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and William Frost of Fairfield, Conn., and some 79 illustrations; and is most
satisfactorily completed by an excellent index of 35 pages.

This compilation carries on its face the stamp of careful research and will
be found an excellent book of references for those interested in the history and
genealogy of the Frost Family. It should be purchased by all Genealogical and
Historical Libraries. Intending purchasers should address: Mrs. Samuel
Knapp Frost, No. 254 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Somerset County Historical Quarterly. Editor A. Van Doren
Honeyman. Published by the Society at Somerville, N. J., pp. 80.

The Genealogical and Biographical Record is glad to welcome this splen-
did new publication. Its field is the preservation of historical and genealogical
data of a most interesting county in a historical sense, and this copy is a promise
of valuable service along these lines. We wish to call the attention of all
libraries and individuals interested in these matters, especially the Revolution-
ary history of New Jersey, to this magazine.

Roster of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York
WITH Biographical Data. Part I, from its organization to the end of the
American Revolution, 1756-1783. Compiled by William M. MacBean, Secre-
tary of the Society. Small quarto, pp. 90, cloth. New York, 1911.

The biographical data of this book furnishes valuable material for students
of the Colonial period in New York. A great many Scotch officers in the
English Army became members of Saint Andrew's Society, and their stories are
very interesting, leading us back to the mother country. Many famous Scotch
families are represented in this roster, which will appeal to many readers and
searchers outside of the Society.

The New Haven Colony Historical Society. Reports presented at
the Annual Meeting, November 20th, 191 1. Svo, pamphlet, pp. 30. Published
by the Society, New Haven.

These reports contain with the other usual details the interesting address
of the President of the Society.

Bulletin of the Newport (R. I.), Historical Society. Pamphlet,
Svo, pp. 19.

This bulletin contains Part I of a paper on Newport County Lotteries by
Mr. Hamilton B. Tompkins. Most people are astonished to find out how often
lotteries were used by the New England fathers, in spite of contemporary

,„,2] Book Notices. 'Oy

protests of the wise. Newport, like many other places, raised money in this
manner for fortifications, streets and public buildmgs.

Burning of Harvard Hall, 1764; and Its Consequences. By
Francis Apthorp Foster. Pamphlet, 8vo, pp. 43-

On Iinuarv 24th 1764 Harvard Hall, one of the few buildings of the younR
Univ°eyty we2t uT.^'&es at midnight after a session ?]*-'«-/' - ^G/^^J



which the State allowed and paid handsomely.

Fort LouiSBURG— Its Two Sieges and Site Today Address before
the locSy of ioloniai Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By Louis
Barcroft Runk, Esq. Pamphlet, 8vo, pp. 34-

in the progress of the lamented Wolfe, who lived and died in the love of honor
and military glory.

qnriFTY OF Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois.
PubSon No' rquar?o. half morocco, illustrated, pp. 30.. Chicago.
Oliphant Printing Co.. 191 1.


the book We are reminded how much modern historical literature is enriched
bv good phoYographTc^llustrations. The older Mayflower and New Plymouth
Knks told their noble story well, but their simple sketches conveyed no such
pkt r t tfe'mind as the LndekuUy fine and P-f-^ illustrations of thjsb^^^^^^
The nld and ever new story of the mception of the Pilgrim beparaubi
movlment in Engrand? the removal to Holland and thence .to America
iTskeSed briSwand carefully. The historical matter which mdudes the
«ftorv of the discovery of Governor Bradford's Manuscript makes tlie book a
Sofhy addidon to the literature on this subject. The b nding is splendui and
Te paper and all appointments are first class. The reviewer turns with a sigh
of regret from this delightful book.

Tames Mott of Dutchess Co.. N. Y. and His Descendants. By Ed-
ward Doubieday Harris. 8vo. cloth, pp. IV-58. Privately printed. Tobias A.
Wright, New York, 191 1.

The compiler of this one Une of Mott Genealogy states in the Prf^^e that
the ricords were made up from a large mass of genealogical material concern-

20d Accessions to the Library.

[April, 1912.

ing the Motts of New York and New England, which he has been gathering for
fifteen years with the intention of publishing a comprehensive history of the
descendants of Adam Mottof Hempstead. Like all of Mr. Harris' work this
ittle book of 62 pages shows the painstaking care and completeness of the
tramed genealogist, and it is hoped that the further results of his fifteen velrs^
of research may soon find their way into print. ^

December i, igu, to March i, jgiz.



Blake, Francis E.-Genealogy of Increase Blake of Boston.

Botsford, H. G.— Botsford Chart.

