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studied medicine and surgery under Dr. Lincoln
of that town, and served as a surgeon in the
Revolutionary War. At close of that War he
went to Barnstable where he practiced a while,
and then removed to Gorham, Maine, under the
influence of his brother-in-law, William® Gorham,
who had settled there. After a few years he re-
moved to Falmouth (now Portland), Maine,
where he resided until 1808, when, after his last
marriage, he returned to Gorham, Maine, where
he lived and died.

415 ix. Shubael, 2nd,^ born February i8th, 1751-2; died

, at sea, leaving no issue.

416 X. Mary,« born May 21st, 1745'; died July 8th, 1780,

at Barnstable, and was buried there in Good-
speed's Rill (West) Burying-ground, grave-
stone; she married , 1778, at , to Dr.

William Prentiss (son of Caleb and Lydia (Whit-
more) Prentiss of Cambridge, Mass.), born at
Cambridge, Mass., December ist, 1754; died

, at London, England. Re was a physician

and resided in Philadelphia, Pa., where he was
in good practice at the time of the plague there.
Children, none.

Children, second marriage, none.

Children, third marriage, none.

Col. David'' Gorham resided on the old homestead in Barn-
stable ; his dwelling house was afterwards the home of Dr. John
Davis and of his son Dr. Job C. Davis. Re was with his brother
Col. John* Gorham at Cape Breton and at the taking of Louisburg

1 86 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April,

and had other military experience. During the Revolution some
parties unjustly charged him with being a Tory, because he would
not advocate the extreme measures of the younger men. He was
for many years Registrar of Probate and kept the Records very
carefully. He was in public life, active, energetic and capable, —
but was never a popular man.

Ebenezer Sturgis and Ebenezer Bacon, Esq., took care of the
property of Hannah (Davis) Gorham, widow of Col. David^ Gor-
ham and provided for her support during the latter part of her life.


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121. Mary^ Gorham (Mary* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^

Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, February 7th, 1714; died ,

at ; married October 24th, 1734, at Barnstable, to Stephen

Clap of Scituate, Mass. He was born October 4th, 1706,

at Scituate, Mass. ; died , at , He was a son of

Deacon Stephen Clap (born March 4th, 1670; died Decem-
ber nth, 1756, aged 86; married Dec. 24th, 1696; Lieut, in
militia, Rep. G. C. 1720) and Temperance (Gorham) Clap
(born August 6th, 1678) of Scituate, Mass.

Children: None.

The Clapp Family, p. 114, says that the above "Stephen Clapp
probably never married, and if he did, had no issue. There was
a Stephen Clapp who married Mrs. Mary Gorham in Barnstable,
October 24th, 1734, who may have been he." In absence of proof
to the contrary I have assumed the above Stephen Clapp to have
been the one who married Mary^ Gorham.


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123. Lydia^ Gorham (Mary* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony ,=^
Rev, Peter^), born Barnstable, June 28th, 1718; died Novem-
ber 9th, 1740, aged 22, at Barnstable, and was buried there;
married July 27th, 1737, at Barnstable, Mass., to Dr. James
Hersey, born at Hingham, Mass., December 21st, 1716; he
resided at Barnstable, Mass., where he was a physician. He
died at Barnstable, July 22nd, 1741, and was buried there.
He was a son of James Hersey (born May 23rd, 1682; died
September 19th, 1723; married January 3rd, 1705-6) and his
wife Mary (^Hawke) Hersey (born July 6th, 1685; died July
3rd, 1770) of Hingham, Mass.

I9I2.J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 1 87

Child: I (Hersey) son, born at Barnstable, Mass.

417 i. James,** born November 9th, 1738; died , 1758,

aged 20. Not married.

Dr. James Hersey married, second, April 9th, 1741, to Mehit-
able Davis (daughter of John Davis, Esq., of Barnstable), by whom
he had a son Ezekiel {not in Thacher line), born in Barnstable,
January 14th, 1741-2 (5 months and 22 days after death of his
father). Mehitable Davis was born in Barnstable, August loth,
1717, and died , 1804, aged 87.

