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Res. Bodmin, capital of Cornwall, Eng.; of which city he was twice mayor. His tombstone in Bodmin, Eng., indicates that he
was twice married and bears effigies of his two wives and their children kneeling in a row at his tomb.

Children: ist m., 2 sons and 4 daughters; 2nd m., 6 sons and 7 daughters, and probably another daughter who died in infancy.
Amongst these children either by first or second marriage was probably George^ Durant, the immigrant, to this
country, who was in Maiden, Mass., as early as 1662.

2. George Durant, b , at Bodmin, Cornwall, Eng. (prob.); d 1687. at Lyme, Conn.; m ,

at , to Elizabeth b at ; d. Feb. .., 1691, at Middletown, Conn.

Res. Bodmin, Eng , (prob.); Maiden, Mass., 1662; Middletown, Conn. He received in 1663 large tracts of land on both sides of
the Connecticut River, the parcels extending over several modern counties. In the Public Records of Maiden, Mass.,
and Middletown, Conn., he was styled " blacksmith." His name is still preserved in that section of Lonnecticut in
the "Uuraut School District," which lies on the south side of Middletown, Conn., and includes the site of his forge
and mill.

Child: Edward.

Note: Armstrong— William Clinton Armstrong Pedigree, April, 1912, Record, should be No. 63, not 62.

290 Registration of Pedigrees. [July,

V>\3K^.'^'Y— Continued.

3. Edward Durant, b. June 2, 1661, "as his mother saith," at (recorded at Middletown, Conn.); d.

March 28, 1718, aged 66, at Boston, Mass.; m. (i) about 1684, at , to Anne Hall

(who seems to have been the sixth child of Richard and Mary ( ) Hall, who settled at

Middletown, Conn., June .., 1654, where he, Richard Hall, d. May 26, 1673, "being in the 89th

year of his age and the 40th of his being in New England "), b. Nov. 20, 1661, at ; d

(after May 15, 1702), at Boston, Mass. (prob.); he possibly m. (2) June 2, 1714, at Boston, Mass.,

by the Rev. Mr. Thomas Bridge, to Sarah (int. reads Mary j Whale, b at ; d


Res. Middletown, Conn., and Boston, Mass.

Children: ist m., Anne, George (both born in Middletown), Samuel, Edward, John, Ebenezer, Abigail (all born in Boston); 2nd
m., (possibly) David (born in Boston).

4. Edward Durant, b. March 2, 1694-5 (bap. in Old South Church, Feb. 24, 1695-6), at Boston, Mass.; d.

Oct. 14, 1740, aged 44>^ years, at Newton, Mass.; m. March 31, 1714-5, by the Rev. Benjamin
Wadsworth, at Boston, Mass., to Judith Waldo (dau. of Cornelius and Faith (Peck) Waldo), b.
Jan. 25, 1691-2, at Boston, Mass.; d. Oct. 27, 1785, aged 93^ years, at Medford, Mass.

Res. Resided in Boston, Mass., from 1716 to May, 1733, where he is styled "blacksmith;" but in discharge of a mortgage,

Dec. I, 1733, he was styled " Edward Durant, of Newton, gentleman."
Children: Edward, Cornelius, Abigail, Judith, Cornelius, Elizabeth, Thomas, Cornelius.

5. Edward Durant, b. Feb. 7, 171 5-6, at Boston, Mass.; d. April 10, 1782, aged 67 years, at Newton, Mass.;

m. (i) Sept. 15, 1735, at Newton, Mass., to Anne Jackson, b. June 15, 1714, at Newton, Mass.; d.
Nov. 25, 1753, aged 39 years and 5 mos., at Newton, Mass. (she was a dau. of Capt. John and his

2nd wife Anne ( ) Jackson); m. (2) Nov. 23, 1754, at to Mary Allen (dau. of John

Allen, a merchant of Boston, Mass.), b , 1728, at ; d. March . ., 1792, aged 62, at

Res. Newton, Mass.

Children: ist m., Anne, Edward, Mary, Abigail, Nathaniel, Catherine, Thomas, John, Elizabeth; 2nd m., Martha, Allen,

6. Thomas Durant,* b. March 18, 1746, at Newton, Mass.; d. Aug. 2, 1831, aged 85^ years, at Middlefield,

Mass.; m. July 23, 1775, ^^ Newton, Mass., to Elizabeth Clark (dau. of William and Mary
(Marean) Clark), b. May 25, 1752, at Newton, Mass.; d. March 17, 1853, aged 100 years, 9 mos.,
12 days, at Pittsfield, Mass.

