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In 1783, George Carr mortgaged certain real property in
Orange county, New York, to William* Tredwell "of Great Neck,
Queens county, gentleman. "| The records in that county also
show a mortgage from Stephen Gilbert to him;§ and in 1788, as
one of the executors of his father-in-law's will, his name again
appears thereon as a mortgagee.! This will is dated the 29th of
November, 1783, and was probated in New York county on the
23rd of October, 1786.I

On the records in the office of the Register of Deeds for the
county of New York is a copy of a deed dated the 2nd of October,
1784, from John Leary to William Tredwell "of New York City,
merchant," conveying a lot, 26 x 110 feet, on south side of Cort-
landt street, in the West Ward of said city.** This lot William*
Tredwell, in 1793, conveyed to George Gosman.ff

According to the United States census taken in 1790 (printed),
the household of William' Tredwell comprised 2 males over 16
years of age; i male under 16 years; 3 white females; and 6

Mrs, Alfred T. Slausson of Plainfield, N. J., now owns the
William* Tredwell Bible. It was printed in 1766, and in it are
entered the dates of birth and death of himself, wife and children,
as well as of the birth of his father and the latter's family.

Tredwell Children:

55 i. James.'

56 ii. Henry."

iii. William A.,' b. Sunday, 9th Oct., 1774, d. Mott street,
N. Y. City, 2.30 A. M., 28th Dec, 181 1, bur. next day,
St. Paul's churchyard, N. Y. City.JJ A nephew wrote
that this uncle had mar., but left no issue,

57 iv. Sarah Peters.®

V. Benjamin," b. Thursday, 13th Sept., 1785; shipwrecked
181 7, on the CJiristopJier Gray, going up the Texel,
Holland. Admitted to Marine Society of the City of
New York, i6th Aug., 1804, Cert. No. 1721. Sea
captain. Among the family portraits owned by
Mrs. Slausson is a large oil painting supposed to be
of this Benjamin,'

* Public Papers of George Cli7ttort, vol. 5, pp, 604-605.

t lb., vol. 6, pp. 402-403.

X Orange Co., N. Y., Mortgages, A: 352.

§ lb., p. 366.

II lb., B: 268.

\ New York Historical Society Collections, I905, p. 83.
** Deeds, 48: 520.
tt lb., p. 522.
XX Records of Trinity Episcopal Church in City of New York, N, Y.

1 34 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [April,

vi. Anne (Nancy) Horsfield," b. Wednesday, 14th Jan.,
1784, d. N. Y. City, Jan., 1832, bur. Presbyterian
churchyard in Spring street, near Carmine street,
N. Y. City; mar. Robert Marvin, b. 12th Aug., 1781,
d. 22nd Oct., 181 1, son of Jacob and Mary (Peters)
Marvin. Res. N. Y. City, i child (dau.), lived but
few hours.

23. Samuel' Tredwell (Samuel,' Thomas,' John," Edward'), bap-
tized at Rye, New York, 29th October, 1738,* died between loth
September, 1794, and 31st July, 1816; probably same who obtained
marriage license to Elizabeth Lispenard " of Westchester county,
spinster," daughter of Anthony Lispenard of New Rochelle,
New York (marriage bondf dated 3rd May, 1759, signed by
Samuel Tredwell of Westchester county, farmer, and Joseph
Boel [PBullJ of same place, gentleman).

Subsequently Samuel' Tredwell married Dorothy Anderson
"of Queens county, spinster*' (marriage bond J dated 8th October,
1762, signed by Joseph Bull of New York City, shopkeeper, and
James Breasted of same place, merchant, states that license was
obtained by "Samuel Treddle of Westchester county, farmer"),
living 22nd September, 1820. Samuel' Tredwell resided in town
of Rye (part now town of Harrisons), New York, the homestead,
consisting of 200 acres, being on east side of road from Rye
through Harrisons. He was a farmer; Captain of Troop, men-
tioned on the rolls, dated 21st February, 1776, as Captain from
Harrisons' Purchase of a cavalry company in the 2nd regiment,
Westchester county, Thomas Thomas, Colonel;§ vestryman of
Christ's Church in Rye, 1770. On the public records he is styled
"yeoman," "Esq.," "gentleman."

