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and government from the beginning of the troubles. 1 his
statement distinguishes him from the Benjamin Hunt who
Wyman (pp. 169 and 170), jumping at the unreasonable con-
clusion that he was the same man, says "commanded a regiment
called Jersey Blues" on Long Island and with fifteen men
achieved the exploit of capturing thirty British troops by
stratagem, citing Bolton, ii, p. 484- (Bolton's revised history,
which I will hereafter cite, ii, p. 658), and "finally attached to the
Loyalists he migrated to the Provinces." There were actually
four Benjamin Hunts contemporary, the scenes of whose activi-
ties were not far apart in those days of fratricidal strife ist my
present subject; 2nd a son of a widow, Mercy Hunt, whose will
proved July 5, 1 762, mentions sons Jeremiah, Pexall and Benjamin;
3rd a son of Thomas Hunt of Eastchester, whose will was proved
Nov. 6, 1770; and 4th Benjamin Hunt, Junior, eldest son ot my

I l6 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

Bolton says (ii, p. 738) that the family were supposed to have
descended from a younger son of Thomas Hunt of Shrewsbury,
Shropshire, England, Bailiff* of Shrewsbury in 1613, which would
mean that Thomas the immigrant ancestor was such younger son,
or a son of his, but when he says that Thomas Hunt was Sheriff
of Shropshire and a Colonel in the Parliamentary army, he
means another Thomas Hunt. The arms assigned to the family
by Bolton are the same as given in Burke's General Armory to
the Hunts of Longnor, Shropshire, the main features of which
are common to a good many Hunt families: Per pale ar. and sa.^
a saltire counterchanged; crest: a lion's head erased per pale
argent and sa. collared, gu. lined and ringed or.\ The immigrant
ancestor of this family, like the immigrant ancestor of the great
Washington himself was a Royalist and a member of the Church
of England, escaping from the rule of the victorious enemies of
the Church and Crown, and his descendants for the most part
continued attached to the Church of England for several gener-
ations, as Bolton's pages, where they are frequently mentioned as
Church officials, sufficiently show. Some of them, however, of
the early generations united with the Society of Friends.
I. Thomas' Hunt was of Stamford, Conn., in 1650 and 1653,
probably of Rye, N. Y., in 1652, and removed to Westchester
where he obtained, Dec. 4, 1667, from Governor Nichols a
patent for the " Grove Farm " which was " ratified and con-
firmed " to him by Governor Dongan in 1686 (Bolton, ii, 268-9).
He died 1694. His wife's name was Cecilia, but I cannot give
her maiden name. He had sons:

i. Thomas,* b. before 1644; m. 1665, Elizabeth Jessup.
I say before 1644 because he was old enough to sign
an important public document as Thomas Hunt,
Junior, in 1665 (Bolton, ii, 296). His eldest son
Thomas,' b. 1666; d. Oct. 25, 1739, ae. 73; m. Elisa-
beth Gardiner. Thus the second Thomas was at
first known as Thomas Hunt, Jr., and after his son
Thomas' became of age, as Thomas Hunt, Sr., of
(the town of) West Farms, while the first Thomas
Hunt became Thomas Hunt, Sr., of the Grove Farm.
When the first Thomas died his grandson Thomas
had been of age and an active participant in the
affairs of the community seven years, destined him-
self to become in time Thomas Hunt, Sr., and so
these Thomas Hunts, Senior and Junior, are more
or less confused by Bolton and Wyman. One thing
is abundantly clear: they were all men of position,
influence and usefulness. Bolton shows that the
Hunt family came into possession of Hunt's Point at
the extremity of Planting Neck in West Farms by

* Bailiff would correspond to a modern Mayor or Alderman.

t Burke also gives arms granted to a member of this family in 1623,
differing from the one just described by the addition of a crescent on the
saltire, all counterchanged and substituting for crest " a hind's head couped 1 r.
wounded on the breast with a pheon sa. dropping blood ppr."

I9I2.] His Ancestry and Descendants. 1 1 7

the marriage of Thomas Hunt to the daughter of
Edward Jessup, and held it for nearly i6o years.
This applies to the second Thomas Hunt. It will be
seen that there is also a Hunt's Point in Nova Scotia.

ii. John, b. ; had son William bap, Oct. 7, 1680; was

a Justice in 1702.
iii. Joseph, b. before 1652, had a son of age in 1696 (Bol-
ton, ii, 311).
2 iv. Josiah.
I have followed the order in which they are named in the Indian
deed of 1692 (Bolton, ii, 290), where they with others are described
as Trustees of the Freehold and Commonalty of Westchester.