Res. Newton, and Middlefield, Mass. He was a " Minute Man" and took part in the Lexington fight, .'\pril ig, 1775, as cor-
poral in Capt. Jeremiah Wiswell's Company, from Newton; later in the war he was a Captain and Commissary.
Children: William, Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas, Clark.

7. Edward Durant, b. July 12 (or 27), 1779 (bap. at Trinity Church, Boston, Nov. 8, 1779), at Cambridge,

Mass.; d. Oct. 10, 1819, aged 403^ years, at Westmoreland, Oneida County, N. Y,; m. Sept. 11,
181 1, at Westmoreland N. Y., to Lucina Willey (dau. of Alfred and Olive (Cone) Willey), b.
Jan. 29, 1790, at East Haddam, Conn.; d. May 6, 1857, aged 67X years, at Ogden, Monroe Co., N. Y.

Res. Westmoreland, N. Y.

Children: Nancy Maria, Mary Jane, William Clark, Edward Thomas.

8. William Clark Durant, b. Nov. 3, 1816, at Westmoreland, N. Y.; d. Dec. 10, 1881, at Milwaukee, Wis.;

m. March 11, 1845, at Albany, N, Y., to Anne Elizabeth White (dau. of William and Laura
(Putnam) White), b. Sept. 17, 1827, at Albany, N. Y.; d. Sept. 13, 1884, at Albany, N. Y.

Res. Albany, N. Y., and Milwaukee, Wis. Proprietor of flour mills in Albany, N. Y., and in Milwaukee, Wis.

Children: William, Annie, Edward Clark, Walter Newton, Frank Ross.

9. William Durant, b. Aug. 21, 1846, at Albany, N. Y.; d , at ; m. (i) July 17, 1878, at Albany,

N. Y., to Elizabeth Frances Stantial, b. March 28, 1852, at Troy, N. Y.; d. March 18, 1885, at

Morristown, N. J.; m. (2) May 19, 1887, at to Lucy B. Stantial, b , at ;

d at

Res. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. He graduated at Albany, N,Y.. Academy in 1864; Yale College, 1868; Princeton Theological
Seminary, 1870; D. D., Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 1894. Presbyterian Minister; and held the following
pastorates: Sixth Presbyterian Church, Albany, N. Y., 1873-1882; First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N. J.,
1882-1887; Boundary Avenue, now named Northminster, Church, Baltimore, Md., 1887-1892; First Presbyterian Church,
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1893-1908. His second wife was a sister of his first wife.

Children: ist m., William Clark; 2nd m., Lois Pierson.

Note: * Descendants eligible to Revolutionary Societies.


' RuGGLES Arms:
Arms: Argent, a chevron between three roses gules, seeded or, barbed vert.
Crest: A tower or, flames rising from \.o^ proper; behind the tower four arrows pointed

downward, in saltire, argent.

1. Thomas Ruggles, b , at ; d (will made June 21, 1547), at ; m ,at ,

to , b at ; d at

Res. Sudbury, County Suffolk, Eng.

Children; Nicholas (of Sudbury, County Suffolk, Eng.); John (of Stanstead, County Suffolk, Eng., Will proved May 19, 1566);

Ann, Elizabeth,

2. Nicholas Ruggles, b , at ; d , at ; m at , to b , at

; d , at

Res. Sudbury, County Suffolk, Eng.

Children: Roger; George (of Sudbury, County Suffolk, Eng., will proved May 16, 1616); Thomas (of Sudbury, County Suffolk

and Nasing, County Essex, Eng.); Edward; William (of Lavenbam, County Suffolk, Eng.); Margery.

igi2.] Registration of Pedigrees. 29 1

'R.XJGG'LILS— Continued.

3. Thomas Ruggles, b at ; d at ; m , at to , b at

; d ,at

Res. Sudbury, County Suffolk and Nasing, County Essex, Eng.
Children: Thomas, John, Samuel, Nathaniel, Florence, Mary.