His commission as Captain of Troop of Horse in Westchester
county, James Van Cortlandt, Colonel, dated the 15th of June,
1772, was (1890) among the family papers possessed by the widow
of his great-grandson Joseph Augustus Tredwell. Other original
papers consisted principally of bonds and receipts.

In 1780, Samuel' Tredwell let for one year two rooms and an
upper chamber in his dwelling to Lewis Jacobs of Saw Pitts,
Harrisons' Township. |1

For some reason, Samuel' Tredwell became unable to pay his
debts, so, on the loth of February, 1787, he gave a bill of sale of
his slaves and household chattels as security to a William Ander-
son, and on the 5th of November, 1788, his mother bound herself
to give him ;^4oo.|l Soon afterwards he quitclaimed his interest
in his 200 acre farm in Harrisons to Thomas Burling.l The
above mentioned bill of sale was held by William Anderson at

* Records of the Episcopal Church, Stratford, Conn.
t New York Marriage Licenses Previous to 1784, printed i860, p. 398.
X lb., p. 397.

§ American Archives, 4th Series, vol. 5, p. 295; Archives of State of New
York, printed 1887, vol. i, p. 304.

H Origfinal papers in possession (1890) of Mrs. Susan Amelia (Lay) Tredwell.
Tf Westchester Co., N. Y, Deeds, K: 248.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{ci)divell through his son John. I 35

the time of his death, and he bequeathed the same in his will
(dated 26th January, 1796, codicil 2oih November, 1801,) to
Jonathan Anderson of Province of Nova Scotia, Jeremiah An-
derson, and William Anderson, both of town of Harrisons, who
assigned their rights therein to Dorothy Tredwell, widow of
Samuel' Tredwell.

In the office of the Register of Deeds for Westchester county,
New York, are records of several mortgages from Samuel*
Tredwell,* besides conveyances.

In the list of confiscated estates mentioned in the Supplement
(page 258) to Nezv York in the Revolution is the name of a Samuel
Tredwell. This is probably Samuel'* Tredwell of Harrisons.
The loss of his property might explain his financial troubles in
late life.

The United States census for 1790 shows that his family then
consisted of 5 males over 16 years of age; i white female; and 4

In January, 1795, he brought suit in the New York Supreme
Court against Benjamin Stevenson for trespass on the case.f

His widow, Dorothy, conveyed to Jesse Park, Jr., ^ interest
in certain islands nearly opposite Byram Point in Connecticut, by
deed dated the 26th of July, and acknowledged the 22nd of
September, 1820. J

Tredwell Children:

The dates of birth are taken from SamueP Tredwell's Bible
in the possession (1890) of Mrs. Susan Amelia (Lay) Tredwell.
i. Elizabeth," b. 28th March, 1766.
58 ii. John Augustus.'

24. Gloriana' Tredwell (Samuel,* Thomas,' John,' Edward*),
born 12th April, 1731, died loth September, 1814, buried in
St. Paul's churchyard (just north of church), Eastchester, West-
chester county, New York; married 9th August, 1752, Philip
Pell,§ born 2nd November, 1732, died 23rd May, 1788, buried be-
side his wife, son of Philip and Hannah (Mott) Pell. Residence,
Pelham, Westchester county. New York.

Gloriana' (Tredwell) Pell left a will dated 13th July, 181 1, and
probated 6th October, 1814.II

" In I Memory of | Philip Pell | who Dep^"* this Life | on the
23*^ of May 1788 I in 56*'' Year of his Age."

" In I Memory | of | Gloriana | Relict of Phillip Pell | Esq' |
who departed this Life | lo"' Sept. 1814 Aged 83 Years | 4 Months
& 28 Days."

* B: 265; C: 157 and 267; D: 135 and 224,

t Original family papers in possession (1890) of Mrs. Susan Amelia (Lay)

X Westchester Co., N. V., Deeds, 328; 142.

§ See Pell Chart, Bolton's History of Westchester County (edit. 1881),
vol. ii, p. 40; The f ones Family of Long Island, by John H. Jones, 1907, p. 379.

II Westchester Co., N. Y., Wills, D: 185.

