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as relates to Captain Gorham personally, and I make no doubt but
he will be promoted, as he is very deserving of it. I have as yet

250 Thacher-Thatcher Getiealogy. [July,

suspended my judgment in regard to the establishment of his Com-
pany. His is certainly the best I have seen of the Rangers ; but the
best, according to me, is no extraordinary thing. However, if you
think that the augmenting of that company, or the establishment
of two, would be of any real service or advantage to the Province
of Nova Scotia, I shall upon your answer recommend the affair to
the Secretary of War."

The establishment of Gorham's Rangers as regular troops un-
der Joseph Gorham as Major Commandant dates from September
25th, 1761. In 1763 his troops were disbanded; and on September
of that year he again went to England, and was appointed a mem-
ber of the Halifax Council, taking his seat on December 20th, 1766.
In 1770 he became Lieutenant Governor of Placentia in Newfound-
land. In May, 1772, he became a Lieutenant Colonel and in June
of that year vacated his seat in the Halifax Council. In 1776 he
was in command of Fort Cumberland. May 16, 1782, he became a
Colonel ; and on April 29th, 1790, he was appointed a Major General,
dying soon after, probably.

Hon. George Thacher, in his MSS. Thacher Genealogy, gives
the first two children of Joseph^ Gorham, viz : — Joseph*' and Wil-
liam,® as one child named Joseph William" ; but Amos Otis gives
them as I have recorded them, the sons being grouped in sequence
and the daughters likewise, with no dates of their respective births.
Ann Spry was a sister of William Spry, Judge of the English
Court of Admiralty at Halifax, Nova Scotia. They both came to
Nova Scotia with another sister, Emily, arriving at Halifax, Sep-
tember 25th, 1764.


N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, Vol. XXVIII, pp. 134, 199.

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 438.

128. Benjamin^ Gorham (Mary* Thacher, Hon, Col. John,' An-
tony,^ Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, June 5th, 1726; he
resided at Barnstable, where he was a ship master ; he died

, at ; he married , at , to Nancy (or Ann)

Hinckley of Barnstable, Mass., born ; died . She

was a daughter of Ebenezer Hinckley, a ship master of Barn-
stable (born Braintree, Mass., March 14th, 1713; died ,

in West Indies; married July nth, 1732), and Hannah
(Nightingale) Hinckley.*

Children: 5 (Gorham), 4 sons and i daughter, all born in
Barnstable, Mass.

431 i. James,® born ; died ; married Charlotte

Kneeland ; he was a merchant in Cuba, W. I.

Children: 3 (Gorham), i son and 2 daughters.

* Under record of Mary'' Thacher (No. 47), her loth child, Benjamin'
Gorham (No. 128) is stated to have married twice: ist to Nancy Hinckley, and
2nd to Ellen Rankin. This statement as to 2nd marriage is incorrect; he only
married once, and to Nancy Hinckley.

igi2.] Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 25 I

1. Charlotte," born ; died ; married Jo-
seph Palmer, M. D., of Boston, Mass.

2. Matilda," born ; died ; married F. P.

Leverett of Boston.

3. John G.," born ; died ; married Eliza

A. Farvvell and settled on a farm in Billerica, Ti^WiM

432 ii. Benjamin,*^ born ; died ; he was a ship

master ; he first married , at , to Nancy

Kneeland, born ; died ; married, second,

to Frances Harrison (daughter of James Harri-
son), {Otis Barnstable Families says her maiden

surname was Harrington), born ; died .

Children, first marriage: 3 (Gorham), i son and
2 daughters,

1. James Lane," born ; died ; married

Jerusha Ann Wright; he was a Boston mer-
chant, and lived at Jamaica Plain, Mass.

2. Ellen," born ; died .

3. Charlotte," born ; died ; married H.


Child, second marriage: i (Gorham), daughter.

4. Lydia," born ; died ; married


433 iii. Samuel,^ born ; died ; married, first,

; married, second, Ellen Rankin. He settled

in New York City.