4. Thomas Ruggles, b. '. . .-.\. ., at : d. Nov. 16, 1644 (will dated Nov. 9, 1644, at Roxbury, Mass.); m.

Nov. I, 1620, at Nasing, County Essex, Eng., to Mary Curtis (sister of William^ Curtis, the first

settler of that name in Roxbury, Mass.), b about I586,at Eng.; d (buried

Feb. 14,1675, aged "in 89th year ") at Roxbury, Mass. (prob.) She m. (2) alter 1662, at

, to Roote, b at ; d , at

Res. Nasing, County Essex, Eng.: came over to this country and settled in Roxbury, Mass., in 1637; freeman, May 22, 1639.

Children: (Ruggles) Thomas (died in England); John, (came over in 1635 with Philip Eliot); Samuel; Sarah. Children by her
2nd m., none that are known of.

5. John Ruggles, b (bap. Jan. 6, 1625), at Nasing, County Essex, Eng.; d. Sept. 15, 1658, at Roxbury,

Mass. (will dated Sept. 9, 1658); m. Jan. 24, 165 1, at Roxbury, Mass., to Abigail Crafts (dau. of
Griffin Crafts, the first of that name in Roxbury, Mass.) b. March 28, 1634, at Roxbury. Mass.; d.
Jan. 19, 1706-7, at Medfield. She m. (2) Nov. 15, 1659, at Dedham, Mass., to Ralph Day (as his

2nd wife), b , at ; d. Nov. 28, 1677, at Dedham, Mass. She m. (3) Dec. 7, 1678, at

Dedham, Mass., , to Edward Adams (as his 2nd wife), b , 1630, at Eng.; d. Nov. 12,

1716, at Medford, Mass.

Res. Nasing, County Essex, Eng.; Roxbury, Mass. Came over to this country in 1635 on the " Hopewell," aged 10 years, with
his Uncle John, but in the custody of Philip Eliot; settled at Roxbury, Mass.; Freeman in 1654: Sergeant in Military

Children (Ruggles): John, John, Thomas, Samuel. By her (2) m. (Day): Abigail. By her3nd m. (Adams): none that are known of.

6. John Ruggles, b (bap. Jan. 22, 1654) at Roxbury, Mass.; d. Dec. 16, 1694, at Roxbury, Mass.; m.

(I) Sept. I, 1674, at Roxbury, Mass., to Martha Devotion (dau. of Edward and Mary ( )

Devotion [De Vantion], of Brookline, Mass.), b (bap. March 13, 1653), at Roxbury, Mass.;

d at ; m, (2) May i, 1679, at , to Hannah Devotion (sister of his tirst wife),

b (bap. Dec. 3, 1654), at Brookline, Mass.; d. Dec. 17, 1700, at

Res. Roxbury, Mass. He was a miller.

Children: 1st m., Abigail; 2nd m., John, Edward, Rebecca, Martha, (perhaps Sarah), (perhaps Dorothy), Edward.

7. Edward Ruggles, b. Oct. 2, 1691, at Roxbury, Mass.; d. Sept. 16, 1765 (will dated Dec. 4, 1764), at Cam-

bridge, Mass.; m. ( i ) June (or Jan.) 24, 1716, at Roxbury, Mass., to Hannah Crafts (dau. of Samuel

and Elizabeth (Sharp) Crafts, of Roxbury, Mass.), b. March 15, 1697. at Roxbury, Mass.; d.

March 11, 1732, at Roxbury, Mass.; m. (2) at , to Mrs. Abigail Williams, b

at ; d at

Res. Roxbury. Mass.; Pomfret, Ct.; Cambridge, Mass.

Children: ist m., Samuel, Edward, Thomas, Benjamin, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail; 2nd m., none that are known of.

8. Edward Ruggles, b. June 22, 1724, at Roxbury, Mass.; d. Dec. 25, 1797, at Montague, Mass.; m. April

2, 1747, at Pomfret, Conn., to Ann Sumner (dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Griffin) Sumner, of
Pomfret, Conn.), b. Sept. 25, 1724, at Milton, Mass.; d. July 10, 1808, at

Res. Pomfret, Conn.

Children: Benjamin, Samuel, Edward, Thomas, Abigail, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah.

9. Samuel Ruggles,* b. Feb. 25, 1751, at Pomfret, Conn.; d. Oct. 23, 1778, at Willington, Conn.; m. Sept. 17,

1772, at Pomfret, Conn, (prob.), to Lucy Robinson (dau. of John Robinson, of Lebanon, Conn.), b.

at ; d. Nov. 14, 1802, at Walpole, N. H. She m. (2) after Feb. 28, 1781, at

Walpole. N. H., to Col. Christopher Webber, of Walpole, N. H.; b at ; d. Feb. 28,

1803, at Walpole, N. H., aged 83.
Res. Willington, Conn. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
Children: (Ruggles) Ebenezer, John. By her 2nd m., (Webber) Richard Mayo, Amos Sherman, Melzar, Alathea. Samuel

Ruggles, Lucy, Orlen.