Bristol, Mrs. R. D.~Bingham and Mills Family Notes.

Uuck, George F.— A Brief Account of the Quakers

Daughters of the Cincinnati.— Year Book.

Frost, Josephine C— Frost Genealogy.

^^"^Mexi^o^^ Anderson.-Major Robert Anderson; An Artillery Officer in

Leonard, Clarence Ettienne.— Founders' and Patriots' Register

Mead, Spencer P.— History of Greenwich, Conn.

Merritt, Douglas.-History of St. George Church, New York.

chTs°e;a„';Sli^;„g^^"^^ J-""- ^^^-o ''-■'-^ wnna™ S'."&?;

Pamphlets, etc.
Brink, B. M.— Olde Ulster.

Eells, Nettie Barnum.-Great Barrington, Mass. Town Diary.
Hart, Charles Henry.-Robert Lettis Hooper, Deputy Quarter-Master General
in the Continental Army and Vice-President of New Jersey General

Harvard University.— Catalogues. Jersey.

Lettersto Emma Benedict, from her Parents and Sisters, 1866-1871
N% P Vv^V-^^ G.-Stamford Historical Society Exhibition. ^
N. Y. Public Library. — Bulletins.
Ryder Family of Putnam County, N. Y.. igii
Sharpe, W. C.-Oxford, Sketches and Records. Part 2
The Lindsay Family Association of America (Inc ) loio *
Vermont State Agricultural College— Bulletin *

Virginia State Library. -List of Books.

\Sl gSversit^-CatlSes! '""'""""• ^°""- ^"■- ■"■ "°-' "> ° - 3'^«. -9.0.

_ , ,, Other Accessions.

Brockton, Mass.

Carver, Mass.

Duxbury, Mass.

Hopkinton, Mass.

Kingston. Mass.

Leicestershire Marriage Licenses.

Records and Files of Quarterly Courts of Essex, Mass.. Vol I

Registers of Bruton, Vol. IL

Registers Parish Church of Sedbergh, Parts I and II

Stow, Mass.

Visitation of Warwickshire.

West Bridgewater, Mass.

Worthington, Mass.

1912.] Early New York Church Records. An Official Announcement. 20I

An Official Announcement.

By Walter Kenneth Griffin, of the Publication Committee.

In the January, 19.2, number of the N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical
Record%ll^x not ces o the addition by gift to the Library of the bociety of
type wrE copies of five Early New York Church Records-those of the
Protectant Reformed Dutch Church of the " Boght," (1784-1896). now of
Cohoes Saratoga Co., N. Y.; of the ist Methodist Church of White P ains
Westchester Co , N. Y ; of the baptismal entries. 444 >n number, of the Du ch
rhnrrh nf NewIJtrech L I (i7i8-i74i). transcribed from the original Dutch
^crm^oft^eDu^Jh Church ^ L. I (.741-1834). and of the Dutch

ChTrc'h of Kakiat, Rockland Co.,' N. Y.. (.774-1864), being a transcript of he
1st Church Book, together with the "private" marriage records of two of the
earher ministers Rev. George Brinckerhoff, (1793-1808). until recently supposed
fi and of Rev James Desmarest, (.809-1864), including the marriages cele-
brated by him at the Secession Church after he had left the old Church
U is^not commonly known that Mr. Huntting, author of the History of the
Little Nine Partners, has presented to the Society the^rz^Wunique record of
the LuXran Church of Pine Plains, often called the Round lop Church,

''"'s'i?ce?hese''gUtl.^hSl^^^^^^ article to be more fully described,

and as the resuuSf the personal his own expense, of Mr. Royden
W Vo bur|h. a member, there have been loaned to the Society m the spirit of
mosycourte^,us and intelligent co-operation on the part of the church
3 for the Duroose of copying, the original records, never publ shed and
neve cop^ed.'^ft'he Protestant Reformed butch Church of Tag hanick (West
Copake). Liv ngston Manor. Columbia Co., N. Y., (1783-1864 . and of St. Thonias
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Churchtown (Claverack Township). Columbia

^°"The'^ias7?wo^r°ecords (not included in the records copies of which were
collected by Mr. Burhans in the preparation of the Burhans Genealogy), are
[nvaTuable,^not only because of the fullness of their en^'-'^^jbut also because
he cons.stonal and other minutes contain many items for the h>s The
early ignorant treatment of the insane, for example, is shown by the Church-
town entry of the death in 1840 of " Mrs. Patience Stickels insane for 8 or 10
vers Burned to death in the night in the house in which she was chained
Tnd the earlier animosity against all connected -'^^ t reemasonry cann^3t be
better illustrated than by the minister s own note that '",796. there was at
Churchtown no celebration of the Communion (" Abend-mahl ) because the
congregation had been lead into the error either that the minister was drunk
or thltlecause of his connection with the Freemasons he was in league with

the devil."