136 Descendants of Edward Tre{cC)d'well through his son John. [April,

Pell Children:
i, Philip," b. 7th July, 1753, d. ist May, i8n; mar. (i)
Mary Ward; (2) Ann Lewis, living 13th July, 181 1.
Grad. Kings Col., 1766. Judge Advocate Cont. Army
in Rev.; rode by side of Washington when entering
N. Y. City on Evacuation Day. Member Soc. Cin-
cinnati. I child.
ii. Samuel Treadwell,' b. 26th July, 1755, d. Pelham
Manor, N. Y., 29th Dec, 1786, bur. St. Paul's church-
yard, Eastchester, N. Y.; m. (PTreadwell). Major

2nd N. Y. Regt. S. p.

iii. Margaret," b. 24th Nov., 1758, d. , 1779.

iv. David Jones," b. 13th (?3oth) Jan., 1760, d. i8th Aug.,
1823; mar. ist March, 1790, Hester Sneden, b. 8th
(?7th) May, 1770, d. 23rd Feb., 1842. "Col." In Con-
tinental Army. 10 children.
V. Mary," b. i6th Aug., 1762, living 13th July, 181 1; mar.

Charles Ward. Child.
vi. Nancy Hannah," b. 28th March, 1768, d. 15th Jan.,
1829, bur. St. Paul's churchyard, Eastchester, N. Y.;
mar. her cousin, Nathaniel A. Ogden of N. J. 2
25. Margaret" Tredwell (Samuel,' Thomas,' John,' Edward"),
living 20th June, 1791; married (i) Andrew Cannon, Jr., died
between i8th November, 1760, and 6th May, 1761, son of John
Cannon of New York. She married (2) (bond dated 20th January,
1762*), Capt. Amos Ogden of Westchester county, New York,
died before 8th December, 1774. Residence, New York City,
1760; Pelham, Westchester county. New York, 1791.

Andrew Cannon, Jr., was a merchant; left a will dated i8th
November, 1760, and probated 6th May, 1761.! He had brothers,
John Cannon of Norwalk, Connecticut, and Le Grand Cannon.

Amos Ogden moved to New Jersey; is said to have been one
of the first settlers in Wyoming, Pennsylvania; owned large
tracts of land in Mississippi.

Margaret (Tredwell) Ogden left a will dated i6th June, 1791,
and codicil dated 20th June, 1791; recorded in Liber B, page 82,
ofifice of the Surrogate of Westchester county. New York.

Cannon Child:
i. John Samuel," living i6th June, 1791.
Ogden Children:

The order is uncertain.

i. John," b. , 1770, living i6th June, 1791.

ii. Nathaniel A." (bapt. Amos), b. 23rd Sept., 177 1, d. 30th
Oct., 1802; mar. his cousin, Nancy Hannah Pell.
2 sons,
iii. Betsey." Did she marry John Guerineau, and have
son John P. Guerineau?

* New York Marriage Licenses Previous to 1784, printed i860, p. 64.
t New York County, N. Y., Wills, 23: 7.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{d)dwell through his son John. 1 37

26. Mary' Tredvvell (Samuel,* Thomas,' John,' Edward"), living
20th January, 1789; married (bond dated 14th October, 1763*),
Benjamin Stevensonf (her cousin) of Westchester county, living
20th January, 1789, son of Edward and Gloriana (Thomas) Steven-
son of Newtown, Long Island, and Throg's Neck, Westchester
county, New York. The marriage bond was signed by James
Lewis of Westchester county, farmer, and William Carr of
New York City, tailor, and recites that the license was obtained
by Benjamin Stevens of Westchester county, and Mary Treddell
of the same county, spinster.

Stevenson Children:
The order of the last two is uncertain.

i. Samuel," b. 25th Feb., 1765; mar. (i) Guion; (2)

, 1797, Elizabeth Jones. 4 children.

ii. Nancy,' living 20th Jan., 1789.
iii. Alexander,' living 20th Jan., 1789.

27. Hannah' Tredwell (Thomas Star,* Thomas,' John,' Edward*),
baptized in Rye, Westchester county. New York, 29th October,
1738,1 living a widow, 9th September, 1794; married 30th (bond
dated 27th) July, i767,§ Peter Stoutenburgh of New York City,
(Pburied 20th December, 1790), son of John and Hendrica (Duyck-
inck) Residence, New York City, New York.
His occupation, cooper.

The marriage bond was signed by Peter Stoutenburgh, cooper,
and John Abell, merchant, both of New York City, and recites
that the said Peter Stoutenburgh and Johannah Treadwell of
New York City, spinster, had obtained a license to marry.

