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married February 9th, 1761, Gideon Snow.

373 vi. Keziah,® born August loth, 1743; died ; mar-

ried October 24th, 1764, at Brewster, Mass., to
Isaac Clark, born at Harwich (now West Brew-
ster), Mass., April 27th, 1741 ; died at Becket,
Mass., July 3rd, 1798, "in his 58th year;" he re-
sided at Becket, Mass., and was a son of Roland
and Lydia (Dillingham) Clark of Brewster, Mass.
Children: 4 (Clark), 2 sons and 2 daughters, all
born at Becket, Mass.

1. Dillingham,^ born August 13th, 1766; died
; married Abigail Walden.

2. Rebecca,"' born October i6th, 1771 ; died
; married Alpheus Russell.

3. Susanna,'' born May 9th, 1774; died ;

married George Smith.

4. Isaac,^ born August i6th, 1779; died ;

married Anna Mack.

374 vii. Joseph, ist,® born September ist, 1745; died

August 5th, 1747, at Harwich, Mass.

375 viii. Joseph, 2nd," born September i8th, 1747; bap-

tized , 1757.

376 ix. Rebecca," born July 29th, 1750; died ; mar-

ried December 22nd, 1774, to Thomas Stevens.

377 X. Thomas, ist," born May 30th, 1752.

378 xi. Joshua," born March 7th, 1756.

379 xii. Thomas, 2nd," born .

The last child, Thomas, 2nd," Freeman, is given on the au-
thority of Hon. Geo. Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy.

1912.J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. I7C

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Ancestors and Descendants of Capt. Joshua Gray, MSS., by Geo. Wins-
low Thacher, p. 2.

Hon. Geo. Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy.
Becket, Mass., Vital Records.

116. Lydia° Freeman (Lydia* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,'
Rev. Peter^), born Harwich, Mass., October 22nd, 1717; bap-
tized I St Parish, Brewster, March 8th, 1723-4; died ;

married at Harwich, Mass., September 22nd, 1743, to Nath-
aniel Clarke (as his second wife) ; he was born , 1682, at

; he resided at Harwich, Mass., and Lyme, Conn.; he

died , at ; he was a son of Andrew Clarke (born

, -1602), and his wife Mehitable (Scotto) Clarke, of

Plymouth and Harwich, Mass.

Children: 7 (Clarke), 3 sons and 4 daughters, all born at
Harwich, Mass.

380 i. Eli^abeth,^ born ; baptized December 9th,

1744, at Brewster, Mass.

381 ii. Winifred,^ born ; baptized June 14th, 1747,

at Brewster, Mass. ; married N. Berry.

382 iii. Lydia,^ born ; baptized May 28th, 1749, at

Brewster, Mass.

383 iv. Solomon,® born ; baptized August i8th, 1751,

at Brewster, Mass.; died January nth, 1830, at

Brewster; married , at , to Miriam ,

born , at ; died January 31st, 1835, at

Brewster, Mass.

Children: 6 (Clarke), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all
born at Brewster, Mass.

1. Lydia,^ born February 14th, 1773.

2. Solomon,'^ born January 17th, 1775; married
Rebecca .

3. Miriam,^ born July 28th, 1781.

4. Nathaniel,^ born March 22nd, 1783.

5. Sparrow,'^ born September 30th, 1789.

6. Eliza,^ born .

384 V. Enoch," born ; baptized June 30th, 1754, at

Brewster, Mass.; died April 23rd, 1816, at Brew-
ster ; married , at , to Lydia , born

, at ; died August 7th, 1839, at Brew-
ster, Mass. v

Children: 7 (Clarke), 4 sons and 3 daughters, all
born at Brewster, Mass.

1. Mehitable,'^ born March ist, 1783 ; int. mg.
pub. February 2nd, 1806, to Abner Robbins, Jr.

176 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April,

2. Thacher/ born August 27th, 1787; married,

first, ; married, second, September 27th,

1848, to Betsey Sears,

3. Anna Freeman," born August 27th, 1790, int.
mg. pub. September 22nd, 1810, to Nathaniel

4. Hannah,'^ born October 25th, 1792, int. mg.
pub. September 19th, 1813, to Winslow Hall.

5. Enoch,^ born July 25th, 1795 ; died May 5th,
1834 (or 1835) ; married Huldah King, int.
mg. pub. April 23rd, 1826.

6. Nathan,^ born March 6th, 1797; int. mg. pub.
July 27th, 1824, to Nancy Joy of Boston.

7. Joshua,'' born July 6th, 1799; int. mg. pub.
November 28th, 1824, to Dinah Hall of

385 vi. Thacher,® born , 1756; baptized at Brewster,

October 8th, 1758.

386 vii. Mary,* born , 1756; baptized at Brewster,

Sept. I2th, 1756.
(Thacher and Mary were twins.)

Nathaniel Clarke married, first, April 26th, 1720, to Abigail
Hedge, born at Yarmouth, November i6th, 1700; died October 27th,

1732; she was a daughter of John Hedge and Thankful ( )

Hedge of Yarmouth, Mass.

Children by his first marriage: 6 (Clarke), 5 sons and i daugh-
ter. Not in Thacher line.