10. Major John Ruggles, b. Feb. 3, 1776, at Pomfret, Conn.; d. Feb. 19, 1831, at Rutland, Vt.; m. (i) Jan. 17,

1800, at , to Mary Gould (dau. of Henry Gould, of Concord, Mass.), b at ; d.

at ; m. (2) Dec. 15, 1807, at Rutland, Vt., to Eunice Kingsley (dau. of Phineas

Kingsley of Rutland, Vt., soldier in the Revolutionary War), b at ; d , at

; m. (3) Dec. 30, 1821, at Rutland, Vt., to Sarah Beaman (daughter of Nathaniel Beaman of

Rutland, Vt.), b , at ; d at

Res. Rutland, Vt. His mansion on West St., formerly " Ruggles Hill," built by him in iSoo, is still standing. He was a large
land owner and his holdings embraced the ground now covered by the most populous and important business and res-
idential sections of Rutland, Vt.

Children: ist m ; 2nd m., Gershom Cheney, Henry Bond, George Fitch, Julia Sparrow; 3rd m.,

11. Henry Bond Ruggles, b. July 9,1813, in Rutland, Vt.; d. Nov. 9, 1897, at ; m. (i) May 31, 1836, at

Northbridgewater, Mass., to Parner Bird Dunbar (dau. of Simeon Dunbar of Northbridgewater,

Mass.), b at ; d at ; m. (2) Aug. 4, 1844. at Boston, Mass., to

Mary Goodwin Ross (dau. of Jonathan Ross of Harrison, Me., and granddaughter of Jonathan
Ross* of Shapleigh, Mass., and of John Goodwin* of Arundel, Mass., both soldiers of the Revo-
lutionary War), b , at ; d , at

Res. Boston. Mass.

Children: ist m., Francis Dunbar (he was a member of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, La., in the Confederate ser-
vice in the Civil War and was killed at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.); 2nd m., Henry Stoddard, Mary Elizabeth.

12. Henry Stoddard Ruggles, b. Oct. 31, 1846, at Boston, Mass.; d at ; m. March 6, 1867, at

, to Mary Elizabeth Ryan (dau. of William Ryan, of Boston), b , at ; d


Res. Boston, Wakefield and Rockport, Mass.

Children: Henry, Francis Dunbnr, Horace Cheney, Emmeline, Mary Rosamond, Marguerite, Mabel Lyman, Louisa Kingsley,

Alicia, Lucia Dalton, Julia Parker.

Note. * Descendants eligible to Revolutionary Societies.

2g2 Registration of Pedigrees. [July,


1. Robert Williams * b. July .., 1607 (bap. Dec. 11, 1608), at Great Yarmouth, Enp.; d. Sept. i, 1693, at

Roxbury, Mass.; m ."before 1630," at . .,Eng., to Elizabeth Stratton (or Stalham),

b ("bap. 1595 "), at Eng.; d. July 28, 1674, aged 80, at Roxbury, Mass.

Res. Came over to New England in the ship " Rose" from Great Yarmouth, Eng., in 1637; admitted freeman of Roxbury,
Mass., May 2, 1638; he was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston in 1644, and one of
the most influential men in Ro.\bury affairs.

Children: Elizabeth, Deborah, John, Samuel, Isaac, Stephen, Thomas.

2. Capt. Isaac Williams,* b. Sept. 1,1638, at Roxbury, Mass ; d. Feb. 11, 1707, at Newton, Mass.; m. (i)

1660, at Roxbury, Mass., to Martha Park (dau. of William and Martha (Holgrave) Park

of Roxbury, Mass.), b. March 2, 1641 (or 1642) at Roxbury, Mass.; d. Oct. 24, 1674, at Newton,
Mass.; m. (2) Nov. 13, 1677, at Rehoboth, Mass., to Judith (Hunt) Cooper, wid. of Nathaniel
Cooper and dau. of Peter and Elizabeth (Smith) Hunt, of Rehoboth, Mass.), b. April 21, 1648,
(prob.) at Rehoboth, Mass. (in the Vital Records of Rehoboth her name is possibly confused
with that of " Judah"); d. April 7, 1724, aged 76, at Newton, Mass,

Res. Newton, Mass. Weaver, deacon. Captain in militnry service, selectman, representative to G. C. from Newton, 1692, 1695.
1697, 1699, 1701, 1705. Served in King Philip's War.