* ^ Th^e Taghanick Record fills some 130 type-written pages in the copy, and
includes some 2,s0o baptismal entries, a few marriages and deaths, a full list
of members, and consiftorial minutes. The names Dutch, GerrnanHugueno
French English, Scotch, etc., supplement all records of Columbia Co., and till

"'"^h'ScSn^LiSn Record (, 760-190S) is the more welcome b^
for unknown reasons few of the early Lutheran Churches have so far been in-
cluded in public copies. It consists of 3 volumns. Vol. 2. ( 8o2-i«43).
official cop? of the original, with some omissions and some additions, requiring
pSt co^m'parison with so'much of the original as yet ^x.sts, all having been
forwarded to the Society. Most of the original Marriage and P/^^^ Lists n the
original Vol. 2 are mutilated or lost, and the copied Vol. 2 gives "one of them
Careful work will probably supply these, at least in part. Vol 3 ^ontains an
extensive Marriage Record, (1835-1905). and a Funeral List, (1835-1904).


202 Society Proceedings. [April,

which fortunately generally gives the ages at death. The earlier records are
in German, the Taghanick records being up to about 1800 in Dutch. Person-
ally I have been asked to supervise the transcription and translation. I hope
the results will be trustworthy.

These gifts and loans illustrate the growing recognition that neither history
nor genealogies can be made accurate except through public facilities in ex-
amination of the early Church Records. With the early settlers the Church
was the social and community center. Round it revolved all the life then
deemed worth record, and in the Church Records alone are to be found, espec-
ially in rural communities, the proofs of earlv settlement and organization, the
names of early settlers, the trend of emigration, the growth of families, and
their marriages and deaths. Such records are no longer private. They are
the public history of the founders of our state and nation.

Natural local pride, and the recollection of such events as the Albany
Capitol fire, oppose the concentration of original records in any central
repository, equally inconvenient to all. The original records themselves,
written frequently with watered or diluted ink, and sometimes on paper not
fitted for the life everlasting, should not be submitted to casual, ignorantly
careless, or alas, criminally envious examination. Eventually, all original
records will doubtless be photo-lithographed and thus reproduced with more
than Chinese fidelity. Meanwhile, and with what is at present believed to be
a comprehensive understanding of the situation, the Society asks the aid of all
its Members and Correspondents so that the fullest possible information may
be obtained as to the existence and whereabouts of all early Church Records,
also of all Marriage Records, often held by the descendants of early ministers —
they being originally considered as the ministers' private property — or included
in the Registers of local Justices of the Peace.

The Society will then communicate with the Church Authorities or other
owners of the records, and these being willing, will accept the temporary cus-
tody of the originals, to be used for no other purpose than the prompt making
of type-written duplicate copies, by expert transcribers, and carefully compared
by competent scholars, and where necessary translated in addition to the re-
production of the original. Of these copies one will remain the property of the
Church or other owner of the record, one will remain in the Society's library,
and where other public spirited Societies may join and share the expense, the
remaining copies, say two in all, will be deposited with them for public use, and
for preservation forever.

This far reaching plan, begun with the Taghanick and Churchtown
Records, has already resulted, through the able transcribing work of Miss M.
Cohen, of the Society, in clear, accurate copies, on good enduring bond paper,
in type-writing, and will undoubtedly finally result in a series of exact copies,
carefully edited, and probably indexed, and after full opportunity of correction,
editing, notes and references, will certainly aid publication, and so give to the
public the accurate records of early times. Such a result invites to its culmin-
ation the co-operation and assistance of all the Churches, and of all students of
the history, individual and public, of the beginning of our nation.

Many private copies exist, several original and supposedly long lost
records are held as heirlooms in private hands, many Societies have originals
in their custody, almost unknown except to the members. All who can help
are invited to aid.


Annual Meeting, January i2th, 1912.

The Forty-third Annual Meeting of the New York Genealogical and Bio-
graphical Society was called to order at 8.30 P. M.

President Bowen in the Chair.

Present : Messrs. Bowen, Cornell, Darling, Doty, Drowne, Giddings, Gib-
son, Greene, Hatfield, Mead, Morrison, Mott, Parsons, Righter, Robbins, Suy-
dam, Totten, Wright, Mrs. Holbrook, Mrs. Roe, Miss Smith, Mrs. Youngs.


