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died at his home, 122 East 39th Street, April 8, 191 2.

He graduated from Columbia College, New York, in i860,
and in 1862 from Columbia College Law School, receiving his
degrees from this institution. In 1863 Mr. Hurry was appointed
Secretary and aid to his uncle. Captain Homer C. Blake of the
United States Navy, then commanding the U. S. S. Eutaw, and
it was while in this service when in Pensacola harbor on the
Eutaw that he bore dispatches to the Hartford, Admiral Farra-
gut's flagship, at the time a council of war was being held on the
latter vessel to determine the course to be pursued by the fleet
in the proposed attack upon Mobile. After more than a year in
this service he was obliged to retire in consequence of fever
contracted in the Gulf of Mexico. .Returning to New York he
became active in professional and social affairs, and in 1868
married Emily Ashton Renwick, daughter of William Rhine-
lander Renwick, and great-granddaughter of William Renwick
(the first of the family in America), and his wife Jane (Jaffrays)
Renwick, who is said to have been the heroine of Burns' Blue-
eyed Lassie, and whose father was Rev. Andrew Jaffrays, D.D.,
of Lockmaben, Scotland.

While maintaining a residence in New York City, and a
country place on Barclay Heights, Saugerties-on-the-Hudson,
New York, he spent much time abroad, travelling in many
countries. Though ever a patriotic and loyal American, he felt
great pride in his distinguished English and Irish ancestry, and
devoted much time compiling and publishing in 1900 an Addenda
to the Memorials of the Family of Hurry, published in England
in 1873, in which his Hurry ancestors are traced back to the
sixteenth century. The American branch of the family descends
from Samuel Hurry, third son of John Hurry of Liverpool,
eldest son of John Hurry of Great Yarmouth, who was the
third son of Thomas Hurry of the same place, the eldest son of
Thomas Hurry with whom the pedigree begins,


2IO Edmund A bdy Hurry, M. A., LL.B. [July.

This Samuel Hurry, the grandfather of the subject of this
sketch, was born at his father's residence in Liverpool, England,
Nov. 24, 1778, and in 1795, when but seventeen years of age,
came to America and settled in Philadelphia, Pa., where he
married Eliza Ann, eldest daughter of William Whiteside.
Their son Edmund (Cobb) Hurry, born at Philadelphia, Sept. 17,
1807, married April 25, 1838, Elizabeth Maria, second daughter of
James Flanagan and Elizabeth Myers McKean, his wife, of
New York. James Flanagan was the son of Christopher Flana-
gan of Dublin, Ireland, who left that city in 1786 and settled in
New York and became one of the largest importers of books in
the United States. He was also a public speaker of note.

The subject of this memorial was the eldest son of Edmund
(Cobb) Hurry and Elizabeth Maria Hurry. Of the seven chil-
dren of Edmund Abdy and his wife Emily Ashton Renwick
Hurry: Edith Renwick is unmarried; Bessie Crosby died in in-
fancy; Helen Schuyler married William V. Draper, and has one
child, John Haggerty; Renwick Clifton married Lucy Washington
Morss, and has three children, Renwick Washington, Lucy
Rhinelander, and Emily Clarkson; Mary Crosby, married, ist,
Walton C. Peckham, and had one child. May Hurry; married 2d,
James H. Colfelt; Emily Ashton married Louis G. Smith, and
has one son, Crosby Tuttle; Rutgers Ives married Aline Virginia
Kent, no children.

Mr. Hurry joined the Society which publishes this magazine
in 1873, and in date of membership was with one exception (the
venerable Dr. Ellsworth Eliot) the oldest member. He early be-
came active in the Society and at different periods filled the
office of Secretary and Trustee, and served on many important
committees. He had also been a vestryman of Trmity Episcopal
Church at Saugerties, N. Y., a director of the United States Fire
Insurance Company, Trustee of the New York Eastern Dispen-
sary, Treasurer of the Babies* Hospital, New York, member of
the St. Nicholas Society, St. George's Society, of New York,
Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Geographical Society,
Union League Club,University Club and other social organizations.