Children: ist m., Isaac, Isaac, Martha, William, John, Eieazer, Hannah, Elizabeth, Thomas; and m., Peter, Sarah, Mary,

3. John Williams, b. Oct. 31, 1667, at Newton, Mass.; d. Nov. 15, 1702, at Stonington, Conn.; m. Jan. 24, 1687,

at Stonington, Conn., to Martha Wheeler (dau. of Isaac and Martha (Park) Wheeler, of Stoning-
ton, Conn.), b. Feb. 6, 1670, at Stonmgton, Conn.; d , (i745 ?). at Stonington, Conn. His

widow, Martha (Wheeler) Williams, m. (2) June i, 1714, at to Thomas Atwood.

Res. Newton, Mass.; settled in Stonington, Conn., about 1685. Farmer.

Children: (Williams) Isaac, John, Martha. Deborah, William, Nathan, Eunice, Benajah; by her 2nd m. (Atwood) none that ate
known of.

4. Isaac Williams, b. April 10, 1689, at Stonington, Conn.; d I733i at Stonington, Conn.; m. Nov. 7,

171 1, at Stonington, Conn., to Sarah Denison (dau. of Capt. John and Phebe (Lay) Denison, of
Stonington, Conn.), b. July 20, 1692, at Stonington, Conn.; d , at Stonington, Conn.

Res. Stonington, Conn. Farmer.

Children: Sarah, Martha, Isaac, Nathan, .\twood, Warhan, Phebe, Eunice.

5. Nathan Williams, b (bap. July 22, 1720) at Stonington, Conn.; d. March 10, 1781, at Stonington,

Conn.; m , 1744, at Centre Groton, Conn. (?) to Elizabeth Haley (dau. of John and Silence

(Saunders) Haley, of Centre Groton, Conn.), b. Aug. 17, 1726, at Centre Groton, Conn.; d ,

at Stonington, Conn.

Res. Stonington, Conn. Farmer.

Children: Prudence, Lucy, Joshua, Caleb, Isaac, John, Martha, Elizabeth, Caty (or Catherine), Molly (or Mary).

6. Joshua Williams,! b. July 18, 1749, at Stonington, Conn.; d. April 23, 1838, aged 89, at Stonington, Conn.;

m. (I) July 22, 1773, at to Dorothy Edgecomb, b 1755, at ; d. Nov. 10, 1778,

aged about 24, at Stonington, Conn.; m. (2) May 27, 1787, at Groton, Conn., to Priscilla Ruff,

b 1760-1, at ; d. Aug. 5, 1788, aged 27; at Stonington, Conn.; m. (3) March 10, 1789,

at , to Hannah Hurlbert, b. March 25, 1764, at ; d. Sept. 10, 1842, at Stonington, Conn.

Res. Stonington, Conn. Mechanic. Served under arms in defense of the State, Aug. 6, 1780, in Captain William Stanton's
Company 8th Regt.

Children: 1st m., Nathan, Joshua; 2nd m.; Jabez; 3rd m., Oliver, Avery, Hannah, Henry, Sarah, Harriette, Freelove, Mary
(or Maria).

7. Jabez Williams, b. Feb. 21, 1788, at Stonington, Conn.; d. Aug. 17, 1870, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Feb. 11,

1819, at to Ann Tuthill (dau. of Samuel and Susanna (L'Hommedieu ?) Tuthill, of River-
head, N. Y.), b. April i, 1797, at Riverhead, L. L, N. Y.; d. Nov. 9, 1887, at New Providence, N. J.
Res. New York City and Brooklyn, N. Y. Ship-builder; .'Alderman, New York City, 1844-45.

Children: John Tuthill, Susan Jane, Charles Laurence, Edward Francis, Cornelia Priscilla, Horace Lambert, Samuel, Sidney,

8. John Tuthill Williams, b. Oct. 29, 1819, at New York City; d. Jan. 24, 1879, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Sept.