Child by second marriage: i (Gorham), daugh-

I. Antoinette," born ; died ; married

Anthony Hoguet of New York City.

434 iv. John,« born ; died , young.

435 V. Nancy,'' born ; died ; married, first,

Anthony Glean of Cuba, W. I. ; married, second,

James Macomb of Matanzas (Otis says Mata-


Children, first marriage: 3 (Glean), 2 sons and

I daughter.

1. Francis," born ; died ; married

Jenkins of Brooklyn, N. Y.

2. Anita," born ; died ; married John

Philpot Curran Thompson.

3. James," born .

Children, second marriage: 3 (Macomb), i son
and 2 daughters.

4. Frances," born ; died ; married, first,

Israel Thorndike, Jr.; married, second,

Tessane of Cuba, W. I.


Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July,

5. Thomas/ born ; died ; married


6. Louisa/ born ; died ; married John


N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. XIII, pp. 211-12.
N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, Vol. XXVIII, p. I34-
Otis' Barnstable Familes, Vol. I, p. 438.

129. Rev. Josiah^ Crocker (Desire* Thacher, Hon. Col. John/
Antony/ Rev. Peter^), born Yarmouth, Mass., October 30th,
1719. Harvard College, 1738; died at Taunton, Mass., Au-
gust 28th, 1774, "in 55th year of his age", and was buried
at Taunton, Mass., gravestone. He married, first, at Barn-
stable, Mass. (probably), July 28th, 1742, to Rebecca Allyn,

born , 1723, at Barnstable, Mass.; died September 28th,

1759, at Taunton, Mass., and was buried there; gravestone.

She was a daughter of James Allyn (born , 1691 ; died

October 8th, 1741 ; married July 24th, 1712), and Susannah
(Lewis) Allyn (born April 17th, 1694; died October 4th,
1753), of Barnstable, Mass. He married, second, November

5th, 1 761, at , to Hannah Cobb of Attleborough, Mass.,

daughter of Colonel Thomas Cobb and his wife Lydia
(Leonard) Cobb of Attleborough, Mass. Lydia Leonard
was daughter of James Leonard (born May nth, 1677 ; died
January i6th, 1764), and his second wife Lydia (Gulliver)
Gulliver (widow of John Gulliver and daughter of Jonathan
Gulliver of Milton, Mass.).
Children, first marriage: 7 (Crocker), 6 sons and i daughter.

436 i. Josiah/ born ; died ; married Abigail

Leonard (daughter of Zephaniah Leonard).

Children: 5 (Crocker), amongst whom was

I. William Augustus/ born ; died ;

married Sally (Ingell) Richmond (widow of
Charles Richmond, and daughter of Captain
Jonathan Ingell), by whom he had Children:

3 (Crocker), sons: i. William/ born ;

died ; married Thomas (grand-
daughter of Isaiah Thomas, and sister of
B. F. Thomas of Worcester, Mass. 2.
Samuel Leonard/ born March 31st, 1804;
died February loth, 1883. 3. , .

437 ii. Benjamin.®

438 iii. Allyn.*

439 iv. Joseph.®

440 V. William.®

441 vi. Ebenezer.®

442 vii. Rebecca."

1912.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 253

Children, by second marriage: 2 (Crocker), i son and i

443 viii. Leonard," born October 2nd, 1762.

444 ix, Hannah," born October i8th, 1765.

Rev. Josiah*^ Crocker was the friend of Whitfield and in
some traits resembled him. At the early age of 15 he entered
College and was ordained at the age of 23. He was of an ardent
temperament ; zealous and earnest, yet tender and persuasive in
his manner. Like other zealous men, he was not always cautious
in his expressions. He had many warm friends and some enemies.
His call to Taunton was not unanimous, and there were always
some who^jqpposed him. He was dismissed from his charge De-
^ — >cember ist, 1774, but continued to live in Taunton until his death.
\ His earnest and persuasive manner drew together a large audience

when it was known that he was to preach. His granddaughter
Hannah M. Crocker was the author of the "Rights of Woman,"
published in 1818.