2. Josiah' Hunt (Thomas'); Bolton says he married Bethiah
Horguson, which is a mistake for Ferguson and applies not to
this but to another Josiah. He m. (i) before June 28, 167 1,

Rebecca ; m. (2) before Aug. 16, 1688, Martha ; d. Dec,

1732. He was Alderman and Church Warden, 1 701-2, and Justice
and Church Warden, 1702-3. His father, Thomas Hunt, by his
will (Bolton, ii, 269) shows that his eldest son was Josiah, devising
to the latter the Grove Farm, but in the pedigree, p. 738, Bolton
wrongly makes him an only son, and relegates the real Josiah
to another generation, and gives the children a different order.
I think it probable that Thomas named for his grandfather
would come next. I therefore put the order of his children, sons:
i. Josiah,' commonly called "Grove Josiah," m. (license
granted Dec. 24) 1695, Abigail, dau. of Robert, Jr.,
and Elizabeth (Bupton) Husted, and d. about 1745;
births of children are in Friends' records.* Frorn him
is descended my correspondent Mr. George T. Fish of
Rochester, N. Y., in the following line: Caleb,* m.
Sarah Hallock; Anna,' m. Samuel Shotwell; Eliza-
beth' Shotwell, m. Thomas Bills; Sarah Davids' Bills,
m. 1822, Benjamin Fish; George Thompson' Fish.

ii. Thomas, b. about 1681; d. 1758; m. Mary .

3 iii. Moses.

iv. Abigail, m. before 1729, Buckbee.

V. David, m. Mary Cromwell. From him, who was by
wife Martha, is descended my correspondent Ben-
jamin W. Hunt of Eatonton, Ga., in the following
line: Stephanus,* m. 1745, Lydia Lawrence; Josiah,*
m. Elizabeth Palmer; Lewis P.," m. Charlotte Weeks;
Benjamin,' m. Mary Quinby; Benjamin W.*

vi. Abner, m. as 2nd husband, Phebe , and had perhaps

besides others, Martha, b. April 17, 1734; m. Aug. 18,

* The record of the children of Josiah* and Abigail (Husted) Hunt is
as follows: i. Jacob, b. Nov. 6, 1696; d. about 1758; m. Phebe Quinby; 2.

Rebecca, b. March 25, 1698; in. before Oct. 31, 1743. P^^l; 3. Caleb, b.

Dec. 10, 1699; m. June 30, 1727, Sarah Hallock, dau. of John, Jr.; 4. Esther, b.
July I, 1701; 5. Rachel, b. March 6, 1703-4; m. before 1743. Edmund Fowler; 6.
Solomon, b. April 6, 1705; m. April 24, 1729. Catharine Bishop; 7. Tabitha, b.
Sept. 25, 1707; unm. in 1743; 8. Lydia, b. Oct. 22, 1710; m. before Oct. 31, 1743.
Walter Briggs.

Il8 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

1756, Isaac Carpenter of a Long Island family. Ab-
ner's widow m. (2) John Hallowell of Brooklyn, L. I.
vii. Phoebe, m. Jonathan Fowler.

viii. Martha, m. before Nov., 1729, Waylman or Way-

3. Moses' Hunt (Josiah,^ Thomas'); wife's name unknown to
me. His father, the first Josiah, by his will dated March 30, 1729,
proved Dec. 19, 1732, devised to him 40 acres of upland in the
Long Reach, being the nth lot bought of Richard Parton, also 10
acres on the Long Reach being the 9th lot bought of Dora Garret-
son and ^^75 privileges in said tract. He d. in May, 1764, and his
will dated 1760, was probated May 21, 1764. His children (ten in
all) in the order in which they were mentioned in his will were,

4 i. Benjamin.*

ii, Timothy, m. Sarah Taylor, dau. of Moses,
iii. Gilead, m. June 6, 1766, Sarah Ferris,
iv. Reuben.

i. Mary, m. Yeomans.

ii. Rebecca, m. Joseph{?) Gee.

iii. Sarah, m. before June 30, 1760, John Oakley, Jr., who
d. 1773, had sons John and Stephen, and daus. Eliza-
beth, Mary and three others,
iv. Martha, m. William Tippett of Yonkers, and had
Abigail, Lavinia, Jean, Dorcas, Philena, m. Ezekiel
Arthur, Ann, m. Michael Ryett.