9, 1845, at Brooklyn, N. Y., to Mary Jane Shay (daughter of Deterly and Jane (Van Sickle) Shay,
of Brooklyn, N. Y.), b. May 19, 1827, at New York City; d. Sept. 13, 1899, at Brooklyn, N. Y.

Res. Brooklyn. N. Y. Ship-builder, 1840-1855; Supervisor 17th Ward, Brooklyn, 1859-60; Member New York Stock Exchange,

Children: John Jabez, Mary Eliza, Emma Virginia.

9. John Jabez Williams, b. June 15, 1846, at Brooklyn, N. Y,; d , at ; m, Dec. 10,1873, ^^

Brooklyn, N. Y., to Lucy Rockwell Oavol (dau. of John and Laura (Barton) Davol, of Brooklyn,
N. Y.) b. Oct. 9, 1848, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; d at

Res. 401 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Merchant and manufacturer of metals, 1874-1904; President, New York Metal Exchange,
18921895. Member Board of Education, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1895-1S99; Trustee. Society Prevention of Cruelty to
Children; Trustee. Central Congregational Society; Trustee, Kings County (N.Y.) Trust Co.; Member, Chamber of
Commerce, New York City.

Children: Laura Davol, Irving Tuthill, Howard Shay, Frank Davol, Donald Davol, Arthur Lincoln.
Note: ♦ Disceadants eligible toSoc. of Col. Wars. t Descendants eligible to Revolutionary Societies.


I .Si -a


Arms: Or, a fesse dancettee between three cross-crosslets fitchee gules.

Crest: A griffin segreant per fesse or and gules.

Motto: Probutti non poenitet.

(See Pedigree No. 68)

1 912,] Registration of Pedigrees, 293

No. 68. SANDYS (SANDS) james thomas sands

Sandys (Sands) Arms,

Arms: Or, a fesse dancettee between three cross-crosslets fitchee^«/«.

Crest: A griffin segreant per fesse or and gules.

Motto: Probum non poenitet.

1. Qeorge Sandys (great grandson of Robert Sandys, of Rattenby Castle, St. Bee's, Cumberland, Eng,, in

1399), b , at ; d , at ; m at , to b at ;

d at

Res. Eastwaithe, in Hawkshead, County Lancaster, Eng.
Children: (Inter alios) Edwin, Anthony.

2. Archbishop Edwin Sandys, b about 15 16 (in the reign of Henry VIII), at Hawkshead, County

Lancaster, Eng.; d, July 10, 1588, aged 72, at ; m. (i) at , to ; b

at ; d at , in Germany; m. (2) (shortly after his appointment as Bishop

of Worcester in 1559), at to Cecelie Wilford (daughter of Thomas Wilford of Crambrook,

County Kent, Esq.), b , at ; d (she survived her husband), at

Res. He was educated at Cambridge University; became Master of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, and Vice-Chancellor of that
University. On death of King Edward, 1553, he preached a sermon proclaiming Lady Jane Gray the Queen, for
which act he was imprisoned in the Tower of London and about a year subsequently was pardoned by Queen Mary
and removed to Germany, where he was soon followed by his first wife. In 1559 he was made Bishop of Worcester by
Queen Elizabeth; in 1570 he was made Bishop of London; in 1577 he was promoted to the Archbishopric of York,
which office he held until his death.

Children: istm., James (prob. died young), another child, died young in Germany; 2nd m., Samuel, Edwin, Miles, William,
Thomas, Henry, George, Margaret, Ann.

3. Henry Sandys, b , at ; d , at ; m. (i) (prob.) at to , b.

at ; d at ; m. (2) , at to Priscilla Chauncey (dau. of Tobias and

Bridget (Shelley) Chauncey, Knight and Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 36th Elizabeth; Bridget
Shelley was dau, of John Shelley, Esq,, of Michelgrove, County Sussex, 6 miles west of Shoreham),
b at ; d , at

Res. Culworth, Northamptonshire, Eng.

Children: ist m., James (prob.); 2nd m., Edwin (whose will shows that he had a brother Chauncey living in the Bermudas and
a nephew, John, living in New England, and a nephew. Sir William Wake, his executor); Henry, Robert, Chauncey,
Bridget (who married the father ofSir William Wake, the executor of her brother Edwin's will. This Bridget was
mentioned in the will of the widow of Archbishop Sandys).