A memorial tablet has been erected to commemorate the loca-
tion of the house of Rev. Josiah^ Crocker, 1742-1774, on the
southeast corner of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Taunton, Mass. He
was the sixth minister of Taunton.

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 212.
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 243-4.
250th Amitversary of Taunton, Mass. (1639-1889), p. 224.
History of Bristol Co., Mass., p. 358.

131. Lydia^ Otis (Hannah* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony, ^
Rev. Peter^), born January 20th, 17 16- 17, at ; died Jan-
uary 1st, 1807, aged 91, at . She married, first, June

26th, 1740, at Colchester, Conn, (by Rev. Ephraim Little, pas-
tor of First Congregational Church of Westchester) , to Abner
Kellogg, born 17 16, about (see age at death and date of
death), at Colchester, Conn.; he resided at Colchester, Conn.,
where he was a farmer, probably ; he died at Colchester, Conn.,
November i8th, 1754, aged 38, and was buried in old burying
ground there, gravestone. He was a son of Lieutenant Na-
thaniel Kellogg (born ; died , 1757, in 86th year,

at Colchester, Conn., and was buried there), and Margaret

(born ; died December 13th, 1747, in 71st year, at

Colchester, Conn., and was buried there), of Colchester, Conn.
She married, second, March 19th, 1761, at Colchester, Conn,
(by Rev. Ephraim Little of First Congregational Church,

Westchester), to Captain Amos Thomas, born , 1696 (see

age at death and date of death), of Lebanon, Conn.; he died

December 17th, 1781, aged 85, at . His occupation and

parentage are unknown to me.

Children, first marriage: 7 (Kellogg), 4 sons and 3 daugh-
ters, all born at Colchester, Conn.

254 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Julyi

445 i. Delight,*' born April 6th, 1741 ; died November

8th, 1749, at Colchester, Conn., and was buried

446 ii. Lydia,® born January 15th, 1742-3; died April

14th, 1759, at Colchester, Conn., and was buried

447 iii. David,*' born August 26th, 1744; died March

loth, 1826, at Essex, Vermont; he lived at Col-
chester, Conn., until 1771, removed to Lee, Mass.,
in 1786; he removed thence to Essex, Vermont.

He married, first, at , date of marriage ,

to Elinor Williams, born March 12th, 1747, at
Lebanon, Conn.; died May loth, 1805, at Essex,
Vermont. She was a daughter of Isaiah Wil-
liams and Jerusha ( ) Williams of Lebanon,

Conn. He married, second, January 20th, 1807,

at , to Sarah Redington Tyler of Vergennes,

Vermont, who died April 12th, 1844, aged 86.

Children, by first marriage: ii (Kellogg), 4 sons
and 7 daughters (including i daughter, Adosia,
who was adopted).

1. Lydia,^ born October 4th, 1766, at Colchester,

baptized there June 5th, 1768; died ;

married Pierce.

2. Rhoda,'^ born September 24th, 1768, at Col-

chester, baptized there October 2nd, 1768;

died ; married Stephen Lawrence, and

had I child.

3. Russell,^ born June ist, 1770, at Colchester,
Baptized there July 8th, 1770; died April
i6th, 1845, at Essex, Vermont; married Feb-
ruary 2 1st, 1796, to Elizabeth Atherton of
Athol, Mass., born February 19th, 1768; died
September i8th, 1857, and had 9 children.