It was as a fellow member and worker in the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society that the writer came to
know Mr. Hurry, as a gentleman of the old school, dignified but
kind and genial, with a rare quality of making himself agreeable
to his associates and lovable to his friends.


In the death of Mr. Griffin which occurred on April 17, 1912,
the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society loses a
valuable member and one of its most able and conscientious
workers. The archives of the Society have been enriched by his
many contributions of manuscript records and the readers of this
magazine will remember him as the compiler of the extensive
Dutcher Family Records.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward rre(a)d'well through his son John. 2 I I


By William A. Robbins.

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
and Long Island Historical Society.

Continued from Vol. XLIII, p. 140, of the Record.

Sixth Generation:
7o Charity' Tredwell (Thomas/ John/ Thomas/ John/ Ed-
ward') died probably before 19th March, 1766; married in Hemp-
stead New York, 13th (bond dated 2nd) February, 1756. John
Tacks'on Jr., of Hempstead, born 1733, died about 1821, son of

John and (PKeziah Mott) Jackson. He married (2) Margaret ,

daughter of Wright. Residence, Queens county, New York.

Farmer. , , . -r x

Jackson Children (5 others by second wife):

i. John,' mar. Sarah Udall.
ii. Thomas Tredwell,' mar. Catharine Britt.
iii. Tredwell/ living 28th June, 1779.
iv. Samuel,' living 28th June, 1779, d. unmar.
^i John" Tredwell (Thomas,' John,* Thomas,' John,'' Edward'),
born probably, before 25th December, 1740, died between 23rd
Tune' 1772, and 7th June, 1773; married in Hempstead, New
York by Leo Cutting, Rector, 8th (bond dated 5th) January, 1769,
Mary Jackson of Hempstead, living 12th February, 1722, daughter
of Richard and Jane ( Seaman) Jackson of Southold, Suffolk county,
New York Mary (Jackson) Tredwell married (2) in Jamaica,
Queens county. New York, 17th March, 1777, Benjamin Creed.
Residence, Hicks' Neck (1772), town of Hempstead, New York.
He left a will dated 12th February, 1772, and probated 7th June,
I77V recorded New York county in Liber 28 of Wills, page 467.
Original is on file. See deeds recorded in Liber F, Hempstead
Town Records.

Tredwell Child:
i. Charity,' d. 17th March, 1846, aet. 76 yrs., 3 mos., 15
days, bur. Jericho, Long Island (g. s.); mar. m Hemp-
stead, 23rd April, 1786, Samuel Seaman, d. Merrick,
L. L., Thursday, 30th October, 1851, aet. 88 yrs., 6
mos., 9 days, buried beside wife. 5 children.
32. Benjamin' Tredwell (Thomas,' John,* Thomas/ John,' Ed-
ward'), died loth June, 1803 (while crossing a mill flue alone,
fell in and was drowned); married Keziah Bedell, living 12th July,

1803, daughter of and Mary ( ) Bedell of Hempstead,

New York. Residence, on or near Great Coes Neck, south side
town of Hempstead. Yeoman. In 1773, designated " 3rd;" 1782,
made administrator of mother-in-law's estate; mentioned in 1790












212 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [July,

United States census. Probably the Quartermaster in Col.
Hewlett's Light Dragoons, Queens county, 1778. Administration
on his estate granted to his three sons, John, Thomas and Ben-
jamin, and son-in-law, Daniel Bedell (Queens county Surrogate's
office. A: 146, Administrations). See deeds in Liber F, Hemp-
stead Town Records.

Tredwell Children:
i. Mary,' b. 17th Oct., 1768, d. in Village of Hempstead,
Saturday 9th Sept., 1843, bur. in town cemetery, part
levelled and now Park; mar. Hempstead, i6th Dec,
1787, Daniel Bedell, b. 27th July, 1765, d. Hempstead,
Sunday evening, 6th Dec, 1835. Res., Hempstead,
N. Y, II children.
ii. Susan,' b. 1771; mar. Hempstead, 6th Oct., 1790, Joseph

Carman. He mar. (2) . Res., Hempstead, N. Y.

