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taken; his will was presented in Court Oct. 19, 1659, and in the Court proceedings he was described

as "late of Newhaven, deceased") at. (New Haven, probably); m. (i) Nov. 4, 1611, at

Leyden, Holland, to Mary Norris* of Newbury, Eng.; b at ; d. March 7, 1621, at

Plymouth, Mass. She was a passenger on the first trip of the Mayflower. He m. (2) ..,..., about

1626, at Plymouth, Mass., to Fear Brewster (dau. of Elder William* and Mary* ( ) Brewster,

of Plymouth, Mass.), b , at ; d. Dec. 12, 1634, at Plymouth, Mass. She came over to

this country on the ship Ann in July, 1623. He m. (3) before 1644, at to

Johanna , b at ; d 1684, at She gave shelter to the Regicides.

Res. Isaac Allerton was of the Suffolk Co., Eng., family of Allertons; he resided at London, Eng., and was made a freeman of
Levden, Holland, Feb. 7, 1614; came over to this country on the first trip of the Mayflo-wer and was the 5th
signer of the "Mayflower Compact," Nov. 11,1620. He settled at Plymouth, Mass., and was an Assistant to the
Governor in 1633 and was .'\gent for the Colony in England. He was in the Marine trading business and carried on a
trade at Machias, and Kennebec, Maine. He removed to Salem, Mass., and was admitted to the church there 21 (i)
1647. He also resided off and on in New York City (then New Amsterdam), where he owned property and carried on
business, about 163S and thereafter. He removed to New Haven, Conn. He was one of the most important of the
" Pilgrim Fathers."

Children: ist m., Bartholomew, Remember, Mary; 2nd m., Isaac; 3rd m., none that are known of.

2. Mary Allerton, b (subsequent to Nov. 4, i6ii,the date of her parents' marriage) at Leyden,

Holland; d. Nov. 28, 1699, " aged about 90 years," at Plymouth, Mass.; m , about 1636, at

Plymouth, Mass. (probably) to Thomas'' Cushman (son of Robert and (his ist wife) Sarah ( )

Cushman, of Plymouth, Mass.), b. Feb, . ., 1608, at , Eng.; d. Dec. 10 (or nth) 1691, "having

within 2 months finished the 84th year of his age," at Plymouth, Mass.

Res. Plymouth, Mass. Ruling Elder in the church at Plymouth for 42 years. He came over in the Fortune, arriving at
Plymouth Nov. gth (or loth), 1621 (he being then 14 years old) with his father Robert^ Cushman. Rnbert^ Cushman

was a wool-carder from Canterbury, Eng.; his ist wife Sarah ( ) Cushman, mother of Thomas- Cushman, must

have died previous to June 3rd, 1617, as on that date he married in Leyden to Mary Singleton (Chingleton on Dutch
records) widow of Thomas Singleton of Sandwich, Eng.

Children: Thomas, Sarah, Lydiah, Isaac, Elkanah, Fear, Eleazer, Mary (a son Eliaz is mentioned in Thomas- Cushman's will
but probably means Eleazer).

3. Eleazer Cushman, b. Feb. 20, 1656-7, at Plymouth, Mass.; d , at ; m. Jan. 12, 1687, at

, to Elizabeth Combes, b , at ; d , at

Res. Plyrapton, Mass.

Children: Lydia, John, Moses, James, William.

4. John Cushman, b. Aug. 13, 1690, at Plympton (or Plymouth), Mass.; d at ; m. Jan. 19,

1715, at Plympton, Mass., by Rev. Isaac Cushman, to Joanna Pratt (dau. of William and Experi-
ence ( ) Pratt, of Weymouth, Mass.), b. Sept. 23, 1692, at Weymouth, Mass.; d at

Res. Plympton, Mass.; on April 4, 1742, he entered into covenant with the church and was baptized with his children. On Jan.

2, 1642-3, he was received into full communion.
Children: John, Eleazur (?), Charles.

Charles Cushman, b at Plymouth (or Plympton), Mass.; d. Sept. .., 1791, at Rutland, Vt.; m.