4. Adosia'^ (adopted), born March 27th, 1772,
at Colchester; died October 6th, 1808; mar-
ried January 31st, 1795, to Ichabod Post,
born Hebron, Conn., August 31st, 1768. He
was of Middlefield and Hinsdale, Mass. ; 6

5. David,^ born January 5th, 1775, at Lee,
Mass., died September 26th, 1848; he lived
at Essex, Vermont, and Massena, N. Y- ;
married February i6th, 1806, to Maria Hen-
rietta Wells of Jericho, Vermont; born De-
cember 17th, 1778; died March , 1879; 5


6. Wealthy,' born May 15th, 1777, at Lee,
Mass.; died June 14th, 1815, at Essex, Vt.,


Tkacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 255

where she is buried ; married at Jericho, Vt.,
December 26th, 1799, to John Frederick Au-

bery of Jericho, born England ■ i?. J

died December , 1852; 7 children.

7 Hannah,^ born July i8th, 1779, at Lee, Mass. ;
died October 14th, 1848, aged 69, and was

buried at Essex, Vt. ; married , 18 15

(about), to John Frederick Aubery (her
brother-in-law, her deceased sister Hannah's
husband), born , England; died Decem-
ber , 1852, at New Haven, Conn. Child:

I daughter.
8. Ira,^ born July loth, 1781, at Essex, Vt.;
died before September 24th, 1828, at Detroit,
Mich.; married to Nancy Mathews and had
4 children. His widow married, second, to
Daniel Tilden.
Q Otis,^ born March 23rd, 1783, at Lee, Mass. ;
died July 31st, 1833, at Essex, Vt.; married,
first. December 4. 1806, to Mabel Thompson
(daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Aphn)
Thompson), born August 17th, 1786; died

, 1830. He married, second, January

25th,' 1830, to Almeda Butler. He was a
farmer and deacon in Essex, Vt., Congrega-
tional Church for 30 years; 6 children by
first wife. .

10. Laura/ born ; died ; not married.

II Nancv,^ born ; died ; married — — ,

1812,' Ebenezer E. Thompson (son of Ebe-
nezer and Sarah (Aplin) Thompson of
Swansey and Essex, Vt.), born Smithfield,
R L, November 25th, 1785; died Essex, Vt.,
July 17th, 1862. He was a and
brickmaker in Essex, Vt. He married, sec-
ond, February 7th, 1832, to Mercy Cole.
Children, by first marriage, 10; by second
marriage, 2.
Erne's Lebanon says that Isaiah Williams (son
of Daniel and Lydia (Abel) Williams) was born
in Lebanon, Conn., March ist, 1715; and Baileys
Conn. Marriages, Vol. H., p. 41, says that Isaiah
Williams married at Lebanon, Conn., July 12th,
1738, to Lucy Roberts.
448 iv Capt. Abner,« born November 9th, 1746, baptized
November i6th, 1746; died July 24th, 1821, in
76th year, at Colchester, Conn. ; he was a tanner
and farmer and lived at Colchester ; he married
at Lebanon (Bozrahville), Conn., November

256 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July,

24th, 1768, to Lydia Bartlett (his first cousin,
No. 467) of Windsor, Conn. ; born May 6th,

1748, at ; died , at ; she was a

daughter of Deacon Ichabod and Desire (Otis)
Bartlett of Windsor, Conn.

Children: 11 (Kellogg), 5 sons and 6 daughters,
all born in Colchester, Conn.

1. Ichabod,^ born September 21st, 1769; died
March 2nd, 1770, at Colchester, Conn.

2. (daughter),'' born January 6th, 1771 ; died
January 7th, 1771, at Colchester, Conn.

3. (son),^ born December 30th, 1773; died De-
cember 30th, 1773, at Colchester, Conn.

4. Molly,^ born August 30th, 1775 ; died ,

at or near Colchester, Conn ; married April
24th, 181 7, to Capt. John Ackley of Colches-
ter, Conn. No issue.

5. Margaret,^ born October 7th, 1777; died ,

at Cazenovia, N. Y. ; married , 1847, to

Tillotson, as his second wife.

6. Seth Bartlett,^ born April 5th, 1780; died
August 25th, 1826, in Manhus, N. Y. ; mar-
ried March 31st, 1803, to Frances Wattles
(daughter of Capt. Daniel and Elizabeth Ann
(Otis) Wattles); children: 11.