4 daus.

Benjamin H.'

Phoebe,' b. 9th March, 1788, d. 9th July, 1869, bur.
cemetery back Presbyterian church, Hempstead,
N. Y. (g. s.); mar. 8th Sept., 1805, Daniel Smith, d.
Hicks' Neck, Hempstead, 19th March, 185 1, aged 68
yrs., bur. near wife (g. s.). 5 children.
Z2>. Edward' Tredwell (Samuel,' John,* Thomas,' John,' Ed-
ward"), born probably on Long Island, New York, died Dutchess
county. New York, about 1794, aged about 40 years; married,
bond dated 3rd June, 1773, Anna Morgan of Westchester county.
New York, born 20th August, 1752, died probably in Westchester
county, nth February, 182 1, buried in Morgan row, front of
church, St. Paul's churchyard, Eastchester, New York, daughter
of Charles and Susannah (Guion) Morgan. Edward' Tredwell
moved to Beekmantown, Dutchess county, New York, after Rev-
olution; his widow returned to Westchester county. He was one
of the signers from Beekman's Precinct, Dutchess County, of the
"Pledge of Association," July, 1775; lieutenant in American
army in Revolution, having an arm broken in the battle at
White Plains, it is said. See United States census for 1790. His
widow left will dated loth February, 1821, probated 2nd March,
1821, Westchester county Wills, J:8o.

" In memory of | Anna | wife of Edward Tredwell | who de-
parted this life I Feb. 11, 1821 | Aged 68 years."

Tredwell Children:
Seven were living 14th December, 1818, date of petition in a
partition suit in Court of Common Pleas for New York county.
i. Samuel,' probably d. unmar. before Dec, 1818; sailed
for Havana, Cuba, after which never heard from.

I9I2.1 Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwell through his son John. 2 I 3

68 ii. Tames.' , , , ., j^^^

iii Susan; d. before husband; mar. before 14th Dec
1818, William Van Voorhis, b. nth Sept, 1779, papt.
4th Tune, 1780, d. 22nd July, 1862. He mar. (2) be-
fore 8th June, 1855, Elizabeth Meyers Res. near
Brooklyn, N. Y. He left a will, probated Kings
county, N. Y. See Van Voorhees Gen.

^^ Z'. John,'^b. after 5th Feb., 1779, d- between 5th Feb., 1800,
and 14th Dec, 1818.

^° vli' Elmh"^ d! of yellow fever, New York city, unmar., bur.

■ Trinity Cem., N. Y. City, loth Dec, 1817, aet. 30 yrs.
(Trinity Ch. records). Res., N. Y. City. House car-
penter. See N. Y. Co. Deeds, 110:179; also partition
suit mentioned above. -, t- . -u ^ at v

viii Phoebe,' bur. St. Paul's churchyard, Eastchester, NY.,

■ mar. before 14th Dec, 1818, Robert Purdy. Res.,
Eastchester, N. Y. Inscriptions on large granite
monument: "Robert Purdy | Born Sept. 6, 1787 Died
Tulv 19 1872. I Phebe Treadwell | His wife | Born
Sept. 17, 1789 I Died May 22, 1855." 3 children.

71 ix. Sands.'
U Mary' Tredwell (Samuel,' John,* Thomas,* John,' Ed-
ward') born Long Island, New York, 14th July, 1754, died 8th
April, 1813; married, bond dated 31st December, 1773, Elijah
Townsend, born 8th June, 1 751, died, intestate, 3rd April, 1824,
son of John and Anne (Gedney) Townsend Residence, Pough-
keepsie, Dutchess county, New York. Dutchess county adminis-
trations, D:2o.