Dec. 10, 1739, at Bridgewater, Mass., to Mary Harvey (dau. of a minister of the English church in
London, Eng.), b , at , Eng.; d. Jan. . ., 1810, at Georgia, Vt.

Res. Norwich, Conn, (where he brought up his family), Milford, Conn., Bennington and Rutland, Vt. He was an iron worker

and carried on a forge.
Children: Charles, Susannah, Isaac, Frederick, Hannah, Lydia, Mary, Kesiah, Jemima.

Isaac Cushman, b. June 5, 1745, at Plympton, Mass.; d. May 26, 1783, aged 37-1 1-21, at Rutland, Vt.; m.

Nov. 16, 1769, at Plympton, Mass., to Sarah Ellis, b , at Plympton, Mass.; d , 1783,

at Rutland, Vt.
Res. Plympton, Mass., and Rutland, Vt.
Children: Eithel (or Ethiel or Ethel), Lois, Sibyl, Lavina.

Eithel Cushman, b at ; d , at ; m , at , to Ann (or Anna) ,

b at ; d , at

Res. Rutland, Vt. Farmer.

Children: Isaac, Sarah Steel, Joseph Fenten, Lois, Jennet, Ethiel, Anna, Eliza, Nancy.

Sarah Steel Cushman, b. July 24, 1793, at Rutland, Vt.; d. Oct. 4, 1850, at Wyoming, N. Y.; m. Sept. 7,
18 1 3, at Rutland, Vt., to Henry Qoss Walker (son of Jedidiah and (his ist wife) Polly (Garnzey

or Goss) Walker, of Clarendon and Rutland, Vt.), b. May 20, 1790, at ; d. Aug. 23, 1856, at

Wyoming, N. Y. He m, (2) 1851, at Wyoming, N. Y., to Mrs. Aurelia Beebe, of Wyom-
ing, N. Y.; b , at ; d at

Res. Middlebury, Vt., where he was a saddler; in 1817 removed to Middlebury (now Wyoming), N. Y, In 1835 he removed to
Conneaut, Ohio; in 1846 he removed to Milan. Ohio; and in 1848 returned to Wyoming, N. Y. He was a merchant in
Wyoming, N. Y., and postmaster and supervisor there, and elder in Presbyterian church in Wyoming from its
organization until his death.

Children: 1st m., Henry C, Sarah Ann, Jennette S., Isaac Cushman; 2nd m., none.

Isaac Cushman Walker, b. Dec. lo, 1823, at Wyoming, N. Y.; d. May 30, 1858, at Buffalo, N. Y.; m.
July 13, 1846, at Milan, Ohio, to Harriet Lockwood Saunders (dau. of Rev. Stephen and Esther
(Lockwood) Saunders), b. June 21 (or 22), 1824, at South Salem, N. Y.; d. Jan. 30, 1910, at Milan, Ohio.

Res. Milan, Ohio, and Buffalo, N. Y. He was a shipping merchant and General Agent of the Lake Navigation Company at

Children: Henry Stephen, John Jay, William Isaac. Frederick Albert, Jennie Isetta,

Note: * Descendants eligible to Society of Mayflower Descendants.

I9I2.] Registration of Pedigrees. 205

MAJLWYO^^— Continued.

10. William Isaac Walker, b. July 17, 1852, at Milan, Ohio; d at ; m. March 15, 1883, at New

York City, N. Y., by Rev. M. E. Dwight, to Marion Dwight (dau. of John and Nancy Shaw
(Everett) Dwight), b. Feb. 22, 1856, at New York City, N. Y.; d , at

Res. New York City, N. Y.; No. 11 Mt. Morris Park, West. He was educated at the " Huron Institute and Western Reserve
Normal School" at Milan, Ohio. Trustee and 2nd Vice-President, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

Child: Miriam Dwight Walker, b. July 5, 1889, at New York City.

Correction:— In Pedigree No. 52 (Walker Pedigree of William Isaac Walker) generation 7, the name and parentage of the

ist wife of Henry Goss Walker should read as follows, viz.;— Sarah Steel Cushman (dau. of Eithel and Anna ( )

Cushman, of Rutland, Vt.).


