m. May 9, 1791, Alice
Pierce of East Greenwich, R. L, as per following certificate:
"Kent to wit.: — East Greenwich. These may certify that John
Chadsey, son of Jabez, of North Kingston, in the County of Wash-
ington, was lawfully married this day to Alice Pierce, daughter
of John, of East Greenwich, in the County of Kent, R. L Signed
George Spencer, Justice of Peace." She died, 1827.

Children of John and Alice Chadsey:

Alice Pierce," b. at North Kingston, R. L, Jan. 27, 1792;
d. Jan. 30, 1889; m. Samuel Rhodes Aylesworth, July
10, 1807. He was b. Feb. 11, 1787; d. Jan. 16, 1858.
Their early days were spent in North Kingston, R. L,
after which they removed to Rushville, O., and later
to Monmouth Co., 111. He was a farmer. She died at
the age of ninety-seven years and three days. They
had eight children.
19. John, b. April 15, 1797; d. Oct. 2, 1868; m. Phebe Ann
Ales worth, June, 181 7. She was sister to the husband
of Alice Pierce Chadsey and resided on the old home-
stead farm in North Kingston, 1844, removed 1851 to
Monmouth Co., 111. Had four children.

7. Jabez' Chadsey, Jr. {Jabez,'' William^), m. Hannah Greene,
daughter of Jeremiah, Sept. 30, 1779. He took an active part in

igoi.] Records of the Cfmrch of Christ yi

the Revolutionary War; served in Sullivan's expedition at New-
port, R. I. ; served in guarding the coast line against the British, for
which services the U. S. government granted his widow a pension

of fifty dollars per year. She was b. , 1760; d. Nov. — , 1838.

Children of Jabez, Jr., and Hannah Chadsey:

20. Jeremiah Greene,* b. at North Kingston, R. I., Dec. 2,

1780; d. May 26, 1873.

21. George, b. at North Kingston, R. I., Oct. 16, 1782; d.

Sept. 25, 1822.
Honora, b. at North Kingston, R. I., March 22, 1786; d.

Sept. 25, 1831.
Mary Greene, ) . • v. -rk ^ -00 d. Feb. 10, 1866.
Elizabeth, [ ^™^' ^- ^^^- ^' ^788; d. Sept. 12, 1854.

22. Elisha Greene, b. July 6, 1791; d. Aug. 16, 1818.

23. Joseph Fones, b. Oct. — , 1793; d. Oct. — , 1834.

24. Tamsin Brown, b. Sept. 6, 1798; d. Sept. 6, 1817.
Sarah, b. July 17, 1801.

8. Joseph' Chadsey {Jabez,"^ William^), m. Phebe Northrup,
July 25, 1 781. She was dau. of Naomi Chadsey, wife of Samuel
Northrup, his cousin. They settled on a farm known as Ren-
selaerwick, or Van Renselaer Manor. He died in his 38th year,
was buried on an eminence on the adjoining farm, east of and in
sight of his own residence, where his tombstone now stands near
the village of Stephentown, Saratoga Co., N. Y.
Children of Joseph and Phebe Chadsey:

25. John,* b. at New Lebanon, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1782; d. Feb.

10, 1823.

26. Joseph, Jr., b. at Stephentown, Sept. 27, 1785; d. Nov. 6, 1872.

27. Samuel, b. Apl. i, 1790.

28. Benjamin, b. July 18, 1791.

10. Sirket' Chadsey {Jabez,'' William^), m. Rachel Aylesworth.
She d. June 24, 1822.

Children of Sirket and Rachel Chadsey:

29. Caleb,* b. April 11, about 1792.
Anna, b. Apl. 13, 1794.

Harriet, b. July 8, ; m. Royal Baugham, Jr., dates

taken from the partly burned records at Wickford, R. I.
( To be continued^


The First Church in the Town, with some Places Adjacent.

(Continued from Vol. XXXII.. p. i6, of The Record.)


1759, Aug. 12. Baptized Lewis, son of Hezekiah Scofield.
eodem. Elisabeth, daugh. of Abijah Gilburd.
Aug. 26. Solomon, son of Solomon Close, Jun"".


Records of the Church of Christ


1759, Sept. 16.
Oct. 7.
Oct. 28.

eodem die.
Dec. 9.
Dec. 30.
odem die.