V. Vinnus, m. Oakley. ) One of these Oakleys was

vi. Phoebe, m. Oakley. \ William, the other David.

4. Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin* Hunt (Moses,^ Josiah,'
Thomas'). He took under his father's will his father's house and
fresh meadow " which land lyeth to the Mile Square road and
Bronx River, and so far down the river as to where there is a
great bend and a hollow in the bend, from thence East across to
the fence that joins the road from White Plains to King's Bridge,
and so up the river to the Mile Square road" (extracted for me
from Pelletreau's, Early Westchester County, N. V., Wills, pp. 51,
205-7). He declares in his petition for compensation as a
Loyalist that he was ever uniformly attached to his Majesty's
person and the British Government, and that he very early
opposed the measures of the American Congress. Here I may
note that ten members of the Hunt family of Westchester
County, April 13, 1775, led by the eminent Loyalist Frederic
Phillipse, signed a protest against sending delegates to the Con-
gress at Philadelphia, among them our Benjamin Hunt, and
later John Hunt, Esq., requested that his name be added (Bolton,
ii, p. 557). He acted at different times as Lieut. -Colonel of the
Westchester militia during the war, and at different times had
the command of them, and was frequently out with them on
actual service. He acted as guide to the British army at the
battle of White Plains, at the reduction of Fort Kniphausen, and
on many other occasions; was taken prisoner and kept in close

1912.] His Ancestry and Descendants. I ig

confinement for ten months and his property confiscated and
sold. He says further that while the troops were in Boston he
supplied them with provisions at great risk. In Oct., 1776, he
joined the army under General Howe at Pell's Manor, and gives
further details of his military career. Other witnesses deposed
in corroboration. He estimated his losses at ^1799 English
money, and was awarded ^1585. He was drowned while at-
tempting to cross the Annapolis River between Granville and
his home in Upper Clements in July, 1796. Tradition in the line
of his son Joseph, who was born only four years before that
event, says he was aged 60, but I think he must have been older.
He died intestate. In the inventory of his estate we find one
negro man named Jone, ^20. He was evidently married three
times, but I have been so far unable to find the names of his first
two wives. Mr. Isaiah Wilson, the historian of Digby County, in
which many of his descendants live has thought that the one who
came with him to Nova Scotia was a Purdy or a Ryerson, more
likely the latter, and that he and Francis Ryerson were brothers-
in-law may account for their settling side by side. I cannot find
any record of her death, nor any gravestone in her memory. No
one knows where she was buried. I have consulted three of her
grandchildren, all of whom have forgotten her name. I have
found only a faint tradition in one line that her given name was
Mary Ann, and that the eldest daughter of her son Elijah was
named for her. His son George also named a daughter Mary
Ann. If the statement in Wyman that his first wife was of Long
Island was furnished by William Hunt his grandson it is probably
true of the latter's grandmother, the second wife. Here I may
remark that the descendants of Colonel Hunt have been migra-
tory and scattered, and have lost their family traditions to a
degree most extraordinary. He m. (3) at Annapolis Royal, N. S.,
Feb. 24, 1791, Anna Stearns, probably a sister of Benjamin
Stearns, a Loyalist, who died at Digby in April (buried 27th),
1790, and whose widow Bethiah (Purdy) m. (2), Nov. i 1792, Col.
Frederic Davoue, also a distinguished Westchester County
Loyalist. She mentions in her will dated 1810, probated 1815,
her mother Anna Stearns and son Joseph of whom presently.
From Angus M. Gidney, Esq., Member of the Legislative Assem-
bly and now Collector of Customs at Digby, a gentleman who
takes an intelligent interest in family history, I have acquired
information which identifies the Benjamin Hunt and Elizabeth
Gidney* whose license to marry issued Dec. 31, 1778, is given by
Wyman, p. 170. He was the eldest son of Colonel Benjamin
Hunt, and she a sister of Joseph Gidney, the Loyalist, and great-
great-aunt of my informant whose father and uncles spoke of her
as their "Aunt Betty Hunt." Mr. Gidney was present with his
father and members of the Hunt family, including the late John
Reid Hunt, Esq., all now dead, when the death of Doctor Joseph
Hunt, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth, and the inheritance of his

* Mr. Gidney states that she had a sister who m. (i) a British officer named
Morrison ; m. (2) Capt. Crosskill, the founder of Bridgetown, N. S. See Hist,
of Annapolis, p. 222.