1. Clement King,* b , at ; d , about 1694, at Providence, R. I.; m. (i) at to

Susanna b at ; d (A^. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. VIII, p. 229, states

that she d. June 19, 1699; but as he m. 2nd to Elizabeth , who was living until 1708, and

she m. (2) in 1694 to Thomas Barnes, this date of death of his ist wife Susanna must be incor-
rect), at ; m. (2) , at , to Elizabetii ; b at ; d. Nov. 27,

1708, at Swanzey, Mass. Elizabeth King, widow of Clement King, m. (2) Nov. 12, 1694, to
Thomas Barnes, b , at ; d. June 8, 1706, at

Res. Marshfield, Mass., and Providence, R. I. Member of 4th Company Train Band of Providence, R. I., in Jan., 1686.

Children: ist m., (King) Susanna (possibly); 2nd m. (King), John, James, Thomas, Ebenezer, Joanna, daughter namb unknown
(who married Richard Harris); by her 2nd m., (Barnes) none that are known of.

2. Joiin King, b , at ; d. Sept. 18, 1723, at Providence, R. I.; m. (i) , at , to

Hannah b at ; d , at ; m. (2) at , to Elizabeth

,b , at ; d , at

Res. Providence, R. I.

Children: (by which marriage it does not appear) Sarah, John, Hannah, Jemima, Obadiah, Fearnot, Isaac, Sarah, Josiah,

William, Jonathan.

3. Isaac King, b , about 1711, at Providence, R. I.; d. July 5, 1757, at Scituate, R. I.; m. (i) ,

about 1732, at Providence, R. I., to Elizabeth, Bates (dau. of Samuel and Mary (Corp) Bates), b.

at ; d ,1740, at Scituate, R. I.; m. (2) April 26, 1741, at Scituate, R. I., to

Sarah Moon, b , at ; d at

Res. Scituate, R. I.

Children: ist m., Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel, Mercy; 2nd m., Margaret, Sarah, Keziah, Joshua, Prudence, Isaac, Nathan, Hope,

Patience, George.

4. Samuel King,t b. April 5, 1737, at Scituate, R, I.; d. Feb. i, 1804, at Scituate, R. I.; m. (i) Dec. 2, 1759,

at Scituate. R. I., to Freelove Phillips (dau. of John and Sarah ( ) Phillips), b. June 17,

1737, at Scituate, R.I.; d at ; m. (2) , about 1800, at to Dinah Burton,

b at ; d at

Res. Scituate, R. I. Private in Capt. Samuel Wilbor's Company, 5th Scituate Train Band, March 13, 1777.
Children: ist m., Isaac, Elizabeth, Ezekiel, Zilpha, Ezeck, Rufus, Susana, Sarah; 2nd ih., none that are known of.

5. Eseck King, M. D., b. March 17, 1771, at Scituate, R. I.; d. Oct. 8, 1836, at New Lebanon, N. Y.; m.

, 1796, at Charlestown, R. I. (prob.) to Lucy Clarke (dau. of Joseph and Dorcas (Sheffield)

Clarke), b. Jan. 21, 1780, at Charlestown, R. I.; d. March 12, 1855, at New Lebanon, N. Y.

Res. New Lebanon, N. Y, Surgeon of Lieut. Col. Daniel Warner's 75th Regt. of Columbia Co , N. Y., in February, 1812.

Children: Lucy Anne, Eseck Clarke, Joseph Lyman, Chauncey Wheeler, Chauncey Wheeler, Samuel Albert, Samuel Albert,
Elvira Dorcas, Sarah Eliza, ."^delmore Walstein, Chauncey Albert.

6. Eseck Clarke King, b. March g, 1799, at Blandford, Mass.; d. Sept. 20, 1883, at New Lebanon, N. Y.; m.

July 17, 1836, at New York City, to Sarah Coe McCuUen (dau. of Robert and Eve (De Camp)
McCullen), b. Feb. 2, 1817, at Troy, N. Y.; d. Dec. 25, 1891, at New Lebanon, N. Y.

Res. New Lebanon, Columbia Co., N. Y. Lieut, in 75th Regt. Infantry New York Militia, April 4, 1822.