4. Capt. James Sandys (or Sands), b 1622, at Reading, County Berks, Eng. (possibly); d. March

13, 1695, at Block Island, R, I.; m , 1645, at Eng, (prob.), to Sarah Walker (dau. of

John and Catherine (Hutchinson) Walker, of Portsmouth, R, I.; Catherine Walker was a dau. of
Capt. Edward Hutchinson, Sr., of Portsmouth, R. I,), b at ; d at

Res. Block Island, R. I. First Representative from Block Island to the General Court of Rhode Island in 1665; Assistant
Warden in 1676; commanded the New Shoreham Company in King Philip's War and his house was turned into a fort
and garrisoned by him. Came over to this country in 1638, and landed at Plymouth, Mass.; in 1642 was engaged in
building a house for William Hutchinson at Eastchester, N. Y. Lands granted him in Portsmouth, R. I., 1643-4;
Freeman of Portsmouth, R. I.. 165s; 1657 Commissioner from Portsmouth, R. I., to the General Court; 1661 sailed
from Taunton, Mass., for New Shoreham (Block Island) where they settled; 1663-4 Constable of Block Island.

Children: John, James, Samuel, Edward, Sarah, Mercy.

5. Capt. James Sands, b 1672, at Block Island, R. I.; d 1731 (or 1733), at Sand's Point, L. I.,

N. Y.; m. 1697, at , to Mary Cornell (dau. of John and Mary (Russell) Cornell, of Cow Neck,

L. I., N. Y.), b , 1679, at ; d at

Res. Matinecock, L. I., N. Y.

Children: Othneil, James, .\bijah, John, Mary, Zerviah, Bathsheba, Jerusha, Sarah.

6. John Sands, b. April 28, 1710, at Sand's Point, L. I., N. Y.; d , at Pa.; m at ,

to Catherine Qreiner, b at ; d , at

Res. Montgomery Co., Pa.

Children: James, John, Samuel, Othneil, Daniel, Joseph, Catherine, Sarah, Elizabeth.

7. Samuel Sands,* b, June 13, 1736, in Montgomery Co,, Pa.; d, Feb, 12, 1792, in Montgomery Co,, Pa,; m.

, at , Pa., to Catherine Bechtel, b, July 15, 1745, at ; d. Dec, 17, at ,


Res. Montgomery Co., Pa. Ensign in Col. Robt. Cuny's Battalion of Philadelphia Associates in 1777.
Children: John, Samuel, James, Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, Elizabeth, Catherine.

8. Col. James Sands,| b, Oct, 15, 1785, in Montgomery Co., Pa.; d, Jan. 24, 1825, in Montgomery Co., Pa,;

m , , in , Pa,, to Mary Gilbert, b , at ; d , at

Res. Montgomery Co., Pa. Lieut. Commanding Capt. Joseph Sands' Company of Riflemen of Montgomery Co., Pa. In Col.

Thomas Humphrey's First Regiment P. V. R , Camp Dupont, November 24, 1814, which organization formed a part of

Brigadier General Thomas Cadwallader's Advance Light Brigade.
Children: Samuel Gilbert, James W., William k.

Samuel Gilbert Sands, b. Feb. 28, 1816, at Pottsgrove, Montgomery Co., Pa.; d. Aug. 21, 1870, at San
Francisco, Cal.; m. April 13, 1843, at Camden, Mo., to Ann Maria Wright, b, Jan, 12, 1823, at
Cincinnati, Ohio; d, Jan, 30, 1874, at St. Louis, Mo,

Res. St. Louis, Mo., Long Bar, Marysville and San Francisco, Cal.

Children: James Thomas, Elizabeth A., Annie W.

James Thomas Sands, b. Feb. 22, 1844, at St. Louis, Mo.; d , at ; m , at to

,b at ; d

Res. St. Louis, Mo. Member of Society of Colonial Wars and Society of Founders and Patriots; Society Sons of the Revolution,
State of Missouri; Pennsylvania Society, War of 1812; Missouri Society of the Military Order of Foreign Wars.

Note; * Descendants eligible to Revolutionary Societies. t Descendants eligible to Society of the War of 1812.

2QA. Registration of Pedigrees. [July,

No. 69. ALLERTON william isaac walker

1. Isaac Allerton,* b , 1585-6 (he was about 53 years old, Sept. 26, 1639,35 per his deposition), at

; d (between Feb. i and Feb. 12, 1658-9, as on the first date he appeared in Court as

a defendant in a suit for debt and on the 12th of the same month and year his inventory was

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