1760, Jan. 6.
Jan. 13.
Feb. 3.
Feb. 24.
Apl. 27.
May II.
May 25.

June I.
June 8.
June 15.
June 26.
June 29.
July 13.
July 20.
Aug. 3.
Aug. 17.
Aug. 31.
Sept. 7.

Sept. 18.
eodem temp,

Sept. 21.
Sept. 28,
Oct. 5.
Oct. 12.
Oct. 19.

Oct. 26.
Oct. 30.
Nov. 2.
Nov. 23.
Dec. 7.
-^Dec. 14.
Dec. 27.
1761, Jan. II.
Jan. 25.
Mar. 15.
Mar. 29.
Apl. 19.
May 3.
June 21,

Eunice, daugh. of Paul Keeler.

Rhoda, daugh. of Leu. Joseph Benedict.

Martha, daugh. of George Mechonel.

John, son of John Andross.

Hannah, dau. of James Ferris.

Joseph, son of Ebn^ Bouton.

Abigal, daugh. of Nathan Weed.

Jared, son of Thadeus Crane.

Nathaniel, son & Nathan Pardee.

Spery, son of Robert Andross.

Lewis, son of Ezekiel Wilson.

Molly, daugh. of Nehemiah Stebins.

Martha, daugh. of Amos Benedict.

Mary, daugh. of Ebn^ Brooks, Jun^, by his wife.

Also Samll., son of Samel Bouton, by his wife Oferd.

Thadeus Seely, son of George McConnel.

Elizabeth, daugh. of Gold Bouton.

Betty, daugh. of Lot Keeler.

Sarah, daugh. of Ephraim Coley.

John, son of Nathan Northrup.

Milley, daugh. Obediah Wood.

Nehemiah, son of Seth Hubbel.

Hezekiah, son of ye widdow Dickson Sarah.

John, son of Abraham Slawson.

Jehiel, son of Abigal Scofield.

Rebeckah, Lydia & Gabriel, ye three first children

of ye widdow ruth Dickson.
Bapt. Hannah, ye other child of ye widdow Dickson.
Joel, son of Samel Curtis.
Also Patty & Lois, ye daugh. of widdow Abigal

David son of ye widdow Sarah Dickson.
James, son of Jehiel Tyler.
Rhoda, daugh. of Nathan'^' Newman.
Joseph & Michael, sons of William Gernsey.
Benjamin, son of Benj. Rockwell, on his wife's

Eunice, daugh. of Job St. John.
David, son of Ebenezer Scofield.

, of Lemuel Randal.

Sarah, daugh. of Hezekiah Bouton.
Samuel, son of Nathan Pardee.
Charles, son of Jehiel Weed.
Abraham, son of Math. Bouton.
Hannah, daugh. of Nathaniel Wiatt.
Survignon, Elisha Sherman's son.
Philip, son of Jacob Wood.
Sarah, daughter of Abraham Northrup.
Pettit, son of John Loder.
Abijah, son of Nathaniel finch.
Mercy, daugh. of Solomon Close, Jun^
Eunice, daugh. of Stephen Holybert.



1761, June 28
July I.

July 5-
Oct. II.
Nov. 15
Dec. 13.
Dec. 27.
Dec. 29.

1762, Jan. 17.
Feb. I.
Apl. 4.
Apl. II.
Apl. 18.
May 9.
May 16.
June 13.
Aug. 15.
Aug. 22.
Aug. 29.
Sept. 12.
Oct. 6.

Oct. 10.
Oct. 30.
Nov. 28.
Dec. 5.
Dec. 19.
Dec. 19.
1763, Jan. 2.
Mar. 27.
Apl. 3.
Apl. 10.
Apl. 17.
"'Apl. 24.
May I.
May 8.
May 29.
June 12.
June 19.
June 26.
July 17.
eodem die.
Aug. 7.
Sept. 4.
Aug. 18.
Dec. 4.

in Salem, Westchester Co., N. V.


Aaron & Mary, twins of Paul Keeler

Temperance, daugh. of Daniel St. John.

Thomas, son of John Andreas.

Hannah, my daughter. Died December 24 1761

David, son of Epenetus How.