Townsend Children:

i Sybil,' b. 26th May, 1774; mar. Daniel Gidley
ii! Anna,' b. ist July, 1776; mar. Stephen Dusenberry.
iii Phebe,' b. i8th March, 1778; mar. Eleazer Taylor,
iv* Tredwell,' b. 9th Jan., 1780; mar. Anna Durland.
v Martha,' b. i8th Jan., 1781; mar. John Christy.
vi John E.,'b. 5th April, 1782; mar. Margaret Macord.
vii. Hannah,' b. 21st June, 1785; mar^ John Mott.
viii. Mary,' b. 14th Aug., 1786; mar. Conrad Ovenson.
ix. Elijah,' b. ist April, 1788; mar. (i) Susan Morgan; (2)

Rosanna Downing.
X. Samuel,' b. 1st Aug., 179°; mar. Eliza Viely.
xi. James,' b. ist Jan., 1792; mar. Anna Spear
xii Freelove,' b. i6th May, 1793; mar. Joseph Budd.
xiii. Moses,' b. 12th Nov., 1794; mar. Hannah Alley.

.c Phebe' Tredwell (Samuel,' John,* Thomas,^ 1°^"'' ^^'^t?''^'?'
born about May, 1756, died nth November, ^^39, buried St Paul s
churchyard, Eastchester, New York; married, bond dated nth
December, 1771, James Morgan, born 7th August, 1750, died 13th
March 181^ buried (gravestone), several graves south ot wite, in
same row son of Chades and Susannah (Guion) Morgan of East-


214 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)d'well through his son John. [July,

Chester. Residence, Eastchester, New York. James Morgan
left will dated 20th February, 1813, probated 8th February, 1814,
Westchester county Wills, 0:307.

" In I Memory of | Phebe, wife of | James Morgan | who de-
parted this life I November 11*^, 1839 | Aged 85 years | and 6

Morgan Children:
All eight living 20th February, 1792. Phebe, Abigail, and
Eliza Ann, youngest daughters.

i. Mary,' d. 7th Dec, 1863, aet. 88 years, 3 mos., & 23 days
(g. s.); mar. before 20th Feb., 1813, John Barker, b.
29th March, 1771; d. 22nd Nov., 1853.

ii. Hannah,' mar. (i) before 20th Feb., 1813, Smith;

(2) Moses Hunt.

iii. Sarah,' mar. (i) before 20th Feb., 1813, Man; (2)

J. Wood,
iv. Susannah,' mar. before 20th Feb., 1813, Moses Drake.

Res., Eastchester, N. Y.
V. Phebe,' mar. after 20th Feb., 18 13, Capt. Josiah Le

Count. Res., New Rochelle, N. Y.
vi. Abigail, 7 mar. after 20th Feb., 1813, John Drake,
vii. Eliza Ann,' b. 14th Sept., 1796, d. 23rd Jan., 1883; mar.
after 20th Feb., 1813, James Horton, b. 25th April,
1807, d. loth Aug., 1849.
viii. Charles,' b. after 20th Feb., 1792; mar. Maria A. Feeks,
d. 24th July, 1865, aet. 60 yrs., & 28 days (g. s.) 5

36. John' Tredwell (Samuel', John,' Thomas,' John," Edward'),
born on homestead, Eastchester, New York, Sunday, 6th August,
1758, died 31st October, 1834, buried ist November, St. Paul's
churchyard, Eastchester; married nth September, 1783 (bond,
same date), Phebe Pell, born 27th December, 1762, died 29th
November, 1806, daughter of Joshua and Abigail (Archer) Pell.
Residence, Eastchester, New York, living on paternal home-
stead. Farmer. Assessor, overseer of roads, commissioner of
schools, road master (Eastchester records). Ensign, 1789; lieu-
tenant, 1797; captain, 1805. In 181 2, he conveyed his property
to his daughter, Hannah Tredwell, in trust for his eight other
children (Westchester county Deeds, P:28o). See 5 Wendell
(New York), 660.


" Sacred | to the memory of | Capt. John Tredwell | of East
Chester son of | Samuel and Hannah Tredwell who | departed this
Life the 31'*^ of October | 1834 Aged 76 years 2 months and 24
I days."