Children: Sarah Evalina, Joseph Lyman, John Murdock, Lucy Anne, Eseck Clarke.

7. Lucy Anne King, b. Dec. 17, 1844, at New Lebanon, N. Y.; d. Feb. 18, 1908, at New York City, N. Y.; m.

May 26, 1863, at New York City, N. Y., to George Austin Morrison (son of Alexander and

Christian (Lyall) Morrison), born Nov. 30, 1832, at Fordoun, Kincardine, Scotland; d ,


Res. 151 Central Park West, New York City. Member Metropolitan Club; the Century Association; the Lawyers' Club; the
Chamber of Commerce; Metropolitan Museum of Art; American Museum of Natural History; New York Botanical
Garden; Fellow of the National Academy of Design; Member of Holland Lodge, N. Y.; New York Genealogical and
Biographical Society; Life Member of the New York Historical Society; Ex-President and Life Member of St.
."Andrew's Society of the State of New York; Member of St. George's Society.

Children: George Austin, Charles King.

8. George Austin Morrison, b. March 26, 1864, at New York City, N. Y.; d , at ; m. April 9,

1912, at St. Thomas Church, New York City, to Magdalen Sophrona Worden (dau. of Linas

Dean and Mary Ann (Kraft) Worden), b. Oct. 3, 1884, at Whitesboro, N. Y.; d at

Res. 151 Central Park West, New York City. Harvard College, A. B.; Columbia College, A. M.; Columbia Law School, LL.B.
Admitted New York Bar 1889; Member Metropolitan Club, New York City; N. Y. Society Colonial Wars; N. Y.
Society Sons of the Revolution; St. George's Society; St. Nicholas Society; N. Y. Historical Society; Member and _
President of St. .Andrew's Society, State of New York; Member, Trustee and on Executive and Publication Com-'
niittees, and at one time Treasurer and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Society; at one time Editor of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

Note. * Descendants eligible to Society of Colonial Wars. t Descendants eligible to Society of Sons of the Revolution.


Registration of Pedigrees. IJuly,


1. Edward Perry, b , at Devonshire, Eng. (possibly); d. Feb, 16, 1690 (or 1695), ^^ Sandwich, Mass.;

m , 1653 (or 1657), at Sandwich, Mass. (probably), to Mary Freeman (dau. of Edmond and

Elizabeth ( ) Freeman, of Sandwich, Mass.), b , at ; d , at

Res. Sandwich, Mass.

Children: Edward, Benjamin, Peace, Rest, Deborah, Samuel.

2. Benjamin Perry, b at Sandwich, Mass.; d , 1749, at Kingston, R. I.; m. (i) ,

at , to b at ; d , at ; m. (2) June 11, 1727, at South

Kingston, R. I., by Rouse Helme, Assistant, to Susannah Barber (dau. of Moses and Susannah
(Wait) Barber), b. Oct. 23, 1697, at ; d , about 1748, at Kingston, R. I.

Res. South Kingston, R. I.

Children: ist m ?; 2nd m., Benjamin, Edward, Freeman, Mary, Susannah.

3. Judge Freeman Perry, b. Jan. 23, 1733, at South Kingston, R. I.; d. Oct. 15, 1813, at Kingston, R. I.,

m 1755. at to Mercy Hazard (dau. of Oliver and Elizabeth (Raymond) Hazard,

of North Kingston, R. I.), b. Jan. 21, 1740-1, at North Kingston, R. 1.; d , in 1810, at South

Kingston, R. I. (possibly).
Res South Kingston, R. I. He was a physician and surgeon, and a man active in the public business of the town and colony,

holding from time to time several important positions. In 1780 he was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of

Common Pleas for the County of Washington, which position he held until 1791.
Children: Joshua, Oliver Hazard, Christopher Raymond, Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, George Hazard.

4 Capt. Christopher Raymond Perry,* b. Dec. 4, 1761, at South Kingston, R. I.; d. June 4, 18x8, at
Newport, R. I.; m. Aug. .., 1784, at Philadelphia, Pa., to Sarah Wallace Alexander (of Scotch
parentage), b 1768, at , Ireland; d , 1830, at New London, Conn.