Ruth, daugh. of Samuel Curtis.

Elisabeth, daugh. of Nathan Weed.

Sarah, daughter of Abraham Slawson.

Ellin, daugh. of John Osborn for his wife

Peter, son of Thadeus Crane.

Timothy, son of Leu. Joseph Benedict.

Samuel, son of Nehemiah Stebbins.

Benj., son of Samuel Burt.

Hannah, daugh. of Ezekiel Hawley.

Ezra, son of Ezra Bouton.

Mary, daughter of Obediah Wood.

Mary, daugh. of John Loder.

Betsee, daugh. of Ebenezer Lockwood.
Prudence, daugh. of Ebenezgr Wood.
. Stephen, son of Abijah Gilburd.
Stephen & Samuel, sons of Thomas Williams, on

his wife's account.
Jane, daugh. of Benj. Rockwell, for his wife
Betsee, daugh. of Matthew Bouton.
Nathan, son of Josiah Brown.
Peter, son of Elisha Shearman, for his wife
Jonah, son of Amos Benedict.
Lois, daugh. of Gold Bouton.
Jesse, son of Thos. Hays, Jun"-.
Naomi, daugh. of Phebe Crofut.
Jared, son of Jacob Wood.
Rebekah, daugh. of Daniel St. John.
Jonathan, son of Jesse Trusdel.
Joseph, son of Job St. John.
Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Wiatt.
Selecke, son of Hezekiah Bouton.
Ira, son of Jehiel Weed.
Hannah, daugh. of Samll Burt.
Enos, son of David Waterbury.
Lois, daugh. of Abraham Northrup.
John, son of Daniel Waterbury.
Elijah, son of Ebnezer Bouton.
Mary ye daugh. of James Canfield.
Jerre, son of Nathan Northrup.
Jesse, son of Isaac Newman, for his wife.
Daniel, son of Ezekiel Hodge, for his wife.
Hannah, daugh. of Nehemiah Stebbins.
Sarah, daugh. of John Osburn.
Elisabeth, daugh. of ye widdow Brown.
At Wilton, Nathan Hull, son of Nath. Rockwell.
Sarah, daugh. of Ebenezer Wood.
Elisabeth, daugh. of John Loder.


Records of the Church of Christ


1763, Dec. 25.

1764, Feb. 26.
Mar. 18.
Apl. 8.
Apl. 24.
May 13.
May 27.
June 10.

eodem Die.
June 24.
July 8.
July 22.
eodem die.

Aug. 4.
Aug. 12.
Aug. 22.

Aug. 26.
Sept. 27.
Oct. 7.

1765, Feb. 17.
eodem Die.

Mar. 31.
Apl. 14.
Apl. 21.
May 25.
June 16.
June 22.
June 30.

July 7-

Aug. 4.

odem die.

Aug. 18.
Sept. I.
Sept. 29.
eodem die,
Oct. 6.
Oct. 13.

Nov. 17.

Nov. 24.

eodem die,

James, son of Thadeus Crane.

Rebeckah, daugh. of Nathan Weed.

John, son of Nathan Pardee.

Nehemiah, son of Nathan Northrup, for his wife.

Sarah, daugh. of Eliphelet Slawson.

Abigal, daugh. of John Hawley.

Hannah, daugh. of Samll. Curtis.

Ruanah, daugh. of William Cable.

Betsey, daugh. of Joseph Benedict.

Huldah, daugh. of Nathaniel Newman.

Abraham, son of Abraham Todd.

Joel, son of Jabez Smith.

Squire, son of John Fancher.

Ireneus, son of Epenetus & Mary How.

Lot, son of Lot & Elisabeth Keeler.

Also Molly, daugh. of David & Mary St. John.

Hannah & Lydia, children of Abraham Todd.

Anna, daugh. of James ferris.

Elnathan & Sarah & Rebeckah, ye children of

Abraham Rundle, on his wife's account.
Thadeus, son ruben Taylor.
Sarah, dangh. of Michael Scofield.
Daniel, son of Daniel Waterbury.
Jesse, son of Jesse trusdel.
Mercy, daugh. of David Waterbury.
Joseph, son of Joseph Bishop.
Jonathan, son of Abraham Rundle.
Enoch, son of Ezra Bouton.
John, son of Samll. Burt.
Likewise Lydia, daugh. of James Canfield.
Lois, daugh. of Gold Bouton.
Stephan, son of Mathew Bishop.
Agnis, daugh. of Nathan Smith.
Solomon, son of Elisha Shearman.
Enoch, son of Thomas Hais, Jun''.
Isabell, daugh. of Nathan Weed.
John, son of Abraham Slawson.
Jacob, son of Jacob Hait.