In 1781, Peter Stoutenburgh owned a lot on Stone street in
the South Ward, New York City.f He was an executor under
the will of Thomas Brown of Pamrapo, Bergen county, New Jersey.

Stoutenburgh Children:
Baptisms and marriage taken from Records of the Reformed
Dutch Church of New York, published by the New York Genea-
logical and Biographical Society.

i. John,' bapt. 28th Aug., 1768.
ii. Peter,' bapt. 2nd Dec, 1770.

iii. Thomas,' bapt. 5th July, 1772, living 12th March, 1812;
mar. 22nd April, 1795, Elizabeth Linn. Res., New
York City. Merchant, Had son, Peter Treadwell
iv. Peter,' bapt. 6th Feb., 1774.
V. Sarah,' bapt. 20th Aug., 1775.

* New York Marriage Licenses Previous to 1784, printed i860, p. 397.

t For genealogy of this family, see Thomas Stevenson of London, Eng.,
and His Descendajtts, by J. R. Stevenson, 1902, p. 79.

X Records Episcopal Church, Stratford, Conn.

% Records Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. City; Coll. N. Y. Gcn.andBiog.
Soc, vol. i, p. 227.

Jj The Duyckinck and Allied Families, by W. C. Duyckinck, 1908, p. 180.

\ New York County, N. Y., Deeds, 98: 135; Mortgages, 6: 451.

138 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwen through his son John. [April,

28. Phebe' Tredwell (Timothy/ Thomas," John," Edward'), born
i8th January, 1741, died 20th March, 1778;* married 8th January,
1766, Philems Smith, born 24th October, 1730, died in Smithtown,
Suffolk county. New York, 22nd December, 1800, son of Obadiah
and Susannah (Stevens) Smith of Smithtown.* Residence,
Smithtown, New York. Philetus Smith served in the Revolution
against the British. He left a will dated 14th March, 1795, pro-
bated 15th January, 1801, and recorded in Liber B of Wills,
page 114, in the office of the Surrogate of Suffolk county,
New York.

Among the ancient Tredwell documents, letters and heirlooms
owned by Mrs. Charles Hilton Brown, a great-granddaughter,
are two silver buckles formerly belonging to Phebe' (Tredwell)
Smith bearing the engraved date, October 24, 1730.

Smith Children:
i. Timothy Tredwell,' b. 17th Jan., 1768, d. 24th Oct.,

ii. Alexander,' b. 9th Feb., 1770, d. 17th Jan., 1801.
iii. Hannah P.,' b. 27th Oct., 1774, d. 5th Oct., 1801; mar.
25th May, 1791, William Smith, b. 30th April, 1769,
living 14th March, 1795. 3 children.

iv. Elias," b. , 1777, d. 20th April, [839; mar. wid.

Lorana (Whitman) Robbins. 4 children, one of
whom, Phebe Tredwell Smith, mar. Leonard W. Law-
29. Thomas' Tredwell (Timothy," Thomas,' John," Edward'),
born Smithtown, Suffolk county, New York, 6th February, 1743,
died at his homestead in Beekmantown, Clinton county. New
York, 30th December, 1831, buried on his homestead; married (i)
(?26th October, 1765), bond dated 23rd October, 1765,! Ann
Hazard, born 14th February, 1743, died 5th January, 1798, buried
near husband, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Drummie)
Hazard of City of New York.

He married (2) in 1800, Mary (Conklin) Hedges, widow of
Dr. (?Jeremiah) Hedges of East Hampton, Suffolk county. New
York, and sister of Judge Alfred Conklin's father. She died
Clinton, Oneida county. New York, 31st October, 1838, aged 94
years, buried in cemetery on Hamilton College campus, Clinton.
Gravestone. Residence, Smithtown, Suffolk county, until Revo-
lution, again, 1788-1790; City of New York, 1784-1786; Hunting-
ton, Suffolk county, 1792. In 1793, or 1794, he settled on a farm
at Long Point, foot of Bay of St. Armand, known later as Tred-
well's Bay, Lake Champlain, about four miles north of Plattsburg,
Clinton county. New York. Graduate Princeton College, 1764;
studied law under Chancellor Livingston. Original proprietor
of Plattsburg, New York.