Tredwell Children:

All probably born on the homestead in Eastchester; dates
taken from slips in Sarah Ann (Tredwell) Whaites' Bible. 3 sons
and 6 daughters were living at time of mother's death. See

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwell through his son John. 2 I 5

Chancery suit in 1842, entitled Tredwell against Tredwell, papers
in office of Commissioner of Records, New York county.

i Hannah,' b. 7th Oct., 1784, d. between 21st Sept., and _

28th Dec, 1840; mar. 1819, Capt. Joseph Skinner

(widower), d. 20th Oct., 1836, aet. 70 yrs., bur. bt
Paul's churchyard, Eastchester (g. s ) son of
William and Sarah (Hallam) Skinner, of Bath, bng:.,
and America. Res., Eastchester N.Y. Sea Cap-
tain, followed sea over 50 years. He left will, dated
2trd Aug., 1836, prob. 24th Nov., 1836, Westchester
CO Wills S.:244; her will, dated 21st Sept., 1840,
probated' 28th Dec, 1840, Westchester co. Wills,
W-4i6 I ch., Josephine, living 21st Sept., 1840.
ii Abieair b. 13th Oct., 1786, d. intestate, 1835; mar be-
fife 2ird June, 1812, Elias Hoffman of Red Hook,

Dutchess CO., N. ¥., b. , 1776, d. 6th June, 1815,

bur "Old Red Church," Madalm, Dutchess co.,
N Y son of Nicholas A. and Edy (Silvester) Hoff-
man of Upper Red Hook, N. Y. i child, Eliza Hen-
rietta, b. 1810; mar. 1837, William Hitchcock, both of

whom died 1841, s. p. c^ t^ ^, x. u a

Mary ' b. 25th March, 1789, bur. St. Paul s churchyard,

Eastchester, N. Y. Inscription: ''Here lies | the

body of I Mary | dau. of | John & Phebe Tredwell

I who departed this life \ May the 12''^ 1793 1 aged

4 years i month | and 18 days."

Phebe Pell,' b. 7th July, 1791, d. intestate, 1819; mar.

at father's home, Jan., 1814, Capt. Joseph Skinner,

Jr., d. 1816. s. p. , , , . r ^t,

V. TamaiV b. 14th May, i793, d. probably before 29th

Martha'\p°atty), b. 2nd April, 1795. d. N. Y. City, N.Y
3rd Jan., 1863; bur. St. Paul's churchyard, East-
chester, 6th Jan. (grave 47°); mar. 25th June, 1816,
Leverett Treadwell, b. Ipswich, Mass., 3rd Oct., 1790,
d. intestate, N. Y. City, 13th Sept i860, bui. same
erave as wife, son of Jacob and Eliza (White)
Treadwell of Ipswich. (For his line, see Thomas
Treadwell of Ipswich, Mass., N. E. Hist. & Gen.
Register, vol. 60). 4 children. ., ^ , o ^i,

vii John Murray,' b. 29th June, 1797, sailed to South

America, d. intestate, 1816, prob. unmar.
viii. Adelia E.,' b. Aug., 1799, living 21st Sept., 1840, proba-
bly unmar. .
ix. Joshua Pell,' b. 31st Oct., 1801, d. intestate, 1819, prob-

unmar. , .,, , , ,. , , .

X Sally Ann,' b. 31st Oct., 1803, killed by lightning,
Darien (Stamford), Conn., 8th Aug., 1883, bur.
Episcopal churchyard, Springdale Station, btamtord.
Conn.; mar. (1) N. Y. City, N. Y., evening 17th,
Feb., 1835, John Playfair, of N. Y. City b Perth,
Scotland, 6th June. 1805, d. i6th St., N. Y. City,




2l6 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)d'well through his son John. [July,

Tuesday, 2nd July, 1872, bur. 4th July, St. Paul's
churchyard, Eastchester (g. s.); (2) N. Y. City, i6th
Oct., 1872, Edward P. Whaites. Res., Darien, Conn.
She left will dated Jan., 1879; cod. dat. 26th June,
1882, prob. Stamford, Conn.
72 xi. William Starr.'
Descendants of a Davoe Treadwell claim that, after the decease
of his wife Phebe (Pell) Tredwell, John* Tredwell married Mary
(Polly) Davoe and had the said Davoe, born at New Rochelle,
New York, 22nd March, i8ti. The public records show that the
father of this Davoe Treadwell was a John Tredwell.