I 20 Lieutenant- Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

property were discussed, and it was assumed as a well known fact
that Benjamin was the only child of the Colonel by his first wife,
thus confirming a conclusion I had reached that Benjamin,
Junior, old enough to be married in Jan., 1779, was not likely to
have been a child of the same mother as Elijah, born in 1784.
The natural presumption is that Benjamin, Junior, was of age
when he married, and if his father was only 60 in 1796, the average
of the ages of the father and the son at their marriages was not
more than 21 years. The records of Deeds for the County of
Annapolis give a clue to the number of his children but not all
their names as there was no deed of partition of his real estate.
The law then gave the eldest son a double share, so that an estate
was divided into as many shares as there were children plus one.
We find his son Benjamin and wife Elizabeth, July 2, 1801, con-
veying to Francis Ryerson an undivided fifth and on Sept. 10,
1805, Elijah Hunt, then just come of age conveying to John
Ryerson an "equal undivided tenth part," showing that there
were nine children in all. George Hunt of Clements, Aug. 14,
1798, conveys to Moses Hunt "«/ present* of the same place,
Cooper" an "individed share," and Nov. 20, 1800, Moses Hunt,
" carpenter," and Hannah his wife convey to Francis Ryerson an
undivided half part, showing that Moses must have bought three
shares besides that of George, but I fail to find any other deeds.
The account of the Nova Scotia family in Wyman, p. 169, bears
internal evidence of having been furnished by William Hunt
(eldest son of Elijah and a grandson of the Colonel), whose family
record is at the top of the second column of that page, which with
that of his father's family and his brother Benjamin's I accept sub-
stantially as he gave it to Mr. Wyman, as far as it goes, correcting it
only where I know it to be wrong, but he does not give the names
of all his uncles, nor any of his aunts. He gives the Colonel two
daughters, but I think he had four, some of whom may have been
married before their father came to Nova Scotia as we may
perhaps safely infer from Wyman. Bolton in his chart pedigree
of the Underbill family shows marriage of Lancaster Underbill,
1772, with Eudosia, b. Dec. 24, 1752, dau. of Benjamin Hunt, but I
conclude she must have been daughter of one of the other Benja-
mins. I find on the records of St. Luke's Church, Annapolis, Wil-
liam Griffin m. Sarah Hunt who may have been a daughter of the
Colonel. This was in Feb., 1791, the day not given, but apparently
on the same day as the last marriage of the Colonel himself.

I therefore venture to construct an imperfect list of his
children as follows — by ist wife:

i. Benjamin,* b. before 1758; m. Jan., 1779, Elizabeth
Gidney; Lieutenant in Emmerick's (Loyalist) Chas-
seurs and in the British Legion Cavalry (Coll. N. B.
Hist. Soc, vol. 2, p. 253, Sabine's App.), was of Clem-
ents 'till 1789, of Digby 'till 1791 and of New York

* The words "at present" would imply that his ordinary residence was
abroad, and I conjecture that he may have removed to the United States and
bought out sisters who had remained there and that the deeds were not recorded
for want of the formalities necessary in case of execution abroad.

igi2.] His Ancestry and Descendants. 121

in 1801 (Records of Deeds Annapolis and Digby).
Finally he lived in Brooklyn, N. Y., and died there;
had one son Joseph Gidney Tarleton*, bap. at Digby,
Oct. 18, 1790, the parents having first received adult
baptism on the same day. Joseph G. T. Hunt was
a Physician, for a while practised in Bridgetown, N.
S., and afterwards in New York, where he died unm.
Benjamin, Jr., had also a dau. Caroline, who m. but
died without issue.
By 2nd wife:

ii. Moses; date of birth and death unknown; m. Hannah
. Was as a proprietor assessed for church ex-
penses at Digby, Sept. 21, 1789. The deed of 1800 is
the last trace we have of him. Notwithstandmg my
conjecture in note on a previous page he may have
joined that strong current of migration from Western
Nova Scotia, especially Digby, to Upper Canada,
which began to flow about that time,
iii. Probably a daughter.

5 iv. George, b. 1768.

v. Perhaps Sarah, m. Feb. 1791, William Griffin,
vi. Probably a daughter,
vii. Probably a daughter.

6 viii. Elijah, b. Aug 21, 1784.
By 3rd wife Anna Stearns:

7 ix. Joseph Stearns, b. May 31, 1792.