Society Proceedings. 203

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting. January 13th, 191 1. were read and

^^^ ThfExecutive Committee announced the election of the following mem-
bers : Bayard Hawthorne, 49 Wall St, City, Annual Member, proposed by Mrs
F E Youngs; Rowland Haggerty Pell. 43 Exchange Place. City Annual
Member proposed by Rowland Pell. Also that the following resignations have
been accep^?d with regret : Frederick Coykendall. George Washington
Thomas and Mrs. W. B. Wood. , , , ,

Since the December Meeting the following deaths have been recorded;
Isaac John Greenwood, Life Member, died, Dec. i6lh. 1911, in his 79th year :
Bvam Kerby Stevens, Life Member, died. Dec. 12th. 19.1, m his 76th year;
Mrs EugenI Augustus Roffman, Annual Member, died, Dec. 22nd 19H. and
Tohn De Witt Sterry transferred from Annual to Life Membership.
On motion the report was approved, received and placed on hie.
The Annual Reports of the Officers and Committees being next in order
the Secretary Mr. Drowne, reported as follows : Our Membership now consists
ofVHonorary. 125 Life and 342 Annual Members, making a total of 472; m
addition thereto there are 108 Corresponding Members. .

Eieht Regular Meetings have been held during the year at which interest-
ine historical papers were read, all of which have been well attended.
^ The more important transactions of the Board of Trustees were as follows
The starting of a Building Fund. The election to Honorary Membersh^ of
Hon Tamef Bryce, Minister from England to the United States and Hon
Shades Francis Adams of Boston. Mr. Henry Pierson Gibson has been elected
Librarian in place of Mr. George Austin Morrison. Jr.. resigned.

The amendment of Article 23 of the By-Laws so that members may be en-
titled to vote at the Annual Meeting by proxy, .-^u ^A *\.^
The Treasurer, Mr. Mott, presented his Annual Report, which showed the
Society free from debt, with a cash balance on hand of $344-32.

The assets of the Society from various sources amounted to $107,393.06,
being a gain for 1911 of $3,342.23. The investment account amounted to

^''^t^i^t^ToTet'ch^lrman of the Executive Committee, reported in detail as

^°^'ThTtSrblc%7oU'L'TH^^^ our Quarterly publication, now

amount to 74.1. being a gain of 297 for the year.

The tot'al cash receipts oT the The Record .account from vanous
sources for 191 1, $3,806.64 ; the total cost, $2,827,72 ; leaving a cash profit for the
year af $978.92, to which should be added the value of the books donated for

'"''''Receipts from Society's special publications «^78.oo:from Back Numbers
of The Record $920.48 ; from Pedigree Charts $172.68, and from Library

^"PTS?Re!enue'from Room Rents was $1,383.75. and from Hall Rents $708.00
The total gross receipts for 191 1 amount to $9,859.68, being a gain over 1910

°^ ^ Th?"Record this year is made up as follows:-Genealogical Material,

d66 oaees cover 16 pages, making the total number of pages 560. .

^ ofring ?he year^iln the sum of $1,500.00 has been subscribed and paid in

'°%^G?bslnf?he^-Librarian. reported as follows -.-Total accessions to the
Library 1,532. representing an estimated value of $1,836.81. The total number
of viskors wa's 1,461. Total number of books in the Library ^7.68° ^^uring the
year a very large number of the manuscripts have been copied, shell hst ng nas
also been begun, and is being carried to completion as rapidly as Possible

Messrs. Griffin, Cook and Vosburgh have been very active in securing

""Tp'lKd \o"the report was a list of 34 manuscripts added during the

^"^ The Necrologist, Capt. Richard Henry Greene, read obituary notices of the
following membfrs 'who had died during the year:-Seth Hastings Grant.
Cephas Brainerd. George Hale Morgan, Theodore Frelinghuysen Reed John-
stKivingstoD,ElizablthRomaine McMillan Stanton, Helen Melinda Fisher.

204 Society Proceedings. [April,

Alice Albertson Hicks, William Alexander Smith, David Banks, Rev. Thomas
Gardiner Littell, Richard Purdy Lounsbery, Mrs. Esther Herrman, Christopher
Eldridge Hawley, Louis Ross Alberger, Thomas Chalmers Brainerd, Mary E.
Lippincott Scofield, Byam Kerby Stevens, Isaac John Greenwood and Mrs.
Mary Crook Eimendorf Hoffman.

The Registrar of Pedigrees Mr. Fitch reported that three Pedigree Charts
had been filed.

The Report of the Publication Committee was included in that of the
Executive Committee.