37 Phebe" Tredwell (John,* Benjamin.* Thomas," John," Ed-
ward'), born (? 20th October, 1750, died i8th November, 1783);
married Hempstead, New York, 8th June, bond dated 30th
January, 1773, Thomas Woolley of Hempstead.
WooLLEY Children:
There may have been 2 sons. Following order uncertain.

i. Peggy.'
ii. Sally.'
iii, Elizabeth.'

38. Thomas' Tredwell (John,' Benjamin,* Thomas,' John,' Ed-
ward'), born 4th September, 1758, baptized at his home, 25th
October, 1787, died Great Neck, North Hempstead, New York,
9th (so on gravestone, but Long Island Farmer sa.ys, 8th), August,
1839, buried loth August, in old Tredwell plot. Great Neck; mar-
ried (i) Jamaica, Queens county. New York, 2nd January, 1785,
Ann (Nancy) Woolley, born 19th May, 1766, baptized same date
as husband, died 6th May, 1803, buried in old Tredwell plot,
Great Neck, daughter of Henry and Miriam (Cornell) Woolley;
(2) North Hempstead, New York, 21st December, 1805, Altie
Thorne of North Hempstead, born (? loth May, 1775). died North
Hempstead, 27th March, 1859, in her 84th year, buried in Thorne
family plot, Great Neck, and remains removed later to Christ's
churchyard, Manhasset, North Hempstead, daughter of John and
(?Mary) Thorne. Residence, Great Neck, North Hempstead,
New York. Farmer. Overseer of highways, assessor. He left
will dated 2nd August, 1838, probated 2nd September, 1839,
Queens county Wills Real Estate, 2:128. Altie (Thorne) Tred-
well left will dated 3rd January, 1859, probated 9th May, 1859,
Queens county Wills Real Estate, 2:299.

See United States census for 1790; Queens County, New York,
Deeds, 0:86; Westchester County, New York, Deeds, 28:124; Lo7tg
Island Farmer, i8th April, 1824, 14th August, 1839, 2nd April,
1859; Long Island Democrat, 14th August, 1839; Records Christ's
Church, Manhasset, Long Island.

"In 1 memory of | Ann | wife of Thomas Tredwell [ who de-
parted this life I May 6*", 1803 | Aged 36 years 11 months & ] 17

I9I2.] Descendants of Edwatd Tre{a)dweU through his son John. 217

"In I Memory of | Thomas Tredwell | who departed this life
I August 9, 1839 I aged 80 years | Behold the upright." (Stone
had fallen).

"Altie Treadwell | Died March 27, 1859 | Aged 87 years."
(On one side Thorne monument).

Tredwell Children:
i. Henry Woolley,' b. 30th Oct., 1785, bapt. at home, 25th
Oct., 1787, d. intestate, bur. 22nd April, 1840, in old
Tredwell plot, Great Neck. Unmar. Res., No.
Hempstead, N. Y. Queens co., N. Y., Letters Adm.,
0:85. Inscription: "In | memory of | Henry W.
Tredwell | son of | Thomas & Ann Tredwell | who
departed this life | April 20, 1840 | aged 54 years."
(Stone fallen).
ii. Mariam,' b. 4th Oct., 1789, bur. 23rd June, 1807, next to
mother. Inscription: "In | memory of | Mariam
Tredwell | daughter of | Thomas & Ann Tredwell j
who departed this life | June 2\^^, 1807 | aged 17
years 8 months & | 17 Days."
iii. John R.,' b. 31st March, 1793, bur. next to mother. In-
scription: ". . . mem. . . . | John R. Tred-
well I son of I Thomas & Ann Tredwell | who de-
parted this life I August 9*\ 1793 | aged 4 months &
10 days." (Top of stone broken off.)
iv. Phebe,' b. 2Sth June, 1795, bur. Christ's churchyard,
Manhasset, L. I.; mar. No. Hempstead, N. Y., 15th
March, 1815, Richard Allen, b. 25th June, 1786, bur.
25th May, 1859, beside wife. Res., Great Neck, L. I.
Inscriptions: " In | memory of | Richard | son of I
Elijah & Sarah | Allen | Died | May 23^'^, 1859 |
Aged 72 years."
" In I Memory of j Phebe Tredwell | Wife of | Richard