5 George' Hunt (Col. Benjamin,* Moses,* Josiah,» Thomas'), was
b probably in 1 768, for he d. at Smith's Cove, Digby Co., Sept., 1850
aged 82. He m. at Granville, N. S., Feb. 10, 1795, Anna Dobbs of
New Brunswick who died Dec, 1863, aged 85. He had children:

8 i. John,' b. 1796.
ii. Thomas,

iii. George, b. perhaps after or between the two following
daus. A Captain George Hunt m. in St. John, N. B.,
May 26, 1824, Philena Robinson, and a George C.
Hunt m. there July 23, 1833, Jane Swan. This latter
couple must have been parents of the Edward B.
Hunt of Boston, bookbinder, mentioned by Wyman,
p. 345, b. about 1836.

iv. Eliza, m. David Cosby of Bear River.
V. Mary Ann, prob. d. young or unm.

vi. William, removed to St. John, N. B.

vii. Benjamin, b. 1818; m. Eliza, dau. of Artemas Odell,
Esq., son of Daniel, Loyalist, lived at Smith's Cove,
farmer, mariner and innkeeper, d. May i, 1908, ae. 90.
Besides a dau. d. in infancy, and Benjamin and
Abraham who also died, Capt. Benj. Hunt had child-
ren: James Harvey* of Smith's Cove, and Benjamin,
(another informant says Daniel), in the U. S.
viii. Charlotte, probably d. young or unm.

ix. Elijah.

X. Betsey or Elizabeth probably d. unm.

122 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

6. Elijah' Hunt (Col. Benjamin,* Moses,' Josiah," Thomas'), was
b. Aug. 21, 1784, and d, in May, 1848, probate of his will having
been granted May 18, to his widow, his son Abraham S. and his
widow's nephews, Edward and John Sears. He m. Dec. 22, 1808,
at Digby, N. S., Diadama Spurr, and lived in Annapolis County,
N. S., near the mouth of Bear River and in St. John, N. B. Mr.
Wyman's informant was wrong in saying that his wife was a
" native of England, inheriting English property ;" she was a
daughter of Abraham Spurr who came with his father Michael
Spurr among the New England settlers of Annapolis County (see
History of Annapolis, pp. 151 and 656). Her mother was Mary,
dau. of Francis Le Quesne, or Le Cain, who m. Sept. i, 1745,
Alicia Maria, dau. of Thomas Hyde, who had been a *' Master "
in the Ordnance Department at Annapolis Royal, in which Le
Cain, a native of Jersey was " Master Armourer." Mr. Hyde d.
in England. The account was compiled for Mr. Wyman probably
at the time that the excitement about the elusive and fabulous
" Hyde fortune " was at its height among numberless supposed
heirs in Nova Scotia and the United States. His children were:

i. Mary Ann," b. Dec, 1809; m. Michael Hennigar,
9 ii. William, b. Jan. 24, 1812.

10 iii. Abraham Spurr, b. Apr. 7, 1814.

iv. Maria, b. Nov., 1816; m. James Clark, Inspector of
Flour, St. John, N. B.

11 v. Benjamin, b. April, 1818.

vi. Caroline, h. May, 1820; m. John L, Potter; removed to

Mass., d. March 26, 1911.
vii. Charles Miller, b. Dec, 1823: m. Alice Worden, and
had child. Charles and others. He probably settled
in Sussex, N. B.
viii. Abigail, b. Nov., 1827; m. Rev. John D. Casewell,
Baptist clergyman.

12 ix. Henry Gilbert, b. April, 1830.

X. Julia, b. Oct., 1832; m. Benjamin Price; d. April, 191 1,
at Watertown, Mass.

7. Joseph Stearns' Hunt (Col. Benjamin,* Moses,' Josiah,"
Thomas'), was b. May 31, 1792, four years before his father was
drowned, and is the Joseph mentioned by Wyman, p. 360, the
only child of the Colonel by his marriage with Anna Stearns. He
m. June 18, i8i8, Phebe, dau. of Manasseh Litch, who was b. Oct.
i9> 1793. and died March 11, 1883. He died June 9, 1866. He had
children (correcting Wyman's list):

i. Anna Stearns,' b. July 9, 1819; m. Jan. 14, 1852, James

M. Croneen (or Cronyn); died June 15, 191 1.
ii. Benjamin, b. March 14, 1821; drowned Nov., 1851, unm.
iii. Manasseh, b. Feb. 3, 1823; d. Sept. i, 1882; unm.
iv. Patience Rebecca, b. Feb 22, 1824; d. Apr. 3, 1894; unm.
V. Margaret Jones,* b. Dec. 23, 1825; m. Apr. i, 1856,
John Rogers Nichols; d. June 14, 1892.