The Historian. Dr. William Austin Macy, Chairman of the Committee on
Research, reported that numerous inquiries had been received, and answered and
that wherever possible he had sought to stimulate the interest of the people in
the work of the Society. That applicants for membership had been encouraged,
as also the collection of data which had produced very encouraging results.

He furnished a list of valuable contributions received from Corresponding
Members and stated that additional work in relation to Albany County was

The report of the Nominating Committee was made by the Chairman, Prof.
Giddings, presenting the names of the following candidates as Trustees for the
Term 1912 to 1915 :

John Reynolds Totten,
Gen. James Grant Wilson,
William Isaac Walker,
Tobias Alexander Wright,
Thomas Townsend Sherman.
The Rev. John Cornell nominated:

Royden Woodward Vosburgh,
Henry C. Quinby.

The President appointed Messrs. Morrison and Suydam as Tellers. Ballots
were duly cast and the Tellers reported the election of Messrs. Totten, Wilson,
Walker, Wright and Sherman.

Mr. Morrison moved the Chair appoint a Committee to revise the Constitu-
tion as to certain sections of Article 8 of the By-Laws, and the President
announced that he will appoint the Committee later.

Special Meeting, January iqth, 1912.

A Special Meeting of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
was held on the afternoon of Friday, January 19th, 1912, at four o'clock.
The President, Mr. Bowen in the Chair.

Since the last meeting of the Society the following death was recorded: —
George Gosman DeWitt, Annual Member, died, January I2th, 1912, age 66.

Mr. Bowen announced with much regret that Capt. John R. Totten had re-
signed his office as Chairman of the Executive Committee and as a member of
the Board of Trustees, and that Mr. Abraham Hatfield, Jr., had been elected to
fill the vacancy.

Mr. Bowen announced that at the meeting of the Board of Trustees held
January i6th, 1912, the following Officers and Committees for the year 1912 had
been elected:

President: — Clarence Winthrop Bowen.
First Vice-President: — William B. Osgood Field.
Second Vice-President: — William Isaac Walker.
Secretary: — Henry Russell Drowne.
Treasurer: — Hopper Striker Mott.
Librarian: — Henry Pierson Gibson.
Historian: — William Austin Macy, M. D.
Necroloerist: — Capt. Richard Henry Greene.
Registrar of Pedigrees: — Winchester Fitch.
Executive Committee:— K\)X2\\z.m. Hatfield, Jr., Chairman, William B. Osgood
Field, Henry Pierson Gibson, George Austin Morrison, Jr., and William Isaac

$4.00 per Annum.

Current Numbers, $1.00


No. 3.


Genealogical and Biographical




July, 191 2



226 West 58TH Street, New York.

Entered July tq. 1879. a^^econd Class Matter. Post

Office at New York. N. Y., Act of Congress of March 3d. 1879.

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

Publication Committee :





Illustrations. Portrait of Edmund Abdy Hurry, M. A., LL.B Frontispiece

Symonds Coat-of-Arms Facing 289

Sandys (Sands) Coat-of-Arms 293

1. Edmund Abdv Hurry, M. A., LL.B., By Tobias A. Wright . . . 209

2. Walter Kenneth Griffin, B.Sc, London, B. A., LL.B. . . . 210

3. Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwell through his son John.

By William A. Robbins. (Continued from Vol. XLIII, page 140) . . 211

4. Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machacke-

meck (Deerpark.) (Continued from Vol. XLIII, page 164) . . 225

5. Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. By John R. Totten. (Continued

from Vol. XLIII, page 188) 249

6. The Doughty Family of Long Island. By Ethan Allen Doty . . 273

7. Early New York Church Records. By Royden W. Vosburgh, of the

Publication Committee 287

8. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's De-

partment of Registration of Pedigrees. (Continued from Vol.

XLIII, page 200) 289

9. Society Proceedings 302

10. Corrections 303

11. Queries. — Addis — Brinkerhoff — Claessen — Cook — Green — Jones — Mer-

ritt — Montgomery — Rapelje — Richmond — Ruff — Taylor — Vermilye . 303

12. Book Notices 304

13. Accessions to the Library 307

notice,— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea-
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether
published under the name or without signature.

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April,
July and October. Terms : ^4.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions
should be sent to N. Y. GEN. & BIOG. SOC,

226 West 58th Street, New York City.

For Advertising Rates apply to the Society at above address.

^^i^^:^^ Mi/tyy


Vol. XLIII. NEW YORK, JULY, 1912. No. 3.


By Tobias A. Wright.

Mr. Hurry was born in New York City, Aug. 8, 1839, and

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