7. Abner,^ born July 12th, 1782; died February
ist, 1787, at Colchester and buried there.

8. Otis,'' born July 20th, 1785; died July ,

1856, in Syracuse, N. Y. ; married March
1 8th, 18 18, to Mary Watrous (daughter of

Theodore Watrous), born , 1795; died

March 28, 1855, aged 60. He was a farmer
in Colchester and in 1827 removed to Caze-
novia, N. Y.

Children : 7, first 4 born in Colchester ; rest
born in Cazenovia, N. Y.

9. Lucy,^ born October 23rd, 1786; died ;

not married.

10. Lydia,^ born September 15th, 1788; died Feb-
ruary 2nd, 1789, at Colchester, and buried

11. Sophia,'' bom September 19th, 1790; died
February 8th, 1818; not married.

449 V. Ezekiel,** born September 17th, 1748; baptized
September 25th, 1748; he Hved at Colchester un-
til 1 77 1, removed to Great Barrington, Mass.,
and in 1786-7 removed to Cooperstown, N. Y. ;
he was a farmer and soldier in Revolutionary
War; he died at Otsego, N. Y., July 7th, 1823;


Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 257

he married, first, at Colchester, May 30th, 1771,
to EUshaba Wells, born September 5th, 1751, at

; died January 9th, 1777, at (daughter

of Elisha Wells and ( ) Wells of Col-
chester, Conn.). Elisha Wells died August 31st,
1 75 1 and was buried at Colchester, September
ist, 1751, aged "in 31st year". Ezekiel« (Kel-
lo2£r) married, second, in Exeter Parish, Leba-
non, Conn., April ist, 1779, to Mrs. Philotha
(Clark) Tracy (widow of Tracy and daugh-
ter of Clark).

Children, first marriage: 3 (Kellogg), sons, all
born in Great Barrington, Mass.

1 Wells,^ born March lOth, 1772 ; died January
28th, 1862, at Ashland, Ohio, from effects of
a fall; married November 12th, 1794, to
Mary Sage, born August 13th, 1775; died
December 24th, 1853; he was a ship carpen-
ter. He lived at Oswegatchie till 1825, when
he removed to Ashland, Ohio, where he was
a Mayor and Justice of the Peace, and a sol-
dier in War of 1812. 6 children.

2 Silas,^ born February 15th, 1775; died Feb-
ruary i6th, 1824, accidentally shot at Oswe-
gatchie, N. Y. ; married at Wilmington, Vt.,
August 1 2th, 1808, to Sophia Lamb of AA^il-
mington, Vt., born February 13th, 1787; died
March 13th, 1827, at Wilmington, Vt.
(daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Ham-
ilton) Lamb of Halifax, Vt.). He removed
to Wilmington, Vt., and in 1831 removed to
Oswegatchie, N. Y., where he was a mer-

Children : 7, first 3 born in Wilmington, Vt.,
and rest born in Oswegatchie, N. Y.

3. (son) ^ born January 3rd, 1777 ; died January
3rd, 1777-

Children, second marriage: 6 (Kellogg), 5 sons
and I daughter, first 4 born in Great Barrington,
Mass., rest born in Otsego. N. Y.

4. Ellshaba," born February 23rd, 1780; died
March ist, 1847; married December ist,
1796, to Isaac WilUams, born April 5th, 1777,
at Lebanon, Conn.; died November 9th, i860.
He was a son of John and Mercy (Lee)
Williams. He removed from Lebanon, Conn.,
to Otsego, N. Y., in 1786. He was a farmer
and sheriff of Otsego County, N. Y., and had
14 children.


2c8 Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. LJuly.

5. Tracy/ born August 31, 1782; died April
23rd, 1876, aged 94; married Esther Brown,

born ; died April 30th, 1855, aged 68.