Allen I Died | Sept. 21"*, 1880, Aged 85 years."
Several children.
V. Ann (Nancy),' b. ist July, 1797, living 3rd April, 1866;
mar. (i) Great Neck, L. I., 27th Jan., 1824, Abraham
Schenck Onderdonk, b. 1796, d. 7th Feb., 1825; (2)
Manhasset, L. I., 12th April, 1834, Stephen Robbins
of East Woods, Oyster Bay, L. I., b. Woodbury,
L. I., d. 26th Jan., 1870, aet. 8r years. Res., Wood-
bury, L. I. I St husband left will. Probably
vi. Elizabeth Louisa,' b. 2nd Dec, 1806, bapt. Hempstead,
8th May, 1808, d. 19th Nov., 1839, bur. 21st Nov.,
Christ's churchyard, Manhasset, L. I. (g. s.); mar.
15th April, 1830, Silvanus S. Smith, b. 4th July, 1803,
d. nth March, 1888, bur. by side wife (g. s.). He mar.

(2) Helen L. , d. 23rd Sept., 1891. Res., Her-

ricks and Great Neck, L. I. Farmer. Children,
vii. John Thorne,' b. 5th May, (?i8io), bapt. at home, 2nd
June, 181 1, bur. 22nd Dec, 1858, in Thorne burial
ground, Great Neck, L. I., removed with mother to

2l8 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [July,

Thorne plot, Christ's churchyard, Manhasset, L, I.
Unmar. Res., Great Neck and Manhasset, L. I.
Farmer. See his father's will; also Queens co.
Deeds, 52:419. His will, dated 3rd March, 1852,
Queens co. Wills of Real Est., 8:396. Inscription:
"John Treadwell 1 Died Dec. 20, 1858 | Aged 48
years." (Thorne monument).

39. Benjamin' Tredwell (John,' Benjamin,* Thomas,' John,'
Edward'), born ist February, 1761, baptized at home, 24th April,
1808, died Cow Bay, North Hempstead, New York, 28th Septem-
ber, 1835, buried 30th September, in old Tredwell plot, Great
Neck, North Hempstead; married (i) in Hempstead, New York,
1 2th September, 1786, Susanna Burr of North Hempstead, died
nth January, 1798, aged 30 years, 9 months, and 22 days, buried
by side husband, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Mabbett) Burr
of Hempstead, New York; (2) (? Flushing, Long Island), 17th
January, 1799, Sarah Thorne of Great Neck, Long Island, born
29th April, 1756, died 8th March, 1837, buried by side husband,
daughter of William and Martha (Cornell) Thorne. Residence,
Cow Neck, North Hempstead, New York. Storekeeper; mer-
chant. He left will dated 3rd March, 1835, probated 21st Novem-
ber, 1835, Queens county Wills Real Estate, 1:143. His second
wife left will dated i8th February, 1837, probated 12th June, 1837,
Queens county Wills Personal Estate, 1:178. See Queens county,
New York, Deeds, F:23o; G:79 and 448; K:3oo; also Orange
county, New York, Mortgages, 28:185; 29:336 and 338; 30:148.

"In I memory of | Susanna | wife of Benjamin Tredwell | who
departed this life | January 11'^'', 1798 | aged 30 years 9 months |
& 22 Days."

"In I Memory of | Benjamin Tredwell | who died September
28, 1835 I aged 74 years." (Stone had fallen).

" In I Memory of | Sarah relict of | Benjamin Tredwell | who
died I March 8, 1837 [ Aged 81 years."

Tredwell Children:
i. John B.,' bur. in old Tredwell plot, Great Neck, L. I.

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