Rebeckah, daugh. of Isaac Newman, for his wife.
Nehemiah, son of Benj. Rockwell, Jun"".
Daniel, son of John Osborn, both of them for their

John, son of John Hawley.
Rachel, daugh. of Amos Benedict.
Ruth, daugh. of Ezekiel Hawley.
John, son of John Loder.
Baptized Mary, daugh. of Uriah Crawford.
John Monrow(?), son of Daniel St. John.
Also Hannah, daugh. of Phineas Hait.
Mary, daughter of Samll. Waterbury.
Hannah, daughter of Rev. M''. Mead.
Rachel, daugh. of Ebenezer & Rachel Wood.


/// Salem, IVestchester Co., N. V.


1765, Dec. I. Susan, daugh. of Jacob Susanah Wood.

Also Ede, daugh. of Josiah & Lois Brown.

David, son of Jacob and Sarah Hait.

Bap. Elisabeth, daugh. of Thadeus Crane.

Abigail, daugh. of Doolittle.

Sarah, daugh. of David St. John.

Joanna, daugh. of Abraham Northrup.

David, son of David Waterbury.

Also Hezekiah, son of Nathan Hull.

Hannah, daugh. of Nath. Bouton.

Cloe, daugh. of Leu. Jarvis.

Also Enos & William, children of Enos Brown.

Also Elisabeth & Sarah, daughs. of Brockway

Jared, son of Hezekiah Boughton.
Baptized two adults, Mercy, ye wife of Eber.

Brown & Doritha, wife of Nath. fanches.
Ruth, daugh. of Micael Scofield.
Also Elizabeth, daugh. of Will. Hawkins, for his

Baptized Nathan, son of Nathan Pardee.
Also Simeon, son of James Canfield, and Jonathan,

son of Daniel Waterbury.
Amos, son of Samel Curtis.
Rachel, daugh. of Joshua Ambler.
Jonas, son of Eber. Brown.
Molly & Mercy, chil. of Nathaniel Fancher.
Esther, daugh. of Ezekiel Hawley.
Lewis, son of Isaac Northrup.
Hannah, daugh. of Halsey Wood.
Nathan, son of Reuben Taylor.
Keziah, daugh. of Joseph Benedict.
Nathaniel & henery, twins of Nathan. Newman.
Samuel & Mathew, twins of Ezek. Hodge.
Abraham, son of Abraham Slawson.
Samuel, son of John Peck.
Benoni, son of Nehemiah Stebbins.
Two above in this year.
Nathan, son of Brockway Brown.
Sarah, daugh. of John Loder.
Enoch, son of James Hays.
Mathew Saymour, son of Mathew Bouton.
Christopher, son of Samuel Burt, for his wife.
Hulda, daugh. of Gold Bouton.
Molly, daugh. of Phineas Hoit.
Hannah, daugh. of Nathan Northrup.
Also Ruah, daughter of Daniel Bouton.
^"^^ay 17. Joseph, son of Nathan Weed.

Also Ruah, daugh. of Daniel Bouton.
June 7. Joseph, son of Joseph Doolittle.

Also Sarah, daugh. of Nathan Hull,
item. Mercy, daugh. of Abraham Rundle, for his wife.



1766, Jan. 8.
eodem die,










1 1.
























176.7, Jan.









Apl. 5.

May 3.

eodem die.




Records of the Church of Christ


1767, June 21.

June 28.

June 29.

July 12.
Aug. 4.
Aug. 16.
eodem Die.

Oct. II.

eodem Die.


Nov. I.

Dec. 22.

1768, Jan. 10.
Feb. 21.

Mar. 6.


" May 22.

June 5.
July 10.


July 13.

July 31.


Sept. 4.
Oct. 2.

Oct. 30.

Nov. 27.

Dec. 4.

Dec. 25.