He was a signer of Articles of Association at Smithtown, 1775;
delegate to the four Provincial Congresses (New York), i775-i777;

* Records of Smithtown, Long Island, N. Y., by W. S. Pelletreau, 1898,

p. 474.

t New York Marriage Licenses Previous to 1784, printed i860, p. 398.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. 1 39

member New York Assembly, 1777-1783; Council of Safety,
while New York State Constitution was being organized, 1777,
being last surviving member thereof; member State Senate,
1786-1789, 1804-1807; delegate to State convention to ratify
United States Constitution, voting against ratification; repre-
sentative in Congress for Kings, Queens and Suffolk counties,
1 791-1795; delegate from Clinton and Essex counties to State
Constitutional Convention, 1801; judge (first) of Court of Probate,
1 778-1 787, when made surrogate of Suffolk county, serving until
1791; surrogate of Clinton county, 1807-183 1; also of Essex county,

The marriage bond was signed by Thomas Tredwell of Suffolk
county, yeoman, and Joseph Hallett of City of New York, iron
monger, and states that the marriage license was obtained by
said Tredwell and Ann Hazard of City of New York, spinster.

According to the census of Suffolk county taken in 1776, the
household of Thomas" Tredwell consisted of i male over 16 and
under 50 years of age; 2 males under 16 years; 2 females over
and 4 females under 16 years; 6 male and 6 female negroes.*

While living at Smithtown, his wife Ann was stricken with
paralysis. Upon the occupation of Long Island by the British
during the Revolution, Thomas* Tredwell was obliged to abandon
his home there and seek safety in Connecticut.

His mansion at Beekmantown was only a few rods from the
bay which it faced. In 181 2, the English forces passed through
his farm. After his decease, the homestead was sold to Abram
Miller; and in 1870, or 187 1, the dwelling was taken down and its
timbers used in another building. Several of the inside panels
were saved and upon them a coat-of-arms with the Tre^dwell
name have been carved. No authentic record, however, has
been found of any grant of a coat-of-arms to this family.

Some forty slaves accompanied the family to their new home
in Clinton county. These subsequently were emancipated and
colonized by Judge Tredwell on the high ground a few miles
northwest called " Richland," now known as " Dudy" or "Nigger

12th July, 1788, letters of administration were issued in Ulster
county, New York, to Thomas" Tredwell on the estate of his
brother-in-law, Samuel Hazard.

According to the United States census for 1790 (printed).
Judge Tredwell's family consisted of i male over 16 and i under
16 years of age; 5 females; and 12 slaves.

He was very fond of horseback riding, even in late life. Once,
when riding through woods, his left eye was pierced by a twig,
which destroyed the sight thereof. An oil portrait of Judge
Tredwell was, a few years ago, in the possession of his grand-
daughter, Mrs. Anna Maria Redfield; and several letters from
him and his daughters have been preserved and are now owned
by Mrs. Charles Hilton Brown of the City of New York.

* New York Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, Revolutionary Papers,
vol. i, p. 398.

140 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [April,

The Hempstead Inquirer for 2nd February, 1832, contains an
obituary notice of "Hon. Thomas Tredwell," and quotes a long
account of his life taken from the Piatt sburgh Republican.

About ^ mile back from the lake and a few rods East of the
state road, on the old homestead at Beekmantown, lies the small
family burial ground containing five inscribed stones. Near the
grave of her former master was buried " Old Phillis."

The following are said to be the inscriptions on the headstones
marking the graves of Judge Tredwell and his first wife:

" Sacred to the memory of the Hon. Thomas Tredwell who
departed this life Dec. 30, 1831, aged 87."

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann Tredwell, wife of Hon.
Thomas Tredwell, who departed this life, Jan. 5, 1798, aged 56

Tredwell Children:

It is said there were 13 children.

i. Mary Piatt,' b. 25th Sept., (?i767), d. of apoplexy, bur.
same plot as father. Inscription:* "Sacred to the
memory of Miss Mary P. Tredwell, daughter of Hon.
Thomas Tredwell, who departed this life June 5,
1826, aged (?)54 years."

Nathaniel Hazard.'

Elizabeth,' b. 2nd Aug., 1769, bur. same plot as father.
Inscription:* "Sacred to the memory of Miss Eliza-
beth Tredwell, who departed this life June 8, 1822,
aged 52 years."

Hannah Phoenix.'

Samuel,' d. in infancy.

Sarah,' d. in infancy.