He resided at Otsego, N. Y., 90 years ; he
was a farmer and a carpenter and had a saw-
mill; 5 children.

6. John, ist,^ born December 8th, 1783; died
March 29th, 1788.

7. Jared,^ born August 27th, 1785 ; died March
23rd, 1788.

8. Charles,' born January 17th, 1787; died Oc-
tober 6th, 1867, at Otsego, N. Y., where he
lived all his life; he was a blacksmith; he
married Lucy Williams (daughter of Price
Williams). She died May ist, 1859, aged 70.
No children.

9. John, 2nd,' born May 25th, 1790; died Jan-
uary 15th, 1862, at Cooperstown, N. Y. ; mar-
ried January i8th, 1813, Hannah Wattles
(daughter of Charles Wattles), born Sep-
tember 9, 1793; died January 20th, 1866. He
was a farmer and lived and died upon the
homestead three miles from Cooperstown,
N. Y., where his father settled in 1786.
8 children.

450 vi. Margaret,*' born January i6th, 175 1-2; died De-

cember 24th, 1794; married January 23, 1771, at
Goshen Parish, Lebanon, Conn., to John Ellis
(son of Daniel Ellis) of Norwich, Conn., by
whom she had 2 children (Ellis), both born at
Norwich, Conn., viz. :

1. Damaras,' born November 23rd, 1771.

2. Abner,' born September 12th, 1773.

451 vii. Ezra,« born September 5th, 1754; died September

29th, 1833, at Great Barrington, Mass. He lived
in Colchester, Conn., until 1771, and removed to
Great Barrington, Mass. He was Deputy Sheriff
of Great Barrington and a Lieutenant in the
Revolutionary War. He married April 30th,
1779, at Great Barrington, to Mary Whiting
(daughter of Lieut. Gamahel and Anna (Gillett)
Whiting of Great Barrington), born December
nth, 1758; died May nth, 1837, at Great Bar-

Children: 10 (Kellogg), 2 sons and 8 daughters,
all born at Great Barrington, Mass.

I. Anastasia Lukens,' born February (or
March) 29, 1780; died May 4th, 1837, at

19 1 2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 259

Lockport, N. Y. ; married at Great Barring-
ton, October 19th, 180Q, to Mark Hopkins
(her cousin), born Great Harrington, June
29th, 1779; died November 27th, 1828, at St.
Clair, Mich. He was a son of Moses and
Anna (Whiting) Hopkins. He removed to
Henderson, N. Y., in 1805. He was a Cap-
tain of Volunteers in War of 1812, and state
representative. He removed with his family
to St. Clair, Mich., in 1824, and was Judge
of Probate and Postmaster there. 7 children,
first 2 born in Great Barrington and rest born
in Henderson, N. Y.

2. Henry,'^ born February 7th, 1782; died Octo-
ber 15th, 1805, at Albany, N. Y. ; married
April i6th, 1805. to Lucy Riley. No issue.

3. Frances,^ born April nth, 1784; died April
27th, 1827. Not married.

4. Bernice Whiting/ born July 6th, 1786; died
August 20th, 1823 ; married at Great Barring-
ton, June 7th, 1818, to Aaron Kellogg (son
of Col. Aaron Kellogg), as his second wife;
he born Canaan, Conn., August 13th, 1773.
No children.

5. Mary,'^ born November 12th, 1789; died June
26th, 1872. Not married. (Twins.)

6. Sarah,'' born November 12th, 1789; died
September 5th, 1862. Not married. (Twins.)

7. Augustus/ born September 23rd, 1792; died
October 14th, 1793.

8. Lydia Ann,^ born October loth, 1793; died
February 9th, 1865, at Great Barrington;
married' August i6th, 1816, William Sher-
wood of New York City (son of Ensign
Jehiel Sherwood of Greenfield, Conn.) ; born
February 27th, 1786; died October 12th, 1871,
aged 86. 5 children.