Dec. 29.

1769, Jan. 15.

Jan. 22.

Feb. 5.

eodem die

Feb. 19.

Mar. 19.


Mar. 26.

Apl. 22,
Apl. 30.
May 7.

_ une II.

June 18.

July 9.
. uly 23.
July 30.
Aug. 6.
Aug. 13.

Silicic, son of James Ferris.

Sarah, daugh. of Thomas Haise.

Enos, son of Math. Bishop.

Marget, daugh. of Uriah Croford.

Jenny & Anne, daugh. of ye widow Anne Doolittle.

Henery, son of John Hawley.

Stephen, son of Jacob Hait.

Eunice, daugh. of John Osborn.

Jachin, son of Ezra Bouton.

Ruth, daugh. of Abijah Gilburd.

William, son of Nathan Rockwell.

Stacy, son of Josiah Brown.

Mary, daugh. of Obiel Shearman.

Joel, son of John Peck.

Jerre Canfield, son of Jerre Keeler.

Ezra, son of David Waterbury.

Patty, daugh. of Timoth. Boughton.

Elizabeth, daugh. of William Cable.

Hannah, daugh. of Eben. Lockwood.

Abraham & Sarah, child, of Ben. Raymond, for his

Asa, son of Isaac Newman, for his wife.
Samuel, son of Daniel St. John.
Amos, son of Isaac Northrup.
Sarah, daugh. of Abraham Slawson.
James Lewis, son of Uriah Crawfoot.
Phebe, daugh. of Thomas Rockwell.
Sarah, daugh. of Daniel Bouton.
Rhoda, daugh. of Stephen Chapman.
Elizabeth, daugh. of Ezek. Hodge, for his wife.
Isaac, son of Benj. Raymeul, for his wife.
Ephraim, son of John Utter, for his wife.
Ammi-Clark, my son Rev*^. M^ Mead.
Keziah, daugh. of Elisha Shearman.
Sarah, daugh. of Ruben Taylor.
Stephen, son of Phineas Hait.
Joannah, daughter of Nathan Weed.
Jared, son of Lew Benedict.
James, son of James Hays.
Hulda, daugh. of Ezek. Hawley.
Stephen, son of Abiel Shearman.
Daniel, son of Elijah Hulburt.
Rhoda, daugh. of John Whitney.
Hannah, daugh. of Daniel Waterbury.
Isaac, son of Jesse Hait.
Joseph, grandson of Peter Benedict.
Samuel, Son of John Hawley.
Zeruiah, Daugh. of Epenetus Bishop.
Mabel, Daugh. of Abraham Todd.
Ellin, Daugh. of Gold Boughton.
Benjamin, son of Nathan. Smith.
( To be continued.)


I go I.] The Family of Duputs, De Puy, Depew, Etc. ']']


By Frank J. Conkling, Brooklyn, N. Y.

(Continued from Vol. XXXII., p. 56, of The Record.)

Whether Nicholas and Francois Dupuis were refugees driven
from their mother country, because of the religious persecutions
of their times, may not be known. They came too early to be
influenced by the "Revocation of the Edict of Nantes" (1685),
which caused so much terror and destruction among the French
Protestants. However, they were clearly Protestants, or they
would not so readily have associated themselves with the reformed
religion opened to them in the Dutch province, where they arrived
but a short time before New Netherland fell into the hands of
the English, and New Amsterdam became the city of New York.

Colonel Henry D. Teetor, a reputable genealogist, whp has
delved deeply among the ancient Norman records of historic
France, has discovered a very desirable ancestry for the farnily
of Dupuis. While not perfecting a lineage down to either Nich-
olas or Francois, he makes their descent from noble blood seem
very plausible.* He starts off with Raphael DuPuy an officer of
high rank to Emperor Conrad in 1033, who afterwards appointed
him Governor over vast estates. His son, Hughes DuPuy, for
brilliant military service at the Crusades in the Holy Lands, was
granted the sovereignty of the Villa d'Acre. He was accom-
panied to the Crusades by his wife and three sons, from whom
the Colonel finds lineal descendants among "Chevaliers, Seig-
neurs, Generals, Barons, Knights, Cardinals, Archbishops, and
Statesmen." He mentions the Nicholas Depuis of this article as

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