Res South Kingston, and Newport, R. I. Captain, U. S. N., served in Revolutionary War; Collector of Internal Revenue lo
Newport, Bristol, etc.. Rhode Island.

Children: Oliver Hazard (Commodore, U. S. N., hero of the Battle of Lake Erie, War of 1812); Raymond Henry J (Lieut.,

U. S. N); Sarah Wallace (not married); Matthew Calbraith (Commodore, U. S. N., and celebrated tor opening the
ports of Japan); Ann Maria (m. Commodore George Rodgers, U. S. N); Jane Tweedy (m. Dr. William Butler. Surgeon,
U. S. N., and was the mother of Matthew Calbraith Butler, U. S. Senator from South Carolina); James Alexander
(Lieut., U. S. N.; his name is carried on the Navy Rolls as Alexander James Perry; and the sword presented to him by
Congress, is so inscribed: " He was drowned near Valparaiso, Chili, March 9, 1822, in a desperate attempt to save the
life of a brother officer; not married;'^^ Nathaniel Hazard (see below).

5. Nathaniel Hazard Perry, U. S. Navy, b. Nov. 27, 1802, at Newport R. I.; d. May 8, 1832, at New York

City; m. Jan. 27, 1828, at New London, Conn., to Lucretia Mumford Thatcher (dau. of Anthony
and Lucretia (Christophers (Mumford) Thatcher, of New London, Conn.), b. Sept. 30, 1808, at
New London, Conn.; d. July 29, 1895, at New London, Conn.

Res. Newport, R. I., and various posts in the U. S. N. He was an officer in the U. S. N., and at the time of his death he held
the rank of Purser (the present equivalent of which rank in United States Navy is Paymaster). He was 12 years in
the service of the U. S. N. The greater part of his service was in the Mediterranean Sea, on the United States ships
North Carolina, Erie and Fairfield, in which last named vessel he visited Trieste, Austria, the Fairfield being the
first United States man-of-war to visit that port. He also served in the West Indies, where he contracted yellow
fever, from the effects of which disease he ultimately died. Both he and his wife are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery,
New London, Conn., where a monument preserves their memory.

Child: Alexander James.

6. Alexander James Perry, Brigadier-General, U. S. Army, retired, b. Dec. ii, 1828, at New London,

Conn.; d , at ; m. June 25, 1857, at Augusta, Ga., to Josephine Adams (daughter of

John Marsh and Sarah Susannah (MacMurphy) Adams, of Augusta, Ga.), b. Nov. 3, 1834, at
Augusta, Ga.; d , at

Res. Various posts U. S. Army; settled at 2003 1 Street, N. W., Washington, D. C; U.S. M. A., 1851; Asst. Quartermaster-
General, U. S. A. Retired Dec. II, 1892. Brevet 2nd Lieut. 2nd Artillery, July i, 1851 ; 2nd Lieut. 2nd Artillery, July
I. 1852. Served in hostilities against Seminole Indians in Florida in 1852; served at U. S. M. A. as Asst. Professor of
»j„n,„„,.,ti,..- .inri r,f nrojvinor iSci-iScR- sprvt»H nti Wfxjfprn frnntipr i8c8-6i; First Lieut. 2nd Artillery, Sept. 27, 1854;

y 17. 1861; Lieut. Colonel U. S. Volunteers

s, .Aug. 2, 1864; Brevet Major, Brevet Lieut. -

rious services during the Rebellion; Brevet

Brigadier General, U. S. .\.. March i,'?, 1865, lor faithful and meritorious services in the Quartermaster's Departmeni

during the Rebellion; Major and Quartermaster, July 29, 1866; Lieut. Colonel and Colonel in Quartermaster's

Department; Brigadier General U. S. A. Member Mil. Order Loyal Legion; Soc. Sons of Rev.; Lay Delegate

Gen'l Convention Prot. Epis. Ch., N. Y. City, 1874.

Children: Lucretia Thatcher, John .\dams, Alexander Wallace, Josephine Adams.

Note: * Descendants eligible to Revolutionary Societies.


Thacher Arms.

Arms: Gules, a cross moline argent; on a chief d'or, three grass-hoppers,^r^/

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