9. Nancy, ist,^ born October 17th, 1795; died
October 13th, 1796.

10. Nancy, 2nd/ born November 21st, 1798; died
March 2nd, 1877 ; not married.


AT. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. II, p. 293.

Early Conn. Marriages, by F. W. Bailey, Vol. Ill, p. 98.

Colchester, Conn., Epitaphs, pp. 14-15-16-20.

Kellogg Family in Old Word and New, Vol. I, p. 90-

132. Hannah" Otis (Hannah* Thacher, Hon. Col. John^ An-
tony ,2 Rev. Peter^), born February 29th, 1717-18, at ;

died June 12th, 1752, at ; married November 6th, 1735,

260 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July,

at Colchester, Conn., by Rev. Ephraim Little of First Con-
gregational Church of Westchester, to Benajah McCall of
Lebanon, Conn., born ; died .

Children: 3 (McCall), i son and 2 daughters, all born at
Lebanon, Conn.

452 i. Faith,® born February 12th, 1737; died ;

married Asa Harris, July 23rd, 1761, at Colches-
ter, Conn.

453 ii. Nathaniel,*' born September 25th, 1740.

454 iii. Delight,® born March 19th, 1744.

Early Conn. Marriages, by F. W. Bailey, Vol. Ill, p. 98.
History of Lebanon, Conn., by O. D. Hine, p. 165.
N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. II, p. 293.
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133. Dorothy^ Otis (Hannah* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,*

Rev. Peter^), born April i6th, 1721, at ; died October

20th, 1794, at ; married, first, December 13th, 1737, at

Colchester, Conn., to Asahel (Asa) Bigelow, born September
3rd, 1720, at Colchester, Conn. ; he resided at Colchester, and
was a farmer ; he died at Colchester, Conn., October 9th,
1754, "in 35th year," and was buried there in old burying-
ground. He was a son of John Bigelow (born Watertown,
Mass., Decembei 20th, 1681; died Colchester, Conn., March
8th, 1770; will dated May i8th, 1769; married November
4th, 1709), and his second wife Sarah (Bigelow) Bigelow

(daughter of Jonathan Bigelow) (born ; died October

13th, 1754, in 75th year), of Colchester, Conn.

Dorothy^ Otis married, second, October 12th, 1762, at
Colchester, Conn., by the Rev. Ephraim Little of First Con-
gregational Church, to Isaac Day, born May 17th, 1713, at
Colchester, Conn. ; he was a farmer and resided at Colchester,
Conn.; he died March 7th, 1765, "in his 52nd year," at Col-
chester, Conn., and was buried there in old burying ground.

He was a son of John Day (born ; died October 17th,

1754, "in 77th year," at Colchester), and ( ) Day

(born ; died May 12th, 1714), of Colchester, Conn.

Dorothy^ Otis married, third, , at , to Joseph

Langwill (or Langrell).

Children, first marriage: 9 (Bigelow), 4 sons and 5 daugh-
ters, all born at Colchester, Conn.

455 i. Asa, ist,® born October 31st, 1738; died Sep-

tember i8th, 1754, in i6th year, at Colchester,
Conn., and was buried there; not married.

456 ii. Jonathan,® born August loth, 1740; died January

13th, 1823, "in 83rd year," at Colchester; mar-
ried May 24th, 1759, at , to Elizabeth

(Betty) Otis, born , at ; died at Col-


Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 201

Chester, August 31st, 1821, "in her 86th year".
She was a daughter of James Otis (born Scitu-

ate, Mass., , 1692 ; died Saybrook Conn.,

1754; married June, , 1728, at Mont-

ville. Conn.), and Sarah (Tudor) Otis (born
; died at Colchester, February 15th, i7»»,

^^^ tIiI will of Mary Otis was proved March
4th 1788, and it mentions amongst others her
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan Bigelow;
but TV. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. II., pp. 288 and
2Q4. says that James and Sarah (Tudor) Otis
were the parents of Betty Otis, who married
Jonathan Bigelow.

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