Timothy,' (?b. 19th Nov., 1784,) d. in infancy.

Phebe,' b. 19th Nov., 1775, d. beginning of Revolution,
bur. in crypt of Centre Church, New Haven, Conn.
Inscription: "Phebe the daughter of Thomas &
Ann Tredwell of . . ."f


Ann Hazard.'

Further References:

Recollections of Olden Times, by Thomas R. Hazard, 1879.

A Rescript of Treadwell and Piatt Genealogy, by Mrs. A. C. Maltbie, 1883.

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Three Centuries in Champlain Valley, by Mrs. George F. Tuttle, 1909,
P« 435-

* Not copied by the compiler.
t New Haven Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. iii, p. 596.
( To be continued.)















Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church




(Continued from Vol. XLIIL, p. 35. of the Record.)



June I,


Benjamin Van
Elisabeth Van
Moses Depuy

Sara Low
Daniel Van Garde
Johanna W es t-
Lendert Brenk

Ragel Kortrect
Samuel Decker
Jannete C o r t -
Jacobes Kermer
Catrina Cole
Cornells De Wit

Lideia Brenck
Samuel Crosman
Cristion Everit
Nathannel Warsbon
Cristina Shaver
Elias Cortreght

Debora Com stock
Johannes Hendreks

Lidia Kelder
Christophel M.
Mariea McKarter






Ezegeel Gomaer, No-
em my Low

Cornelius Van Im-
wege, Lena West-

RenerDe Wit, Ragel

Van Naken
Bastian Miers, Lisa-

beth Langevelt

Joseph Joseph Van Naken,

Jacobus James McCarty, Lis-
abeth Barraber My
(perhaps wife of)
Pellip Westervelt
(This Pellip Westervelt or Westerm had been inserted after-
ward. These and many following baptisms were entered by a
very illiterate person.)

" ""■ Greitet

Aug. 24.

Jeur (Jurry) Win-
Catrina Cortrecht
Samuel Westbrook
Catrina Vreden-

b. Aug. 9

Margriet Week

Wilhelmus W e s t -
brook, Mary a Cort-


Records of Baptisms of the Reforined Church



Aug. 24.

Jan. 24.

June 23.

March 19.

Martines Westbrook
Maregreta Low

Johannes Cortreght
Susanna Kittle

Cornells Van Gar-

Ledea Cortreght
Johannes Ja. West-

Hester Shimer
John McCart)'-

Susanna Keter
Cornells Brenck

Sara Westvale
Joseph Ennes

Maregreta Van
Jacob Helm

Lena Van netten
Isack Van naken

Grete Horenbeck

Thomas Kyte
Leah Keater

Oct. 29


Maregreetje Coll
Daniel McSvveeny

Greetje Terwille-
Sam'l Depuy

Antje Svvartwoud
Elias Gumaer

Greetje Depuy
Benj. Cuddeback

Catharin Vanfleet
John Brooks

Rachel Blizard
>sMoses Depuy Jr.

Sarah Low
John De witt West-

Maria Davis
Wilhelmus Westfal

Margret Hayns
Benj. Westfael

Seletta Middag


















Aron Cortreght,
Maregreta Brinck

Abraham Shimer,
Lana Westbrook

Jacobus W e s t V ale,
Russe Westvale

Samuel Depuy, Ant-
je Swartwout

Benj. Depuy, Elisa-
beth Swartwout

Thos. White, Elisa-
beth Park


at Machackemeck {Deerpark).


Oct. 29.

Benj. Gnnsalis Elizabeth

Alida Van Etten

Jacobus Quick Thomas

Johanna Peltin
Sylvester Cortreght Janneke

Analje Davis
Johannis West- Maria
brook, Jr.

Angeltje Davis
Joseph Shawars Jacobus

Elisabeth Co r t-
Asa Otley Samuel

Sara VVestbrook
Francis Little William

Lena Nefe

Levi Van Etten Jacob

Jan net je West-
Anthony Van Etten Anthony

Annatje Decker
Jacobus Van fleet Esyntje

Maregreet Pal-
Moses Cortreght SafEeryn

Antje Van Etten
Daniel Van fleet, Jr. William

Martha Brown
EliasMiddagh, Jun. Elisabeth

Sara Van Aken
Johannis Brink Jannatje

Blandina Westfaal

Daniel Van Aken Jeremiah

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