* Bethiah Purdy, by her ist marriage with Benjamin Stearns had dau.
Margaret Ann who m. ist Valentine Troop of Granville. 2nd Serena Upham
Jones, lay Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Member of the Provincial

igia.] His Ancestry and Descendants. 1 23

vi. Joseph, b. Dec. 19, 1827; m. Isabel McGill and had
child (according to Wyman), Arthur Franklin", b
June 22, 1859, and certainly two others,
vii. John Roop, b. Dec. 9, 1829; fate unknown, but supposed

d. unm.
viii. Phebe, b. Nov. 14, 1831; prob. d. unm.
13 ix. William Lovitt Bent, b. June 23, 1833.

X. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 4, 1836; d. May 6, 1890; unm.
xi. James Henry, b. March i, 1838; d. Sept. 24, 1843.

8. John" Hunt (George,* Col. Benjamin,* Moses,' Josiah,'
Thomas') was b. 1796; d. Oct., 1863, aged 67; m. Rachel Odell
(daiighter of Daniel), who d. 1870, aged 77, and had children:

i. Reed,' b. April 10, 1820; d. June 3, 1823.
ii. Emmeline, b. March 27, 1822; m. John Gilliatt of Bear
River; his 2nd w. lives in St. John, N. B.

ill. Harriet, b. July 15, 1824; d. Jan. 3, 1852; unm.

iv, John Reed, b. June 20, 1826; d. March, 1902; m. Georgina
Bent of Upper Granville, Annapolis Co., who d. Jan.
26, 1909, ae. 75, a respected citizen. Justice of the
Peace 34 years.
V, Sophia, b. Oct. 5, 1828; d. July 23, 1864.

vi. Elizabeth, b. July 4, 1830; d. Oct. 7, 1844.

vii. Adelia, b. June 28, 1832; d. Feb. 7, 1910; m. Daniel

viii. William, b. May 5, 1834; m. Annabel Small, who d.
Jan. 26, 1809, ae. 75. They had children. i.JohnEdw.,^
b. Nov. 27,1857; 2. William E.,b. June 15,1859; 3. Alonzo
S., b. Nov. 14, 1861; 4. Lorenzo W., b. Oct. 3, 1863;
5. Charles L., b. July 25, 1865 ; 6. Daniel S., b. July 26
1867; d. April 10, 1870; 7. Burket G., b. Oct. 23, 1869;
8. Bella, b. April 24, 1872; d. March 3, 1908; 9. Jacob,
b. Nov. 26, 1873; d. Aug. 2, 1904; 10. Beatrice R., b.
May 29,1875; II. Georgiana, b. Aug. 28, 1877; 12. Nel-
son, b. Oct. 24, 1890.

ix. Daniel, b. June 2, 1836; d. June 3, 1836.

9. William' Hunt (Elijah,' Col. Benjamin,* Moses," Josiah,"
Thomas'), (see Wyman, p. 169), was b. Jan. 24, 181 2; m. Dec. 14,
1837, Frances Horbury of England. " He went to England in
1 841 and returned to St. John, N. B., in 1 842 ; went again to England
in 1848 and returned to Boston in 1849, and moved to Dorchester
in 1843" (?i853). The first six of the family were natives of
St. John, N. B.; the younger two of Boston. The children were :

i. John Horbury," b. Oct., 1838; moved to Australia,
ii. Elijah, b. July, 1840.
iii. Anna Haigh, b. May, 1842.
iv. Hannah Jane, b. May, 1844.
v. William George, b. May, 1846.
vi. Mary Matilda, b. July, 1848.
vii. Albert Hepworth, b. Jan., 1851.
viii. Francis (perhaps Frances) Horbury, b. Aug., 1853.

Parliament; his 2nd w. Valentine Troop was probably son of ist Valentine in
Granville, but not mentioned in Granville records.

124 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

lo Reverend Abraham Spurr* Hunt (Elijah,* Col. Benjamin,*
Moses,' Josiah,* Thomas'), was b. April 7, 1814, and m. Catherine,
dau by his first wife May Cunningham, of Dr. Lewis Johnstone,
who was a son of Capt. William Martin Johnstone, a distinguished
Loyalist officer of Georgia, also an '* M.D." and a son of Dr. Lewis
Johnstone, a leading Councillor and Administrator of the Govern-
ment of that Province (see ''Some Recollections of a Georgia Roy-

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