Mehitable (Davis) Hersey married, second, October 21st, 1744,
to John Russell (son of Dr. John Russell of Barnstable), by whom
she had one son, John Russell, baptized September 4th, 1748. John
Russell, Sr., died August ist, 1748.

Mehitable (Davis) Hersey-Russell married, third, May 9th,
1754, to John Sturgis, as his second wife, by whom she had two
(Sturgis) children, viz: —

1. Sarah, born Thursday, April 17th, 1755, at 3.30 o'clock,
A. M.

2. John, baptized March 19th, 1758.

John Sturgis, her third husband, died August 15th, 1759, aged
56; his first wife was Mehitable Crocker, whom he married March
2 1 St, 1734.

Mehitable (Davis) Hersey-Russell-Sturgis, married fourth,
July 7th, 1 761, to Hon. Daniel Davis, as his second wife, by whom
she had one son, Daniel Davis, born May 8th, 1762. Daniel Davis'
first wife was Mehitable (Lothrop) Davis (daughter of Thomas
Lothrop). Daniel Davis, Senior, died April 22nd, 1799, aged 85
years, 6 months and 13 days.

Dr. James Hersey settled as a physician in Barnstable and pur-
chased a part of the Dimmock estate, which included the ancient
stone house built by Elder Thomas Dimmock. A tradition existed
that he lived in a house that stood east of stone house, but Amos
Otis thought it more probable that he lived in the stone house which
he owned and which at that time was in good repair. He did not
receive a college education but was none the less a well educated
man, and Dr. James Thacher, who studied medicine under him,
speaks of him as a skilful physician who had acquired an exten-
sive practice at that time in Barnstable County.


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125. Hannah'^ Gorham (Mary* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,' An-
tony ,2 Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, Mass., May ist, 1721 ;
died , at ; married July 24th, 1748, at , to Ed-
ward Crosby.

1 88 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April,

Children: 2 (Crosby), i son and i daughter.

418 i. Edward," born ; died — — ; he did not

marry; he was a Captain "in the i8th Regiment
of the English Army."

419 ii. Mary (Polly)," born ; died ; married,

first, , int. pub., February nth, 1769, to

Elisha Gray, by whom she had three (3) (Gray)
children :

1. Edward,' born ; died ; not married.

2. William,' born ; died ; not married.

3. Joseph Gorham,' born ; died ; not


She married, second, date , to David

Loring, by whom she had 4 (Loring) children:
2 sons and 2 daughters.

1. Sally Lewis'.

2. Mary (Polly)'.

3. John'.

4. Elisha,' who married Hannah Hawes and had
two (Loring) children, i son and i daughter:

1. David,^ who married Elizabeth Kelley, and
had: i. Joseph Gray®; 2. Hannah Gorham^

2. Sally Lewis*.


Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 435-438.

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Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy.


Vol. XLII, p. 260. Record No. 128 x. should read: +128 x. Benjamin,*

born June 5th, 1726; d. ; married Nancy Hinckley. [He did not marry

2nd to Ellen Rankin.]

Vol. XLH, p. 404. Record No. 185. The parenthesis about and interro-
gation point after "third, Daniel Green " should be omitted and Green should
be spelled Greene. [Bethiah' Howland did marry Daniel Greene as her 3rd

Vol. XLH. p. 407. Record No. 204. Joseph Wardwell should read John

Vol. XLHI, p. 57. Record No. 104. Last sentence should read: She was

a daughter of Samuel Norton. Esq. (b. , about 1673; d. February l6th, 1760,

at Chilmark, Mass.; gravestone), and his wife Content (Coggeshall) Norton
(born May loth, 1676, at Newport, R. I.; died August ist, 1739, "in 63rd year
of her age "), of Chilmark, Mass. Content Coggeshall was the daughter of
John and his 2nd wife (whom he married December 2nd, 1655) Patience (Throg-
morton) Coggeshall. — Authority: Winthrop Witherbee, Esq., P. O. Box 3493,
Boston, Mass.

( To be continued.)



Arms: Argent^ a chevron between three crosses crosslet fitchee, sable.

Crest: A man's head couped at the shoulders, and side head,^r

Online LibraryNew York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyThe New York genealogical and biographical record (Volume 92) → online text (page 20 of 53)