1. Barnabas, born February loth, 1723.

2. Elisha, ist, born April 24th, 1724; died young.

3. EHsha, 2nd, born May 2nd, 1725.

4. Abigail, born October i8th, 1726; married July 28th, 1745,
to John Hall of Yarmouth.

5. John, born June 29th, 1729.

6. Isaac, born May 15th, 1731.

Nathaniel Clarke, Sr., it appears removed to Lyme, Conn., and
lived there for a time, as in a deed to his brother Thomas Clarke,
of Harwich, he styles himself as "of Lyme," in 1726. How long
he remained there is not known ; but there is reason to think that
he left his children by his first marriage in Lyme and that he re-
turned to Harwich, for an original document of the nature of an
agreement between John Dillingham and the three brothers, Thomas,
Scotto and Nathaniel Clarke, made in the year 1735 styles Nathaniel
Clarke as of Harwich, Mass.

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I9I2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 177

117. Rebecca'' Freeman (Lydia* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,' An-
tony,- Rev. Peter^), born at Harwich, Mass., March (or
April) 23rd, 1720; baptized ist Parish, Harwich, March 8th,

1723-4; died , at ; married October 4th, 1744, at

, to Jonathan Hopkins of Harwich, who removed to

"The Oblong" in 1756 [possibly "The Oblong" in Comiecti-

««+■]. Rebecca'^ (Freeman) Hopkins was dismissed from ist

Parish Church, Harwich, Mass., on August ist, 1756, to

church "in or near the oblong undr ye care of Rev. Mr.


Children: 5 (Hopkins), 2 sons and 3 daughters:

387 i. Edmond,^ born October i8th, 1745; baptized

October 27th, 1745, at Harwich, Mass.

388 ii. Lydia," born July 30th, 1747; baptized August

2nd, 1747, at Harwich, Mass.

389 iii. Mary, ist,^ born ; baptized April 9th, 1749;

at Harwich, Mass.

390 iv. Mary, 2nd,^ born April 6th, 1751.

391 v. Jonathan,^ born May 29th, 1753; baptized June

3rd, 1753.
Hon. George Thacher, in his MSS. Thacher Genealogy, gives
the names of the children of Rebecca^ (Freeman) Hopkins as fol-
lows, viz : —
i. Lydia*.
ii. Mary^.

iii. Joseph,® baptized May 12th, 175 1, at Brewster,
iv. Freeman*^.

Jonathan Hopkins, Senior, was born at Harwich, January 12th,
1719-20; he was a son of Joseph and Mary (Mayo) Hopkins of

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. XX, p. 62.
Freeman Genealogy, pp. 59, 103.

Mayflower Descendants, Vol. V, p. 89 ; Vols. VII, IX, X, p. 134.
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy.

119. Col. John^ Gorham (Mary* Thacher, Hon. Col, John,' An-
tony,2 Rev. Peter^), born at Barnstable, December 12th, 1709;

died , 1750-1, in London, Eng. (probably), of smallpox;

he resided at Barnstable until 1742, at Falmouth (now Port-
land), Maine, Gorham, Maine, and Boston, Mass., in 1749,
and at various military stations ; he was a soldier. He mar-
ried at Barnstable, March 9th, 173 1-2, to EHzabeth Allen,
born Barnstable, June 8th, 1713 ; died at Gloucester, Mass.,
Dec, 25th, 1786, "in her 73rd year" and was buried at Glou-
cester, Mass. She was a daughter of James Allyn (born
July ist, 1691 ; died October 8th, 1741 ; married July 24th,
1712), and Susannah (Lewis) Allyn (born April 17th, 1694;
died October 4th, 1753; daughter of Ebenezer and Anna
(l4)throp) Lewis) of Barnstable, Mass.

1^8 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April,

Children: 15 (Gorham), 7 sons and 8 daughters; first 7 born
at Barnstable, 8 and 9 on Casco Bay, 10 at sea, rest at Bos-
ton, Mass.

392 i, Susannah, ist,** born November 21st, 1732; died

March i6th, 1738, at Barnstable, and buried

393 ii. Mary, ist,® born December 3rd, 1733; died Jan-

uary 8th, 1738, at Barnstable, and buried there.

394 iii. Anna,^ born July 28th, 1735; died March i8th,

1738, at Barnstable, and buried there.

395 iv. John,^ born December 26th, 1736; died February

i6th, 1758, drowned at sea; not married.

396 V. Christopher,® born January loth, 1738; died Oc-

tober nth, 1762, at Havana, W. I., and was
buried there ; not married.

397 vi. Elizabeth,® born December loth, 1739; baptized

December i6th, 1739; died March 14th, 1769;
married November 6th, 1759, at Gloucester,
Mass., to Daniel Rogers, of Gloucester, Mass., as
his first wife; he born October 6th, 1734, at Kit-
tery, Maine ; he was a merchant in the shipping
business and foreign commerce, a man of large
wealth; he died January 4th, 1799 (or January
15th, 1800), aged 66, at Gloucester, Mass. He

was a son of Rev. John Rogers (born , 1692,

at Ipswich, Mass.; died October i6th, 1773, at
Kittery, Maine; H. C. 171 1; married October
i6th, 1718), and his wife Susannah (Whipple)
Rogers (daughter of Major John and Katherine
(Leighton) Whipple), who was born April 3rd,
1696; died October 22nd, 1779, of Kittery,
Maine. Daniel Rogers married, second, March

2nd, 1770, to Rachel Ellery (daughter of

Ellery and his wife (Stevens) Ellery, who

was a daughter of Col. John Stevens of Glouces-
ter, Mass.).

Children: first marriage, 4 (Rogers), 2 sons and
2 daughters. j(^.A'n

Online LibraryNew York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyThe New York genealogical and biographical record (Volume 92) → online text (page 19 of 53)